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The Swan Prince

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"SOREY!! WHERE ARE YOU!" A voice yelled running through the hallway.

"He's likely skipping out on his duties today." A tall broad man said.

"Well he really can't afford to skip this time. This is important." The first voice said again.

Suddenly an energetic boy with brown locks, and emerald green eyes poked his head out of the end of the hall.

"Hi Rose, Hi Dezel…." He shyly said.

"SOREY! We told you this was important! They neighboring Prince is coming to visit, and you have to plan the event!" Rose said, poking Sorey in the chest.

"Sorey, you're 21 now, it's high time you start taking the next few steps to become king." Dezel said.

"And I know that, I just...there's so much still out there, and well…" he frowned.

"You still want to see the sights. I know, I know, but can you at least focus only on the party with the neighboring Prince? Then I'll give you a few days for a small trip." Rose said.

"Can you live with that deal Sorey? This will be important, and you'll meet the Prince, perhaps something will happen." Dezel smirked at Rose.

"You guys….fine. Let's go plan this thing." Sorey said.

"Good job your highness." Dezel smacked Sorey softly on the head.


A young man was reading a book in a library when there was a knock on the door.

"Prince Mikleo, it's about time we start packing." A young woman with long white hair and red tips said.

"Hey Lailah, do you this a good idea, I've never attended anything like this." Mikleo said, putting his book down.

"Mikleo, your late mother...Queen Muse, decided that for your own safety. You know the story." Lailah said.

"Yea, I know. "The dark figure." I guess it has been about 15 years, it hasn't been seen since. I guess something new will be nice."

"You haven't been seen in years, I think you need something a little extra." A voice said from the doorway.

"Edna." Mikleo said.

"Meebo, let's go. A new outfit, I hear this neighbouring Prince is quite a catch." Edna smirked.

"Let's just hope it goes smoothly. What's the point of this meeting again?" Mikleo said.

"Both of your kingdoms are thriving in resources, and economy. We're hoping you and the Prince can maybe discuss a plan for the future." Lailah said.

"And maybe you could find a future someone to rule as Kings. Both kingdoms need one, not that you two are being bad princes, but you know how this works." Edna said.

"I understand, but I'm still 20, I have some time, but don't think I'm the type to just fall in love with anyone you know." Mikleo said.

"We know you have a type. Someone nerdy like you." Edna smirked.

"Nerdy? That's rude." Mikleo said.

"You can argue, but you know you're a nerd for ruins and history." Edna replied.

"You're also very beautiful Mikleo, you'll find someone." Lailah said.

"D-dont say such things." Mikleo blushed.

"Come on Meebo, I have an outfit picked out for you, come on." Edna said grabbing Mikleo.

"Okay, okay, don't pull." Mikleo said.

"You'll have a good time, trust me, I can feel something stirring." Lailah said.

The three of them left to prepare for their trip.


Deep in the woods in a wrecked old stone house, stood a dark figure doing some black magic.

"15 years since you left your protective barrier. Curse that Queen for her magic properties, I'll get my revenge by taking your son." He spoke deeply.

"I may have taken your life, but you just had to use your own skills to curse me, and protect your home and son, I won't get my curse lifted, or gain my full power back unless I have your scrawny little son take me as king." He huffed.

"Once I force him to take me as King, I'll just dispose of him as I did to you, and I'll be unstoppable. The kingdom will be mine at long last."


*the next day*

"Alright, the party is planned out, but I do ask, why has the Prince not been to anything like this before?" Sorey asked.

"I hear it was for safety, remember the Queen, how she...was killed? Some kind of creature attacked her and her son. The Prince." Dezel said.

"I hear in her last words she ordered that her son be protected forever in the castle, she said that he would stay forever in the castle. He just kinda accepted it." Rose said.

"For 15 years? I can't imagine being inside like that." Sorey said.

"Then perhaps you can convince this Prince to join you on a trip, then maybe? Oh? A wedding?" Dezel said.

"Don't jump to any conclusions, I don't know what he looks like, what he's interested in, and he hasn't been seen in years remember that little fact?" Sorey said.

"Well that's the point right? What if he's your dream man?" Rose asked.

"Don't say anything until you give him a chance." Dezel said.

"You're right. This could be interesting." Sorey smiled.

"He'll be arriving later today, to meet you, and the party is tomorrow. Okay?" Rose said.

"I understand. I'll be ready." Sorey said.


"Meebo you're looking a little green." Edna said.

"Well forgive me for having high stress, and apparent motion sickness." Mikleo sighed.

"Mikleo don't worry too much, you'll be safe with this. It was your mother's."
Lailah said.

She held open a box with a gold crown, encrusted with a green gem.

"'s, I remember this. Thank you Lailah." Mikleo smiled, he placed it on his forehead.

"She used it as her crown, and she said it would protect you, when you leave the castle. You'll be alright Mikleo." Lailah replied.

"She's right Meebo, just keep that with you." Edna said.

Mikleo did admit he felt his stress retreat from his body, but his stomach flipped with nausea again. He leaned back quickly and took deep breaths.

"I guess Muse's gift can't protect you from motion sickness." Lailah laughed.

"Just don't puke and I won't hurt you Meebo." Edna poked him in the shoulder.

"Trust me, I'm trying not too." Mikleo turning away.


"GAH! That stupid crown was still intact. I can't touch that brat as long as he's wearing it. Damn that Muse." The figure slammed his fist against the wall.

He was spying on Mikleo through a crystal ball, waiting for the right moment to strike.

"He'll drop his guard, he'll take the crown off. I just have to be patient." He angrily sighed.


After a few hours they arrived, Mikleo getting out immediately and just getting rid of his nausea.

"Meebo, show some class." Edna said.

"Ah, my stomach feels terrible." Mikleo stood back up.

"Mikleo, people are coming, look lively." Lailah said.

"Welcome your majesty. Our kingdom is honoured to have you." Rose greeted.

"Allow us to take the luggage, while we take you to our king in the meeting room." Dezel said, showing some servants.

"That would be lovely, yes please." Lailah said.

"Pardon me, are you alright?" Dezel asked, seeing Mikleo breathing heavily, hands on his knees.

"Oh he got a little motion sick on the way here, he'll be alright." Lailah said.

"Meebo, great yourself." Edna poked him.

Mikleo stood taller and turned to face Dezel and Rose. He was wearing a dark blue cloak that covered his body. Both of their mouths dropped.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Prince Mikleo." He said, bowing politely.

"Y-Yes, please follow us." Rose said.

Dezel and her walked slightly ahead.

"Rose...he's...did you see him?" Dezel whispered.

"I...that's the Prince? He's…." Rose whispered.

They both turned to look again. "Beautiful." They both said.

They got to the big doors and opened them up.

"Welcome, I'm Prince Sorey." Sorey said, bowing to the 3 new guests.

"It's a pleasure your highness." Mikleo also bowed.

Rose, Dezel, Edna, and Lailah watched at the two slowly began standing back up.

They made eye contact and just went silent.

"Sorey, he was so handsome. Thick brown hair, stunning green eyes filled with wonder and excitement. A strong muscular build, and were those feather earrings?" Mikleo thought.

"Holy crap…..this is the Prince Mikleo? He was beautiful. Skin fair and smooth, hair white as snow, tipped with aquamarine. Eyes beyond gorgeous, that violet shade." Sorey thought.

"P-please. The pleasure is all mine. Welcome to my kingdom." Sorey said.

"I...thank you." Mikleo said.

"Let's give them a second, we'll show you ladies to your rooms." Rose said.

"Agreed, give them a moment." Lailah said.

Rose and Dezel took Lailah and Edna to their rooms, and decided to go waste time until the Prince's were done being awkward.

"I must say your highness, I'm not used to this thing. I apologize." Mikleo said.

"Please, call me Sorey. Just start telling me about yourself." Sorey gestured to the couch.

"Thank you, please you can call me Mikleo too. Anyway, may I rest my cloak here?" Mikleo asked.

"For sure, honestly just feel free to be yourself here. I don't follow all the rules of a Prince for sure." Sorey chuckled. "Feel free to remove those shoes too, they don't look too comfortable."

"Okay then." Mikleo unbuttoned the cloak.

Sorey gasped again. Mikleo… tiny. His waist was so slim, his narrow shoulders. Once the shoes were removed as well, he was so much shorter too.

"These shoes are awful, Edna made me wear them, usually I'm barefoot." Mikleo said.

"Honestly same, I like running away from Rose and Dezel, I just enjoy being free." Sorey said.

"I wish I had that freedom, I've been stuck inside for a while. I just want to explore ruins and historical areas." Mikleo said.

"You too?! I mean, the Cestial Record,.A book I read gave me the curiosity. What about you?" Sorey asked.

"I read that book too! There's so much out there, and I...I'm stuck in a castle." Mikleo suddenly frowned.

"I'm sorry you were inside all these years."

"It's not your fault, I'm sure one day I'll get to see some of what I've been reading about."

"Maybe you can? Why don't we go together sometime?" Sorey asked.

"You think we can? I'd like that." Mikleo smiled.

The two made conversation for hours, only breaking it off for a moment when they got hungry.

Even during dinner they paid no mind to anyone but each other.

"I think it's going well." Dezel said.

"Maybe a bit too well." Lailah chuckled.

"It's at least better than them hating each other." Rose said.

"Those two are gonna talk all night long at this rate." Edna said.

"Well tomorrow's party won't be awkward at least." Rose said.

"Mikleo sure is having fun. I'm glad." Lailah said.

"Our Prince hasn't been that lively in a while either." Dezel said.

"So...these two might hit it off. A toast." Edna said.

They all nodded and made a toast while just watching the two Prince's talk continuously.