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Don't Forget About Me

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Electric-blue eyes trailed the small frame of Leo Valdez as the demigod sauntered into Cabin 9.


Jason sat at the river, his face taut with concentration.

"Jason?" Piper McLean snapped her fingers in  Jason's face. "Were you even listening to me?" 

Jason blinked twice, then glanced over at his (apparently) bisexual best friend. Annabeth rested with her head in Piper's lap, as Piper ran her fingers through her girlfriend's hair.

Annabeth squinted storm-grey eyes at Jason. "Something's wrong."

"Mm. This isn't exactly Jason-esque behavior," Piper agreed. "Spill."


Jason shifted uncomfortably, avoiding Piper's multi-colored gaze. Like staring into an intimidating kaleidoscope.

"I'm fine," Jason muttered, staring down at the water.

"Don't lie to us, Jace." Annabeth chided.

Jason rolled his eyes. "I'm fine." The tall blonde roman stood. "Seriously guys, chill. You want to take my temp and blood pressure next?" He strolled away, in the direction of Cabin 9.

Annabeth lifted her brows, looking up at Piper. "The sass was uncalled for."




Jason rapped on the door of the Hephaestus cabin poking his head inside.


It was early afternoon; Jason was surprised to find the cabin empty. He took a few steps inside, inhaling the scent of motor oil and metal.

Laughter rang out from deeper inside the cabin. Jason recognized the first laugh. Leo. Jason rounded the corner, a blinding smile stretching his features, then stopped dead in his tracks, his smile dropping.

Leo was bent over a worktable, twisting on some sort of gear contraption. 

Percy stood across from him, leaning in far too close.

Leo looked down at his project, and Percy rested his chin in his hands, staring up at Leo with a dreamy look in his irritatingly beautiful sea-green eyes.

"Percy?" Jason frowned deeply. A spark flew from his arm, a second bouncing from his hand. "What the hell are you doing in here?" 

Percy snorted, glancing dismissively at Jason. "I could ask you the same thing." He glanced at the sparks popping off Jason's clothes. "Sparky." 

Leo looked up, grinning. 

Jason wanted to wipe that stupid grin off his stupid face with a stupid kiss.

"Don't call me that." Jason growled. Leo looked startled.

Percy sauntered over to Jason, smiling. "All in good fun, Jacy. Why so serious?" 

Percy winked at Leo, then walked past Jason and outside, ramming his shoulder against Jason's in the process.


Jason scowled.


"What was that all about?" Leo twisted a crank on his little contraption. "Thought you and Perce were cool." A faint blush was slowly fading from his face.

Jason scowled even deeper, wondering where it came from.

"Jeez, dude. Fix your face or it's gonna get stuck." He looked up and smiled. "Mi mamá me dijo.


Jason sighed. "Percy can be a dickhead," he muttered.

"Hey, all in good fun, right?"

Jason rolled his eyes with great exaggeration. "What's that?" He gestured toward the contraption in Leo's hand.


"A gift for Percy." Leo smiled, almost to himself, his face turning pink.

Jason's eyebrows shot skyward.

"Well, not really gift." Leo added quickly. "Just a little trinket he asked me to make him." 


At that moment Jason wanted to find Percy, and fling him off the top of Mount Olympus.

He just couldn't figure out why.

"Cool, man. See you." Jason was gone before Leo had a chance to open his mouth.

"Pendejos." Leo muttered to himself with a shake of his head.


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Jason rapped on the doorway of Cabin 13. 

Bam bam bam.

Jason stepped back in confusion; he'd stopped knocking a while ago. The blonde cocked his head to the side and listened, realizing that the banging was coming from inside the Hades' Cabin.

"Nico!" Jason yelled, trying to be heard over the noise.

Warily, Jason stepped inside. The curtains were flung open, allowing light to pour into the normally dark and stuffy room. Objects were strewn all over the floor: celestial bronze, a chest spilling with precious gems, tools, oil.

"Looks like Cabin 9 in here," Jason muttered.

"Nico!" The banging stopped.

Nico's face appeared around the corner, his jet-black eyebrows pulled together, his face a burning scowl. "What in Hades name are you doing in-" Nico stopped short, realizing it was Jason standing in the doorway.

Jason held up his hands. "I come in peace, man. Chill."

Nico's face morphed into something resembling a smile. "Jason! Glad you're here. I need your opinion on something." 

Jason's eyebrows lifted as he walked over to Nico's bed, which was currently more worktable than bed. "Can I offer my opinion on how much of a mess this place is?"

Nico picked up a clump of smelted celestial bronze molded into some kind of animal tail. A lock of raven black hair fell into his eyes.

The paleness of Nico's skin seemed to be obsolete, replaced by a healthy olive-toned glow. His face and hands were smeared with grime, but those dark eyes seemed to shine with a new light.

In fact, his whole body seemed to be full of spritely energy that Jason only associated with a certain son of Hephaestus. 


"You seem awfully energetic." Jason remarked. 

Nico shrugged, summoning a bit of black, smoky fire to weld the tail to a lump of metal that appeared to be a body.

Jason backed up. "What's wrong with you?" Jason complained. "I miss my old brooding Death Boy!"

A shadow passed over Nico's face as he glowered at Jason, who immediately wished he'd reworded his statement.

"Don't call me that." He scowled. "The only person who calls me that is Leo." Nico stopped abruptly, scowling in an attempt to mask the pink blush warming his cheeks.

"I don't follow," Jason deadpanned.

"I mean, after hanging out with him for a while, I started to like him. Funny, right? He's so damn annoying. But he's got this thing about him." Nico shrugged. "It's attractive."

Jason's eyebrows nearly acheived lift-off. "Wait, what?"

"There's something about Leo that's attractive."

Jason stood silent, struck dumb by this observation. 

"Like, personality. Not to say he isn't physically attractive." Nico grinned. "I mean look at the guy. He's a real-life Latino elf."

"Okay!" Jason rubbed his hands over his face, as if he could scrub in some clarity. "We get it, Nico. Gods, we get it."

"You asked," Nico deadpanned.

Jason scuffed at the floor with his toe, silence stretching between them. "What's it like? I do you deal with it?"

"With what?"

"You know..."

"The whole gay thing?"

Jason winced. "Yeah."

"Gods, Jason. Don't be so touchy." Nico rolled his eyes and looked over at him. "I don't go around popping boners everytime some guy takes his shirt off."

"Just Percy and Leo, right?"

Jason barely had time to duck the goblet of black fire Nico lobbed at his face. 

"Don't say his name," Nico muttered, flushing red. "Besides, that was just a crush. Percy, I mean. Leo?" Nico smiled to himself. "He's different."

Jason groaned inwardly. "You know Percy likes him too, right?"

"I beg your fucking pardon?" Nico scowled deeply.

"Fix your face or it's gonna get stuck."

"You're kidding, right?" Nico shoved his fingers through his hair.

"Leo's mom said it could, but I guess you'd have to leave your face all scrunched up for a really long time to do any real damage..."

"About Percy liking Leo you dolt!"

Nico's eyes clouded over. "Percy Jackson?"

"What other Percy do you know of!?" Jason exhaled, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Look man, I'm not cool with it either. But that's just how it is."

Nico glowered at the floor. "Percy always gets what he wants," he mumbled.

"He doesn't have to. Maybe not this time," Jason offered quietly.

Nico turned his back to Jason. "I should get to work." He muttered, looking down at his figure.

Jason shrugged. "If anyone can steal Percy's guy from him, it's you. Don't worry about it." He smiled reassuringly. "Leo won't even remember Percy exists." Jason landed a rough clap on Nico's shoulder before strolling out of the cabin.

Jason smiled darkly to himself.

Leo won't realize Percy exists anymore. And once I'm done with him, he won't know you exist anymore either, Di Angelo. 

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Leo collapsed on his bunk, staring up at the ceiling. As it turns out, making a hellhound automaton was anything but easy. Will Solace fussed over Leo and his injuries until Leo could make his escape.

His shoulder burned from where kamikaze hellhound had launched him like a frisbee. Leo was running around in circles, screaming bloody murder and throwing fireballs at the thing until Ms. O'Leary had bounded out of nowhere and taken it down with one snap.

Leo felt a tap on his shoulder, and he rolled over to find Nyssa frowning down at him. 

"You need to eat."

Leo groaned and picked up a pillow, burying his face. "I need to sleep."


The son of Hephaestus rolled over, giving Nyssa puppy dog eyes. "Just an hour." Leo rolled over, turning his back to his sister.

He heard her sigh, then her footsteps confirming she was gone. The cabin fell quiet.

 "Hey, Leo." A voice reached him through the fog of sleep. 

"Mmm." Leo grumbled.

"Guess who." The voice was male, but Leo was too groggy to match it to a face.

Someone poked his leg, and Leo let out a whine, shuffling his foot in a weak attempt to ward off his disruptor. 

"You're cute when you're sleepy." The voice continued.

At that comment, Leo's eyes popped open, and he sat upright, summoning flames. In the darkness, sea-green eyes danced in the firelight.

"Percy?" Leo spluttered, just before his flames were extinguished, and Leo was tackled to the floor.

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Leo let out a muffled squeak as he was pinned, hands wrapped around his wrists, pressing them into the mattress almost effortlessly.

Leo's hands instinctively burst into flames, and the startled yelp that the boy heard from the son of Poseidon made his throat close in panic. He had to stop himself from hurting Percy.

Before Leo's brain had time to further process the situation, his hands were once more extinguished, now slightly damp. "What-"

"Leo, calm down. It's just me. See?" In the darkness, Leo squinted, recognizing sparkling sea-green eyes and a concerned smile on Percy's face.

Time slowed, and Percy took the moment to study Leo's eyes: Deep, chocolate brown, flecked with fiery orange, amber, and green. How had he not noticed it before? Leo's long, thick eyelashes, framed beautiful windows that led into the fire-bender's soul.

There was innocence, yet damage. So much pain hidden deep down; anguish and sadness. Mirrors of his own.


The soft, gentle voice of the smaller boy pinned underneath him brought the son of Poseidon back down to Earth. He stared down at the Leo, who was looking back up at him, confused, concerned. The face reminded Percy so much of an angel; so beautiful and sweet.


The older boy released his grip on Leo's wrists, instead bringing his hands to caress Leo's face. They were in a rather strange yet...comfortable position: Percy's long legs straddled up near Leo's small waist, the latter boy now perched on his elbows as he stared back at Percy, melting in the boy's gentle touch.



"I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Leo lifted his hand to tentatively run his fingers through the thick, black hair. Angel black, not Jet Black, like that of a certain Di Angelo's. The thought of the son of Hades made Leo feel suddenly guilty; what was he doing? Lying here, with Percy, feeling so loved and protected-protected, the same way he felt with Jason Grace.

Oh, gods, what was he doing?

The tangled and conflicted thoughts of the fire-bender were interrupted as he felt himself being moved, effortlessly, and he found himself lying on his side, staring into the beautiful pools of adoration that were Percy's eyes. The son of Poseidon readjusted so that his arms were around Leo's back, holding him close, holding him gently, as if he were the most precious thing on Earth; and at the moment, that's exactly what he was to Percy.

Leo found one arm slung around Percy's neck, while the other was curved around the slab of muscle that was Percy's waist, his head resting on the older boy's chest, listening to his heartbeat.

They lay like that for a while, in confused yet contented silence.



"What are we doing?"

The sensation of gentle fingers running patterns across his back made Leo shiver, pulling himself impossibly closer to Percy. He heard a soft rumbling in Percy's chest, almost like a cat purring, but stronger, which made no sense; Percy didn't purr. Right?

"Well I don't know about you," The bigger male began, pausing to inhale the intoxicating scent of apple firewood, autumn leaves, smore's, and something sweet that Percy couldn't quite put his finger on that always surrounded Leo, "But I'm just chasing one of my biggest dreams... I'm following my heart."

Leo gasped a little, and he wanted to cry, because why? He'd never meant that much to anyone... not even Calypso...



"I'm not good enough for you." Leo's voice caught in his throat, and gods, he had to pull himself together. He wasn't good enough for anyone, and everyone knew it. So why should he fucking bring it up now?

"You will never know how beautiful you are to me." Percy said in an almost whisper, and Leo's heart clutched in his chest, and Percy only pulled him closer, hugged him tighter.

Leo allowed himself to be held, to be loved, and decided to deal with all the bullshit tomorrow, because at least there was going to Percy there in the morning, and that would make everything just...better.



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   Leo was suffocating.

   At least that’s what he thought- (his face was half buried in the pillow, after all) until he rolled over and came nose-to-nose with Percy, his arm wrapped around Leo’s waist.
   …The fuck?

   Leo sat up, jostling Percy’s arm in the process. His heart was thudding in his chest as he warily poked Percy as if he might leap up and try to kill him. “Percy,” He whispered, even though there was no need to be quiet—the cheerful laughs and sound of metal swords clashing above ground signaled that all of Camp Half Blood was already awake.



   Percy opened one sea-green eye groggily, staring at Leo for a couple of seconds before his ADHD brain caught up with what he was seeing. Sitting up, the son of the sea god reached for Leo with one hand and used the other to scrub his eyes, letting out a little yawn.

   As badly as Leo wanted to stay coiled in Percy’s arms, he managed to wiggle himself away from the confused-looking demigod so that there was enough distance between them.

   They stared at each other awhile, Leo pursing his lips in thoughts and Percy maintaining that cute, dumb-founded look as his hair stuck up in tufts.

   “So we slept together.” The cinder-eyed boy finally broke the silence, scrubbing at his eyes with his knuckles as if he could somehow scrub some clarity into the whole situation.
   Percy gave Leo a lopsided grin. “I’m pretty sure you would know the difference if we’d slept together.”

   Leo blinked in realization, letting out a frustrated groan that came out as a sort of croak. “You know what I meant.”

   More silence.

   The Latino’s eyebrows came together as he frowned a bit. “Do you think they noticed?”

   Percy ran his fingers through his hair, somehow mussing it into place. “Noticed what?”

   “You missing.”

   Percy shrugged. “Maybe.”

   “And that doesn’t worry you?”

   The son of Poseidon shrugged again.

   “Don’t you even care if we get caught? The great and powerful and fucking awesome Percy Jackson found all cuddled up with the pathetic, forgotten, pesky Leo Valdez?” Leo frowned some more, which made Percy frown, because Leo looked all wrong when he frowned, and because everything that’d just came out of the fire bender’s mouth was complete bullshit.

   “Don’t you dare fucking say that.” Percy said fiercely.

   “It’s true,” He hissed. “Everyone pretends to be all sad and remorseful when Leo goes boom, when they all know it had to be someone who died to save the world—might as well have been Leo Valdez, the clown, the annoying prankster. Oh wait, he lived? Well, I guess that’s alright. At least we have a Repair Boy again. Who knows? We might need him to sacrifice himself for the greater good again and everything.”

   Percy suddenly shot to his feet, and was somehow standing directly in front of Leo, right in his face. The taller demigod took Leo’s slender wrists in his hands, the sea-green eyes now full of life—full of fire. “Don’t you dare fucking say that,” He repeated, his eyes flaring. “And if anyone else says that—or fucking thinks that…I’ll kill them. I swear to all of the Gods of Olympus that I’ll kill them.”

   Leo opened his mouth to reply, tried to pull his wrists away- but Percy set his jaw, and his grip was like steel around his wrists, and that fire was still in his eyes- So Leo decided to shut the fuck up.

   A strange grinding, almost growling sound filled the room, and they both fell silent.

   Percy dropped Leo’s wrists. “I’m starving.”

   Leo’s eyes widened as he stared at Percy. “That was your stomach?”

   Percy shrugged. “What? I like food, and so does my stomach. So let’s go get some.” He grinned, offering his Leo his hand, which the Latino took, standing up.

   As they were walking out of the cabin, Percy paused, mid-step. “Oh, wait. One more thing.”

   Leo stopped, lifting his eyebrows just in time for Percy to snake his arm around Leo’s waist as Percy’s mouth met his in a soft, sweet kiss.

   When Percy pulled away, he smiled, admiring Leo’s exasperated face as the shorter demigod rolled his eyes, untangling himself from Percy.

   “Percy…” He whined.

   “…Leo…” Percy responded.


   They walked out of the cabin side by side. They were so close to each other, that every time their hands brushed, Percy had to remind himself not to intertwine his fingers with Leo’s.







   Jason squinted, then frowned, blinking.


   Squinted again.




   No matter how many times he scrunched up his face, he couldn’t seem to look down the shaft of the arrow that was knocked in the rather heavy bow without feeling dizzy.

   “Gods of Olympus.” Frank walked over to Jason, exasperated. Taking the bow in his enormous hands, he pulled back the bowstring and let the arrow fly—right into the red bullseye center of the target. “It’s not that hard,” Said the big guy with a laugh, handing the bow back to Jason, who pouted.

   “It is for me,” he retorted, glancing around the courtyard. He was bored.

   Frank had exploded into Jason’s room that morning with his mind set on the son of Jupiter finally learning how to shoot a bow and arrow.


   Let’s just say that Frank’s hopes crashed and burned.


   Frank shouldered his quiver. “I guess you’re only good with a sword or a gladius.”

   Jason widened his electric blue eyes at Frank, raising his blond eyebrows dramatically. “Really? Gee, I would’ve never guessed. I tried to tell you that like, a thousand times.”

   The big guy gave Jason a playful shove, which was like getting shoved by a bear hyped up on steroids and RedBull. The son of Jupiter found himself about five feet away from where he was originally standing.

   “Oops. Sorry, Jace. See you around.” He walked past Jason in the direction of the woods—probably going to spear some nasties in the face with a couple of arrows.

   Jason’s stomach growled, reminding him that he’d snagged a single bite of a Nature Valley bar before Frank dragged him out to (attempt to) shoot a bow and arrow.

   Hmm, he could really go for a burrito.

   A burrito? Really Jason? That’s so Leo-y.

   The very thought of Leo set a pink tinge on his cheeks. Maybe he could blame it on the sun, he thought as he walked towards the Dining Hall.


   The pink tinge immediately turned into a burning red flush when he saw Leo walk out of the Dining Hall, talking a mile a minute.

   With Percy right beside him, waving his hands around for emphasis in whatever dumb shit was coming out of his mouth right now.

   Jason’s eye twitched when Percy reached over and plucked the muffin Leo was eating right out of his hands, taking a huge bite before handing it back. Leo argued something along the lines of ‘Dude, it’s not even blue!’ and Percy replied with something like, ‘It’s blueberry. Close enough.’

   Since when did Leo share his food? (Especially his muffins. Wait, that came out wrong. Never mind.) Since when did Percy eat behind Leo?


   Suddenly, Jason wasn’t hungry. He turned on his heel, stalking away from the two. He couldn’t deal with this right now.



   Nico’s face was on fire.

   No, it was’t actually burning or anything. It didn’t even hurt. That much.

   It was probably the face plant right into the wrought-iron goblet of green greek fire that hurt the most.


   Pushing himself up off the floor, the son of Hades wondered, should he ever get the chance, if when he kissed Leo, that the son of Hephaestus’ face would go up in flames. Actual flames.
   Nico blushed at the thought, his olive skin suddenly feeling warm and heated.

   Looking around, Nico’s mind wandered elsewhere—Who’s idea was it to set up greek fire all over the place? It was cool and everything, but seriously. He wasn’t a pyromaniac or something.

   …Unlike some people….

   Nico shook his head, wondering why he’d even thought that. Leo wasn’t some crazy person who went around lighting stuff on fire for fun and the pleasure of watching it burn.

   Nico brushed a random dust bunny from his (not) black jeans and pulled his (not) black shirt down, then ruffled a hand through his (very) black hair. Looking in the mirror, he opened his eyes wide, searching desperately for any speckle of color in his irises.


   He found none.

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...I'm back.

It's a very, long story regarding why I sorta just disappeared, but the important thing is that I'm back. Right?




Here's the thing: I lost my flow. On all writing, all ships, everything. 

And I need EVERYONE'S help getting it back. No joke.


Wanna collaborate? Let's go. Suggestions? Ideas? Let's hear 'em. Anything and everything would help me right now. The whole point is for all of you to help join me. 


To bring back Valdangelo. And Solangelo. And Valgrace. Tominewt. All of it. I need your help.


Just drop a comment if you're interested, I'm so ready to get back in the saddle.


Mya, out.

Chapter Text

...I'm back.

It's a very, long story regarding why I sorta just disappeared, but the important thing is that I'm back. Right?




Here's the thing: I lost my flow. On all writing, all ships, everything.

And I need EVERYONE'S help getting it back. No joke.


Wanna collaborate? Let's go. Suggestions? Ideas? Let's hear 'em. Anything and everything would help me right now. The whole point is for all of you to help join me.


To bring back Valdangelo. And Solangelo. And Valgrace. Tominewt. All of it. I need your help.


Just drop a comment if you're interested, I'm so ready to get back in the saddle.


Mya, out.