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Better With You

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It was no lie that Kyoka was one of the shortest people in her class.


Third shortest, to be exact, she was 154 centimeters tall. With the exception of Asui and Hagakure, everyone else could tower over her.


One of them was, of course, Momo Yaoyorozu, who had a good 19 centimeters on her. Jiro was about up to Yaoyorozu’s shoulders, which obviously meant that the taller girl also had a bigger size in clothing.


Which made it really obvious that the pink sweatshirt Kyoka was wearing was not her’s.


Kyoka was studying with Momo in the latter’s room earlier that evening, which was cold for some reason. Momo gave Kyoka one of her sweatshirts so that she didn’t have to go back to her dorm to get one. It was a little too big for Kyoka, but it was warm, comfortable, and smelled like Momo.


Their study session had finished and now Kyoka was in the common room with Hagakure, Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, Kirishima, and Bakugo, and Kyoka just realized she forgot to take Momo’s sweatshirt off.


Everyone in the commons was prone to gossiping and starting or spreading rumors. All of the rumors that were spread in Class 1-A and sometimes other classes were started by that bunch. (With the exception of Bakugo, who thought gossip and rumors were “childish and stupid.” ) Kyoka knew something was going to happen if one of them paid too much attention to her.


“Hey, Jiro!” Kirishima called out as Kyoka sat down on one of the couches.


“Your sweatshirt is so pretty!” Hagakure exclaimed, and Kyoka assumed she was raising her hands in the air; you couldn’t really tell.


“Thanks,” Kyoka monotonically replied, not wanting to draw more attention to it.


“Hey, wait, isn’t that similar to Yaomomo’s sweatshirt?” Ashido asked, tilting her head to the side.


“Now that you mention it, I think Yaoyorozu has worn that to one of our movie nights,” Kaminari commented. “Yo, Jiro! Is that actually Yaoyorozu’s sweatshirt?”


Kyoka wanted to facepalm. How did they figure it out so fast?


“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Come on! It looks exactly like Yaoyorozu’s, not to mention it’s too big on you, and don’t you wear darker colors more?” Kaminari exclaimed.


Kyoka groaned. Kaminari was so observant. “Well… yeah.”


“Oh, that’s cool. I wear Kaminari’s clothes a lot,” Sero casually responded.


“But you two are dating!” Ashido called out, causing the group of them to get looks from the others in the kitchen. “What exactly are you implying here?”


“I don’t know!” Sero sighed. “Even if Jiro was dating someone, particularly Yaoyorozu, I feel like we would know.”


Bakugo, who was quiet this whole time, huffed. “Maybe Lobes and Ponytail are dating. But even if they were, that’s none of your fucking business, Soy Sauce Face.”


Kyoka quietly sighed. As aggressive and hostile as Bakugo is, she was glad he backed her up.


“Besides the point, I actually borrow clothes from my friends sometimes,” Sero backed himself up. “I’m not implying anything.”


Bakugo huffed again, and everyone was silent for a couple seconds.


“Are you dating Yaoyorozu, though?” Kaminari asked after a moment.


“Dude, did you miss what Bakugo just said?” Kirishima whispered, patting Kaminari on the shoulder.


“No?” Kyoka answered, sounding like she was asking a question. “We were studying in her room and it was cold so she gave me one of her sweatshirts so I didn’t have to get my own. That’s all.”


“Hmm.. fair,” was all Kaminari said, which made Kyoka suspicious.


“Jiro and Yaomomo would be cute as a couple, though!” Ashido exclaimed, trying to continue the conversation even though it was ending.


“I’m tired of this lame ass conversation,” Bakugo retorted, before angrily walking away.


“What was that all about?” Kaminari sighed. “On another note, how do you guys think you did on the English pop quiz today?”


Kyoka tried her best to focus on the topic at hand, but she kept thinking about the previous conversation, and about Momo. She was near positive that she didn’t have feelings for Momo, she just really enjoyed her presence and thought she was a good person; maybe even the best person. Everything was better with Momo.



It was later now, and Kyoka was in her room. She was listening to some classical music, Momo actually recommended this song to her. One weekend they were in Kyoka’s room and they took turns playing songs so they could get a feel for the other’s music. Needless to say, Kyoka really liked a couple of the songs, even though they didn’t fit into her typical taste.


(Maybe it was because it was Momo that recommended it to her, which made it more special. Maybe not.)


Kyoka still had Momo’s sweatshirt on. She didn’t want to take it off. It still smelled like her, and Kyoka loved the way it felt on her. It was warm and comfortable. She didn’t want to give it back, but she knew she had to.


Kyoka was thinking about Momo, again. The conversation earlier had not left her mind. Did she like Momo in that way? Or did she just like her as a friend?


Despite keeping to herself a good majority of the time, Kyoka did have a bunch of friends. There was Momo, of course. But there was also Kaminari and all of his friends, and the rest of the girls in Class 1-A who Kyoka talked to a fair amount.


She considered everyone in 1-A her friend, closer to some than others. Even Shinso, who had recently transferred in. But there was something about Momo that stood out from everyone else, but Kyoka couldn’t put her finger on what it was exactly.


Momo was super helpful, she always helped Kyoka and other students study, and she gave good advice and criticism when it came to both academics and heroics. She was super nice in general, everyone wanted to be around her.


Kyoka knew for an almost fact that Momo didn’t have super intimate and close moments with everyone else in the class. The only people Momo was super close with were her and Todoroki, maybe Iida.


But she also knew that everyone in the class probably felt the same with Momo, so why was it different with her?


Kyoka sighed to herself, she couldn’t deny it anymore. She definitely had some romantic feelings for Momo, but it was probably nothing.



Kyoka new Momo’s schedule by heart. She woke up at 6 AM, giving her enough time to get ready. She went down for breakfast at 7 AM, and left for school at 7:40.


Kyoka, however, typically woke up at 7 AM, quickly got ready and quickly ate, leaving at 7:45. She set an alarm before she slept for 6:30 so she could give Momo her sweatshirt back.


Startled, Kyoka woke up to her alarm blaring. She quickly fixed her hair, not bothering to change her clothes just yet, she didn’t want to waste too much time getting ready and accidentally miss Momo. She took off Momo’s sweatshirt and folded it neatly.


Kyoka decided it was better to take the two flights of stairs to Momo’s floor, she didn’t want to risk running into anyone at the elevators and have them ask why she was holding Momo’s sweatshirt.


Even though the rooms were labeled, Kyoka knew how to get to Momo’s room by heart, because of spending so much time there. She knocked lightly on Momo’s door.


“Who is it?” Her soft voice called.


“Me, Kyoka,” Kyoka answered. It felt good in a way to be on a first-name basis with Momo. Momo was the only person in the class (with the exception of Ashido and Uraraka on some occasions) that called Kyoka by her first name, which further proved how close she and Momo were.


“Oh! Come in, it should be unlocked!” Momo softly called out, and Kyoka opened the door.


“I have your sweatshirt. I forgot to give it back yesterday,” Kyoka explained, holding it out.


“You can keep it.”


Kyoka swore her heartbeat increased after Momo said that.


“I don’t really wear it, and it looked so cute and cozy on you,” Momo added on, smiling.


“Really?” Kyoka responded, slightly confused.


“Yeah! I have other sweatshirts, don’t worry about it.”


Kyoka smiled. “Oh, well, thank you, Momo-chan.”


“No problem, Kyoka-chan. I’ll see you later.”


Kyoka felt like she was floating as she walked back to the staircase. Momo called her cute in her sweatshirt! And she said she could keep it!


Kyoka now realized that she actually did like Momo romantically. She was so endearing and Kyoka always felt relaxed and at ease when she was around her, something different from everyone else.


She was going to kill Kaminari and everyone else for bringing this up.



“Psst. Kaminari,” Kyoka turned in her seat and tapped him on the shoulder.




“Can you come to my room after class? I need help with… something,” Kyoka’s voice slightly trailed off.


“Yeah, sure. What do I gain from it?”


“Uh, I don’t know. I think you’d enjoy what I need help with.”


“Ooh! Okay!” Kaminari exclaimed, clenching his fist.



As Kyoka asked, Kaminari came to Kyoka’s room a little after class ended.


Kyoka wanted to back out, but she knew she couldn’t. She just came to terms with the fact that she liked Momo Yaoyorozu, and she was already trying to do something about it.


She didn’t know exactly what she was going to do, and that's why Kaminari was (hopefully) going to help her.


“Um, Jiro? Can I come in?” Kaminari asked.


Kyoka stood up from her bed and let Kaminari in. “Hey.”


“I forget how cool your room is,” Kaminari commented. “So, what did ya need?”


“This is kind of embarrassing. Don’t say a word to anyone else or I’ll kill you,” Kyoka warned.


“Duly noted.”


“How did-” Kyoka stopped. This was her last chance to back out. “How did you tell Sero you liked him?”


Kaminari shrugged. “I don’t know, it kinda came out of nowhere. I was in his room and we were playing Mario Kart and he called me bro but then out of nowhere I was like ‘Don’t call me bro I’m in love with you,’ and it went from there.”


It was silent for a moment.


“Sorry, that probably wasn’t the answer you were looking for. But, why are you asking? Who do you like?” Kaminari quickly shifted the mood. As sarcastic and playful his personality was, he knew how to be serious sometimes, even if it was brief.


“If this leaves the room, you’re gonna pay. But um, Momo. Yaoyorozu, sorry,” Kyoka stuttered, wanting to fall over from embarrassment.


“Knew it!” Kaminari exclaimed. “Are you gonna confess to her?”


“Well, I wanna. I don’t know how.”


“Dude, it’s freaking Momo! I’m sure she would be happy with anything!” Kaminari called out, throwing his arms in the air.


“I- I don’t know about that…”


“For real though, Jiro, she would be happy with anything. According to Todoroki, Yaoyorozu talks about you a lot,” Kaminari explained.


“Wait, wait. Since when were you close with Todoroki? How do you know that?” Kyoka was utterly confused.


“I have my ways. Todoroki was telling me that he hoped Yaoyorozu and you got together because, and I quote, Todoroki said ‘Yaoyorozu never stops talking about Jiro with me.’ You have nothing to worry about!”


Kyoka took a deep breath. She could see Momo doing that. Kyoka spent a good amount of time telling Momo random stories about their classmates and students from other classes, and a lot of stories in general. It only made sense that Momo would share them with someone else, that being Todoroki.


(Not to mention, Kyoka spent a great deal of time herself repeating stories Momo told her to her other friends, some of the stories about Momo herself.)


“Well, um, that’s nice to hear,” Kyoka replied, scratching the back of her head.


“I feel like Yaoyorozu is one of the few people in the world who wouldn’t mind either a casual confession or a fancy one,” Kaminari told her.


“Yeah, okay. So what do I do?”


“Whatever you want. Like I said, I feel like she would be good with anything.”


“That’s somehow not helpful and helpful at the same time,” Kyoka shrugged her shoulders. “Thanks, Kaminari.”


“No prob! Let me know how it goes,” Kaminari smiled before leaving Kyoka’s room.


Kyoka sighed, both with relief and fear. Oddly enough, her conversation with Kaminari did help. Momo definitely would be okay with anything, if she returned Kyoka’s feelings, at least.


Kyoka decided she would let it happen naturally. Whether it took a day, a month, a year, or never. She didn’t want to overthink it even more.


It was two weeks after Kyoka’s conversation with Kaminari. She was currently in Momo’s room, wearing the sweatshirt she gave her, as Momo helped her with today’s algebra homework. Momo’s classical playlist was softly playing in the background, Kyoka nearly knew every song by heart because of how much Momo played it.


“Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining, Momo! You’re so smart!” Kyoka exclaimed as she wrote an equation down, now understanding the formula.


“It’s nothing, really,” Momo smiled. “My old sweatshirt looks so good on you,”


“Thanks,” Kyoka blushed, but she hoped that Momo didn’t see.


“You pull it off so well. It looked really bland on me,” Momo laughed.


“You don’t!” Kyoka quickly called out. “You look good in everything, you don’t have to try.”


That wasn’t subtle at all, Kyoka thought to herself.


“I could say the same for you,” Momo put her hand on her cheek. “You’re so pretty, Kyoka-chan.”


Kyoka felt like she was going to fall out of Momo’s bed. Was Momo… flirting with her?!


“You’re prettier, Momo-chan,” Kyoka was blushing really hard. Momo could definitely tell, but Kyoka didn’t care.


“Hey um, Kyoka? I know this sounds kind of weird, but I’m glad that we met,” Momo softly spoke. Her words sent a chill down Kyoka’s spine.


“Me too.”


They were both quiet, the only noise was the soft, classical music that was coming from Momo’s phone. They were looking at each other, the exchange was soft and warm.


“Momo, I like you. Like, a lot,” Kyoka blurted out to break the silence. She knew she was probably going to regret saying that, but Momo was being all soft and nice to her, she couldn’t think of a better moment.


Momo let out a soft hum. “I like you a lot, too. Everything just feels good and right when I’m with you.”


Kyoka was surprised she didn’t faint on Momo’s bed right then and there. Kyoka didn’t plan this moment out, it came naturally and that was the best part about it.


She was with Momo, and that was all she needed.