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Day 7:Costumes

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It was supposed to be a ferret. Xie Lian looked down at the costume with growing disappointment. He had really wanted to be a ferret for Halloween.

Xie Lian sighed and sat down on the bed next to the costume. A ferret had been the perfect idea.

Shi Qingxuan was throwing a Halloween party and it was the first Xie Lian would ever attend. Growing up his parents had been too distant to dress up their child in cute costumes and besides, knocking on the doors of others and asking for candy was beneath someone of their family’s stature. Xie Lian had always wanted to experience it.

He had thought long and hard about what to dress up as, and then he remembered going to the vet last month with Hua Cheng and Eming. They had seen a ferret in the waiting room. It was the cutest thing Xie Lian had ever seen, though Hua Cheng said he was even cuter. Xie Lian flushed just thinking about it.

So he’d decided to go as a ferret for Halloween. Unfortunately, he must have ordered the wrong thing because this costume didn’t look like a ferret at all.

It had long ears where they should have been short, and a short tail when it should have been long. And instead of being a big plush suit, it was barely a few scraps of material and a headband. It was, Xie Lian was pretty sure, a bunny costume.

With a groan, Xie Lian buried his face in his hands.

He couldn’t attend a public party in a bunny suit!

There was a knock on the door and Hua Cheng stuck his head inside.

“Everything alright?” Hua Cheng asked. He sounded genuinely concerned.

“I ordered the wrong costume,” Xie Lian said, face still in his hands. Hua Cheng stepped inside and approached him, rubbing his shoulder soothingly.

“That’s not a problem, gege, we can find something else,” Hua Cheng promised.

“It cost money,” Xie Lian grumbled. He was still getting used to Hua Cheng’s casual spending. He was so used to being short on money he hadn’t even considered buying one of those nicer costumes. Instead, he’d ordered this from Amazon for a third of the price and look what that got him.

Hua Cheng’s hands fall still on Xie Lian’s shoulders and he’s suspiciously silent. Normally he’s quick to tell Xie Lian that it was fine to waste a little money. Oh no, what if it really wasn’t okay? He could try to make a costume from his scant wardrobe maybe. Xie Lian peeked up at Hua Cheng through his fingers.


Hua Cheng was staring at the bunny costume with a complicated expression on his face, one that he usually only got when a new idea for a piece of art occurred to him. It was the face he made when he was imaging something.

Xie Lian slapped a hand over Hua Cheng’s eyes, like that could stop him from imaging Xie Lian in an embarrassing situation.

“San Lang!” he cried. “Don’t think about it!”

“Gege, why not?” Hua Cheng said and his voice was low in the way it got during sex.

“It’s embarrassing!”

“There’s nothing embarrassing about gege looking sexy,” Hua Cheng said. He knelt in front of Xie Lian and tugged his hands away from their faces so they could look each other in the eye.

“It would look silly and I’m not comfortable wearing it with strangers around,” Xie Lian said. “It’s too much skin.”

“Then gege shouldn’t wear it to the party. We’ll find something else. But if gege would wear this just for me, I would be honored.”

Xie Lian’s face was going to melt off it was so hot from blushing.

He looked at the costume, then back at Hua Cheng, then back to the costume. He took a deep breath.

“Okay,” he said because he could never deny Hua Cheng anything. He spoiled him terribly.


The bunny costume fit him well, which was the only good thing about it. He’d changed in the bathroom and almost died when he saw himself in the mirror. The long ears were innocent enough but the rest of the outfit was indecent. It barely covered the swell of his ass, a little puff of fur sitting right on top. It clung tight to his waist and reached up his front to just barely cover his nipples. At least it covered those because it was so tight it was as though his cock was exposed.

Xie Lian dropped his face into his hands and turned his back on his reflection.

He was doing this for Hua Cheng. Hua Cheng thought this was sexy. He could do this. Gave himself a push away from the sink and yanked open the door.

Hua Cheng was sitting on his bed, waiting for him. He looked up from his phone and froze.

Xie Lian shifted awkwardly from foot to foot.

“Is it...okay?” he asked. He knew he was fishing for compliments but that was better than being told he looked ridiculous.

“Dianxia,” Hua Cheng breathed. Xie Lian flushed at the nickname and stepped closer until he was within Hua Cheng’s reach.

Hua Cheng gripped his hips with his gorgeous artist hands and stared. Xie Lian swallowed hard. The look in Hua Cheng’s eye was reverent and it calmed Xie Lian down. He could never look like a fool to Hua Cheng, Hua Cheng wanted every bit of him, even the awkward parts. He took a deep breath and his racing heart started to settle.

When Hua Cheng ever so gently tugged his left hip and pushed his right, Xie Lian obliged him and turned around. Hua Cheng choked on air. A hand left his hip to play with the white puff, fondling it for a moment then using it to pull the costume up, stretching it tighter across Xie Lian’s cock and balls.

A noise flew from Xie Lian’s mouth, shocked and encouraging.

“Dianxia,” Hua Cheng said, and then he was tumbling Xie Lian down onto the bed. Xie Lian bounced on his back, already reaching for Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng had dressed up in his Halloween costume out of solidarity, which was unfair because now Hua Cheng was crawling up his body dressed like a devil. Xie Lian whimpered. Hua Cheng always looked best in red and black, two horns sticking out of his loose black hair.

With the look in Hua Cheng’s eyes, Xie Lian felt like prey and it was making him hard.

Their kiss was a messy affair of spit and teeth and Xie Lian wanted it to go on forever. Instead, Hua Cheng pulled back and rolled Xie Lian onto his front. Xie Lian lifted his ass up just a little bit, canting into the possessive touch that slid from his shoulder down to his upper thighs. Hua Cheng slid down the bed until his face was level with Xie Lian’s tail.

“Dianxia looks so good like this,” Hua Cheng said and Xie Lian could feel him playing with his tail. His free hand cupped Xie Lian’s ass, gripping it tight just like Xie Lian liked. Xie Lian moaned into the sheets and pushed back. “So fucking sexy.”

Xie Lian was starting to feel sexy too now that he could see how much Hua Cheng was enjoying this.

Hua Cheng traced a finger along the line of the costume across the rise of his ass and ending at his balls. He tucked his finger under the costume and pulled it to the side, revealing Xie Lian’s entrance and balls.

“Be a good little rabbit and stay still,” Hua Cheng said and fire raced up Xie Lian’s spine.

Hua Cheng licked a wide stripe from his balls to his entrance. Xie Lian muffled a sob against the sheets, knowing what was to come.

That talented tongue circled around his hole, his cheeks spread wide by one hand while the other pulled the costume aside. Hua Cheng’s cheeks were soft and warm against his ass. Hua Cheng pressed the flat of his tongue against Xie Lian’s hole and Xie Lian shuddered with the effort it took not to move. He wanted to push back against that heat.

Hua Cheng teased him for a moment longer before he returned to tracing up and down Xie Lian’s taint. When Xie Lian’s body gave up trying to participate and just melted bonelessly into the bed, Hua Cheng returned to his entrance and jabbed his tongue inside easily. Xie Lian cried out, heat rushing through his body.

“Please, San Lang,” Xie Lian begged and Hua Cheng wasn’t the only one in their relationship who was spoiled. Instantly Hua Cheng pressed deeper, worked his tongue harder. Xie Lian shook and shuddered at the intrusion, ass clenching down.

Hua Cheng pulled back for a moment and guided Xie Lian’s own hands down to hold himself open and bared for Hua Cheng.

Xie Lian gripped his ass and Hua Cheng dove back in, licking and thrusting until Xie Lian ruined the costume by spilling inside of it with a cry.

Hua Cheng helped him through it, only pulling back when the aftershocks subsided. He rose up onto his knees, straddling Xie Lian’s thighs. Xie Lian heard a belt being unbuckled and looked back in time to see Hua Cheng toss aside his belt and slide open his pants.

His cock was hard and leaking already, flushed the way it got just before he came. Hua Cheng planted one hand next to Xie Lian’s waist and jerked himself furiously with the other until he came. His come splattered across Xie Lian’s hole and the fluffy bunny tail.

Hua Cheng collapsed onto the bed next to him and rolled over to throw an arm over him.

“Thank you,” he said, pressing a kiss to Xie Lian’s temple.