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Blood and Magic

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The moon was full, giving a clear view of the graveyard. Everything was easy to see – the trees; the graves, covered with grass and flowers; the vampires raising up from those graves –

The mounds of fresh earth were pushed aside by grimy hands, pushing themselves up from their graves and into the night once more. They were met by three others, doubtless the vampires that had turned them, and all five bared their fangs. Suddenly, they turned as one, hissing as a figure emerged from the graveyard’s fog.

Erin sighed, looking at the assembled vampires. “Is it too much to ask for just ONE quiet night?”

“It’s her!”

Erin grinned and tightened her grip on her sword. There weren’t a lot of positives to slaying vampires and demons every night, but it WAS a little cool to become feared by supernatural creatures.

Except the creatures weren’t looking at her.

Michelle stepped up beside her, grinning and tapping her baseball bat on the ground. “Who wants to be first?”

Immediately the creatures scattered.

Erin let the sword drop, scowling. “Are you kidding me?!”

“What?” Michelle said.

“I am the SLAYER, and you’re just a person with a baseball bat. How come everyone knows who you are and not me?”

“I’m pretty sure everyone has a fair clue of who you are.”

“Um…I don’t want to interrupt what is CLEARLY an important conversation,” Clare said, marching forward to join her friends. “But they’re getting away.”

“I’m on it, I’m on it,” Erin said, putting her sword away. She caught Michelle’s eye. “You take left, I’ll take right. The rest of you, get to the cemetery entrance and make sure none of them get past it.”

Clare looked alarmed. “Are you really sure we’re the best to do that?” She gestured to her group. Orla was staring absently into the sky, and James looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.

“Not a lot of options here, Clare!” Erin called over her shoulder as she ran off.

She raced through the cemetery, easily catching up to the vampires. Still running, she pulled a stake out of her pocket and threw it. It caught a vampire in the heart, making it explode into dust that Erin had to run through.

“Ew,” she said, coughing.

The remaining vamps stopped running and turned, trying to catch her by surprise. Erin didn’t have time to stop and pull out her sword, but grabbed a dagger and ran into the vamp, using the force of her momentum to plunge the dagger in. The vampire’s arms were covering the heart, so she was unable to stab there, but she plunged the silver blade into the stomach, driving it up to the heart. The vampire exploded into dust, and Erin was once more sputtering and wiping dust of her hair.

She sheathed the dagger, reached behind her, and drew her sword out from its scabbard on her back. She ran on, heading towards the graveyard entrance.

As she dashed among the tombstones, she heard screeches, screams, and the sound of weapons hitting flesh. Michelle.

Erin rolled her eyes, still irritated that Michelle was better known than her. She didn’t worry for her friend in the fight – Michelle was more of a match for any vampire.

Sure enough, when the entranceway came into sight, Michelle was battling against the two remaining vampires. As Erin got close, Michelle caught one of the vamps with the bat. There was a crack, and then the vamp’s arm hung loose at its side. It snarled, and dove for her throat in a last ditch attempt at an attack. Before it reached her, Michelle had a stake out and threw it at its chest.

The final vampire tried to pounce, but it fell to its feet, shrieking, from the vial of Holy Water Clare had thrown at it. Erin reached them and finished the vamp off with a swing of her sword.

“Well, that wasn’t too bad,” Michelle said. She looked, as always, refreshed and pleased by a fight. Poor Clare looked nauseous, Orla looked vacant, and James…well, James still looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. To be fair, he had been wearing that expression ever since his mum had tried to help murder Erin.

Erin swallowed hard, and turned away from James. “Everyone okay?”

“Grand.” Michelle beamed.

“Well done.” Erin spun around at the voice, her grip on her sword tightening. Then she relaxed when Sister Michael stepped into the moonlight.

“Christ, sneaking up on people in a graveyard!” Michelle said.

“Thought I’d come and see how you were progressing in fights,” Sister Michael said. “Have to say, you are…probably not going to die. In the next week or so, at least.”

It was the closest they’d get to a compliment.

“Did you see me?” Michelle said, swinging the bat around. “The vamps know who I am now. They fear me.”

Erin rolled her eyes, scoffing.

“It might not have been the mistake I initially thought it was to teach you, Miss Mallon,” Sister Michael said. “Although you could enjoy it less.”

“I agree,” Erin said, taking any chance to needle Michelle.

“Ach, someone’s got to stake them, do we have to be miserable while we do it?” Michelle said. She bumped her shoulder against Erin’s, and Erin finally gave her a grin.

Sister Michael rolled her eyes, but sighed and motioned towards the entrance to the graveyard. The group took the hint and started to move towards it. Erin stopped, and turned towards James. She always seemed to be looking out for him these days, seeing if he was part of the group, or standing outside of it. In this case, he was outside, not noticing that they were about to leave.

“Oy, ballache, are you coming?” Michelle called past her, and Erin winced. Not she would have chosen to approach James, especially with that sad, vacant expression on his face.

James was staring at the place where the vampires had died. He didn’t react until Clare said “James?” and then finally he looked at them.

“Coming.” He joined them, and together, Erin, her friends, and her Watcher, walked out of the graveyard.