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I choose you everyday

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Katsuki was laying on the couch, buried in blankets, because it was cold as fuck. He was also hungry, which made him crankier than usual, but Deku was going to come back from patrol anytime now, and Katsuki wanted to have dinner with him.

“You call that a good presentation?! Pretentious asshole!” Katsuki yelled at a moron from a cooking show. The jackass was definitely going home.

The door unlocked, startling him, and it opened just enough to squeeze in a dirty and disheveled Deku. His nerd shrugged off his jacket and red shoes, sighing. He looked beat, but when he saw Katsuki’s head peeking from the pile of blankets, he smiled, slow and full of warmth.

“Kacchan.” Deku said, dumping his yellow battered backpack by the door.

Katsuki’s heart clenched, and he beckoned the nerd closer. Deku walked to the couch, crouching down to be at eye level with Katsuki.

“How was patrol?” He reached out and cupped his cold face.

“Exhausting.” The nerd covered his hand with his own. “You look comfy.”

“Shut up, Deku.” Katsuki felt his face heat up before mumbling. “Are you going to kiss me or what, dumbass?”

Deku grinned like the dork he was, leaning in and kissing him gently. Katsuki didn’t mind how cold his lips were, but as he sunk his fingers into his green curls, deepening the kiss, he noticed how wet his hair was.

“Was it raining?” He asked between Deku’s kisses.

“It drizzled for a while.” His nerd said, touching their noses together, his was freezing cold.

Katsuki frowned, kicking away the blankets. He stood up and yanked Deku by the arm towards the bathroom.

“I swear to God, Deku, you try me every day.” He grumbled, pushing Deku inside and helping him strip.

“Ka-Kacchan!” His nerd protested as Katsuki took off his wet clothes. “I’m okay!” He kicked the wet bundle aside, leaving Deku standing dumbfounded next to him while he started the shower.

“Zip it, Deku.” Katsuki made sure the water was warm enough, then put his nerd under the stream and closed the shower curtain.

“I could have done this myself, you know.” Deku mumbled, though he could hear the smile in his voice.

“But you didn’t.” Katsuki retorted, walking out of the bathroom. “I’ll get your pajamas and see you for dinner when you are done.”

Katsuki was serving the chicken with veggies when Deku walked out their bedroom, curls dripping and looking stupidly cute in his Ground Zero t-shirt and Deku fuzzy pants.

“Dinner smells great, Kacchan.” He sat at the stool, dangling his feet, and that’s how Katsuki noticed he was barefoot.

“For fuck’s sake, Deku.” He growled, stomping back to the bedroom for a pair of warm socks. “How have you lived your whole life without me taking care of you?” Katsuki kneeled in front of him, taking one cold foot.

“Not as happy as I could have been, Kacchan.” Deku replied, blushing as Katsuki kissed his ankle, and put the socks on him.

“Sappy fucker, come on, let’s eat.” He got up, ready to dig in, but Deku grabbed his arm. “What is it, nerd?” In response, Deku held out his left hand, fingers stretched. “Ugh, you are ridiculous.” Katsuki crossed his arms and rolled his eyes, more for show than anything.

It was part of this new routine.

“I think I’m a romantic.” Deku pouted.

“You are a pain in my ass.” Katsuki gripped his chin, smirking. His nerd kept holding up his hand, stubborn. “Where is it?” He caved in, figuring the sooner he complied, the sooner they could eat.

“It’s in my backpack.”

Katsuki marched to the old shitty thing, and searched in the outside pocked. He pulled out a small black box and went to stand between Deku’s legs.

“I hope you know how unnecessary this is.” Katsuki pointed out, opening the box and taking out a silver band, just like the one he wore on his own finger. “I don’t have to put it back on every time.”

“I like it, Kacchan.” He insisted, getting teary eyed as Katsuki slid the wedding band on his finger, like he always did. “It makes me feel like you marry me every day.” Deku caressed his cheek.

Katsuki cleared his throat, his allergies making his eyes burn, no other reason.

“Once was enough, Deku.” He said as he interlocked their fingers. The rings clinking together was a sound that automatically filled him with happiness and pride, not that he would ever tell Deku something that cheesy. “You cried the whole time and stomped on my feet several times during the damn dance.”

“And you still married me, Kacchan.”

“Yeah, Deku, I still married you.”

“You signed up for this.” The nerd said, awed even after all these months. “For the rest of your life.”

Katsuki decided to kiss his hopeless husband one more time, just to shut him up.