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It was heaven though. Andy began to float on the sensations Miranda was causing. Miranda's body against hers was incredible, indescribable and now that the initial surge of lust was out of the way, Andy took a deep breath identifying the current tone of the touches, businesslike. She heard a small, almost resigned, sigh from Miranda and opened her eyes to see the woman above her. Miranda was amazing, hovering over her, dominating her, just like anyone who knew the editor's reputation would expect. But the reputation was just people's perception of Miranda, a perception based on her professional actions, not her personal feelings. Andy knew differently. She slowly stopped, Miranda's explorations. There was a confused look on Miranda's face that Andy soothed away. “No worries, it's just... my turn.”

Shifting them around, Andy again pressed Miranda back into the soft mattress. She felt Miranda tense and gently kissed her. “They always wanted you to dominate them, didn't they... or did they try to force you into submission?” Andy watched the wary blue eyes narrow. “I'm not like that, Miranda. You don't have to always take the lead. You don't have to be the dominatrix everyone expects you to be, not with me.” Andy traced the curves of Miranda's body with her fingertips, palms, lips, and tongue. “You're a beautiful woman, brilliant, and strong. You wouldn't let them have any power over you, would you?” Andy watched Miranda swallow hard and continued. “They fucked you, but they never really touched you, did they, Miranda...You never let them see the real you, did you?” Andy's hand found the wetness between Miranda's legs and Miranda whimpered. Andy kissed Miranda's earlobe and whispered. “Will you let me? Do you trust me?”

“Yes!” Miranda undulated against Andrea's hand. “Yes...”

“Look at me.” Andy smiled when Miranda's eyes snapped to her. “Keep your eyes on me.” It didn't take much pressure for Andy's fingers to slide through the moisture. It was all she could to to keep her eyes open. She wanted to close them to savor the feeling of being inside the moaning woman under her. She also wanted to keep them open, to see Miranda in the throes of passion. That sight alone pushed her to the edge, but she didn't go over. She held on and set the rhythm for Miranda. Matching her thrusts with Miranda's motions, faster, harder. Andy reveled in the glorious sensation, the feeling that there was nothing but just the two of them for what seemed like forever. When she curled her fingers slightly and increased the tempo, Miranda gasped and began to writhe under her. A thin sheen of perspiration covered them both and Andy loved the taste of it on Miranda's skin; loved it when Miranda tasted her. Miranda suddenly arched and cried out. The sound of it pushed Andy over the edge she'd been skirting and they spent an eternal moment together, falling into ecstasy.


Andy collapsed onto Miranda before slowly shifting to her side. She regretted it, but still removed her hand from its warm resting place. Never taking her eyes off the gasping woman. She caught her breath and spoke quietly, “You're amazing.”

Lifting a trembling hand, Miranda held it between them before letting it fall back to her side. She shook her head. “You... that...” She swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “I have never...felt...”

“Yeah.” Andy snuggled in. “Like I said. Amazing.”

“Was it?” Miranda sounded surprised. “Even for you?”

Andy chuckled to cover the hurt that question caused but couldn't quite cover the sarcasm in her voice. “Because I'm such a slut...”

“No!” Miranda shook her head. “I didn't mean it like that.” She sighed and studied the ceiling intently. “You have at least had the experience before.”

“Not like this.”

Turning to look at her lover, Miranda blinked. “Like this?”

“This...” Placing her hand on Miranda's chest, Andy whispered, “this connection.”

“So you feel it too?”

The awe, mixed with the tiniest bit of insecurity, in Miranda's voice stirred Andy to move her hand in small circles over Miranda's heart. “I felt it, from the very first moment I saw you. It's why I approached you that night at the restaurant. It's why I couldn't stay away.”

“I don't want to hide... us. It is none of their business, but the press will have a field day.” Miranda pulled Andrea close. “Will that be a problem for you?”

“Are you kidding?” Andy laughed softly. “I'm going to need all the publicity I can get, if I'm going to get the New York offices of Sachs and Sachs off the ground.” She grinned. “Not that I want too many clients. I need to have time for my girlfriend too.”

“There are also my daughters to consider.” Miranda sighed and looked up at the ceiling. “They will be back on Sunday. How am I going to explain this to them?”

“Can you?” Andy's eyebrows raised when Miranda turned to glare at her. “I mean, really... can you explain this? Because I really can't. It's just there,” she put her hand on her chest. “Here. No explanation, it just... is.”

Nodding, Miranda took Andrea's hand and kissed the backs of her fingers. “It will be difficult to articulate.”

“Hey.” Andy squeezed the hand in hers. “We can wait, if you want. I mean, I don't like sneaking around, but if you want us to date more... before you speak with them...I want you to be sure...”

“Shhh...” Miranda smiled. “Thank you, but I am sure about us. The 'connection' makes that decision simple. It only becomes complicated when trying to make someone else understand it.”

The Andy bit the tip of her tongue and smiled. “Well, you could tell them the truth.”

“Mmm.. I don't believe telling them how a suave woman hit on me at a restaurant and how I found myself in her bed with her so easily is such a good idea.”


“Stephen and I were romantically linked for a year before I slept with him.” Miranda laughed at a joke only she could hear. “I should have known then that it wouldn't work with him.” She noticed that Andrea had gone very still as the words sank in. “Andrea?”

Andy could feel her stomach trembling. “A year?”

“Mmm...” Miranda made a slight scoffing noise. “So you see, this,” she indicated them and their current location, “is very out of character for me.”

“But, a year...”

“Yes! A year... can we get past that please?”

“I'm sorry, Miranda but it was all I could do to stay away from you for these few days!” She laughed. “There is no way I'd be able to last a year.” She exhaled softly and shook it off. Snuggling closer, she asked, “So, what are you going to tell your girls?”

“I don't know.” Miranda closed her eyes. “We will figure it out.”

“Okay.” Andy too closed her eyes. It was odd. She didn't usually actually sleep with people, but somehow Miranda's presence comforted her. She drifted off with a smile on her face, knowing that when she woke up, Miranda would be there.


Miranda woke and was disappointed that the bed next to her was empty. There was a fleeting moment when she thought that Andrea may have already left. No one stayed longer than necessary, did they? With a sigh, Miranda put on her robe and headed downstairs to start her coffee. An unfamiliar noise reached her ears as she drew closer to the kitchen.

Andy hummed quietly as she leaned back against the counter and went about the business of whisking the eggs.

“Good morning.”

Turning her head, Andy smiled at the sight of Miranda leaning against the doorway. “Good morning to you.” Indicating the bowl she'd been working on, she asked. “Omelet?”

“Sounds delicious. Thank you and...” Miranda took a seat at the breakfast counter. “Thank you, for staying.”

Andy's hand hesitated for a moment as she turned her large dark eyes on her lover. “There isn't anywhere else I want to be.”

Miranda gave the young woman a small smile and nodded, content to watch a sweatsuit-clad Andrea moving around the kitchen while she prepared the meal. She could not help thinking about how extremely normal it seemed. Paradoxically, feeling that way was extremely odd. She had never been comfortable with people in her house, certainly not her husbands. Even the housekeeper, who had worked for her for years was only here on weekdays. Miranda was seldom here then anyway, so the housekeeper situation only bothered her for about an hour or so in the evenings and she was not here on weekends giving Miranda some peace when the girls were away, and quality time with the girls when they were here. This comfort when what amounted to a stranger was in the house was a sign that confirmed what Miranda had begun to suspect. She was going crazy.

Suddenly, Andrea's lips were on hers and she didn't care if she was going crazy or not. Turning in her seat, Miranda pressed herself into Andrea's warm, solid form. Losing herself in the the kiss, Miranda moaned softly and pulled Andrea closer. She was definitely going crazy. When she was able to speak, Miranda asked, “What was that for?”

“Good morning isn't enough?” Andy searched Miranda's face intently. “You seemed to be a million miles away. I wanted you to come back.” Laying her wrists on Miranda's shoulders, Andy asked, “Where'd ya go?”

“I was thinking about you, if that counts?”

“It does.” Andy smiled and gave Miranda a quick peck on the lips. “Hungry?”

Miranda smirked. “Yes.”

“Good.” Andy walked back around the island counter and poured the egg mixture into a hot pan on the stove.

“I'm not so sure it is food I'm hungry for.” Miranda's eyes followed Andrea's movements with the intensity of a predatory cat.

Dark eyes looked up from watching the eggs cook and Andy smiled. “We can take care of that later. Right now... food.”


Miranda slowly woke from an amazingly restful sleep and rolled in the bed, smiling as Andrea's warm embrace surrounded her. This weekend had been the best she could remember, ever. Unfortunately, even though light was only just beginning to filter through the curtains, their time together would soon be over. The girls were scheduled to return from their trip this evening. Andrea's soft lips pressed against the back of her neck and the young attorney's sleepy voice rumbled through her.

“Time for me to go?”

“I wish it were not so, but the girls will be back this evening.” Miranda held the arms around her for a moment. “When will I see you again?”

“As soon as you want.” Andy shifted to rest her head on one hand while the other drew small circles on Miranda's stomach. “I'll find a hotel for a while, but I intend on getting an apartment as soon as I can find a suitable one.”

“You're moving to New York?” Miranda had heard Andrea's plans to open a legal office here, but had just dismissed it as a sort of fantasy scenario. “You were serious?”

“Would you rather I continue to visit on the weekends the girls aren't here? I'll just go out the back door when they come in the front?” The smile Andy had didn't quite take the sting out of her words for Miranda.

“Must you make it sound so...”

Andy filled in the word. “Dirty?”

Miranda shook her head, denying that adjective and supplied one of her own, “Sordid.”

Andy chuckled and murmured, “Ain't it a bitch...”

“Excuse me?” Miranda rarely missed hearing that word. It was used in her presence, on the edge of her presence, quite often.

“Lyrics...” She sang softly, “Ain't it a bitch, sorting out our sordid lives.” Andy kissed Miranda's shoulder. “It's the theme song to a TV show I liked.”

“Ah...” Miranda shook her head. “I do not watch much television.” She didn't have time to watch entire shows and they were filmed so far in advance that fashion trends that they displayed were already well on their way out by the time the episodes aired. Other than the predictable cyclic trends, Miranda rarely wasted time looking backward into the fashion world. “The girls watch some.”

“Why does that not surprise me?” Andy drew little circles on Miranda's skin. “You probably read a novel a week though, right? One of those poorly written paperbacks with the half-naked woman on the cover...” Grinning at the light blush coloring Miranda's cheeks, Andy stretched up to steal a quick kiss from Miranda's lips. “And no one would ever suspect that would they?”

“How is it that you have come to this conclusion?” Miranda watched her lover's cheeks color slightly. “Snooping?”

Andy giggled as Miranda tickled her. “I was looking for an outlet, to charge my phone. Your stash of trashy romance novels is behind your nightstand.” She grabbed Miranda's hands. “Stop... stop..”

Miranda laughed and stopped the assault, slowing her movement until the touch that had been playful became sensual. “I have never interacted with anyone in this way. You are so...”


“...different.” Miranda traced Andrea's lovely lips. “I am different, when I'm with you.”

“Is that good?”

Miranda kissed the luscious lips and nodded. “Yes, I believe it is a very good thing.”

“Mmmm...” Andy nibbled on Miranda's earlobe and whispered. “Let's see what other very good things we can discover.”

Humming her acceptance of that mission, Miranda leaned into the soft kisses and lost herself in Andrea's touch.


What sounded like a door slamming shut roused Miranda from a very peaceful sleep. Andrea's arm, seemingly automatically, shifted to soothe her. Tension drained from her only to return as loud footsteps and voices could be heard from the stairs.

“Mom!? Where are you?”

A quick glance at the clock showed it to be just after noon. “What on Earth?”

Scrambling out of the bed, Miranda threw on her robe and exited the room, leaving Andrea propped up on her elbows in the bed, watching her go.

Alone in the room, Andy dropped back to the mattress and sighed. “So much for waiting.” She wondered how Miranda was going to handle the situation and realized it would probably be much easier for Miranda to explain things to the girls if she didn't have a naked woman in her bed.


Miranda hurried down the hall toward the girls' rooms. Voices were coming from Cassidy's room.

“Bobbseys??” Miranda clutched the robe around her, holding it closed. “What happened? You weren't due back until this evening.”

Cassidy dropped her bag on her bed. “Nice to see you too, Mom.”

Caroline laughed. “Yeah, Mom, don't hurt yourself with excitement. Dad discovered a new talent and holed up in the recording studio. We took the plane back early.”

“You should have called.” Miranda couldn't control the annoyance in her tone. “I would have met you at the airport or at least sent Roy.”

Cassidy rolled her eyes. “We aren't babies, Mom.”

Caroline shrugged. “We just took a cab home.” The oldest twin's forehead wrinkled. “Are you sick?”

“What?” Miranda shook her head and pulled her robe tighter around her. “No. Why would you ask that?”

Now Cassidy looked worried too. “Because, it's after noon and you're still in your robe.”

“Nonsense.” Waving that off, Miranda just tied her robe securely and opened her arms. “Now come and give me a hug.” She sighed when her daughter's tanned arms wrapped around her. “I have missed you.” Sitting on the edge of the bed, Miranda patted the spaces next to her. “Tell me all about your trip.”

“Mom.” Caroline sat, but shook her head. “What's going on with you?”

Miranda looked into her daughter's eyes for a long moment then sighed. “Let me go get dressed. Meet me in my study. I have something to tell you.” She was well aware of the looks her children exchanged as she left the room and was not surprised at the spurt of conversation between them. It was surprising that they used their own special twin language, though. To her knowledge, they had not done that for quite some time. Normally it was reserved for stressful situations, the last time being when she was going through the divorce with Stephen. They were obviously worried about her and she needed to resolve that as soon as possible.

Entering her own room, Miranda stopped short at the sight of the perfectly made bed. A glance around the room showed everything in place. The sound of water running in the master bathroom drew her attention but she ignored it for the moment moving instead to her closet. Quickly choosing a pair of slacks and an off the shoulder sweater, Miranda wished it wasn't so easy to pick an outfit. She needed time to think about what she was going to say to the girls.

“My God, you're sexy.”

Miranda blinked, looking up to see Andrea leaning against the closet door frame. She had gotten dressed and cleaned up, in addition to straightening the room. The top three buttons on Andrea's shirt were undone, giving her a very roguish quality. “You are quite sexy yourself.” Moving to meet the younger woman, Miranda marveled at her need to touch Andrea. Her hands slid of their own accord around the attorney's waist. “But I must speak to the girls.”

“You want me to sneak out while you have them distracted?”

“No.” Miranda was uncertain about many things, but there was one thing she knew for sure. “I do not want to hide from the girls.” Taking a step back, Miranda held out her hand. “Come with me?”

“You're sure?” Andy hesitated until Miranda nodded, then she tangled her fingers with Miranda's. “Okay.”


Caroline and Cassidy sat in Miranda's study, Caroline's knee shaking, Cassidy's hands wringing. Caroline broke the silence between them.

“What do you think is wrong?”

“I dunno.” Cassidy swallowed hard. “You think Mom's sick?”

“I dunno.” Caroline ran her fingers through her hair. “She would tell us, if she was sick, wouldn't she?”

They both looked up when Miranda's voice floated through the room. “I certainly would.” Leaning against the door frame for a moment, Miranda looked at her nervous daughters and sighed. “I am perfectly healthy, but there has been a change in my life.” Holding her hand out, she pulled Andrea from her hiding place in the hall. “I want you to meet someone.”

Caroline narrowed her eyes at the woman holding her mother's hand. “Who's that?”

“Girls...” Miranda pulled Andrea a bit closer to her. “This is Andrea Sachs. She's...she's a friend..” Miranda exchanged a look with Andrea and smiled a tiny smile. “...more than a friend.”

“More than...” Cassidy's eyes widened. “Holy shit! You're together?!”

“Language!” Miranda took a deep calming breath even as she glared at her daughter. “Yes, we are...together.”

“Well.” Caroline studied the woman next to her mother carefully. “You're not a model... so what's your game?”


“C'mon, Mom!” Caroline's glare remained on Andy. “Everyone always wants something from Mom, so what do you want?”

Andy shook her head and tightened her hold on Miranda's hand. “Nothing.”

“Seriously!” Caroline insisted. “What is it? Money? Fame? Glamour? What?”

“I have my own money, I have no interest in fame and, unless I'm going out to some event, I'm about as far from glamorous as you can get.” Releasing her hand from Miranda's, Andy moved closer to the girls. She sat on the edge of a chair angled to face the couch. Leaning forward, she rested her elbows on her knees. She softened her voice as she would when trying to explain something to Lexi or Max. “Look, I know that when you look at your mom all you see is, well, your mom. But when I look at her,” Andy glanced over her shoulder at Miranda, still standing by the door and smiled, “I see a beautiful woman that I want to get to know better.”

Cassidy looked at Andy. She chewed her bottom lip for a moment then spoke, “You really like her.”

“Yes. I do,” Andy confirmed. “I like her a lot.”

Miranda moved up and sat on the arm of the chair Andy occupied. “I am quite fond of Andrea as well.” She ran her fingers through the younger woman's dark hair. “We will be spending a lot of time together and I wanted you to know the nature of our relationship before the tabloids decide the rest of the world needs to know.”

“So... you're just gonna...”

“We will conduct our relationship as any other couple would.” Miranda was firm on that point. “We will go out to dinner... possibly dance. We will attend events together if our schedules permit. I will not hide, but I will not go out of my way to... flaunt my personal life to the press.”

Caroline picked up on a word. “Schedules?” She turned to Andy. “What do you do?”

“I'm an attorney.” She smiled. “I will be opening an office here in New York, but that will take some time, and work. So,” she agreed with Miranda's statement, “there will be times when it will be impossible to attend functions together.”

“Are you moving in here?”

“No, Cassidy.” Andy grinned. “I'll find my own apartment, somewhere.”

“New York real estate is pricey.” Caroline again narrowed her eyes. “You sure you can afford it?”

Chuckling softly at that, Andy nodded. “Yes. As I said, I have my own money.” She saw the skeptical look on both the girls' faces and summed up her financial situation. “I inherited a great deal from my grandparents and I do okay as an attorney.” A bit of twinkle showed in her eyes. “You guys wanna help me look for a place? I'll need an office as well as an apartment.” The immediate brightening of both young faces made Andy smile.

Miranda raised her eyebrows in surprise. “So, you don't want my advice on the matter?”

Laughing at that, Andy snaked her arm around Miranda's waist and pulled her down into the chair. Her smile widened when Miranda shrieked then laughed at the surprise move. “Of course I want your opinion, but you don't have to do all the leg work... we'll figure out a few places and then you can look over the ones that make the cut.” She looked over at the girls. “Right girls?”

As if stunned to see their mother so playful with anyone, both girls simply nodded agreement.

Andy knew she hadn't really won them over yet, but this was a good start. Laying her head on Miranda's shoulder she tightened her hold around Miranda's waist and smiled. A very good start.



I can't say that I won't revisit these two, but it won't be in the near future. For now let's just say that they're going to live happily ever after. M'kay? :)

This story was originally posted online on July 11th, 2013