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The Good Ol' Hockey Game

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Katsuki’s back arches and his thighs quake, his muscles burning their objections into his flesh as he raises himself once more, leaving only the tip of Izuku’s cock still breaching the ring of his asshole. He mewls, fingers curling into fists on the hard musculature of Izuku’s abdomen.

“Look at you, Kacchan.” Izuku sighs from where he’s reclined against the leather seats in the back of his Tesla. A large hand trails up Katsuki’s side, stopping once it reaches his chest. Index and thumb pinch a nipple between them, pulling it and twisting it. The reaction is immediate, with Katsuki crying out in delight.

“Come on , Izuku!” Katsuki whines, sweat beading on his brow.

“What?” Izuku asks. Even though Katsuki’s eyes are trained on where their bodies are connected, he can hear the grin in Izuku’s voice. He slams himself down, hard , just to hear Izuku grunt. 

“This is so- Ahn- Un-” He shudders, his member leaking between them. “Uncomfortable! J-Just fuck me properly already, fuck!” 

Izuku leans forward, kissing the space between Katsuki’s chest. “You don’t mind riding me back home.”

“That’s because we’re in a bed, not the back of a c-car!” Despite his bitching and moaning, Katsuki hasn’t ceased his movements once. 

Izuku hums, the sound like warm honey on toast, rumbling Katsuki to his very core. His hands hitch around his hips, large enough (or perhaps Katsuki’s waist is small enough) to allow his thumbs to meet across the expanse of the blonde’s belly. He pitches forward, Katsuki’s head sinking between the middle console. He nearly smacks his skull against it, but Izuku catches him with a quick hand. 

Katsuki purrs appreciatively. His Izuku always does what he can to make Katsuki comfortable. He throws his neck back, baring the milky expanse of his neck to the man on top of him. Glinting red eyes catch the light of the digital clock. 

“Fuck!” Katsuki barks, sitting upright and squirming away from Izuku. “The game is gonna start soon!” 

“Oh- Would you look at that.” 

The two men work quickly to dress themselves. Katsuki hobbles out of the vehicle as Izuku grabs their jackets- both Canada Goose, bought by Izuku. The air in the car park is bitter, biting into any bits of skin that Katsuki leaves revealed. He shudders, and leans into Izuku as the larger man pulls Katsuki into his winter jacket. The man always seems to be so warm. 

Katsuki recalls the first night they spent together, bathed in heat that could pull the air from his lungs. Katsuki wants nothing more than to spend eternity swathed in Izuku’s arms. The free VIP tickets to hockey games are pretty damn cool, too. 

They enter the stadium and brace against the crowds, with Izuku’s arm locked around Katsuki’s. 

“Don’t get lost.” He whines. 

“Yeah, right, as if I could lose you.” Where Katsuki melts into the average height of the crowd, Izuku powers right on over them all. He’s all bright eyes and cute grins and soft curls and dumb freckles- who wouldn’t be caught by him?

The smell of the stadium is nostalgic to Katsuki- chilled ice and the slightly dank aroma of damp clothes and wet slush, every now and again the aroma of hot dogs and popcorn and nachos overwhelm them. 

They get a popcorn to share and two hot chocolates, Izuku a large and Katsuki a medium. Izuku’s nonchalance to the stadium prices has Katsuki wincing. 

They get the popcorn easily enough, but the hot chocolate comes with its own set of issues. 

“One medium and one large.” Izuku says once it is their turn at the register, all broad smiles and overwhelming charisma. No wonder he’s been so successful in his career- who would want to say no to that dashing smile?

The vendor, some normie-looking extra, trails his eyes languidly up and down Izuku’s bulking frame. Alarm bells go off in Katsuki’s head and he’s immediately pissed off. That’s the way he looked at Izuku when the man stepped foot into the bar. 

“Two hot chocolates, coming up. Hot,” The man sucks his bottom lip between his teeth. He thinks he looks sexy, but Katsuki thinks he looks like a dog with its jowls stuck curled under its teeth. “And sweet.”

Katsuki doesn’t even try to hide his scoff, nor the roll of his eyes. He knows that Izuku is a fucking snack, but that doesn’t mean he wants just anyone to try and take a bite! A large and familiar arm snakes around his waist, freezing any objections on Katsuki’s tongue.

“Thank you.” Izuku says. He nods his head, grabs the hot chocolates, and turns without acknowledging the vendor. A bubble of pride wells up in Katsuki’s chest, though he convinces himself that it’s nothing but a burp.

That’s right, shitty extra. He belongs to me.

And Izuku knows it.

They start off towards the section in which their room resides, Izuku getting distracted by merchandise and 50/50 tickets. 

“Should we get clappers?” He asks. 

“Who’ll hear them?” Katsuki responds, tugging his oversized puppy along. 

There’s another ticket check at the staircase that leads up to the VIP rooms in their section, and as they approach Katsuki feels his chest tighten with the looming sense of ‘ I’m totally not supposed to be here .’ Izuku merely strolls ahead, presenting their tickets where their room number is printed (Section C Room 7) and prances on towards the staircase, all while his arm never leaves Katsuki’s. When he retrieved the ticket for the tender, he moved both paper cups into one hand. One fucking massive hand. 

Katsuki shudders and his loosened hole clenches. They weren’t able to finish what they had started earlier in the car, the excitement of the game stronger than either of their horniness. Of course, Katsuki is still excited- he’s been to hockey games before, but he’s never touched foot in a VIP room. Katsuki can feel the slick of lube between his thighs, the press of his half-hard chub against the front of his trousers. Luckily, their winter jackets are long enough to cover what they’re sporting. Katsuki wouldn’t mind showing off what Izuku is packing, though. He’s a little show-off. 

When Katsuki’s eyes first landed on Izuku that one fateful night at that one bar Katsuki regulars whenever he’s wanting to get dicked down, he knew he needed to have him. Fuck, Izuku is a fucking powerhouse. He wouldn’t be surprised if either of tonight’s hockey teams tried to scout him. Their first night together was spent without any worries for what was to come in the morning; it was just two drunken men taking out their sexual frustrations on one another. And it was good . But then Izuku offered to take Katsuki out for breakfast the next morning, and although Katsuki would usually decline, his grumbling stomach and twitching cock said otherwise. Izuku took Katsuki to the most lavish breakfast joint he’d ever been to- the most expensive, too. Izuku must’ve seen Katsuki’s trepidation upon eying the menu, so he assured Katsuki that the meal would be on him. Things just fell into place after that.

The VIP room is impressive, a private place for Izuku and Katsuki to be alone. It looks more like the living room in a hotel suite, with a plush leather couch facing a large television, a polished wooden table with four chairs in the corner, impeccable glass decorations scattered here and there, a minifridge already full of champagne. The room is heated, so Katsuki removes his jacket and hangs it on the available coathangers. Izuku does the same, but instead of hanging his jacket he tosses it over a chair. Katsuki scowls and snatches Izuku’s jacket. He doesn’t care how much money Izuku has, he’s not about to let him treat a thousand dollar winter jacket like that. They leave their shoes at the door, not wanting to track winter muck into the room, and deposit their popcorn and hot chocolate on the table.

While Izuku works on uncorking the champagne and filling two glasses, Katsuki trods over carpet to the large glass wall that separates the warm room from the cold balcony. He steps out into the chill of the arena air and shivers.

The rink looks miniscule from where Katsuki is standing, the people in the stands look like ants. The VIP room certainly isn’t the place one goes if they’re interested in watching the game. Katsuki leans against the concrete ledge of the balcony, staring down at the crowd beneath him, snuggled up close like packed sardines. Katsuki bites back a grin. He feels like a prince.

“Woah, cool!” Izuku gawks as he comes up behind Katsuki, taking his spot pressed in close against the smaller man’s back. They slot together perfectly, like a puzzle made to be. He hands Katsuki a glass and he takes it, the two men passing up any sort of toast. 

“You’ve never been up here before?” Katsuki questions, the bubbling champagne tickling his tongue and opening him up to more conversation.

“No,” Izuku responds, pressing his nose into Katsuki’s hair. His next words are muffled against the blonde’s skull. “I’m not really into hockey.”

Katsuki turns, ignoring the uncomfortable sensation of a concrete edge digging into his back just below his shoulderblades. He delivers a cocky smirk, head tilting back as he blinks up at Izuku through his long lashes. “Oh, that’s right. This is for me.”

Izuku nods. Both of his arms are propping himself up on the balcony, successfully caging Katsuki in between them. The closeness has Katsuki’s prick throbbing. “I just had to, because you did so well on your finals.”

Katsuki bites the inside of his cheek, but his grin doesn’t dissipate. Izuku continues.

“You know I treat you well whenever you behave, baby boy.” Izuku leans in further, his nose tickling Katsuki. There’s stubble on Izuku’s cheeks and chin. Katsuki wants to nuzzle against it.

“I do.” He responds, voice barely above a whisper. Izuku closes the distance between them and presses their lips together. The cold air of the stadium has dried their lips. A tongue or two can change that. 

One of Izuku’s hands slips from the ledge and lowers, trailing down Katsuki’s spine. He wastes no time, stuffing his hand into Katsuki’s jeans and shoving two fingers into his needy, wet heat. Katsuki mewls, his body growing limp and depending on Izuku’s strength to keep him upright. He falls forward, cheek pressing into Izuku’s broad chest. 

“Such a good boy.” Izuku growls, crooking his fingers and jerking them forward, expertly jabbing them into Katsuki’s prostate. He knows exactly what to look for by now. “So smart, so good. So sexy!” 

Katsuki laughs, the sound quick and breathless. Izuku pulls his fingers from Katsuki’s ass and shoves them into his mouth. The boy suckles on them without complaint. 

“You almost made me spill my champagne.” Katsuki grumbles as the two stumble back into the room. 

Izuku grabs Katsuki’s glass and puts the both of them onto the table. The duo collapse onto the couch, tongues mingling and hands wandering. Katsuki yelps as one of Izuku’s hands brushes beneath his shirt and against his belly.

“Fuck, cold hands!” He kicks Izuku’s thigh. The older man barks out a laugh, moving down to press his face against Katsuki’s belly. 

They fight, Katsuki trying to get away from Izuku’s cold extremities, and Izuku trying to pin Katsuki down. Eventually they end up with Katsuki face down on the couch and Izuku blanketed on top of him, hands freely roaming across his torso, his shirt now tucked under his chin. Katsuki squeals as Izuku pinches his nipples.

It happens quickly- Katsuki’s pants are thrown sidelong and Izuku’s belt is undone, clanging buckles and rustling fabric the only sound in the room. Izuku’s cock slips inside of Katsuki’s still wet heat in record time. Katsuki bites back a cry as his insides are spread open so lewdly by Izuku’s thickness.

The sound of a loud buzzer has the two men jolting, Izuku groaning as Katsuki inadvertently clenches around him.

“It’s starting!” The blonde gawks, struggling beneath Izuku, palms pressed flat against his clothed chest. “Turn the t.v. on!” 

“Right, right.” Izuku grunts, hooking one arm around Katsuki’s shoulders and the other beneath his thighs. When Izuku reels back, Katsuki is dragged up with him, their loins still connected. 

To Katsuki’s surprise (and horror) Izuku doesn’t let the blonde get away, hoisting him up and carrying him across the room. Katsuki lets out a squeal, clinging onto Izuku although he knows the larger male would never let him fall. It’s embarrassing nonetheless, and Katsuki can feel Izuku’s dick jostling about inside him as he snatches the television remote off of its stand. 

“Hold on.” Izuku growls. Katsuki wordlessly obeys, his grip on Izuku firming as the older man releases his arm supporting Katsuki’s rump to grab the bag of popcorn from the table.

He steps backwards to the couch, falling down with a huff. Katsuki relaxes, nuzzling into Izuku’s neck. The cologne he had spritzed on that morning had faded and now only the natural scent of Izuku remains. Katsuki’s firm cock is caged between their bodies, and idly Katsuki wonders if his pre will stain Izuku’s fancy dress shirt. If it does, he’ll just go get another one.

Katsuki squirms around, rotating his body atop of Izuku’s so that he can face the television. He relaxes into Izuku, his back against the other male’s front, his bare cock towards the television. Izuku’s is still stuffed deep inside of him, every twitch and throb magnified by their stillness. Their position holds some standard of comfort; Katsuki feels safe in Izuku’s arms.

The game begins, and Katsuki quickly loses interest in the quandary of Izuku.

They spend the first period in awed silence, munching on popcorn and yelling at the television to shoot, damn it ! Correction- Katsuki yells at the television. Izuku seems to be more enthralled by Katsuki than the actual game, trailing his hands up and down his baby’s sides, massaging into the joints of his pelvis, dipping too close to his prick but never gracing it with a touch. Katsuki shudders and sighs under Izuku’s ministrations, but he never neglects the game unfolding in front of him.

“Fuck, what was that call? Refs living in the fucking clouds- Nuge had the perfect shot, what game are they playing tonight?” He huffs and shakes his head, clicking his tongue in exasperation. 

Izuku can’t help but laugh, his body rumbling enough to remind Katsuki that he’s still got a massive fucking cock inside of him. Katsuki shoots him an irritated look, a fine blonde brow quirking up. 

“What?” He snaps, reclining back against Izuku. At some point during the game he had perked up. 

Izuku bows forward and graces Katsuki’s temple with a brisk kiss. “You’re just so cute, baby boy.” 

Katsuki’s face flushes deep crimson and he aggressively shoves at Izuku. “Shaddup, Izuku.”

Izuku jerks his hips upward. Katsuki gasps, hands flailing for purchase and eventually settling on the pair of massive thighs below him. Izuku slowly gyrates his hips, barely thrusting them up and more so grinding into Katsuki’s waiting heat. He whimpers and throws his head back on Izuku’s shoulder.

“You’re so pretty when you get invested in something.” Izuku murmurs, allowing his hands to continue their journey of Katsuki’s body, though this time he allows himself to envelop Katsuki’s dick. A moan immediately spills from the blonde, his weeping cock spurting a fresh ooze of precum at the long overdue touches. 

“But, y’know when you’re even more pretty?” Izuku suckles on Katsuki’s neck. Katsuki shakes his head in response. “When you’re all dicked out and overwhelmed.” 

Katsuki doesn’t even have a moment to laugh at how absurd the saying ‘dicked out’ is. Izuku’s arms hook under Katsuki’s thighs and neatly bend him in half, giving Izuku enough leverage to pick up the pace. He slams into Katsuki’s asshole, his massive girth spearing past any resistance- if there even is any. Katsuki’s insides swallow him greedily, sucking him in and wordlessly begging for more. Izuku is happy to oblige. 

The room is filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin, Katsuki’s lusty moans, and soon enough the sound of the second period starting. Izuku almost feels bad; he’s not going to let Katsuki sit this one out in peace. The sound of sticks clashing and skates hissing is drowned out by Katsuki’s squeals of delight as Izuku ravages his younger hole.

Izuku’s fingers dig into the soft flesh of Katsuki’s thighs with a grip strong enough to bruise. With Katsuki, Izuku doesn’t need to worry about holding himself back. Katsuki loves to feel it the next day, loves to see the marks of their copulation marring his body. Katsuki is the first partner Izuku has had that can more than keep up with his libido.

Izuku changes their position, pressing Katsuki down into the couch, the plush leather muffling his cries. No, that won’t do- Izuku flips his baby around, lovingly staring down at teary eyes and flushed cheeks and lips bitten red. 

“You’re breathtaking.” Izuku whispers.

Panting, Katsuki offers him a lopsided smile. Izuku is perched on top of him, practically bending the blonde in half. He looks like a Greek god- wild dark curls blanket his face, his chiselled jaw and strong nose interrupted by soft cheeks and boyish freckles, his arms and chest possessing muscles that threaten to burst from his shirt at any moment.

Breathlessly, Katsuki sighs, “I could say the same to you.”

Their romantic reprieve is interrupted as Izuku continues his ruthless pace. He grabs Katsuki’s legs and hoists them up onto his shoulders, yet again bending his blonde in half. He can’t help but marvel at the younger male’s flexibility. 

A rather loud cry is all Izuku needs to hear to know that he’s hitting the right spot. Izuku doesn’t let up for a second, pulling his cock out nearly entirely only to brutally slam it back up into Katsuki’s throbbing hole, expertly fucking into Katsuki’s needy prostate. Every thrust that hits that spot deep inside has Katsuki seeing stars, his eyes rolling to the back of his skull as he’s dragged closer to the edge of bliss.

Katsuki comes first, the abuse on his prostate more than enough for him to reach his climax with a shuddering cry. His cock spills in the space between them, most of it pooling on Katsuki’s torso. His body trembles from the pleasure, waves of bliss crashing over him and turning him into nothing but jelly in Izuku’s firm grip.

Izuku doesn’t give him a moment to breathe. He continues to pump his cock into the boy at the same unforgiving pace, knowing now that Katsuki has cum he must search out his own orgasm. 

Katsuki’s hands flail, soft fingers digging harshly into Izuku’s biceps. He squeals and cries, his body trembling from overstimulation. Tears stain his face and his mouth is locked in a permanent O-shape. Nothing is more attractive than Izuku in these moments, no longer focusing on bringing Katsuki to a close, only on attaining his own bliss. His brows pinch together, and his eyes stay fluttered shut in some mock nirvana. Katsuki wheezes below him. 

Izuku barely recognizes the words spilling from Katsuki’s lips, his mind foggy with pleasure.

“Kiss me, kiss me!” Katsuki cries, his words possessing an unusual sort of desperation.

Izuku doesn’t waste a moment more, folding over Katsuki to bow down and smash their lips together in some undignified mockery of a kiss. His body consumes Katsuki’s, his bulkiness enough to shield the entirety of the smaller man on the couch beneath him. Tongues dance together, Katsuki wails into his mouth, his hands appearing small where they cling to Izuku’s broad back.

Izuku presses himself in all the way, spilling his seed into Katsuki’s depths. It takes several long moments for his cock to finish throbbing and his sac to have emptied itself into the small blonde. He groans, body tensing as his orgasm shudders through him. He collapses on top of Katsuki, pressing his face into the crook of his neck.

Katsuki mewls, the corners of his lips twisting upwards into a loopy grin. “S-So full…”

It only takes a few minutes of the two men panting heavily in silence for Izuku’s cock to begin to stir back to life, still stuffed inside Katsuki.

By the time they’re completely spent and satisfied, Katsuki is dismayed to learn that his team lost.