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The guy next door

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It’s the third time this week. The third time he gets woken up in the middle of the night because of his asshole of a neighbour. He grunts, grabbing his pillow and putting it over his head to try and cover his ears with it, but it isn’t enough to mask the sounds coming from the other side of the wall. 

Jimin wants to punch the wall. 

Really hard. 

He actually would if this building wasn’t made out of thin paper and he’d end up most likely poking a hole through it, but he really, really wants to. He’s been studying all day for his dumb Chemistry test and now that he had finally finished and went to sleep to finally rest decently for once, the guy living in the dorm next door decided to wake up in the middle of the night and bring someone over with him. 


Jimin wouldn’t mind as much if they were playing music and he could hear it a little, he thinks that would maybe even help him fall asleep. But no. The only thing he hears is a loud banging against the wall— which is most likely the bed frame—, and the loud moans of both parties involved in this sex opera. Jimin wants to cry. 

This guy is downright being disrespectful at this point. He hasn’t even seen his face yet, and he’s sure he could recognise him by his moans if he ever heard them on the street, rather than his face. He really has no clue of what his neighbour looks like, but he’s sure he must be a total asshole. He doesn’t have facts, but he doesn’t have a single doubt either. Who even decides to bang this late at night?! Knowing how thin the walls of the dorms are? Definitely someone who wants to disturb another people’s sleep. Someone who definitely doesn’t care about other people’s sleeping schedules. 

It wouldn’t hurt to keep it down! That’s called being empathic! 

“Oh my fucking god.” Jimin breathes out, rolling over on the bed when he hears what seems to be his third partner of the week start literally screaming. They’re not even moans anymore. “What the fuck is he doing to that poor girl?” He whines. He really just wants to sleep, but his neighbour manages to wake him up and remind him every two days that his life as a Biochemistry major is nothing but lame. And —again— he doesn’t even know what his face looks like. 

Taking into account the girl’s moans, he must be pretty hot, though, and he must have a very strong game, he thinks. But still, he doesn’t care how he might be when he doesn’t even remember the last time he got laid from how long it’s been, and this unknown dude keeps reminding him of how alone he has been since college started. 

This guy moved in at the beginning of the school year, so Jimin has his guesses that he might be a freshman. Who in the hell, as a freshman in College, has that much sex?! Maybe it’s just Jimin, but his freshman year of College didn’t go like that at all. Everyone had told him that college would be much easier than high school, and that he’d have much more time for himself, but that was all bullshit, considering he spent the day drowning in textbooks, lab practices and internships. He really hadn’t caught a break for an entire year, and things didn’t seem to get any better after two more years, and he was finally on his third year.  

“Oh my god, just shut the fuck up!” Jimin screams into the pillow, hoping they somehow hear him and put a temporary end to his misery, but to no avail. They go at it for what seems like an eternity and Jimin ends up falling asleep even with the loud, steady thumps.

He wakes up the next day with dark circles under his eyes that scare him once he looks at his own reflection in the bathroom mirror, sign of all the sleepless nights he’s had due to his studies and a certain boy next door. He steps into the shower to get ready for the day, taking his time like he always does. Until he hears the loud alarm for the football players go off. He’s confused for a second, because he normally always hears it when he’s already sitting in his classroom, but they might have changed their schedule now. However, Jimin decides to check the time, just in case, and he feels his soul leave his body at that same moment. He has slept through his alarm and he thought he had more time than usual, when it was actually the total opposite. He panics and rushes out of the shower as quickly as he can, brushing his teeth at the same time as he puts on the first clothes he finds and trying not to stain them with toothpaste. He grabs his laptop, his books and phone and he speeds out of the dorm at the speed of light. He lets the door to his room close loudly behind him and he runs through the hallway as quickly as he can to reach his classroom right on time. 

He’s Park Jimin! He’s never late! And all of this is his neighbour’s fault for not letting him sleep well! 

“Damn, talk about running late to class.” He hears someone say as he runs past them.


Jimin gets to the classroom right when the professor is entering through the front door, so he sneakily accesses it through the back door, trying to make as less noise as possible. He spots Hoseok sitting alone with an empty seat next to him, so Jimin tiptoes quickly towards him and sits down. 

“Jimin! You’re finally here.” Hoseok says when he notices the presence next to him. He turns to face him with his heart-shaped smile and it falters when he takes a better look at the latter. “You look like shit.”

“Thanks for the honest input, Hobi.” Jimin rolls his eyes, taking the laptop out of his bag as he tries to catch his breath. 

“I’m sorry, Minnie. Have you been sleeping well?” Hoseok asks, rubbing Jimin’s wet hair affectionately.

“Does it look like it?” Jimin sighs, pouty lips and voice turned into a small whine.

“Not at all, no.” Hoseok says, truthfully. A truth Jimin has always been grateful for.

“I’m just— really tired.” Jimin replies. “And I’m not resting well either. I really can’t catch a break lately.” 

“I know, I felt like that last year. God, Mrs. Do was the end of me. All her assignments took me so much time to complete…” Hoseok says, opening his laptop and talking softer because the teacher has started speaking.

“Well, this is happening me this year with Chemistry. I don’t know why, but I just take so long to get things? I’m honestly tired of this subject at this point.” Jimin rants under his breath. “Besides, the guy that moved into the dorm next door at the beginning of the semester is always bringing people over, and he is so, so loud at night.” He whispers the last part so low he worries Hoseok even got to hear it, but by the way he gasps audibly, Jimin knows he has. 

“What? To have sex?!” Hoseok whisper-shouts.

“Yeah— and it’s so fucking awkward and uncomfortable.” Jimin replies, whining again. “If this happens again I will definitely knock on his door to interrupt whatever he might be doing in his sex dungeon of a dorm.” Jimin replies, what makes Hoseok snort loudly. A few heads turn to look at them and they both shut up immediately, finally focusing on their lesson. “Wanna grab some lunch today?” Jimin whispers when half an hour passes. 

“I can’t today. I’m meeting with Mina again.” 

“Your fuck buddy? Again?” Jimin complains. “You’ve forgotten about me ever since you got that thing going on.” He pouts.

“I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s just that her roommate has gone back to town for a few days and— You know, Haneul is always in my room.”

“Yeah, yeah. I get it.” Jimin dismisses him. “I guess I’ll tell him to grab lunch with me instead.” Jimin adds, shrugging.

“Don’t you dare replace me for my roommate.” Hoseok points at him with a warning finger.

“You’ve already done that with me and Mina!” Jimin whines, and Hoseok gasps once again, this time sounding offended. There are more heads turning towards them and they finally shut up until the rest of the lesson finishes. 

Jimin is doing great. He has time to look at his notes ten minutes before the small test starts, and he is confident with himself, but that lasts until he’s in front of the paper and he suddenly can’t remember anything. The only thing that comes to his mind are the moans from that girl mixed with his neighbour’s. He tries not to panic and tries to do as best as he can, squishing every little detail he remembers out of brain and dismissing every time a loud moan plays in his head. He hands the paper to the teacher, signs the sheet of paper to make sure he has taken the exam and drags his feet out of the classroom, feeling the exhaustion in his limbs as he makes his way to the cafeteria where he has arranged to meet with Haneul. 

He spots an empty table and sits there, leaving his bag carelessly on top of it, letting himself fall on one of the chairs and hiding his head between his arms in an attempt to rest for five minutes. The sounds around him suddenly feel distant, as if he isn’t really there anymore, as if he’s really about to fall asleep— but then he feels an arm wrap around his neck and his almost sleeping session gets interrupted once again. 

“Hey sleeping beauty.” Haneul’s voice wakes him up from the trance, teasing him like he always does.

Jimin grunts. “I was so close to falling asleep.” He complains.

“Lately you’re falling asleep at every corner.” Haneul laughs, opening a can of coke he bought before walking up to Jimin. The latter looks up and connects his eyes with Haneul’s. 

“I haven’t slept well in months.” Jimin says. “And it makes it worse that the guy next door is banging someone almost every night, and it isn’t silent, precisely.” He sighs. 

“Ah, that’s too bad.” Haneul says, leaving the can on the table and holding it with two hands. “Okay but, besides from that, what do you think it’s what’s not letting you sleep?” He asks.

“Are you about to psycho-analyse me right now?” Jimin raises an eyebrow and sits up straight. 

“I mean— I have to put my knowledge into practice somewhere.” Haneul jokes and makes Jimin smile with that.

Jimin nods and takes a deep breath. “I think it’s the stress, especially from college.” He starts. “I can’t go a single minute without thinking about stupid Chemistry formulas, even when I’m trying to sleep. I even had nightmares about it and everything.” He shivers when he remembers one that felt extremely real.

“Oh, wow.” Haneul breathes out. “I knew you were a perfectionist, but not to this extent.” He jokes, to try to make the situation lighter. 

“Yeah, I really need to have everything under control, but for some reason I feel like everything is out of my reach lately.” Jimin confesses, hiding his head between his arms yet again. “And it doesn’t help the fact that I haven’t gotten laid in literal years and my neighbour keeps reminding me with his 50 shades homemade remakes.” He says, dramatically.

Haneul laughs at that last comment. “You definitely need to relieve some stress, and I think that’s the best way you can do it.”

“Huh? What?” 

“Getting laid.” Haneul explains. “I think there’s frustration and stress piled up in your body, maybe it’s also because you’re not doing as well as you’d like to be doing with your classes.” Haneul guesses, raising an eyebrow and waiting for Jimin’s reaction.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” Jimin sits up straight, nodding. He looks at his friend with a concentrated frown.

“So, a great way to get rid of all that would be by having sex. Did you know it’s one of the best stress-relievers out there? It can work even better than actual pills.” Haneul says, matter-of-factly. 

“Yeah, okay. The thing is— I have no one that would be willing to have sex with me. Like— at all.” Jimin says.

“I highly doubt that.” Haneul snorts. 

“I’m serious. I think I know like… three people in the entire campus. I’ve spent all the party nights and game days inside my dorm studying.” Jimin says, sounding like he deeply regrets it. 

“Oh wow, you really need to tone that down a little, then. You’re in College! You should have fun as well.” Haneul encourages him. 

“I know! Ugh, I just want to sleep well for once, god.” Jimin says, frustrated.

“If you have sex right before going to sleep you will sleep like a baby afterwards.” Haneul insists again.

“Okay. Sex is great. Got it.” Jimin rolls his eyes. “Now I need someone willing to stick their dick in me.” He says, bluntly and even a little angrily. He doesn’t think he’s that sexually frustrated. 

Okay— he hasn’t had sex in a very long time, but he went 17 years without it anyway! What’s a few years compared to 17? Nothing. Jimin thinks Haneul is just saying that because he feels bad Jimin is the only one without someone to do it with. Him and Hoseok both have partners, or, in Hoseok’s case, someone that resembles one. His old roommate Beomgyu also has a girlfriend, even his younger brother! Jimin is surrounded by couples and he is the only one that, instead of dating someone, it seems like he’s dating his textbooks. 

“Hey guys, I’m back.” Hoseok’s bubbly voice catches their attention, as he sits down across from them, turning the chair around. “What were you talking about?” 

“About Jimin’s piled up stress and how to get rid of it.” Haneul says nonchalantly. Jimin wants to die of embarrassment. 

“I’m all ears, sir.” Hoseok says, scooting closer.

“He basically needs to get laid.” Haneul says without a single ounce of embarrassment in his voice.

Hoseok claps his hands. “I’ve been saying that for an entire year!” He exclaims. “Are you finally going to follow my advice?” He leans over the table, shortening the distance between him and a pouty Jimin. 

“If he’s following someone’s advice, it will be mine, actually.” Haneul intervenes, and Hoseok flips him off. 

“Guys, you forget that I don’t have anyone to have sex with?!” Jimin says, a little louder than what he wanted at first. He makes himself smaller when he sees a few eyes on him. 

“That can be easily arranged.” Hoseok shrugs. 

“He’s right.” Haneul nods in an attempt to try and convince Jimin.

“I don’t want to have sex with some random person! They might be not even good at it.” He rolls his eyes.

“Oh, trust me. There’s this guy on campus that’s like— the sex god.” Hoseok says, expanding his hands as if he was painting a rainbow on the air with them.

“Oh, come on.” Jimin exclaims, rolling his eyes even harder.

“Listen, listen.” Haneul nudges him. 

“He’s kind of a fuck boy, but no one really takes that into account because he’s just so good at it. There’s rumours that he made a girl come thrice in the span of ten minutes.” Hoseok whispers because that’s not a very nice conversation to be having in the middle of the campus’ cafeteria. 

“Bullshit.” Jimin snorts. 

“Bullshit or not, everyone knows who he is and they’re down to let him do whatever he wants to them.” 

“Not everyone, I don’t know who he is.” Jimin says, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, but you’re probably the only exception.” Haneul teases him. Jimin gasps, but Hoseok speaks up before he can say something else. 

“His name is Jeon Jeongguk. He’s in his third year and got transferred from the college in Busan not too long ago.” Hoseok explains.

“Mhm.” Jimin hums.

“He can come off as a dick sometimes, though.” Haneul adds.

“Well, how can he not when everyone is worshiping the soil he walks by? He must be a big-headed asshole.” Jimin snorts. “Besides, I don’t want someone that sleeps around with a lot of different people!” Jimin adds. “He can do whatever he wants, but I don’t want to be part of that list, if I’m honest with you.” With that, he gets up to order some food because his stomach started to growl.

“Just think about it!” He hears Hoseok’s voice say as he walks to the counter. 

Haneul might be right, maybe what he needs is to get laid once and for all. He won’t admit it, but he misses it so much. He only doesn’t think about it much because he’s always thinking about school, but it gets really frustrating sometimes. He sighs as he pays for his meal, not knowing what to do. 

The rest of the classes go by as slowly as a turtle for him, especially when his mind goes back to everything he has to get done once his classes are over. He just wants time to go by faster so he can get to Summer break as soon as possible. 

Once the day is over for him, he takes his laptop and puts it in his bag, along with the few papers and pens he used from time to time and gets up from his chair. He makes his way out of the faculty building and goes straight to the Starbucks located in the middle of campus. He already sees the restless afternoon that’s towering over him, so he orders the largest coffee and asks for six pumps of espresso in it. The bartender stares at him with a weird frown but Jimin couldn’t care less. People should know not to judge a college student, because they’re always either struggling with something— may it be their lack of sleep, their rent, their diets, or their fucked up sleeping schedule. In Jimin’s case, it’s a little bit of all. 

He grabs the coffee once he’s done and takes a long sip of it, the cold liquid running down his throat and feeling as if he’s gaining all his energy back with just that. It might be the unhealthiest thing ever, but that’s what’s keeping him going. He even closes his eyes when he savours the coffee, allowing himself to rest for a split second. 

However, his rest doesn’t even last two seconds, because he bumps into someone right then, making him lose his balance and almost spill his coffee everywhere. luckily, the person who bumped into him is kind enough to grab his arm to stop him from falling on his ass.

Jimin’s eyes fly back open in that mere second, and he’s already apologising like crazy.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know where I was going.” He quickly says, looking down between him and the other person’s body to make sure he hasn’t stained anything. When he finally looks up, he finds a pair of big and round eyes that shine with the lights of the café, looking at him with a concerned expression.

“Are you okay?” The boy says. He has his black hair parted in the middle, the ends of his locks slightly curled. He’s wearing an oversized grey tee shirt tucked in inside a pair of black skinny jeans, waist surrounded by a black belt and a pair of black, high boots matching it. The earrings in his ears are dangling with the slight breeze, probably coming from the air conditioner inside of the café, but still, they look pretty. 

Jimin stops thinking for a second only to stare at the man before him. He’s slightly taller than him, his cheeks are soft, but his eyes and jaw are sharp. It’s like a combination between a soft and an intimidating look. And Jimin can’t look away.

It isn’t until the man tilts his head and frowns that Jimin registers that the man has asked him a question and he’s probably expecting an answer from him. 

“I— I’m okay.” Jimin stutters. 

He is probably the most beautiful man he has ever seen, and he looks just as old as he is. But something in his mind tells him there’s something that’s not right. Jimin doesn’t have this much good luck. Nothing out of a fairy tale ever happens to him. 

That’s it. He must be straight. 

God, why is he thinking about that when he doesn’t even know this guy’s name?

“Are you sure?” The man repeats, one hand suddenly resting on Jimin’s shoulder gently. 

Jimin should start to get his shit together before he starts drooling all over himself in front of this guy. 

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry about me.” Jimin nods, lowering his head shyly. 

Jimin had expected the man to leave then, but he stays right there, looking at Jimin with curious eyes, making Jimin feel observed and slightly intimidated. 

Come on, Jimin. He might want you to continue the conversation. 

Say something!

His brain tells him over and over again, but then the idea of the countless assignments and textbooks waiting for him at his dorm crosses his mind and he snaps out of it. 

“I have to go.” Jimin announces, as if his mind had just clicked. “I’m sorry again.”

“You’re fine. At least you didn’t spill anything on me.” The man says, raising his eyebrows. 

Jimin feels his cheeks blush. “Yeah. I wouldn’t want that.” He replies, hugging his coffee tight to his chest to secure it from spilling if he were to bump into someone else.

“If I got to talk more to you, maybe I would.” The man suddenly says, taking Jimin aback. 

Jimin’s jaw falls open and his words get caught in his tongue, unable to say something to him back. 

Did he just flirt with him?!

With I-have-week-long-eyebags-and-haven’t-combed-my-hair-today Park Jimin?

“I— I—” Yeah, not a single word is coming out.

The man is staring at him, calmly waiting for his answer. Jimin is sure his face might be as red as a tomato. Fuck, it’s been way too long since he’s last flirted with someone. He’s been so focused on his textbooks that he forgot what it feels like when you see someone pleasing to the eyes face to face. 

He even forgot how to act and flirt back, apparently. “Bye, I have to go.” He quickly says in a sudden rush of panic and heads out of the café as fast as he can. He takes long steps and the air comes back into his lungs when he feels the cool breeze of the late Spring surrounding him. He doesn’t even dare to look back to see the guy’s reaction, probably thinking he’s just the lamest person ever.

How has he come to this point?! He can’t even flirt back.

Park Jimin, the guy who had every other guy wrapped around his finger, suddenly forgot how to flirt when he was met with this guy with black hair and doe eyes. 

He tries so hard to stop thinking about it and refrains himself from texting Hoseok because then he’d be scolding him for an entirety of at least half an hour for wasting an opportunity to get to know someone new. But it’s hard when his voice keeps echoing through his ears as he’s trying to solve a Chemistry exercise he has no idea how to even start it. 

“If I got to talk more to you, maybe I would.”

Jimin drops his pen forcefully on his desk, shaking his head when he feels a shiver run down his spine with that. He pushes his glasses up and tries to focus, this time for real, on his assignment. He takes a long sip of the coffee that’s almost empty by now and gets back to it. 

He’ll probably tell Hoseok and Haneul tomorrow when they meet in the cafeteria. Jimin has a free hour between two of his classes, and for once he decides it’s best to take his mind off his studies rather than spending that hour studying again. Haneul says his brain will end up fried and Jimin is starting to believe that statement.

“If I got to talk more to you, maybe I would.” 

Who doesn’t even sound cringe when they say that? Jimin thinks he totally would. 

He grunts, pushing his textbooks forward and leaning his forehead on his desk. Now he regrets not replying to him. But what could have he said? The words didn’t come out regardless of what he was trying to say, too taken aback to form any coherent sentence. 

And then it clicks. He didn’t even ask for his name! 

Basically, a nameless, handsome guy flirted with him in Starbucks and he wasn’t able to say anything back at him, even though he wanted to flirt back. 

Jimin’s life can’t get any sadder than this. 

The hours go by, and the sun sets behind the tall buildings. He stays up late to finish the Chemistry problems and then makes himself some cup noodles and eats kimchi with it. It’s simple, maybe unhealthy, but it’s good and quick, and that’s enough for him.

Jimin didn’t want a lot of things in life. He just wanted his college degree, a small space where he could feel like home, a decent sleeping schedule and a partner. That’s it, he didn’t want more. He didn’t need more. 

Someone that, when life got too overwhelming, would cuddle with him and tell him that it’s okay, that he can relax now. Someone with whom he could stop and breathe for a second. 

He goes to sleep dreaming about that, not even bothering to throw the empty cup of noodles in the trash— he’ll do it tomorrow when he wakes up. 

It’s late at night, and the dorm is completely silent. There isn’t a single sound coming from any room, and Jimin is sleeping peacefully, holding into one of his pillows because he always has to hug something while he sleeps. 

And then a loud thud is heard. It’s not enough to wake him up, but his body reacts to it by closing his eyes shut even harder. 

Then another one.

And after that, the thuds become steady, following a rhythm that increases the pace as time goes by, and Jimin finally wakes up. Not because of the thuds only, but because of the voices that are mixed with them. 

He doesn’t even need to check twice to know his neighbour is back at it again, making his life a miserable hell. He gets it— sex is good. But does he have to have someone over every single night?! This time, though, the moans are deeper. He can recognise his neighbour’s voice, and the other person’s seems to be way too low to be from a girl. 

Nice, Jimin just learned his neighbour is maybe bisexual, and that’s something he really didn’t need to know. 

The moans get louder and the banging gets faster, and Jimin is done with it. He was having such a nice sleep today, for the first time in weeks —maybe even months— and it disappeared because of this asshole. 

 So, he does what a rational person would do in this frustrated, tired and sleepy state would do. He searches for something hard and finds one of his shoes in a corner of the room, and without hesitation, he throws it as hard as he can towards the wall they both share. It’s loud enough, so he does it two more times and the banging stops. 

Jimin can’t believe his eyes. The banging and the moans stopped. For the first time since this guy appeared here, he actually listened to Jimin’s complaints. 

Jimin doesn’t know if he wants to laugh or cry, but he ends up doing none of that and instead just goes back to sleep.

And not even half an hour later, the banging starts again.

If someone finds a dead body in the hallways soon, Jimin will be the one at fault. 


The next morning, Jimin wakes up the first time his alarm goes off, too scared to fall asleep again after what happened the day before.  He hops in the shower and puts on some comfy clothes. Today he has molecular biology as his first subject and that’s one of the few classes he actually enjoys. He makes his way to the centre of the campus earlier to grab his first cup of coffee of the day (obviously not thinking about yesterday’s guy nor being disappointed when he doesn’t find him there), and then heads out to walk around campus for a while to take some fresh air. 

Whilst he’s looking up at the clouds, he feels something soft rub on his leg. He looks down and finds a puppy with long and white hair rubbing his head on his leg, tail wiggling from side to side as it looks up at Jimin. 

Jimin’s eyes widen and he almost drops his coffee because that is the most adorable dog he has ever seen in his entire life. It’s relatively small and has big brown eyes that remind him of the guy from the day before. “Oh my god.” Jimin crouches down and moves his coffee to his other hand to pet the dog’s head. “What are you doing here, buddy?” Jimin asks with a high-pitched voice, as if the dog would ever reply to him. Instead, it just barks and sticks its tongue out, mouth open and looking like it’s smiling at Jimin. Jimin smiles too, taking his time to caress the white fur. He wonders where this dog comes from, since animals are banned in the dorms, and who would bring their dog over to campus for the day? 

“Oh, coffee guy!” Jimin hears a voice near him, and he instinctively looks up towards where it came from. His hand stops petting the dog when he sees the same boy as the day before approaching him. This time he’s wearing a black sweatshirt and short grey pants. His hair is still a little wet and his earrings are all black this time around. 

Jimin’s heart skips a beat when he sees him, standing up straight almost on cue. 

“Hi.” Jimin manages to say without stuttering.

“I see you already got your coffee.” The guy says, looking down at Jimin’s hand and smiling.

Jimin looks down and raises it awkwardly. “Yeah. Can’t live without it.” He says, trying to sound as casual as possible, trying to ignore the way his eyes almost roll back when he notices how good he smells.

“You found Gureum.” He says, kneeling down and petting the dog.

Jimin blinks twice. “It’s yours?” Jimin asks him.

“Yeah, I brought him with me here, on campus.” He replies, putting him on a leash and letting him roam around Jimin again. 

“Wait…” Jimin frowns. “How? It isn’t allowed.” Jimin says, matter-of-factly.

“I know!” The guy chuckles. 

Oh, no. He looks even better when he laughs. 

“I guess Gureum is the only exception. He doesn’t cause any trouble ever, so I guess that’s why they allowed me to bring him with me.” The man explains, eyes glistening when he starts talking about his dog. “Well, sometimes he likes to approach people that he likes so they can pet him.” He shrugs, and then looks back up at Jimin. “I guess we’re two already.”

“Huh?” Jimin blinks again, not understanding the last sentence he said. However, judging by the way he’s staring down at Jimin, he said something flirty again. And Jimin’s cheeks blush. 

“Where are you going?” The boy asks him, tilting his face, a few wet strands of his hair falling down on his eyes. 

“Molecular biology.” Jimin replies. The man nods and takes a step closer to Jimin, and that’s where Jimin panics and takes a step back. He’s not ready to have this handsome man so close to him. “I… I should get going.” He trails.

“Okay.” The boy says, cheerfully. He tugs at the leash and makes Gureum come closer to him. “See you around…” He trails.

“Jimin.” He replies. 

“Okay. Sweet name.” The man comments, making Jimin blush yet again. “See you around, Jimin.” He says, and then he takes off to the opposite direction and leaves. 

Jimin feels his whole body tremble with a mix of nervousness and excitement. It’s been so long since he last felt this sensation. 

Is this it? Is he starting to develop a tiny crush on someone new?

Someone he doesn’t even know the name of?


The entirety of molecular biology Jimin spends it thinking about his interaction with the mystery guy —like he has decided to call him since he still doesn’t know his name— and his cute dog walking around campus. His mind wanders off to places he doesn’t like, such as thinking about what name would fit him better, wondering if he has tattoos or what must his dorm room look like. 

It’s been ages since he last daydreamed about something— or someone, for that matter— but now here he is, ignoring what the teacher is saying and just staring blankly at his computer screen, thinking about the mystery guy and his dangling earrings.

He meets with Haneul to grab a quick pastry before he has to leave for another class on the other side of the building, and he’s dying to tell him what happened to him in less than 24 hours, but he refrains from doing it just yet. He can’t be getting his hopes up just now! He only talked to this man twice! 

His good mood increases as the day goes by and he is sure nothing can ruin it, not even a bad grade in Chemistry. Luckily, the quiz he took the day before was already corrected and he got a B. He’s so proud of himself for that, even if it might not be much to some people. 

He feels invincible when he gets back inside the dorm after his afternoon classes, ready to have a quick shower because today it was hotter than usual and then cook himself something good for dinner. He’s humming the tune of a song he listened to in the morning and has been playing all day inside his head as he heads inside his dorm building. The identification device beeps at his presence and Jimin touches a small screen under it. The device reads his fingerprint and the door opens a few seconds later. Jimin drags his feet along the corridor, feeling the tiredness washing over him slowly, but he eventually makes it to his dorm room and doesn’t waste time to have a quick hot shower and prepare something for dinner. 

Once he’s finally done, he sits on his bed comfortably, with his laptop open as he watches some new show on Netflix, munching on his fried rice with kimchi. He mostly put that show on to have some background noise, but at some point, it starts to become interesting, so now his full attention is on the screen. So much so that he stops caring about everything else around him, and binges three episodes in a row. 

When his eyelids are already heavy on his eyes, he closes his laptop and hides under the covers of his bed, already getting comfortable on it. 

Not even two minutes later, though, the banging starts again. 

“No fucking way.” Jimin mumbles to himself. “Three days in a row.” He lets out a sound that resembles a grunt when the banging against the wall gets quicker. 

He waits another five minutes, and there is no way these sounds are getting any softer. So Jimin, with all the rage that he’s been accumulating for months now, gets up from the bed, ripping the covers off him, stomping his feet on the ground and grabbing a sweatshirt to throw it over his head. 

He grips the door handle harshly and opens the door with rage, determined to stop his misery right at this second. He is not one to confront people he doesn’t know, but he’s too fed up with all of this. Why is it that hard to just… sleep?

He angrily stomps his feet until he’s right in front of the door next to his, barely a few steps away. He looks at the white door and after taking a deep breath, he knocks on it. Really hard. Almost as hard as he did last night with his boot. The banging stops right then, and the whole hallway is filled with nothing but silence. 

From the other side of the door, he can hear footsteps approaching, and then the door suddenly bursts open. However, Jimin’s eyes fall down on his feet when he sees a white ball coming towards him.

“Gureum…?” Jimin mumbles to himself when he sees the dog rubbing himself against his leg, asking to be pet. He frowns. Yeah, that really is Gureum, the mystery guy’s dog. 

“Hey.” A familiar voice snaps him out of his thoughts and he looks up from the dog, spotting the mystery man right in front of him, shirtless, hair a mess, tattoos on his chest and ribs on full display. Doe eyes glistening like always.

“You’re my fucking neighbour?” Jimin exclaims, still not believing his eyes. He hopes this is all a nightmare that he will wake up from soon. 

Of course, everything was going way too great. 

The mystery guy is his neighbour. The same one that doesn’t let him sleep at night because he’s always bringing someone over and he doesn’t know the concept of keeping it down. 

“Jimin?” The man says, rubbing his eyes with the back of his palms. “Your dorm is right next to mine?” He asks, acting all innocent.

Jimin scoffs. “Listen.” He says, still not knowing if he should be frustrated, angry or disappointed. For the first time in forever he was starting to have some interest in someone, and all of a sudden it turns out that he’s the person that he’s been despising for months. “You’re probably the last person I’d want to be talking to right now, if I’m completely honest with you.” He says, making the corners of his lips curl upwards. “But I’m fed up of not being able to sleep.” He says. 

“Why can’t you sleep, Jimin-ssi?” He asks, leaning his head on the doorframe. 

Jimin blinks. This cannot be the same person he’s talked to before. 

“Don’t.” Jimin stops him. “Don’t act like you don’t know why I’m knocking.” He says, hands curling into fists. He isn’t sure if he’s doing it because he’s angry at the teasing tone he’s using or because he found out this guy is his fuckboy neighbour. 

“Enlighten me.” He says with a chuckle, crossing his arms over his chest and smiling brightly. His muscles flex with the gesture, and Jimin then notices how fit the man actually is.

God, why did he have to be his neighbour, of all people. 

“You’ve been fucking nonstop for three nights straight.” Jimin says as calmly as possible. He likes it when people tease him, likes to play into the back and forth, but he doesn’t like it one bit when it’s someone who hasn’t let him sleep in months. “Not to mention the rest of the weeks that you’ve woken me up every time you’ve brought someone over to your little room.” He says, starting to get agitated. 

The man only nods and listens as Jimin keeps going. 

“I don’t care what you do in the intimacy of your bedroom. Please, I want to be kept out of that.” Jimin shakes his head and makes a disgusted face. “So fucking lower your volume a little.”

“Woah. You’re fierce.” The man says, completely ignoring what Jimin just said. “You didn’t talk to me like that today.” His voice turns softer, more like a pout, but Jimin knows better than to know that reaction is genuine. “And I beg to differ— I do think you want to be part of my bedroom intimacy.”

Jimin scoffs loudly. “As if.” He rolls his eyes and then takes a step closer to him. “If I ever had the slightest bit of interest in you, it just disappeared right now.” He says, pointing at him with an accusatory finger. 

Jeongguk only stares down at him, smirk on his lips and arms crossed. If Jimin liked how he looked before, Jimin hates that look on him now. “You’ve made my life a living hell for months with your stupid ass moans.” He swears.

The man whistles. “I’m very turned on.” He says.

Jimin’s jaw almost drops to the floor. “Asshole.”

“It’s Jeon Jeongguk, not asshole.” The man says.

And suddenly everything in Jimin’s mind clicks. 

Of course it’s Jeon Jeongguk. The one and only man Hoseok described as a ‘sex god’ and that ‘he made a girl come thrice in the span of ten minutes’. Oh, not to mention he also said Jimin should have sex with him because he’s good at it and he needs to relieve stress. yeah, well, considering the amount of people that have gone in and out of Jeon Jeongguk’s room, he’ll have to decline the offer. 

“Of course you’re the Jeon Jeongguk.” He mumbles, putting emphasis on the ‘the’.

Jeongguk’s eyes widen. “Damn. That many people know who I am?” He wonders out loud.

Jimin stays silent and only looks at him with squinted eyes. “Are you always that cocky?” He finally asks.

Jeongguk looks back to him, rolling his head against the doorframe, collarbones on display. Jimin should stop looking and focus on Jeongguk’s eyes. “I am whatever you want me to be, baby.” He replies, automatically sending a shiver down Jimin’s spine.

Jimin, however, keeps it together and shakes his head. “No. Don’t call me that.” 

Jeongguk tilts his head. “Why not?”

“I have a feeling you call that to everyone who sleeps with you.” Jimin replies, crossing his arms over his chest now.

Jeongguk shrugs. “You might be right.”

“I’m always right.” Jimin says.

“Sure thing.” Jeongguk singsongs. then, he shamelessly looks Jimin up and down and the latter is frozen in his place. 

He has a weird sensation in his body, like conflicting emotions. One of them is telling him to get the hell out of here and go to sleep, to run from this guy and avoid him in the hallways. The other one, however, tells him to continue this conversation and find more about Jeongguk.  “Well? Wanna come in or not?” He suggests, obviously knowing what Jimin’s answer to that will be, but still asking regardless. Jimin notices he likes to push his buttons, and he only needed two minutes to know which ones he could push to drive Jimin crazy. “Gureum seems happy to see you.” He comments, looking down at the dog between his legs. “And me too.” He adds, with a wink.

“So smooth, but I’m gonna pass.” Jimin rolls his eyes yet again. “I hate you. Let me sleep.” He adds, before spinning on his heels and heading back to his room. 

“Our love story lasted so little…” Jeongguk’s voice echoes through the hallway. 

Jimin turns around and finds Jeongguk peeking his head through the door, faking a hurt expression. “Fuck off! And let me sleep! I don’t want to know how hard you’re fucking someone!” He yells before slamming his door shut behind him, and he swears he can hear Jeongguk laugh. 

“I hate men.” Jimin mumbles, getting back in bed and trying his hardest not to think too much about what just happened. Life just doesn’t want him to find a partner, apparently. It’s better this way, at the end of the day. He spent the entire molecular biology lesson thinking about Jeon Jeongguk, the fuckboy he didn’t even know he was. 

What a disappointment. 

Of all the things Jimin had never expected, the least one was to feel some kind of interest towards a fuckboy. And he just did. But it’s easy for him, because as soon as he realised he’s his neighbour, Jeon Jeongguk, his interest vanished just like that. 

He turns around and presses his left cheek on the pillow, dozing off.

Only to start hearing loud banging again.

He will kill Jeon Jeongguk at this point. 


“And this is basically what happened.” Jimin says, with his forehead hidden between his crossed arms on the table. He and his friends are seated around a table in a corner of the cafeteria, the one they usually always take every time it’s vacant. 

Haneul is looking at him with disbelief and Hoseok is trying to hold his laughter back.

“You’re so out of touch with college life that you’ve talked to Jeon Jeongguk twice and you didn’t know who that was. It’s astonishing.” Hoseok ends up saying when he calms down.

“Stop talking about him as if he’s some kind of celebrity.” Jimin rolls his eyes. 

“He’s so cute, isn’t he?” Haneul teases him a little, earning a middle finger on his face from Jimin.

Jimin shakes his head, glaring at Hoseok. “I don’t want to have anything to do with him after finding out he’s my sex addict neighbour.”

“Told you he was kind of a… free soul, when it comes to things like this.” Hoseok giggles after that. 

Jimin’s eyes widen, frustrated. “Yeah! But I didn’t know he had that face?!” He exclaims.

“So, you’re admitting he’s cute.” Haneul intervenes, staring at Jimin with piercing eyes.

Jimin locks eyes with him and stays quiet. That silence probably gives him away, but he doesn’t really care. “…I will not comment on that statement.” He ends up saying, which has Haneul wiggling his eyebrows.

Hoseok then clicks his tongue, leaning back on his chair. “Aw, come on, Jimin. If you find him attractive just sleep with him and take all these—” He gestures all around Jimin with his hand, and then continues. “—bad vibes off of you.” 

Jimin snorts. “I’m not trying to taste half campus’ saliva as I make out with someone.” He says, making a disgusted face.

“You’re not— oh my god.” Hoseok huffs, exasperated. “It’s just a quick fuck! Jeongguk loves doing that, and you clearly need it.” He says as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

“Besides, when you get this petty, you’re just trying to refrain yourself from what you really want to do.” Haneul adds, raising his pointer finger up on the air.

“Here he goes, psycho-analysing me again.” Jimin rolls his eyes, Haneul raises his shoulders.

“You’re my best subject to put my knowledge into practice.” He jokes. 

“I hate you.” Jimin says playfully, like his friend. 

“No, but seriously. You should go out more.” Hoseok insists, pressing his palms on the table and leaning closer to Jimin. 

“I have to study.” Jimin simply replies. He knows better than to give an excuse like that, especially to Hoseok. 

“You’re in college! It’s about having fun as well, not just studying!” He says, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 

“Hoseok’s right. You’ll be miserable if you look back at your college days and you remember them being dull and surrounded by books.” Haneul nods, and Jimin deep down knows that both of them are right. 

“What if we go out this Friday? There’s this new bar in Itaewon, or we could go to Sinkhole in Hongdae.” Hoseok suggests then, looking between his two friends.

“I’d rather go to Hongdae. There’s free drinks until 2am.” Haneul informs with a smile forming across his lips. 

Both Hoseok and Haneul then turn to Jimin, expecting an answer from him. If he’s honest, it’s been a while since he hasn’t had a very lengthy and thorough assignment to get done after the Chemistry exam he took a week ago, and he could really use a couple shots. 

“Okay. Let’s go to Sinkhole.” Jimin says, finally giving in to his friends’ request.

“Oh my god! You said yes!” Haneul exclaims. 

“I thought it wouldn’t work.” Hoseok laughs. 

“But it will be just one day, huh?” Jimin says, getting up from the chair after checking his phone and seeing it’s almost time for his next class to start. 

“Yeah! Bye!” Haneul says as he heads out of the cafeteria quickly.

“Love you!” Hoseok yells, making Jimin smile.

He doesn’t want to admit it because he likes to be stubborn, but he’s actually excited about this. 


And that’s why Jimin is, one Wednesday after his classes, heading to a shop downtown to get some new clothes to wear to the club. He’s looking for something simple. Maybe something with a pattern, even something with a little bit of glow, but keeping it simple. It’s not like he can afford to spend a lot of money on clothes since he has to pay the dorm, so he’s a little bit short of budget, but he can still allow himself to get something nice for once. 

He steps into the first shop he sees and goes straight to the back, since the fancier clothes are always there. He starts looking around, without something specific in mind, humming a tune softly. His hand dances freely over the clothes, his eyes giving them a quick glance before moving into the next one to see if he likes it better. 

And then, from the corner of his eye, he sees a black shirt, but the thread has sparkly bits, so it shines when the light hits it, and Jimin knows that’s the one he wants. He reaches his hand to its hanger, pulling it close to him, but he can’t. 

He feels another hand over his, engulfing it since it’s way bigger than Jimin’s hand. He frowns and his eyes travel down the arm, and then up to look at the person that’s standing right behind him. 

“What the hell.” Jimin blurts out, eyes widening when he sees no other than Jeon Jeongguk standing right there, with his hand over Jimin’s, trying to grab the shirt for himself. 

“Oh, Jiminie.” Jeongguk says with fake enthusiasm. “I didn’t see you there.” He says, and by the way he smirks, Jimin knows he’s saying that to get under his skin.

“Right. Of course.” Jimin says, nodding his head and rolling his eyes. “Now that you’ve seen me, please, get your hand off my shirt.” He says, kind of aggressively.

Jeongguk only laughs. “Oh, I think we might have a problem.” He tilts his head. “I also like this shirt and I was thinking of buying it for me.” He says.

Jimin snorts. “I guess you’ll have to let it go because I saw it first.” Jimin replies. 

“No, I saw it first.” Jeongguk tugs the shirt closer to him, pulling Jimin along with it. 

“Well, I grabbed it first.” Jimin shrugs. “My hand is under yours.” He looks down at their hands. He can’t believe he is currently arguing about a shirt with his loud neighbour. 

“My hand is bigger.” Jeongguk says. 

“What does that have to do with anything?” Jimin frowns, genuinely confused. “Besides—” He reaches for the price tag in the shirt and looks at the size. “It’s exactly my size.” He says, showing the tag to Jeongguk afterward. 

Jeongguk’s eyes lower down to the price tag and then blinks rapidly. “It’s also my size.” He says.

That leaves Jimin speechless. He doesn’t move for a couple of seconds as his eyes travel down Jeongguk’s body and then back up to his eyes. 

“Yeah, sure.” Jimin snorts, tugging the shirt closer to him. “There is no way you have the same size as me.” He doesn’t get into details as to why he thinks that, but it’s impossible to him because Jeongguk is much bigger and his chest is buffer, and as much as he hates to admit it, it’s the truth. 

“I do!” Jeongguk exclaims. “Let me try it on and you will see.” He says, raising his eyebrows and smiling again. That damn smile. 

Jimin keeps silent for a few seconds, thinking if he should give in to Jeongguk’s request or just ignore him, pay for the shirt and leave. It’s very early still, and he doesn’t have anything to do today. Jeongguk is definitely not his favourite person, but he wonders how this shirt might look on him and he feels like it will be a pretty funny sight to see. So he agrees. 

“Fine.” Jimin scoffs. He hands the shirt to Jeongguk and grabs another random piece of clothing to get inside the fitting room with him. 


Some - BOL4

They’re assigned two different small cabinets and Jimin doesn’t even bother to change into the shirt he chose. He only waits for a while until he thinks that Jeongguk must have had enough time to change. 

“Are you done?” Jimin asks. 

“Yeah.” He hears Jeongguk’s voice says. 

Jimin runs the curtain to the side and steps out the small cabin, at the same time as Jeongguk does. His cabin is right in front of Jimin, and the latter sees as Jeongguk takes a step forward. His head is hanging low and his cheeks are a little red. 

Jimin starts laughing the second he takes a look at the shirt. It looks short around everywhere. The sleeves don’t reach his wrists, the upper buttons can’t be buttoned, and it looks like the shirt is about to burst open from the buttons he’s managed to button. 

“Your size, huh?” Jimin says between his gasps of air and the loud chuckles. 

“It’s not that funny!” Jeongguk says accusatively. 

“Now, would you be kind enough to give the shirt to me?” Jimin asks, feeling tears in the corners of his eyes from how much he laughed. 

“Fine.” Jeongguk scoffs, and what he does next has Jimin to stop laughing instantly. 

Jeongguk unbuttons the shirt right then and there, sliding it off his shoulders and throwing it at Jimin so he can try it on. 

Jimin is frozen in his spot and he doesn’t even know how he catches the fabric in the first place. He knows his cheeks must be burning red right now, but Jeongguk doesn’t seem to notice of, if he does, he doesn’t mention it. 

Jeongguk places his hands on his bare hips and looks up at Jimin. “Try it on.” He says. 

Jimin blinks and he doesn’t trust himself to say anything, so he nods and closes the curtain again. It’s like the image of Jeongguk’s bare torso is engraved in his brain as he gets rid of his sweater and replaces it with the black shirt. It fits Jimin perfectly, and he leaves the two first buttons undone. 

“Let me see.” Jeongguk says, with his tone completely serious. 

Jimin steps outside the cabin and swallows hard, seeing Jeongguk’s eyes glued on him without saying a word. “You look really good.” He finally comments. Jimin shouldn’t like that compliment as much as he does. “Let me fix one thing, though.” Jeongguk says, stepping closer to Jimin until he’s just a step away from him. He reaches his hands to the buttons of the shirt and slowly undoes the third one, exposing more of Jimin’s chest.

Jimin’s breath hitches with that gesture, and his whole body tenses when Jeongguk’s fingertips brush against the skin on his neck without meaning to. He looks up at Jeongguk and the latter is already staring at him. The world seems to stop right then and there. Jeongguk is still holding the fabric between his hands and Jimin is letting him, until a sound of someone dropping a bag on the floor takes Jimin out of the small trance he allowed himself to be in with Jeongguk.

Jimin’s eyes widen, his cheeks burn, and he takes a step backwards, grabbing the edge of the curtain and closing it with force, creating a fake wall between them both. His hands fly right to his chest, where Jeongguk’s hands just were, and he feels his heart beat fast in his chest. 

He changes into his clothes once he calms down and tries not to think about what just happened. He thinks he truly is desperate for physical affection if he’s gotten so worked up over the smallest thing like that. 

Besides, Jeongguk wasn’t even flirting with him! He really wasn’t. 

Jimin gets out of the cabin, steps out of the fitting room and spots Jeongguk waiting for him with his head against the wall. His head rolls to the side and when he sees Jimin he stands with his back straightened. “Are you buying it, then?” Jeongguk wonders, hands in the pockets of his jeans.

Jimin looks down at the shirt. “Yeah, I guess I am.” He says, suddenly all shy. Jimin, stop! 

He heads to the cashier and stands behind the last person in line, noticing Jeongguk is doing the same too. “What are you doing?” Jimin asks, turning to look at him again.

“Walking with you to pay.” Jeongguk says as if it wasn’t obvious. 

“Aren’t you going to leave now?” Jimin frowns.

“Do you want me to?” Jeongguk asks. 

Jimin thinks for a second, then shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t care.” 

Jeongguk nods. “Okay.” 

Jimin pays for the shirt and exits the shop to go somewhere else. He considers buying a pair of shoes, but he thinks that with his black boots it’ll be enough. “Should I buy pants now?” He mumbles to himself. 

“I think that’s a great idea.” Jeongguk says, making Jimin jump on his place. 

Oh, right, he’s still walking with him. 

“Jeongguk, don’t you have anything else to do?” Jimin wonders, kind of annoyed. 

“Not really.” Jeongguk replies with a smile. “Should we go buy pants, then? I need them too.” He says. 

“I’ll just go home.” Jimin sighs, turning around his heels and heading to the opposite direction. 

Jeongguk, however, is fast enough to catch him by the arm and stop him. “Wait, stop.” He says with a serious tone in his voice again. Jimin looks up and stares into his eyes. “I thought I could keep you company.” 

“I don’t— I don’t need your company.” Jimin stutters, suddenly flustered at the younger’s words.

“But it’s funnier when you go shopping with someone else.” Jeongguk replies. It’s like his fuckboy façade has completely disappeared right now, like when they first talked about Gureum. “I thought you were having fun back there.” He says, and Jimin can see a tad bit of sadness when he says that. 

“Okay, fine. You’re right. I had fun.” Jimin admits, and Jeongguk’s demeanour changes immediately. “A little.” Jimin decides to add so he doesn’t get too cheeky. Jeongguk acts as if his words hurt him and that takes a chuckle out of Jimin. “Let’s get some pants, come on.” Jimin quickly says, grabbing Jeongguk by the arm and turning both of them around to enter another shop. “But only if you stop making that much noise at night.”

Jeongguk snorts, rolling his eyes with a smile. “Sure.” 

They spend hours inside there, trying on all types of pants. Some of them are too tight and Jeongguk can’t even walk properly. “I can’t walk with these!”  And Jimin laughs from behind the curtain. 

Some of them don’t even go past Jimin’s thighs. “Jeongguk, bring me another size, please.” 

“Why? What’s wrong with them?” Jeongguk wonders, fitting one of his legs inside the jeans. 

“My ass doesn’t fit.” Jimin deadpans.

There is an awkward silence between them. 

“Really?” Jeongguk’s voice sounds awfully interested.

“Yeah.” Jimin sighs. 

“Can I see?” Jeongguk asks, jokingly.

“Jeongguk!” Jimin exclaims loudly, then peeks his head from behind the curtain and glares at him. 

“Okay, okay!” 

Some others are so baggy Jimin practically disappears in them.

Some of them have Jeongguk looking like disco ball. “Get rid of those right now or I’m going to go blind.” Jimin says, covering his eyes with the palm of his hand. 


“I’m going to get these ones.” Jimin says, looking at his own reflection on the mirror as he turns around to look at the way the pants fit him. 

Jeongguk walks up to him, still wearing a pair of red and orange pants with glitter he found at the back of the store. He leans on the frame of the small cabin as he watches Jimin check himself out. “They look good on you.” He compliments again. 

Jimin thinks it’s somehow dry, when he says it, but he knows it’s genuine by the way his eyes don’t leave Jimin’s frame and his arms are crossed over his chest. 

“Do they match with the shirt I bought?” Jimin wonders.

“Black on black is always a good choice.” Jeongguk says. 

“There’s no one more adequate to say that than you, seriously.” Jimin chuckles. Despite the pants that he’s wearing right now, Jeongguk is always wearing black and dark clothes. Jimin doesn’t know how but he knows that fact. 

“True.” Jeongguk laughs.

“Are you getting something for yourself?” Jimin wonders. 

“Nah.” Jeongguk waves his hand, dismissive. 

Jimin closes the curtains again and changes into his clothes, folds the ones he’s not purchasing and grabs the pants he will be getting for himself. 

Jeongguk follows his tracks when he’s headed to the cashier to pay. “Are you going out somewhere, though? These clothes look like the ones you wear at a club.”

“You’re so smart, Jeon.” Jimin rolls his eyes with a smirk on his face. He gives the pants to the guy at the cashier. 

Jeongguk clicks his tongue. “The old Jimin is back.” 

Jimin gasps, slightly offended. “What does that even mean?” He asks.

“You’re back to being mean.” Jeongguk replies, crossing his arms over his chest again.

“What?!” Jimin whines.

“It’ll be 20,000 won.” The cashier says. Jimin hands him his credit card.

“I’m not mean!” Jeongguk raises his eyebrows as Jimin grabs the ticket and the bag with his pants from the cashier’s hands. “Thank you.” He turns to him with a polite smile that changes into a frown as soon as his eyes lay back on Jeongguk.

“Look at the way you’re looking at me!” Jeongguk accuses with his finger, laughing right after.

“Well, you just said I’m being mean! Might as well just—”

“You’re so cute, baby.” Jeongguk says between his giggles, making Jimin’s heart skip a beat.

They head out of the store and the Spring breeze makes Jimin shiver. Or maybe is the term of endearment Jeongguk throws at him so casually. “Are you cold?” Jeongguk asks, noticing even how Jimin’s body shook lightly.

“Oh, no. I’m fine.” Jimin says, but then another blow of air ruffles his hair and he shivers again. Jeongguk looks at him and rolls his eyes, taking off his jean jacket and placing it over Jimin’s shoulders. “I swear, I’m fine. I don’t need—” Jimin starts to wiggle his shoulders to take the jean jacket off his shoulders, but Jeongguk insists in Jimin putting it on, hands pressed to his shoulders and holding the jacket right there until Jimin eventually gives up and just lets it be.

“Do you want to eat something?” Jeongguk asks. “I’m getting kind of hungry.” He adds, looking around to try and spot somewhere where they can have a snack before heading to their respective dorms and eating dinner. 

“Now that you say it, I’m kind of—”

“Jeongguk, hey!” A guy their age calls Jeongguk from the other side of the road. When he makes sure there aren’t cars passing by, he crosses the street and jogs until he’s right in front of them. 

“Hello, baby, what’s up?” Jeongguk says, sliding one hand around his shoulders and wiggling his eyebrows. 

Oh, okay. So he calls everyone ‘baby’. Got it. 

“I was just about to go home and eat some kimbap my mom made.” The guy says. 

Jimin frowns when Jeongguk’s whole body turns to the man. Is he not even going to introduce him to his friend? Suddenly, he feels the growing anger inside of him, just like all the other times he’d been wide awake because of him. Why is he even getting angry, though? It’s not like they’re friends, technically it shouldn’t matter to him if Jeon Jeongguk introduces him to one of his friends. It’s not like Jimin cares about him or his friends. 

“Ah! That’s awesome.” Jeongguk replies, pressing his free hand to his stomach. “Can I be shameless and invite myself over to eat some?” He jokes, and the man nods.

“Of course you can. I was about to text you to come over, but I saw you here.” The guy says. He has plump lips like Jimin, and his hair is a washed brown colour. He is very, very handsome, and the cream turtleneck he’s wearing enhances his chest and shoulders. 

“Ah, awesome then.” Jeongguk smirks. Then, he turns to Jimin, eyes him up and down and opens his mouth again to say something that leaves Jimin’s blood boiling. “Bye, see you around campus.” And with that, he leaves with his friend to the opposite direction Jimin has to go to return to his dorm. 

He scoffs, wondering what the hell just happened and why did he ditch him just like that. He was the one that wanted to stick with him in the first place! And now he gets dumped like nothing! On Jimin’s way back to the dorm, he repeats himself over and over again that this day can’t repeat itself. From now on, he will cut off all contact possible with Jeon Jeongguk. He will buy earplugs to sleep if that’s what it takes, but he won’t ever be part of Jeon Jeongguk’s repertoire for when he gets bored. 

That night, however, Jimin sleeps peacefully. There is not a single sound coming from the room next door, not even the sound of footsteps in the hallway. 

Jimin wonders if Jeongguk spent the night at that guy’s house instead. Not that he cares, though. 

The next day, Jimin wakes up with sweat all over his skin, on a Thursday morning when the sun is barely out. He twists and turns in his bed, feeling an uncomfortable feeling creep up his skin as he gains consciousness and finally opens his eyes. He rips the covers off of him and starts panting when the realisation hits him. He looks down and his suspicious are right. 

He really needs some physical affection — emotional would work too — because this is getting unbearable at this point. He goes to the shower, takes care of his problem, gets dressed and leaves for the day. 

Today he only has one lesson, so he shows up with his computer and sleepy eyes since it’s way too early in the morning for him to function, takes only the necessary notes and leaves for the library. He has some work to finish, and he doesn’t want to get back to his room because it probably still reeks of horniness. He doesn’t want to be inside there, so he opts for sitting on a lonely table next to a window on the second floor of the library.

He stays there for an hour straight working in some biology exercises the teacher gave them for the weekend. He knows himself and those won’t get done if he’s hungover, so he works on them diligently until he’s done. 

Then, he moves onto chemistry and when he reads the task, he sees he needs a book to check some things. So he gets up and makes his way to the science section at the back of the large room. He’s gone there too many times that he already knows how the book he’s looking for looks like. As always, as he walks there, he hums the melody of a song softly, dragging his feet slowly. 

Once he takes the book from the shelf, he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and, of course, he sees the only person he didn’t want to see, beaming at him, with his waves of black hair falling on his eyes. 

“Did you sleep well tonight, baby?” He asks with the usual cheeky grin.

Jimin rolls his eyes. The term of endearment made his heart twist at first, but now it only makes him want to gag. “Very.” He simply states, turning to the side and walking past Jeongguk. “Especially since you didn’t sleep next to me.” He says it with a little too much bitterness, and Jeongguk obviously notices. 

The latter, however, is faster, so he takes a step back and presses his arm on the shelf next to Jimin, blocking his way and making him stop on his tracks. “Woah. Jealous? I thought that’s what you wanted.” He raises an eyebrow.

The distance between Jeongguk and Jimin is very small, Jimin can smell his cologne perfectly fine. “I couldn’t care less.” He scoffs, replying a little too fast, a little too defensive. “I just wanted you to let me sleep.” Then, he takes a hold of Jeongguk’s arm and pushes it down, making his way back to his seat.

But Jeongguk is following him. “I didn’t think I’d find you here today.” Jeongguk says.

Jimin snorts. “I’m the one who should be saying that. What were you doing in the science books section?” Shit, Jimin, don’t follow his conversation and just ignore him!

“I’m picking up a book for my friend.” Jeongguk replies. “I’m studying Economics.” He adds.

“Didn’t ask.” Jimin replies, but that piece of information sinks deep in his memory. “Now, if you’ll excuse me—”

Jeongguk cuts him. “Not that I like Economics, but I’m doing it for the family business.” He explains. 

Jimin sits on his chair and Jeongguk rests his elbows on the chair’s back across from Jimin, sticking his butt out. “Of course. It can’t get more cliché than that.” He rolls his eyes and snorts.

Jeongguk tilts his head. “What do you mean?”

Jimin leaves the pen he’s grabbed back on the table, and then pushes his glasses up. “You’re following the family business, even though you don’t like it and you’re probably not giving a damn about your classes, somehow eventually becoming CEO of the company, becoming rich, young and hot.” He lists, counting with his fingers. Jeongguk seems a little proud at the indirect praise Jimin doesn’t seem to know he’s done. “A living cliché. Call Hollywood, maybe they want you for their 50 Shades of Grey remake.” 

Jeongguk snorts. “Ha, very funny.” There are a few seconds of silence and then he speaks up again, low enough so no one in the library scolds them. “You’re right about the classes though. I’m not studying a lot.” 

Jimin doesn’t seem unfazed in the slightest bit. “You’d better start, then. You can’t be rich without at least a degree.” He says, grabbing the pen and waving it around in front Jeongguk’s face cutely.

“Can I sit with you?” Jeongguk asks all of a sudden.

Jimin’s eyes widen and the pen stops moving. “Why?”

“I’ll concentrate better if I study with you.” He reasons.

Jimin looks at him with an unreadable expression. “No. Go away. Don’t you have that friend to entertain you?” He then looks away.

Jeongguk snorts and he tries to contain his laugh at that. “You’re so jealous.” He squints his eyes.

Jimin feels another shiver run down his spine. “No! Leave!” He says, louder. A few heads turn to them and Jeongguk then takes a step back. 

“See you, Jimin.” And with that, he leaves.

Jimin drops his elbows on the table and rests his head on his hands, feeling the hotness of his cheeks burn against his palms.

He’s so fucked. 


Friday rolls around and he can’t believe he’s actually going to a club. It’s been so long that he barely remembers what it feels like. Hoseok and Haneul knock on his door around 11pm to get a few touch-ups and then grab the bus that brings them to Hongdae. Jimin is a little restless, already feeling the excitement of dancing and letting go creeping up his spine. 

“I’m gonna get hammered tonight.” Haneul says, clapping his hands excitedly.

“Get in line.” Hoseok says, nudging him with his elbow.

“Hyung, you can’t hold your alcohol, shut up.” Haneul teases. 

“Guess I will take the dad role tonight.” Jimin laughs. 

“No! Jimin, you need to have fun too! Don’t worry about us.” Hoseok says, turning to him. 

“It’s fine, Hobi. I don’t want to get batshit drunk tonight, only a couple of drinks.” He explains, Hoseok nods. 

They get to Hongdae around midnight, seeing all the people walking around the streets and queuing to enter their favourite clubs. Jimin has always liked Hongdae because the rhythm never stops. The lights are always on and the people always want more party, more music, more alcohol. It’s not every day he goes there, so he enjoys it profoundly when he does. 

When they get to Sinkhole, the first thing they do is take the free tequila shots. Jimin only takes two, and then orders a drink with little alcohol. 

The music rings loud against his ears, the red and purple neon lights make the room feel like a forbidden place where he shouldn’t be. But he loves it. 

Hoseok leads them to a table at the back to drink what they ordered peacefully. There are already quite a few people dancing and some of them are completely wasted. 

“How are things going with that guy you told me?” Haneul asks Hoseok all of a sudden.

“Wait, what?” Jimin asks, frowning. 

“You don’t know?” Haneul asks, surprised. 

“What guy, Hoseok?” Jimin asks. He has to shout because the music is so loud. 

Hoseok takes a sip from his drink and leans closer to him. “I met a guy, his name is Yoongi.” He says with a big smile. “We’re talking.”

Jimin’s eyebrows raise. “Really?! What about your fuck buddy?” He wonders, to which Hoseok shakes his head and clicks his tongue.

“She’s forgotten.” He laughs. “I think I really like this guy.” He nods, trying to hide the smile on his lips. His cheeks are flushed, so Jimin knows he isn’t lying when he says that. 

“I’m so happy for you!” Jimin says, throwing his arms around Hoseok’s shoulders and pulling him into a quick hug over the table. 

“How are you doing with your little… problem of sexual frustration?” Haneul asks, which earns him a smack from Jimin.

“I don’t have that problem.” Jimin deadpans.

“Acceptance is the first step.” Haneul jokes. 

Hoseok then tilts his head and looks at Jimin with a mischievous grin. “How are things with Jeongguk going?” 

Jimin regrets having told them anything about his casual encounters with Jeon Jeongguk that have been happening during the week. “They’re not going.” Jimin replies.

“Oh, come on.” Hoseok rolls his eyes. “I’ve heard people talking about you two.” 

“What? Why?” Jimin laughs, drowning the rest of his drink in one go. 

“They’ve seen you together.” Haneul says.

“That’s because he seems to be everywhere I go.” Jimin replies with a roll of his eyes.

Haneul chuckles. “That sounds like he’s looking for you.”

“Or that you’re looking for him.” Hoseok wiggles his eyebrows.

“No one’s looking for anyone, okay? I told you— I don’t want anything to do with a guy that fucks a different person every night.” Jimin says, crossing his arms over his chest and shaking his head.

Hoseok waits a few seconds and then sighs. “Okay, fine. We have to find you a boyfriend, then.”

“That I’m more interested in, yes.” Jimin nods. 

Haneul claps his hands and pulls Jimin and Hoseok up with him. “It’s on, then.” 

He leads them to the dance floor right as the song changes and it becomes more upbeat. 


Dream girl remix - Ir Sais ft. Rauw Alejandro

Jimin feels the bit of alcohol hit him when he stands in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by unknown bodies. He has Hoseok in front of him and Haneul on his side, and they start dancing like their life depends on it. Hoseok rolls his hips at the same time as Jimin, showing off their dancing skills for any curious eyes to see. The song is in a language Jimin can’t register right now because he’s too focused on the beat. 

Haneul yells loudly when there’s smoke coming from the ceiling, and Jimin laughs along with Hoseok. This is what Jimin missed so much. Right now, he can let go, he can stop worrying about his life, about his responsibilities, about his lack of affection. Right now, it’s just him and the music, and his dear friends. 

“Oh my god.” Hoseok breathes out. “That’s Yoongi.” He says, and his two friends turn around on cue. “The blonde one.”

“Wow, he’s cute.” Haneul nods. 

“Yoongi, baby!” Hoseok says, cheerfully. He makes his way between sweaty bodies towards him, engulfing him in a surprise hug and pressing his lips to Yoongi’s unexpectedly. Yoongi seems taken aback for a second, but when he realises that it’s Hoseok, his body relaxes and his hands fly to his lower waist, reciprocating the kiss as they move from side to side with the music. 

Jimin smiles and turns to Haneul. “They were just talking, huh?” Haneul snorts at that.

“Hyung is always like this.” Haneul shakes his head, and they both resume their dancing. Not too long afterwards, though, Haneul tells Jimin that he’s going to get another drink and that he’ll come back in a second, so Jimin just nods and tells him that he’ll wait for him right here.

The alcohol has made its effect of letting Jimin forget about his surroundings and let go freely. His mind is just a little bit dizzy, but he is still completely conscious. He just needed that slight push to let go completely. He dances like no one’s watching, rolling his hips, biting his lip, raising his hands in the air— he feels free, powerful. 

“Aish, sorry.” Someone bumps into him, making him lose his balance just a little.

Jimin opens his eyes and turns to the voice, rage pulsing in his veins just then. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He asks, making the man turn around to face him.

“Oh— Jimin!” Jeongguk exclaims, finally recognising him. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m beginning to think you’re stalking me.” Jimin says, completely serious. Out of all places, Jeongguk had to go to Sinkhole too?

“Oh yeah, because Sinkhole isn’t the most popular club in Seoul and no one ever finds someone they know in here.” Jeongguk says, sarcastically.

“Go away if you have to turn sarcastic on me.” Jimin huffs, turning around. 

Jeongguk, however, only laughs and grabs his hand, making him spin on his heels until his front is facing him. “I prefer to dance.” 

Jimin lets Jeongguk pull his body closer to his until one of his legs is in between Jimin’s. “You really know what to say all the time, don’t you?” He says, looking up at Jeongguk with his eyes a little squinted.

“People say it’s my speciality.” Jeongguk replies, looking down at Jimin with a smirk. His hands find their way to Jimin’s waist and they stay there, pressing him close and dancing at the rhythm of the music.

Jimin chuckles. “I should run from you.” He says out loud.

“But here you are.” Jeongguk says, a little too proud. 

Jimin clicks his tongue. “In my defence, you make it kind of difficult when you’re around me all the time.”

Jeongguk’s turn to chuckle. “Am I irresistible?”

“No. Just annoying.” Jimin states without a single ounce of wanting to be mean. 

“Hm, I can work with that.” Jeongguk hums. 

They fall into a comfortable silence as they dance. Jimin slides his hands up and rests them on the back of Jeongguk’s neck. “Why are you always following me around, though?” He asks, tilting his head.

Jeongguk snorts. “Don’t you think it’s a very narcissistic way to think? I truly don’t follow you around. You’re just everywhere I go.” He shrugs.

Jimin stays smiling up at him and says “Destiny, then?” 

“We can call it that.” Jeongguk agrees.

The song is close to reach its end. “What is destiny telling you right now?” 

Jeongguk thinks for a second. “Do you want the truth or a half-assed lie?”

Jimin laughs, throwing his head back with the way Jeongguk says those words. “I’ve always liked straightforward guys better.” He says, shrugging his shoulders. 

“It’s telling me to kiss you right now.” He says, with only a few inches between them.

“Is it?” Jimin mumbles, flirty.

“Guess it must know how irresistible I find you.” Jeongguk’s hands squish the flesh on Jimin’s hips. 

Jimin rolls his eyes. “How many people have you told this before?”

Jeongguk laughs, pressing Jimin closer to him. He tilts his head to whisper in his ear. “I don’t kiss my one-night stands.”

“Does that make me better than them?” Jimin tilts his head to the other side.

Jeongguk looks at him with an expression that makes Jimin fall weak on the knees. “I don’t know, does it?”

“Ugh, just shut up.” Jimin knows he shouldn’t be doing this. He knows he’s swore he wouldn’t get involved with Jeon Jeongguk, and yet here he is, lunging forward and pressing his lips to Jeongguk’s, the latter kissing back immediately, opening his mouth and kissing Jimin just like he likes to be kissed. 

Jimin is only human, and if they talk to him like that, there is only one way things can go.

Jimin’s missed this sensation, and Jeongguk kisses heavenly. His hands travel up and down Jimin’s back, causing his skin to break out into goosebumps. Jimin sinks his fingers in Jeongguk’s hair as their kiss gets more desperate, the slide of lips becoming addicting for Jimin. They kiss and kiss until Jimin is panting against Jeongguk’s mouth and his body is begging for more. 

“This—” Jimin says between kisses. “—will only happen once. It’s a one-time thing.” He nods as he talks, probably taking more to himself than to Jeongguk. 

Jeongguk, though, nods and captures his lips again. “Do you wanna go home?” He says, moving to Jimin’s neck and leaving a trail of kisses on his jaw. 

“Yeah, yes, please.” Jimin says without thinking it twice. 

Jeongguk detaches himself from Jimin, holding him close still, and dragging them both out of the club. “Taxi!” He yells, raising the hand that he has free, the other holding Jimin against his side. 

“I have to call Hoseok and Haneul.” Jimin mumbles. He takes his phone out and writes a quick message to their group chat. Not even a minute later, Haneul is sending kissy faces and Hoseok is writing in all caps and a shit ton of exclamations to ‘wear protection’. Jimin chuckles and gets inside the cab, Jeongguk following him. 

He can’t believe what he’s about to do as Jeongguk tells the driver the address of their dorm building and they drive away from the club. He can’t believe he will be doing this with Jeon Jeongguk! The man whom everyone drools for because he’s just ‘so good’. The fuckboy of the school. Everything Jimin hates. 

Jeongguk’s hand finds a way to Jimin’s thigh and he immediately stops shaking it, unaware that he was doing it until Jeongguk pressed his hand on him. Jimin looks up and Jeongguk is smiling faintly at him. 

The ride back to the dorms would’ve been enough time to clear his head, realise that this was a mistake and go to sleep instead. But after Jeongguk pays and they’re both alone in front of the building, the light illuminating all of Jeongguk’s features and making him look even more handsome, Jimin can only walk closer to him and kiss him again. You can’t blame him— it’s been a long time since he’s felt someone’s lips on his. 

Somehow, they make their way up to their floor and Jeongguk types his code to open his door, letting Jimin walk inside first. Jimin didn’t expect his room to be so clean and organised. He has a few anime figurines he’s curious about, a tv hanging on the wall and a bed that takes up a lot of space. Jimin’s heart flips at the mere thought that he’ll be laying there in not too much time. 

“Are you still sure about this?” Jeongguk comes up from behind him, sliding his hands on Jimin’s hips, back hugging him. He rests his chin on Jimin’s shoulder and starts leaving kisses on his neck. 

Jimin takes a second to reply because he’s too focused on Jeongguk’s presence all over him. “Yeah. I’m sure.” He replies. He turns around and presses his hands on Jeongguk’s firm chest.

Eleven - Khalid

Jeongguk walks them to the bed and gently lays Jimin down on the mattress. He stays standing next to the bed and with a swift movement he takes his shirt off, exposing his muscles and the tattoos on his chest and ribs Jimin remembers from when they met at the park. 

Jimin gulps in anticipation when Jeongguk sinks his knees on the bed and unbuttons his belt. Jimin silently reaches his arms out and Jeongguk understands, scooting closer and holding him to kiss again. Jimin runs his hands all over Jeongguk’s bare torso as they kiss, as Jeongguk gets rid of Jimin’s shirt and pants. 

“Hurry up.” Jimin breathes out. 

“Woah, someone’s in a hurry.” Jeongguk chuckles. Jimin pouts and Jeongguk just leans in and kisses him again. 

“No.” Jimin replies when Jeongguk stops kissing his lips to lower to his neck. “I’m just horny.” He says, earning a snort from Jeongguk. He lowers his hand and his fingertips brush down his bare torso, creating goosebumps in Jimin’s skin along the way. 

“Do I make you horny?” Jeongguk tilts his head at the same time as his hand slips past Jimin’s boxers and he starts stroking him without a second thought. 

Jimin lets out a heavy breath and looks up at Jeongguk, who is now hovering over him, just a few inches away from him. 

“Hm? Do I?” Jeongguk insists.

Jimin’s cheeks blush and he can only nod, he doesn’t want to admit it out loud. That seems enough for Jeongguk, though. Jimin’s hands are gripping Jeongguk’s biceps as the latter keeps stroking him, fast enough to let him get worked up, but not too much to make him feel as good as he could. 

“Hm, more.” Jimin whines, closing his eyes and rolling his head back. 

“Don’t be so impatient.” Jeongguk chuckles, lowering down and pressing a wet kiss on his shoulder. 

Jimin’s mind then recalls Jeongguk’s words from earlier. “I don’t kiss my one-night stands.” 

What is Jimin for him, then?

He tries not to think about that as he reaches his hand down to do the same Jeongguk is doing to him, a sudden want to hear his moans taking over his senses. Jeongguk is slightly surprised when Jimin sneaks his hand under his boxers, letting out a choked breath. He kisses Jimin again, swallowing all of Jimin’s moans he manages to pull out. 

“J-Jeongguk.” Jimin says, rolling his hips to meet Jeongguk’s hand better. “I want you.” He whispers, making a shiver run down Jeongguk’s spine. 

Jeongguk tilts his head up and looks at Jimin with a smirk, and for some reason that has Jimin moaning softly. His eyes are half-lidded and his mouth is parted already, making it a sight to see for whoever that might be looking— in this case Jeongguk. 

“I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby.” Jeongguk says, biting Jimin’s earlobe once. He then rolls to his side and opens the second drawer on his nightstand, taking out a condom and a bottle of lube. 

Jimin’s heart beats hard in his chest when Jeongguk slicks his fingers up and rubs them together so the liquid isn’t as cold, such a small but caring gesture. He takes his boxers off and opens his legs further, granting Jeongguk more access as he pushes the first finger inside slowly. Jimin hisses when Jeongguk does that, biting his bottom lip hard. 

“Are you okay?” Jeongguk says, caressing his inner thigh with his free hand. 

Jimin nods, eyebrows furrowed. “It’s just been a while.” He chuckles cutely. “And your fingers are long.” He adds.

“Okay, I’ll go slow.” Jeongguk says. His voice is as sweet as honey, and Jimin feels like he’ll become addicted to sugar at this point. 

He starts moving his finger slowly, taking it out and pushing it back in, increasing his pace a little bit more every time. Jimin at first is silent and a little bit tense, but as soon as Jeongguk starts sucking a hickey on his neck, he relaxes. Soon after, he’s asking for a second and a third finger. 

“God, fuck.” Jimin swears under his breath. “Fuck, fuck.” He finishes that last word with a moan. 

“What a dirty mouth.” Jeongguk teases, biting at Jimin’s neck. 

Jeongguk increases his pace and that has Jimin gripping his biceps tighter, finally starting to moan more steadily and not as softly. The squelching sound fills the room along Jimin’s moans and that, to Jeongguk, is music for his ears. 

“Ah, Jeongguk. Please.” Jimin says, eyes closed. 

“Please what?” Jeongguk wonders, always with his cheeky and flirty tone. 

“Please, fuck me.” Jimin begs him, but Jeongguk doesn’t think it’s enough. He doesn’t stop fingering Jimin open, and that makes Jimin moan louder and louder. 

“Look me in the eyes and say it again.” Jeongguk orders, and Jimin’s too far gone to deny him anything. 

Someone else’s fingers feel better than any of his smaller ones, better than any other toy he could own. The warmth of another body against yours, the breathing of another person, the kisses and the feeling of their skin is something irreplaceable for Jimin, and Jeongguk is everything he’s been craving for. 

“Jeongguk.” Jimin says, looking straight into Jeongguk’s eyes. “Fuck me.” He says, and sees his eyes sparkle with that. 

Jeongguk pushes his fingers out of Jimin and sits up, getting rid of his underwear and then ripping the condom wrap open. Jimin’s heart is about to beat out of his chest. 

“How do you want it, since you seem to know exactly what you want?” Jeongguk never stops his teasing and Jimin doesn’t know if he wants to slap him or kiss him. He’s having a fun time while having sex, and it’s something he never thought it was possible. 

“I don’t care. Just fuck me.” Jimin replies, looking at Jeongguk in the eyes again. 

Jeongguk doesn’t tear his eyes away from Jimin’s as he rolls the condom on him and slicks it up with a little bit more lube. The sight in front of him is out of his dreams, and he wonders if Jimin is thinking the same of him. 

Jimin lets out a loud whine when Jeongguk grabs him by the hips and pushes the tip inside slowly. It’s way bigger than he thought and the stretch burns a little. His eyes fall closed as Jeongguk carefully bottoms out. 

“Wait a minute.” Jimin says, completely breathless. 

Jeongguk lowers down and kisses him. “Of course.” He says against his lips. He kisses him to take away the slight pain he knows he’s feeling, hoping it works. “Whenever you want, baby.” 

“Don’t call me that.” Jimin says all of a sudden, taking Jeongguk aback. 

Jeongguk pushes himself up a little to look at Jimin better, causing him to wince. “Sorry.” He says, with puppy eyes.

“You call everyone that.” Jimin explains since he sees the confused expression in Jeongguk’s face. 

“Hm… okay.” Jeongguk smiles. “What should I call you, then?” He wonders, completely still to let Jimin time to adjust and feel comfortable with the stretch. 

“You can move.” Jimin replies with that instead, surprising Jeongguk. 

The younger doesn’t waste a single second, though. He starts moving his hips with slow movements and tugging pretty moans out of Jimin. 

“Sorry.” Jimin mumbles just a few minutes later.

Jeongguk frowns but doesn’t stop moving, taking his whole cock out and then pushing back in. It’s very different from all the other sex he’s had with other people, usually being rough and fast, without looking at each other’s faces, with no kisses or caresses. But somehow this feels ten times better than all of that. “Why are you apologising?” He asks, hands traveling up and down Jimin’s chest.

“This is probably not what you expected.” Jimin chuckles. “I have to go slower because it’s been quite a long time since I last slept with someone.” He continues talking.

“I don’t mind.” Jeongguk says, looking down at where their bodies connect. “This is good too.” 

“Don’t say it just to make me feel better.” Jimin rolls his eyes, embarrassed.

“I’m not— I’m being completely honest right now.” This time Jeongguk stops thrusting inside of Jimin, causing him to whine. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard in my entire life.” Jimin snorts. “Really! You’re so hot, Jimin, you make my mind go crazy.” 

Jimin chuckles. “Really?” 

“Really.” Jeongguk nods. 

Jimin places his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulder blades, feeling the muscles underneath his fingers. “Then act like it. Fuck me like you mean it.” He whispers the last part, but it rings loud in Jeongguk’s ears.

Jeongguk chuckles, adjusting his angle and gripping Jimin’s hips tightly. “You’re gonna be the death of me, love.” Right after that, he starts thrusting into Jimin at a faster speed, not too much but just enough to have Jimin moaning steadily. 

“Oh my god, Jeongguk.” Jimin says, gripping the sheets next to him. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” Jeongguk curses under his breath, between moans. 

His pace quickens, now the sounds of his skin against Jimin can be heard in the room, mixing with his and Jimin’s moans. 

“Yeah, like that. Fuck, Jeongguk.” Jimin chants, knuckles turning white at the way he’s gripping the sheets so hard. 

“I’m gonna come if you keep moaning my name like that.” Jeongguk says truthfully, tugging a chuckle from Jimin that he thinks it’s the cutest sound ever. 

“Ah, ah. Go faster, please.” Jimin moans, finally only feeling pleasure.

Jeongguk lowers down and presses his elbows on each side of Jimin’s face. Jimin’s hands fall on his back again and his legs wrap around Jeongguk’s middle. Jeongguk leave a chaste kiss on Jimin’s lips, and after that, he starts to fuck into him hard and fast, how he likes it best. He feels Jimin’s nails dig into his skin as he moans his name quite loudly. Jeongguk is sure the neighbours are hearing them, and if Jimin were the one hearing them, he’d be knocking at his door by now. 

“Fuck, Jeongguk! Right there!” Jimin practically screams when Jeongguk lowers his angle a little bit and hits right at Jimin’s prostate. So Jeongguk doesn’t move and starts fucking into that sweet spot over and over again, making Jimin squirm and scratch and bite and moan. 

Jeongguk feels his orgasm building at the pit of his stomach with the mere sight of Jimin like that underneath him. 

“I’m gonna— oh fuck. Jeongguk— I’m— I will—” Jimin moans in Jeongguk’s ear, nails scratching his back as Jeongguk fucks him like he means it, wanting to get the best orgasm of Jimin’s life out of him. 

“Come for me, love.” Jeongguk says, completely breathless, between moans as well. 

It doesn’t take Jimin longer than that. Just a few seconds later, he’s reaching his orgasm and spilling between the both of them, and right afterwards Jeongguk comes too, with the loudest moan coming from the back of his throat. 

Both of them take a second to catch their breaths, looking at each other’s eyes as they pant and come down from their high. Jeongguk’s hair is damp and Jimin’s is all messy. After a while, Jeongguk pulls out slowly and heads to the bathroom to grab a wet towel to clean Jimin up.

“Turn around for me.” Jeongguk says to a sleepy Jimin. The latter mumbles something along the lines of ‘it doesn’t matter’, but Jeongguk doesn’t listen to him. “I have to clean you up, I can’t let you go to sleep like this.” He says. His voice sounds so sweet Jimin could fall asleep just like that. 

Once Jeongguk is done cleaning both of them up, he leaves the towel on the floor and climbs up to the bed and under the covers. He covers Jimin with them too and when he turns to see him, the older has already fallen asleep. Jeongguk smiles and switches the lamp off, dozing off to what would be the best he’s slept in months. 


Jimin wakes up to the smell of something that’s not familiar to him. He turns around on the bed, suddenly feeling cold. He closes his eyes harsher because the sun coming through the window is too bright for him, scooting more to the left side of the bed, until he bumps into something— or someone. 

He opens only one eye and all his questions are answered. Jeongguk is sleeping right next to him, one hand over his chest whilst the other is under Jimin’s lower back. Jimin is such in a cloud nine state that he doesn’t even think of the consequences of what he did the night before. He’s just very content, so he doesn’t even bat an eye and scoots even closer to Jeongguk, with one arm and one leg draped over his body. 

Jeongguk’s body responds by turning to Jimin and wrapping his arms around him, pulling him close to his chest as if he were a teddy bear. He rests his chin on Jimin’s head and the warmth of his body wraps Jimin up like a soft blanket, but this is much better. 

“Didn’t think you’d still be here when I woke up.” Jeongguk manages to say, still sleepy.

“Shh.” Jimin shushes him. “I don’t want to wake up from this yet.” He whines, hiding his face in Jeongguk’s chest. “Let me pretend I don’t have to go back to my life in like, ten minutes.” He mumbles, dozing off again.

“You can just... not go back to your life, if you don't want to.” Jeongguk snorts. “And just stay with me.” 

“Okay, that’s enough.” Jimin sits up abruptly, completely switching his mood. Now he looks completely woken up and serene, contrary to what he was just a mere second ago. He looks around and starts gathering his clothes. “I’m gonna get going.” He says, dressing up with the clothes from the night before. 

Jeongguk turns to his side to see him pace around the room. “It’s a little dumb to put your clothes on when your dorm is literally next door.” Jeongguk comments.

Jimin slides his shirt on. “I’m not letting any curious eyes have the satisfaction of knowing who’s the lucky guy that got fucked by Jeon Jeongguk last night.” Jimin rolls his eyes, buttoning his shirt up.

“Lucky, huh?” Jeongguk raises his eyebrows.

“It’s a way of talking.” Jimin snaps. 

“Ah, and I thought I’d start seeing a cheesy and clingy Jimin from now on.” Jeongguk sighs, stretching his limbs and occupying almost all the space on the mattress.

“You think too much, then.” Jimin deadpans. “This—” Jimin gestures between them. “—Will never happen again. Okay? It was just a one-time thing because I was horny and lonely.” He explains.

“Pf, as if you’d do this with someone that isn’t me.” Jeongguk scoffs.

“I’m serious, Jeongguk.” Jimin says, grabbing his shoes and opting not to put them on. “This won’t ever happen again. Now I’m not horny anymore, so thanks, I guess.” Jimin replies, shrugging his shoulders.

“Sure, you’re welcome.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes, and then his head falls on the pillows he shared with Jimin the previous night. He feels Jimin still standing there, but he doesn’t want to turn back to him. “Close the door on your way out.” So this is his way of telling him to leave. 

“Bye.” Jimin says before closing the door after him. 

Jimin takes a long shower and spends the day lazing around, thankful that he did all his tasks during the week so now he can just relax. Images of last night flash through his eyes and his cheeks turn red like tomatoes. He still can’t believe he did that, and he finally got what his body had been craving for a while.

However, it didn’t feel right, though. He knew the horniness would be gone once he’d been properly fucked, and Jeongguk damn right did, but he somehow still felt the feeling linger. Jimin tried to ignore it, but as more time passed, more images crossed his brain, and then there were the ghost feelings of Jeongguk’s hands, of his lips, of his skin. 

And Jimin was horny again. 

He called Hoseok and Haneul and they scolded him for telling Jeongguk that would never happen again, and they said he’s still horny because he liked it so much his body wants it again.

Jimin hates this feeling. There is no way to get rid of him, then. And now he doesn’t know what to do. He’s already told Jeongguk he doesn’t want to repeat last night again! And if he comes crawling back to him it’ll look very pathetic… Also, not to mention the fact that Jeongguk has a track record of being a fuckboy and that really doesn’t sit right with Jimin. 

But it was so good. Jimin can still hear his moans against his ear, making him all warm inside. 

He doesn’t think he can come back to his sad fingers after last night, not when Jeongguk is right there. 

His pride takes the worst out of him sometimes, so he goes three days straight trying not to think about it and avoiding Jeongguk everywhere he goes. The sensation is eating him alive, and he knows that if he sees him around, he’ll probably end up jumping him right then and there. 

Jeongguk, for his surprise, is nowhere to be seen. He doesn’t hear him at night, not even walking around the room, so Jimin is kind of confused. He doesn’t ask anything, though, just in case. 

That is until Tuesday night, when he’s coming back from the library to spend as much time as possible out the dorms, and he sees Jeongguk opening the door and sticking his head out. Their eyes lock and Jimin wonders what he’s doing. He swallows and tells himself that he can do it. He can have a normal conversation with Jeongguk after what happened. 

“Hey.” Jimin says, tentatively.

Jeongguk looks kind of surprised. “Hey.” He simply replies. 

“Um… why are you standing there like that?” Jimin asks him. He probably shouldn’t have. 

“My friend is coming to bring Gureum back to me.” Jeongguk answers, straightening his back and stepping one foot outside. “It’s better if the guy who checks the halls doesn’t see him arrive. He’s the only one who doesn’t like Gureum around here.” He adds. 

Jimin snorts. “He’s dumb, then.” 

“He really is.” Jeongguk also chuckles. 

There are a few moments of silence between them and Jimin hates to admit how much he doesn’t like those. “Well, bye, then.” He says, forcing a smile.

“Yeah. Have a great night, Jimin.” Jeongguk replies before Jimin shuts the door to his dorm. 

When he’s alone, he rests his back on the door and sighs audibly. 

He’s going to go mad if he doesn’t get out of his chest what he’s thinking. He doesn’t even understand why it’s affecting him so much, since he couldn’t stand his presence not so long ago, but it felt so different on the last couple of days. 

He will definitely explode if he doesn’t tell Jeongguk something, so he opens the door abruptly and steps outside. 

And his heart skips a beat, because Jeongguk’s done the same at the same time. Now they’re looking at each other without saying anything, breathing heavily. 

“Just come here, for fuck’s sake.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes, finally managing to say something and cut the tension between them. 

Jimin drops his bags and even his phone inside the room, shutting the door and almost jumping right in Jeongguk’s arms. 

Jeongguk catches him as Jimin circles his arms around his neck and lifts him up in a swift movement, then enters his room and closes the door with his foot.

Jimin doesn’t even bother to say anything, he just kisses Jeongguk deeply and the younger accepts it without any resistance. He feels his back being pushed up against the wall, with Jeongguk pressing his body closer to Jimin’s as they make out and tug at each other’s clothes, not yet taking them off. 

“God, I missed you.” Jimin finally says out loud. 

“Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.” Jeongguk comments as he moves to Jimin’s neck. He licks from Jimin’s shoulder up to his ear, biting the earlobe when he reaches it. 

“I shouldn’t have said that was just a one-time thing.” Jimin says before Jeongguk kisses his mouth again, sliding his tongue inside Jimin’s mouth and making him moan. Jimin’s hands roam all over Jeongguk’s hair, messing it up even more.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” Jeongguk says against his lips.

Jimin bites Jeongguk’s bottom lip. “Me neither.”

Jeongguk then tugs the shirt off of Jimin skilfully and sighs. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful, love. You’re gonna be the end of me.” 

Jimin hums and tightens his legs around Jeongguk’s torso to keep him closer. “I need you again, please.” He says with a whiny tone.

Jeongguk can’t deny him anything, so he walks them to the bed and sits down with Jimin straddling his lap. Jimin presses his palms on Jeongguk’s shoulders down until he’s resting his back on the mattress, Jimin climbing up and resting his ass right on top of Jeongguk’s crotch. 

Jeongguk’s hands fall right on Jimin’s ass and he squishes a little, making him chuckle. Jimin lowers down and kisses Jeongguk again, open mouthed, biting his bottom lip, swallowing every breath he takes. 

Jimin reaches down to start undoing Jeongguk’s belt, but then someone knocks on his door loudly. They both freeze for a second. 

“That must be my friend.” Jeongguk says then, Jimin lets out a sigh of relief. “I’m gonna—”

“Oh, yeah, sure! Go ahead.” Jimin says, hopping off his lap and letting Jeongguk reach his door and open it to greet his friend that’s carrying Gureum in his arms. 

Jimin stays there, kneeling on the bed, with his shirt off. 

“Please, let me get a chocolate bar or something, I haven’t eaten in all day.” The friend says. 

“What?! Hyung!” He says, voice becoming whiny and high-pitched. He opens the door further and lets him step inside. Jimin recognises him as the other guy from last time, when they went shopping together. “You have to eat!”

“Work goes first, apparently— Hi, Jimin.” The man greets him, walking over to a cupboard where Jeongguk leaves all of his snacks without giving a single care about whether Jimin is shirtless or not. 

“…Hi.” Jimin replies, wondering how he knows his name if they were never introduced. 

Jeongguk follows him around like a lost puppy. “Hyung, come on. Just grab this and leave. I was—”

“Occupied? Yeah, I can tell.” The guy says, laughing at his own comment. “I’m leaving already. Thanks for letting me spend a few days with Gureum-ah.” He coos at the dog in Jeongguk’s arms. “Namjoon already wants him back.” He sighs. “Anyway. I’m leaving. Have fun, you two!” He doesn’t even wait for Jeongguk to walk him to the door, just shows himself out. 

Jeongguk sighs loudly once they’re back to being alone. “I’m sorry about that.” 

Jimin shakes his head. “It’s fine! It would have been better if I had a shirt to cover up, but…”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Seokjin-Hyung tends to… do everything he wants.” He says, dropping Gureum on the floor and then getting back to bed. “Where were we?” He asks, raising one eyebrow. 

Jimin rolls his eyes playfully as Jeongguk lays back down on his bed and tugs Jimin to sit him down on his lap again. 

Jimin leans down to kiss him again, and as their kiss deepens, he feels something ticklish on his leg. He turns to see what’s going on and finds Gureum, who has made his way on top of the mattress. 

“Gureum, get back down.” Jeongguk’s voice says. The dog, however, doesn’t listen to him and starts jumping around on the bed. “Gureum!” He calls him again. The dog stops and looks at Jeongguk with a confused look, tilting his head cutely. “Get down.” He says, pointing his finger at him as a way to make it clearer, but Gureum doesn’t listen. 

Jimin tries to hold back his laughter, it’s funny how he keeps waddling his tail even though Jeongguk isn’t happy about what he’s doing in the slightest. Jimin turns around and scoops Gureum up gently, only to then leave him on the floor. 

“Thanks.” Jeongguk says, to which Jimin shakes his head with a smile. 

Jimin lowers down and presses his lips to Jeongguk’s yet again, hands sprawled on the younger’s chest. 

Then Gureum barks. Jeongguk stops kissing Jimin to roll his head back and grunt in frustration, which only makes Jimin laugh harder. Jimin lays his body on Jeongguk’s and hides in the crook of his neck. 

“I think this is not working.” Jimin says, Gureum barks again at the sound of his voice. 

“No! I can make it work! I will just— lock him in the bathroom for a sec—” Jeongguk moves to sit up.

“No, please. Don’t do that.” Jimin presses his hand on his chest, making him lay down again. “It’s fine! I missed Gureum.” The dog perks up at the sound of his name. Jimin then taps the empty spot on Jeongguk’s bed and Gureum jumps on it again. Jimin caresses his head and he wiggles his tail even faster than before. 

Jeongguk turns his head to look at his dog being pet by Jimin. “You like that, don’t you?” He snorts, talking to Gureum. “Such a little shit. You’re always taking the attention away from me.” He says, making Jimin giggle. 

“I mean… I can see why.” Jimin jokes, earning a loud gasp from Jeongguk.

“Get out of here right now.” Jeongguk deadpans.

“No. You said you missed me.” Jimin says, matter-of-factly. 

Gureum jumps around when Jeongguk’s hand also starts to pet him. 

Jeongguk scoffs. “Bet you were miserable those days without me.” He says.

“Absolutely not.” Jimin lies, not ready to admit it to Jeongguk just yet.

“Sure thing.” Jeongguk readjusts himself a little better and his hands land on the small of Jimin’s back. 

Jimin shivers. “Your hands are cold.” He points out. 

“You should put something on— wait.” Jeongguk trails. He then sits up with Jimin still in his arms and reaches to the rack of clothes on the other side of the bed, right next to the window. Jeongguk grabs an oversized cream shirt and lends it to Jimin, which the latter takes gladly.

“I could’ve just put my shirt back on.” Jimin says as he’s putting Jeongguk’s shirt on. It smells strongly of him, and somehow that automatically makes it better than all the other clothes he has. 

They’re now both sitting up, with Jimin straddling Jeongguk’s lap and Gureum running around them both. “Should we talk about… this?” Jeongguk asks then.

Jimin is silent for a few seconds, looking at Jeongguk curiously. “Sure.” He shrugs.

“Okay.” Jeongguk nods. “It’s clear that what we did that night isn’t just a one-time thing, but what do you want, then?” Jeongguk asks. 

“Hmm…” Jimin hums out loud. “I guess I want sex? I’m definitely not ready for a relationship since college is taking most of my time, but I do need to relieve stress some days.” He transforms his thoughts into words so Jeongguk understands his situation better.

“Cool, that’s fine for me. I can do that.” Jeongguk smiles widely, showing his bunny-like teeth. 

“Besides, you have a nice dick and everything, but that’s about it.” Jimin jokes.

“Ouch. You hurt me, Park Jimin.” Jeongguk says, exaggerating. 

Jimin sighs, resting his cheek on Jeongguk’s shoulders, enjoying the sensation of his body being so close to Jeongguk’s. It’s weird to him how much he missed this sensation now that he got to feel it again after so much time. It felt good, being there inside the four walls of Jeongguk’s dorm room, with Gureum resting his head on Jeongguk’s leg and Jimin having his arms circled around Jeongguk’s shoulders. 

“I should go walk Gureum for a while.” Jeongguk says after a while, eyeing his dog and noticing the way he was looking at him. 

“Then I’ll go back to my room.” Jimin smiles gently, sitting up and facing Jeongguk. 

The younger nods and raises his hands up and down Jimin’s back. “See you another time?” He wonders. They both get up from the bed and Jimin grabs his discarded shirt on the floor, not caring to change into it and figuring he’ll give Jeongguk his shirt along with his jean jacket that has been sitting in his room for three days. 

“Sure! Should I knock on your door or—” Jimin asks, heading to the door.

Jeongguk stops him, though. “Here, give me your phone.” He extends his hand to Jimin and the latter doesn’t hesitate to give it to him. Jeongguk types his phone number in his contacts and adds his name with a red heart that he knows will make Jimin rolls his eyes. “You have my number now.” He hands it back to Jimin with a smile.

Jimin looks down at it and bites his lip, thinking. He’s really doing this, after he’s repeated himself so many times not to. But how would he resist the man in front of him? “So, we’re like… fuck buddies now?” He says, the word sounding foreign in his lips.

Jeongguk shrugs, his smile never disappearing. “I guess we are, yeah.”

“I’ve never had someone with that title in my life.” Jimin admits. He doesn’t know why but he seems to say a lot of personal stuff to Jeongguk. Maybe because his body might feel unconsciously comfortable around him.  

Jeongguk’s eyebrows raise as he opens the door to walk him out, even though his dorm is literally two steps away. “There’s a first for everything.” He says, making Jimin smile too.

When Jimin gets out to the hallway, he turns around, with his shirt and shoes on one arm, the other holding his phone close to his chest. He beams at Jeongguk and whispers. “I’ll call you.” He says, giggling afterwards. He feels like a kid with a big secret he has to hide from everyone, and that makes him giddy all over. 

Jeongguk feels his heart burst in his chest when Jimin does that, thinking he’s the cutest human being he’s ever laid eyes on. 

Jimin sleeps with Jeongguk’s shirt on that night. He feels kind of sad when he has to take it off to change into his clothes for the day, but it consoles him a little that instead he grabs Jeongguk’s jacket to put it on. He should maybe not do that, but Jeongguk’s clothes are warm and comfortable and that’s all Jimin needs at 7am in the morning before he starts his classes.

He spends the day going from class to class, having a lunch break with Hoseok and Haneul and being forced to explain what those marks in his neck are. He didn’t even realise Jeongguk had left hickeys on him the day before and he was regretting not taking a decent look at his reflection in the morning.

“I told you it would happen eventually!” Haneul claps his hands excitedly.

“So you’re fuck buddies now, is that it?” Hoseok asks.

Jimin only nods, cheeks growing pink. “I mean… I know for a fact that I’m not the only one in his fuck buddies list, but sex with him is good and I really crave it.” He says, a bit embarrassed to be admitting it out loud. “But I don’t care. It’s not like I have feelings for him or something.” He adds, taking a spoonful of rice and stuffing his mouth with it. 

“And you threw me shit for having a fuck buddy….” Hoseok squints his eyes at him.

“That was different. It’s because it reminded me of how alone I was.” Jimin explains. “Not that I’m now less lonely, but at least Jeongguk is there.” He shrugs. 

“Yeah, talking about that—” Haneul trails, looking behind Jimin. 

Jimin frowns and tilts his head, confused, as he puts more rice in his mouth.

All of a sudden, an arm wraps around his shoulders and he has a head resting on his right shoulder. “Hey.” It’s Jeongguk’s voice that talks next to Jimin’s ear.

Jimin starts coughing, practically choking with his food. He leans forward to grab a tissue to prevent himself from making a mess as his heart leaps out of his chest. 

“W-what are you—” Jimin manages to say. He takes a second to breathe and Jeongguk sits next to him on the bench. “What are you doing here?!” He whisper-shouts.

Jeongguk frowns. “Can’t I come here and greet you?” 

Jimin scrunches the tissue and fixes his hair. “I— Yeah. I mean, yeah, you can.” Then he looks around. “But don’t you think people will get suspicious?”

“Of what?” Jeongguk tilts his head.

Jimin blinks in disbelief. How can Jeongguk be so calm? “Of us… you know.” 

Jeongguk then bursts laughing, seeing Jimin’s innocent eyes looking up at him. “Jimin, love, no one will think anything else about two people just greeting each other.” He says, finding it adorable that Jimin would think something like that.

“Don’t laugh! I just haven’t done this before.” Jimin says, pouting. 

“You’re fine, love. I promise no one’s thinking anything out of this situation.” Jeongguk says, placing his right hand on Jimin’s inner thigh and squishing, making Jimin gasp. “Anyway, I have to go to class. Not that I care, though.” He gets up, squishing Jimin’s thigh one more time and winking at him.

“You should care more about your classes!” Jimin says as Jeongguk greets him and his friends with a wave and a smile. 

There is a quiet silence that surround the three friends once Jeongguk is long gone. “Just fuck buddies, hm?” Haneul asks. 

Jimin throws the dirty tissue at him. 


For the next few nights, Jimin doesn’t wake up to Jeongguk’s banging against the wall nor moans that aren’t his, which makes him wonder if he stopped hooking up with random people just because they’re fuck buddies now. The word still feels weird to Jimin, and he knows he’ll probably never get used to it. 

He takes a few days to text him again, because he had a calculus test coming up and he really needed to study. Once he’s finally done with studying, he throws all his stuff on the desk carelessly and practically jumps out of the chair to reach for his phone on the bed. 

He bites his lower lip as he looks for Jeongguk’s contact name and opens a chat with him, rolling his eyes at the heart Jeongguk added next to his name. 




I’ve been busy lately

Sorry I haven’t texted you until now

Oh! I’m jimin btw




Finally u remember me



I never forgot you in the first place 🙄



That’s sweet

I’m at the gym rn 

When do u wanna meet?



I’d say right now but since you’re occupied

When you get back from the gym

If you’re not too tired…



I’m never too tired when it comes to

My fuck buddy



Please don’t say that

It’s weird to address each other that way



Yeah, never really liked the term either

Anyway, I’m gonna do some abs workout

And then head to the dorm



Knock on the door when you’re done

I’ll be there




See u later

Missed u, btw



Missed you too

I had my week occupied by my calculus test

It sucks 


Jimin takes the time he has until Jeongguk knocks on his door to pamper himself up. He takes a shower, shaves his legs because he likes them smooth sometimes, covers his whole body in oil that smells like peaches, puts a face mask on, some cream… and he feels new. The whole dorm smells like milk and peaches and Jimin feels like that’s as good as it can get. He’s never really had someone over besides Hoseok and Haneul, so he has never questioned the state of his dorm. 

He puts on a clean pair of underwear under some black sweatpants and Jeongguk’s cream shirt on top. And then takes a better look at his dorm. He’s been always a clean guy, but now he finds a sudden urge within himself to clean everything up from scratch. Since he doesn’t have that much time and Jeongguk will knock on his door at any time, though, he only arranges some of the books on his desk, his set of colognes, puts all the clothes on his chair inside the closet, leaves his shoes neatly on the entrance of the dorm… and right when he’s done, he hears a knock on his door, instantly sending shivers down his spine.

Jimin takes a long breath and opens the door, revealing Jeongguk with wet hair and hot skin in front of him. “I rushed as fast as I could.” He says, a little breathless.

Jimin doesn’t reply, though. He only grabs Jeongguk by the collar of his shirt and pulls him closer, closing the door once he’s inside, and kissing him without a word. 

“It smells so good in here, what the hell.” Jeongguk says against Jimin’s lips. 

Jimin circles his arms around his neck as Jeongguk’s hands lower down his back and squish the flesh of his ass, hard but gentle at the same time. 

“You were coming over, so…” Jimin trails. He leads Jeongguk to his bed and lays him down on his back, Jimin climbing up to his lap right afterwards. 

Jeongguk chuckles, sucking in a breath right after because Jimin doesn’t waste his time to roll his hips against Jeongguk’s. “You got yourself all dolled up for me?” 

Jimin looks up and he tilts his head to look cute. “And what if I did?” He bats his eyelashes, sending Jeongguk’s head to spin like crazy. 

Jeongguk twists them both around with just a single movement, making Jimin gasp and then giggle. “Gonna fuck you like I mean it.” He whispers in Jimin’s ear.

Jimin hums and bites his bottom lip. “I thought you always did that, though?” He says, playing with the hairs on Jeongguk’s nape. 

Jeongguk looks down at him and before kissing him again, he says. “Yeah, but today more than ever.”

So Jeongguk does exactly that. He fucks Jimin until the older is moaning in pleasure, gripping the sheets of the bed as tight as he can, rolling his hips to meet with Jeongguk’s thrusts even harder, coming all over the sheets. Jeongguk collapses on top of him once he also reaches his high and spills inside the condom, later on tying it up and trowing it on the trash on his way to get a wet towel to clean Jimin up. 

Jimin lays limp on the bed, letting Jeongguk pamper him with kisses on his neck and shoulders as he cleans his mess. Once he’s done, he lays back on top of him, and although he’s much buffer and heavier than Jimin, the latter doesn’t complain one bit. 

“We should see each other more often.” Jeongguk mumbles when they’re both starting to doze off.

“I know… but I’m always busy or really tired. I don’t always have the time to have sex like this.” Jimin says with a pout. 

“I’m not saying it just to fuck with you.” Jeongguk clarifies. “I mean— just seeing each other. I like having you around and teasing you.” 

“To my dismay.” Jimin laughs, earning a soft kick on the legs by Jeongguk. 

“I’m serious, though. I think we can also work on the ‘friends’ part of ‘friends with benefits’.” He says, eyes beginning to close. 

“I could do that.” Jimin shrugs, “But only if you buy me a latte every morning. That’s how I make friends.” He jokes, and when he looks down, Jeongguk has already fallen asleep. 

Next morning, for Jimin’s surprise, he wakes up alone in his bed. He sleepily searches for Jeongguk’s warm body beneath the covers, but he doesn’t find him anywhere. He sits up, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hands and wondering why Jeongguk is not there with him. 

However, his thoughts are interrupted with a knock on his door. He’s naked and sleepy so instead of putting some clothes on, he grabs the covers of the bed and covers himself with them. He waddles to the door and when he opens it, he finds Jeongguk with two cups of coffee in his hands. 

Jimin smiles groggily. “What is this?” 

Jeongguk steps inside the room and sits down on the bed, patting the spot next to him for Jimin. “A latte for you to accept me as your friend.” He smirks. 

Jimin sits on the bed with the covers surrounding him, but then he shifts and puts them back in place a little messily, just enough for Jeongguk to get under the covers too. “You heard that? I thought you were already asleep.” He asks, taking the coffee from Jeongguk and having a long sip of it. “Delicious.” 

“Does it taste like friendship?” Jeongguk jokes. 

“Very.” Jimin plays along with it. 

“Cool. Now it’s my duty to greet you in the hallways and pull you to the side to make out with you quickly before going to the next class.” Jeongguk says, sliding his legs between Jimin’s bare ones. 

“You’re cute.” Jimin blurts out. “As if you’ll do that.”

Jeongguk perks up. “You don’t think I can do it?” 

“Oh, no. I know you can.” Jimin snorts. “I’m saying it because I won’t let you.” 

Jeongguk scoffs. “Says the one who can’t resist me.” That has Jimin laughing loudly. 

Jeongguk then circles his arm around Jimin’s shoulders and pulls him close to his chest, as they talk absent-mindedly and sip at their coffees. 


Jimin feels his life has taken a turn for the better. Maybe it’s because the weather is starting to get warmer, but deep down he knows exactly why. Jeongguk and him now see each other on a daily basis. They even have lunch together with Jimin’s friends, since Jeongguk’s have a way different schedule than he does. At night, Jeongguk comes over to Jimin’s dorm to prevent his brain from frying and they have dinner together. Sometimes it’s Jimin the one who comes over Jeongguk’s to play with Gureum and cuddle whilst Jeongguk is playing games on his computer. 

Jeongguk has also started doing something that makes Jimin’s heart stop every time, which is literally pull him to the empty corners of the college campus to make out with him quickly. It’s short but intense, and it leaves Jimin walking on clouds every time he does that. 

Besides, they have started having sex more regularly, and Jimin is completely satisfied now. Moreover, Jeongguk always manages to fuck him better than the previous time, so it’s always a pleasure to get into bed with him. He’s not the type to run once the sun rises, so Jimin is always woken up against a firm, tattooed chest, or greeted by a cup of coffee after he’s just woken up. 

Hoseok and Haneul have become friends with Jeongguk as well, and they both think he’s cute and perfect for Jimin. Their teasing is never ending, but Jimin just ignores it at this point. 


A week later, Jimin and Jeongguk are both laying down on Jeongguk’s bed, with Gureum sleeping soundly next to their feet. Jimin is in Jeongguk’s arms, with the sheets covering half of his body. “Finals are starting soon.” He brings the topic up. 

“Yeah.” Jeongguk simply says, and Jimin can feel him shrugging.

Jimin twists his body slightly, so he can look at Jeongguk. “What are you gonna do about it?”

Jeongguk tilts his head and frowns, smile playing on his lips. “What do you mean?”

“You say you never study.” Jimin recalls.  “Are you still not gonna do it?” He wonders out loud.

There are a few moments of silence and then the younger finally speaks up. “Probably.”

“Jeongguk!” Jimin gasps, hitting his chest playfully. 

“What?!” Jeongguk chuckles and tightens his grip on Jimin’s waist. 

“Your grades are important!” Jimin replies, almost offended that Jeongguk would say such a thing.

Jeongguk bites his bottom lip and decides to tease Jimin a little bit. “I mean, are they really?”

“Yes! Don’t you want good grades to feel accomplished?” Jimin says, firm on his beliefs. His eyes are puppy-like and Jeongguk thinks he looks adorable like this. 

“You could put it that way…” Jeongguk trails, fingers drawing little patterns on Jimin’s skin. 

Suddenly, Jimin sits up, dragging the covers down with him. He turns around and crosses his legs to face Jeongguk, who is still laying down. “We can study together!”

Jeongguk gets one arm under his head, muscles flexing. He notices Jimin’s eyes lower to pay attention to that gesture. “Huh?”

Jimin claps. “Oh my god. It’s a perfect idea! We can study together, so I’ll make sure you don’t get distracted and you actually study! It’ll be fun!” He giggles, jumping up and down the mattress. 

“If that’s your idea of fun…” Jeongguk teases.

Jimin frowns. “Don’t be mean!” He says with a pout, making Jeongguk laugh. He gets his free hand on Jimin’s bare thigh and squishes the flesh, silently telling him that he was just kidding.

“Okay, but if I study with you, I’m just gonna be looking at you all the time and not study at all.” Jeongguk says, looking up at Jimin’s eyes. 

Jimin nods and the smirk that appears on his lips looks slightly mischievous. “That’s why I’m setting up a goal.”

“What kind of goal?”

Jimin waits a few seconds to create some anticipation. “I will only have sex with you if you get good grades on your exams.” 

Jeongguk sits up abruptly. “What?!” His eyes go wide like plates. 

“Mhm.” Jimin nods, closing his eyes.

Jeongguk grabs Jimin by the shoulders and shakes him a little. “Jimin, you can’t do this to me.”

“Damn right I am.” Jimin says, avoiding Jeongguk’s gaze. He knows he’s trying to pull the puppy eyes on him. 

“You can’t, though! Am I gonna have to go through exam season without feeling you close?” Jeongguk says with a pout. 

“I’ll be close to you in spirit.” Jimin pats his shoulder gently, but that doesn’t make anything better for Jeongguk. “It’ll be good! And then it’ll feel rewarding once you realise you have good grades and… well… me.” Jimin shrugs, beaming. 

Jeongguk is left speechless. “You’re mean.” He frowns. 

Jimin then throws his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders and holds him close, shifting so he’s between his legs. “Come on, say yes! We’ll have fun.” He slurs against Jeongguk’s ear.

Jeongguk reciprocates the hug but he’s still pouty. He rests his chin on Jimin’s shoulder. “No sex? That’s not fun. Sex with you is fun.” 

Jimin giggles. “And I agree, baby, but that’s what it’s all about. It’ll be even better if we do it after spending some time without it.”

Jeongguk lets out a long sigh, knowing he can’t do anything to change Jimin’s mind. “This will be the death of me. I’m not gonna make it through exam season.” He pouts. “You won’t change your mind now, will you?”

“Nope. Not at all.” Jimin replies. Jeongguk doesn’t see it but he knows Jimin is smiling. 

Jeongguk sighs again. “Okay, fine. Let’s do this, then. But only because that whole ‘it will feel better later’ thing convinced me.” 

Jimin backs away so he can look at Jeongguk and kiss his lips softly. “Sure thing!” He says. Jeongguk knows he is having so much fun by watching him suffer. 


“You did what?” Seokjin exclaims, pressing his hands to the table. Namjoon tries to hold back his laughter.

Taehyung blinks in disbelief. “How did he get you to agree to that?” 

“Jeon Jeongguk not having sex for probably two weeks?” Namjoon finally bursts out laughing, doubling over the counter. 

Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “You make it sound like I’m addicted to it, god.”

Seokjin smiles. “You just… like it very much.” He says to put it better.

“Exactly, which is why I don’t know how or why I agreed to do that, but now I have to spend all my days until I have my final grades without having sex with Jimin.” He says, kind of exasperated. He’s still thinking about last night and he doesn’t understand why he agreed. It was probably the puppy eyes, the pout, the fact that they both were in the post-orgasmic bliss.

“Well, you can always call up someone else if you’re that desperate.” Taehyung shrugs. 

“No.” Jeongguk quickly replies.

The café falls quiet around them.

“No?” Seokjin frowns, confused.

“I don’t wanna… do it with someone else.” Jeongguk admits, looking away. 

His friends look at each other and then back at Jeongguk.

“Well that is new.” Namjoon points out.

Taehyung grabs one cleaning cloth and goes over to the table next to Jeongguk’s to clean it, being the last one he had to clean up. “You just want Jimin?” He asks.

Jeongguk doesn’t hesitate that question either. “Yes.”

“Are you… aware of what that means?” Namjoon tentatively asks. 

On the other hand, Seokjin only teases him. “Is our Jeonggukkie falling in love?”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “Stop teasing, it’s not that.” He crosses his arms over his chest. “I just— I want Jimin only and that’s it.” He frowns, thinking about what it might mean if he only wants to bring Jimin to bed with him. And not only that, but also spending time with him, playing with Gureum with him… studying with him. 

“Hi!” A cheerful and melodic voice enters the empty café, making Jeongguk turn around on cue because that’s Jimin’s voice one hundred per cent.

They decided to meet up at Namjoon’s café at 7pm, because Jimin had classes until late. Jeongguk was waiting for him with his backpack full of notebooks and books. 

“Oh, hey Jimin!” Jeongguk says, getting up and fighting the urge to sweep him off his feet and kissing him right then and there. He could do it since it’s only them and Jeongguk’s friends, but they’re not boyfriends or anything, so it would probably feel weird. “These are my friends. You already know Seokijn— that’s his boyfriend Namjoon, and this is Taehyung.” He introduces his friends to Jimin, and the older can’t stop smiling.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you.” He bows politely, cheeks blushing slightly. “Shall we get started, then?” He turns to talk to Jeongguk.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk replies, rather unenthusiastically.

“What are you going to do?” Seokjin asks Jimin, as if he didn’t know already. Jeongguk suddenly has the urge to kick him for the teasing he’s about to go through.
“Study for our finals!” Jimin replies, gripping the strap of his backpack tighter.

Seokjin smiles at Jimin, and then turns to look at Jeongguk. The smile he gives the younger is much eviller. “Ah… good luck, then!”

“Thank you!” Jimin says, oblivious to everything. 

“Here, let’s sit over there.” Jeongguk leads Jimin to the table that is farther away from all his friends at the counter. 

They sit down and Jimin places his bag on his lap. “I brought some books that I thought would be useful for you.” Jimin says excitedly. He opens up his bag and takes out a stack of books, two of them are given to Jeongguk.

“Thank you, baby.” Jeongguk takes them gladly and sees Jimin smiling at the term of endearment.

“We’ll be dedicating one hour to each subject, okay? And once we’re done, we’ll take a fifteen-minute break to eat something or just talk. Is that okay with you?” Jimin suggests, intertwining his own hands together.

Jeongguk nods. “Mhm, that’s fine.” 

So they get at it. Jimin doesn’t waste any second. He turns his laptop on, ties the strands of hair falling on his eyes in a small bun, takes a book out and a couple of pencils and pens. And for an hour straight, he disconnects from the world and only focuses on his books. 

Jeongguk, on the other hand, opens his books, reads through them a couple of times, and he already wants to quit. He looks at the time and only half an hour has passed. He’s supposed to stay there for another half an hour until he can take a break, so he starts reading the pages over and over again. He even takes one of Jimin’s markers with his permission and starts highlighting everything he’s reading with little care to determine whether it’s useful information or not. 

Finally, the clock strikes 8pm. Jimin leaves his books immediately and stretches his limbs with a long sigh. “Ah, I didn’t do everything I wanted.” He pouts. “How did it go?” He looks over at Jeongguk.

“Great.” Jeongguk tries to be as optimistic as possible, so Jimin doesn’t comment on his dry response. “Do you want to order something to eat?” 

“Yes.” Jimin nods enthusiastically. “Are there any pancakes?”

“Pancakes at 8pm?” Jeongguk snorts. 

“Why not?” Jimin tilts his head, and the eyes he gives Jeongguk are enough for the younger to get up from the chair and order pancakes for them to share. They eat them with enjoyment, and once they’re finished, Jimin tells Jeongguk it’s time to get back to studying. 

They both move to another subject and Jimin repeats the same actions from before. He grabs another marker with a different colour and concentrates on the textbook in front of him. Jeongguk sees as he gets stuck in one page and he wonders if he’s having trouble with it. 

Jeongguk reads his textbook two times, and then he starts to become more distracted with Jimin. 

He sees as Jimin bites his lips when he doesn’t understand something, how he tries to bite his nails but stops himself at the last minute, how he paints his face accidentally with the marker as he reads. 

He looks adorable, and Jeongguk can’t get enough of him. Ever.

His textbook is long forgotten in front of him, so he decides to do something that’s probably too inappropriate to be doing in a public space. Jeongguk came here with sandals and socks, so he takes off one of his black sandals and starts caressing Jimin’s ankle with his foot. 

Jeongguk sees as Jimin visibly tenses but doesn’t raise his sight to look at him. So he only brings his foot further up.

Jimin rests his head on his hand and tries to hide the smile on his face. When he feels the foot is reaching his thigh, he takes his leg away and gently kicks Jeongguk’s foot away. 

“Stop.” Jimin whispers, still fighting his smile. 

“I’m not doing anything.” Jeongguk says innocently.

Jimin gets back to studying, but eventually Jeongguk starts rubbing his leg. Jimin plays with him for a while, but then it’s like he remembers the agreement they have and that they’re on a public space and he tells him to stop it more seriously. 

“Jiminie, come on…” Jeongguk almost begs at this point. “This is really boring. I’m tired of studying! It’s too much.” He rolls his eyes and whines. 

“You’re doing great! But you have to focus now.” Jimin says, pointing at his book with his pencil. Jeongguk pouts even more. “Just fifteen minutes more and we’ll stop.” Jimin says. “That’s what we said! Two hours every day for now.” 

“For now?!” Jeongguk exclaims, at least it makes Jimin laugh.

They get back to studying for a bit more, and when the clock strikes 9pm Jeongguk feels free. 

They spend some more time talking to Jeongguk’s friends and they eventually leave to their college dorms. They talk about their day, what they ate for lunch and about Jeongguk’s taste in music. Once they get back to their dorms, Jimin and Jeongguk are both standing in front of Jimin’s door. 

“Well, that was day one.” Jimin smiles. “I think it went great.” He says, hugging his laptop to his chest.

It’s probably just him, but Jeongguk feels like Jimin looks at him with so much fondness in his eyes. “I’m not even gonna get a kiss?” Jeongguk pouts.

“Right— right here?” Jimin stutters. They’ve never really done anything like this outside of the four walls of their bedrooms. 

“Yeah.” Jeongguk replies, eyes drifting to Jimin’s lips. 

Jimin thought Jeongguk wouldn’t want to kiss him in the middle of the hallway, but for some reason, the thought of Jeongguk wanting exactly that makes Jimin’s heart flutter. So he rolls his eyes and smiles, taking two steps closer to Jeongguk and getting on his tiptoes. He giggles before pressing his lips to Jeongguk’s in a quick peck. “That’s all you’re getting.”

Jeongguk pouts. “Only that?” He circles Jimin’s waist with his arms so he doesn’t step back.

“I can’t spoil you this much when we’re supposed to follow our agreement.” Jimin says, tilting his head and placing his hands on Jeongguk’s chest.

“We said ‘no sex’, not ‘no kissing’, though.” Jeongguk says cheekily. 

Jimin snorts. “Damnit, you’re right.” He says, faking his disappointment. If he’s honest, he’s been wanting to kiss Jeongguk all day, especially when they were playing footsies under the table. 

“Just one more.” Jeongguk says, puckering his lips and closing his eyes.

Jimin laughs and gives him what he wants. He sneaks his hands on Jeongguk’s nape and kisses him properly, opening his mouth to kiss him longer and enjoying the moment. “See you tomorrow.” Jimin whispers against his lips. 


The week before the final exams goes by like this, with Jeongguk and Jimin meeting after classes to study together. Jeongguk doesn’t get tired of trying to woo Jimin and make him change his mind about the whole deal, but Jeongguk constantly forgets that Jimin is practically immune at this point, because he had been without any form of physical intimacy for so long until he met Jeongguk. Jimin has to admit, though, that Jeongguk almost broke his resolve at least four times out of five, and it wasn’t easy refusing his tempting offers of bending him over the desk or having a quickie in the bathroom. It didn’t help either that Jeongguk demanded kisses every night before parting their ways, and Jimin always gave them to him. Jeongguk had become soft around him and Jimin loved it. Under that tough mask he liked to wear around campus, Jeongguk was a soft baby with the need to be taken care of, and Jimin was more ready to do so as days passed by. 

Surprisingly, they both had held their urges like two champs, and Jimin felt powerful and proud of himself. That is why, on a Sunday evening, when he is waiting for Jeongguk to appear at the library, he doesn’t get angry when Jeongguk doesn’t show up on time. He checks the clock after fifteen minutes, and Jeongguk is still nowhere to be seen. It’s impossible that he has forgot about it because they talked about meeting at the library right that morning, and they’ve been doing it for a week straight by now. 

Jimin frowns and texts him after half an hour, somehow unable to concentrate on his textbooks if Jeongguk isn’t in front of him and trying to get his attention. When he has no reply ten minutes later, not even the blue tick that confirms that he’s indeed read the message, he gets slightly worried. 

Jimin packs his things and heads back to the dorms. He is sure he’s just fallen asleep or he’s forgotten, but Jeongguk is not one to completely ignore his phone, and if something came up, he’d have told Jimin about it. That’s why Jimin becomes worried— maybe something happened to him. 

He walks quicker than usual through the hallways, and once he’s standing right at Jeongguk’s door, he knocks on it rather loudly. There are a few seconds of complete silence and Jimin’s nerves are on edge with all the possible scenarios that his brain is preparing to encounter with.

But nothing could have prepared him for what he’d find right on the other side of the door. 

A guy he has never met before, shirtless, cheeks blushing. 

“Hello?” The man trails, covering himself with the door a little bit. 

Jimin is speechless, he’s sure he isn’t even breathing right now.

Of course. Jimin felt dumb right at that moment. He thought that after all Jeongguk and him had lived together, even if it was for a short period of time, they had some kind of exclusivity. That Jeongguk somehow felt the same as Jimin, even if he couldn’t put his finger on what it was exactly. His own hopes had fooled him, and of course Jeongguk was still getting laid with people, just not with Jimin. 

“Who are you?” The man asks again, frowning in confusion.

“I— Jimin. I have— I should go.” He says, choking with his own words, visibly distressed. He turns around and runs as fast as possible away from Jeongguk’s dorm. 

“Who knocked, Yugyeom?” Jeongguk asks from the bathroom.

Yugyeom turns around and shrugs. “Someone named Jimin.” He replies. 

Jeongguk’s towel falls to the floor and his skin turns pale. “Shit. You opened the door like this?” He wonders.

“Yeah…” Yugyeom says, not understanding why his friend is freaking out. “I mean, my shirt is all dirty so…"

“Shit!” Jeongguk exclaims, putting his shoes on as fast as he can. “Fuck, Yugyeom!” He says again.

“What?! What did I do?!” Yugyeom exclaims, scratching his head desperately as well.

“Fuck, just— grab one of my shirts and go back to your dorm! I’ll tell you later.” He says, leaving his room with Yugyeom still shirtless inside of it. “Jimin-ah!” He starts running through the hallways until he exits the building. He stops for a second and finds Jimin in the middle of the empty campus, right beside a lamppost, leaning into it to catch his breath. “Jimin-ah!” He calls him again. 

Jimin turns around and as he spots Jeongguk running towards him, he turns back and starts running to get away from him. 

Jeongguk had been close enough for him to notice that Jimin was crying. “Jimin, wait! Let me explain!” He yells. With that, Jimin stops abruptly and he turns around to face Jeongguk.

His face is covered with tears and he has an ugly frown. “Explain what, exactly?!” Jimin yells at him. Jeongguk can hear the pain in his voice, and all he wants to do is hold him close to his chest and tell him that it’s nothing he thinks it is. “That you had some random dude in your dorm shirtless when we were supposed to meet to study?” He says, tears streaming down his face like waterfalls. 

“I know how it looks like bout you have to—”

“You’ve been fucking other people, right?” Jimin cuts him. “It’s never been just me, right?” He adds.

Jeongguk blinks at the sudden questions.

Jimin runs his hands through his face, wiping off his tears roughly. “I don’t even know why I’m affected by this when deep down I knew it. I knew we were never exclusive and you’d continue to have more one-night stands.” He presses his hands to his chest. “But it hurts that you didn’t even tell me!” He screams. “And it shouldn’t because we’ve never even been together. What we have is just sex.” He spits out the last bit with a hint of disgust. Suddenly the thought of having just sex with Jeongguk isn’t sitting right with him anymore. Has it been only sex, though? Has it? 

“Just sex? Has it been just sex for you?!” Jeongguk yells back at him, feeling angry with Jimin’s words.

Jimin crosses his arms over his chest and scoffs. “Apparently it has been to you since you haven't had trouble to sneak someone else in your room.” Jeongguk notices the venom in his words. 

“That’s my friend, Jimin. He got coffee all over his shirt and I was cleaning it, that’s why he was shirtless.” He finally explains. Jimin’s frown disappears almost immediately and instead it’s replaced with a surprised expression and two wide eyes. Jeongguk knows he can’t blame him, though, regarding his reputation. “Has it been just sex for you?” He asks the same question again.

Jimin looks down, tears ceasing to fall and the angry feeling being replaced by embarrassment. “It doesn’t matter” He mumbles. 

“Answer me” Jeongguk says, lowering his voice and taking a step closer to Jimin, tentatively. “Forget it, Jeongguk” Jimin snaps, but Jeongguk only comes closer to him. Now, Jimin can smell his cologne again, the one he has come to love so much. 

“I need you to say it” Jeongguk whispers, slowly reaching a hand over to touch Jimin’s shoulder. The older doesn’t flinch nor shrugs him off, so Jeongguk brings the hand further up, cupping Jimin’s cheek.

Jimin leans in on the touch but refuses to say something.

“Please just say it” Jeongguk mumbles, pressing his forehead against Jimin’s and closing his eyes, desperately wanting to hear Jimin’s voice telling him that all he has felt during these past weeks hasn’t been part of his imagination playing tricks on him. That there’s something he could hold onto and he wasn’t wrong about it. 

Jimin almost melts, then, letting out a quiet sob. Jeongguk feels more tears coming out of Jimin’s eyes and he wipes them all off with his thumb. Jimin takes a shaky breath and shakes his head. “It hasn’t.” He whispers. “I don’t think it’s ever been just sex for me. I felt something…  something more.” Jimin says, feeling instantly better for having said it out loud. “I don’t know why. At first it was! But then— I don’t know what changed.” He shrugs.

“God, Jimin.” Jeongguk breathes out with a small chuckle. He brings Jimin’s face closer until their lips touch. It’s short but meaningful, and both of them melt into it, completely forgetting about their surroundings. “It’s never been just sex for me either, fuck, I like you so fucking much.” He confesses, making Jimin smile through his emotional tears. “I— I’m sorry. I know I don’t have the best reputation on my bag, but I promise you— ever since you appeared into my life it’s been only you.” 

“Really?” Jimin looks up with him with glassy eyes.

“Yeah. Only you. To the point that I just wanted to see you because I missed you, not because of sex.” Jeongguk reassures him, then kisses Jimin again. 

Jimin holds onto him like Jeongguk is about to slip off his fingers, and Jeongguk returns the hug just as tight. “I like you a lot, Jeongguk. And it kind of scares me.” He admits. “I was scared of admitting it.”

“I was scared too.” Jeongguk nods. “But it’s okay.” Another kiss. “He can be scared together.” 

Jimin nods and then hides his face on the crook of Jeongguk’s neck. They fall into a comfortable silence, the orange light from the lamppost illuminating the both of them. 

“We’re still doing the no sex thing until we get your exam results, though.” Jimin suddenly blurts out, making Jeongguk laugh out loud. 


It is weird waking up with the thought of ‘wow, I have a boyfriend now’ right before the final exams are about to start. It’s even weirder waking up next to Jeongguk without being naked, but here Jimin is, cuddled in Jeongguk’s arms as the younger is still sleeping before the alarm goes off. 

The final week of exams always left Jimin completely drained and exhausted, and he was always the crankiest during that time period. None of his friends dared to be around him because they’d get scolded no matter what they told him, so it’s extremely weird for Hoseok and Haneul to see Jimin going to their shared dorm with two coffees, wishing them to have a great week and a lot of good luck. 

“What happened to my Jimin? What have you done to him?!” Hoseok exclaims. 

“He got a boyfriend.” He says, before closing the door and running off to his dorm again. 

He can hear Haneul and Hoseok yelling “I knew it!” At the same time. 

Five days later, a bunch of exams taken and a lot of emotional support given, Jeongguk meets Jimin at a bench in the middle of the campus, right next to a cherry blossom tree. Jimin greets him with a kiss and gives him a strawberry smoothie he bought at the cafeteria not too far away from his faculty. 

“Did you get the results?” Jimin asks with a radiant smile on his face. 

“They’re right here.” Jeongguk says, handing Jimin his phone unlocked. 

Jimin scrolls down and his jaw falls to the floor with the results. “All As…” He mumbles. 

“Yup.” Jeongguk says, circling Jimin’s shoulders with his arm. 

“How is it even possible?!” Jimin exclaims. “You barely even studied when we were together at the library! I observed you!” He says, completely happy yet confused. 

“I said I don’t study, and that’s right.” Jeongguk says. “But the reason why I don’t really do it is because I only have to read my notes three times and I remember everything. It’s easy for me to understand things very fast, so I don’t really spend much time on studying.” He shrugs, talking with the biggest smirk on his face.

Jimin is still looking at him with his mouth open. “I’m gonna kill you.” He breathes out.

Jeongguk laughs. “I’d like it better if you fucked me instead, but whatever you wish.” He jokes.

Jimin playfully hits his chest and gasps. “So I have the cutest, most caring, most handsome boyfriend that also happens to be a total genius?!” He exclaims, cupping Jeongguk’s cheeks and talking with a cute tone. 

“You could say that.” Jeongguk’s cheek blush. 

“I’m so proud of you.” Jimin whispers right before kissing Jeongguk deeply, right in the middle of the campus in broad daylight, not afraid anymore. He was now very aware and very okay with his feelings for Jeongguk, and he loved feeling that way.


After all, he ended up finding someone that, when life got too overwhelming, would cuddle him and tell him that it’s okay. 

Someone with whom he could stop and breathe for a second. 

And Jeongguk made him feel alive.