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can we always be this close (forever and ever)?

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“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We’ll be making our descent into Orlando in about twenty minutes, where the local time is 11:37 and it is a balmy 76 degrees. Please make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened and all electronic devices are unplugged from the outlets. Flight attendants will be coming around to collect any remaining trash. Thank you for choosing Delta Airlines.” When the pilot has finished speaking over the intercom, April turns to Sterling, who’s looking out the window at the darkened Florida landscape as it starts to come into view.

“It’s gonna be like 1AM by the time we get to the resort,” April says, putting her hand on Sterling’s jean-clad knee and leaning over her to look out the window.

“Well, good thing we get to do things on our schedule tomorrow,” Sterling says, turning her head and giving April an unexpected but not unwelcome kiss. 

Flying first-class on a late-night flight means they don’t have anyone sitting too close to them, so April doesn’t mind if her wife gets a little handsy. But when a flight attendant starts making her rounds, they’re quick to separate, and April’s hands go to smooth her hair down, though it’s still got enough product in it to mostly keep its shape.

“Maybe we should save it for when we’re really alone?” April asks Sterling once the flight attendant has passed, but even she can admit that this anticipation is more intense than prom night and their first car makeout session combined. 

Sterling nods. “Yeah, you’re right.” She takes April’s hand in her own, squeezing it for a moment. “I just can’t believe we’ve finally made it to this point.”

April feels exactly the same, but she also feels her stomach twist into knots at the prospect of what is to come. No more excuses, no more interruptions.

The plane lands safely, much to April’s relief—it really would be her luck to die a virgin on her wedding night—and their luggage is some of the first to show up on the carousel, which leaves April nervously fidgeting next to Sterling in the backseat of an Uber. Sterling, who seems far too calm, April might add, even if she’s not a virgin. The only thing that seems amiss about her is the way she’s pulling at her t-shirt.

“Gosh, my mom wasn’t kidding about the humidity here, huh?” she says, and April can honestly say she hadn’t really noticed. She has more than one reason to be sweating right now, after she knew to change into a breezy sundress for the occasion.

They make it to the hotel and go to the front desk in the grand Victorian-inspired lobby to check in. The clerk seems to be way too cheery for someone working the graveyard shift—though this is the happiest place on earth.

“Checking in. It should be under Sterling Wesley,” Sterling says, getting out her ID and debit card and handing them to the man. “It’s our honeymoon,” she adds, sounding practically giddy.

The young man’s face lights up. “Yes, I have that noted in here, but congratulations!” he says, then inputs a few things into his computer. “Okay, you two are in room 305. It’s a Club-level king room, so you’ll have an option for evening turn-down service as well as access to our health club and exclusive lounge, both of which can be found with this.” He puts down a map, along with their room keys. “You also have the Magic Your Way package, so that includes your park hoppers for your stay.” He adds two tickets with characters from Toy Story on them to their stack of check-in materials. “The hotel is on the monorail, which can take you directly to Epcot or Magic Kingdom. The other parks can be accessed via shuttle. There’s also a scenic walking path to Magic Kingdom that goes along the lagoon but please do not go near the water if you want to keep your trip magical.”

“The gators,” Sterling whispers to April, who giggles.

“Because you two are here for such a special occasion, I’ve also loaded your park hoppers with fast passes for each of the Mountains—Space, Splash, and Big Thunder—which are good one time whenever you want, and you might also find a find a few surprises in your room, which can be accessed from the elevators over there,” he points (rather curiously, with two fingers) in the right direction as Sterling gathers their stuff. “Have a magical stay,” he says, sending them on their way.

They roll their bags to the elevators, waiting in silence until one opens and they get in. The second the doors close, the dam breaks and Sterling is dropping her suitcase’s handle to cross the space between them and kiss April roughly against the wall.

April drops her bag and grips the bar behind her with one hand and Sterling’s bicep with the other. The kiss is uninhibited and reminds her a bit of what they were like in the upstairs hallway of her dad’s lake house. Which she supposes is appropriate.

The doors open as the elevator dings, and they quickly collect their things and head out into the hall, April leading the way to room 305. “Key, please,” she says, voice imitating Griphook, and Sterling hands her one of their keycards. She opens the door to the darkened room and moves their luggage into the hallway, but stops Sterling from entering. “Wait, it’s tradition,” she says.

Sterling rolls her eyes but smiles as April comes around behind her to sweep her into her arms bridal style. “Was carrying your bride over the threshold really part of your childhood wedding fantasies?” Sterling asks with a skeptical look on her face as April carries her into the room and flips a light switch with her elbow.

“Yes, actually,” April says without missing a beat, and the two of them laugh as she continues carrying Sterling until they reach the bed. “Oh, that is perfect,” April says, noticing the Mickey head made out of rose petals on their bed, which she proceeds to toss a yelping Sterling onto, sending petals flying.

“Subtle,” Sterling says, smirking and motioning for April to come closer so she can grab her by the arms and pull her down on top of her.

“Sterl,” April tries to protest, but Sterling is craning her neck up to kiss the words out of her mouth. Truly, she can’t even remember what she was about to say. All she can focus on is that her wife possibly has the softest lips known to womankind, and they are all hers now.

“God, I love you,” Sterling says, breathless between kisses.

“I love you too,” April replies, pulling away to just look into those striking blue eyes, gently pushing a few strands of Sterling’s hair out of her face to do so. “I’ve been waiting my entire life for this moment.”

Sterling smiles. “Ditto.” She leans up to kiss April again, but April’s mind has cleared enough to know what has to be done as she fully gets off of the bed, and Sterling whines. “Where are you going?” she asks when April grabs her bags from the hall.

“I just need to freshen up,” she says, then goes into the bathroom to get to work.

First thing’s first, her wedding makeup is an absolute mess from a day of crying and general wear and tear, so she’s tearing into a new package of remover wipes and scrubbing until she’s used three of them and her face is finally clean. Then she’s stripping off her dress, which she picked out to look cute for her and Sterling’s departure in their Just Married towncar to the airport, but isn’t necessarily what she would call sexy. That leaves her standing in her underwear, bra, thigh-highs, and her undisturbed garter. It isn’t a bad look on her, she must say, as she looks at herself in the reflection of the glass shower, taking particular notice of how perky the ‘I Do’ thong makes her butt look.

April unzips her suitcase to switch out her strapless bra for something a little lacier to match her underwear, and once that’s on, she gets to work on the hair. Her bristle brush is effective in getting it out of its careful shape, allowing her to touch it up with her curling iron because she remembers Sterling saying that she loved April’s curls best, so curls she will get. And when that’s done, she finger-teases her hair to make it seem not quite like she just curled it, but rather it looks that way naturally—a balancing act that she knows women spend years perfecting.

Finally, she gets her makeup bag to apply some foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and subtle lip gloss. Sterling hasn’t seen her with a bare face in close to five years, and April is not about to break that streak on their wedding night. Could these be her body image issues bestowed upon her by her mother rearing their ugly head when she needs them the very least? Absolutely, and she knows this, but it isn’t going to stop her from putting on her face of “no makeup” makeup.

It occurs to her while she’s putting her mascara on that this is probably taking a concerning amount of time for Sterling, but then, a little anticipation never hurt anyone. Once all of her primping tasks are done, though, April is left with the rather startling realization that there is officially nothing left stopping her from going out into that bedroom and having sex for the very first time. Well, nothing except the crippling fear of the fact that her inexperience will likely make her bad at sex, which Sterling might find pathetic.

April looks at her full reflection again and takes a deep breath. “You can do this,” she says quietly to herself.

“April? You okay in there?” Sterling calls from the bedroom.

“Y-yeah. I’m fine, honey,” April replies, sounding unconvincing even to herself as she goes to her bag one more time to retrieve the final touch to her look—a short white lace and satin robe. “Be right out.”

Somehow on prom night, she didn’t feel this much pressure. Somehow, she thinks the ring on her finger might have something to do with that fact.

With that, April ties her robe and puts on an air of fake confidence that she’s spent years working on before finally stepping out of the bathroom. She returns to Sterling, who is lounging on the bed in only her (surprisingly matching) black bra and underwear. “Hell-o, Mrs. Stevens-Wesley,” she says, a little gobsmacked by being the more dressed one of the two of them.

Sterling smiles. “Oh, these? Yeah, I totally didn’t go Victoria’s Secret crazy with Blair a few days ago,” she says, leaning over to the nightstand, where she’s set up her phone dock. She starts up a playlist.

“Stealing a page from my playbook, I see,” April says teasingly.

“You don’t own mood music, Ma’am,” Sterling says stubbornly, but licks her lips and does a come hither motion with her fingers.

April holds onto her confidence as she walks up to the bed like a runway model, earning a small gasp from Sterling when she puts her leg up on the bed, her robe parting just enough to reveal the garter. “Well,” she says expectantly. “It is tradition for you to take this off of me first.”

Sterling scrambles to get onto her knees on the bed, grasping at April’s ankle with one hand while the other supports her on the bed as she leans in between April’s legs to grip the garter in her teeth, which lightly graze April’s thigh in the process. Then she’s moving tantalizingly slow as she slides it down April’s leg, letting her hands take over only when it reaches April’s ankle and she slingshots it across the room.

How anyone can manage to do that with an audience, April will never know, as it may be hands down the most erotic thing she’s experienced in her far. She knows she should probably do something now, but her mind is coming up blank.

Thankfully, Sterling seems to sense that April may need more guidance than her previously confident demeanor let on, as her hands go to the belt of April’s robe. Her eyes ask for permission, to which April nods, and then Sterling is untying it and slipping it off over April’s shoulders and down onto the floor like she’s unwrapping a present.

“Wow,” Sterling breathes, eyes shamelessly looking at everything but April’s face, and maybe that’s a good thing because she’s currently blushing profusely. This is only intensified tenfold when Sterling dips down to kiss the area around her cleavage, and April’s breath hitches in the back of her throat.

“Sterl,” she gasps when Sterling’s hand goes around her back to the clasp of her bra.

“Is this okay?” Sterling asks, looking up into her eyes for clear confirmation.

April takes a deep breath and nods. “Y-yeah, it’s okay,” she says, though her pounding heart might beg to differ.

Sterling visibly swallows hard and hooks her fingers around the clasp, struggling with it only momentarily before it comes undone, and while April is feeling a modicum of confidence, she takes it upon herself to take it the rest of the way off.

“...Frick,” Sterling says, staring, and April can’t help but find it endearing that her wife still can’t bring herself to swear even when face-to-face with April’s, admittedly, not inconsiderable breasts. Channeling her inner Peggy Carter, Sterling seems to give in to her impulses when it comes to reaching out and touching them. “Wow,” she whispers again, marveling at the fact that this is really happening.

“I take it you aren’t disappointed?” April asks, raising an eyebrow.

Sterling shakes her head fervently, and then, somewhat unexpectedly, she’s moving her hands to grab April by the hips and flipping their positions so that she can push April down onto the bed, head falling back hard onto the pillow. “Still okay?” she asks again, and April rolls her eyes.

“Yes, still okay,” she replies, but she truly does appreciate being asked.

“Good,” Sterling says, then leans down to kiss her as her hand trails down April’s abs, fingers lightly brushing her skin, until they come to trace along the waist of April’s panties. Sterling looks down and a small smile crosses her face as she reads, “‘I do,’ huh?”

April nods. “Got those special for you,” she says, still finding it a little amusing that she bought a pair of underwear with the sole intent of them eventually being taken off of her.

Sterling bites her lip and looks up at the ceiling a moment as if to collect herself. “You’re seriously gonna kill me one of these days, you know that?”

April can’t help but giggle at that. “You’re welcome,” she says sweetly, but can’t tease Sterling anymore when her hand comes to rest between her legs, and April’s mind goes blank to everything except the fact that Sterling’s fingers are rubbing slow circles through the fabric.

“Whoa…” Sterling says, pressing her fingers in harder and causing April to whimper and squirm a bit. “You’re so wet,” she says, seeming both flattered and aroused by this observation, though April can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

Sure, in this situation, it is both natural and expected, but Sterling has barely touched her—a situation that she would very much like to be rectified.

“Fuck, Sterling,” April moans, bucking her hips up into Sterling’s hand for some extra friction, but her wife seems to have other ideas as she pulls her thigh-highs and then her panties off.
Sterling kisses her way up from her ankles and crawls in between April’s legs. “Don’t be afraid to tell me what you want, okay?” she murmurs gently as her hand returns to its previous position, but this time there is nothing between her fingers and April’s clit when she feels for it and resumes her ministrations.

April is sure she’s never felt anything this good before, especially when she quickly feels a sort of pressure starts to build up in her.

“Keep doing...keep doing that,” she forces out as she tries to restrain herself from anything louder, hands going to Sterling’s back. She needs her closer, and Sterling seems to sense this as she kisses April hard, the motion of her fingers over April’s clit speeding up as she does.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” Sterling breathes into April’s ear, and that’s all it takes to send April over the edge, her orgasm hitting her hard all at once as she cries out Sterling’s name. 

Her wife’s fingers are unrelenting until it’s all too much, and April is reduced to a whimpering, panting mess as she pushes Sterling’s hand away. She breathes to try to regain her sense of self that seems to have left her body along with her bones as she lies there. She pulls Sterling down on top of her, needing something to make her feel grounded to this Earth, for fear that she may just float away.

“Need you closer,” April says, her hand going to Sterling’s bra and unclasping it with ease.

Sterling hesitates a moment, and April remembers her thing about never having been fully naked with anyone—not even Luke—and wonders if she may have crossed a line, but then Sterling is removing her bra and shimmying her panties off without really having to get off of April. “Better?” she asks, fully lying back down on top of her, their naked bodies flush against each other:

“Much better,” April says, nodding, and then she’s kissing Sterling again, hands tangled in her hair. She never wants this to end, the feeling that they are the only two people in the world, and that nothing else matters but the beat of each other’s heart—and Sterling’s is currently beating quite hard, considering April can feel it in her own chest.

“I love you,” Sterling says with all the sincerity in the world before kissing April again and then moving down to her neck, where April is sure to have a hickey tomorrow, but she can’t even bring herself to mind.

“Sterling-!” she giggles, her voice going up an octave at the end of her wife’s name when Sterling sucks on her ticklish spot, but she doesn’t linger there long as she continues down, kissing April to her chest.

There, she kisses and sucks at April’s left and then right nipple while her hand goes back down between April’s legs, her fingers circling April’s entrance before she slowly pushes one inside, and after moving it in and out a few times, she adds a second.

The feeling is better than April could have ever imagined. It’s pleasurable in a physical way, of course, but there’s just something else entirely about having Sterling inside her, and she can tell that this feeling could get addictive.

“Are you good?” Sterling asks, fingers almost painfully slowly fucking her.

“Yes...fuck, yes,” April replies in a breathless gasp as Sterling’s fingers briefly graze a spot inside her that has her wondering why in the Hell she waited so long to do this.

Sterling continues at that same tantalizing speed, making April feel every little movement while also practically torturing her with the drawn-out anticipation of it all. This goes on for April’s not sure how long—until she starts to feel somewhat bold, and moves her hips up to meet Sterling’s hand in an attempt to set the pace. She briefly worries that this might be overstepping when it makes Sterling stop altogether, but the look on Sterling’s face tells her that it is the opposite of a problem.

She adjusts her position between April’s legs slightly before resuming fucking her, this time adding the force of her lightly-thrusting hips to the back of her hand as she picks up steam, moving in and out just a little bit faster with each thrust. 

April always knew in her soul that sex with Sterling would be incredible, but now that she’s experiencing it, she realizes that she had no clue at all just how good it could be. The feeling of their bodies moving as one, with the shared goal of getting April back to the brink of oblivion—which seems to be fast approaching, especially when Sterling adds her thumb on April’s clit into the mix—is incomparable to anything she has ever experienced before, or will ever again. It’s good, and right, and a little messy...which is perhaps the best way to describe her love for Sterling, too.

April feels another orgasm start to build, this time not as quickly or as straightforward as when Sterling was just rubbing her clit, but when it hits her, it hits her.

April’s dull nails dig into and scratch Sterling’s back as she feels herself clench around Sterling’s fingers. She’s given up trying to be quiet, but Sterling seems to like that as April’s moans only make her keep going—a good thing, since unlike her first one, this orgasm seems to hit April in waves, and she never wants it to stop. But all good things must come to an end, and eventually, it subsides. Sterling’s hand stills as April attempts to catch her breath.

“Wow,” she gasps, a stupid grin crossing her face that quickly turns into giggling, which is probably not the appropriate reaction to have when her wife’s fingers are still inside her, but she can’t help it. She can’t think of another time in her life when she felt this much joy and contentment.

Her smile must be contagious as Sterling looks down at her with what can only be described as pure adoration as she gently withdraws her fingers and wipes them on the bedspread beside them. “What?” she asks, cocking her head to the side like the puppy that she is.

“I just really love you,” April replies, thinking that if there ever was a perfect moment, this would be it. She points to her lips for Sterling to kiss her again, and her wife happily obeys.

“I really love you, too,” Sterling says as they pull apart again, then blushes. “Also...I really want to taste you.”

April’s feeling a little surprised by this, not to mention spoiled, considering she’s already came twice, but who is she to deny Sterling her wants and desires on their honeymoon? “Really?” she asks coyly.

Sterling nods shyly. “Yeah...if that’s okay with you?”

April can’t help but be amused at Sterling being bashful about this, considering what she was literally just doing. “Yes, it is more than okay with me,” she says, spreading her legs further apart to emphasize her point.

Sterling kisses her softly on the lips and then doesn’t hesitate to move down April’s body. For all her concern about April’s consent to things, Sterling seems quite confident about what she’s doing when she puts her face between April’s legs. 

The feeling of her warm breath on April’s over-sensitive skin is fantastic on its own, but then Sterling’s tongue dares to explore past April’s folds. She finds her clit after a moment, and April thinks that this might be her new favorite thing in the world as Sterling’s tongue starts making shapes over it.

The sensation is both similar and different from Sterling’s fingers. While those made it all about pressure and positioning, Sterling’s tongue is doing something else entirely with its softer touch. 

April moans, her body already overstimulated, and yet she still craves that all-consuming release. Sterling has unleashed a monster, it seems, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

Instinctively, April’s hand goes to Sterling’s head, fingers grasping at her hair encouragingly, but then she’s second-guessing herself and whether or not that action is too much. So she moves her hands to grab on tightly to the sheets just as Sterling's tongue brushes over her in a way that has her biting her lip and breathing harshly through her nose as she tries not to make too much noise.

Sterling stops suddenly, and April could honestly cry at the loss of sensation as her wife lifts up her head from between her legs. “Why’d you move your hand?” she asks, reaching for April’s right and putting it back on her head, which would be sexy enough, even if she didn’t add, “And I like hearing you, too. Lets me know I’m doing a good job.”

April can’t help but scoff at that. “Well, rest assured, you are definitely doing tha- fuck!” she cries when Sterling unexpectedly starts sucking on her clit, the sensation almost too much, but it is so good, and she rewards Sterling with a sharp tug on her hair.

April swears she can feel Sterling smirk down there, quite proud of the mess she’s capable of reducing her wife to, but honestly, she deserves to be smug. It’s—as far as April knows—her first time making love to a woman, and she’s a Goddamn champ at it.

“That feels so good, Sterl,” she gasps, knowing how much Sterling loves her words of affirmation.

She notes the way Sterling’s own hips seem to grind down onto the bed at that and knows she’s struck a very good nerve. “You’re doing so good, Baby.”

It’s getting harder to focus on much else as she feels herself start to reach another climax, but April can’t help but notice that her confidence in letting her wife know what she’s doing to her via incrementally loud moans is increasing by the second. And then she’s squeezing her eyes shut tight, her hips lifting off the bed as she comes, aftershocks hitting her as Sterling’s tongue licks at her entrance a few times.

When she feels like she’s back in her body, April carefully opens her eyes, seeing stars as she blinks down at Sterling, who finally lifts her head up.

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” April asks, somewhat skeptical as Sterling giggles and comes up to kiss her, letting April taste herself.

“Never,” Sterling assures her. “I’ve only ever wanted to with you.”

April can’t help but feel a boost of confidence at that. “Well, then, in that case, let me be the first to say, holy shit.” She tries to hold a straight face after that, but can’t manage it. She’s too blissed out up here on Cloud 9 with the absolute love of her life who also happens to be naturally amazing in bed. April does not know what she ever did to deserve this girl, but she wouldn’t give this up for anything.

“Language, ma’am,” Sterling chastises her teasingly, sitting back on her ankles while straddling April’s thigh.

It’s at this moment that April really feels just how wet her wife is. “Well,” she says, feeling very flattered. “Someone’s excited.”

“Can you blame me?” Sterling asks, blushing.

April has to wonder how in the world this woman always knows what to say to her. “No,” she says, shaking her head. “Do you want me to help?” Her hand goes to Sterling’s thigh and trails over closer to her crotch.

Sterling nods enthusiastically, and April is left to wonder how someone can be so cute while simultaneously so sexy as she climbs off of her and lies back on the bed for April to get on top. “You know, uh, whatever you’re comfortable with,” she says.

April still feels like her legs are made of jelly, but she manages to swing one over Sterling and rolls up to straddle her, hands resting near her collarbone. “Please bear in mind that I have never done...well, anything, so I can’t be held liable if I suck the first time. But you know me; I’ll have it mastered in no time,” April says nervously, her disclaimer seeming necessary, especially after Sterling so thoroughly took care of her.

“Do you want me to help you?” Sterling asks, amused.

April nods. She’s not usually the kind of person who asks for or wants help, but in this case, Sterling’s pleasure is more important to her than her own pride.

Sterling motions for April to give her her hand, which she does, and Sterling makes a point to slowly drag it down her torso, pausing near her belly button. “It’s really just like touching yourself backwards,” she says, and April gives her a look. “Wait, have you never masturbated?”

April shakes her head. Years of internalized homophobia that turned into years of being petrified by the idea of anyone finding out about her, along with the usual everyday Christian shaming of female sexuality made sure of that.

“Oh. Well, uh, in that case, it’s like...I don’t know what else it’s like. But I can show you,” Sterling says, bringing April’s hand between her legs.

April’s breath hitches when she feels the soft, wet warmth of Sterling’s sex. It really does feel, for lack of a better word, inviting, and April thinks she could definitely grow intimately acquainted with this.

Sterling brings April’s fingers up a bit, brushing them over a bump that April can only assume is her clit, given the obscene moan Sterling lets out. Which is perhaps the hottest thing she has ever heard.

“ that,” Sterling says, letting her grip on April’s hand go slack, now acting more like sexual training wheels than a self-driving system as her hand moves with April’s instead of guiding it.

“Like this?” April asks breathily as she rubs Sterling with even strokes of her fingers.

Sterling doesn’t answer her in plain English, but April is going to take her incoherent sounds of pleasure as a yes, especially when Sterling removes her hand from April’s so that she can grasp the sheets.

Feeling bold, April moves her fingers down, finding Sterling’s entrance with relative ease but hesitating when she gets to that point. She feels like penetration requires some extra consent. “Can I…?”

“Please,” Sterling says, rather insistently as she bucks her hips up into April’s hand.

“Somebody’s eager,” April purrs as she pushes a finger inside her, reveling in the fact that she’s apparently rendered Sterling speechless as she gasps and clenches around her. When it feels like she can take it, April adds a second finger and, recalling some of the better-written Swan Queen fanfiction she’s read, curls them towards herself slowly and Sterling writhes beneath her. “How does that feel, Babe?” she says, leaning down to whisper in Sterling’s ear.

“Really...really good. Please don’t stop,” Sterling begs, bucking into April’s hand again.

April loves the sound of her wife begging for her, and she is not going to disappoint her now. She continues to move her fingers inside, finding the spot that seems to make Sterling respond the most and hitting it over and over again like a button.

“God, April, I’m close,” Sterling says eventually, looking up into April’s eyes, her pupils blown.

April bites her lip, absolutely loving the sound of that as she adds her other hand into the mix to rub her fingers over Sterling’s clit. “Come for me, Sterl,” she tells her, causing Sterling to whimper before she’s coming around April, her face doing some pretty amusing things that April will never mention to her, mostly because it’s endearing, and also, she just made her wife orgasm. That alone has April feeling pretty good about her non-virgin self as she pulls out her fingers and experimentally sucks on them.

Sterling looks at her like she just walked on water.

“What?” April asks coyly. “You taste good.”

“Don’t be alarmed if you notice a drastic drop in my body temperature. Just know that you’ve killed me,” Sterling says with a straight face and April rolls her eyes at this absolute dork she’s now married to.

“You aren’t allowed to die. The point of today was that I get to keep you forever,” April says, leaning down to kiss her. “Plus I’m like, way too young and pretty to be a widow.” With that said, she climbs off of Sterling and under the covers.

“Yeah, well, if sex is always gonna be this good, then just know I’m high risk,” Sterling says, shaking her head and sitting up so she can reach to turn out the light.

“Wait,” April stops her, thinking of something. “Can you go put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door? I want to sleep in and I don’t want housekeeping coming in here at 9.”

Sterling sighs deeply but gets up from the bed, grabbing April’s robe from the floor and putting it on. “You’re lucky I love you,” she says, going to the door to open it, put the sign on the handle, and then flips the deadbolt for good measure.

April watches her from the bed, propping her head up with her hand, elbow on her pillow. “You know, you look really good in that,” she says, noting the way that the few extra inches Sterling has on her makes it just barely hang below her ass.

“Glad you’re getting a show,” Sterling says, and April thinks she’s going to return to bed but instead heads off into the bathroom.

Only slightly disappointed, April takes this opportunity to remove her contacts, glad to have gotten to see everything tonight in HD, but having no desire to wake up with the things stuck to her eyeballs.

“So like, which park do you wanna hit first tomorrow...or I guess today?” Sterling calls from the bathroom. “I know you wanna see Galaxy’s Edge but that’s in Hollywood Studios and I think it’s like, the law that you have to go to Magic Kingdom first.”

“Is that a state or federal law?” April asks just to be a smartass.

“Well, I mean, it’s Florida,” Sterling replies, followed by the sound of the toilet flushing and then the sink running.

“I say we play it by ear. Who knows when I’ll even let you out of bed in the morning?” April smirks at this, but can’t help but laugh as the water is immediately shut off and Sterling pokes only her head out from the bathroom, toothbrush sticking out of her mouth.

“What makes you think it’ll be you letting me out of bed?” Sterling asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Uh...the entirety of our relationship up to now?” April says, stating the obvious, which Sterling seems to easily accept as she returns to the bathroom and finishes brushing her teeth.

April does not want to get up right now, just wanting sleep to take her, but she knows from her research that her risk of getting a UTI goes up exponentially if she doesn’t pee after sex. She groans and gets out of bed, realizing the Robe Thief has ensured that she’ll have to do this completely naked, which was probably part of the plan all along.

She enters the bathroom just as Sterling is rinsing her mouth out and baring her teeth at the mirror. 

“You left this in here,” Sterling says, handing April her cellphone from where she set it down near the sink when she was getting ready, then exits back to the bedroom.

April unlocks it, surprised to see a text notification at this time of night, especially since it was only received 15 minutes ago.

Blair 🤡: I’m just gonna assume that you aren’t asleep right now but I wanted to say that all jokes aside, I’m glad you make Sterl happy and that she married you and not some dumb boy.

April smiles to herself, reading the text over a few times as she does what she came in here to do. Once she’s also brushed her teeth, she thinks she’s come up with the perfect response.

Sister-In-Law 😈: You and me both. And I’m glad Sterl has you. Even if you are a real pain in my ass sometimes.

April doesn’t expect Blair to reply tonight, so she’s shocked to get a response almost immediately.

Blair 🤡: That is officially my job as your new twin-in-law. Til death do us part.

Sister-In-Law 😈: I think I can begrudgingly deal with that. Love you, Blair.

Blair 🤡: Ew you’ve definitely already had sex or you wouldn’t be in such a mushy mood.

Blair 🤡: But despite everything, I love you too. Now please get back to my sister.

Sister-In-Law 😈: Why are you even awake anyway?

Blair 🤡: Mind your business.

April rolls her eyes and returns to the bedroom, where Sterling has already crawled into bed, the robe abandoned on the back of a nearby chair. April turns off the lights on her way and gets under the covers, immediately snuggling up to her wife, craving the closeness. She knows that at the end of the day, nothing really has changed between them, and yet, truly, everything has changed.

“Good night, Sterling Stevens-Wesley,” April whispers, kissing her wife’s forehead.

Sterling sighs, already half-asleep. “G’nite, April Stevens-Wesley,” she mumbles, nuzzling her face into the crook of April’s neck.

April could have never foreseen her life taking this kind of turn when she was getting ready for the prom, but she thinks she realizes now that all the hard stuff in the interim has led her exactly to where she needs to be. Sterling is her love and her home. She loves April for who she is, and April would never trade this moment for all the parental acceptance in the world.

Even if her wife is a teenage bounty hunter.