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Maybe teaching Andrew how to kiss with his mouth open was a mistake. He was becoming kind of good... At least, good enough for Norton's standards. He hadn't kissed very many people in his life, but he was sure that Andrew was probably the best at it by this point. He knew how to put his tongue into Norton's mouth, lick against his, and even moved his lips all at the same time. It was... very dangerous. 

Norton knew he was in danger from how well it was going at the moment too. He could feel Andrew move around in his lap to get a better angle. His hips would grind down onto Norton's to scoot closer to his "girlfriend" to smash their mouths together even more. 

Every so often, Norton would have to lightly nip at Andrew's lips to signal that he needed a break to breathe. He only managed to get a quick sip of air before the older man connected their lips again. His eyes were closed, so he must not have known he actually needed a breather. 

Now was one of those times. 

He gently nipped at Andrew's bottom lip and waited for him to pull awa-

"Nnm-" Andrew moaned under his breath as Norton's teeth grazed across his skin. His visible eye fluttered open to meet Norton's gaze. It was like a veil of white feathers being lifted up to reveal a mesmerizing red jewel. His eye was half lidded, a little glassy, and looking up at Norton in a way he couldn't describe. The grave keeper's entire face was flushed from the kissing that almost matched his swollen lips that were rubbed red as well. Andrew's lips parted ever so slightly to run his tongue across the bottom to clean up some excess saliva connecting their mouths. 

"Ah... Norton..." His voice was in a hushed whisper as he brushed them up against Norton's lips again. He was ready to dive back in. 

The airy, gentle, and somehow sexual tone Andrew had sent Norton somewhere he never expected. His cheeks were on fire as he stared down at Andrew with a pair of huge eyes. His heart was racing a mile a second in his chest and there was warmth spreading... elsewhere

He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to imagine something unsexy. He really couldn't stand to look into Andrew's innocent eyes right now. He probably had no idea what he was doing... He never did. Maybe... Well- What was something so horrible that it would turn him off?


What was something unsexy….



"Norton!" Andrew tried to get his attention again. 

Unsexy. Something so unsexy that it could turn any man off. 

No matter how hard he tried, Andrew’s soft voice broke through his thoughts instantly. The only image he had in his mind was Andrew and he was extremely sexy...

"I-I have to get out of here." Norton finally responded and looked down to see Andrew looking up at him with a blank expression.

"What's wrong?" The grave keeper snaked his arms around Norton's neck and kissed his lips chastely. "Can we continue...?" 

Shaking his head, the prospector cleared his throat awkwardly. "I... Really can't." 

"Am I bad?" Andrew touched his lips with his finger and blinked at the possibility that maybe he wasn't good. "Sorry... You can teach me how to be better though, right? We can play that game you said other boyfriends and girlfriends do." 

Damn it. Why did he make up that kissing game? It was a good, reasonable solution to this made up problem. The 'I kiss and then you mimic it' game... It was such a good idea at the time! Of course it was biting him in the ass. 

Norton's eyes were glued to Andrew's lips that were parted, moist, and ready for more. They were probably sitting there and kissing for a good seven minutes or so... Sometimes they could go for hours at a time just because they couldn't get enough of one another.

Lately, their hands started to wander just a little. Instead of Andrew's hands clinging to his cross necklace, he had started to wrap his arms around Norton's neck and cling to him. This caused their bodies to be tightly flushed together. There was nowhere to run or hide either. Everything, absolutely everything , was obvious. 

"No... You're wonderful. It's just that- Uh..." The younger man cleared his throat a little. "You know..."

A tad frustrated, Andrew furrowed his brows as he looked at Norton. He moved around on his lap uncomfortably. One of Norton's magnets was pressing against his inner thigh. It made him want to reach down and move it, but he knew better than to touch without permission. 

"I don't know. Um..." He lifted a hand up to his mouth to bite down on one of his glove's fingers. He slowly slipped it off so it was out of the way. "Here... My mother used to do this." 

Oh Jesus fffuck. 

The way Andrew's lips touched the fabric and the way his teeth were slightly bared as he tugged it off sent shivers down Norton's spine. He swallowed hard and watched as the bare hand pressed against his forehead. His eyes darted upwards to watch it as he blushed even harder. 

"You're warm." Andrew stated the obvious. "Are you feeling okay?" 

"I'm fine! No need to worry!" Norton tried to smile, but it came out a little crooked. 

"I don't think you are. You're really burning up." The grave keeper stroked the other's cheek with his fingers as he lowered his hand to his neck. He traced down his chin with his pointer finger and landed on Norton's scarf. Using both hands, he started to untie it. "Maybe you can cool off like this. Was the match hot? Sometimes I get hot. It feels good to take everything off and let it out." 

"L-let it out...?" Norton felt like he was being tested. 

"Mm. Let out the warmth." 

When the scarf was finally off, Andrew started to tug at Norton's suspenders. 

Norton froze up on the spot as Andrew lightly stroked them up and down impatiently. 

"Take them off, Norton."

"Huh- Why?"

"So I can take your shirt off."


"You're... burning up. If you have a fever, we should-" 

Setting both of his hands on Andrew's shoulders, Norton squeezed them tightly to make him stop. His head was lowered as he stared at his crotch. He really wasn't sure how to explain that his dick was hard from Andrew moving around and kissing him so deeply. 

"I'm... Not sick." 

"I'll pray for you..." Andrew stood up out of Norton's lap and turned around. "I'll try to get Dr. Dyer here... Maybe she'll know what to do." He looked a bit frantic as he tried to figure out what to do next. "Or... Should I pray first? Maybe God can help? But..." 

The guilt that Norton felt in his chest was so immense that it almost made his arousal disappear. Note:  almost. He was still turned on more than he'd ever been before in his life. He should probably just be honest with him. There was no way he could let someone else see him like this. He had a god damned boner after all! It was humiliating!!! 

"Wait." Norton's low, semi gruff voice breathed. 

"Nn?" Andrew turned around with his hand on his chin from thinking. 

As he viewed his boyfriend, Andrew saw something odd. Norton was covering his crotch with his hands and squeezing his legs together. Did he... No... Did he really...?

Andrew looked completely serious as he extended a hand out to touch Norton's cheek. His brows were furrowed with deep concern. "Norton..."

"A-Andrew?" Norton looked down at him with confusion. 

“Do you have a gift for me? I didn’t get you anything… I feel kind of bad.” He had no idea they were sharing gifts… What was the occasion? 

Of course Andrew didn't get it. He must have been so close to the Lord that he never had a dirty thought before in his entire life. Norton felt bad for exposing him to something as indecent as this, but he knew something had to be done. 

"It's not that..." He sat back down with his head in his hands. Norton closed his legs as tightly as he possibly could in hopes of Andrew not noticing due to his bad eyesight. "It's just..." 

Andrew stood in front of him with his hands clenched around his cross necklace. He must have been worried for Norton. 

"Y'know when... you get excited?" He tried to explain. "I'm... really excited right now." 

"Me too." 


Nodding, the grave keeper placed a hand on his chest instead. "When I'm around you... I feel my heart beat really fast. It makes me excited to see you because I love you."

Damn it. That was really sweet and not what he meant at all. Norton wanted to cry. Man.



"Have you... ever... Uh- Had- Well, you know. Ahhh." He pulled his hat down to cover his face. "You know... Have you ever gotten aroused?" 

". . . . . . . . ." Andrew stood there silently. 

Crap. He probably thinks I'm a huge pervert now. This guy must be waiting until marriage or something. I should probably just go... Norton thought to himself. 

"I don't know what that means?" 


"Oh. Then, in that case... Don't worry about it." Norton sighed and wondered if he could get away with leaving. 

"Can you tell me? And... What's in your pocket?" 

"My pocket?" 

Andrew pointed at Norton's crotch. "I felt something hard..."

This was. Awful. Just- Just awful. 

Pressing his thighs together, he tried to cover himself with his hands again. It was hard to cover up the tent in his pants due to his size. Norton was surprisingly well endowed. There was literally no way around it. 

"My... dick is hard. H-haven't you had that happen?" Norton mumbled with shame in his voice. 

"Your penis is hard? Um..." Andrew took a second to think. "Yes, a few times after we kissed." 

He got hard from kissing?! No wonder he was moving around so much on his lap. He must have been feeling good as well... That was really cute, actually. Norton wanted to- No, that was probably a bad idea.

"Yeah, well- Me too. I'm hard right now. W-what do you usually do when you're hard, Andrew?" He tried to suggest that he needed to be alone.

"Are you supposed to do something when your penis gets like that? I just... wait." 

"I mean- Uh. You've never touched yourself?" 

Almost insulted, Andrew scoffed. "Of course I've touched myself. Everyone touches themselves... How else do you think we bathe? What does that have to do with anything... I-I'm not stupid, you know." 

"No- I... That's not what I meant." He really didn't know anything... "Don't hate me f-for this but- Uh." Norton opened his legs and let Andrew see. "I'm aroused- Er... I want to... Not me per say- My body? Or... No, I guess it's me." With both hands over his face, he inhaled deeply to prepare himself for what he was going to say next. "I want to have sex with you. It's why- I'm... Like this ." 

Now that the secret was out... There was no way Andrew could ever look at him the same way again. He really did look like a pervert for getting horny over literally nothing. Andrew wasn't trying to seduce him or anything. His own stupid body betrayed him. 

Instead of a surprised or disgusted response, Andrew still stood there blankly. He looked like he was in deep thought as he leaned down to get a better look at Norton's tent. His eyebrow raised slightly before furrowing again as he tried to wrap his head around it.

So... Norton's penis was hard because he wanted to have sex with him? When his got hard, he had no idea why. Did it mean he wanted to have sex with Norton too? Andrew's penis had never gotten hard before he met him. After kissing or touching for a long time, he found himself getting hard down there. It was uncomfortable, but he always waited it out in case if something bad happened. 

Norton wanted to have sex with him... 

That was fine and all, but there was one question still lingering in Andrew's brain. 

"What is sex?" He asked bluntly. 

Honestly? Honest to God? Norton felt like he was about to fall out of his chair and drop dead that second. He knew Andrew was a little unaware of a lot of things, but he thought something as simple as sex would have been obvious due to how much the bible disliked sex before marriage. 

Andrew was 32 years old and had never heard of it before that second. Well, that was a lie actually. He had heard of it. Sometimes his fellow survivors would talk to each other when they didn't know he could hear them. Or, they would flat up come up to him and harass him. They always asked if Andrew had sex with Norton and who "topped" or "bottomed." He always said he didn't know and they thought he was brushing them off. He was telling the truth... He really didn't know.

"You don't know what sex is?" The prospector felt like his mouth was dry as a desert. 

"I don't..." 

"W-well... Usually... It's when uh- Two people who love each other very much do something... adult with one another. They... pleasure each other because it feels good and makes their relationship stronger." Norton let out a sigh and shut his eyes. "I-I want to have sex with you."

"I... Want to have sex with you too." Despite his expression not changing much, Norton almost feel the way Andrew was becoming antsy with curiosity and excitement. "I want our relationship to be stronger. Where do I start?" 

"Huh? Wait- You're just... agreeing to it?" They were dating and all- But... Andrew didn't think about it for even a second. He saw his cute boyfriend sit down on the ground in front of him on his knees. He looked very content as he waited for instructions. "Gh..." That determination in his eyes... There was no way out of this. 

"Is that bad? I would like to learn..." Andrew waited patiently for the lesson to start.

"No... It's- I mean- You're a virgin, right?" 

"Right. I haven't had a child yet." 

"... That's... First of all, that isn't possible. And- Uh... It just means more like... You haven't let anyone have sex with you before. Not that it really matters. I wasn't sure if virginity meant anything to you...?" Norton wanted to make sure Andrew was entirely sure that he wanted to do this. 

Nodding along in agreement, Andrew twiddled with the glove in his hand. "I haven't." He didn't know he couldn't get pregnant though... Thank goodness. He was always worried the Lord might make him have a child and bring another white-haired monster into the world. Hopefully Mary would have his same luck. It was unfortunate she shared the Virgin Mary's name... 

"I want to. Please, Norton... Help me?" 

"Okay... We should probably move to the bed." 

As they adjusted themselves, Andrew asked a few questions.

"How long will this take?" 

"...I last a while. I'm sorry. It might be an hour or so." 

"Okay... Why are we on the bed?" 

"It feels better and we can sleep afterwards." 

"You sleep after sex?" He shook his head. "That seems... kind of weak..." 

"Y-You don't even know what sex is." Norton sighed as he stood next to his bed. 

"True- Ah. What are you doing now?" Andrew stared at Norton as he started to take off his shirt. His cheeks darkened with embarrassment as he saw his boyfriend's scarred skin. He was very toned and had a rather large chest now that he saw it bare. He looked very attractive. 

"We have to be naked for this." Norton explained as he set his shirt to the side. 

Not really having it, Andrew kicked off his shoes carefully and undid his belt. He slipped his pants down with his coat still completely on. After that, he took off his other glove and his scarf. That was it. The coat stays on during sex. 

Norton paused as he fiddled with his belt. Andrew was way too cute... Still leaving his coat and shirt on. It was a nice try. 

"Can you... take all of your clothes off?" 

"N-no." Andrew replied. "I don't want you to see my skin." 

"How am I going to touch you properly?" He started to pull down his own pants, but was cut off when Andrew lifted his coat up enough to expose himself. Norton could see his half hard dick twitching with interest. He probably got aroused from kissing like he said earlier... Ah. He was too cute. "I-I see..." 

With his own pants off, he walked over to Andrew with his undergarments still on. He wasn't going to remove them until Andrew was completely naked as well. He put his hands on Andrew's hips and pulled him close to his body. "Please take off your coat? You might overheat... A-and, I... want to see you." 

Shoving his face against Norton's scarred shoulder, Andrew squeezed his eyes shut with slight frustration. "I g-guess it isn't fair... Fine..." 

"Thank you. I love you." Norton kissed the gave keeper's forehead as he helped him unbutton his coat. Once he shrugged it off, Norton worked on the buttons to his white shirt underneath. After every button, he would kiss along the newly exposed skin. 

The small kisses going down his bare skin made Andrew feel warmer than before. He was never kissed, let alone touched, in such places in his entire life. It kind of tickled as Norton's lips trailed downwards. 

"N-Norton..." He mumbled as the man got to the last button. 

"Andrew, are you absolutely sure you want to have sex? You can change your mind at any time... I-I'm very happy to do this with you." 

"I trust you. Please." 

Norton helped Andrew out of his shirt and looked at his almost completely nude body with an astonished look. Andrew was thin and beautiful. Each scar that littered his body reminded him of his own. It was comforting to see someone else with similar marks to him. They might have been painful to remember. He knew this better than anyone else. Even so, maybe he could kiss them and remind Andrew that he was breathtaking. 

Noticing he was being stared at for a long time, Andrew's shoulders caved in a little as he hid his chest with his arm. His head lowered in shame as he considered the fact that Norton must have thought he looked like a monster. He probably had never seen someone as ugly as him before. It must have been strange to see someone so pale and gaunt... 

Before he could say anything, he felt Norton's calloused fingertips slide down his sides. It tickled horribly, so he laughed a little. His airy laughter was hushed as he tried to cover his mouth to hide it. 

"Are you ticklish, Andrew?" Norton realized as he hovered his fingers near his sides. He liked the feeling of their skin touching. It was like a dream come true to be this close to his boyfriend.

"Yes- M-maybe a little." 

"I see... In that case-" 


Out of no where, Norton began to wiggle his fingers around Andrew's sides. Andrew burst into a wheezy, kind of ugly laugh as his body curled in on itself in response to the touches. He flinched as he felt Norton's fingers dig into his sides in a way that really made him laugh. He had no idea he was so giggly. He thought it went away after growing up. 

"You're so cute, Andrew. I love you so much." Norton mused along with him. He helped push him down onto the bed and hovered on top of him with his fingers still stroking his sides. 

"A-ah-! W-wait-! Wait- Norton-!" Andrew gasped out in a broken voice between his giggles. He laid there with his arms over his head and his legs pressed together as he caught his breath through small panting. 

Of course, the prospector stopped tickling him when Andrew asked. He sat up a little and swallowed hard. 

Andrew was sprawled across the bed looking like he was already fucked. His chest rose and fell deeply, his eye had a few tears lingering in the corners from laughing, his face was dark red, and he was breathing so shallowly. Ah. He could feel himself straining in his underwear. It was fine- He could deal with it. Andrew came first.

"Nn- Ah- Ah... Mmm..." Andrew's breathing became quieter as Norton pressed their mouths together. His lashes fluttered closed when he felt his tongue press into his mouth for a deep kiss. He wasn't entirely sure what came next, but he trusted Norton enough to let him do whatever he wanted.

Their kiss was slow and sensual. There was no need to rush anything. Their tongues gently rolled against each other's whilst Norton stroked Andrew's inner thigh to get him to open his legs. It felt strange to be touched there, but Andrew complied. It felt like his skin was burning after each brush of his fingertips. Oh... And his undergarments felt uncomfortable. 

Breaking the kiss apart, Norton peppered more kisses along Andrew's face until he smiled. Seconds after, he lowered his mouth down his neck, collarbones, and chest. "You're... so beautiful, Andrew. Like an angel." 

"An a-angel?" Andrew mumbled. Hearing these words was making him feel even more uncomfortable down there...

"Y-yeah, like a real angel. You're pretty. I like the way you look... And your body is wonderful. It's so sensitive. Do you like it when I touch you...?" In a soft tone, Norton's eyes lingered on Andrew's chest. His nipples were already hard from the cold air. They looked really perky and cute too... God. He wanted to just eat him up. 

"It feels... different. I've never h-had anything like this before..." The white haired man turned his neck to the side to avoid eye contact. "I really like it." 

"Me too." Norton decided to go in. 

He lightly kissed each of his nipples before sucking on them. Starting with the right one, he gently lapped his tongue against it in his mouth and watched as Andrew instantly reacted with a small sound of surprise. His eyes were looking directly into his with confusion. That confusion soon turned into desire as Norton bit down on his chest.

"Ah-" Moaning with surprise, he arched his back to get more of Norton's attention. It made him feel really hot. He wasn't sure why Norton was sucking on his chest, but it felt so good. His underwear was clinging to his cock as it strained in them. Normally by now, he would force himself to take a nap to ignore the feeling. He really didn't know what to do in this situation- It was exciting! 

"I love 'em... They're so good." Grinning as he pulled away from one of Andrew's nipples, Norton shifted to the other. As he did so, he gently rolled the sensitive bud between his fingers as he sucked on the other. "You're doing so good... I want to make you feel even better." 

Again, another rush of pleasure went down to Andrew's cock as Norton complimented him. He squirmed around in his place and nodded his head with a nervous look in his eyes. "I-it feels... really good..." 

"Yeah? Wait until I do this." 

Abandoning Andrew's chest, Norton left his nipple with a small 'pop.' He liked the way they were completely hard and a little shiny from his saliva. Andrew was looking more and more aroused as time went on too. Especially in his undergarments. 

"Is it okay if I touch...?" He wanted to check again.

"My penis?" 



With that approval, Norton lightly ghosted his fingers across the outline of Andrew's erection through the thin cloth separating them. Andrew's hips raised to meet the touch out of pure instinct alone. It really made him feel strange... 

"I'm going to take off your underwear now, o-okay?" 


Peeling them off, Norton held his breath as he saw Andrew's cute member press against his skin. It was quite a bit shorter than his own and looked like it had never been touched before. He was so pale too... He could only see the tiniest amount of the pink tip peeking out of his foreskin. There was just a tiny bit of white hair too. He was basically hairless... 

Andrew squeezed his legs together just a little as Norton was mesmerized by his cock. A tinge of shame was forming in his chest from being looked at. "Is it... strange?" 

"No, not at all. It's lovely... I really want to touch it. God," Norton exhaled a shaky breath. "You really... make me feel so lucky to be with you." 

Like usual, his anxieties were melting away as Norton spoke to him. Andrew nodded his head and relaxed in his spot. He opened his arms up whilst reaching for Norton again. "Please- Kiss me." 


As they kissed, Norton held onto Andrew's waist whilst he clung to his neck. With their bodies being so close, it was easy for Norton to test the waters by grinding his hips forward against Andrew's. He watched as their kiss broke from Andrew's surprise inhale of air followed by a small moan.

Shivering, Norton decided it was a good thing and dry humped him some more. He didn't want to scare Andrew by pulling off his own underwear quite yet. Their size difference might intimidate him. The last thing he would want to do is scare his boyfriend on their first time. 

Andrew sighed as Norton sucked on his bottom lip. He could feel his teeth graze against it too- Which was different from usual. Heat was pooling in his stomach at a rapid pace from everything that was going on. He could feel his dick twitch between them and something wet seeping out. Hopefully he wouldn't do anything bad to ruin their time together. He should hold it in...

"You taste so good, Andrew." With a few more kisses, he pulled away and looked down at his body. "Do you trust me?" 

"Y-yes... Ah- Please..." His mouth felt dry without Norton's. 

Norton lowered his body to hover near Andrew's cock. He wrapped a hand around it. He could feel Andrew's entire body tense as he lightly stroked it. "This will feel really good, okay?" 

"Okay- Ah- It... k-kind of tickles..." Andrew was squirming around, but froze when he felt cold air touch his tip as Norton pulled back his foreskin. He whimpered at the sensation. 

Not even a second later, he felt something hot and warm touch his member. His hips jerked upwards for more before he tried to sit up to see what had happened. "Ah- N-Norton?"

"Mm?" Norton slid his tongue across the tip again to clean up some of the pre that was pearling. "Feel good?" 

"I-it's... Good-" He breathed. "But why are you sucking on it? Are you going to fix it?" Hopefully it wouldn’t be too much of an issue.

"Kind of... I'm doing this because I'll make you feel good." Again, he kissed the side of his member and then took more into his mouth. He curled his tongue around the underside of Andrew and lowered his head until he had it all in his mouth. He was only four or so inches- Which was enough for Norton to comfortably move his head. 

The bobbing of Norton's head was too much for Andrew to handle. He snapped his hips upwards to meet each of Norton's motions. His eyes were filled with tears as the overwhelming heat in his stomach seemed to knot up even more. It was like he was melting in his mouth-! It was so hot and tight and-

"N-Norton-!" He cried out his name and clung to Norton's hair tightly as he came in a few seconds. His dick shot out a few healthy amounts of cum as he tried to keep Norton's mouth close to his cock. His body twitched as he squeezed his eyes shut. Small mewls and whines were slipping out of his lips between each breath.

It was a little surprising for Andrew to release that quickly. Norton didn't have anywhere to go, so he kept sucking whilst bracing himself as hot cum flowed into his mouth. He grabbed onto Andrew's hips to stop him from thrusting as he swallowed around him. It was thick and difficult to swallow, so some seeped out of the corner of his mouth. 

"H-hah... Ah-" Clutching onto the sheets instead of Norton's hair, Andrew laid there limply. It felt like he was floating on a cloud of white as he tried to come down as quickly as he could to see his “girlfriend” once more.

“Did you like that?” Norton wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand as he stroked Andrew’s quivering thigh. “You did really well.” Even though he did just come really early. It was to be expected though. He never touched himself there before; let alone be sucked on.

“I-it was really good… I can’t explain it. Um- But-” He slowly sat up to try and touch Norton’s. “I should repay the favor…” He was older than him, so it would only make sense that it was his turn to take the lead. 

“I…” Norton watched as Andrew hesitantly wrapped his hand around Norton’s clothed cock and stroked it. “I can wait. I want you to feel good and remember this.” 

“I see…” Andrew pulled his hand back and wondered if he had done a really bad job. Norton’s dick felt so much bigger than his own. Even through his underwear, he could tell it was longer and thicker. Ah, that was a little embarrassing. “Can I do something to make you feel good though? I’m older than you.”

“You are older than me, yes. That just means I should pleasure you a bit more.” Norton grinned as he kissed Andrew’s nose.

“Mmn… I guess so…” He would get his turn eventually.

“So… This part is- Uh…” The taller male stood up from his spot and wandered over to his dresser. He pulled out a small bottle that made Andrew squint with curiosity. "Before we have actual sex… I’ll need to prepare you.” 

“I’m prepared.” Andrew sat on the bed with his hands in his lap. “I’m ready.”

“No, you’re not. It’s- It’s… A little more complicated than that.” Rubbing the back of his neck, Norton awkwardly came back to the bed with the lube in his hand. “So, for sex… I’m going to put my dick into you.”

With a flat expression, the older man leaned in with seriousness. “In me?”


“My mouth?”


“My ears?”

“What? No-” Shaking his head, he set the bottle down and pulled Andrew into his lap to kiss. 

Once he stopped guessing, he stroked the side of his face to brush the hair away from his visible eye. “It’ll be in your… your… b-butt.”

“My butt?” Andrew didn’t really understand, but he trusted Norton enough. “Okay… So-”

He crawled off of Norton’s lap and pressed his face down into the pillows. Then, he stuck his ass up and waited. “I’m ready.”

Norton felt like he was going to lose his mind. He sat there on the bed with Andrew’s ass facing him completely in the nude. He didn’t have much meat on his cheeks or anything, but it was still- God. God! He felt really lucky to have him as a boyfriend. 

“It’ll feel really strange at first… Let me know if you dislike it.” 


He drizzled some of the lubricant across his fingertips. It took him a minute or two to roll it between his fingers to make sure it wasn’t too cold for Andrew. 

Meanwhile, Andrew was waiting there with determination. He had absolutely no idea what to expect. 

What he didn’t expect was the slight sting of Norton’s finger intruding. It didn’t hurt, per say… Just… was uncomfortable. He moved around a little to adjust. 

“Are you okay? If you hate it-”

“It’s… fine.”

Pausing after the tip of his middle finger was inside of Andrew, Norton continued onwards when he seemed to be alright. His tight walls made his mind wander already. He wondered what it would feel like to actually fuck Andrew. Norton had only a couple sexual encounters- But technically he was still a virgin too.

“Ohh…” A breathy moan was pulled out of Andrew as Norton touched something nice. That heat like before was pooling in the pit of his stomach again. It felt like pure pleasure was being shot into his system each time Norton accidentally touched it. “T-that… Right there… Please…” 

Not really knowing where Andrew was talking about, he moved his finger around awkwardly. It felt really good inside of him. He was straining so hard in his shorts that he wondered if he should pull himself out already. Would it scare Andrew? Hopefully not… Maybe he could avoid letting him see it completely. 

“Here…?” Norton tried to find the little bump again. When he did, he felt Andrew tighten around him and sob just a little as his fingers dug into the pillow below. “Oh, here.”

“W-what is that?” He breathed.

“Your good spot. I’ll keep massaging it.” 

Norton added a second finger which felt a little uncomfortable for Andrew. He bit down on the tip of his tongue lightly as the stretch increased with both fingers curling in his backside. It was enough to make his eyes tear up from how much it stung. 

It was all worth it though. Each time Norton ran his fingers against his “good spot,” he saw white in his eyes. It was raw and addicting. He could completely get used to such a good feeling. 

“N-Norton… Please- Please…” He whined. He wanted more sensation against it. 

Unable to hold himself back, Norton began to drive his fingers into Andrew at a quick pace. With his other hand, he dipped down into his underwear and released himself. He sucked in a sharp inhale from how nice it felt to not be constrained. 

Wrapping his hand around his own cock, Norton stroked himself at the same tempo. It was hard not to mount Andrew and fuck him then and there. He needed to be patient and help him reach a good place to start.

“F-feels good… Norton… Norton-” Andrew mewled. His hips were automatically pushing back onto his fingers each time he moved forward. His dick was becoming hard again between his legs as it dripped a little pre down the sides. It felt like his insides were aching for more… Was this how sex was meant to be? 

He hoped so.

“You’re doing so good, Andrew. You’re so sexy. It’s-” Norton blinked as he felt Andrew tighten around him. This made him stop his movements and try again. 

“You’re such a good boy, Andrew. You are the best thing to ever happen to me.” 

Again, Andrew let out a muffled moan and tightened just a little.

“Ah… Do you like it when I compliment you? You’re so… adorable.” Returning the motion again, he added a third finger and curled them all against his prostate. 

“I-I don’t know- Ah-!” Andrew’s voice almost went up an octave or so when the third finger was inserted. It was a tight fit now and he could really feel the stretch. His hips were moving around in small circles to encourage Norton to fuck him. “It feels really good- I-I’m… Close again-”

His dick was leaking with desire between his legs and onto the bed. Each time Norton would compliment him and touch him, he swore he could see stars. Why was it so good? Why was sex so good? Even when he wasn’t being touched physically, he felt that connection with Norton grow stronger from every word. 

He was loved… Actually loved. 

The overwhelming amount of emotion and physical stimulation made Andrew go over the edge. He cried Norton’s name again as the white hot heat spread across his body like before. 

Only one spurt of cum came out of his dick this time. Then, it trickled down the side and onto his thigh. His insides clenched around Norton’s fingers tightly as he overcame his orgasm. 

His mouth was open to constantly mumble about how good he felt and how much he loved Norton. It was hard to think of anything else with everything that was going on. 

By this point, his body felt like jelly. He slumped forward with his backside still in the air. Norton’s fingers had slipped out sometime during his climax too. It was hard to come down from it when Norton was helping ride it out as long as possible by stoking that spot continuously. 

“W-what… Now?” He panted out. He turned his head to the side to see what Norton was doing. From where he was, he couldn’t actually see much. All he could hear was something being slicked up. 

“Can you continue, Andrew?” Norton spoke from behind him. 

“Y-yes… I can… I want- To help you next.” He breathed.

“I’ll try to be gentle… I’m going to put my dick into you and w-we will have sex.”

Andrew could feel something hot and heavy slide between his cheeks. He shut his eyes and awaited for it to be inserted with both nervousness and excitement in his chest.

The tip pushing past his tight ring of muscles made Andrew feel like all the air was knocked out of his lungs. He exhaled all at once and struggled to breathe. 

He was thick. Three fingers helped, but the stretch from Norton’s cock wasn’t something Andrew could have ever been prepared for. 

His face was completely stuffed into the pillow. It stung really badly- But he refused to stop. He wanted to have proper sex with his “girlfriend” no matter what happened. “Nn-” Ah, he wanted to cry a little.

“Sorry… You’re doing so good. It’ll hurt for a few minutes… H-here.” Norton slid his hand down to Andrew’s member and pumped it. “Let me know if you want to stop… B-but look. We’re connected now. We’re one.”

They were one…? Connecting with other people was always a struggle for Andrew. It made him feel really happy to be with Norton. His heart was fluttering in his chest as joy overcame his system. At the same time, he also got a new rush of pleasure from Norton touching.

“N-No- No don’t touch th-there-” Andrew was overly sensitive. With Norton’s member about half way in and his own being touched- It was too much to handle. Not to even mention the happiness that had swelled deep inside of him. 

 “Noooorton….” He whined as he squeezed around him. 

“Oh, Andrew…” Norton moaned as his insides convulsed around him and the tiniest amount of cum dripped onto his fingertips. His cock felt heavy inside his boyfriend’s ass. It was being milked and massaged by his walls as he had a semi dry orgasm. 

He had to bite down on the inside of his cheek to stop himself from thrusting forward into him. He had to wait until Andrew was completely ready to go again.

“Norton- I-it’s- So much- Ah- I-I can feel you…” Andrew whimpered pathetically as he really began to lose the strength in his muscles. 

By now, it was mostly Norton holding him up by his waist. “Can I… move?”

“Y-yes- Please-” His cock was resting against Andrew’s prostate and it was driving him mad. He wanted to feel more of that friction like before.

“Okay, here I go…”

The first few thrusts almost made Andrew’s eyes roll back. His insides were extremely sensitive. He moaned with each slow, steady thrust that sent his body forward on his bed a little. 

Norton breathed heavily as he pulled Andrew back by his waist and arm. “Y-you’re so wonderful… It’s tight and hot-” He was truly melting. 

“Nn- Norton- S-so big- Ah-” Unable to get out any real sentences, Andrew sobbed whatever came to mind. “Please- Please-!” He was begging and didn’t even know what. 

“Andrew- I’m going t-to go faster…” 

The heavy, long drags of his cock rubbing against Andrew’s walls wasn’t enough for him. He really wanted to hollow him out and make him remember what he felt like.

“Mm- N-Norton- Yes-” 

That was enough for him to hover over his boyfriend and basically press his chest against his back. He put both arms under Andrew’s to get him on his knees with his head up away from the pillows. 

Now that they were both upright, he started to drive his hips into Andrew with more purpose. Each thrust was short and quick- To pound away at his sweet spot and hopefully make him feel like a real angel.

“Un- Nn-!” Small gasps and cries filled the room as Andrew felt his good spot be rubbed against wildly. His head leaned back just enough to kiss Norton during it all. Both of his hands tried to cling to the ones holding his shoulders for support. 

“Look a-at you… You’re so arousing, Andrew. You’re doing so well- Such a good boy. Do you f-feel good too? You’ve come so many times…” He praised him as much as he could to get Andrew to tighten up again. It was exciting to stretch him out and feel every single tiny movement from the inside out.

“Norton- Oh- G-God…” Andrew was moaning consistently to the point where his own saliva was dripping down his chin from how hard he was getting fucked. His hair clung to his face with sweat as well. 

“I-I love you so much, Andrew. I love you- I love you!” Norton grunted into his ear. After that, he moved to bite down on Andrew’s shoulder.

A loud, drawn out sob sounded as a response. The feeling of Norton’s dull teeth sinking down into his shoulder added a sensation of pain into the mix of pleasure. Normally he disliked pain, but now it felt amazing… He had no idea why. 

The thrusts were intense. He could feel Norton’s hands digging into his shoulders until Norton suddenly let go to change their positions.

He gasped in disappointment as Norton pulled out to push him onto his back. Andrew laid there with his arms above his head and his legs apart; quietly waiting for Norton to fill him up again.


“I… I want to see you.” 

Andrew wrapped his arms around Norton’s neck to pull him close. He nodded in agreement and watched as Norton pushed his legs even further apart to slowly insert his cock back into his hole. 

It was difficult to see from his position, but it made the experience even more arousing. Andrew could feel each inch slowly sink inside of him again without much resistance like before. 

He threw his head back once the quick pace started up again. He felt Norton yank on his waist to pull him even closer than before. Andrew’s legs wrapped around him until he was completely clinging. 

“A-ah… Cute… I love you, Andrew.” Norton watched his tear stained face’s blissed out expressions grow as he dug his cock deeper. 

“L-love you- Too-” Andrew managed to get out between breaths. 

They kissed again with passion. Norton took the lead to fill Andrew’s mouth with his tongue. Andrew could taste some of himself on Norton and wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. It was bitter and a little salty… He would rather taste Norton by himself.

Their bodies were completely connected… Andrew felt happier than he ever had been. Now, he was crying a little from joy. He never knew that someone would want to be that close to him; let alone inside of him… 

Norton opened his eyes during their kisses to see Andrew weeping from how good he felt. He aimed his thrusts against his prostate a little more and watched as his lover came again for the last time. His white hair and pale complexion made him look like he was glowing.

An angel in the flesh and bones…

Nothing came out of Andrew, but his insides clamped down around Norton’s cock in an almost painful way. He groaned against his lips and shoved his dick in as far as he possibly could. His thrusts were barely moving out as he slammed his hips inside.

“A-Andrew… You’re beautiful-”

“Norton- Nn- Ah-”

With a few more hard thrusts, Norton released inside of Andrew as deeply as he could. His jaw clenched as his thick ropes of cum covered Andrew’s insides.

The hot, burning feeling of Norton letting it out inside of him caused Andrew to really get lost in the moment. He felt so warm… It was different compared to usual. His icy skin felt like it was on fire from the heat radiating off of his “girlfriend.” 

That heat was almost the same amount that he felt for Norton. Andrew knew that his heart was full of warmth ready to be shared with him. He had never felt that way about anyone else in his entire life. The only person who ever made him feel warm as his mother. He thought he would never feel the warmth of love again, yet- Here he was. Now it was all thanks to Norton.

“Norton- I… L-Love you- S-so tired...”

It was all too much for Andrew to handle. His exhaustion caught up to him and he ended up passing out when it was all said and done. 

“Andrew-? Oh- Andrew?” Norton pulled out of him and gripped his shoulders with slight panic. Did something bad happen? 

He pressed his head against Andrew’s and could hear him breathing softly. He must have fallen asleep. It made sense after everything they had just done.

He ran his fingers through his sweaty hair and let out a small laugh. God, he was cute.

When Andrew woke up, he squinted at the ceiling. What time was it...? It looked like the morning light was peeking through the window already. How long was he asleep? He should probably get up... 

He went to move, but noticed there was a pair of strong arms wrapped around his waist. Ah. Right. 

Norton's sleeping form was beside him. His face was pressed against the side of Andrew's shoulder comfortably. Andrew wasn't actually sure how he missed him. He was so exhausted he must not have felt his weight beside him... 

Andrew cupped Norton's face and planted kisses all around it. It was enough to make Norton slowly wake up to the butterfly kisses being peppered on his face.

"Mmn... Good morning." Norton smiled as he kissed Andrew back. 

"Morning..." Oh wow. His voice sounded completely raw... He cleared his sore throat and tried to sit up.

The second he sat up straight, Andrew yelped and went back down. His entire body ached in pain from even trying to move a muscle. Tears formed in the corners of his eyes from the sharp pain that shot up his back. Why? Why did it hurt so bad-

"C-careful... Don't move too quickly. You'll be sore for a while. Let me help you out." Norton sat up instead and leaned against the headboard to look down at his sore boyfriend. 

"So... that was sex...?" He mumbled thinking about the night before. He liked it a lot but man. Waking up was a whole other story...

"Yes, it was..."

"I feel like I was hit by a carriage." 

Norton awkwardly laughed and cupped Andrew's face to kiss him. 

"Don't worry... I'll take care of you."