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watch me apply the pressure

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The rope feels coarse and familiar against her skin. It criss-crosses across her body, pinching and tugging at parts, just the way they both like it. Shi Qingxuan could have offered a different rope for Ming Yi’s use: over the decades she has accumulated an impressive collection, every fabric and colour known and then some, even some… unique spiritual ropes that could vibrate and move with spiritual power. But earlier, when she looked at Ming Yi beneath her lashes, and offered up the rope and her body, she chose this one, red and rough, sure to leave marks and bruises for days.

She has a limited vantage point the way Ming Yi has her currently spread out, on her bed and tied to the bedposts, but she looks down anyway. Her chest, framed by the dark red rope, is jutting out obscenely, almost obscuring the rest of her. She has always been proud of the chest she has made for herself in her female form, full and heavy, with big and sensitive nipples, and Ming Yi has certainly always been appreciative. Ming Yi has made sure to tighten the rope around there especially, and the result alone could have had Shi Qingxuan breathing a little bit harder, even were it not for the rest of it.

There are nights she would tie Shi Qingxuan up and only pay attention to her breasts, twisting and pinching them with fingers and teeth and whatever instrument her brilliant, devious mind could think of. Shi Qingxuan would be forced to come over and over again, her pussy completely untouched and aching with it.

Thankfully, tonight is not a night where Ming Yi is feeling that type of cruel. The rope stretches beyond her chest, down and down, with a particularly wicked twist of it parting her lower lips, a knot resting just next, but not quite on, her clit. Ming Yi has had her stretch and bend her legs, tying them to a spreader bar above her, and the result leaves her completely exposed, her pussy gaping around the rope.

“Ming-jie…” she whines, her breath catching at the way even that small movement makes the rope tighten further around her breasts. She can’t move like this, completely immobile, and for once it’s a welcome reprieve instead of torture, because that means she can’t move the rope against her pussy, can’t torment herself with it.

“We barely even started and you’re already like this,” comes the reply. She can’t see Ming Yi right now, but she can imagine clear as day the look on her face: cool, passive, with just a little hint of mockery. She grows wetter at the mere image.

“Of course I’m like this… Ming-jie finished tying me up ages ago but she has barely touched me since…”

“Brat. It’s barely been ten minutes.” Despite her words, Ming Yi finally approached the bed again, and Shi Qingxuan has to stifle a moan at seeing her naked body. It’s only for a second, but she manages to catch a brief glance at her pussy, and it’s wet, the short hairs there curling with slickness.

“Ming-jie should sit on my face,” Shi Qingxuan gasps, and tries to arch up her neck, her attempt at being alluring.

Ming Yi gets on the bed and kneels beside her, although she makes no attempt at climbing on Shi Qingxuan. “And why do you think you deserve that?” Ming Yi’s movements on the bed makes Shi Qingxuan’s body shift ever so slightly, and she gasps as the knot bumps against her clit, the first touch she has felt on it the entire evening.

“Please—” she lets out, trying to bring her body back down against the knot but getting no friction against the smooth sheets. “I’ll eat you out so good jiejie—”

Ming Yi lets out a dark, low laugh. “Is it a reward for me or for you?” she taunts her, spreading her legs right next to Shi Qingxuan’s head and baring herself. “Would you come just on that? My taste on your tongue and a rope in your pussy?”

This is not fair—Ming Yi knows how much Shi Qingxuan loves eating her out, dick or pussy or anything in between, loves the smell and taste. Loves even more when she’s on her back and Ming Yi is sitting on her, the suffocating feeling of it, feeling warm and safe even as she can’t breath, can’t talk, can’t think. She is staring desperately at Ming Yi’s pussy, the hint of pink lips hiding under dark hair. “Please—” she can only beg again.

Ming Yi lets out another mocking laugh and grabs a handful of Shi Qingxuan’s hair, for once out of its usual ornaments and clips. She twists it cruelly in her grip and Shi Qingxuan lets out a cry at the sting, a direct line of pleasure between her scalp and her core passing lightning quick down her body. Ming Yi doesn’t miss the gush of slick she lets out. “Poor little Windmaster,” she leans in to whisper in Shi Qingxuan’s ear. “Such a glutton for pain. I wonder,” she bites at her lobe lightly, then tugs at it. “How much will you let me hurt you, my lady?” From anyone else the title would sound deferential, worshipful, but on Ming Yi’s lips it’s rendered lethal in its scorn.

“However much Ming-jie wants,” Shi Qingxuan gasps out. She tries to catch Ming Yi’s eyes but her friend has now moved to her collar, bared and arched from her grip in her hair. She is leaving marks, Shi Qingxuan can feel that, and she loves the thought of it, of wearing her marks for the next few days, until the next time they do this. “Whatever jiejie wants to give me, I’ll take it. I want all of it.”

She can feel Ming Yi pausing, her lips brushing against her neck. “That’s a dangerous thing to say.”

“It’s the truth,” Shi Qingxuan declares. “Ming-jie is my friend, she’s the best, I’m so lucky and grateful to have her, and to have her do anything to me.”

“Shameless,” she can feel Ming Yi mutter against her throat. She hopes she is blushing. Ming Yi looks so pretty when she blushes. She contemplates asking Ming Yi to show her, despite knowing Ming Yi will only punish her for it, when she feels two fingers on her right nipple, pinching hard. Shi Qingxuan lets out a yell, half in protest, half in pleasure, and tries to twist away from it, but the coarse and unforgiving rope won’t let her.

“You said anything,” Ming Yi admonishes her, and tugs at her nipple. The mix of the pain in her nipple, the pain in her scalp, and the ever sliding friction of rope against skin overwhelm Shi Qingxuan, and she can feel her thoughts washing away from her, her mind going blessedly empty.

“Anything, anything,” she bubbles. “Sit on me, pinch me, use me—”

Ming Yi kisses her—or maybe it’s less of a kiss and more of a bite, her teeth tugging at Shi Qingxuan’s lower lip the way her fingers are tugging on her nipple. Shi Qingxuan will never ever get tired of the way Ming Yi kisses her, aggressive and forceful, although she sometimes misses the first kiss they had shared, when they were both tipsy on wine, lying on the roof of Shi Qingxuan’s palace. She was sweet then, clumsy and unsure of it, and had first pushed Shi Qingxuan away, looking at her with an emotion Shi Qingxuan still couldn’t identify to this day. But then she pulled her back in and kissed her like she does now, like she’s trying to consume Shi Qingxuan whole.

“Not yet,” she tells her when she finally lets her go. “For once I got you all wrapped up and unable to move, and I don’t have to fucking chase you all over the place. You don’t get off that easily.”

“You love chasing me,” Shi Qingxuan breathes out, her mind still stuck on the taste of Ming Yi on her tongue.

Instead of responding, Ming Yi releases the grip she has on her hair and moves down on her body, getting both of her hands on Shi Qingxuan’s breasts and squeezing. Her flesh strains obscenely against the red rope, and Shi Qingxuan moans at the sight, her pussy spasming against the rope. Ming Yi, who misses nothing, smirks. “Getting off on your own form?”

“You also love them, don’t pretend,” Shi Qingxuan says, a red flush on her cheeks. “Ming-jie is a tits person, I know.”

“Is that why you make them so big? Because you know I couldn’t resist them, would have to get my hands and mouth around them?” As if to demonstrate she leans forward and bites at Shi Qingxuan’s left underboob, making her way up to her nipple with little nips of tongue and teeth. Shi Qingxuan can only moan in reply. Besides, she’s not wrong.

With every pinch and tug and twist and bite Shi Qingxuan’s grows hotter, her pussy wetter. Maybe it is actually one of those nights where Ming Yi is especially cruel, and it only took her awhile to get there—but she seems quite comfortable to work on her chest, paying no attention to the rest of her, no matter how much Shi Qingxuan begs.

“Please, please, Ming-jie, jiejie, Ming-xiong, please,” she babbles, futilely trying to shift again to get any friction against her folds. “It hurts, its hurts—”

“Will you cry?” Ming Yi wonders against her abused nipple, blowing warm air on it. “Will the Windmaster cry at my hands?”

“Yes, yes, I will cry,” Shi Qingxuan gasps out, and she does start crying, hiccuping little tears trailing against her cheeks. Ming Yi lets out a shocked moan at that, the first one she made all night, and Shi Qingxuan feels a trill of pride—that it only took her crying to break Ming Yi’s cool. “Touch me, please—”

“I am touching you,” Ming Yi recovers fast, even as she brings up one finger to wipe beneath Shi Qingxuan’s eye. It would be sweet if she didn’t immediately bring it up to her mouth, letting out her small red tongue to taste it, which is so gross, and so sexy.

“On my clit, on my pussy,” Shi Qingxuan continues to beg, “it’s so wet and empty, please.” She has hardly been touched there but has not stopped being aware of how the rope spread her open, how her bent legs up in the air framed her shaved pussy. How lewd it must look, gaping for anyone’s gaze, anyone’s touch.

For once, Ming Yi doesn’t tease her or mock her. Instead, she lets go of her breasts and moves downwards once again, moving around Shi Qingxuan’s body until she is facing her pussy. Like this, she is almost out of Shi Qingxuan’s sight, and she can only see the top of her head, the rest of her obscured by Shi Qingxuan’s heavy breasts. She can already see bruises forming next to her nipples, and she shudders at the thought of wearing her robes tomorrow, of them sliding against her puffy nipples all day, constantly reminding her of this.

She can’t see it but she sure can feel it when Ming Yi pulls at the rope between her legs, dragging it against her lips and hole. “Ah!” she lets out, overwhelmed at the sudden stimulation to the area that has been neglected so far. The rope knot stays frustratingly away from her clit.

“You’re dripping,” Ming Yi says, awe and derision mixing in her tone. “The sheets under you are completely soaked, you’ll have to throw them away.”

“Don’t care,” Shi Qingxuan gasps, the thought of her bed linen the furthest thing from her mind right now.

“Did you already cum? Is that why it’s so wet?” Ming Yi demands, her fingers spreading her pussy lips even further around the rope, causing it to sink deeper into her.

“No, no,” Shi Qingxuan denies, her head thrashing at the pleasure. “Ming-jie didn’t tell me to, so I didn’t—”

“Playing the good girl tonight, are you?” Ming Yi asks. Her fingers push the rope deeper into her pussy, and experimenting, she frames the pussy with her other hand, trying to shut it around the rope. “What kind of good girl has such a greedy little pussy, Windmaster? Look at you—it's trying to swallow the rope whole.”

Shi QIngxuan lets out a sob, the flow of tears on her face getting stronger. “Your good girl, jiejie’s good girl.” She tries to ground up against Ming Yi’s fingers, against this awful rope, but she’s completely helpless like this, and the thought makes her cry even harder. “Please, please let me come.”

She can only see the top of Ming Yi’s head as she leans forward and flicks the tip of her tongue against Shi Qingxuan’s clit. For a terrifying, blinding second she is sure she is going to cum, white noise feeling her ears. She wants to cum but she can’t, she can’t, not until Ming Yi says she can, because otherwise Ming Yi will punish her—and Shi Qingxuan loves punishment, but she hates the look Ming Yi gets, an impossible mix of satisfaction and disappointment. It’s as she’s coming down from that moment that she realises she hasn’t accidentally finished, that the insistent thrum of pleasure borderline on pain is still present in her body.

Suddenly, she realises she’s wailing a continuous stream of begging and pleading, “don’t make me cum don’t make me cum, jiejie please please don’t let me cum—”

“I thought you wanted to cum,” Ming Yi hums against her lips, thankfully having moved away from her swollen clit.

“Not until jiejie says I can,” she stares unseeing at the ceiling, every nerve on her body focusing on the soft touch of Ming Yi’s tongue against her lower lips. When it abruptly disappears Shi Qingxuan lets out an agonized cry, which is quickly silenced when Ming Yi swings her body over her, settling just above her head, her pussy open and dripping above her.

“Eat me out like that’s the only thing you’re good for, and maybe I’ll let you,” Ming Yi sneers at her, and without waiting for her to say anything she lowers herself on Shi Qingxuan’s face.

Shi Qingxuan almost forgot she asked for it, but she’ll hardly complain at a chance to stick her tongue inside Ming Yi, to part her folds and sink into her hole. Usually she would take her time with it, starting with small, teasing licks all around her hole before finally filling her up, but she knows Ming Yi hates it—that she prefers quick and forceful, for Shi Qingxuan to fuck her with her tongue, drooling all over her face. With the way Ming Yi is sitting on her—facing her body, and not the headboard—she can’t quite reach her clit but she makes a valiant effort at it, straining her head against the ropes and the pillow, soaking her lips and chin with Ming Yi’s slick. Gods, she can feel it dripping down her neck.

She moans, and above her Ming Yi lets out a gasp, the sound vibrating through her. She grounds her hips down, almost suffocating Shi Qingxuan, but she doesn’t care, could never care, not as long as she can have this, can have all of it. She can feel Ming Yi leaning down until they’re lying almost horizontally, one above the other, and Ming Yi once more facing her pussy.

“I’m not going to make this easy on you,” is the only warning Shi Qingxuan gets before Ming Yi pulls at the rope between her pussy lips, causing the knot at its peak to grind violently against her clit. Shi Qingxuan’s scream is muffled by Ming Yi’s pussy. “Don’t you fucking dare finish before me.”

She won’t, she won’t, but it’s so hard, Ming Yi relentless with the rope, tugging and pulling and grinding. She isn’t even touching her with her own fingers or mouth, only that fucking rope, coarse and rough as it is, and Shi Qingxuan is losing her mind. She will never offer her friend this rope again, will tear it to shards, will burn it in the hottest flames she could find—

The continuous stream of screams and moans against her pussy cause Ming Yi to grind down even harder. “Such a good girl,” she croons, and it would sound like a compliment if it weren’t for the particular way Ming Yi said it, “that’s really all you’re good for, eating me out and getting fucked by a rope, you don’t even deserve anything better. Next time I’ll just leave you here, like this. Maybe—ah, deeper—maybe I’ll get that other one, the one that can move, and then I’ll really fuck you with it. It’s so thin and soft—would you even feel it? Would you still cum on it, drenching it with your slick?”

It’s criminal, completely criminal, the things Ming Yi can say when she’s like this, her voice low and dangerous and breathy, moans interspacing each sentence. And she calls Shi Qingxuan shameless!

But still, the thought of it, of Ming Yi maybe not even being in the room and still fucking her. The frustration she would feel, the barest whisper of that stupid rope’s movement inside of her. And being unable to do anything about it, not even beg, because Ming Yi wouldn’t even be around to hear her—

Perhaps the thought of it is as good for Ming Yi as it is for Shi Qingxuan, because she lets out a gasp and cums, her juices gushing out of her hole and further drenching Shi Qingxuan, until she’s sure the sheets around her head are as wet as the sheets under her lower body. She’s so tasty, sweet here in the way she is almost nowhere else, and she was right, Shi Qingxuan is greedy for this, her pussy and her mouth and her entire being, greedy for anything Ming Yi will give her.

Ming Yi remains sitting on her face for a moment, catching her breath (and Shi Qingxuan is greedy for that too, the way she can make the cool and collected Earthmaster come undone), before lifting off of Shi Qingxuan’s face. Ming Yi dislikes overstimulation.

Without the distraction of Ming Yi on her tongue Shi QIngxuan is almost painfully aware of her twitching pussy, which by now feels like it’s constantly gushing out pre-cum. “Ming-jie—”

“Shut up,” Ming Yi cuts her off, but she does stretch out a hand to grab at the rope again. “You will cum on this or you won’t cum at all, understood?”

“Yes, yes,” Shi Qingxuan would agree to quite literally anything at the moment if it would let her cum. It only takes a few sharp tugs on the rope to get her there, the knot pushing down on her swollen clit relentless and she—she—

She cums, her whole body going taught, her breasts straining against the rope as she sucks in a breath, Ming Yi’s keen watchful gaze looking at her. She cums for what feels like hours, maybe she even fucking squirted, gods, she never squirted before, how—

Maybe she passes out, because when she next opens her eyes the rope is gone, her arms spread out around her head, her legs sprawled on the bed. She takes a moment to mourn its loss, and better yet to mourn the loss of Ming Yi’s fingers on her skin, releasing her from her bonds. She can still feel how wet she is, her face and pussy both, and she knows she should wash herself before going to sleep, but she doesn’t think she can quite move.

“You called out my name.” When she makes the effort to turn her head to the right she sees Ming Yi sitting cross-legged on the bed besides her, still gloriously naked.

“What?” Shi Qingxuan asks, her head still fuzzy from the earth-shuttering—Ha!—orgasm she just had.

“When you finished,” Ming Yi elaborates, her eyes dark and inscrutable on Shi Qingxuan’s body, “you called me Ming Yi. Not one of those stupid nicknames.”

Shi Qingxuan blinks, still failing to see the problem. “It’s your name? Unless—oh, unless Ming-jie likes it when I call her by one of my stupid nicknames?” she grins impishly up at her.

Predictably, Ming Yi flushes, the color so pretty on her high cheekbones. “As if,” she snaps at her. “Whatever, forget it.” She moves to get off the bed, and Shi Qingxuan, who feels sharply alarmed at that, reaches out and lightning quick grasps at her wrists. “Don’t—”

“I’m just going to grab washcloths,” Ming Yi tells her. No one else would believe Shi Qingxuan if they heard this voice, but Shi Qingxuan knows what her friend sounds like when she is being kind. She lets go and watches sleepily as Ming Yi moves naked around the room, grabbing a towel and a basin of water they had previously prepared. Really, Ming Yi was such a good friend. She was just too shy to show it. That’s why Shi Qingxuan was doing them both a favour by fucking it out of her!

Ming Yi’s motions are brosque and clinical as she cleans herself up, and then Shi Qingxuan, not even having the decency to blush as she swipes it between Shi Qingxuan’s legs. Shi Qingxuan pouts at her. “I thought you might not stay for the night.”

“When have I not stayed for the night,” Ming Yi snaps at her, but Shi Qingxuan can tell there’s no heat behind it. “You won’t ever let me forget it if I don’t.”

It’s true, Shi Qingxuan loves cuddles. But her secret weapon is that she knows Ming Yi loves them too—though she will never say it. “I won’t, I won’t!”

“I’m not lying down on your disgusting bed sheets.”

“They’re only disgusting because Ming Yi was so mean to me earlier.” She’s rewarded with another one of Ming Yi’s special blushes, the ones that were just for her. This one is more on the angry side. The next thing she knows, she’s lying on the floor. Did—

She pops her head over the bed, glaring at Ming Yi. “You pushed me!”

“Maybe you just slid off,” Ming Yi shrugs, getting up herself. “Those sheets are very… slippery.”

Doesn’t Shi Qingxuan know it, with how hard she tried to get any friction to move on her own volition earlier. Still, Ming Yi is full of shit. “You—”

“I’m not going to stay if you don’t change those sheets,” Ming Yi threatens, and although Shi Qingxuan hates it, it’s very effective.

She pouts and complains throughout the entire process, whining about how her breasts hurt, how her pussy aches, how her legs barely hold her weight. Ming Yi ignores her, like she always does. When the bed is finally remade, Shi Qingxuan collapses on it with an exasperated sound. “Happy?”

“No,” Ming Yi answers, but she slides down next to her.

“Liar,” Shi Qingxuan sing-songs, and forgets her momental aggravation, immediately cuddling up to her. “Ming-jie got to cum and cuddle with me, she must be very happy.”

Ming Yi snorts but doesn’t say anything, perhaps hoping Shi Qingxuan will just fall asleep and let her be. Shi Qingxuan plans on the former and rejects the latter. Ming Yi is her best friend after all—and they still need to try out all the other ropes Shi Qingxuan has.