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When Seokjin was young a friend of his father ended up moving in to live with them.


He was down on his luck, newly bankrupt, and his father had offered him a home with them until he could get back on his feet.


He ended up staying with them for three months and Seokjin was eight or nine at this point so he doesn’t remember too much, but he remembers the man was kind and used to play with him.


There was a time the man was changing and Seokjin had accidentally walked into the room without knocking. That specific room didn’t have a lock on it and Seokjin was energetic and would sometimes forget to knock and usually, that wouldn’t be a problem but that day he remembered staring at the man’s nude form.


Seokjin had squeaked in embarrassment and apologized, shutting the door behind him, and when the man had finally opened the door after changing he was met with Seokjin standing there face bright red and looking at the carpet.


The man had still remained kind though. 


“It’s okay Seokjin. Just knock before you come in next time,” he had said and Seokjin has nodded shyly but it was all forgotten soon. At least for the man.


But Seokjin Seokjin remembers carrying that image with him well after the man had left to try to get his life together again.


When Namjoon leaves he entirely disappears from their lives. He never calls or visits again.


Seokjin inquires about him once but his dad tells him that Namjoon has been going through hard times and wanted to be alone and so like that years pass by and his father's friend never comes up again.


That is until Seokjin is twenty-two and freshly graduated from college working in a shitty grocery store to tide him over till he finds full-time work in his field of study.


He’s stocking shelves when he sees him.


Namjoon’s older now, sprinkles of grey in his hair and a little more wrinkles, but all in all he still looks the same though Seokjin's vantage point has changed. He’s still tall, but now Seokjin is too and if they stood side by side Seokjin could probably look at his eyes.


But he doesn’t, he stays rooted at his spot and watches the man who was Seokjin's first crush put some pasta in his basket before he walks away.


Seokjin is nostalgic but it’s a happy kind of nostalgia. He doesn't expect to see him again and he says goodbye to Namjoon.


What he doesn’t expect is seeing him again a few weeks later.


The last his father had said, Namjoon had moved away to try to get his life back together and he hadn’t heard from him again, but apparently, he was back in town now.


It’s late today and the store is quiet and Seokjin can’t help himself. It's like his legs take him on his own to stand in front of the man he remembers from all those years ago and truthfully Namjoon was still so beautiful.


He looks up when Seokjin comes up to him, probably looking more confused than anything about an employee wanting something from him but Seokjin just smiles.


“Namjoon right?” he asks and the man looks even more confused looking around himself before turning back to Seokjin.


“I’m sorry but who are you?” And Seokjin smiles at the lack of recognition in his eyes.


“I’m Seokjin if you remember, I was a lot younger back then though,” and Seokjin watches the older man flicker through names and faces in his mind before his eyes light up.


“Junhee’s son!” He says suddenly and Seokjin nods and smiles and Namjoon smiles brightly, “oh wow look at you in, you barely reached my thighs when you were little and now you’re just about my height. Wow, how have you been? and your dad?”


“I’m good but you could probably ask my dad how he’s doing himself. His number’s still the same and we still live in the same place.” He says lightly teasing and Namjoon throws a hand behind his neck and scratches a little sheepish.


“I don’t think he would really want to see me after I ignored him all these years,” he says, and Seokjin shrugs.


“I think he’d just be happy to hear from an old friend, but no pressure. I just thought I’d say hi.”


Namjoon nods and it grows awkward so Seokjin smiles and starts walking backwards.


“Anyways I should go back to work. It was nice seeing you.”


Namjoon nods again and Seokjin walks away.


Seokjin sees Namjoon here and there more often. One time he even sees him with a beautiful lady, and he wonders who she is, so he asks him the next time he sees him as they have gotten to talking whenever Namjoon comes in. “did you come in with your wife that day?” he asks and Namjoon pauses as he looks at him, but then finally nods. 




“Sorry I didn’t mean to pry,” Seokjin says at the slightly stilted response, but Namjoon just shrugs unbothered. “My dad would be happy to hear about it though. Hows that contacting him going?” he asks and Namjoon gives him a tired but kind smile.


“Still going,” he says. Namjoon hadn't contacted his dad yet and he wasn't sure why. He hadn't told his dad either because he didn't want to interfere or force Namjoon. He had been more than kind to him. Every time they talked so he was hopeful Namjoon was just gathering some courage before he called or visited.




One day it's the early evening on a Saturday and Seokjin is just about done with his shift. Namjoon enters his line and he smiles at him.


“Hello Namjoon,” he says and Namjoon smiles back-friendly.


“Hi kid,” he says and they make small talk about work and Jin’s recent job interview.


“Any plans for today?,” Namjoon asks, and Seokjin sighs.


“Unfortunately not. Probably just gonna go home and relax.” 


Seokjin had gone to a different state for college and so all his friends were far away and he hadn't really branched out and mingled with much of the crowd here yet.


“Not even on a Saturday?”


“Not this Saturday,” Seokjin huffs trying to pretend he’s busier than he is, "Anyways I’m not a big party-er.”


Namjoon just laughs, “Why don’t you come over to my place,” Namjoon says and then pauses, “I told my wife about how your Junhee’s son and she wanted to meet you.


“Oh,” Seokjin says. He’s not exactly averse and plus it wasn't polite to reject an invitation from someone older than him so Seokjin just nods. Why not? Plus maybe he could get Namjoon’s wife to help convince him to finally call and connect with his dad again.


So when he’s done with his shift, which was due to end fifteen minutes after he checked Namjoon out anyways, instead of taking the bus back home, He hops into Namjoon’s car and Namjoon takes him back to his place.


Namjoon is still as nice and kind as he was when Seokjin was a kid and the place they drive into is a nice little apartment complex.


They head up to the fourth floor and Namjoon lets Seokjin into the apartment.


Seokjin looks around and— it's a little bare bones.


Usually, a house with 2 people, especially 2 people who are a family is a little more decorated but this seemed more like a bachelor pad, something like what Seokjin lived in for college.


He decides not to judge. Maybe they were still struggling so it's not as full or homely, he shouldn't judge. He smiles at Namjoon who is watching him and follows him further in, looking around.


“Where’s your wife?” he asks and Namjoon just smiles.


“She’ll be here, why don’t you take a seat?” Seokjin does on the couch. Even though there wasn’t a lot, it was still clean and the furnishings were nice enough.


They continue to make small talk and more minutes pass with no one coming. Also, Namjoon keeps staring at him for longer than necessary and Seokjin is starting to feel a little antsy. He looks around again and gulps. 


“Um, can I have a glass of water?” he asks and Namjoon smiles.


“Sure, help yourself in the kitchen, actually, I'm gonna check on my wife.”


“Oh, sure!” Seokjin says enthusiastically, shaking his head at himself wondering why he was getting so nervous over nothing. He heads to the kitchen and grabs a glass from the drying rack next to the sink and gets some water from the tap.


There's padding down the hall and Namjoon shows up again and he smiles.


“Got your water he asks?” and Seokjin nods and looks behind Namjoon and blinks


“Your wife?” he asks as he holds the glass of water and Namjoon smiles.


Instead of answering he walks into the small kitchen too and crowds him into the counter.


“Um, Namjoon?” he squeaks and Namjoon gives him a glinting smile.


“I had a wife, but I divorced her a long time ago,” Seokjin’s stomach drops. He’s silent, he doesn't know what to say or do as they stand face to face.


Namjoon takes a step closer, too close and their chests are almost touching and their knees knock together. Seokjin looks away, but he can feel Namjoon’s heated stare.


Then Namjoon’s hands come up and they start touching and Seokjin can’t move. He can barely breathe. Suddenly this older man had turned from something like an uncle to an assaulter and he feels trapped.


Hands roam over his back and sides and he tries to move, “no,” he whispers and Namjoon chuckles lightly and noses at his cheek.


“You're the one who followed me here, and stayed.”


Seokjin tries to push back, “because you said—”


“Doesn’t matter,” Namjoon cuts him off as he gropes and squeezes under his shirt, “who knew you’d be such a sexy bitch when you grew up. You were such an annoying shit as a kid."


Seokjin feels some tears build up and Namjoon turns him around and pushes him against the counter in front of the sink before quickly pressing up against his ass.


Seokjin is shaking as Namjoon rubs his quickly hardening dick against his backside. He screws his eyes shut and gasps at the feeling.


“Please stop,” he chokes but Namjoon ignores his plea and pulls him back a bit to suck on his neck instead leaving kisses and bite marks down the column in his throat— his hands are still groping around under his shirt and Seokjin is kind of inexperienced so any touch is sending shockwaves down his spine even while bile crawls up his throat.


Namjoon keeps grinding forward and Seokjin feels like he’s losing his mind as he grips the counter, his heart thundering violently in his chest and his breaths heavy amongst a whirlwind of feelings. 


“You want this, don’t you? You like getting rutted against like a bitch,” and Seokjin just chokes as Namjoon starts humping against him a little rougher before finally grabbing a hold of his jeans and starting to unfasten them.


This finally snaps Seokjin out of it and says no but Namjoon lands a heavy slap on his ass that has Seokjin squeaking and Namjoon takes the opportunity to finally unbutton and pull his boxers and pants down.


"You know Seokjin I never really recovered after that initial failure. I thought maybe if I stopped mooching off your dad and did some soul searching I could get back on my feet but I couldn't. I don't enjoy much of anything in life. I tried to play pretend to fit in but fitting in wasn't fun either so I've just spent the past few years exhausted," he says as he grabs globs of his ass and he squeezes and gropes them.


"You were funny though, you were a weird little kid when you were younger and you grew up— and it was like you were still the same, though, you grew up fucking beautiful," he says and delivers another smack against his behind though this time its skin on skin. Seokjin jumps at the impact and whimpers.


"Hmm that's right you pretty little bitch," he says and then grabs a bottle of oil on the counter and dribbles some onto his fingers to coat them before he positions them at Seokjin's pucker.


Seokjin doesn't know what to say. He just feels tears begin to slide down his cheeks, but he feels out of it. Seokjin had always adored Namjoon as a cool uncle, but he had no words for this and he couldn't find the courage to try to escape so he stays put as Namjoon takes him however he wants.


He focuses on the burn as one of Namjoon's fingers slowly sinks into him and Seokjin lets himself whimper at the feeling as he grabs onto the counter and sink faucet for support.


“I can’t wait to stuff my dick between your cheeks. Can’t wait for you to swallow me up you slag.”


He can feel Namjoon's other hand pull a cheek apart and watch how Seokjin's needy hole swallows up things.


He can feel the stare and he wiggles in discomfort until Namjoon places a hand on his back and pushes him further down over the counter.


“Stay still,” he says distractedly as he pulls his finger out and then sinks it back in and replays the action faster and faster until he's violently fucking Seokjin open on a finger and Seokjin is whining along like some sort of whore.


The heat from the careless way Namjoon is using him could burn him alive and he can feel himself losing his mind.


"Noo," he whimpers because that's what he needs to say but Namjoon ignores him as he sinks in a second finger and scissors open up Seokjin's little asshole.


The third finger follows pretty quickly as well but Seokjin’s mind is drifting lost In a myriad of pleasure and disbelief at being taken against his will.


At the fourth finger, Seokjin gives a confused little sound that has Namjoon comfortingly patting him before reaching back and Seokjin hears a fridge door open and a drawer being opened and rummaged through.


He almost doesn't want to look so he doesn't and it isn't long before he feels a cold thing touch his ass and Seokjin whimpers.


"Take it," Namjoon says as if it is a simple instruction.


Seokjin looks at a thick fat vegetable and he wants to argue but the cold fat cucumber is already pressing against his hole that's now void of Namjoons fingers and it's being pressed inside him.


He sobs and looks up when it still hasn't gone in yet and sees Namjoon holding a camera with one hand and filming. Seokjin shakes and looks away not wanting to be in this kind of film so he keeps his head down as the cucumber continues to be pressed against him till it finally gives and starts slowly sinking in.


The hard and cool unrelenting thickness sinks in chilling him and spreading his virgin hole wide open. Seokjin never planned to have sex with a man, but it's even worse that the first thing to fuck him open would be a vegetable and he cries even as he widens his stance to accommodate the girth.


It's the fatness of a decent cock and long so Namjoon has no trouble putting it in and pulling it out of his hole and Seokjin is being violated and he's scared so he just lets himself cry as loud as he wants as Namjoon has his way with him.

"Do you like it?" Namjoon asks on a hard thrust in and Seokjin just whimpers out small and Namjoon hums in response.


"Mm you're such a good sleeve," he says almost affectionately as he kisses his bare shoulder.


The cucumber is finally pulled out and Seokjin hears Namjoon's zipper being pulled down and before he knows it a fat hot cock is teasing his loose taint and Seokjin leans forward sobbing at what's about to happen.


His hole is pulled a little to the side with a finger and then Namjoon is slowly pushing his hot tool in him as he moans openly.


"Like being split open by someone your dad's age? Huh?” Namjoon jeers and Seokjin just shakes.


As the older man bottoms out, they both catch their breath before Namjoon gives an experimental thrust that has Seokjin gasping when the curved dick teases at a bundle of nerves.


He does it again and Seokjin bites his lip not believing this is actually happening.


After that Namjoon has his fill of his ass fucking him at a languid pace, but making each thrust punishing.


It's worse than the cucumber, so much worse. First of all the heat of Namjoon's cock makes this so much more intimate, it warms his cold insides and sends a burning sensation in his tummy traveling up. He hates it, but Namjoon only gets more enthusiastic.


“Take it Seokjin. You grew up to be nothing but a worthless whore. At least this way you're keeping someone's dick warm, otherwise you're just a cock tease and a waste of space," he says and smacks Seokjin's ass again.


He's ripped from the counter and his pants and underwear are taken completely off before he's pushed onto the floor. Seokjin is standing on his tiptoes with his palms catching the brunt of this weight and Namjoon's bruising grip on his waist keeping him from completely falling over.


The position is a strain and it’s so degrading as Namjoon grunts above him fucking him open. He feels like some sodomized animal as he's barely catching himself from toppling over. He tries to crawl away but Namjoon just follows along not detaching his cock and continues thrusting until they reach the couch again. 


Seokjin's arms hurt and he collapses into the cushions as Namjoon adjusts behind him throwing a leg up on a cushion the other on the floor and continues to drill him without stopping.


He reaches under Seokjin and starts tweaking his nipples. Seokjin's hot by this point, the warmth of the dick has him sweating in the already stuffy apartment and his mind is fuzzy. All he can think about is how Namjoon is grunting and enjoying him and lewdly playing with him.


He feels his jaw go slack as he's pounded into until Namjoon starts grunting and fucking into him harder. Seokjin's voice also pitches and he can't help the way he moans along to the harsh new pace. His dick has slowly hardened during this and every drag against the couch has his dick tingling and a deep itch developing low in his gut. He wants to touch himself and he hated it.


"That's right, use that pretty little voice. Tell everyone how well I fuck you open, baby," Namjoon says, and Seokjin just moans in response. Then Namjoon grunts and starts pistoning into him a clear intent to cum and Seokjin hiccups along wailing until Namjoon drives his cum deep inside him. Giving two final deep thrusts and then burying in and making sure Seokjin takes everything.


They lay there as a sense of mind finally comes back to him and he just feels numb and unsure of what to do.


He's still hard and Namjoon twitches. He finally stands over him before he sinks down onto the couch cushion next to him as he comes down from his high.


"Let's help you come shall we?" he says reverberating and Seokjin squirms.


"No!" He whines but Namjoon manhandles him into a sitting position right on his lap like a child.


Seokjin cries sitting on Namjoon's naked thighs, the strong muscle supporting his own skinny weight. But Namjoon ignores him in favor of grabbing a fist full of his Seokjin's dick and slowly pulling his hand down and up and Seokjin heaves as he sweats from pleasure and discomfort.


Namjoon sets a slow pace and Seokjin shivers feeling exposed in the living room air as Namjoon works on his hard cock in an unsatisfying way and he begins to squirm more and more as little noises fall from his mouth that he tries to keep behind closed lips.


Eventually, Namjoon pulls him close to his chest holding Seokjin so he's pressed up right against his breast bone. He also speeds up and Seokjin pants along breathy little "uh uh uhs" muffled against skin as his body gets tenser and tenser over an oncoming orgasm before Namjoon pulls his hand away and let's go of him and Seokjin cries.


The shame fills him, but he is panting heavily and he had been so close and Namjoon's big warm arms around him felt ironically safe and warm as he was almost brought to an end. he wants to cry at the deception.


"Shh," Namjoon hushed him, "tell me how much you like it 'Joonie' and I'll let you come, baby."


Seokjin tries to pull away but Namjoon's got a hand on his wrist that won't let him leave so he keeps quiet instead.


Unfortunately, Namjoon starts fisting his dick again once the orgasm fades away and Seokjin feels tears slide down his cheeks as his legs slide against the couch cushion and he moans louder as the orgasm builds even faster this time. The wet slide as his dick leaks precome and Namjoon quick arm movements. but again like last time Namjoon lets him go and now Seokjin actually does cry.


Big fat glittering tears pooling and spilling over and he sobs wretchedly for release.


"Say it!" Namjoon demands and Seokjin is so gone he does. 


"Please, Joonie, please, like it so much. Love it, please let me come!" He begs through tears and he sees Namjoon smirk.


As he lightly takes a hold of Seokjin's dick, but with only a few fingers, slow and unsatisfying.


"Yeah, you like me raping your dumb little cock?" He asks and Seokjin nods pushing his hips further into Namjoon's hand


"Yeah yeah like it so much, please please please fist my little cocklet."


At this Namjoon lets out a big belly laugh, but he pulls Seokjin close once more fully grabbing a hold of his dick and then gives him some proper strong full strokes making Seokjin's back arch and toes curl and leaving his body stiff and rigid in pleasure as Namjoon quickly works him toward an oncoming orgasm.


He sucks his bottom into his mouth and bites so hard and then a ground shattering orgasm rattles through him as Seokjin shakes and clutches onto Namjoon who milks him perfectly through it, letting go just as the sensitivity kicks in and then Seokjin collapses into heavy exhaustion. His body was utterly and completely spent. His eyes shut and he wonders what to do now, but sleep claims him before he can even try to run


That's why when a few hours later he is woken up by Namjoon spearing him on his big cock once again he doesn't know if he actually cares.