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Anxiety never expects friends

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The first time Remus ever helped Virgil with his anxiety had been accidental.


Virgil was curled up in the fetal position on his bed; knees hugged tightly to his chest as he sat against his wall and tried to calm his breathing. The silence around him would have been deafening if he could hear anything other than his pounding heart.


Suddenly his door swung open, causing him to jump as Remus came barreling through the now open doorway.


"VEE! YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THI-ssssss...." he trailed off, noticing how Virgil was curled up. "Oh, are you... okay?" Remus asked, unsure of what to do as he took a step closer.




"Do you... want me to go get someone?" The manic side asked hesitantly, knowing what was happening.


"No, don't. They are all busy. I don't wanna bother them."


"Hmmm..." Remus replied, deep in thought before he shot Virgil a large smile, eyes shining. "Well, then I guess it's up to good ol' Remus to cheer you up!" He exclaimed excitedly.


"Oh, that's... that's not necessary, Remus. I'll be fine after a while."


"No way am I leaving you here all sad and mopey! Come on!" He exclaimed, dragging Virgil over to his mirror, which was his entrance to Remus's side of the imagination that the darker side had installed for him.  


"Okay, first, take your hoodie off and leave it here because you'd kill me if I got it dirty, and while I don't mind dying, I don't wanna make you any more upset." 


Virgil squinted his eyes suspiciously at Remus but did as he was told, knowing that once the dark creative side made up his mind, there wasn't much that could change it. As soon as it was off, Remus grabbed his wrist and yanked him through the mirror...


...and into the pouring rain.


"Remus!" Virgil complained, getting instantly drenched. 


"oh come on! You used to love rain! We can go swimming to clean up afterward! But look!" He pointed to a huge puddle of mud.


Okay... Virgil had to admit that did call forth his inner child who would have loved to get covered in mud. He looked up to see Remus running toward it and basically belly flop into the center, sending mud flying up into the air, only for some to come crashing down onto him. 


"Hey!" Virgil snapped, shaking his hands to try to free himself of the mud that clung to his sleeves. Not that it did much good because the pouring rain took care of most of it almost immediately. 


"Come on, scaredy-cat!" Remus taunted playfully before throwing a mud ball at him, which barely missed the side in question. 


"OH, you are SO on!" Virgil replied, smirking before charging at the dark side and tackling him into the mud. Pride or ego about him being too old to play in the mud long forgotten. 


Remus cackled as he was grappled into the mud, causing a massive splash that rain over both of them. They rolled around before he finally got free and ran to grab another mudball. 


Virgil had no idea how long they had been playing in the mud, throwing mud balls at each other or playing other games, but the rain had let up a while ago, and they were still here. 


He had watched Remus from the mud into a human-sized mud castle. He nearly killed himself laughing when he knocked said castle down onto the side in question, drenching him in the mud. 


They then played Russian roulette with a mud cannon, in which Remus lost three times in a row before he proclaimed Virgil a cheater and shot him with a mud ball from the cannon in retaliation. 


He glanced over to see Remus making a mud-angel, which caused him to laugh. The way the mud clung to Remus's hair made him look like a dog who needed a bath, and the mud was so liquidy on the top, it was immediately filling in the angel shape as soon as it was made.


"Hey!" Remus snapped, looking up at him, "What are you laughing at?!" 


"You," Virgil replied with a smirk. 


"Oh yeah? You wanna laugh? I'll give you something to laugh about!" With that, the dark side lanched at the other, tackling and climbing on top of him before scribbling his finger's up Virgil's sides playfully. 


"Rehehehemuusssss!!" Virgil said between giggles, squirming around in the mud to try to get away from the other's tickling. 


"Yesssssss?" Remus replied innocently. 


"Stahahahap ittt!!" 


"Nope, not until your all smiley again!" 


"I am smihihihiley!!!!" Virgil squealed, unable to get free on Remus's grasp. Finally, the dark side had mercy on him. He put his hands on either side of the anxious emo beneath him, looking down at him with a fond smile while the other's giggles faded out. 


"You're a jerk," Virgil said playfully, giving an exaggerated pout and failing spectacularly thanks to the smile that wouldn't leave his face. He looked up at the other and blushed at the gentle, fond smile he was receiving, which was a rare expression on Remus. 


"Mhm, sure. Will you forgive me if we watch a nightmare before Christmas?" He asked, poking Virgil's tummy and inciting a small squeak.  


Virgil's eyes lit up, "Deal!" 


They headed back to the mirror, and Remus snapped his fingers, so both of them were clean, per Virgil's request, saying they were not cuddling or even going anywhere near his room covered in mud like this. Finally, they crawled into bed, and Remus poofed a Tv that hung from the ceiling in front of Virgil's bed. Despite the fact, this was the anxious side's room, and he could have made the Tv himself, he appreciated the effort. 


About an hour into the movie, Remus was leaned back against Virgil's headboard, legs on either side of Virgil, who was practically in his lap, leaning back against his chest. Remus had his arm's wrapped around him, a blanket was thrown over both of them, and was resting his chin on the top of Virgil's head. 


"Thanks..." Virgil mumbled under his breath, too quiet for the other to hear. 


"Hmm?" Remus hummed. 


"Thanks..." Virgil said a bit louder, picking at the seams of the blanket, "for helping me feel a bit better." 


"Of course, my grim reaper, any time- wait," he sputtered, "What do you mean  a bit?


Virgil laughed, "I mean, you helped me feel a bit better." 


In truth, his panic attack was long since forgotten about, but the dark side didn't need to know that.


He didn't realize two sneaky hands had found his sides again before it was too late. 


"Rehehehemus!!!" Virgil protested, twisting around in the other's hold uselessly. 


"Tell me what I wanna hearrrrrr," Remus drawled, clearly having spent too much time with deceit. 


"Ohohkay okay you hehehelped!" Virgil giggled, kicking his feet slightly. 


"Hmm..." Remus considered the other's words, "Not good enough," He decided as he continued his ticklish attack. 


"Fihihine, you helped a lohohot! Just stahahap!" The anxious side giggled. Immediately he felt two arms wrap around him and pull him upwards as Remus slid down in the bed undeath him before he turned both of them onto their sides, so he ended up practically spooning the other one. Not that Virgil would ever complain out loud but...


"Now, go to sleep; I don't want to get yelled at by Patton for keeping you up again," Remus said over his shoulder, snuggling into his shoulder and wrapping him up in his arms closer. 


Virgil snorted a laugh but did as he was told and found he quickly fell asleep. Despite how wild, manic and crazy Remus was, sometimes, nobody could say he didn't care. He may have a backwards, crazy, and strange way of showing it, but man, did he care, and Virgil wouldn't change it for the world.