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Anxiety never expects friends

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The first time Virgil went to logan during a bad anxiety episode went alot diffrent then he would have expected. It was nighttime, about 8'o clock and him and the logical side were the only ones around. Logan was currently laying in bed, sat up against his head board reading a book when he heard the quiet knock at his door.

"Come in" Logan called.

Slowly Virgil opened the door and slid in.

"Good evening Virgil, did you need something?"

"I, uh, well... it's just..." Virgil stammered, fidgeting with his hands and staring at the ground.

"Your anxious" Logan stated rather then asked.

Virgil nodded "I just dont wanna be alone...." he replied.

"I see, please come in and sit then" Logan replied, placing a bookmark in his book and setting it on his book stand.

"Sorry for interrupting your reading" Virgil muttered as he walked across the room to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Nonsense, I'm rereading this book for the 3rd time and even if it was the first, your well being will always be more important to me Virgil" Logan replied. Virgil blushed and simply nodded.

"Would you like to discuss the cause of your anxiety? Talking about it may help you feel better"

"Not really" Virgil replied, fidgeting with his hands. He glanced at Logan out of the corner of his eye quickly. Logan managed to catch the quick gesture however and seemed to get the message.

"Physical contact is also known to help ease anxiety. While I may not be as good at is as Patton, I can at least offer"

Virgil looked at Logan in surprise. "I- really?" He asked.

Logan responded by simply opening his arms and smiling.

That was all the permission Virgil needed to come crashing into the other, snuggling into his side with an arm over his waist and resting his head on logans chest.  Logan wrapped an arm around him gently, resting his hand on Virgils upper arm. 

"Thankyou Lo..." Virgil mumbled.

"Of course Virgil. Would you mind if I continued reading while we cuddled?"

"Go for it"

Logan nodded and began reading, keeping one of his arms wrapped around the anxious emo in his lap.

They lay in comfortable silence. Virgil closed his eyes, letting the soft constant sound of Logans heartbeat ground and soothe him. About 5 minutes later logan broke the silence.

"Is this beginning to help at all?"

"Mhm" Virgil replied with a nod. "Thanks again"

"Anytime Virgil. While I may not show it, I also find this very enjoyable. If you ever have a need for something like this again in the future, my door is always metaphorically open"

Virgil nodded "I'll have to take you up on that sometime then" Virgil chuckled quietly, somehow snuggling into logan more.

"Please do" Logan replied. Virgil could hear the smile in his voice.

This was very diifrent from pattons cuddles. Not better or worse, simply diffrent. While Pattons cuddles were tight and full of love, they were also active and somehow energetic. Patton was always running his hand up and down Virgils back or playing with his hair. Which was great to distract him from his racing thoughts.

Logans cuddles were diffrent though. Logan never moved, just kept his hand firmly on Virgils arm. His breathing was slow and steady like his heart beat. His entire presence just radiated calm and grounding energy, which made Virgil feel relaxed and at ease.

It wasnt long before Virgil had accidentally fallen asleep.

Logan continued reading quietly until he reached the end of chapter. He glanced down, finially noticing the side in his lap was sound asleep, and he felt a smile creep across his face.

With his free hand he put his bookmark into his book and laid it on his nightstand. Luckily Virgil was already in his PJs, unlike Logan.

Very slowly and gently, Logan maneuvered the sleeping emo off him, replacing himself with a pillow in Virgils arms before tucking him in. Virgil snuggled into the blankets and pillow in his sleep contently.

Logan simply stood and smiled fondly at the sight for a moment. He turned off his main lights, leaving his bedside lamp on before heading into his bathroom to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.

About 5 minutes later Logan exited his bathroom, now in his PJs. Just as he did, Virgil seemed to stir awake. He blinked his eyes a couple times as he lifted his head to look around, squinting as he struggled to focus.

"Lo?" He mumbled quietly.

"Right here Virgil, I was simply putting my pyjamas on" Logan replied.

"Oh, if you wanna head to bed I can go..." he muttered, slowly sitting up.

"Theres no need for you to leave. Your more then welcome to spend the night here" Logan replied as if that was obvious.

He could see Virgils eyes light up, despite the anxious sides best efforts to hide it.

"Really? You dont mind?"

Logan shook his head. "Quite the opposite, I'd enjoy your company" he replied with a soft smile.

"I-... okay... thanks lo..." Virgil replied, laying back down into the bed.

Logan crawled into bed next to him, reaching over and turning off the light, before flicking it back on to its dimmest setting to act as a night light. He slid down into the blankets, pulling the covers over him. He glanced over to the anxious side next to him, who seemed to be debating something in his head.

"Hm?" Logan hummed causing the other to look at him.

"I- uhm... can I?" He asked quietly, making some vague pointing gesture toward the logical side. Luckily logan understand what he was asking.

Instead of responding, he just opened his arms with a smile.

The anxious side smiled in return before flopping down and snuggling into his chest, which is exactly how they fell asleep.

It's also exactly how patton found them in the morning, and exactly how the appeared in the sneaky picture he snapped before quietly closing the door to let them sleep in.