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oh my god they were (step)brothers

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》 my stepbro is a stripper??? blackmailed him into giving me a lap dance! 

[tags: lapdance, lingerie, grinding, humiliation]


Wei Wuxian hears his brother come home and decides to ambush him.

He's curious about Jiang Cheng's 'new job' that he's always going off to these days. Jiang Cheng was never exactly the biggest party lover before, but now Wei Wuxian basically never sees him in the evening.

So when he hears Jiang Cheng going upstairs, the stairs creaking quietly in the early morning silence of the house, he waits. When he hears the click of Jiang Cheng's door opening, he stealthily sneaks out into the hall, peering at the cracked open door Jiang Cheng's forgotten to close.

Sneaking across the landing, he carefully doesn't step on the creaky parts. He lands in front of Jiang Cheng's door, and looks through the gap, slowly squeezing it wider and pushing into the room as quietly as he can. Jiang Cheng appears to be half bent over his bag, which has been thrown onto the bed. His coat, the big 'mob wife' one Wei Wuxian always teases him about, is discarded on the chair.

The first thing that catches Wei Wuxian's eye is the pair of boots. Black and sleek, they look to be some kind of soft leather, and they're practically moulded to Jiang Cheng's legs, from the curve of his ankle to mid-thigh. The heels have to be at least four inches, and they certainly put Jiang Cheng taller than Wei Wuxian, which simultaneously irks him and makes his stomach flutter.

The boots seem to be connected to the black garter belt at Jiang Cheng's middle by thin straps, or perhaps it's the stockings that Wei Wuxian can see peeking out from atop the boots. Lace, black and delicate, flowers out across the bare skin of Jiang Cheng's thigh.

Worst (best) of all though, is the poor excuse for underwear that Jiang Cheng is wearing. It's flimsy, black lace. Opaque enough to hide his dignity, thin and tight enough to give absolutely everything else away. Wei Wuxian couldn't describe them as anything other than panties.

The shirt has ridden up his back, and Wei Wuxian can see the sweet curve of Jiang Cheng's ass, barely covered by the lace. Wei Wuxian wants to bite it.

Wei Wuxian is so unbelievably hard right now. He thinks he could use his dick as a murder weapon it's so stiff. 

He must knock into something in his daze or make some stupidly aroused noise, for Jiang Cheng suddenly whirls around. The colour drains from his face as he takes in Wei Wuxian, and he yelps.

Jiang Cheng blushes, tugging his shirt down violently, scowling at Wei Wuxian. He picks up a can of deodorant from his desk and lobs it at Wei Wuxian, but it misses, hits the wall behind him with a loud clang. 

"Get out!" He shouts, but Wei Wuxian is going nowhere.

"Jiang Cheng," Wei Wuxian jokes, gleeful delight surely obvious in his expression. "Is your part time job stripping?"

Jiang Cheng is starting to turn purple. He opens his mouth, gapes for a second, and closes it again. Several thoughts seem to flash over his face until he settles on panic. 

"Don't tell anyone," he half orders, half begs. His brow furrows anxiously. "You can't tell a-jie."

Holy shit. Wei Wuxian had half been joking, sure this was perhaps some kind of bet Jiang Cheng had lost with Nie Huaisang, or perhaps the walk of shame from an especially kinky Tinder date. His mind whirs, absorbing the new information and processing as fast as he can.

Jiang Cheng seems to take Wei Wuxian's silence as a negative, as he moves closer, looking anxious. "I'll do your washing for a month," he bargains, as if that wouldn't spell disaster for all Wei Wuxian's clothes.

"Hm," Wei Wuxian pretends to consider it, tapping his chin thoughtfully. "No, I don't think so." Looking at Jiang Cheng, all dolled up like a pretty prize, Wei Wuxian knows exactly what he wants. 

"Give me a lap dance," Wei Wuxian says, unable to hide his smirk. "One lap dance and my lips are sealed."

Jiang Cheng's jaw drops. "No—absolutely not!"

"Aw, come on," Wei Wuxian wheedles. "It's a simple trade, A-Cheng. You don't want jiejie to find out, and I want to see what you've learned from your new job!"

At the mention of Yanli, Jiang Cheng blanches again. Biting his lip, Jiang Cheng's gaze darts about thoughtfully, frantically. Eventually it comes to settle on Wei Wuxian.

"Fine," he seethes, expression stormy but resigned. "I hate you," he adds.

Wei Wuxian only grins. Jiang Cheng can never stay mad at him, and honestly who could blame him for taking the opportunity? Only a fool wouldn't seize the chance to have Jiang Cheng pretty and bare in their lap. His dick twitches again.

Jiang Cheng brushes his hair back from his face. "Your room," he snaps. "Not doing it in here."

By the time Wei Wuxian is sat in his battered, comfy armchair, stripped down to his jeans, Jiang Cheng is wandering in, dressed exactly the same. 

"Take your shirt off," Wei Wuxian cajoles. "What kind of stripper wears a t-shirt?"

Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes. "What kind of client goes topless? This isn't exactly realistic."

But he gives in, which is the important thing. He drags his shirt up over his head and — oh .

He's wearing a flimsy looking bralette, covering most of his chest and abdomen. Only it's not one piece of fabric; it's several, long purple lines that wrap around Jiang Cheng's torso like vines, lace fizzing at the edges. Electric. 

He looks half delicate and pretty, half ready to step on Wei Wuxian's cock.

Said cock twitches, starting to fatten up.

Wei Wuxian grabs for his phone, thumbing through music and selecting something slow and dirty. Jiang Cheng shoots him a look, sighing.

"Just helping you get into the mood, didi," Wei Wuxian says, smiling. He chucks his phone blindly on the floor, not taking his eyes off his brother.

Rolling his eyes, Jiang Cheng fixes his gaze on Wei Wuxian. Something almost nervous passes through Jiang Cheng, but before Wei Wuxian can say anything, Jiang Cheng's walking over.

Wei Wuxian's never seen Jiang Cheng move like this. Slow and certain, hips swaying slightly. Wei Wuxian's gaze flits helplessly between the sway of his lace covered hips and the movement of his long legs. 

When Jiang Cheng is almost touching his knees, he stops, looks down. Wei Wuxian splays his legs, sprawling pointedly. Jiang Cheng manages not to react, though, and he straddles Wei Wuxian's lap, knees on either side of his thighs. He's wedged into the chair, knees just fitting between Wei Wuxian's legs and the arms, and it feels… intimate.

Slowly, tantalisingly, Jiang Cheng starts swaying, bare inches from his lap. Wei Wuxian watches intently as his brother's hips move fluidly, the rock and tilt mesmerising. Jiang Cheng looks ethereal in the dim light of the room, only the dawn bleeding through the blinds bringing a cool glow to the scene.

Jiang Cheng's eyes are closed, his head tilted back. Wei Wuxian wants to bite the long line of his neck. Jiang Cheng runs nimble hands over his lace covered torso, lingering at his navel and his nipples, making the softest noise as his fingers graze over them.

Wei Wuxian is going to punch a fucking hole in these jeans.

Jiang Cheng turns around in the chair, his flexibility evidently useful here, and does the same sway and rock facing the other way. His ass brushes against Wei Wuxian's abdomen, and Wei Wuxian bites back a groan. He watches his brother's plush ass move, stares at the scrap of lace barely covering it.

The bass of the music thumps, softens. Jiang Cheng's body undulates with it, and Wei Wuxian is—

Either full of terribly good or bad ideas.

The track finishes, moves automatically to another. This one is a quicker beat, shallower. Jiang Cheng turns back around in his lap, and his eyes are open now. Dark and luminous.

He rests his hands at the back of the chair, on either side of Wei Wuxian's head. Jiang Cheng drops lower and lower with every circle of his hips, and finally — finally — he presses down into Wei Wuxian's lap.

Jiang Cheng grinds up in a twisting movement, and Wei Wuxian exhales raggedly. Jiang Cheng rocks against his cock, and Wei Wuxian only has a moment to enjoy the friction before Jiang Cheng goes stock-still.

"You're hard," Jiang Cheng says, eyes wide. Wei Wuxian looks at him incredulously. 

"Of course I am - what did you think I was just going to sit here flaccid whilst you sit on my dick?"

Jiang Cheng flushes, which is just too much. How does Wei Wuxian's sweet, scowling didi work at a strip club? Wei Wuxian had seen the demonstration of his ah, practical skills, but surely he's just too naive?

"I thought—," Jiang Cheng breaks off, shaking his head slightly. "Never mind."

Wei Wuxian wants to pursue that, but he's also hard enough to break rocks, and Jiang Cheng is… very distracting right now.

Jiang Cheng seems to rally, shooting Wei Wuxian a thoughtful, haughty look. Wei Wuxian's cock twitches. Damn, he wants to fuck that look off Jiang Cheng's face. 

Leaning back, hands on Wei Wuxian's knees, Jiang Cheng's body displays itself to him in a tempting arch, hips raised slightly. Wei Wuxian wants to mouth at him through that pretty lace until it clings even tighter to his cock.

"Do you think I'm pretty, gege?" Jiang Cheng asks, looking hazily at Wei Wuxian. He rolls his hips, brushing over Wei Wuxian's bulge.

"Yeah, didi," Wei Wuxian breathes, "gege thinks you're so pretty." He wants to pinch at those nipples, but he doesn't want to tear the flimsy fabric of the lingerie, the purple lines that wrap around Jiang Cheng's torso.

Jiang Cheng hums, moving forward and resting his hands on Wei Wuxian's shoulders, crowding back into the vee of his lap. He keeps his hips high, and Wei Wuxian's twitch up, wanting to get that warm friction back on his cock.

Jiang Cheng drops his hips, brushing against Wei Wuxian's bulge. He groans, hands coming up to Jiang Cheng's waist.

"No touching," Jiang Cheng snaps, smacking Wei Wuxian's lingering hands. Pouting at the sting and the denial, Wei Wuxian removes his hands.

Jiang Cheng moves his hips in sinuous circles, rising and falling like a tide, mesmerising Wei Wuxian with the fluid movements, driving him closer with the friction on his cock. Eventually it becomes too much.

"Didi," Wei Wuxian huffs, "You've gotta let me fuck you." He can't stop imagining it, just having Jiang Cheng like this, pulling the flimsy panties aside and pressing inside, getting Jiang Cheng to ride his cock with those strong thighs—

"No," Jiang Cheng leans forward and breathes against Wei Wuxian's ear. 

Wei Wuxian groans in frustration. "Baobei, please."

"Nope," Jiang Cheng pops on the 'p', settling back into his lap, looking smugly amused, even as he sways and grinds in Wei Wuxian's lap.

"You fucking cock-tease," Wei Wuxian hisses, his prick throbbing with need. "Is this what you do at work? Get men all wound up for your tight ass and then deny them?" He presses his hips up into the friction, riding his cock against the seam of his jeans, the pressure of Jiang Cheng over him. "Do you get commission on blue balls?"

Jiang Cheng laughs, low and mean. "You think most men who go there last longer than a couple of grinds? There's a reason there's wet wipes everywhere."

As Wei Wuxian is processing that information - stuck in the disbelieving fury of some creep coming in his trousers with Jiang Cheng sat in his lap, scantily clad - Jiang Cheng rises back up. He moves back and turns around, shuffling so that his thighs are still straddling Wei Wuxian's lap.

Jiang Cheng sinks back down, facing away, spine a deep curve that Wei Wuxian wants to stroke. Cowgirl, Wei Wuxian thinks dizzily, gaze transfixed on the soft, tanned skin of Jiang Cheng's ass, pressed so close to his cock. Jiang Cheng adjusts so that Wei Wuxian's bulge presses between his cheeks and Wei Wuxian hisses. Fuck, he's so close to that tight hole, just few layers of fabric away. He could just pull himself out, ride between the line of Jiang Cheng's cheeks, 'accidentally' graze against his hole—

A hand tugs at his hair, pulling him ruthlessly back to reality. Jiang Cheng is twisted around, scowling back at him over his shoulder, which shouldn't make Wei Wuxian leak harder in his jeans, but it does.

"Pay attention, or I'll leave," Jiang Cheng warns. "You're getting this show for free, you're so ungrateful."

"Ah, sorry, didi," Wei Wuxian says hurriedly, pressing his luck and mouthing a quick kiss against Jiang Cheng's shoulder. He pulls back before Jiang Cheng can have a hissy fit. 

Jiang Cheng shivers slightly, and Wei Wuxian takes the small victory gleefully, the crack in his composure. Then Jiang Cheng seems to double down, and he sits himself back in Wei Wuxian's lap, facing him. He touches Wei Wuxian everywhere, hands grazing over his shoulders, dragging nails over his nipples.

"How come you get to touch?" Wei Wuxian pants, straining against the urge to hold Jiang Cheng down in his lap and rut against him. "Seems unfair."

"That's the rules," Jiang Cheng says indifferently, but Wei Wuxian notes with satisfaction that he's just as hard and pink-cheeked, breathing slightly laboured. 

"So you could pull me out," Wei Wuxian can't help trying his luck. "Sit on my cock. I won't touch you, you can use my cock to get off." He sounds pathetic and desperate, but he is, mind laser focused on getting inside Jiang Cheng.

"You think you deserve to fuck me, gege?" Jiang Cheng murmurs, grinding down in Wei Wuxian's lap, his warm, round ass pressed around and over Wei Wuxian's aching cock. He grinds down relentlessly, a facsimile of fucking, as though he is really riding Wei Wuxian's cock, his own hard prick pressed against Wei Wuxian's abdomen.

"Oh fuck," Wei Wuxian pants. His hips shove upward, and he comes hard

Jiang Cheng laughs. "Looks like you're just a two-pump chump, too, Xian-gege," he says smugly, rolling his hips once more. Wei Wuxian grabs Jiang Cheng's hips and holds him against Wei Wuxian so he can grind through the aftershocks. Jiang Cheng doesn't slap his hands away this time.

Wei Wuxian feels disgusting, his clothes sticking to his half-hard cock, the mess in his briefs gross enough. Then adding on Jiang Cheng's smirking delight at getting him to come in his pants...

"Alright," Wei Wuxian sighs. "We're even." The embarrassment of jizzing in his pants like some teenager is enough to balance the scales. Still, he got off, even if he would rather have at least got skin on skin contact first.

Jiang Cheng clambers off his lap, shooting him one last smug look over his shoulder as he leaves. Wei Wuxian hears the sound of Jiang Cheng's bedroom door slamming shut pointedly and wonders with a painful throb if Jiang Cheng is going to jerk himself off, still wearing that outfit.

Wei Wuxian groans quietly, slumping in the chair. He's going to be haunted by the vision of Jiang Cheng in lingerie and boots, riding his cock, gasping and whining. He knows it won't leave him until he has it, until he has Jiang Cheng.

Wei Wuxian hopes he's left bruises at Jiang Cheng's hips, hopes he's purpled Jiang Cheng's skin to match his lingerie. He'll have to check. Perhaps he will, when Jiang Cheng gets back from his shift tomorrow.

Perhaps Wei Wuxian will pay him a visit at work. He's just being a responsible big brother, after all, watching out for his didi.


》caught my stepbro sneaking out, made him blow me to keep his secret!

[tags: blowjob, face-fucking, amateur, twink]

Jiang Cheng hears a crash and a muffled cursing coming from the spare room. 

Frowning, he warily goes to check it out, clutching his phone. Would someone actually dare to break in whilst everyone's clearly home? Would they be that stupid?

It appears that the person is that stupid, but it's not someone trying to break in. It's Jiang Cheng's irresponsible older brother, trying to sneak out.

Crouched halfway out the window, tugging his shoelaces loose from the radiator, Wei Wuxian is clearly about to sneak out to a party. They're adults, and their parents aren't exactly that strict, but Mother has taken a hard line with Wei Wuxian and parties since the last near-hospitalisation.

Wei Wuxian is wearing those tight, ripped jeans that look like they're simultaneously painted on and falling off him. Jiang Cheng privately thinks of them as his 'fuck me' jeans, because they make one prone to imagining how easy it would be to rip another (tactically placed) hole in the worn fabric and get those long legs wrapped around you.

His shirt is some intricate, layered mesh crop thing that Jiang Cheng doesn't understand and frankly doesn't care to. It does mean that Jiang Cheng can see his nipples vaguely, the outlines of his muscled abdomen and the dip of his waist, the broad lines of his shoulders. 

He looks like a model, like a punk, like someone out for a very good time. 

(Without Jiang Cheng.)

Jiang Cheng coughs pointedly, folding his arms over his chest, assuming an unimpressed pose. Wei Wuxian whirls around, visibly relaxing when he notices it's Jiang Cheng.

"A-Cheng you scared the shit out of me," Wei Wuxian breathes, pressing a hand to his chest, the light glinting off his chipped, painted nails. "Don't do that!"

"Where are you going?" Jiang Cheng asks, like he doesn't know already.

Wei Wuxian sighs. "Out, alright? Just to a party. Nothing for you to worry about, it's nothing 'wild.'" His tone is soothing and mildly patronising, like Jiang Cheng isn't barely a year younger than him.

Yeah, Jiang Cheng thinks, likely story. He doesn't move or falter, frowning at Wei Wuxian, who climbs back inside, moving over to Jiang Cheng. 

"Ah, come on, didi," Wei Wuxian whines. His pouting stopped being effective on Jiang Cheng years ago, but he still tries it on, the hopeless idiot. "Just pretend you didn't see me, go back to bed."

His condescending tone strikes something deep and irritated in Jiang Cheng, and whilst Jiang Cheng probably was going to ignore this and go back to his room, he's not now.

"I will if you blow me," Jiang Cheng says, cock starting to thicken even as he says it. A flash of the thought of Wei Wuxian on his knees is enough to get him halfway there. 

"What?" Wei Wuxian says, eyes wide.

"You heard me," Jiang Cheng says, refusing to falter even as a voice in his head screams what are you doing? "I'll fuck off and leave you to it, I won't say anything… if you suck me off."

Wei Wuxian laughs. "Aha, good one, A-Cheng."

"I'm serious," Jiang Cheng says. Might as well commit. At worst, Wei Wuxian will laugh at him and sneak out anyway. At best, Jiang Cheng will get a blowjob. 

Wei Wuxian blinks at him for a long moment. "You're serious," he repeats, seeming to realise it himself as he looks Jiang Cheng over.

"Alright," Wei Wuxian says, shrugging. It somehow annoys Jiang Cheng even more that Wei Wuxian is so blasé about it, that blowing Jiang Cheng is just so… nothing to him.

Wei Wuxian drops to his knees in front of Jiang Cheng, easy confidence oozing from him as he tugs down the shorts' waistband so he can pull out Jiang Cheng's cock. 

"Ah, didi," Wei Wuxian gasps, closing his fist around Jiang Cheng and tugging him all the way to hard. "Where have you been hiding this rocket launcher?" His eyes are dark and mischievous as they peer up at Jiang Cheng, who is still recovering from the shock of Wei Wuxian, on his knees.

Certain Wei Wuxian is making fun of him, Jiang Cheng's cheeks burn and he goes to pull away. It's not fucking worth putting up with Wei Wuxian mocking him, it's been a long week and he's too tired for this shit. Even though his cock is now hard and aching.

Wei Wuxian shushes him, not letting go of his cock. "A-Cheng, baobei, I'm sorry. Let me suck your pretty cock." Jiang Cheng stares, half forgetting to breathe,  as Wei Wuxian presses a kiss to the tip. That red, clever tongue pokes out and laps at the leaking head, the pre-come beading there.

Taking Jiang Cheng's awed silence as protest, Wei Wuxian shifts back in between Jiang Cheng's feet. He strokes the shaft, teasing at the head until Jiang Cheng has to wrap his fingers in Wei Wuxian's hair and hiss, "get on with it." 

(He isn't going to come before he gets in Wei Wuxian's mouth, dammit.)

Huffing something under his breath, Wei Wuxian presses his mouth down over Jiang Cheng's cock. Holy shit, Jiang Cheng thinks dazedly, staring at Wei Wuxian's red lips, stretched around his shaft.

Wei Wuxian's mouth is warm and wet around him, and when he sucks at Jiang Cheng's cock, Jiang Cheng's legs almost give out. He sets his stance wider and firmer, holds onto Wei Wuxian's head.

As he pulls back, Wei Wuxian locks along the underside of the shaft and Jiang Cheng moans, hips stuttering up into the sensation. Wei Wuxian's eyes gleam up at Jiang Cheng, and he sets to a rhythm, bobbing on Jiang Cheng's cock. Pulling off, Wei Wuxian jerks at the base of Jiang Cheng's shaft. His mouth is red, wet and puffy, and Jiang Cheng can see droplets of pre-come dotting it. Fuck

"You can fuck my face, didi," Wei Wuxian says, his voice low. "I can take it."

Jiang Cheng thinks of course you can. His brother has always been good at attempting the impossible.

Jiang Cheng groans, curling his hands in Wei Wuxian's hair. He rocks his hips up into Wei Wuxian's mouth, chasing the wet heat sliding along his cock. Wei Wuxian makes a noise, and the vibration on Jiang Cheng's cock is too good. He shoves in deeper, swearing, but Wei Wuxian only chokes once in surprise before taking the head into his throat.

He must be leaking steady streams of pre-come though, judging by the wet mess that drips from the edges of Wei Wuxian's lips as he goes soft and slutty around Jiang Cheng's shaft. It doesn't surprise Jiang Cheng - his brother's always been a messy eater.

Jiang Cheng starts fucking Wei Wuxian's face in earnest, groaning at how easily his brother takes his dick into his throat. He's not exactly got a monster cock, but it's thick, and long enough that Wei Wuxian seems to struggle with it a little, making pained little noises of effort as Jiang Cheng uses his throat.

Wei Wuxian's hard though, Jiang Cheng notes with hazy glee, straining at the crotch of his too-tight jeans. There's already a damp patch growing - unsurprising that his slut of a brother doesn't wear underwear - and he takes a vicious satisfaction in the thought of Wei Wuxian going out with such obviously pre-come stained clothes.

"This gets you off," Jiang Cheng says, watching Wei Wuxian's hazy, dark eyes blink up at him. "A hard cock in your mouth."

Wei Wuxian moans in agreement, or perhaps protest, but it doesn't matter. Jiang Cheng pushes into the wet heat to the hilt, presses his heavy balls against Wei Wuxian's chin. He holds Wei Wuxian there, and his brother doesn't struggle, only swallows eagerly around him. 

Jiang Cheng moans, the feeling of squeezing around his dick so good he feels himself rocketing towards the edge quicker than he'd expected. He strokes Wei Wuxian's hair as his brother's hands jerk demandingly at his hips. "Slut," Jiang Cheng huffs in awe. "You want me to fuck your face again?" 

Wei Wuxian nods, eyes slightly bright and skin flushed, lower face an absolute mess of saliva and pre-come. Well, Jiang Cheng is a good brother, so of course he acquiesces.

"How many people have you gotten on your knees for?" Jiang Cheng asks breathily, enjoying the moan of protest and the way it vibrates around his cock. "I bet that's how you get in the door at these parties. They just want to use your slutty mouth." He grunts, shoving deeper as Wei Wuxian goes slack around him, drooling slightly.

"I get it," Jiang Cheng admits, eyeing the swollen stretch of Wei Wuxian's red mouth around his shaft. "When you're annoying I always want to put you on your knees." He gasps as Wei Wuxian sucks at him hard. "Keep that motor mouth of yours occupied with something else."

Jiang Cheng thrusts into Wei Wuxian's mouth, holding him still with hands in his hair. Wei Wuxian whines around him, letting out tiny, stifled moans. 

"You're so hungry for it," Jiang Cheng says, awed, as Wei Wuxian takes the push of the shaft pressing him wide, his mouth a swollen, wet mess. "I'll give you what you want," he promises, hips rutting against Wei Wuxian's face, the hands holding him back doing nothing to stop him fucking in deep.

"Gege," Jiang Cheng breathes, and he comes down Wei Wuxian's throat, moaning.

He holds Wei Wuxian down on his shaft, keeps Wei Wuxian there until Jiang Cheng's finished pulsing into his mouth. He almost wants to stay buried in Wei Wuxian's hot, wet mouth, keep him quiet and obedient on his knees for Jiang Cheng. Wants to let Wei Wuxian work him hard again, licking and sucking at his shaft until he's ready to fuck his brother's face again.

The point he's making is more important, though, and so Jiang Cheng doesn't. Not this time.

When Jiang Cheng pulls back, Wei Wuxian looks wrecked. His mouth is red and swollen, his eyes dark, his cheeks flushed.

"Thanks, gege," Jiang Cheng says sweetly, watching with amusement as Wei Wuxian shudders, hips jerking up into the air. "Have fun at your party."

With that, he tidies himself away and goes to leave the room. Wei Wuxian makes an incredulous noise from behind him, and Jiang Cheng turns, barely hiding his grin.

Wei Wuxian looks outraged, still kneeling on the floor. A huge, heavy bulge in his too-tight pants, come still smeared at the corner of his mouth. "Didi, you can't leave me like this!" 

Jiang Cheng affects an innocent look, wide-eyed and uncomprehending. "You've got your party to go to, gege, I won't keep you."

With that, he wanders back into the hall, smirking as he hears Wei Wuxian cursing quietly at him as he goes. 

See if he has fun sneaking out to his party with a painful hard-on. 

See if he forgets to invite Jiang Cheng along with him next time.


step-brother feels me up at family dinner?? (18+)

[tags: taboo, blowjob, public, caught, handjob, cringe]


'Family Night Dinners', as Father cheerfully calls them, are insufferable. They're awkward and stifled, Yanli having to spend half her time acting as mediator, their parents usually giving in to their enmity and having full-on arguments by dessert.

It's routine by now, though. Almost predictable down to the second. So, tonight Jiang Cheng is expecting Wei Wuxian to be bored to tears, and to do something stupid.

Sure enough, Wei Wuxian corners him in the kitchen.

"Fuck off," Jiang Cheng says instinctively. Wei Wuxian pouts.

"Didi," he whines. "I'm so bored."

Jiang Cheng looks at him. "Wow," Jiang Cheng drawls. "Must suck to be bored at one of these things. Couldn't possibly relate myself."

Wei Wuxian sighs, jabbing Jiang Cheng in the side. "If you're bored too then—"

"No," Jiang Cheng says firmly, knowing it'll be either a suggestion to do something stupid and illegal or something stupid and sexy.

"A-Cheng," Wei Wuxian wheedles. "Come on, we've got hours of this, why not entertain ourselves whilst we've got some privacy?"

He moves behind Jiang Cheng, pressing a kiss to his nape and groping at his thigh. "Let me entertain myself with my pretty didi?" Wei Wuxian whispers in that wicked, dark voice. 

Wei Wuxian presses Jiang Cheng into the counter, his body tight along Jiang Cheng's back. His breathing on Jiang Cheng's neck makes him shiver, feeling his cock start to fatten up just from the warm lines of Wei Wuxian's body against his, fully clothed.

It's not explicit, but it's certainly not appropriate, and Jiang Cheng looks around the room anxiously, elbowing his brother. "Get off," he hisses, but Wei Wuxian has him pinned well against the counter, those stupid platform boots he's wearing giving him extra height on Jiang Cheng.

As he looms, his hands brush at the edges of Jiang Cheng's shirt, rucking it loose. Jiang Cheng bites back a noise as Wei Wuxian's hands dip under the hem, grazing over his abdomen up to his chest.

Jiang Cheng realises what he's doing about three seconds before he does it. "Wuxian," Jiang Cheng hisses, heart pounding in his throat. 

Then there are clever, wicked fingers petting at his chest, grazing over the curved lines of his muscles. They ghost and tease until his nipples are hard, then they turn mean. 

"Ah," Jiang Cheng gasps, as Wei Wuxian pinches at his nipples, mouth-breathing heavily on his neck the whole time. Ugh, why is Jiang Cheng attracted to this? To this idiot brother of his? Wei Wuxian tugs and flicks at his nipples, bullying them puffy and hot.

"Stop," Jiang Cheng hisses, knocking an elbow around half-heartedly into Wei Wuxian's side. It's hard to concentrate, and getting harder, as Wei Wuxian pets at his swollen nipples. The thick, hard line of Wei Wuxian's cock presses against Jiang Cheng's ass, pushing him deeper into the counter. 

Sudden, vivid fantasies fill Jiang Cheng's mind: Wei Wuxian hoisting him up on the counter, knocking his legs open and fucking him until they rattle the cabinets. Bending him over the island, although that wouldn't work, with Wei Wuxian's heeled boots. Jiang Cheng would have to bend him over the island, spread those long legs wide, shove the stupidly skinny jeans down until they bunched around the heavy boots. 

Realising that he's fast losing control, paranoid that he can hear Mother mere steps away, Jiang Cheng twists out from the cage of Wei Wuxian's limbs, knocking him slightly off balance. He pouts, rubbing at his shoulder. 

"Come on," Jiang Cheng mutters, determined to take care of this so they can have a mostly sane family dinner that doesn't involve Jiang Cheng getting groped in the kitchen. 

He drags Wei Wuxian off to the bathroom, locking the door behind them. When he turns back, Wei Wuxian's eyes are bright with glee and amusement. "Didi," he croons, "are you that desperate for it?"

Jiang Cheng flushes, scowls reflexively. "Shut up," he mutters, "if I get you off now, will you stop being such a horny, troublesome gremlin this evening?"

"Just this evening?" Wei Wuxian replies, eyes glinting.

Sighing, Jiang Cheng says wryly, "I'm not hoping for miracles or anything so yes, just this evening."

"Alright," Wei Wuxian agrees easily. 

Wow, he must be really horny, if he's not making this into some annoying game, some push-pull bullshit like usual. Relieved, Jiang Cheng crowds closer to Wei Wuxian, presses him up against the sink. Jiang Cheng palms him quickly, firmly through his trousers, feeling the weight of the hard cock under them. 

He unzips and unbutton Wei Wuxian's jeans, slides his hand in and pulls out the hard, leaking shaft. "Can't believe you're not wearing pants," Jiang Cheng mutters, "such a slut." Wei Wuxian just grins cheekily.

Jiang Cheng spits in his hand and starts jerking Wei Wuxian off, not feeling accommodating enough to grab one of the many lotions in the bathroom. The cock is barely sliding through his grip when Wei Wuxian grabs his wrist, making a sound of protest. 

"What?" Jiang Cheng asks, stilling his hand, looking up at his brother.

"You didn't say how you were going to get me off," Wei Wuxian complains, eyes dark but focused. "I want your mouth."

Sighing in aggravation, Jiang Cheng goes with the path of less resistance and gives in. He gets on his knees, wincing at the harsh feeling of cold tile.

Wei Wuxian snorts. "Here, princess." He strips off his jacket and hands it to Jiang Cheng, who is tempted to throw it in his face. The floor is uncomfortable, though, so he just makes a face and folds the fabric under his knees.

Eager as always, Wei Wuxian already has a fist around his cock and is jerking it slowly over Jiang Cheng's face. Something in Jiang Cheng always goes shivery and quiet like this, on his knees with Wei Wuxian's leaking cock in his face. Resolutely ignoring it, he leans in and takes Wei Wuxian's shaft into his mouth.

Wei Wuxian groans softly, says, "yeah, baobei." His fist falls away, coming up to grip in Jiang Cheng's hair instead. Jiang Cheng shoots up a glower that says clearly don't fuck up my hair, as he sinks lower on Wei Wuxian's cock.

"Alright, alright," Wei Wuxian mutters. Jiang Cheng sets to bobbing on Wei Wuxian's cock, the wet, messy sound barely covered by the extractor fan's hum. 

Wei Wuxian's thigh twitches under Jiang Cheng's palm, the other hand curved around his hip. "Ugh, fuck," he huffs, hips twitching up. "Your pretty, cocksucking mouth."

Jiang Cheng doesn't moan at the praise, he just happens to hum around Wei Wuxian's cock, because he's thoughtful like that and wants to get him off. He pulls back slightly, drags his tongue over the head until Wei Wuxian is muffling curses into his fist. Then, smirking, he swallows the shaft back down until it's in his throat, stretching him wide as he drools around it.

Then the door handle moves and Jiang Cheng panics. He doesn't move, for fear of making a very obvious noise. Instead he stays still, Wei Wuxian's cock in his mouth, breathing quietly through his nose.

"Occupied," Wei Wuxian calls, voice insultingly even. Whoever it is outside lets it go and walks away. Jiang Cheng waits until he can no longer hear the click of heels to move.

He goes to pull off Wei Wuxian's cock, to whisper-shout at him, but he uses his grip in Jiang Cheng's hair and fucks deep into his mouth.

Jiang Cheng glowers up at Wei Wuxian through his lashes, but he relaxes his throat and breathes through his nose. At least it'll be over with quicker this way, he thinks, not thinking about how hard he is in his jeans. 

He hums, sucks, lets Wei Wuxian fucks his face. It's not as brutal as Wei Wuxian is capable of going - hopefully his brother being at least a little conscious of the fact that they have to go back out to an evening of Fun Family Time.

Grimacing mentally at the thought, Jiang Cheng focuses on the musk all around him, the feeling of being used, the swollen ache of his mouth and jaw. 

"Yeah," Wei Wuxian mutters, his rhythm going jerky and erratic. "Gonna come down your throat, didi, don't make a mess."

He ruts against Jiang Cheng's face a last few times, before the hand in his hair clenches and Wei Wuxian comes, groaning and swearing muffled into his fist.

Jiang Cheng swallows carefully, paranoid of getting even the tiniest bit on his clothes. He only pulls off Wei Wuxian's cock when he's sure he's swallowed all of his brother's come.

"Good boy," Wei Wuxian groans, rubbing a thumb over Jiang Cheng's swollen mouth. "So good for gege." He always gets a bit stupid after orgasm, and Jiang Cheng has heard him say dumber shit than that, but it's still… He ignores the feeling, shoves it down into a ball of irritation. 

Jiang Cheng scowls, using his grip on Wei Wuxian's hip to stand upright. Then he freezes as he hears Mother's voice - a natural and sensible physiological reaction, one could say.

"A-Cheng, Wuxian!" She sounds aggravated, but that could mean anything from she's been shouting for a while now to Father said something thoughtless again. 

"Coming, Mother!" Jiang Cheng calls back. 

"Ugh," Wei Wuxian sighs, looking weary already, and Jiang Cheng can only agree. 

"Come on," he says, chugging a bit of mouthwash. "Let's get this over with."

Dinner goes… about as well as normal, which means by about half-way through Mother and Father are tightly exchanging barbs through the medium of comparing their children's achievements. 

They don't actually need to be that present for this bit, occasionally providing a clarification when asked for. Giving an awkward noncommittal noise both of them will take for agreement with their position.

Jiang Cheng is mildly zoning out when he feels a familiar grip on his thigh, long, clever fingers and a warm palm.

He side-eyes his brother, scowling at him slightly but as subtly as he can. He doesn't want to draw attention to it, so he doesn't fling Wei Wuxian's hand off. The hand creeps further up his thigh until the fingers graze the join of his pelvis.

What are you doing? Jiang Cheng tries to convey with his furious gaze, but Wei Wuxian just shuffles his chair nonchalantly, slowly closer. His hand cups the crotch of Jiang Cheng's trousers, and he palms Jiang Cheng through the material.

Jiang Cheng bites back a gasp, keeping his face carefully impassive as blood fills his cock and he strains against his trousers. He cannot believe Wei Wuxian is doing this, and he elbows his brother as inconspicuously as he can. He hisses, "knock it off," under his breath as Mother's voice rises, hopefully covering the sound.

Wei Wuxian doesn't respond or move, only continues to rub Jiang Cheng until he's struggling to keep his expression even. The fingers curve lower, press pointedly at the curve of Jiang Cheng's ass, press the seam of his trousers against his hole. Wei Wuxian rubs, pressing the heel of his palm back so it grazes against Jiang Cheng's balls.

He feels like a woman like this, getting rubbed like Wei Wuxian's looking for his clit. 

(Jiang Cheng carefully doesn't think about how that makes him leak harder, the thought of his brother treating him like a girl.)

Finally, Wei Wuxian has mercy on him, and his hand eases up. Only he doesn't let go - he moves to unzip Jiang Cheng, knocking his plate loudly to cover the noise.

"Oops," Wei Wuxian says cheerfully, as he pulls Jiang Cheng's hard cock out of his trousers. "Sorry."

The general attention turns quickly back to the conversation about (boring thing) and Wei Wuxian starts to fist his cock, ever so slowly. He deftly takes  a napkin from the table and holds it ready in his lap, at which point Jiang Cheng finally realises: Wei Wuxian is really going to make me come, sat at this table.

They're close enough to the table that Jiang Cheng's cock is thankfully, entirely hidden, but he thinks that the movements of Wei Wuxian's hand must be so obvious, even as slow as they are. He drags his fist up and down the shaft agonisingly slowly, wicked fingers clutching Jiang Cheng in a tight vice.

Jiang Cheng feels… uncomfortable, uneasy but desperate, the sort of feelings that only Wei Wuxian can inspire in him. A thumb drags over the head of his cock, and he has to fight not to thrust his hips up into the touch. Fuck, this is so stupid but he's so close and can't think of anything but the ache in his cock, his still swollen nipples dragging against the fabric of his shirt with every unsteady breath.

Wei Wuxian spreads the leaking mess of pre-come around, drags his hand painstakingly slowly up and down Jiang Cheng's shaft. He should, he should say something, stop this. But he can't stand up, not when his cock is out! He's not sure he can speak without giving himself away either.

So he just bites his lip hard, and tries to at least listen to the conversation, dreading that someone will ask him something. 

(They don't, perhaps unsurprisingly, and it's the first time Jiang Cheng has been so glad to be ignored by his family.)

Yanli glances over at them, hand hovering in the air as she spoons smashed cucumber salad onto her plate. Jiang Cheng thinks for one paranoid moment that she knows, but she just looks away, humming in agreement with whatever Father just said. 

Besides he can barely focus, all brain power gone on the slick glide of Wei Wuxian's hand over his shaft. He feels hyper-aware of all the odd calluses and scars from his brother's misadventures and experiments, as they catch on his shaft, providing more friction.

He's practiced at biting back his sounds, not particularly loud in bed unless Wei Wuxian bullies it out of him, but he's sure his face must be giving it away. I hate you, he thinks particularly vehemently at his brother, glowering down at his plate. I'm disowning you and never touching your dick again.

(Jiang Cheng has made this vow to himself many times in his life and it never sticks.)

Fuck, he can feel himself getting close. He bites his lip harder, terrified that he'll be unable to come subtly. Wei Wuxian focuses his movements at the head of his cock - small, firm jerks over the sensitive tip that have Jiang Cheng twitching up into the touch.

Jiang Cheng tries to fight it off but he can't, digging his nails into his arm, straining his thigh and stomach muscles. 

Spasming, Jiang Cheng comes, turning his reddened face towards Wei Wuxian as though to speak to him, his knee jerking and knocking against the table. He can see Wei Wuxian's dark eyes fixed on his face, and focuses on nothing else, or he might melt into a pile of shame.

As he comes though, as he smacks his spasming leg against the table, there's another clatter. He looks over, a hand over his flushed face, to see that Yanli has knocked over the pot of soup and is fluttering about, moving it back upright.

As he comes down, heart still pounding, Jiang Cheng recognises that this was… suspiciously convenient timing. He watches Yanli wiping down the pot as Wei Wuxian cleans him off with the napkin and tucks him back into his trousers. Such a shameless asshole, looking as if he hadn't just jerked his brother off under the dinner table.

"A-Li," Mother says, looking disapproving. Both their parents are watching Yanli, Father already falling into disagreement with mother ("It was an accident, Ziyuan." "Yes, I'm sure she gets that unfortunate lack of grace from you. ) Yanli though, is pointedly not looking at anyone. Jiang Cheng's stomach twists in embarrassment. Oh no. Oh fuck.

"Ah, sorry, A-Niang," Yanli says sheepishly. She studiously mops at the table with napkins, and though she's not looking at them, her face is pink. Jiang Cheng wants to die.

Certain his face is as red as Yanli's, he deliberately doesn't meet her eye and instead flees to the kitchen, mumbling about getting a dishcloth.

Not long after, they're washing up together -- well, Yanli is washing up, Jiang Cheng is drying, and Wei Wuxian is putting crockery back in the wrong place, because he has a death wish.

When their parents are definitely out of earshot -- Father slunk back off to his study, and Mother likely out on the balcony, complaining down the phone at Mrs Jin -- Yanli turns to them.

"Really, boys?" Yanli sighs. "Right in front of my salad?"

"Sorry, a-jie / jiejie," they say in unison. Jiang Cheng is flushed hot enough that he could light the candles in the living room, but Wei Wuxian just smiles smugly.

She just shakes her head at them warningly. "One day you'll get caught if you're not careful," she says. "Jiejie won't always be there with soup to save you."

They really don't deserve her.


》took advantage of my rich bitch step-brother stuck in the washing machine!

[tags: stuck and fucked, just the tip, doggy style, anal]


Wei Wuxian hasn't been home for long before the drama starts. He can hear Jiang Cheng's voice, raised, and so he sighs and heads downstairs.

He follows the sound of his didi yelling, walks into the kitchen and is bewildered at the sight before him.

"What… are you doing?" Wei Wuxian asks in amusement, staring at Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng is kneeling on the kitchen floor, in front of the open washing machine. Only his upper body appears to be half-in the machine, his ass arched in the air as he wiggles about awkwardly.  Almost as if… 

"Are you stuck?" Wei Wuxian asks in delight. When there's only pointed silence, he cackles. "You really are a spoilt brat, you can't even do the washing without getting stuck."

"Wuxian," Jiang Cheng's irritable voice comes from within the washing machine. His voice echos tinnily off the drum, and Wei Wuxian snickers. 

"Ah, Jiang Cheng, it's really not that hard," Wei Wuxian snorts. "What the hell are you even stuck on?"

There's a huff from inside the machine. "I think it's my bracelet." There's a slight sound of metal clinking on metal, and a hissed curse. 

"Okay." Wei Wuxian kneels down behind Jiang Cheng and shuffles so that he can peer into the machine. It's hard to see, with Jiang Cheng's big, fat head in the way. He tells his didi this, to which he only receives an ungrateful, bitchy response. Half tempted to walk away and leave Jiang Cheng stuck, even for a little while, Wei Wuxian pulls his head back from the door.

He looks down at the view below him, and has a more interesting idea about teaching Jiang Cheng a lesson.

Jiang Cheng has likely only resorted to doing washing himself because he's lost the Cold War of Chores and has no clothes left. He's currently wearing a worn, old t-shirt that barely stretches over his shoulders, much broader now than when he was fifteen. With it, he's wearing leggings, the kind Wei Wuxian's seen him wear for training, but usually only under baggy shorts. Without the shorts they're sinful, clinging to his thick thighs and round ass.

In short, he looks hot. His lithe, muscled body is clad in stretchy nylon and his lush ass is wiggling in the air as he curses and tries to tug himself loose from the washing machine. 

This is an opportunity. Wei Wuxian isn't one to let them pass by so easily. 

He unbuckles his belt, undoes his jeans. Pulling his cock out of his pants, he gives himself a couple of quick pumps, bringing himself to full hardness. Shuffling forward on his knees, he slots himself into the valley of Jiang Cheng's legs, and presses his cock between the thinly covered ass cheeks that sway temptingly in the air.

Jiang Cheng makes a noise like a startled animal. Wei Wuxian hears him clang around inside the drum. "What are you doing?" He yelps, and Wei Wuxian gives his answer by way of action.

Wei Wuxian ruts against Jiang Cheng's ass, squeezing the globes together around his dick, smearing pre-come on the leggings. The fabric is soft against his cock, and he can feel Jiang Cheng's warmth through them. 

"I thought you were going to help," Jiang Cheng huffs, and Wei Wuxian knows he's scowling in there. 

"I will, didi," Wei Wuxian soothes. "But your writhing around got gege all hard! I won't be able to focus until it's dealt with."

He drags Jiang Cheng's leggings down over his ass, letting them bunch at the thigh. The briefs underneath are tiny, likely because they're the only ones that won't bunch under the leggings. 

"Wuxian!" Jiang Cheng hisses, high and panicked. "We're in the middle of the kitchen, what if someone comes home!" 

"Relax," Wei Wuxian scoffs. "No-one's going to be home for hours." Then Wei Wuxian plays his trump card. "Unless you're scared."

As expected, Jiang Cheng rises to the bait. "Fuck you, Wei Wuxian, I'm not scared!"

Wei Wuxian grins and grinds against Jiang Cheng's ass. Those briefs are so tight, they're basically slightly longer panties. "Sure, A-Cheng," he says, tone patronising.

"Are you going to talk all day or get on with it?" Jiang Cheng says haughtily, and Wei Wuxian tugs down his briefs, glad Jiang Cheng can't see his victorious smirk. Oh, his didi is so easy.

When he tugs Jiang Cheng's briefs down to his thighs, Wei Wuxian blinks in surprise. He curves a hand around each heavy ass cheek and pries Jiang Cheng open. 

Jiang Cheng hisses when Wei Wuxian does nothing except hold Jiang Cheng open with his thumbs. "Don't just stare at it!" Jiang Cheng huffs, flustered.

It being Jiang Cheng's still slightly wet, loosened hole.

"You're already stretched out," Wei Wuxian breathes in disbelief. Irrational jealousy clouds his mind, drawing his fingers tight around Jiang Cheng's hips. "Who did you fuck?"

Jiang Cheng huffs. "No-one, idiot! I was bored and… you weren't here so I," Wei Wuxian can't see Jiang Cheng blushing but he almost feels like he can hear it. "I used that toy Nie-xiong bought me for my birthday."

Wei Wuxian is torn between glee and sorrow. Wishing he'd been here to see it, Jiang Cheng fingering himself open and then pressing a vibrator inside. "You must be so sensitive, baobei," Wei Wuxian murmurs. He shoves two fingers inside without mercy. Jiang Cheng gurgles in surprise. "How many times did you come?"

Jiang Cheng huffs, thighs twitching. "I, ah, only once."

"Good," Wei Wuxian hums, "hold on."

He moves back and leans down, spreading Jiang Cheng's ass cheeks wide. He licks a stripe over the furled skin of Jiang Cheng's hole and he whines, arching his ass up.

Nothing makes Jiang Cheng more of a mess than eating his ass. It makes him wail and gasp and forget himself. Wei Wuxian sets to seeking out those noises, forgoing teasing to fuck his tongue into Jiang Cheng's hole and make him wet and desperate. He flicks his tongue inside the still tight hole, tugging at the rim; spears Jiang Cheng wide and wet on the thrust of his tongue.

In not much time at all, Jiang Cheng is pleading and moaning, and Wei Wuxian's face is a mess of saliva and the remnants of the lube he licked out of Jiang Cheng. He spits onto Jiang Cheng's hole to make the glide easier, messier, and though Jiang Cheng is a little precious princess, the filthy sensation makes him shiver and arch up. 

(His didi might act like a haughty priss sometimes, but Wei Wuxian knows how he secretly desires filth, craves the badwrong feeling. The hardest Wei Wuxian had ever seen Jiang Cheng come was when Wei Wuxian had fucked his didi awake, a hand over his mouth to keep him from waking up Nie Huaisang, who was mere feet away from them in the other bed. Jiang Cheng had come without a touch to his cock, muffled his whines poorly around Wei Wuxian's fingers.)

"Oh fuck, ah," Jiang Cheng whines, rocking back against Wei Wuxian's face. "Please, oh—"

Wei Wuxian pulls away, and Jiang Cheng makes a pained noise. "No—," he huffs mournfully. Wei Wuxian shushes him, thumbing at Jiang Cheng's rim, stretched and soaked with saliva.

He jerks himself again, groaning in relief at the touch to his aching cock. He curves a hand over Jiang Cheng's hips and shuffles forwards on his knees. He taps the leaking tip of his dick against Jiang Cheng's hole, slides his shaft between soft asscheeks.

"We can't," Jiang Cheng says, even as his hips twitch back into the touch. "Wei Wuxian—"

"Just the tip, A-Cheng," Wei Wuxian wheedles. He drags the head of his prick over Jiang Cheng's stretched, spit-slick hole. "Just a little, I need it so bad."

Jiang Cheng huffs, and Wei Wuxian feels his body go slack under Wei Wuxian's hands. "Alright," he grumbles. "Just, just a little, and get off, and then get me out of here—"

Wei Wuxian beams. "Of course, didi." He slides another couple of teasing thrusts, tip dragging against Jiang Cheng's stretched rim. Jiang Cheng muffles a gasp and Wei Wuxian glows with victory.

He presses the blunt, fat head in, watching Jiang Cheng's hole suck him in. "Oh, baobei," he says, awestruck by it still after all this time. "You're so hot and tight."

Jiang Cheng whines, and Wei Wuxian can see his thighs trembling slightly. Knowing Jiang Cheng, it's more likely him fighting the urge to push back and take in all of Wei Wuxian's cock, rather than pain.

It's alright, though. Wei Wuxian can batter past Jiang Cheng's pride. He fucks in tiny, incremental thrusts, sliding the head in until the lip and dragging it out again, pulling Jiang Cheng's hole wider with every movement. He holds a hand below the tip of his cock, his curled fist pressed against Jiang Cheng's ass when he thrusts in.

"Stop pull—," Jiang Cheng cuts himself off halfway through his irritated bitching, and Wei Wuxian grins in triumph. Jiang Cheng was going to say stop pulling out.

Well, Wei Wuxian can manage that.

On the next thrust in, he takes his hand away, and slides in. Jiang Cheng makes a startled noise as Wei Wuxian's cock goes past the head and keeps going.

Jiang Cheng gasps, "Wei Wuxian!" But it's no use, and Wei Wuxian's cock keeps slowly pressing in, shoving Jiang Cheng wide with a steady, relentless push.

"Ah, didi, I'm so sorry, my hand must have slipped!" Wei Wuxian exclaims, hands coming to curve around Jiang Cheng's hips, savouring the tight squeeze of Jiang Cheng around his aching shaft. He's always so soft and hungry inside, clinging to Wei Wuxian's fingers and cock like he's begging them to stay.

"You fucking bastard," Jiang Cheng moans, sprawling limply as Wei Wuxian presses on in. "You lying piece of shit."

"Aw, come on, didi," Wei Wuxian chides, "you knew what was going to happen. As if anyone could resist this ass." He gropes it for good measure, feeling the soft curve of muscle and fat under his palm, pressing his thumb into it, watching it give.

"Almost there," Wei Wuxian says, as he's nearly in to the hilt. "You know you can take it, just relax for gege." He gives one last, firm shove in.

"Oh, fuck," Jiang Cheng whines. Wei Wuxian groans in agreement as he sinks in to the base. He smacks Jiang Cheng's ass just to feel the squeeze around his dick, but the skin flushing red with the slap is also gratifying. Jiang Cheng doesn't protest, only gasps.

Jiang Cheng seems like he's winding up for another rant, so Wei Wuxian acts.

Taking a firm grip on Jiang Cheng's hips, he withdraws to the tip, and slams back in. Jiang Cheng 'uh's, and before he can draw breath, Wei Wuxian does it again, gradually building to a shallower, quicker pace.

Jiang Cheng has to brace back into Wei Wuxian's forceful thrusts so he doesn't hit his head on the drum. The smack of Wei Wuxian's hips into Jiang Cheng is so satisfying like this, to watch from behind, where he can see his shaft sink into his brother's wet hole. He traces a thumb around the rim, and Jiang Cheng gasps, pressing back for it. 

"Slut," Wei Wuxian laughs, shoving into Jiang Cheng with harsh slaps of his hips. Jiang Cheng's round ass ripples with the impact, the skin red-hot to the touch. "Did you get stuck in here on purpose so you had an excuse to wave your ass in my face?"

Jiang Cheng makes an indignant noise, but Wei Wuxian ignores him, caught in his own fantasy — Jiang Cheng achy and desperate for it, dressing in his flimsiest clothing and spreading himself out for his brother when they're alone.

"Have I been neglecting you, baobei?" Wei Wuxian says in a low, sweet voice. "Don't worry, gege's here now, I'll give you what you need."

"Who's gege?" Jiang Cheng snarls, even as he pants with the force of Wei Wuxian's movements. Wei Wuxian thrusts faster, a frisson of satisfaction going to his cock as Jiang Cheng wails. The only thing about this position that sucks is not getting to Jiang Cheng's face as Wei Wuxian knocks the haughtiness off it with his dick.

Not enough though, apparently, as Jiang Cheng gasps, "deeper!" He tries to spread his thighs wider but he's caught by his own leggings and he makes a guttural sound of frustration.

Wei Wuxian's balls ache at the sight of his didi's desperation, and he yanks the leggings down further, hearing the sound of nylon ripping but not caring. He knocks Jiang Cheng's thighs further apart and hammers in, huffing triumphantly at Jiang Cheng's higher pitched noises. 

"I could just finish — uh — leave you here. With my come — fuck — dripping down your thighs for anyone to, ah, to find." Wei Wuxian is entranced by the image, Jiang Cheng a disheveled come-soaked mess, begging for Wei Wuxian to help him. Wei Wuxian would, of course, but he might take his time, might slip back inside as he 'helps', might take his payment from Jiang Cheng's tight body.

Jiang Cheng whines and curses, but Wei Wuxian feels the way Jiang Cheng tightens around his dick. He groans, hips rabbiting faster, feeling the tension growing in his stomach and balls. "Gonna fill you up, didi," he promises, grabbing awkwardly for Jiang Cheng's cock.

He tugs at it in an unsteady rhythm, groaning in satisfaction at how wet Jiang Cheng's cock is, leaking all over himself, dripping on the washing machine, down his thighs towards his leggings. "Ah, baobei — ah, you're going to have so — shit — much more washing to do," he says faux-mournfully, and Jiang Cheng makes a noise half like an angry cat, half a moan.

Extremely pleased with himself, almost ready to rut and chase orgasm mindlessly, he can't resist saying: "if you — ah — take my load, didi, I'll — uh — help you with yours."

Jiang Cheng groans in aggravation, and Wei Wuxian grins. Flush with desire and amusement, he laughs breathily as he takes Jiang Cheng, battering his didi's soft spaces with his thick, hard cock. 

He loses himself to the clench of Jiang Cheng around his shaft, the glide of blood-hot hardness in his own hand. Eventually Jiang Cheng gives in, like he always does, and pants, "Xian-gege," in a fit of desperation. Feeling riled up and out of control, Wei Wuxian fucks Jiang Cheng brutally until the machine is making marks against the floor with how he's jolting it with his thrusts.

Jiang Cheng pants, "gege, gege, gege," to the rhythm of Wei Wuxian's thrusts. Wei Wuxian groans at the breathy chant and ruts in, squeezing his hand around Jiang Cheng's cock. Jiang Cheng comes over his fingers with a wail and spasms around Wei Wuxian, that soft, sticky space squeezing desperately around him, begging for his come.

Finally finally finally he gives in and comes, shoved into Jiang Cheng all the way, crammed up inside his tight warmth. He groans in relief as he comes inside Jiang Cheng, hips stuttering against that soft, abused ass.

Then there's the sound that sends a chill up Wei Wuxian's spine. The metal on metal scrape of keys in the front door.

They both freeze, panting and fucked out messes. Wei Wuxian still buried to the hilt in his didi, Jiang Cheng still stuck to the washing machine, ripped and come-soaked leggings tangled around his knees.

"A-Xian, A-Cheng, we're home!"