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Waning of the Moon (Helios X Reader)

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You’ve been staying at Helios’ place for weeks now, a borderline warehouse with only two walled off rooms. His reasoning behind kidnapping inviting you was that you’d be safer there with him... not that he really cared of course. Originally the proposition of him somehow being a safer option made you burst out laughing, but now after time has passed you have started to grow more comfortable around his gloomy and sharp attitude.


The living situation you had found yourself in started off as awkward as it could be; with Helios rarely bothering with any attempt to speak with you and spending the majority of his time in his room ‘working’. After about a week or so however, he slowly seemed to grow accustomed to your presence. It even felt borderline domestic at times, with you spending your copious free time cleaning and sprucing up the neglected living space. He never thanked you of course, but there were times that he’d walk in on you dusting, sweeping, or rearranging his few possessions; when he would have an almost pleased look on his face. By your second week there you had the larger living quarters completely spotless, and Helios made a small comment on you making a decent maid. It was backhanded of course, but the compliment still made your heart mysteriously flutter in your chest.


What shocked you most was your own growing appreciation for the man. Whether it be the slowly increasing amount of time he spent with you, sprawled out on the small thrifted couch with a careful distance placed between you, always criticizing whatever show or movie you had been watching with his typical quips. Or the times in which you caught a glimpse of him right after he woke up, his hair tossed and abdomen bare as he lazily shuffled into the living room. Or the one instance where he had absent mindedly gave your head a brief pat before he went to sleep. All of these moments had steadily made your heart grow fonder of Helios, and the continuously winding knot in your stomach baffled you endlessly.


You were starting to think that maybe, possibly; the man might be starting to care for you as well.


This growing suspicion was partially confirmed when he demanded offered to teach you self defense late one night after an exhausting discussion about your “incredible helplessness.”


“Unless you’re trying to stab a barn, you’re not gonna hit a damn like that.” 


“I’m trying, okay?” You groaned as you stepped away from the practice dummy you had been apparently failing miserably to attack. “Weren’t you supposed to be teaching, not just watching?”


“Fine fine.” Helios took a few steps backwards as he beckoned you to come towards him with two fingers. “Give me your worst.”


“Try and stab you? Are you out of your mind?!”


“No, because you’re not going to hit me, dumbass. I’ll be able to correct your movements more precisely this way.” He crossed both of his arms over his chest as he lifted his chin at you, a cocky smile spreading over his face. “Come on now, I don’t have all day.”


A loud and irritated groan pushed past your lips as you looked towards the ceiling for a moment, questioning why you had ever agreed to do this in the first place. When you returned your gaze in front of you and began to step towards him, you hesitated for a moment as you swung. That was all he needed to duck beneath your arm effortlessly, grabbing hold of its wrist before twirling it and himself behind you. He twisted your arm ever so slightly, causing you to yelp in pain before the knife fell from your fingers and clattered against his concrete floor.


“See?” The sinister whisper fell over your ear, its warmth making your entire body freeze in place as he continued. “Never hesitate. You have to make the decision that the man is dead before you ever strike, and once you do there’s no taking it back.” He released your arm from his firm grip before leaning down to recover your knife from the floor, handing it to you as you turned around with a serious expression on his face. “Again.”


You still felt flustered from his proximity to you just moments ago, the tone of his voice as he instructed you being the softest he had ever spoken to you. Hoping he assumed the deep flush on your face was just from your anger towards him, you immediately lunged once more. He dodged to the side in one long and effortless stride. 




You twirled to face him before lunging towards him again, trying to be faster as instructed. Helios only dodged you again, taking another long stride backwards this time. 


“Do you know what the word ‘faster’ means?” 


You screamed in frustration as you, without thinking, threw the knife in his direction. Before you had time to process what you had done, he had caught it middair without his eyes ever leaving yours, tilting his head at you quizzically before speaking.


“It can be a good move to try and catch your target by surprise, but if you’re going to throw your weapon, you have to be absolutely confident that it will hit a major artery. Otherwise…” He moved in a blur, ending up behind you so fast that you could barely see him do it. His right arm immediately wrapped around your torso, pinning your arms in place as he pressed your back firmly against his chest. The knife you had thrown at him was now just barely pressed flat against your neck. “ leave yourself wide open.”


“I’m sorry I- I wasn’t thinking and-” You stumbled on your words, feeling incredibly guilty for what you had done.


“Oh? So you did think it would hit me?” Helios chuckled low into your ear, his teeth barely grazing it as he continued. “I figured you must have known I’d catch it in time. You must really want me dead then, don't you?”


“No I-” The knife at your neck pressed slightly harder against its skin, cutting your words off as you gasped.


“So you want me alive then? I find that hard to believe.” He dragged the knife upwards until it found your jaw, tilting your heads upwards to face him. “Then again, little girls often tease the boys they like.” He tilted the blade a fraction of an inch so that it’s sharp edge gently pressed into your skin, causing you to gasp again from the strange sensation. A deep warmth had begun to grow at the meeting of your thighs, making the entire experience all the more confusing. “Ahhh, that’s what it is, isn’t it?” The corners of his mouth pulled into a cocky grin, his teeth flashing behind his lips.


You were left completely speechless, only able to stare at him with wide eyes as your chest fell and rose quickly beneath his arm. 


“Your poor little heart is going 90 to nothin.” He strengthened his hold around you, leaning his face slightly closer to yours as he whispered. “Are you getting excited?” His gaze drifted downwards, his eyes widening slightly as his grin grew. “I think you might be.” He dragged his arm down your chest, brushing against your nipples and making you realize how hard they were, a small moan regretfully breaking past your lips as his eyes met yours. 


He almost seemed shocked for a fraction of a moment before his cocky expression returned full force. His face came even closer, stopping only when his lips were just about to meet yours, the pressure from the knife at your neck decreasing until it was just barely pressed against your skin. Then everything paused, the only movement between you both being the both of your chests rising and falling in unison. He matched his breath yours, inhaling each of your exhales and vice versa. Your tongue began to tingle as you eventually squirmed beneath his hold, your thighs pressing tightly together as you tried to ignore the growing tension between them.


When your gaze eventually left his lips and returned to his eyes, there was a strange and yet painfully familiar tenderness there. 


Without thinking you stretched your neck upwards, meeting his lips with your own. The kiss was gentle for a moment, his mouth softly folding over yours numerous times as he sighed against your face. When his tongue finally pressed past your lips, sliding over yours before slowly circling it, he groaned as the knife at your neck resumed it’s previous pressure there. He carefully turned you both in place before pressing your body against the pillar now in front of you, your chest squishing against the concrete.


You could feel a large and hard outline pressed against your back as he broke the kiss, his tongue slowly dragging across your cheek and down your neck as he hummed against your skin. He took the meeting of your neck and shoulder between his teeth, gently nibbling on the sensitive spot as another cursed moan escaped you. Helios chuckled as he pulled back, licking the spot before speaking.


“You almost sound cute when you moan.” His hips just barely grind against your back, the arm that was encircling your waist now releasing it so that his free hand could travel downwards to the hem of your shirt before sliding underneath it. When his fingers brushed against your bra he tugged on it hard, releasing both of your breasts in one quick motion. He took one of them into his hand, kneading the supple flesh as he continued to grind against your back. “It makes me want to make you moan more.”


You bit your bottom lip in an attempt to stifle the noises threatening to crawl up your throat. Helios only chuckled darkly at you as his fingers pinched your hard nipple, twisting it slightly, forcing you to cry out from the sensation of pleasure and pain. 


“I knew you’d like it rough.” He growls the words at you as he removes the knife from around your neck, holding it between his teeth as he uses the now free hand to spin you around to face him, immediately pinning your back to the pillar with his torso. Releasing your breast, both of his hands found the back of your thighs before lifting you upwards, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as your arms encircled his neck. One of his hands moved upwards to squeeze your ass tightly through your soft shorts before it abandoned the flesh, moving instead to take the knife from between his teeth. 


He positioned it against the neckline of your shirt before yanking it downwards, easily ripping the piece of fabric in half before placing the blade against your navel. He gently dragged its flat end upwards until it reached the center of your bra, sliding beneath it before he turned the blade slightly and tugged towards him, cutting through it. You would have sighed in annoyance if you hadn’t have been so aroused, and so instead you only moaned as his mouth fell over yours once more. You took turns releasing each of your arms from his neck, sliding the now useless fabric from your body before grabbing onto his shoulders. 


Helios gently sucked your tongue into his mouth before pulling away from the kiss, looking down at your half naked body hungrily as he resumed dragging the blade across your skin. It moved up the slope of one of your breasts before it found your nipple, the knife's flat side gently rubbing small circles against it. He leaned forward to bite into your neck as you moaned, his hips beginning to slowly grind against your center. You took handfuls of his shirt into your fists before pulling the fabric up and over his head, Helios rolling his eyes as he placed the knife between your own teeth this time, waiting for you to bite down on the blade before he pulled the piece of clothing over his head and discarded it to the floor.


Your hands returned to his shoulders, your nails just barely digging into his skin as you began to roll your hips in unison with his. He seemed to be distracted from whatever he was going to do next, pressing his body closer to yours as he quickened the pace of his thrusts against you. You let one hand travel downwards, your open palm dragging down his chest and abdomen before finding the waistband of his sweatpants. Your fingertips clumsily slipped beneath it before brushing against the head of his cock. Helios groaned as you took it into your fist, tugging upwards. He leaned his face to yours, taking the blade between his own teeth before turning his head to the side and dropping it atop the growing pile of the both of your clothing, his mouth immediately falling over yours afterwards.


He circled your tongue sloppily with his a few times before pulling away and pressing his forehead against yours, his hips moving quicker and more desperately into your fist as the sweet breath of his groan fell over your face. His free hand traveled to your shorts, pulling the crotch of them and your panties aside simultaneously with his thumb before you felt two fingers slide easily across your swollen opening.


Fuck . You’re this wet for me already?” Helios growled as he slowly slid both digits inside of you, his eyes rolling into the back of his head from the feeling. “And you’re so fucking tight. Jesus Christ.” 


You removed your hand from his erection to push down his sweatpants and boxers as much as you could, just enough to free his cock completely. He chuckled as you did, immediately kicking the clothing aside after it hit the floor at his ankles. His fingers slowly slid out of you, causing you to moan in protest as both of his arms found the crook behind your knees, holding you up by them as he spread your legs wider. 


Helios stared down at your exposed center, tilting his head quizzically as he let his shaft slide against it. Your hips rolled as he did, soft whimpers pushing past your lips as he continued. 


“Poor thing.” He chuckled sinisterly before his eyes met yours, holding his face an inch away as he whispered. “You want my cock inside of you bad, don't you?”


You couldn't speak, biting down on your bottom lip as an all new blush spread over your cheeks, trying desperately to grind yourself against him faster. He let out a sigh across your face, pressing his shaft still against your wet lips.


“Just say yes, and I’ll give you what you want.” His words were just as chilled as they usually were, but the subtle tenderness had returned to his eyes. 




The word had just had enough time to slip past your lips before he had positioned the tip of his cock at your center, pressing slowly past your lips as he took you inch by inch. A long and loud moan escaped you, rising in pitch until his hips were pressed tightly at your inner thighs, a growl swimming across your face as Helios took you completely. 


“That’s a good girl.” He slowly slid out of you until only his tip remained before he filled you again in one swift motion. His lustful gaze burned into yours as he repeated the sensitive motion several times. You met each thrust desperately, your hips rolling frantically against him each time. When your inner walls began to flutter around him, a gravel filled noise escaped him as his teeth returned to your neck, biting down hard into your skin as he quickened his pace. Your fingers instantly tangle into the strands of his silver hair, tugging at it thoughtlessly as you cried out his name.


His teeth sunk deeper into your skin in response, the sound of your bodies slamming into each other echoing throughout the large and barren room. He releases your neck with a loud popping sound before he returns his gaze to you, a sinister snarl spreading across his face as he releases one of your legs from his grasp, using the now free hand to rub your swollen clit in quick circles.


“Cum for me.” 


You had already felt the tension of your climax building inside of you, and now you could feel yourself swiftly climbing towards its summit. Your inner walls contracted around him tightly, a tingling sensation climbing beneath his calloused fingers.


“That’s it.” He groaned as he straightened his body upwards, staring down at the joining of your sex as he bounced your bodyup and down on him. Your free arm wrapped around the pillar behind you, your hand gripping tightly at its corner as you felt yourself begin to unravel around him. Helios’s brow furrows deeply, his mouth beginning to fall open as he grows silent save for his ragged breathing. 


When your orgasm hits you, you can only scream out his name as your walls constrict tighter around him. He shuts his eyes tight as he slams into you slower yet harder, a series of animalistic growls brushing past his teeth with each powerful thrust as he comes inside of you. 


When the both of your orgasms finally subside, he slowly pulls himself out of you before tenderly lowering each of your shaking legs to the floor. You were expecting some sort of witty remark, but instead he only lowered himself slightly to wrap one arm behind your legs and back, lifting you up against his chest as he carried you like a child across the room.


“Uhm, where are we going?”


“Bed, obviously.” He says the words plainly, leaving no room for further questioning on the subject.


When he reaches the barely ajar door to his bedroom, he presses his back against it to open it completely before reaching his bed in a handful of long strides. He lowers you to the mattress slowly before crawling over you to the opposite side, leaning over to shut off the lamp before turning over on his side to face you, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling your back flush against his chest.


“Uhm are we going to ta-”


“Shut up and sleep, or I’m kicking you back to the couch.” Helios immediately cut you off, his tone low and demanding. 


You sighed in a semi-please defeat as you nuzzled your back against him, hiding the confused smile on your face against his pillow as you surrendered yourself to sleep.