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Twisted Wonderland Inktober (TwstOBer)

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“Would you have ever suspected that our lives would turn like this?”

Tristan had to pause polishing his sword ‘Xiwàng’ as he looked over to his ‘sister’ and partner Yue. At the question, he had to tilt his head clearly showing that he is thinking about it, but then he shook his head gently before returning to his previous task. 

Yue had to giggle at the gesture, she always loved it when he did these kinds of motion freely without having his guard up.

Gently she played with her spiritual weapon ‘Zidian’ while looking out of the window watching Ace and Deuce chasing after Grim.

“Truly, who would have thought that after a simple mission of extermination of ghouls we’re getting summoned in a magical college, getting hired to observe the school, fighting some Overblot version of Grumpy, and then getting hired to be students here!” Yue couldn’t help but laugh at the memory of their first days of arriving here.

“Not to forget all that drama involving Overblot students.” Tristian suddenly said as he gently sheathed his sword, before placing it in his qiankun bag. He joined the girl by the window, the bell of clarity chiming softly with every step he took.

“But the thing I never thought would happen…” Tristan quietly cut himself off his eyes softened slowly. The mask hides the lower part of his face, but Yue knew that he was smiling. An expression she more the past months than she ever saw in all the years she knew him.

Yue couldn’t help herself, but to smile as well.

“That you would find someone who accepts and loves you despite all your beautiful flaws?”

Tristan didn’t say anything, but Yue knew she was right.

“It may be twisted, but it’s still a wonderland.”

A place they dare to say feels like their home now.

This place is called Twisted Wonderland.