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Water striking the shower wall is static in Max’s ears. No matter how she scrubs her face, pinches herself, she cannot clear her head. The last dregs of filth—mud, blood, something else—slip down the drain. More creatures stalking the woods. Billy and Steve are hopefully sharing the other bathroom. Max isn’t sure how long she’s been in here, doesn’t exactly want to keep them waiting. Her skin is alive in a strange way like ants crawling under the top, thin layer. It would frighten her if not for every brush of her hands over said skin exciting her. Like Billy and Steve are here, hands all over her and eager.

The thought, the images rising hungrily in her head have her shivering despite the steam. When she blinks next, she stands truly shivering in the hallway down from Steve’s room. The Harrington house is quiet, Steve’s parents at their condo in Chicago. Downstairs, laughter from her lovers tickles her ears. Somehow, she manages the steps on wobbly legs. When Max finds her boys lounging on the couch, rubbing water out of their hair, all she can do is whine.

“What’s up with you?” Billy asks with a grin. 

Max’s tongue is too thick in her mouth to speak. She can only stumble towards him, Steve watching with an eyebrow cocked, as she falls on Billy and paws anywhere she can reach.

“Max? Are you okay?”

Steve had been the only one to see the monster they’d set on fire spray her in the face with some sort of dust. It’d taken scrubbing herself twice in the shower to wash away the glimmering stuff. Distantly, Max thinks Steve rests a hand on her naked back even as she ruts hard against Billy’s stomach and bites his neck.

“Shit!” Billy’s hands zip to her ass, instantly picking up on what she’s putting down and groping her. “Killing things makes you horny now, huh?”

Steve murmurs, “No, she got hit with something…”

Max just moans in Billy’s ear, tightens her grip around her neck, and snaps her hips harder into him like she’s fucking him already. That’s what she wants, she realizes, before frantically ripping at his sweatpants. No underwear, typical, and Max grinds herself on her brother’s soft cock. Not soft for long.

“Need you,” she whines into his neck. The imprints from her teeth are pink, and she bites him in the same spot to darken the marks. Billy jolts under her, rubbing hard against her clit. She’s already wet. She can hear the slick sound of them together. “Billy…”

More hands appear on her. They cup her waist while Billy rocks her ass to keep up their rhythm. Max twists around and shakes an arm free from her tight embrace around Billy’s neck. Steve is there, looking concerned but also biting his lip as he looks her up and down. He likes to watch them together, likes even more to be included. Max grabs his short jaw and hauls him close, biting at his lips until he opens for her tongue. She laps up the sweet noise Steve makes for her, thinks about climbing out of Billy’s lap to paw at Steve, too. Billy has other plans.

“Let’s fuck her in your dad’s bed,” Billy says with glee, nearly giggling.

Lips barely unlocked, Max almost smacks her head into Steve’s when Billy lifts them from the couch. His sweatpants slide down his legs, and he kicks them off with Max wrapped around him. He almost sprints out of the living room, hands possessive on her ass. Steve gives chase close behind, Max watching over Billy’s firm shoulder. A dusting of pink stains Steve’s face. His pupils are huge, just like hers. Maybe whatever the monster had sprayed her with is contagious. It doesn’t matter as Billy drops her on the bed. The boys climb up, Steve’s underwear shed too, and they descend upon her like rabid wolves. Hopefully tongues and fingers and cocks will quell the itch tingling all through Max’s skin.