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Just a touch of Necromancy

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"So, what about you?" Patton asked after a moment, looking back up at the man sitting next to Remus, "You're... deceit, right?" 


The other nodded, "Most people call me dee, though," 


"While I obviously have no inclinations into the naming habits of your kind, I find myself doubting the authenticity of your name," Logan piped up, adjusting his tie slightly.


The naga opened his mouth, but Remus spoke up first, "He deals with the fae in the forest a lot, so deceit is the name he goes by. Once he trusts you, you might get his real name." 


"Why?" Roman asked.


"Have you ever heard legends about creatures who could command you to do anything against your will if they learned your real name? That's a fae." 


"That sounds terrible!" Patton commented. 


"Wait, you said he deals with 'the fae in the forest,'" Roman said, pointing at his brother, before turning towards Virgil, "does that mean there are some in  this  forest?"


The witch nodded, unsure why Roman had to ask  him  this question, "The forest Spellwood is in  belongs  to the fae. We made a deal with them that we could build our town and live here, and in exchange, all the supernaturals in town would protect their forest. The local fae have admittedly been very good to keep to themselves and not do anything, but I'd still be wary if you ever meet one," 


"So why are you the one who deals with them?" Patton asked, looking over at Janus again.


"I'm a naga, which is a type of forest spirit, so they tend to trust me more," 


"A naga...? What's that?" 


Deceit opened his mouth to reply but hesitated, blinked, then closed it again, unsure of how to respond. Unfortunately, Remus piped up. 


"Think mermaid, but instead of half fish, he's half-snake." 


Deceit just facepalmed, causing everyone else to laugh. 


"Why am I dating you again?" He muttered under his breath while pinching the bridge of his nose. 


"I think it's the mustache," Remus teased, wiggling his eyebrows slightly as he leaned over closer to the other. 


Janus huffed and rolled his eyes despite the slight pink in his cheeks, "I can  assure  you that caterpillar has nothing to do with it," 


"huh, must be the bedroom skills then," Remus replied in a tone that was way too neutral, casual and normal-sounding for what was being said. 


"You've got the skill of a cat trying to play the violin," Janus deadpanned with a scoff though the small smirk betrayed the comment's joking nature. 


"I still hit all the right notes~" Remus purred in response, causing the snake to blush even more as the vampire leaned over closer. 


"Hey!" Remy interrupted, having covered Patton's ears, "There are children in the room, you two!" causing everyone to laugh.


The conversation progressed like this, with the three detectives asking many different questions about the others.


Logan, however, was having a difficult time focusing on the discussion. 

He kept getting distracted by the sight of Patton and Remy on the couch cuddled up together and the weird pang of jealousy it kept igniting in his chest. 


He knew the reason, not that he would ever admit it to anyone. There was no way he could admit he had  feelings for Patton . But the detective had already almost lost Patton once. What if he lost him again without ever at least confessing? There was no way the other would... reciprocate these feelings? 


No, he wasn't about to risk ruining such a meaningful friendship with these nonsensical  feelings  rattling around inside his head. 


He found his eyes had once again drifted over to the pair, and despite his best efforts, the flutter of different emotions once again swirled in his chest. 


Logan shook his head, grinding his teeth slightly at the annoyance of being unable to control his emotions before forcing himself to tune back into the conversation.


"So wait," Roman interrupted whatever they had been talking about before, "How many types of supernaturals are there, exactly?" 


The supernaturals in the room all shared glances between each other for a moment before the other three all landed back on the witch, leaving Virgil to have to speak. 


He didn't want to be the one to speak up, though. After the day he had, all he wanted to do was to go to bed. Now that the panic was over, he was reverting back to being the shy, socially anxious witch who didn't like being in the spotlight like this. He had gotten away with being relatively quiet up until now. 


Unfortunately, he had promised the detectives answers, and out of everyone, he knew the most about supernaturals. Remus was new to this world to begin with, Janus knew more than the average supernatural, but he mostly focused on plant and forest-based things. Remy knew a fair amount about hell and soul magic, a topic normal supernaturals, unlike demons or necromancers, wouldn't have a clue about. Virgil, on the other hand? He had studied both of these topics and just about everything in between. 


Being a shy loner left you with a lot of free time to read books. Combined with putting himself in charge of helping any supernatural that came to him in need, he knew quite a bit. 


"There isn't really a set, well-known, official number. Some supernaturals haven't been seen in decades or more that could be thriving in secret. I guess that also changes based on what your definition of a 'supernatural' even is." 


"Is there not an exact description?" Logan asked, 


 The witch shook his head, "Not at all; take dragons, for example, they could be considered an animal, but they possess magic. Vampires, werewolves and such are also tricky because they could be thought of as humans who've contracted diseases." 




"But-" Virgil continued, looking back at Roman with a knowing smirk, "I'm going to guess you're not very interested in the exact number and just wanted to know some of the different ones that do exist?" 


The detective blushed slightly and nodded. 


"Uhhh, off the top of my head?..." the witch thought for a moment, "Well, this town is home to witches, dryads, dragonis, naga, vampires, sirens, elves, satyrs, demons, werewolves, shapeshifters, zombies, and elementals...? Probably forgetting some," 


"Ents, giants, harpies," Remy joined.


"Forest spirits or animal hybrids," Janus added. 


All three humans had eyes the size of dinner plates, making the supernaturals laugh. 


"I- wow, that's, jeez, that's like a lot- wait, did you say zombies?" 


"Don't think walking dead," Remy explained, "They basically just need to eat a lot to regenerate their bodies, which are pretty much indestructible. Since their cells aren't alive, and they don't have a pulse, they don't need oxygen and stuff either, or even feel any pain. They are pretty cool." 


"Out of that whole list, there weren't even any psychics," 


That caused Virgil to laugh, "Psychics are... iffy, and hard to explain," 


"Wait," Roman interrupted, "I just realized something... If your not psychic," He turned to Virgil, "How did you know Patton was in trouble?" 


"Oh right," the witch replied, laying his coffee down on the side table next to him, "You said one of your witnesses was looking at people through a shard of glass, and it all clicked-" 


"Are you kidding me!?" 

"Well, that explains that" 



All three other supernaturals made comments over each other in frustration at the realization. 


"Yeah, I don't know how we didn't see that one coming, not that it helps us much anyway," Virgil sighed. 


"Uh, English, please?" Roman asked, making a few of them chuckle. 


The witch opened his mouth to reply, before blinking as he seemed to realize something, "Oh, we forgot to tell them about earlier, with Rose." 


"What?" all three detectives asked in unison. 


"The night after having supper at Patton's, we went to Rhys memorial, and then we all went out spellcasting, all of us plus Rose, we-" 


Suddenly Virgil seemed to realize something else as he quickly hopped to his feet. 


"Someone else continue; I just realized something," He said before rushing off into his workroom. 


"is he always this cryptic?" Roman huffed, crossing his arms slightly but watching the retreating witch with a small smile. 


"You get used to it," Remy replied before taking over where Virgil left off to tell them what had happened that night. He revealed that they learned the killer was human after their encounter and were confused as to how he knew who was supernatural or not. Remy explained that a truth shard was a shard of broken enchanted glass that revealed a person's true nature when you looked at them through it. 


Right as he finished, Virgil came back into the room. 


"Son of a bitch has an anti-tracking rune on him," He grumbled as he made his way back toward his chair. 




"Sorry, Pat," the witch apologized.


"What was all that about?" Roman questioned. 


"The night we all went out, I cast a spell that put a tracking spell on any soul's that died and then left the area, but wherever they're going, they are too far away to track from here. Patton's necklace also had a spell on it that should have put a tracking spell on anything that attacked you, but it didn't work, meaning he has an anti-tracking rune on him," 


"Okay, back up, you still never answered my question. What does a truth shard have to do with knowing Patton was in danger?" 


"A truth shard reveals someone's true nature, meaning the killer would be able to see Patton's pixie blood. You said he had been seen near the area I knew Patton was in." 


"So, the killer is only targeting supernaturals?" 


The witch nodded.




Virgil just sighed, "Who knows,"