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All I want for Christmas

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Title: All I want for Christmas…
By AnitaB
Author’s notes: Yet again I got a part of the story I didn’t expect to. This is number 4 of my "Beyond Bars" series. Unlike my other Julianne/Lloyd fic, this will be M for romantic committed smut. Enjoy.

I own nothing from Breakout Kings and make no money. No infringement intended.
All I want for Christmas…
By AnitaB
Chapter one: Unexpected Wish Lists

“You’re sure about this.”

Silly boy. Of course she was sure. Julianne knew better than to take any step without examining it from all angles a truly obsessive-compulsive amount of times. Even now. “Have I ever told you I wanted something, was ready for something before I was? Even once?”

His lips twisted in a soft, proud little smile and she knew exactly what was going through his head. They were some of her favorite memories too. “No, you haven’t… not my smart, brave girl.”

“Then believe me now, Lloyd. I know exactly what I’m asking for. And I know how much you want to give it to me.” She took a step towards him, happy at the flick of his eyes south and the clenching of his hands into fists. Those warm blue eyes had dropped just a little lower than usual, locking onto the spread of her fingers against the front of her shirt, low against her stomach. “So… are you gonna give me what I want?”

He swallowed hard, matching her step forward and reaching one hand out to almost touch the back of hers. Lloyd closed his eyes for a moment while his fingers trembled in the air between them. Then the warmth of his hand claiming hers made her eyes fall closed. “Tell me again, sweetheart. I need to hear it, to believe it. Please.”

Curling her arms around his neck, Julianne pressed her body tight against every inch of his chest. Lifting high on her toes, she breathed a little giggle into his ear just to feel his arms tighten. He loved her laughing, especially in his arms. “I want you to help us both out of these clothes and then I want you to put a little genius in me.”

“Little?” One hand slid into the small of her back, rocking her hips into the length of his erection. “Really?”

Julianne laughed, the sound turning into a groan as his long fingers curved along the edge of her hip and thigh, pulling her even closer against the not so little shaft of him through his pants. “You know what I meant, Lloyd. Get rid of the condom, get us both naked, and give me your baby.” She claimed his lips for a hard, tongue-tangling kiss and then smiled at him. “Now would be good.”

“Yes, ma’am. That’s my assertive girl.” A little foil packet hit the bathroom floor when Lloyd scooped her up into his arms, long fingers guiding her legs around his waist. “Hold on tight, Mrs. Lowery. I don’t want to drop the baby on its head before it even has a head.” Three long steps bounced her gently against his ribs on the way to the bed. He crawled up the sheets until he could lay her head on the pillows before he sat up between her knees. The look on his face tightened every single nerve in her body as he bent down and kissed her stomach through the shirt. They hadn’t even started trying for a baby and he was already trying to make her cry with just how sweet he could be. Then he turned the tables a little. Strong fingers clung to the curve of her hips, holding her in place for the sharp, well aimed rocking of his hips between her thighs. “You do know that it’ll probably take at least a few tries at this before anything…” He tightened his hands on her thighs for another circle of his hips. “Really takes.”

He wasn’t a genius. He was an idiot. There was no chance in hell that she could respond coherently when he had every nerve in her body focused completely on the pressure and the cloth in the way. Lloyd could drive her right over the edge just like this, had done so many times before he’d dared slide a single fingertip inside her belt. And while this felt very… very good, it wasn’t what she’d asked for. And Lloyd loved it when she was his assertive girl. Fighting for breath, Julianne locked her legs so tight around his waist that he couldn’t even nudge his hips forward. “Nothing’s gonna ‘take’ with all these clothes in the way. I told you to get us naked.” She buried her nails in the back of his neck and dragged him down for a possession of a kiss, loving the smile on his face and the grip of his arms. “Skin, now!”

“I love you so damn much, Julianne.” Finally, Lloyd dragged both hands up her back, skin to skin every inch of the way. A soft, deep kiss later, he helped the shirt off over her head and started kissing his way down her ribs. Each little nip, stroke and kiss was stealing her breath. By the time his lips reached her belly button, Julianne was gasping and clenching her hands in his hair. “My beautiful wife. You’re going to be so perfect holding our little girl.”

She didn’t even notice when he peeled her pants down her legs because his face was still buried between her hipbones, covering her skin in kisses and whispers.

//My sweet Lloyd, that’s my boy.\\


Nothing in the entire world was more beautiful than this. Not the first time he’d watched her climax in his arms, not the sight of her walking down the aisle to him draped in white on Ray’s arm, not her smile as the first thing he saw every morning. Nothing was more beautiful than his perfect girl demanding to carry his child. And the fact that so much of her skin was bare to his hands and his lips had nothing to do with it. She’d be exactly this beautiful fully dressed.

And if he got inside her right now, he’d burst before the third thrust. “Julianne.” Lloyd wrapped his arms around her hips and buried his face against the flat warmth of her stomach. Hopefully soon that slim waist would be expanding to cradle their child. Months after that, his sweet Julianne would be handing him a baby, a child part him and part her. Julianne loved him that much. “I’m so lucky to have you, to be allowed to touch you like this.” He rested one cheek against her skin and watched his own hand cup the back of her knee and slide up the smooth line of her thigh to the trembling of her muscles. “So soft, so smooth, so warm.”

“So naked.” A tiny hand shoved its way down the back of his shirt to drag her nails over the straining muscles of his shoulders. A sharp and pleasant pain. Her other hand fisted in his hair, angling his head back to meet her eyes. She was so damn beautiful staring at him over the curves of her breasts. Her lace covered breasts.

“You’re not naked, not yet.” He smiled up the gorgeous length of her body and trailed his fingertips along the edge of her panties. Lloyd’s smile got even bigger when she trembled and arched beneath him.

“Neither are you, my smart boy. You haven’t opened a single button.” She wrapped that smooth, bare leg around his body and rocked her hips against his ribs. “You know you can’t get me pregnant through those pants, right?” The need in her voice was trying to shut down his brain, just like always. But this was more to him than sex, or even a potential pregnancy. This, right now, was about showing the woman he loved most in the world just how good she could feel, to thank her for loving him with every inch of his body. He wanted to give her everything, even knowing it still wouldn’t be as much as she deserved.

“We’ll get there, sweetheart. Soon enough.” The look on her face said in no uncertain terms that they disagreed about just how soon that would be. Then his precious girl grinned in a way that reminded him of Erica. That look usually meant a man was about to be shot or stabbed. But that wasn’t his girl’s plan. “Julianne,”

Suddenly he was on his back with an angel across his hips, pinning his hands to the mattress with a burst of laughter. “You’re losing the shirt now, Lloyd. Unless you want me to rip it open, you’ll sit up to make it easier on me.” She leaned down close, pressing a nibbling little kiss to his lips. “Or do you want me to rip you out of all your clothes, since I’m your… assertive girl.”

He tried to answer, not that he was sure what he’d been about to say, but the demon torturing him melted his brains out his ears by circling her hips against his…oh…so…precisely. “Baby… please…” Locking his hands on her hips, Lloyd helplessly met each rock of her body with a thrust of his own. He loved how good she felt, but loved even more how comfortable she was now with taking what she needed from him, with demanding it. He helplessly followed the grip of her hands up, weakly letting go of her waist to help her peel his shirt off over his head. He was just as helpless to hold back. Lloyd wrapped both arms tight around her waist and pulled all that soft, warm skin against his bare chest. “Julianne,”

He sounded desperate enough to make her giggle for him again. Those gorgeous lace-covered breasts were shaking with laughter against his ribs. He damn well loved his girl laughing. Then her hands added to his desperation, stroking soft heat over the trembling muscles of his shoulders. “Aren’t you going to touch me, Lloyd?”

“Yes… everywhere.” He buried one hand in her hair and dragged those sweet, smiling lips against his own. “Every beautiful inch of you.” Getting lost in her mouth, Lloyd explored every smooth inch of her back with hungry fingertips. It wasn’t enough. Every inch of her skin and all the time in the world to be in her arms, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

He would never get enough of this precious angel. Lloyd’s fingers stumbled over the hooks of her bra before he succeeded in peeling the lace out of his way. “Lloyd?” He’d stopped and stared up at her, getting lost for just a moment in the sight of this woman in his bed. So beautiful and his, all his. Silly girl that she was, sometimes his Julianne got just a little uncomfortable when he got all star-struck. Sometimes she still didn’t believe in just how beautiful she was. That edge of blush on her cheeks said she was thinking about crossing her arms over her chest, about hiding the gorgeous curves of her breasts from him. //No way.\\

“Come down here, sweetheart. I need to taste you, touch you.” Now the look on her face warmed again, maybe because of the need in his voice and the shaking fingers sliding up her ribs. Julianne lowered herself down into his arms and he finally, finally stroked his tongue over the stiffened peak to the sound of her sweet moan. //That’s my girl, feel good for me.\\