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Our Darkest Moments

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“Now before y’all head off for the weekend, there is some exciting news. At the end of the semester we have our annual Fellowship camp weekend. A whole weekend of getting closer to nature, to each other and closer to God.” As she spoke she moved to stand behind the couch where the Holy Trinity sat. “As our Fellowship leader, April will be taking point on all the details. I’m sure this will be the best year yet.” She placed her hand on April’s shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze.

April stood from her seat and addressed the group. “Everyone will need to take a pack with them today. You will find the parental permission form, medical details, itinerary and packing lists in the envelopes. Allergies are diagnosed medical allergies. This would not include, and I quote, short people with a big ego.” April cast a sideways glance at Blair who just smiled in response. “You will need to return the forms by next Friday so we can book the site. Hannah B and Ezekiel are handing these out to you now. You will find each of your packs is colour coded for ease, so anything on green paper needs to be returned for you to go.” April continued to explain the contents of the packs as the remainder of the Holy Trinity handed them out.


April turned to see Blair with her hand up. “Yes Blair?”

“Will there be actual fun during this weekend?”

“Yes, of course.” Seeing Blair’s hand raise again, she drew in a breath. “Blair?”

“I see on the packing list that you have listed swimming attire.”

“That’s correct.” April responded, her eyes narrowing at the brunette slightly as she tried to work out where these questions were going. “So, you can see…”

“April?” April could feel the frustration with the brunette twin rising inside her with each interruption. Part of her was tempted to regress to her old ways and bring the questions to an end with a cutting remark but she felt the brush of a thumb on the back of her calf. A quick glance down revealed Sterling, looking up at her with an expression that made that desire fade away. Despite the progress they had made, Blair took a certain level of pleasure from continuing to press April’s buttons whenever she could. Sterling claimed it was how the brunette showed affection but truth be told, she was sceptical about that and felt the other girl still wasn’t her greatest fan. “Yes Blair?”

“Will they be solo, paired or group activities?”

“They would be mostly paired activities. Anything else?” She focused on the reassuring touch from the blonde still seated on the floor beside the couch she sat on. The warmth radiating from the close proximity of her body against her leg helped considerably.

“Nope. Got it. You are expecting to partake in paired activities that get you wet.”

April instantly felt her ears start to burn with the insinuation. She felt the hand that had been brushing her calf, come to a sudden stop. Her brain felt like it had short circuited as the words registered, leaving her unable to come up with any response immediately.

“Oh absolutely. I know that April has spent a lot of time and many late nights thinking about every tiny detail.” Ellen commented, making April cringe internally. She only just resisted the urge to cover her face with her hands as she silently wished for the fire alarm to go off to bring this to an end.

“I’m sure she...ouch!” As April chanced a look down to where the Wesleys sat she saw Blair rubbing her ribs and Sterling glaring at her sister. As the sound of the bell filled the room, April felt herself release a breath she didn’t know she was holding as the assembled students began to collect their belongings and file out. April sank back against the couch and closed her eyes. She felt the cushion beside her shift as someone took a seat. She didn’t need to open her eyes to know who it was. Keeping her eyes closed she leant her head onto the shoulder beside her as fingers interlaced with her own.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. It’s just Blair being Blair.”

“I’m pretty sure nobody else had a clue what she was suggesting...except Ezekiel.”

“Are you still coming over tonight? Dad’s been eyeing up Emily in Paris ever since his conversation about taking mom there for their wedding anniversary and we need your vote to avoid having that horror inflicted on us.”

Before April could answer, Blair’s voice carried across the room. “Sterl, Bowser wants us to swing by the yoghurt shop on the way home. You ready?”

Sterling glanced over to where her sister stood at the door, typing something into her phone. “Coming.”

“On that couch again? I’ll save my eyes and see you at the car.” Blair turned and left without giving either girl a chance to reply.

Sterling placed a kiss against the top of April’s head where it still rested on her shoulder. “See you tonight?”

April turned her head to capture the blonde’s lips in a chaste kiss. “Text me when you are home and I’ll be over.” She watched as a wide smile spread across the blonde’s face at the response. The pair rose from the couch together and Sterling started to walk away, waiting for the last moment to drop their hands.

April watched the blonde leave before collecting her own belongings and making her way out to her own car.


The bell over the shop door rang out to signal their arrival. “I’m just saying that your desire for honesty means you blew your chance at an unsupervised weekend. You know Ellen will be running some serious cliterference.”

“Is it too much to ask for one conversation that doesn’t revolve around your love lives?” Bowser grumbled from behind the counter.

“No problem, Bowsie. Have you asked Yolanda out yet?” Blair wandered behind the counter and grabbed a handful of gummy bears, popping some into her mouth as she smiled at Bowser.

Bowser ran a hand over his forehead. “Forget I said anything. C’mon, we have a skip.” He made his way into the back office. “You comin’?”

Blair grabbed another handful of gummy bears as she made her way out back, Sterling following behind. Sterling sat herself in one of the chairs while Blair flopped down onto the couch, tossing another sweet into her mouth. “Those are comin’ out of your next wages.”

“I’m carrying out quality control.”

“Mmm hmm. Nick Morgan.” Bowser hands Sterling a copy of his picture. “This guy has a long history of conning senior citizens out of their pension money for home renovations.”

“So why do you need us?”

Bowser frowned at the question. “To find him.”

“Can’t you just book him for some work? Then we can be there and boom.”

“How old do you think I am?” Blair sat up on the couch and tilted her head as she regarded her boss. “Never mind. Fine...I’ll organise some work with him.”

Sterling tuned out what Blair and Bowser were discussing as a thought that had kept recurring since her experiences at the hands of John Stevens resurfaced in her mind. When her own voice sounded in the room, she was just as surprised as the other occupants. “I don’t think I want to do this anymore.”


Sterling turned to face her sister. “I don’t think I want to carry on bounty hunting.”

“Why would you give this up? The rush you get from kicking down doors, the chasing skips down and taking them down with your badass shooting skills.”

“That’s just it. I don’t get that feeling when I think of that anymore.”


“Blair...I think what your sister is sayin’ is that it’s time for her to move on. When you started this whole thing, it was only to get the money to fix your daddy’s truck.”

“Sterl loves this.” Blair told Bowser before turning to her sister, the uncertainty clear in her voice. “Don’t you?”

“Truly, I did but it’s not how I want to spend my time now.”

The brunette frowned at the response. “Is this because of April?”

“No. It’s a dangerous job and I have had enough danger for a while. There was something Mr Stevens asked me that stuck.”

“You’re going to listen to him?” Blair shot up from the couch and started pacing.

Sterling ignored the comment and continued. “He asked if I had ever considered the consequences of my actions.”

“The consequences are for their actions.” Blair argued back.

“Yes but when we take them in, it has an impact on others too.”

Blair stopped her pacing and turned to face her sister. “So this is about April.”

Bowser stood and stepped closer to Blair. “It’s about your sister not wanting to play a part in something that can be partly responsible for tearing a family apart.”

“I’m not saying that I’ll never do it again, just not now.”

“What about me?” Blair’s voice was quiet as the question was spoken.

Sterling rose from the chair and stood in front of the other girl. “You are my sister, now and always. You can go with Bowser to kick down doors and I’ll help Miss Kathy with the shop. Then when we are both done, we will still spend plenty of time together...just without the naked people throwing bibles and wrenches.”


“Twin swear.”

“If you break that promise to scissor with your girlfriend all the time, just know that no locked door is a match for my badass skills.”


Sterling scrolled through her phone while on the couch next to Blair. Friday night had been designated as family night at the Wesley house. Usually this time consisted of watching a movie or some episodes of a new series that someone had found. As much as the idea had sounded far from an ideal way to spend a Friday night, after the first couple, they had settled into this new routine and Sterling actually found herself enjoying the time spent with the people closest to her. Something that had only increased when her mom had invited April over the first time with a comment that only reinforced what Sterling had already told her about being an honorary Wesley.

The sound of the doorbell roused Sterling from her mindless scrolling. “I’ll get it.” She jumped up from the couch and made her way to the door, running a hand over her hair as she placed her hand on the handle. Once she opened the door, she was greeted by April’s smile. “Hey.” Her eyes drifted down the figure in front of her and came to rest on the item in her hand. “You know you don’t have to bring something every time, they already love you.”

April tilted her head slightly and took a step closer to the blonde, her free hand slipping into Sterling’s own. “Maybe...but if they keep thinking that I’m the perfect houseguest, it may help stop them wondering what happens when we spend a bit too long on an errand.” Sterling dipped her head to close the distance between them and steal a kiss before their evening began. As much as she loved having April included in family night, it also provided the challenge of having to keep a respectable level of contact with the girl she wanted nothing more than to leave as little space between them as possible.

“Smart girls are so hot.” Sterling brought her hand up to cup April’s cheek before allowing herself to sink into a more languid kiss.

“Leave space for Jesus.”

Sterling reluctantly broke the kiss and rested her forehead against April’s. “There are times that I wish I was an only child.”

“I heard that. And no you don’t. Your life would be empty without me. Plus…”

“Is that April?” Debbie asked as she rounded the corner into the entrance hall. Sterling watched as April stepped further into the house, a smile settled on her lips.

“Good evening Mrs Wesley.”

“We’ve been over this.”

“Debbie. I hope you don’t mind but I had a bit of time after school and found this recipe for mocha swirls that I wanted to try. A far superior substitute to cinnamon rolls in my humble opinion.”

Sterling watched as April headed over towards her mom who greeted her with a hug before leading them into the kitchen. “You’re welcome...again.” The blonde looked over to her sister who was sporting a rather smug look.

“You’re insufferable at times.” She retorted as she approached the brunette.

“Yet you still love me.” Blair threw an arm across her sister’s shoulder as she drew alongside her. “Now come on, we have to make sure Stevens brought her debating A game to convince dad to watch something good for a change.” As they approached the couch, Sterling shot a glance towards the kitchen. “She has been gone for less than a minute.”

“I was just checking to see if mom needed help.” Sterling saw the way Blair rolled her eyes at her before taking a seat beside her sister. “What do you think we should pitch for?”

Blair pursed her lips as she considered. “I’m feeling...whimsical.”

“So we need something whimsical that doesn’t suck and is set in Paris...Can’t be too hard right. Google it.”

Blair pulled her phone out and did a quick search. “Ok, best French movies on Netflix...The Artist?” Sterling tried to lean closer to see the synopsis but before she could read more than the first sentence, Blair had scrolled on. “Nope, black and white. I need colour in my life. How about this one...Blue is the warmest colour?”

“I wouldn’t suggest watching that with your parents.” April settled into the seat beside Sterling, making sure to leave a respectable distance between them.

“Why not?”

“There’s a reason it’s NC-17.”

Blair’s lips rose in a smirk. “And how would you know that?”

“How would you know what?” Anderson asked as he walked into the room, taking his seat in the armchair. Sterling could feel the tension radiating off her girlfriend at the situation Blair had just created.

“April was just telling us about this French movie that she has seen.”

“I was going to suggest we settle in to watch some of Emily in Paris but if you have a better movie suggestion, we can postpone that. What’s it called?”

Sterling could feel the way Blair’s body was shaking as she tried to hold in the laughter beside her.


“That’s not…” Without looking at her, Sterling aimed a quick jab into her ribs to dissuade Blair from any further comments.

“It’s quirky but not too weird plus it’s the kind of movie that gives you that warm feeling at the end.”

“Bet that’s not the only French movie that leaves you with a warm bl…”

Sterling jumped in before Blair could finish her sentence. “Anyway dad, why don’t we watch that tonight? It gets much better reviews than your suggestion and it fits Blair’s desire for whimsy, right?” April nodded.

“Well, alright then.” Sterling waited until her dad was occupied by finding the movie before turning to Blair to glare at her and fire up their twin link.

“If you say one more innuendo loaded comment, I will tell dad about how his dry hunting spell was because you kept an ultrasonic deer repeller in your bag.”

Blair’s jaw dropped. “You wouldn’t.”

“I would.”

“Fine. I won’t say anything...enjoy watching the movie sitting next to your girlfriend with the knowledge that she has watched NC-17 rated lesbian movies.”

Sterling felt her own jaw drop as heat flushed her skin while Blair sat back against the couch looking smug.


Sterling ignored the whine from her side, keeping her eyes firmly fixed on the screen to try to avoid the new thoughts flooding her mind. She only snapped out of her not suitable for family time thoughts when she felt April slip her hand into her own. With that simple action, Sterling’s mind settled back into the present. She shot a small smile to the girl beside her before settling back to watch the movie.


Sterling turned the Volt onto April’s drive, all too aware that their time together was drawing to a close once more. She proceeded along the driveway at a gentle pace to prolong their time for those few extra seconds. “Is that Ellen’s scooter?”

April frowned in the seat next to her as she peered out through the windscreen at the unexpected vehicle resting against the wall. “I…think so.”

“Why is Ellen at your house?” Sterling brought the car to a stop beside the scooter. “Do you think she overheard Blair’s comments earlier and is here to have an intervention? You don’t think Ellen and your mom are having a secret affair do you? I mean, they did sound like they were close and you told me about how Ellen was so sad…”

Sterling’s musings were cut off by the feeling of warm lips encapsulating her own. “I don’t think my mom is having an illicit affair with Ellen.”

“And the intervention?”

April shook her head. “She’s been…trying…to be better.”

Sterling chewed her bottom lip as she contemplated what the presence of Ellen could mean. “Want me to come in with you?”

“I’ll be OK. Besides, you're due home in 15 minutes and I don’t want your parents to think I’m a bad influence on you.”

Sterling couldn’t help the sound of disbelief that escaped her at the comment. “My parents love you…maybe more than they love Blair and myself.”

“Then let’s keep it that way. I’ll call you later to let you know what happened.” Sterling watched as April opened the door and stepped out of the car before turning back. “I’ll talk to you soon.” The blonde watched as April walked up the path and vanished behind the front door. She waited for another minute before putting the car into drive and pulling back onto the road, trusting that April would be fine with whatever awaited her inside.


April walked into the house, her hand remaining on the closed door behind her as she listened in an attempt to gather information on what she may be about to find. She could hear voices from the kitchen but was unable to make out any of the words being said. She started to make her way towards the back of the house when the sound of laughter ringing out brought her to a stop. Now that she was closer, she was able to clearly make out that the two voices belonged to her mom and Ellen. When the voices descended into laughter once more, she found her feet beginning to move. The desire to confirm everything her ears were telling her was happening overriding the shock that had brought her to a standstill.

“Hi mom, Miss Johnson.”

“I think you can call me Ellen when I’m sitting in your kitchen.”

“I just wanted to let you know I was home. I’ll leave you to it.” April turned to leave but was stopped by the sound of her mom’s voice.

“If you’re not too tired, would you join us? There are some things I would like to talk to you about.” There was a part of April that wanted to decline and retreat to her room, the sinking feeling that had accompanied hearing those words made it seem like an appealing option. However, there was the part of her that heard Sterling’s voice in her mind reminding her that if her mom was trying to change, that she should give her a chance to show it.

“Sure mom.” With the decision made, she turned back and walked over to the table and took a seat in one of the empty chairs. As she did so, her gaze drifted across some of the piles of papers on the table. She watched as a look passed between Ellen and her mom but before she could decipher it, her mom started speaking.

“I know things haven’t been good between us and you have a lot of concerns about what happens next. I haven’t said anything until now as I wanted to make sure everything was all finalised so I didn’t let you down again.”

“Mom, you did…”

“April...We all know it’s true. I wanted you to know that I sold the lake house.” If she had heard those words a year ago, she is sure that she would have been angry but now all she felt was relief. “Since your father’s life insurance policy was void due to the circumstances, I needed to get some financial security.”

April nodded at the news. “Will we have to move too?” Barely a second had passed before a more concerning thought occurred. She felt her body tense as she voiced her concern. “Is Ellen here as we can’t afford for me to keep attending Willingham?”

“No. Absolutely not to either of those questions. Ellen is just here as a friend. She has been helping me sort out this.” April accepted the folder that her mom handed to her. She glanced over at her mom and Ellen before opening the folder to read the contents.

“Mom...this says I have over $500,000 in an account in my name.”

“There are conditions attached to it.”

April felt her heart sink. The potential conditions that could be imposed on her racing through her mind. She closed the folder before taking a deep breath and asking the question. “What conditions?”

“It is to be used to pay for your education. Ellen helped me find out how much it costs per year for all the costs associated with an Ivy league school and that will more than cover your bachelors degree. Once you finish that, the rest of the money is yours to do with what you wish.”

April stared at the table for a moment letting the information sink in. There was one question that lingered in the back of her mind that she had to voice before she could allow herself to feel confident in knowing this money was hers. She began to turn the ring on her finger as she opened her mouth to speak. “What if I wanted to use it to marry Sterling?”

There was a silence that hung in the air and April couldn’t bring herself to look up at her mom, knowing that the one question may mean she loses it all but needing to know the answer before she could accept it.

“Then that would be one expensive wedding.” April’s eyes shot up to look at her mom, searching for any sign that she had misheard. “I know I have been less than supportive and said things that have given you reason to doubt me in the past but between counselling and Ellen reminding me of who I used to be…” June sighed. “I could choose to keep the views I have expressed across your life and drive you away or I could choose to change those views and start learning to accept you. As Ellen reminded me, I have a choice in who I am in this situation but you don’t.”

April was vaguely aware of tears tracking their way down her cheeks as she listened to her mom. She saw the way Ellen placed a reassuring hand on her mom’s shoulder.

“Just not yet?”

A small chuckle escaped April’s lips at the question. “Not yet. We’re not ready now.”

“But you have...thought about it? That someday you would want to?”

April chewed the corner of her bottom lip for a moment as she contemplated her answer. She could tell that her mom was still not completely comfortable with everything but she was trying. April was under no illusion that years of bigotry would fade away overnight but the fact her mom was even willing to engage in a conversation on the topic showed how far she had come already. That alone gave her hope that a time would come where her mom may truly accept her for herself. “Maybe someday.”

“Well, when y’all do decide to make that commitment, I hope that there will be an invitation for your old teacher. I know I shouldn’t have favourites but,” Ellen dropped her voice to a whisper as if it wasn’t just the three of them in the privacy of the Stevens house. “Just between us, you both snuck in there. There’s just something about you girls that warms my heart.”

“Thanks Ellen.” April looked down at the folder in her hand.

“There’s no catch. Your mom asked me to be there when it was all set up. She wanted someone you trusted to be involved.” The fact that April couldn’t trust her own mom went unspoken between the three women.

Raising her gaze from the file in her hand, she looked to her mom. “Thanks mom.” Even though there was still that doubt lurking in her mind, she hoped that with time it would fade.


Sterling looked over at her sister sitting on her bed, casually scrolling through her phone. “Are you going to help pack?”

Blair glanced up. “I already packed my stuff.”

“When did you do that?”

“When you were busy giving April a full physical exam with your lips after Fellowship.”

Sterling sputtered as soon as the words were out of her sister's mouth. “I was not…”

“Sterl, your shirt is inside out.” Sterling looked down at her clothes to check.

“It is not.”

“Nope but the fact you checked tells me I was right about your extra, extra curricular activities.” Blair sat back against the pillows. “You’d be done a lot quicker if you had any form of order in here.”

“There’s order. I know where everything is.”

“Sure Sterl. That’s why you have spent the last ten minutes searching for the hoodie that is thrown on your couch.”

Sterling turned her focus to the other die of the room and sure enough, sitting right there on the back of the couch was her top. “And you didn’t feel the need to share that information sooner because…”

“I am helping you develop your own independence. Can’t have you depending on me all our lives.” Blair locked her phone and dropped it to the mattress beside her before turning to face the blonde fully. “So, what’s your plan?”


“For the weekend. A whole weekend, including overnight, without parental supervision.”

“It’s a Fellowship event. Ellen will be there…”

“Pshh. Ellen believed that the lock-in was an innocent affair and we all know the truth there.” Blair stood from the bed and headed through the door into their bathroom.

“Where are you going?” When she didn’t get a reply, Sterling returned her focus to packing her bag. The thoughts of what her sister may try to do across the weekend being pushed to the back of her mind.

“Here.” Blair thrust a rucksack at her.

“What’s this?” Sterling asked as she started to unzip the bag, pulling out the first item. She examined the triangular pillow, a frown creasing her brow. “A pillow?”

“Lesbian sex starter kit.” Sterling’s eyes dropped to the item in her hand, before she pulled open the bag to look at the rest of the contents.

“Blair! Why…what…how?”

In the next instant, the bag was pulled out of her grasp as Blair retrieved it and emptied the contents out onto the bed. “Be prepared. You don’t want your first time with April to be as disappointing as it was with peanut butter lumberjack.” Sterling found her feet firmly rooted to the spot, just staring at her sister’s back. The next instant she felt herself being dragged over to the bed by her sister. “So I did the research as you seem to have an aversion to topics not on the school curriculum. I present to you the top items for all sapphically inclined individuals.” She waved her hand over the assorted items. “A sampling across the range if you will. We have a finger vibrator - self explanatory. A strapless strap-on so you can both benefit. You already have the sex wedge.”

“Sex wedge?”

Blair gestured towards the pillow still in her hand. “Apparently it gives the perfect 27 degree angle for her pleasure…and your comfort.”

“Please stop speaking.”

“Oh and this is for you.” Sterling caught sight of the item Blair tossed her way just in time to catch it. “Since you chose to date someone pocket sized, finger extenders.” Sterling dropped the item. “You’re welcome.”

“Good lord Blair. I’m not taking any of this to camp. April and I…we haven’t even…we’re not…shared cabins.”

Rolling her eyes, Blair shook her head. “You’re both smart, figure something out.” Sterling felt Blair pat her shoulder as she made her way out of the room. “If you’re not taking my amazing gifts to camp, you probably want to hide them so mom doesn’t find your sex toy stash while we are gone.” Before Sterling could answer, the door clicked closed behind her sister, leaving her alone in her room once more.


The Volt skidded to a stop against the gravel of the parking lot, drawing the attention of the group already gathered at the edge.

“Told you we would make it on time. And to think you were going to veto the essential grocery store trip.” Blair commented as she climbed out of the driver's side.

“I don’t think Sour Patch kids can be classed as an essential item.”

Blair turned to face her sister, her hand resting over her heart. “How could you ever doubt the importance of something Sour Patch? More importantly, you lost the bet so you have to carry the bags.”

“I thought you were kidding.” Sterling called after Blair’s retreating form, receiving nothing but a wave in response. Shaking her head, she turned to open the trunk of the car to unload their bags. With one backpack on her back and the other in her hand, she grabbed the bag from the grocery store before realising she still had to close the trunk. Sterling glared at the offending part of the car while trying to work out how best to approach the task. Adjusting the bag in her hand she stretched up and managed to slam it closed, only stumbling slightly but it was enough for the cans sitting on top of the bag to topple out and roll under the back of the car. Knowing Blair would not survive the weekend without the added caffeine, she dropped her bag to the ground before sinking to her knees to retrieve the stray items. Crawling as far as the backpack on her back would allow and stretching an arm out, she managed to edge the last can back towards her with the tips of her fingers.

“Need a hand?” Sterling turned to the source of the voice and was greeted with the sight of April’s legs. She slid a bit further out and let her eyes trail up the tanned skin before her. Unlike the school skirts that always cut off her ability to ogle her girlfriend’s toned legs at the knee, as her eyes reached above the knee, there was no barrier. Allowing her eyes to continue wandering up the exposed flesh, she offered up a silent thank you for April’s dedication to a fully rounded workout regime and her decision to wear shorts...short shorts. Sterling’s gaze was broken by a hand appearing in her sight line and when she followed the arm up, she was met by the smirking face of her girlfriend.

“You have no idea.” She muttered as she reached up to take the offered hand to get back to her feet, the only sign that April had heard was the slight raise of an eyebrow. Once Sterling was back on her feet, April took the other backpack from her.

“Dare I ask why Blair is not carrying her own bag?”

“I lost a bet.” Sterling watched as April lifted the backpack onto her own back, adjusting the straps, before reaching out to take the grocery store bag. “Don’t you have your own bag to carry?”

“I got here early to help Ellen set up so my bag is already at the site.”

As the pair approached the group, Ellen looked over to them. Seeing April give a nod, she stood up on a bench to gather their attention. “Good morning y’all. I know you are all just as excited as I am to get started on the great activities that we have planned.” Ellen addressed the assembled teens with her usual enthusiasm and ignored the lackluster response from them. “We have a short hike to our campground and then we can pitch the tents, dig the latrine and then we are good to get settled in.”



“What’s a latrine?”

Ellen chuckled behind her clipboard. “I’m just kidding y’all. You should have seen your faces. We are staying in cabins as apparently the Willingham excursions insurance doesn’t cover chiropractor bills from sleeping on the ground.” The grumbles from the students faded. “April will share your cabin assignments when we reach our site. Let’s go.” Ellen led the group out of the parking lot and along one of the trails that were marked towards their cabins. The students fell into step behind her in their usual friendship groups and settled into gentle chatter.

As they arrived at the site, April headed over to a table that had already been set up in the middle of the clearing between the cabins. Sterling waited with Blair as the other members of the Fellowship group filed past the table to get their cabin assignments. Once the final student had departed, Sterling wandered over to where April stood. “I suppose it is too much to hope that we get a cabin to ourselves.”

“Afraid so.”

“And to think that Sterl didn’t splash out on noise cancelling headphones for my birthday as, and I quote, it’s the rest of us that need noise cancelled.” Blair slung her arm around the shorter girl’s shoulders. “For the right price, I could be persuaded to enjoy the campfire a bit later. I have a great hourly distraction rate that I never got to use when Sterl was with would have been less of an hourly rate and more of a per minute rate.”

“For the love the of the Lord Blair...stop talking.” Sterling could feel the mortification rise within her at having her previous sexual encounters brought up with her current girlfriend. She reached out and grabbed April’s hand to lead her away from the scene and to their cabin. “I’m so sorry.” Sterling spoke as soon as the door closed behind them. “We clearly need to have the discussion on boundaries again.”

April leant up and placed a gentle kiss on the blonde’s lips, taking her hand to lead them further into the cabin. “I think we both know…” The comment was cut off as Sterling closed the space between them to claim another kiss. “...That trying to set boundaries with Blair is futile.” Sterling dropped the bag she was carrying onto the floor before gripping the other girl’s waist to draw her closer, their bodies pressing together as their lips met in a kiss that held greater intent than the previous ones.

“Damn right.” The sound of Blair’s voice carrying across the cabin caused the two girls to break apart. Sterling rested her forehead against April’s as she let out a quiet huff in frustration at being interrupted. “However, we do need some rules. When in the cabin, that I also have to sleep in, then keep all fingers and tongues…”

“I will clean the fudge pump for the next month if you don’t finish that sentence...ever.”

“Deal.” Blair flopped down on one of the other beds in the cabin. “So who else gets the pleasure of my company?”

“I do believe the pleasure will be all yours angry twin.” Ezekiel announced as he stepped through the door with Hannah B in tow.

“I have a name.” Blair huffed.

“I know. Hannah, you’re sharing with grouchy.” Ezekiel flashed his hand dismissively in Blair’s direction.

Blair shot up in her bed, narrowly missing hitting her head on the upper bunk. “Why have I got to share?”

Ezekiel regarded her with raised eyebrows. “Oh girl, please. You have been sharing with blinky over there your whole life so don’t make out like you don’t know how. Besides, it was Ellen’s rule for letting me stay in if anything you ladies have is of any interest to me.”

“Do you mind if I sleep on the bottom bunk? I have a fear of heights.” Hannah asked as she approached the beds.

Blair cast a glance at the other girl, ready to question how someone could be scared of the top bunk but seeing the genuine look on Hannah B’s face, the words died on her tongue. “Sure.”

“Thanks Blair.”

“We’ve got ten minutes until Ellen wants us all back out to start our first activity.” April announced to the group as she rose from where she had been sitting beside Sterling watching the interactions. She turned back towards the blonde. “Can I be on top?”

“As if that is even a question.” Ezekiel commented from his bunk. April turned to raise an eyebrow in question at her friend. “Oh please, don’t give me that look. We all know it’s true.”

“We do?” Hannah B looked between her friends. “Does Sterling not like heights either? Is that why she broke up with Luke?”

Ezekiel closed his eyes before rubbing his forehead with his hand. “No, Hannah. I’m sure it had more to do with his vacuous nature than his height.”

“Then why would April being on the top be so obvious?”

Blair rose from her bed and slung her arm around the other girl. “We’re not talking bunks.”

“I was.” April muttered.

Blair ignored the comment and continued with her own explanation. “You know how April likes to have control of every tiny detail and Sterl is...well...Sterl is very willing…”

“Blair...if you continue that sentence then I will tell mom that you set fire to the Bible.”

“Fine. We should get some prime seats before the first event.” Blair kept her arm around Hannah’s shoulder as she led her to the door. As she passed Ezekiel, they shared a look that neither Sterling nor April could fully make out.

“Great idea.” Ezekiel fell into step beside them.

Sterling stood from the bunk to stand beside her girlfriend, watching as the trio exited the cabin. “Remind me why we thought sharing with those three was a good idea?”

“As much as Blair and Ezekiel may try our patience, sharing with them does come with some advantages.”

Sterling turned to face the shorter girl, her hands coming to rest against her hips. “Like?”

April met Sterling’s gaze for a moment, before rising up slightly to bring her lips level with the taller girl’s ear. “You’ll find out.” She whispered before nipping at the bottom of the blonde’s ear and pulling back. “We’d better get out there before they break out the dolls for a puppet show.”

“You don’t think…” Seeing the look on April’s face was all the answer Sterling needed. “We should go.”


“Good morning campers. It’s time to rise and shine. We have a full day of great activities ahead of us.” The sound of Ellen’s voice carried over the intercom system in the cabin. Sterling groaned and rolled onto her side to see Ezekiel sitting on the edge of his bed already dressed. She looked over at the sound of a thud as Hannah B jumped down from the top bunk.

“Good morning. Are you both ready for all the great activities today?”

Sterling frowned at the use of the word ‘both’ and poked the bottom of the mattress above her only to find it gave way too easily for April to be up there. “Where’s April?”

“She went out for a run first thing.”

“It is first thing.” Sterling pushed herself up and stretched as she rose from her bed.

“Not in AST.”


“April Stevens Time...between 5am and 6am is the perfect time to complete a cardio workout and start the day with an endorphin boost according to April. Personally, I always felt it was the perfect time for another REM cycle.”

“I still think that if you started the day with some exercise then you may be less cranky before your morning coffee.” Sterling turned towards the door at the sound of April’s voice and was greeted by the sight of her girlfriend entering the room, sweat glistening on her skin. She watched as April lifted the bottom of her t-shirt to wipe her brow, her eyes drawn to the toned stomach that had just been exposed.

“Girl please, if I want a morning hit of endorphins, I’ll eat a chocolate bar.” April shook her head at her friend. “I think you broke your girlfriend. For someone who spends a significant amount of time blinking, she hasn’t so much as twitched since you walked in.”

Sterling is vaguely aware of the fact that April is now approaching her and that she hasn’t moved, spoken or even breathed since she laid eyes on her. She watches as April draws closer until her vision is filled with the colour of her t-shirt as she stands directly in front of her. She is aware of the lightest touch of fingers tracing the edge of her maxilla, a gentle force tilts her chin up so her eyes land on the half-smile that she loves so much. She knows she should keep moving her eyes up to meet those of the girl before her but she just doesn’t have the ability to look away from the lips before her. It is only when her own lips are captured by the smooth warmth of April’s that she feels like her body restarts. Her hand comes up to cup the cheek of the girl kneeling before her while she allows herself to sink into the kiss.

All too soon for Sterling, April pulls back just far enough to speak. “Probably a good thing you weren’t in my gym class this year huh?”

“I’m not sure I would have survived.”

April’s laughter filled the cabin. “Breakfast is in 20 minutes so I’m going to grab a shower.” Sterling watched as April grabbed her wash stuff from the end of the bunks and began to head out of the cabin. “How is she still asleep?”

“Blair can sleep through pretty much anything.” Sterling saw the mischievous look appear but before she had a chance to say anything, April had picked up the bottle of water from beside the bed and began to slowly pour it into the brunette’s ear. Blair shot up in the bed, hitting her head against the upper bunk in the process.

“What the fuck?” Her eyes darted to where April stood as she rubbed her head. “Stevens?”

“See you both at breakfast.” Sterling fought down the smile that threatened to blossom at her girlfriends smirk, watching as she shot her a wink before leaving the cabin.


Sterling sat on the wooden bench beside the campfire with Blair to her side as they listened to Hannah B’s latest song. As much as she had wanted to spend as much time with April as she could, the responsibilities each had seemed destined to keep them busy or apart for most of the day. The blonde looked around the faces gathered around the fire, searching for one in particular. When she came up empty she turned to her sister. “Have you seen April?”

“Nope. Can’t say I keep track of her. She’s probably with Ezekiel or Ellen.”

Sterling nodded absentmindedly before looking back around the assembled group. She picked out Ezekiel beside Hannah B so knew that option was out. Then she spotted Ellen having a discussion with a disheveled Franklin and Lorna.

“Hey.” The sound of the voice accompanied a gentle kiss being placed against her cheek.

“Hey yourself. I was starting to wonder where you were.”

April took a seat on the bench next to Sterling. “I had a couple of jobs that needed doing before lights out.”

“You should have said. I would have helped.”

“There is one thing left that you can help with.”

Sterling went to stand but was stopped by April’s hand on her thigh. “Later. Let’s just enjoy this for now.”

Once Hannah B’s song ended, Ellen stood to address the group. “Y’all have done some really great work today. I’m proud of how you have worked together as a team to get closer to each other and closer to God. Tomorrow we have another fun filled day ahead so as much as I know everyone wants to stay here, it’s time for y’all to head to bed. Cabin check and lights out in twenty minutes.”

The students started to drift off to their own cabins one by one. “I just need to speak to Ezekiel. You head in, I’ll be there in a minute.” April pressed a quick kiss to the blonde’s cheek before heading over to where her friend sat. Sterling cast one more glance over to where they sat before making her way back to their cabin.

“I’m disappointed.”

“What? Why?” Sterling turned to face Blair as they got ready for bed.

“First you reject my fabulous bag of joy, then you actually follow the camp rules.”

“For someone who sporadically claims to dislike my girlfriend, you seem oddly invested in our sex life.”

“Or lack thereof.” Blair muttered quietly. “I’m just being a supportive sister.” She commented as she climbed into her bed. Sterling just shook her head as she did the same.

The door to the cabin opened and April and Ezekiel came in. As the shorter girl approached their bunk, she knelt down beside the bed. “Everything OK?”

“Yep, all sorted. Don’t fall asleep too quick.” April leant over to place a quick kiss on the blonde’s lips before climbing up into the top bunk just before Ellen popped her head in through the door.

“Sleep well everyone.” There were a few muttered responses before the light was turned off and the door clicked shut once more. Sterling found herself staring at the bottom of the bed above her, wondering why April had made the request she did.

A few minutes passed before there was a soft thump as April hopped down from her bed. There was a faint glow from a torch which April had mostly covered by her hand to reduce the light emitted. “Put your hoodie and shoes on.” She didn’t question the whispered instructions and proceeded to do as requested. Once she was ready, April took her hand and led them over to the door.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” April opened the door and took a tentative look around outside. “Come on.” Sterling felt the gentle tug on her hand as the other girl exited the cabin. All Sterling could do was follow her, casting her eyes around the campsite for any sign of the teachers. She followed April as they made their way around the cabin and along a path that led away from their campsite. Sterling could feel the way her pulse was racing at the prospect of being caught. Each step that took them further from the others meant the racing in her chest became less about breaking the rules and more about spending time alone with the girl whose hand was firmly enclosing her own. After a few minutes of walking, they emerged into a small clearing with a tent.

“Someone is here.” She whispered as she stopped in her tracks.

April turned to face her. “Nobody is here but us.”

“But the tent…”

“Is mine.” April started to walk backwards towards the tent, keeping her eyes on the blonde. “I wanted to spend some time, just us.”

“How did you do this?”

“Ezekiel dropped the tent off while Ellen was busy with the arrivals. Then I set it up on my run this morning. By now, our beds will have been padded to look like we are there just in case Ellen does a late cabin check. He is ready to tell Blair if she wakes up before we are back so she won’t worry.” April came to a stop as they reached the tent. “This is ours for tonight, for as long as you want to stay.”

“You are amazing.”

April smiled bashfully as she reached into the tent to retrieve a blanket to lay on the ground. Once it was laid flat, she gestured for Sterling to take a seat before following suit. As April settled onto her back, she opened her arm in silent invitation to the other girl. Sterling was only too happy to oblige and slid into the space, resting her head against the shorter girl’s shoulder as she settled back to look up at the night sky. She felt April’s arm wrap around her shoulder to hold her close as they both just enjoyed the closeness of one another while looking at the stars.

“Have you ever gone stargazing?”

“Not really. You can’t see much in Atlanta.”

A silence hung between them while they both just looked at the much greater number of stars visible than they could see from home. “When I was little and mom and dad would argue, I’d sneak out of the house. If we were at home, I’d sit at the end of the garden to be as far as I could get from them. If we were at the lake house, I’d go and sit on the dock and I’d write a letter to you.”

Sterling felt a small smile tug at her lips with the reminder of the letters she used to get from April as kids. “I remember that. I was always so excited when the mail arrived when you were away.” Her smile slipped as her eyebrows drew together as the memory developed. “You wrote me a lot of letters.”

“I did.” April sighed. “They argued a lot.” She reached down to play with her ring. “After we stopped being friends, I had no one to write letters to.”

“April, I’m so…” Sterling’s words were cut off by the gentle brush of lips against her own.

“I’m not saying that because I need you to apologise again, it’s just part of the story.” April saw the blonde nod before settling back to lie beside her, looking back to the sky. “After that I’d spend hours just looking up at the stars. I’d look for patterns and pictures in them. There were two that always stood out.” April raised her arm to point. “See those five stars that look like the kind of house you drew as a kid?”

Sterling followed the direction April pointed in and saw the stars. “It really does look like a house.”

“I used to look up at that one and wish my house was more like a home. The closest I felt to being home was when I was at yours and your dad would make us a fort to play in while your mom made us brownies...even if Blair always claimed the corners.”

After April stayed quiet, Sterling glanced over to her before quietly asking, “What was the second one?”

“The cosmic reminder of you. The W. Sitting just below the the universe was reminding me that my home was always with you.” April reached out to intertwine their hands. “My dad found me sitting outside at the club one time and asked what I was looking at. I told him I was looking at my house in the sky. He laughed before turning to some of his friends and telling them I had clearly been watching too many movies and had an overactive imagination. When they walked away, your dad came over. He sat down next to me and told me that there was nothing wrong with looking for stories in the stars. He told me that in the past every culture had their own stories for the stars and some of them are still used to name the constellations today. So I started to learn the constellations and asterisms along with the stories about them.”

“I never knew dad spoke to you after we stopped being friends.”

“It was only the one time.” April glanced over and met Sterling’s gaze for a moment before shifting closer to the blonde and leaning her head against her shoulder. She felt the gentle press of lips against the side of her head, a small smile gracing her lips at the action. “Do you see those three stars that form a triangle?”

Sterling looked up and spotted the stars April spoke of. “Yep.”

“That’s the Summer Triangle. Two of the stars are Altair.” She pointed to one of the stars. “And Vega.” Her finger drifted across to a second star. “Vega was an immortal sky goddess but she was lonely. From her home amongst the stars, she looked down upon the Earth and one day her eye was caught by a mortal, Altair. She descended from the heavens to get to know him and they fell in love despite knowing her parents wouldn’t approve. She promised him they would be together in the heavens. One day, her father discovered she was descending to Earth to spend time with a lowly mortal. In his rage, her father decided to grant her promise and placed them both amongst the stars, forever separated by the celestial river that flows between them.”

“Are all the stories this tragic?”

April chuckled. “There’s more. On the 7th night of the 7th moon of the year, a bridge of magpies forms to let Altair cross to be with Vega for one night. So they wait on opposite sides, so close but unable to be together yet knowing they will get to hold each other again when the time is right.”

“Do you think if they knew what would happen to them that they would have done things differently?”

“I think that for some people, their love is inevitable. That despite the barriers they may face, whatever time they have together will make the hard times worth it.”

April reached into her pocket and pulled out a small box. “I know you haven’t had a necklace since...everything.” She sat herself up and turned towards the blonde, her eyes focused on the box she fidgeted with in her hands. Sterling mirrored her position, remaining quiet while she waited for her girlfriend to work through whatever she wanted to say. April opened the box and turned it towards the other girl, revealing a triangular pendant with a small diamond set in each corner. “For so much of our lives it feels like we have been standing on opposite banks, coming together for moments that are all too short before we are separated once more. You’re my Altair, Sterl.”

Sterling cupped April’s cheek with her hand, gently drawing the other girl towards her. “I’ll always wait for you.” The words were whispered on a breath that ghosted across the shorter girls lips.

“You don’t have to wait anymore.” With those words, April closed the remaining gap between them. Their lips meeting in a kiss that not only reinforced the words spoken but also the unspoken, the promise that they would always overcome obstacles in their way. April pulled back from the kiss. “May I?” She gestured towards the necklace.

Sterling turned so her back faced towards April. She felt the delicate brush of fingers as the shorter girl swept her hair to one side, the warmth that radiated between them as April shifted closer before securing the necklace around her neck. She was aware of the goosebumps that rose wherever fingers trailed against her skin. The fingers were replaced by lips as April pressed a kiss against the back of her neck. Sterling felt her eyes drift closed at the touch as her own hand came up to touch the pendant resting against her chest. Rather than retreating after the kiss, Sterling felt April’s lips continue to explore her neck, burning a trail further forward. The hands that had secured the chain, had slipped to wrap around her midsection. The blonde brought her hand up to rest against the back of April’s neck, holding her close as she let her body sink back against the other girl. Her other hand dropped to intertwine fingers with one of the hands resting on her waist. As April pressed a kiss to just behind her ear, a hand trailed further up her body and Sterling felt her breath catch. “You should probably stop.”

“Do you want me to?”

“No but…”

“I'm done waiting.”

Sterling turned to face the other girl, so she could look into her eyes. “Are you sure? I always wanted it to be special, to be everything you ever imagined.”

April leant in to kiss the girl before her. “It’ll be with you. That is all I have ever wanted.” Sterling searched April’s eyes for any sign of doubt for a few seconds more before capturing the shorter girl's lips with her own, her tongue slipping between lips that parted in a silent invitation to deepen the kiss. Sterling could feel her own heart pounding against her ribcage as she felt a hand slip underneath the fabric of her shirt, the warmth radiating from each point of contact between fingers and her skin. As April broke away from her lips, Sterling heard a small whine escape her lips, her eyes meeting the mildly amused ones opposite her for a split second before April began to trail kisses across her jaw and down her neck. Sterling was sure that she could feel just how much her heart was racing as she nibbled on her pulse point. She slipped her own hand around April’s waist to draw her closer, becoming hyper aware of every part of their bodies that touched but needing the other girl closer. As the hand on her abdomen trailed up, Sterling could feel her pulse accelerate. When April’s thumb brushed across her breast, Sterling’s eyes slammed shut as she pulled her lower lip between her teeth.

The feeling of warm breath ghosting across the shell of her ear sent an involuntary shudder through her body. “Tent?” The only response possible was to nod her head. Hearing the zip on the tent, Sterling opened her eyes just in time to see April pause part way into the tent to glance over at her, a soft smile on her face. “You coming?”

The first response that popped into her head was ‘soon I hope’ but she didn’t voice that, instead nodding as she followed the shorter girl inside. As she pushed the door to one side, her eyes fell on April adjusting a lantern that was hanging from the roof so it cast a small amount of light across the space, the slight tremor in her hand belying her earlier confidence. Sterling settled herself back to lie on her side, one arm propping her head up as she waited as April took a couple of breaths before turning back towards her, their eyes meeting for a moment before April slipped down to mirror the blonde’s position.

Sterling reached her arm forward, allowing it to come to rest upon April’s hip, her thumb tracing over the fabric there. “We don’t have to do anything you aren’t ready for.”

April shuffled forwards to close the gap between them, bringing their lips together in a languid kiss. Sterling felt the gentle brush of her tongue against her lips, seeking entry, which she granted. As they sink deeper into the kiss and into each other, it feels like everything around them ceases to exist. All she is aware of is April. Her hand slips under the edge of April’s top, nudging the material higher to expose more flesh to her wandering hand. Her fingertips exploring the soft skin, slowly venturing further up her body. Sterling’s hand cupped the breast under her shirt, as her thumb brushed across the nipple she heard the sudden intake of air as April pulled back from their kiss. Seizing the opportunity, Sterling kissed a path down April’s neck before running her tongue up the length of it to bring her lips level with April’s ear. “Lie back.”

As soon as April had let herself fall back, Sterling allowed her lips to trail lower, along the curve of her girlfriend's neck. She rolled one nipple between her thumb and forefinger as she dipped her head to capture the other between her lips, running her tongue over the hardened bud. She shifted slightly to bring her leg between April’s, pressing up against her.

“Fuck Sterl.” Sterling wasn’t sure if it was the combination of feelings from touching the other girl or the profanity that slipped behind her lips without effort but she felt a rush of heat straight to her core. She shifted her hand to push April’s shirt higher but a hand stopped her. Sterling pulled back to look up to meet the other girl’s gaze. “Sorry…was that…”

Before Sterling could finish the sentence she found herself on her back, her lips captured as April’s tongue licked into her mouth. She could feel her own thighs bracketed by April’s. Her top was being raised as warm hands blazed a path up her torso, breasts cupped as thumbs circled her nipples. Their kiss only broke when it was necessary to allow her top to be removed. As the clothing was discarded to the side, Sterling looked up to catch the wandering gaze of the other girl, the look on her face a mixture of awe, lust and love. “So beautiful.”

Sterling reached her arm up to pull the other girl down to her to claim her lips in a searing kiss. She heard a small whine escape her own lips as April broke their kiss, only to cause Sterling’s breath to catch as she kissed a path down her sternum, veering off to one side to kiss and nip at the underside of a breast before allowing her tongue to lick up, circling closer and closer, until her nipple was sucked into the velvety warmth of April’s mouth. She felt the graze of teeth against it as her tongue flicked across the tip. Sterling felt her back arch up as one hand wrapped itself around April’s neck to pull her closer, the other fisting the material beneath her. She tried to clench her thighs together to create some kind of pressure to alleviate the throb that had settled in as April repeated the action on her other breast. A feeling that intensified as she felt April’s lips kiss a trail down her stomach. She felt the brush of fingers at the edge of her shorts. “May I?”

Sterling opened her eyes and looked down into April’s blue eyes, nodding in response as she didn’t think she could form words if she tried in that moment. She held eye contact as she felt the material slide down her legs. Saw the moment that April gave in to her temptation and let her gaze rake over her now naked body. Saw the way her throat bobbed as she swallowed and her chest rose with a stuttering breath. She watched as April’s eyes followed the trail her fingers ran, starting at her ankle and rising further up her leg, above her knee and across her inner thigh. Rising higher up her thigh before trailing off along her groin at the last moment drawing a groan from the blonde. Before she could voice her request for April to just touch her where she needed her, she felt her fingers slide through her folds. “You’re so wet.”

The words held an air of surprise which if Sterling had any ability to form words in her mind other than ‘fuck’ and ‘April’ she would have commented on. Instead she finds her mental capacity further reduced as April slips a finger inside her, thumb brushing over her clit. She feels a pressure building inside her and knows that she is close. When she feels April kiss her way up the inside of her thigh, Sterling drops her head back to the ground, eyes screwed tightly shut, her breathing becoming faster by the second. It is when she feels April’s tongue trace over her clit that her hand flies to the back of the other girl’s head, holding her close. “Fuck.” She can feel the pressure building deep inside her, a pressure that is finally released as April sucks her clit into her mouth and flicks her tongue over its surface. Sterling’s hand tightens on April’s head, holding her close as she rides out her orgasm. She feels the way April slows her motions, gently bringing her back down before placing a gentle kiss on her inner thigh.

Sterling gives a gentle tug on her neck to bring the other girl up to her lips to kiss her once more. “That…was…amazing.” Sterling ran a hand across the other girl’s cheek before rising up to flip their positions. “If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, just say and I’ll stop.” Seeing the nod, Sterling went to lift April’s shirt but felt a hand rest on hers, stopping the action. “Do you want to stop?”

“No. I just…It’s not attractive.”

Sterling felt the frown crease her brow. “What isn’t?”

“The scar. On my shoulder.”

Sterling leant down and placed a gentle kiss against April’s lips. “You’re beautiful. Every part of you.”

“You haven’t seen it.”

“I don’t need to see anything to know that it won’t change how I see you. That scar doesn’t make you less attractive to me. It is part of you, part of your story…our story.” April finally met her gaze. “I have them too.” She held April’s gaze for a moment longer, trying to convey all her feelings with the look. “Can I?”

April nodded. Maintaining eye contact, Sterling lifted the top April was wearing, sliding it further up her body. She paused for a second as she got to just below where the scar began but when she received no opposition, lifted the shirt off the rest of the way. Sterling leant down to kiss April deeply, feeling the way their bare chests pressed against one another and April’s arms wrapped around her neck. Sterling let her hands wander over the exposed skin, enjoying the feeling of the way April’s body responded to her touch. Feeling the tension drain out of the body beneath hers, Sterling dipped her head to kiss down the column of April’s neck, daring to give a gentle bite to her pulse point. Her kisses trailed lower, tongue dipping into the hollow of her collar bone. As her lips first made contact with the edge of the scar, she felt April stiffen slightly underneath her. She continued her path, allowing her kisses to trace the length of the scar. By the time she reached the end, the tension had drained from April once more.

Sterling raised her head to look the other girl in the eye once more. “You’re perfect.” The words were whispered on a breath before April pulled her down into a searing kiss. Sterling ran her hand up April’s leg, dipping onto her inner thigh and edging closer to her goal. She had never been more glad of April’s choice of sleepwear than she was in that moment. The shorts she was wearing allowing her to slip her hand under the fabric and into the ever so inviting wet warmth beneath. There is a moan than emanates from one of them but Sterling really isn’t sure which one, nor does she care. Her whole focus is on the amazing feeling of her fingers sliding through her girlfriends folds and the way April’s gripping the bicep of her free arm. Sterling lowers her head to let her tongue play with a nipple, tracing a range of patterns over the surface as she circles April’s clit with her fingers. Hearing the way April’s breathing changes, Sterling knows she is close. She changes the angle of her hand ever so slightly and with a couple more strokes, feels April dig her fingers in deeper as she comes. “God, fuck.”

Sterling slows her fingers until April reaches down to stop her hand moving all together. She waits for a moment before slowly pulling her hand back and lying back. As soon as her back hits the ground, April rolls over to tuck into her side with her head resting on her shoulder. Sterling traces random patterns across her back while she lets the other girl get her breathing back to a normal rhythm. “Wow.”

“Just wow?”

April nudged her slightly in response. “I never realised sex was this good.”

“Only with you.”

Sterling looked over as April lifted her head slightly. “I don’t want this to end.”

The blonde raised her hand to cup April’s cheek. “This isn’t the end. This is just the beginning.” As Sterling leant in to kiss April, she felt the truth in those words. While each day may draw to an end, they would wake up tomorrow and start a new day…together.