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Our Darkest Moments

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That is the first thing Sterling becomes aware of. Not the kind of darkness that still has the feintest light emanating from a distant source that allows you to make out different shades of black, this was the kind of oppressive darkness that comes from the total exclusion of all light. Where no matter where you look, everything is the same pitch black. She could feel her heart rate pick up as the realisation dawned that she could see nothing at all. Blinking rapidly and turning her head, allowing her eyes to dart around, frantically searching for the tiniest sliver of light. But there was none.

Sterling tried to lift her arm to rub her eyes. As she went to raise her arm, she felt resistance. She tried again, tugging her arms forward. Nothing. She tried twisting her hands and arms to get some movement. Nothing. Something was restraining her arms, holding her firmly in place. She tried to stretch her fingers down towards her wrists to feel what was there. Her fingertips brushed against something coarse, rope maybe. She could feel her breathing rate speed up, the breaths getting shallower as the panic of not knowing where she was or what had happened set in. She became aware of the taste of salt and something metallic on her lips. A distant part of her brain filled in the salt must be tears, she must be crying. The metallic taste was familiar too…blood. She could taste blood. She felt herself getting lightheaded as the reality of her situation sank in that bit deeper.

“Hello?” Her voice echoed, reflecting off the hidden walls before fading into the deafening silence, punctuated only by her own rapid breaths.

“Is anyone there?” Her voice wavered slightly. “Please? Someone?” She could hear the way her voice cracked on the last word only for it to be swallowed up into the blackness that surrounded her. She screwed her eyes closed tight, trying to fight down the fear flooding through her body. Desperately fighting to maintain the last bit of control she had. She strained her ears to listen for any sound. Anything that may give her the hint that there was someone there. Someone who could help her. Someone who could save her. There was nothing. No voices, no footsteps, no sounds that would indicate there was anyone near. Nothing to break the silence but her own ragged breathing. Sterling dropped her head forward, eyes screwed shut and prayed.