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The boy who ran away...

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The legend of the king of curses, Sukuna Ryomen, who was once a human, is ruthless and cruel no matter what. He will use people for his own benefit and will have no mercy. Truly a king. Let’s say the demon wasn’t killed 1000 of years ago and he’s still got his original body. 

Sukuna was about to destroy the world until an old but accurate fortune teller said something that got his interest. 

“In years later, a newborn will be yours to seek. Yours to use for your revival. Yours to cherish. That person will be your muse.” said the old lady in a calm demeanor.

 Sukuna never thought that his death would come and how someone was able to consume him. Can that person really be worthy of him and make his life better as it is? 


“How will I know when that time comes?” he asked the fortune teller.  


She smiled and told him “You will simply know.”


Then Yuji Itadori was born on march 20th. The moment Sukuna saw the baby, the double-faced spector thought of him as a possession that was only meant for him. The woman who conceived him, cried in fear and shivered from the strong pressure of this monster in front of her. 


She sobs harder as she remembered her husband who got sliced in half by this creature with four arms. The woman doesn’t know why or when that beast appeared. It all happens in a flash. All the nurses and doctor were decapitated limbs by limbs and blood was splattered all over the room.


“W-who a-a-are y-you?” the poor woman whispers out but ends up stuttering in pure fear. The cursed spirit looked at her with all the smugness and laughed at her scared appearance.


“HAHAHAHahahahahahahaha! That’s a good expression you got there woman!” He mocked her. Her eyes can’t stop pouring tears as she continues to hear his insane laugh.


As Sukuna regains his composure, he smirks. “Mmmm… I guess I should tell you the reason why I’m here before I kill you.”  

The woman holds her newborn baby closer to her chest. 


“Don’t worry, that boy you're holding is mine. He won’t die.” Sukuna eyed the baby who was sleeping in the arm of his mother.


“You’ll see, you were destined to bring birth to this offspring. It was destiny!  That baby is meant to be my vessel! No matter what univers we’re in, he will be mine to use, to kill and to hurt and to love.” The cursed spirit said with such joyous tone but for humans, they saw him as a psychotic monster. 


“ can’t be…” 


“Time’s up. Since I’ve taken a liken to you, I’ll let you name him before you die.” Sukuna said with a sadistic smile. 

Her whole body wanted to run away, beg him to have mercy on her and let her live. Her thought was interrupted when the baby opens his eyes and giggles. 


”Gaga! Gaga!” the newborn chant with such happiness as he reaches for his mother with grabby hands. She smiles and kisses her baby forehead for the last time. Her whole body seems to calm down and her heartbeat returns to normal.


The only thing she wishes is for him to live the happiest days and be healthy.


“Yuji Itadori…” she whispered quietly.


“Huh?” Clearly not loud enough to be heard.


“His name will be Yuji Itadori.” The woman said with more confidence and finally has the gut to look at the cursed spirit straight in the eye.


Sukuna grinned at the name. 

“Not bad... I like it. Rest now.”


Sukuna pierce the woman's chest with absolute brute strength. Her body drops as blood floods the floor of the hospital. 

“Whhaaaaaaaa!” the baby wails as he cannot feel the warm touch. 


“Ugh! Such a noisy brat you are.” the four arm spirit said quite irritated. He sighs and lifts the baby with one of his arms. He looks at the sad baby and his soft features. Sukuna quickly left the scene, leaving all those dead bodies rotting.

Days later, the news never got out in public. The police didn’t want to cause a riot with the world. They were scared to learn the truth. In the footage, they only saw dead bodies who were decapitated in mid air. The jujutsu organization was called to investigate this case.


 Of course, every family who was related to the victims were notified about the devastated situation. Until, a certain old man decided to get back his grandson with the help of a paid employee who wanted only money.


5 years later…


The first year of Itadori life was pretty lonely. Don’t get me wrong, he was well fed, had toys to play with and in general, he was well educated but he never really had a friend. The people who took care of him were some villagers outside the domain. He was only allowed to meet his so-called “brother” when he reached the age of five on his birthday.  


Itadori took a deep breath and entered the domain of the fearful cursed spirit. Upon entering it, the boy froze and saw a lot of skulls laying on top of each other. 


“Oh? You finally arrive here, you brat. What took you so long?”

Yuji's eyes trail up to the deep voice. The young boy gasps at the creature with four arms sitting on a throne. The big demon laid his full attention on Itadori. 


“Such a frail body you have. Well, you still have room to grow.” he sighs tiredly.


The boy couldn’t believe what he saw but somehow… He wasn’t scared at all… Yet, he looked scary, intimidanting and forceful but his body can’t bring itself to shake in fear. He doesn’t know why but that scared him. 


“You have a mouth don’t you? Talk. I want you to talk to me.” 


Why would that strange inhuman man want him to talk?

“Umm… Why do you have four arms, mister?” he said hesitantly. 


“What a strange question… You know most people will crumble in fear and beg me to spear them.. To answer your question, I just do.” Sukuna replied but was entertained by Yuji’s weird question. 


“Come here Yuji.” the king of curses order. 

The boy nods and tries to climb to piles of skulls stacking on each other. Sukuna saw him struggling so he picked him up by his collar and put him on his lap. 


“Mister, are you really my brother?” Itadori asked him and tried to get comfortable. Since the villagers said that there was someone who left an anonymous letter saying it was his brother. 


“Good question. I think that a preferable position but...”

Sukuna turns the small boy around to get a better view of his face.


“Yuji, remember this, don’t you ever dare run away from me. I will hunt you down and make you regret it. If anyone takes you away, I will kill them right in front of you.”


The boy remained silent until he asked something that made Ryomen’s blood boil.

“What if you never found me?” the naive Yuji asks.


“I simply curse the world until I track you down. Don’t forget, you're mine.” Sukuna said as he lightly scratched his vessel’s soft cheek, leaving a trail of blood dripping.



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Couple of months have passed since the encounter with Yuji and Sukuna. The boy was forced to go visit his brother regularly with no exception. Ryomen always told him that he was special and very useful for him. He goes to the deepest place in the forest, where the demon’s domain is hiding.


“Hello, Suku-nii!” Yuji started to call him that but it seems like the curse spirit doesn’t mind it.


Sukuna lazily waves at him as a greeting. The little tiger climbed the mountain of skulls with ease now. “Suku-nii, can I go outside the village?” Itadori asks with sparkling eyes.


The double-faced spector’s body was stiff at that exact moment. “What with that sudden interest Yuji?” Sukuna wonders, debating if his vessel just boldly implied that he wanted to get out or he was just curious. 


“Well… You see, there’s an old traveler who wanted to visit the village and told me about the outside world! His stories are amazing! I want to go out and explore too!” Yuji excitedly explains with so much enthusiasm that Sukuan wonders if his little brother is an actual ball of sunshine. 


“No.” The red eyes demon said without any consideration.


“Ehhhhhh? Why!?” Itadori pout. The boy wasn’t satisfied with the fast reply that Sukuna gave.


“You follow my rules and mine only.” Sukuna point out as if it was a fact but for Yuji, he didn’t know that and he was stubborn when the toddler wants something


“Pretty please! I’ll come back for sure!” 


“Ha. Good try. Even if you beg prettily like that, I won’t let you out of my sight.” 


The king of curses was entertained by a kid. He doesn’t know why but Yuji was like a magnet that pulls you effortlessly. What if somebody lays their dirty hands on his small vessel? The thought of having Yuji out of his reach and the potential of someone stealing him makes him paranoid. Of course, he could go and slaughter the village for answers or burn them alive. Now that will be fun. Sukuna smiles sadistlically at the idea.


“Suku-nii, I could sense your blood lust... Disgusting.” Yuji said with the outmost discomfort.


“What a bold mouth for a little runt like you.” Sukuna retorted back making Yuji gasp dramatically.


“Eh? Me? Excuse me, at least I’m not thinking about killing others. It’s wrong!” Itadori talks back. 


“Then I should bring you on my killing trip when you age more.” The demon suggests, clearly like the idea. 


“NO! I want to go out and see the world! I visit you every single day without any delay! Why can’t you let me have the simplest wish? It isn’t fair!”


Sukuna harshly laughs at Yuji’s outburst as if it was a sick joke. “Hahahahahaha! Oh you brat! You want to see the outside world? Are you that ungrateful? Yuji, I purposely let you live in a safe place where you can grow without the fear of dying and you take that for granted. You know most people won't take care of you like me.” Ryomen said clearly unsatisfied with his little vessel.


Somehow, Yuji’s movement stops. His voice shakes a little bit when he says these words. 


“What do you mean? Don't act like you care about me! You’re the most selfish being. I can’t do anything without your approval! Stop trying to hide me from everyone! I know very well what my purpose is… I-...I- I’m…” Yuji's throat hurt. His eyes started to watered but didn’t want to show all his pain and hurt feelings to the monster in front of him.


“I’m only a tool for you… If I weren’t that...” the boy chokes out those painful truths out of his mouth. Unfortunately, a few tears drop from his fragile face.


“I'll be better off dead…” He whispers those words like some kind of curse but loud enough so the demon king could hear.


Sukuna was stunned. It was the first time he saw that boy cry from pure sadness. Well, people ugly cried in front of him when he was about to kill them but...Why does looking at his vessel make him feel some things?


Why does his sad face make his heart hurt? The cursed spirit never thought in his life that a boy like him would make him feel emotions ever since he lost his humanity.




 Before Sukuna finishes his sentence, Yuji bolts out of the domain. 


“Damn that brat…”  Sukuna curses as he watches the kid go.


Itadori runs out of the forest and decides to run to nowhere. His mind couldn’t think straight. He knew it was weird to have no parents but he at least wanted Sukuna to care for him and not use him.


Wait ,he said that his parents died from an unknown cause but what if Sukuna was the one who-  


More tears dripped and the six years old couldn’t handle the truth. All his life… Is it just a lie? Was he only born to be the king of curses tool? He cried in anguish. After a couple of minutes, Itadori finally stops running and sits down against a tree. 


That monster took everything from him. A life where he could make friends. Have a mother, a father and most of all a loving family… From the first time he met his older brother, he knew he wasn’t the nicest. On the contrary, Sukuna is probably the most evil person in this world. He kills for his own amusement and mocks at people’s misery. 


He sighs and rests his head on the tree. Yuji is tired from the running and thinking. His eyes threaten to sleep from exhaustion until a familiar voice calls him out.


“Oh? Aren’t you the boy I met earlier?”


Yuji’s eyes opened and saw the exact traveler who was telling him stories about the city world. 


“Old man? What are you doing here?”


“So rude! Anyway, I should be the one saying that. It’s late, boy. Look, the sunrise is about to go down.” 


Indeed it is.


“I don’t care, there’s no one waiting for me… That person doesn't love me. His intentions are awful. He only wants to use me however he wants. He doesn’t care what I want. He's only thinks about himself. He’s truly selfish.”


Itadori flashes the old man a smile of reassurance but the old man knows that it was fake. The boy truly felt betrayed and lost.


“Enough about me, what about you?”


The old man chuckles. “Haha… You see, I lost my grandson. Most people thought I’m crazy or delusional but I know he’s still alive somewhere. I’m looking for him right now. His mother told me what name she wanted to give him and I still remember it.” 


Yuji smiles.


“Your grandson must be the luckiest person to have an old man like you walk over the world to find him. Your legs must be jelly by now.”


The traveler laughs and ruffles the boy's soft hair. 


“You have a good sense of humor kid. By the way, what’s your name?”


“Yuji Itadori. Nice to meet you old man!”


The man drops on the floor with a shock face almost like he’s seeing a ghost.

“No… It can’t be…”


“Hey! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Itadori asks. Truly concern about the old stranger.


The traveler looked at the boy with tears of happiness strolling down his face.


“I’ve finally found you… My grandson.”



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Sukuna was beyond pissed. It was pure anger. The king of curses no longer felt his vessel’s presence anymore. Did he run away? Did someone kidnap him? Countless thoughts and speculations pass to his brain. 


“YUJI! YOU BRAT. COME BACK HERE!” Sukuna yelled.

The villagers were all scared. It was their first time seeing such a monster. The attack began at noon. One agonizing scream was enough to alert all the villagers. He looks at the head of the village and immediately grabs a hold of him. 


“I’m not joking around. What. Did. You. Do. To. My. Yuji .” Sukuna dark red eyes pierce through the poor man.


“I-tadori-kun? I swear we didn’t do anything to him!” The head of the village begged. 


“You know, I let you all live for the sake of educating that brat. I ask again, where is my vessel?” Sukuna growls, thinking about killing him if he doesn’t say something useful. 


“I saw him with two men! One who is old and the other one is pretty young with black hair.” A woman shouted, wanting the demon with four arms to leave them alone.

Sukuna drops the man to the ground. Leaving him coughing as blood spilled out his mouth. 


“Fuck.” He cursed out, realizing that it was the old traveler Itadori was talking about yesterday. Sukuna quickly dash into the forest. 


Wait til I get my hands on you Yuji.


5 hours earlier…


“Grandpa… Where’re you taking me?” Yuji asks while holding hands with his long lost relative.


“We’re going to meet with someone who’s gonna help us escape.” 


The young boy nods and keeps walking. He was happy to finally have a family member who is still alive. Itadori kept walking until he saw a tall muscular man leaning to a tree.  

“Took you long enough, old man.” The male with sharp green eyes greeted. 


“Shut up. At my age, it should be normal.”


The male scoff and eyed Itadori. “Is that the vessel of Sukuna Ryomen?” 

“No he’s my grandson.”


“So he is the vessel.” The man smirks showing his scar over the right side of his mouth. He gets off the tree and approaches the small boy. 


“I wonder how much money I get if I sell him to those damn scums.”


“Oi. I paid you to help us not to betray us.” Itadori’s grandpa reminded him sharply. 


“Yes yes. I may be a bastard but I do my job correctly. It’s my policy.” 


Yuji didn’t like him. Is he really here to help his grandpa and him to escape?

“You really are messed up, mister. Would you like me to help you? Perhaps hitting you would do?” Yuji said with a fake smile plastered on his face.


A vein pops to the man's face. “Oh? I seriously gonna sell you now.”


“Try me.” Yuji glares at the tall man. 


The old man sighs and pulls his grandson out of the way. “Now now, we've got no time to waste. We must hurry before that spirit finds out that Yuji got taken.”


The black haired male sigh while the toddler stuck his tongue out.

“Oh boy… This gonna be a disastrous day…’ The old man thought as he slapped his face in desperation.


They all walked together till night time. Of course, the two of them bicker with each other. The unknown man was acting like a bodyguard to make sure they came back unharmed. It was interesting to see a young adult and a kid annoyed to heck out of each other.


“We should stop here. My legs are starting to get tired.” The elder man said while stretching out his limbs.


They all settle down with a campfire. The old man was quickly asleep while the other two were still awake.


“You’re not going to sleep? It’s way past your bedtime brat.” The scar man said as he looked weirdly at Itadori.


The boy didn’t like that look. Yuji knew that man was planning something. It was just a gut feeling. “Mister, I don’t trust you but if you have something to say, say it now.” 


“Oh? What made you say that?” The young adult was amused by Yuji’s bold claim. 


“We may hate each other's guts and just met today but… You're the type who doesn’t care about anyone. In fact, you’ll probably let someone die in front of you and you'll still continue your day.” Yuji said with confidence.


“Elaborate.” He simply said as his grin suddenly wiped out of his face. His expressions are more serious now. 


Yuji took a deep breath to calm his nerves. “You’re the type who likes playing dirty and unfairly. Why did you ask if I'm going to sleep? I’m 100% sure that you wouldn’t care about some kid’s bedtime unless you-"

Before Itadori could finish his explanation, the strange guy laughed his ass off.


“Hhahahahahahahahahh! Who knew that a brat like you could figure me out that easily! You right, I wouldn’t care for your grandpa or you if I weren’t paid. You do understand me... Well I was about to kidnap you and leave your grandpa for dead but..."


He looked at Yuji with a smile that would creep anyone out. “I like you. You know, I wouldn’t say my name when I’m doing my job but I guess you’re the exception.”


The man took the boy's wrist and pulled him closer to his chest. “The name is Toji Fushiguro. Yours?” He whispers to the boy's ears which make him lightly shivered. 


“Why should I tell you? Didn’t you say that you’re gonna sell me to those scums?” He asked as he tried to pried his wrist from the man’s strong grip.

“Now~ Don’t be stingy with me. Tell me.” Toji implied the last words as he intensified his grip on his small wrist.


Itadori hiss in pain. His wrist started to leave a red mark around them. “Yuji Itadori! Now let me go!” He said as he felt that man could snap his wrist in one second.


Satisfied with the answer, he let go of the boy. “Now sleep Itadori. We have a long day tomorrow.” 

The boy finally gives in to his fatigue and closes his eyes to sleep peacefully.


The rays of the sun illuminate through the sky which woke Yuji up. His eyes tried to adjust to the bright light. 

“Shit!” Toji cusses out as he grabs the boy's waist and lifts him up to his shoulder.  Yuji gasps from the sudden movement. 


“What are you doing?!” Itadori exclaims as he grips the man muscled back. Toji didn’t respond to him. He was pretty concentrated on running. Itadori looked around and didn’t see his grandpa.


“Wait! Where’s my grandpa?! Stop running! Please tell me where he is!” Yuji pleaded with the young adult.


“Shut up! My top priority is to get you the hell out of here!” Toji said but suddenly a fire blasted right past them and almost burned them. The fire landed right in front of their path, making the male stop running. 


“Get your disgusting hands off my Yuji, you human piece of shit.”


Itadori recognized the voice and froze. “No...It can’t be…”


The boy turned around and saw Sukuna holding his grandpa as hostage. The king of curses didn’t look pleased at all and the poor old man looked hurt.


“No can’t do. You know what…” Toji smirks as he wraps his arm tighter to the boy’s waist.


“I can see why you’ve taken a liken to him. I might as well keep him~” The man smugly said to make the cursed spirit lose his shit.


The last string was pulled, Sukuna is about to beat him up.



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Yuji’s body shook in fear. The boy could hear his own heartbeat. What's worse is that Toji has the nerve to anger the king of curses which makes it 100 times worse for them.


“Suku-nii please leave grandpa alone! He has nothing to do with it!” Yuji said, desperate to save him. Tears started to form as he saw his grandpa’s breath slowly disappear. 


Sukuna looked at Yuji for a second. His grip on the old man loosen as he saw the same expression that made the demon’s heart hurt.


No Yuji should be punished for his mistake and betrayal. Sukuna smirks insanely and pulls the old man’s collar harsher and lifts him up in front of him to show the result of his deviance. 


“Hahahahaha! Look at your poor grandpa coughing blood and struggling to breath! Mmmm… I definitely should kill him! How about it? Do you prefer him with one head or the body without the head? “ Sukuna smugly suggests and loves the look of his vessel’s face. It was pure regret and full of despair. The way his face is full with tears and fear truly makes the demon feel alive.


“I-I promise to never leave you! I w-will do everything you said! Please! Please! I’m so sorry... I’m sorry... I’m sorry! Just leave him alone!” 


The kid begged and begged and begged to not have his only family die. Toji pity the boy. He never saw such a kid as this broken and desperate.


“Aaah~ That’s a lovely expression Yuji! Yes! Feel the shame of your actions! The thought of having you cry truly makes my day! Your cries are the most beautiful in this world! It's even more pretty than your mom when she was killed by me!”


Sukuna sigh in satisfaction before telling him the good news.


“The best thing is that I’m in control . You know, I could kill him right now and then get rid of that Zenin scum. Then I would shackle you so you will never leave me. Only I am allowed to see you! You will only see me and nobody else. Isn’t that exciting?”


What more can Sukuna take from me? Why? Why am I the one who has to be the vessel? 




The boy stopped thinking and was surprised to see his grandpa able to talk clearly.


“Yuji run away… I’m old and weak and can’t do anything. My only wish is to meet my grandson. Take him away Fushiguro…” He weakly said these words as if they were his last. 


The man with a scar grin. “Yes sir.”


“Wait! No! No! Grandpa don’t do this! We still haven’t spent any time together! It’s too soon!” Itadori shouts as he tries to wiggle his way out of Toji’s grip on his waist. 


“Ugh! Stop struggling much! I’m trying to get us out of here!” Toji scolds the brat with an irritated tone. As he is about to go, the cursed spirit warns him.


“Make one more step and I kill this old man. Give me what's rightfully mine, you Zenin scum. After that, I will kill you. Deal?” Sukuna threats the young adult. He will punish anyone who tries to steal his treasure.


“Ah? You really think I’ll let you beat me? You think that I’m that weak?” Toji clearly pissed about the king of curses' comment. 


“Huh? You’re just a piece of shit I need to take off. What do you-” 


A sound of a slash echo through the forest. Blood sputters in mid air and lands on the ground with a disgusting color of red. The arm where the old man is held was cut off with a clean slice.


Toji smirks as he plays with one of the arms of the cursed spirit as if it is a ball. “Man, you shouldn’t underestimate a guy with no curse energy.”


“Grandpa!” Yuji is finally able to get out of the man’s thigh grip and hugs his relative for comfort. 


“Yuji..” the old man coughs and coughs until blood starts pouring out of his mouth. 


“Grandpa! Stop talking! It's just going to hurt you!” The boy said as he quickly tears his kimono as a tissue and wipes the blood from his grandpa’s mouth. 


Itadori looked up to Toji and saw the man smile with excitement. “You know, I wonder if a non cursed user like me could ever beat the most powerful cursed spirit… “


Sukuna rolls his with no interest as he heals his arm. “You? Nah, I highly doubt you can win against me. I’m not interested in trash like you. Move out the way.”


“Didn’t I just tell you? I’ve taken a liking to the brat. I’ll keep him around and make him my friend.” Toji smugly said. 


It was at this moment that Toji went flying hard to a tree which made him grunt from the sudden impact. Before Toji could even recover, Sukuna grabs him by the neck and crumbles him to the ground. 


The reaction was so fast that the Fushiguro man couldn’t even move a muscle because of the demon pressure. Ryomen then lifts him up and throws him in the sky and then smash him to the ground again.


The man hiss in pain as he grabs the demon’s wrist and tries to tug off his grip on his neck. 


“Hahahaha! Don’t make me laugh! Yuji isn’t going to be with you. That brat is mine to use. He was born for me and I only.” Sukuna said like there were some vows. Yuji couldn’t help thinking that how could someone be so obsessed with him? He was nothing special. He didn’t have any sort of cursed technique nor an ability. 


Sukuna was about to end the man until a small and soft texture wrapped around the king of curses' legs.


“Stop! Stop it! I was the one who agreed going! Leave Toji-san and my grandpa alone! Suku-nii please spare them. I don’t want them to die like this just because of me!” Yuji begs but deep down inside of him, he wants to go out and be free. Be whatever he wants, he wants to break free from his destiny.


Ryomen’s movement halts for a second as he eyed the boy, torn if he should be this soft for his vessel. 


Toji took that moment of hesitation to his advantage and cut off the hands that constricted his throat. As he tries to recover himself, he summons an ugly looking cursed spirit that was wrapped around the man. 


“Oh, now you’re on!” The man took out some chains from the ugly blob’s mouth. He throws it at Sukuna which restricts the demon from moving. 


“Tsk!” Sukuna may have underestimated the Zenin scum ability. Even so, Sukuna broke free from the chains but Toji planted a special grade dagger in the demon’s shoulder. 


Sukuna couldn’t move an inch. His eyes were burning with hatred as he saw the Zenin scum approach his Yuji.   


“Itadori let’s go. I manage to tranquilize him but it won’t last long.” Toji said as he lifted his injured grandpa with his brute strength. 


Yuji took one last look at Sukuna. As he is about to leave, Sukuna’s voice pierces him. 


“Yuji, remember this, I will find you and hurt you. I will search for you until the very end. I don’t care how many days, weeks or years it will take. The moment I get my hands on you…” 


Sukuna's deep red eyes burn through the boy’s soul. These promising words sounded like it was some kind of oath. 


You won’t be able to leave me…”


Itadori's body froze until Toji’s big and rough hand grabbed his own and pulled him. 


“Goodbye, Suku-nii…” 


It was the last words of Yuji’s as the presence of his vessel vanished for good. After he regains control of his body, he burns the whole village into ashes with no survivor left with pure anger and… Why does it hurt so much..? 

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“Wow! Amazing!” Yuji gushed out as he saw the beautiful view of Tokyo. The big cities with colors and people who were smiling with their friends, family or lover.  


Toji delivers his grandfather to the hospital for recovery. The doctor said that Yuji could visit him tomorrow morning since they wanted to make sure the patient could rest well.

“Thank you for saving my grandpa Toji-san!” Itadori said with gratitude. The man froze for a second. The Fushiguro man has never been thanked before for his service. It was a first for him. He scratches his head bashfully.


“Whatever, I was paid after all…” Toji said with a slight flush on his face. Yuji smiles brightly and giggles at the man's awkward reply.   


“Toji-san is so humble now!” 


“Ah? You’re still a brat. You know… I was only paid for saving you but not your grandpa.” Toji smirk.


“Ehhh!?” Yuji couldn’t believe him! He’s starting to regret calling him humble because that was really the opposite. 


“I thought you were really nice but you’re still a jerk!” the boy huffs out.


“Yeah, yeah, so I’ve heard.” Toji dismissed it quite easily.


Yuji pouted sadly. “Toji-san, I have no money to give you…”


“Who said you need to give it to me now? In fact… I may have an idea…” The man smiled and let me tell you, Yuji didn’t like that smile. He’s definitely planning something and the boy didn’t like it one bit. 


“What is it?” Yuji is scared right now.


Toji’s eyes light up and grin at the idea he thought. “I feel like we’re going to be good friends, Itadori-kun~” He said as he patt Yuji’s back. 


Yuji was dragged to the man’s apartment. It was dirty, small and it smelled awful.

“Itadori, you’re going to live with me and work as a housewife.” The man happily said. Yuji was really confused at the man's suggestion. 


“What do you mean?” 


“It means that you will do the chores and the cooking in this house. I’m sure they taught you how to do this since you used to live in a village.” Toji explained. 


“Why don’t you do it?” Yuji is clearly still confused by this man's suggestion. 


“You see, I’m a very busy person. I don’t have time to clean or make food. I have a pretty dirty job and you probably won’t approve of it but it gives me a good salary. I love drinking, gambling and women.” Toji shamelessly tells Yuji without any hesitation. 


“Toji-san… I think you’re pretty cool.” Yuji accidentally whispers out. Toji was stunned by the kid’s comment. He was sure that Itadori would be disgusted by him.


“What do you mean?” The fushoguro man asks. Yuji slightly blush, realizing that the man heard him wide and clear. 


“I-I mean you do those things to survive and to enjoy yourself. I admire you because…” Yuji’s big eyes finally met with the dark green eyes of Toji. 


“You don’t regret the way you live. That’s pretty cool, Toji-san.” Itadori sincerely gives the male a small smile. 


Toji knew he was a loser, a disgrace and a messed up person in general. He hated to be a Zenin. Usually, he doesn't care about anyone. Heck, he’s a fucking mercenary for god sake. He kills and kills and enjoys killing. He gambles even if he never wins. 


Then suddenly, an old man came to him and said that he was looking for his lost grandson. He told the old man that he should go to the police center but the man insisted that it was an abnormal case. 


Toji was about to refuse but the old man told him that he would pay a lot of money. Of course, being a rational and smart person he is, Toji obviously agreed to the request. 


What he didn’t expect was that the brat is the vessel of the Sukuna Ryomen, the king of curses, a special grade cursed spirit and the most powerful one. He could kind of relate to the brat. 


Out of all people, a five years old kid understands him. The brat never looks at Toji like some kind of trash just like the woman he fell in love with too bad she passed away… It’s crazy how Itadori could attract people.

“Hahahaha! You say some funny things don’t you Itadori!” Toji laughs as he ruffles the boy’s fluffy hair. 


Yuji squeaks at the sudden affection from the tall and muscular male but sees Toji smiling. 


“Well your total cost will be 1 million yen~” Toji sang happily.


“What! B-but it will take years to get that money!”


“That’s why you’ll be living as my housewife. Until I’m satisfied with your service, you’ll be staying with me. Isn’t that a good deal~?” 


“What about school and visiting my grandpa?” Yuji said with concern. 


“Don’t worry about it. You will go to school next month and you will have plenty of time to visit your grandpa until he gets better. You have my word.” Toji said in all seriousness. 


“Okay! Then I will be in your care, Toji-san!” Yuji accepted his offer. In all honesty, his grandpa is hospitalized and he has no place to crash to. He doesn’t even have the money to pay back the man for saving his grandpa. Then being the housewife is by far the least he could do.


“Perfect~ Now close your eyes, Itadori-kun.” Toji orders.

“Umm… Okay?” Yuji closed his eyes and he felt a paper touch his forehead. His mind blurred and all the memories of Sukuna faded. His small body couldn’t handle the strong pressure on his mind so he fainted. 


Toji easily catches Itadori’s body and lifts him up.

“Sorry Itadori. I was also paid by your grandpa to do it.” The man whispers to the boy’s ear as he places Yuji on a soft futon. 


The old man wanted to erase his memory with the king of curses. Of course, Toji doesn't have any curse energy to do it so he goes out and kills a man and steals a talisman that could make anyone forget a certain memory.


The next morning Yuji woke up with a yawn. As his eyes fluttered, he heard a snore above him. 


“Toji-san?” Yuji said his name to wake him up. The man groans as he wraps his arms around the boy and pulls him closer to him.  


“Come on Toji-san. Wake up. We have to start the day!” Yuji tells him as he lightly smacks the scar face.


Toji finally gives up and painfully gets up from his comfortable place. 


“Ughhh… What time is it?” The man said as he tried to adjust his eyes to the sun.


Yuji looked around and saw a clock. “6:18 am.”


The man nodded as he stood up to go to the bathroom. Yuji decided to go to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. In the village, many people taught him to cook and how to fish. Itadori opened the fridge and only saw a bunch of booze, beers and alcohol. There was no ingredient to make a decent meal. 


“Toji-san! We need to go to the supermarket to buy some food!” Yuji said as he closed the fridge.


Itadori opened a drawer to get a cup but saw a picture of a woman who was smiling beautifully. He wonders who it was. Yuji took the photo so maybe he will ask Toji later on.


The Fushiguro man nodded as he came out from the bathroom. As he sat down, he decided to pour some alcohol but Yuji obviously took the bottle from him.


“Toji-san, drinking alcohol isn’t good for your health. Especially in the morning.” Itadori scolds him. 


“I can do what I want, you brat. I’m literally an adult.” Toji retorted back. 


“And somehow, I’m the responsible one. Anyway, drink some water. It will make you feel better.” Yuji said as he poured some water in a cup and gave it to the man.


Toji sighs and takes it like a child when their mother told them to drink milk to grow taller. 


“Hey could I ask a personal question, Toji-san?” Yuji asks as he sits down next to the man.


“Depends but go for it.” 


“Who’s that woman Toji-san?” Itadori asks as he show the man the picture he saw earlier.


Toji remains silent for a few moments before responding to the boy’s question. “She was my wife but she died when she gave birth.” He simply said with no emotion.


“Oh… but that means that you have a child right? Why are they not here?” 

“Oh I was about to sell him to those Zenin shit but he’s living with his step-mom and sister right now.” Fushiguro explains further. 


Itadori felt bad for the child. How could he say that to his own flesh and blood? “Why? Why would you do that? Don’t you love him?” The kid said but his voice broke a little.


“Love? Not Really? What’s his name again?” Toji questioned himself. 


Itadori have little hatred for the man. Any parent would love their children. The man has a chance to be a family. A family that Yuji never has in his life. 


“Then I’m going to reunite you and your son together!”  Yuji swore to himself that he would teach the man the meaning of having a family.  

The man spit the water out of his mouth. “What?” He’s still surprised by the sudden declaration. 


“I’m going to piece you guys together! I’m going to teach you the most beautiful thing in the world and that’s family. You will learn to love your son before you would regret it.” Yuji said with confidence. 


The man was left speechless. How could he deserve a kid like him who came out of nowhere and decided he wanted to help a poor bastard like him? Toji could easily tell that Itadori’s intentions are pure and innocent. 


“Ha. Like I care! Do whatever you want, brat. Now let’s go to the market.” Toji said as he took the brat’s hand and pulled him to the entrance of the door. 


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Gentle please?” Yuji yelps as he tries to follow the man. 


Toji scoffs at the boy’s protest but nonetheless reduces his tight hold on Yuji’s wrist. 


“Hey, do you know someone by the name Sukuna Ryomen?” Toji said as he eyed Itadori with caution, waiting for a reaction.


“Huh? Sukuna? Uhh.. nope. Who’s that?” Yuji is clearly curious about the random question.


Toji smirks and pinches the boy’s cheek. 


“No one special that you need to know.” 

Chapter Text


“Toji-san, that’s not the food store. That’s the casino.” Yuji points out the obvious. Toji sighed in annoyance. The older man wanted to gamble but the brat wouldn’t let him.


“Thank you, Watson. I definitely didn’t know that.” The man rolls his eyes as the kid pulls him back to the grocery store. 


Yuji’s eyes sparkled at the scene. It was the first time in his life to be in a shop with loads of stuff. 


“Oh look at that Toji-san! There are so many things in here that I’ve never seen before!” 


Toji couldn’t believe his eyes that a five years old kid like him got so excited over a grocery shop. Yuji keeps babbling about how wonderful this place is. The boy ran and took a basket. 


Yuji and Toji went to the fruit and vegetable section and then went to buy some necessities. Since Itadori would live with him, the man took a toothbrush and some shampoo and put it in the basket.


The basket was very heavy for a boy like him and Yuji started to struggle to carry it. So Toji, for once, decided to be a gentleman and took it from the kid. 


“Is that all, Itadori?” Toji asks. 


Yuji looks in the basket to check if that is all he needs. 


“Yup! Let’s go!” Yuji said brightly as he drags Toji to the cashier. While they waited in line, Toji got a phone call. 


“Is it today?” Fushiguro asked. After a few minutes of discussion on the phone, Toji just said, “Okay, I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.” 

“Who’s that?” 


“Ah, just a colleague. I’m going to work now. Here’s a 100$ to pay everything off. Make sure to clean and make dinner. Bye Itadori.” The man said before leaving the boy alone. 


Yuji huffs at Toji’s rude leave but still continues his day. The female cashier was surprised to see a boy alone with no parents but still complied. Itadori gives the cashier the money and ends up with five bags to carry. Yuji tries to lift one but unfortunately, fails. 


“Uhh? Are you going to be okay carrying all those bags boy? She asks, clearly concerned about the kid. 


“Oh! Don’t worry about me! I will be fine-” 


A huge person took all the bags with one swift. 


“I got it from here. It’s that alright?” The strange person said. 


Yuji looks up to the stranger with pure white hair with a pair of round sunglasses. The very tall male smiled down to Yuji. 


“O-of course!” The female said with a blush on her face. She never expected a handsome person to appear all of sudden.


“Thank you miss! I’ll be sure to take good care of him!” The stranger thanks the blushing cashier. 


“Mister, I appreciate it but you don’t have to do it.” Yuji is still confused about the teen who appeared out of nowhere and decided to help him. 


“Ah? I, Gojo Satoru, the strongest, decided to help you but you still refuse it?” The stranger cockily said with an annoyed tone. 


Wow, the man really turns out to be a douchebag… Yuji thought. 


“Where do you live boy? Hurry up, I don’t have time to waste.” The teen said. 


Then why take your time to help me???


“Uhh… Why should I? All I know is that you could kidnap me.” Yuji bluntly told the teenager off. 


“Are you dumb or what? Tell me, how could you walk back home when you obviously could not lift a bag. Beside, I would have you in my grasp the moment my eyes laid on you if I were to kidnap you.” Those beautiful blue eyes sneered behind the shades.


“Now stop wasting precious time and lead me to your home.” The pissy teen said.


Itadori sighs and starts to walk back to Toji’s apartment. As they walked, Yuji couldn’t help but think. Why would someone help a boy? Itadori was sure that the man wasn’t nice at all. The guy's name, Gojo Satoru, was whistling as a distraction. Itadori could tell that the man was bored as hell. 


Why would a random person want to walk him back home? Normally, they would ask the kid where their parents are. Yuji climbs the stairs while Gojo follows him. As they reach their destination, Yuji opens the door and the lights which reveal a pile of trash laying in every corner of the room. 


“Ewww! This place is just dirty. How could you live in a place like this?” Gojo said as he pinch his nose to cover the scent.


Yuji rolls his eyes at the man’s bold claim. “Thank you for your help, mister. You can put the bags down and leave.”


The man let out a chuckle. “Nahh. I think I should stay here a while. I hope you don’t mind, boy.” 


“What if I do?” Yuji challenged back. “I have you know, that I appreciate your help but you see, I have a lot of chores to do.”


Gojo darkly smiles. “I promise that I won’t hurt you. Don’t be shy~ I will simply sit down and wait patiently like a good guest that I am while you do your task.”


Yuji pouted in annoyance. What with his stubbornness on staying? He didn’t like how the stranger strongly suggested that he wanted to wait for him. Should he call Toji-san? No, he probably won’t answer his phone. What about the police? Itadori was about to pick up the phone until a large hand smashed the phone into pieces.  


“Now, now, we wouldn’t want to have unnecessary dead bodies would we, Yuji-kun?” Gojo hands grab the smaller ones. Itadori froze. That man knew his name from the beginning. The white hair teen is not your normal moody teeneger. In fact, he’s probably someone abnormal.


“What do you want from me?” Yuji bite out. “How did you know my name? Who the hell are you?” 


“I swear, kids these days never listen do they? I already told you I’m Satoru Gojo.”  His blue eyes shine as he smiles at Yuji. 


“Aren’t you such a naive and innocent boy… Do you realize how valuable you are? What influence have you got? You have a talent that would appear every thousand years.”


What is that crazy guy talking about? He was just a normal boy living with a man that saved his grandpa’s life. 


“I ask again, who REALLY are you?” Itadori repeats his question from before. Yuji didn’t trust him one bit. His gut was telling him that this guy was someone to not mess with. “I’m a jujstsu sorcerer. The strongest in fact.” Gojo said with so much pride and confidence.


“Jujustu? What is that?” Itadori asked. He never heard that term before. 


“I’m basically a shaman who exorcises curses but that is a story for next time.” The teen said. Yuji doesn’t know if he’s serious or joking.


“But let’s talk about you Yuji-kun! You don’t have to hide it from me~ You can tell me anything and I won’t judge you.” 


Itadori wanted to call someone for help. What with this creepy teen who just made himself home. 


“I don’t have anything to tell you. Heck, I don’t even know what you want me to say. I’m just going to do my chores and wait for Toji-san to come back. You can stay here but I think you will be bored so I suggest you leave.” 

Gojo smirks at the kid’s sass. “Alright, take your time, I will be waiting here.” 


Yuji huffs and then starts to unpack his grocery items and put it in the cabinet and the fridge.  


He then washed his hands before taking out the salmon. The fish was already cut so all he had to do was to cook it and let it rest. Next, Itadori washes the rice and puts it in a rice cooker. Finally he heats up the stove and pour some water and a packet of miso to make soup. 


Gojo may be an annoying and chaotic person but he can tell the boy was pretty independent. He could tell the kid knew what he did. His blue eyes keep following Yuji’s action. 


Itadori took a trash bag and started to pick up the bottles of beers and alcohol. 


“Sheesh! The man you lived with must be a bum and a hardcore loser. He also left his son. What a dick move.” Gojo randomly talks. 


Itadori stopped picking the trash as soon as he heard the teen’s sentence. “Wait, you knew who he was! Why didn’t you tell me?”


“You didn’t ask~ Now will you be willing to talk to me?” Gojo said even though he knew the answer to that. 


Yuji grits his teeth but nonetheless sits down and nods. “Who sent you here? Are you here to kill Toji-san?” 


“As much as it is tempting, I won’t. I’m actually here for you. You’ll see a certain curse who is really pissed and wrecks a whole village to find his long lost vessel. The lost vessel ran and ran and right now I'm searching for the vessel. ” Gojo said with caution to see any visible fear or reaction from Itadori.


“I don't know how it relates to me though…” Yuji said. Gojo’s eyes widened. He could tell the boy wasn’t lying. Itadori was truly clueless about the whole story. How? Unless someone took all his memory from him… 


“Hahahah! Ooh this is getting interesting! You know what? I’m going to see you often Yuji!  I will bring us to a bakery the next time we’ll see each other! See ya around!” Gojo's interest is definitely ignite. 


Yuji was left speechless. What the hell happened? 

Chapter Text



“Ugh… That was the fifth village that I destroyed…” Sukuna said as he looked at the ashes and dead bodies laying on the ground. 


“Oh well… It was at least entertaining to watch those puny humans struggle and cry.” Sukuna smirks with joy as he remembers those painful expressions they got when he decapitated them. 


The truth is that it was a way to vent out all his anger. His vessel just got stolen right under his nose. He hated the feeling of needing someone but Yuji was the exception. The boy was born for Him and Him only. 


He wanted to make Yuji regret leaving him. He wanted to be the one who hurt Yuji. Watching Yuji cry and begging him to stop. It's been months without the brat. Sukuna couldn’t sense his vessel’s presence anymore. 


“Yuji… Yuji… Yuji... Yuji…Yuji…” Sukuna keeps repeating the brat’s name like a mantra. Why does he, THE KING OF CURSES need a small and sensitive brat like Yuji? Ever since that fortune teller told him that the brat was his, Sukuna became more and more possessive. He wanted to know Yuji every action and force Yuji to visit him. 


Sukuna threatened the village to raise Itadori and to teach him the ways of a human. If they ever land a hand on the boy, Sukua will simply slice them with his fingers. If they ever steal him, he burns every person alive. If they get too close to him, the cursed spirit will gouge out their eyes and take their limbs one by one. 


Yuji was the type who every person likes. Sukuna knew the boy was irresistible. The four arms monster wanted the boy for himself. Sukana will have him when Yuji grows older. Mark him, love him, hurt him, take him and ruin him. 


“Mine... Mine… Mine… Mine… Mine…” He growls with so much grudge. HOW DARE THAT ZENIN SCUM TOUCH HIM. The man said that he wanted to be friends with His Yuji


Sukuna’s menacing aura burst out in anger. The birds flew away and the ground shakes. He was the most powerful cursed spirit. Losing his most prized possession to a human scum makes his blood boils. 


“I will find you… Just you wait… I will make you regret everything. So much that you beg me to stop… I don’t care if it took me years to find you. Hahahahah! Oh~ Thinking so many ways to break you makes my non-existing heart beats and my blood pumps.”


The sadistic side of Sukuna is definitely showing. His red eyes burn with determination. “Just watch me…”

At the small apartment, Yuji was debating if he should tell Toji-san about Gojo’s visit. He just hopes that the white hair male forget about him. The door creaks open and reveals the Fushiguro man covered in blood. 


“Toji-san?! What happened?” Yuji asks with high concern as he takes a white towel to wipe the dripping blood from the older man’s clothes. 


“Oh? I just killed some rich bastards.” Toji simply replied as if there were nothing wrong with it.  


While Itadori cleans the shit from the blood, Toji looks around his apartment. The floor and the bottles of beers and alcohol were all clean and spotless. He could even smell the salmon and miso soup aroma coming from the kitchen. He smiles with satisfaction. 

“I think I made the right choice of making you my housewife. Itadori you did a good job, today.” Toji praised the boy. 


“Toji-san… Please go to the bathroom and clean yourself!” Yuji worriedly told him. Toji may not be hurt but still… He worries for the older man. The Fushiguro man laughed at the boy’s concern.


“Hey~ If you keep being this good for me, I might keep you with me for eternity~” Toji said as a joke but deep down, it was not. Toji was a lying prick. He said to Itadori that he would keep him if he was satisfied with Yuji’s service but he really wants to keep Yuji for himself.


“Toji-san! Stop thinking to yourself and go to the bathroom!” Yuji said as he lightly slapped the man’s shirt. 


“Yes honey~” The man lazily replied as he took off to the bathroom. 


Yuji then wanders off to the kitchen to prepare the food. He organizes the small table with utensils and places the salmon dish with the rice and the miso soup.  


Toji came out of the bathroom. The man was wearing a black sweater with matching black sweatpants.


“Diner is ready!” Yuji told him. Toji nodded as he sat down. As Yuji eats the food, the man’s eyes wander to the broken phone. 


“What happened to the phone? I'm sure it was not you who did it…” Toji said. There was no way that a small boy like Yuji could make a big impact. Plus, the phone was obliterated to pieces.

“W-well… Umm… There was a guy named Gojo Satoru who helped me carry all those groceries back here. He insisted on staying here. He said that he knew you and was here for me…” Yuji admitted. He didn’t want to bother Toji with his problem.


Toji hands tighten around the glass of water and threaten to break it. “That piece of shit…” 


“Is he a bad person Toji-san?” Yuji asks. He was scared if the white hair man was a threat. 


“He’s not but he is.” Toji honestly replied. The Fushiguro man knew the man and fought before. He thought he killed but I guess he’s still alive. That six eyes bastard…


“What do you think he wants from me?” Itadori was definitely confused. Why do weird people keep popping up? 


“Itadori, can you tell me how you met me and your grandpa?” Toji asked. The older man wanted to know if the talisman also replaced Yuji’s lost memories of Sukuna with new ones.


“Uhh...sure? My grandpa and I were walking in a forest. We were about to go home until a gang of bandits came out of nowhere and took my grandpa as a hostage. Then you were there and helped us escape. My grandpa is now hospitalized and now I’m working as your housewife to pay up my debt.” 


That clears it. Yuji’s memories definitely got replaced by fake ones. Now the question is how long does it last? Is it permanently? Probably not since Sukuna is on the chase for his vessel and that Gojo shit is going to make this even more troublesome than it is. The jujutsu organisation is most likely planning to kill Sukuna’s vessel. 


“Shit…This is going to be a pain in the ass…” The man whispered to himself. 


“Did you say something, Toji-san?” 


“Nope. Remember you have to do the laundry after we finish eating. Is that clear?” Toji said as he grabbed his porn magazine. The man is really shameless to read this in front of a five years old.


“Yes.” Yuji pout.

At the jujutsu high, Gojo was smiling like a maniac. “Mmm~ Should I tell them that I found the missing vessel or should I not?” The man talked to himself. He truly thinks that making chaos was the only thing to keep himself entertained.


In all honesty, he hates the higher ups. They were all so weak but still have the audacity to tell orders to those who are stronger. Don’t get me wrong, Gojo could easily destroy them in a snap of a finger but they always have someone to replace them. The higher ups sent Gojo to eliminate Sukuna’s vessel but let’s be honest, since when did Gojo ever listen to someone?


His smile widened. “Nahhh~ Let’s make them sweat a little shall we?” 


Gojo truly meant to be the chosen one. Yup, a man who loves seeing chaos unfold before him.  


Chapter Text


Two years later… 


Toji and Yuuji have been living pretty well. Of course, the Fushiguro man always come late for obvious reasons (Women, Casinos, drinking and killing people). Sukuna is still trying to find his long lost vessel and Gojo is definitely plotting something. 


This morning, Yuuji is walking to the direction of the hospital until a familiar white hair man walks out of a candy store with a bag full of them. Somehow, he still hasn't got diabetes.


“Aww! Well you look at that! We meet again Yuuji-kun~ Isn’t that a coincidence?”


Itadori knew he wasn’t the luckiest person in general. The man was none other than Gojo Satoru who somehow ended up in front of him. Gojo was smiling. Coincident his ass. 


“Gojo-san please move. I have errands to get.” The boy politely dismisses the white hair man. Itadori didn’t want to be next to him any longer. He must have a reason to be this clingy to him. 


“Now~ Don’t be like that~ You’re gonna make me cry.” Gojo pouted like a toddler when he didn’t get what he wanted. 


Yuuji walks away but Gojo still follows him nonetheless. The boy goes to the hospital and greets the secretary.  


“Hello ma’am. I’m here to visit my grandpa.”


The woman nodded. “Ah! You must be mister Itadori-san's grandson! His room is 306. Have a wonderful visit!”


Yuuji thanked the woman and left.

“Gojo-san can you please let me have a private moment with my grandpa?” 


Gojo hummed but ignored the boy's request. Oh boy… This is getting difficult. Nevertheless, he opened the door and saw that his grandpa was looking out the window. The old man’s eyes then met with Yuuji’s and the white hair stranger. 


“Yuuji. It’s good to see you again.”


The boy smiles at him while Gojo yawns out of boredom. Of course, being the most rational person he is, Yuuji jabs Gojo hard on the ribs. 


“Owww! Hey! That hurt you brute!” Satoru yelps in pain. Geez for a seven years old kid, he got some power.


“Oh? Did I? Oops, I just heard an annoying buzz and decided to stop it myself.” Itadori smugly replied.


“Aren’t you a smartass for a kid.” Gojo said as he pinches Itadori’s cheeks.


“Maybe you should stop being a prick and just leave me alone!” Yuuji retorques back.


“Ah? Why should I? This is a free estate after all??” The tall moody teen bites back. 


The old man is mostly thinking about jumping out of the windows… Like seriously?


“You brats! Shut up! I just recovered from my injuries and all I get is this? “ Mister Itadori said to break the intense comeback from a literal overgrown teenager and a seven years old.


For the first time in history, Gojo shut up and put a lollipop in his mouth and Yuuji looked guilty. 


 “Anyway, Yuuji, I signed you to an elementary school and you will be transferred monday morning at 8 am.” 


Yuuji’s eyes sparkled and Gojo looked at him disgusted with a ‘What the fuck’ look. 


“Why are you happy about this? YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL?” Gojo confusedly questions the boy’s mental state.


“You won’t get it! That means I will finally get to have friends!” Itadori optimistically said with an excited smile that it could make Gojo’s sunglasses break. 


“Been there and still am. Kid, it’s boooooring~” Gojo whines. 


“Your opinion doesn’t matter Gojo-san.” Yuuji happily sang.


“Why you little-” 


“OKAY. Now leave you brats!” Itadori’s grandpa shouted in annoyance and somehow was able to kick the strongest shaman and his little grandson out the room. 


“Visit me another time Yuuji!” His grandpa shouted as he slammed the door.






“Soooooo…. Want to go to a bakery together?’ Gojo asked.


“No.” Yuuji said as he walked away from the teen.


“I pay.”




At the bakery Gojo orders a strawberry parfait and Yuuji orders a chocolate cake.

“Oh my god that’s so good! It’s my first time trying this!” Itadori gleamed with delight.


“Where’s my ‘thank you, Gojo-sama?’ Huh?” Satoru impatiently demands.


“Fine. Thank you Gojo-san for this cake.” Yuuji said with a small grateful smile. 


While Itadori devours his cake like a beast, Gojo smiles a little bit. Since when did he get along with a seven years old? The higher ups are still bitching about him and how lazy he is but there never gone to far because they’re scared of Gojo’s overpowered j ujutsu abilities.


Itadori is definitely someone he will keep an eye on for pure entertainment in his life. All those dramas are related the boy who appeared out of nowhere.  


Monday morning at 8 am, Itadori wrote Toji a message that he will be at school and the food is in the fridge if the man is hungry. His grandpa told him the direction of the school so Yuuji excitedly ran to his elementary school. 


At the school ground, there were tons of kids who were laughing, talking, running and playing.


Suddenly, he saw two little wolves getting patted by a young black boy who was alone under the three. Yuuji immediately thought about a brilliant idea. Why not make that boy his first friend? 


Itadori walks up to the boy and introduces himself.


“Hi! My name is Yuuji Itadori! What’s yours?” He greets him with warmth. 


The boy ignores him and continues his petting. Okay rude. Let’s try this again with a different approach.


“I like your wolves. They are super adorable!” 


The boy flinches and stops moving for a second. Oh no, what did he do this time?


“You can see them?” the kid asked with hesitation but he finally looked at Itadori. Geez, about time. 


“Ummm yeah? It is not normal?” Yuji said.


The boy stands up and grabs Yuuji’s wrist and pulls him away from the crowd. They arrive at the back of the building. 


“Megumi Fushiguro.” the boy introduced himself.


“Oh! Nice to meet you Fushiguro!” Yuuji smiles back. 


Wait… Fushiguro? Just like Toji-san’s last name? Oh crap! He’s his son isn’t he...


“Oi what’s wrong?” Megumi asks Itadori.


This is going to be a long day.