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The boy who ran away...

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Two years later… 


Toji and Yuuji have been living pretty well. Of course, the Fushiguro man always come late for obvious reasons (Women, Casinos, drinking and killing people). Sukuna is still trying to find his long lost vessel and Gojo is definitely plotting something. 


This morning, Yuuji is walking to the direction of the hospital until a familiar white hair man walks out of a candy store with a bag full of them. Somehow, he still hasn't got diabetes.


“Aww! Well you look at that! We meet again Yuuji-kun~ Isn’t that a coincidence?”


Itadori knew he wasn’t the luckiest person in general. The man was none other than Gojo Satoru who somehow ended up in front of him. Gojo was smiling. Coincident his ass. 


“Gojo-san please move. I have errands to get.” The boy politely dismisses the white hair man. Itadori didn’t want to be next to him any longer. He must have a reason to be this clingy to him. 


“Now~ Don’t be like that~ You’re gonna make me cry.” Gojo pouted like a toddler when he didn’t get what he wanted. 


Yuuji walks away but Gojo still follows him nonetheless. The boy goes to the hospital and greets the secretary.  


“Hello ma’am. I’m here to visit my grandpa.”


The woman nodded. “Ah! You must be mister Itadori-san's grandson! His room is 306. Have a wonderful visit!”


Yuuji thanked the woman and left.

“Gojo-san can you please let me have a private moment with my grandpa?” 


Gojo hummed but ignored the boy's request. Oh boy… This is getting difficult. Nevertheless, he opened the door and saw that his grandpa was looking out the window. The old man’s eyes then met with Yuuji’s and the white hair stranger. 


“Yuuji. It’s good to see you again.”


The boy smiles at him while Gojo yawns out of boredom. Of course, being the most rational person he is, Yuuji jabs Gojo hard on the ribs. 


“Owww! Hey! That hurt you brute!” Satoru yelps in pain. Geez for a seven years old kid, he got some power.


“Oh? Did I? Oops, I just heard an annoying buzz and decided to stop it myself.” Itadori smugly replied.


“Aren’t you a smartass for a kid.” Gojo said as he pinches Itadori’s cheeks.


“Maybe you should stop being a prick and just leave me alone!” Yuuji retorques back.


“Ah? Why should I? This is a free estate after all??” The tall moody teen bites back. 


The old man is mostly thinking about jumping out of the windows… Like seriously?


“You brats! Shut up! I just recovered from my injuries and all I get is this? “ Mister Itadori said to break the intense comeback from a literal overgrown teenager and a seven years old.


For the first time in history, Gojo shut up and put a lollipop in his mouth and Yuuji looked guilty. 


 “Anyway, Yuuji, I signed you to an elementary school and you will be transferred monday morning at 8 am.” 


Yuuji’s eyes sparkled and Gojo looked at him disgusted with a ‘What the fuck’ look. 


“Why are you happy about this? YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL?” Gojo confusedly questions the boy’s mental state.


“You won’t get it! That means I will finally get to have friends!” Itadori optimistically said with an excited smile that it could make Gojo’s sunglasses break. 


“Been there and still am. Kid, it’s boooooring~” Gojo whines. 


“Your opinion doesn’t matter Gojo-san.” Yuuji happily sang.


“Why you little-” 


“OKAY. Now leave you brats!” Itadori’s grandpa shouted in annoyance and somehow was able to kick the strongest shaman and his little grandson out the room. 


“Visit me another time Yuuji!” His grandpa shouted as he slammed the door.






“Soooooo…. Want to go to a bakery together?’ Gojo asked.


“No.” Yuuji said as he walked away from the teen.


“I pay.”




At the bakery Gojo orders a strawberry parfait and Yuuji orders a chocolate cake.

“Oh my god that’s so good! It’s my first time trying this!” Itadori gleamed with delight.


“Where’s my ‘thank you, Gojo-sama?’ Huh?” Satoru impatiently demands.


“Fine. Thank you Gojo-san for this cake.” Yuuji said with a small grateful smile. 


While Itadori devours his cake like a beast, Gojo smiles a little bit. Since when did he get along with a seven years old? The higher ups are still bitching about him and how lazy he is but there never gone to far because they’re scared of Gojo’s overpowered j ujutsu abilities.


Itadori is definitely someone he will keep an eye on for pure entertainment in his life. All those dramas are related the boy who appeared out of nowhere.  


Monday morning at 8 am, Itadori wrote Toji a message that he will be at school and the food is in the fridge if the man is hungry. His grandpa told him the direction of the school so Yuuji excitedly ran to his elementary school. 


At the school ground, there were tons of kids who were laughing, talking, running and playing.


Suddenly, he saw two little wolves getting patted by a young black boy who was alone under the three. Yuuji immediately thought about a brilliant idea. Why not make that boy his first friend? 


Itadori walks up to the boy and introduces himself.


“Hi! My name is Yuuji Itadori! What’s yours?” He greets him with warmth. 


The boy ignores him and continues his petting. Okay rude. Let’s try this again with a different approach.


“I like your wolves. They are super adorable!” 


The boy flinches and stops moving for a second. Oh no, what did he do this time?


“You can see them?” the kid asked with hesitation but he finally looked at Itadori. Geez, about time. 


“Ummm yeah? It is not normal?” Yuji said.


The boy stands up and grabs Yuuji’s wrist and pulls him away from the crowd. They arrive at the back of the building. 


“Megumi Fushiguro.” the boy introduced himself.


“Oh! Nice to meet you Fushiguro!” Yuuji smiles back. 


Wait… Fushiguro? Just like Toji-san’s last name? Oh crap! He’s his son isn’t he...


“Oi what’s wrong?” Megumi asks Itadori.


This is going to be a long day.