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The boy who ran away...

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“Ugh… That was the fifth village that I destroyed…” Sukuna said as he looked at the ashes and dead bodies laying on the ground. 


“Oh well… It was at least entertaining to watch those puny humans struggle and cry.” Sukuna smirks with joy as he remembers those painful expressions they got when he decapitated them. 


The truth is that it was a way to vent out all his anger. His vessel just got stolen right under his nose. He hated the feeling of needing someone but Yuji was the exception. The boy was born for Him and Him only. 


He wanted to make Yuji regret leaving him. He wanted to be the one who hurt Yuji. Watching Yuji cry and begging him to stop. It's been months without the brat. Sukuna couldn’t sense his vessel’s presence anymore. 


“Yuji… Yuji… Yuji... Yuji…Yuji…” Sukuna keeps repeating the brat’s name like a mantra. Why does he, THE KING OF CURSES need a small and sensitive brat like Yuji? Ever since that fortune teller told him that the brat was his, Sukuna became more and more possessive. He wanted to know Yuji every action and force Yuji to visit him. 


Sukuna threatened the village to raise Itadori and to teach him the ways of a human. If they ever land a hand on the boy, Sukua will simply slice them with his fingers. If they ever steal him, he burns every person alive. If they get too close to him, the cursed spirit will gouge out their eyes and take their limbs one by one. 


Yuji was the type who every person likes. Sukuna knew the boy was irresistible. The four arms monster wanted the boy for himself. Sukana will have him when Yuji grows older. Mark him, love him, hurt him, take him and ruin him. 


“Mine... Mine… Mine… Mine… Mine…” He growls with so much grudge. HOW DARE THAT ZENIN SCUM TOUCH HIM. The man said that he wanted to be friends with His Yuji


Sukuna’s menacing aura burst out in anger. The birds flew away and the ground shakes. He was the most powerful cursed spirit. Losing his most prized possession to a human scum makes his blood boils. 


“I will find you… Just you wait… I will make you regret everything. So much that you beg me to stop… I don’t care if it took me years to find you. Hahahahah! Oh~ Thinking so many ways to break you makes my non-existing heart beats and my blood pumps.”


The sadistic side of Sukuna is definitely showing. His red eyes burn with determination. “Just watch me…”

At the small apartment, Yuji was debating if he should tell Toji-san about Gojo’s visit. He just hopes that the white hair male forget about him. The door creaks open and reveals the Fushiguro man covered in blood. 


“Toji-san?! What happened?” Yuji asks with high concern as he takes a white towel to wipe the dripping blood from the older man’s clothes. 


“Oh? I just killed some rich bastards.” Toji simply replied as if there were nothing wrong with it.  


While Itadori cleans the shit from the blood, Toji looks around his apartment. The floor and the bottles of beers and alcohol were all clean and spotless. He could even smell the salmon and miso soup aroma coming from the kitchen. He smiles with satisfaction. 

“I think I made the right choice of making you my housewife. Itadori you did a good job, today.” Toji praised the boy. 


“Toji-san… Please go to the bathroom and clean yourself!” Yuji worriedly told him. Toji may not be hurt but still… He worries for the older man. The Fushiguro man laughed at the boy’s concern.


“Hey~ If you keep being this good for me, I might keep you with me for eternity~” Toji said as a joke but deep down, it was not. Toji was a lying prick. He said to Itadori that he would keep him if he was satisfied with Yuji’s service but he really wants to keep Yuji for himself.


“Toji-san! Stop thinking to yourself and go to the bathroom!” Yuji said as he lightly slapped the man’s shirt. 


“Yes honey~” The man lazily replied as he took off to the bathroom. 


Yuji then wanders off to the kitchen to prepare the food. He organizes the small table with utensils and places the salmon dish with the rice and the miso soup.  


Toji came out of the bathroom. The man was wearing a black sweater with matching black sweatpants.


“Diner is ready!” Yuji told him. Toji nodded as he sat down. As Yuji eats the food, the man’s eyes wander to the broken phone. 


“What happened to the phone? I'm sure it was not you who did it…” Toji said. There was no way that a small boy like Yuji could make a big impact. Plus, the phone was obliterated to pieces.

“W-well… Umm… There was a guy named Gojo Satoru who helped me carry all those groceries back here. He insisted on staying here. He said that he knew you and was here for me…” Yuji admitted. He didn’t want to bother Toji with his problem.


Toji hands tighten around the glass of water and threaten to break it. “That piece of shit…” 


“Is he a bad person Toji-san?” Yuji asks. He was scared if the white hair man was a threat. 


“He’s not but he is.” Toji honestly replied. The Fushiguro man knew the man and fought before. He thought he killed but I guess he’s still alive. That six eyes bastard…


“What do you think he wants from me?” Itadori was definitely confused. Why do weird people keep popping up? 


“Itadori, can you tell me how you met me and your grandpa?” Toji asked. The older man wanted to know if the talisman also replaced Yuji’s lost memories of Sukuna with new ones.


“Uhh...sure? My grandpa and I were walking in a forest. We were about to go home until a gang of bandits came out of nowhere and took my grandpa as a hostage. Then you were there and helped us escape. My grandpa is now hospitalized and now I’m working as your housewife to pay up my debt.” 


That clears it. Yuji’s memories definitely got replaced by fake ones. Now the question is how long does it last? Is it permanently? Probably not since Sukuna is on the chase for his vessel and that Gojo shit is going to make this even more troublesome than it is. The jujutsu organisation is most likely planning to kill Sukuna’s vessel. 


“Shit…This is going to be a pain in the ass…” The man whispered to himself. 


“Did you say something, Toji-san?” 


“Nope. Remember you have to do the laundry after we finish eating. Is that clear?” Toji said as he grabbed his porn magazine. The man is really shameless to read this in front of a five years old.


“Yes.” Yuji pout.

At the jujutsu high, Gojo was smiling like a maniac. “Mmm~ Should I tell them that I found the missing vessel or should I not?” The man talked to himself. He truly thinks that making chaos was the only thing to keep himself entertained.


In all honesty, he hates the higher ups. They were all so weak but still have the audacity to tell orders to those who are stronger. Don’t get me wrong, Gojo could easily destroy them in a snap of a finger but they always have someone to replace them. The higher ups sent Gojo to eliminate Sukuna’s vessel but let’s be honest, since when did Gojo ever listen to someone?


His smile widened. “Nahhh~ Let’s make them sweat a little shall we?” 


Gojo truly meant to be the chosen one. Yup, a man who loves seeing chaos unfold before him.