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Healing touch

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I can sense my body burning. A feeling that makes the nightmares even worse. So, when I open my eyes, it takes me some time to remember where I am. The STF infirmary, one of the dozen rooms dedicated to the high-rank officers. I’m glad to be alone, after a full week surrounded by the other guys. 


In my dazzled state, I can smell her shampoo. A feeling that fills my heart with love and pain for how much I miss her. But it is better if she doesn’t see me like this. It is just a stupid beating and some small cuts, with the exhaustion it gave me a fever, no big deal. Turning in the bed, though, I almost jump when I see her looking at me from the chair on the side.


What are you doing here? ” I can see in her eyes that she is worried. 


“They called me, Gavin. They , not you .”


I wasn’t thinking of hiding it from you. It is just a minor issue, I was planning to tell you after a couple of days.” She crosses her arms, the pout in her lips making me want to kiss her. Damn, I really miss kissing her. “ Besides, I’m fine. Look at me. Aren’t I-


Ok, maybe trying to move me too fast isn’t a good idea. I can’t stop the hiss of pain and that makes her eyes even bigger. I hate the fact that is me that is making her suffer from worries.


“Look, I’m really fine. I just need to sleep and everything will be fine.” I look to the clock on the wall, almost midnight. I need to have a small talk with the guys tomorrow. I bet it was Eli. “ I’m not sure what they told you, causing you to rush over in the middle of the night. It’s already so late, so I can’t send you back and you can’t spend a night slanted on a chair. Come sleep on the bed.


“I’ll not sleep with you on the bed, Gavin. It is too small for both of us!” She laughs like I’m saying something stupid. Damn, I just want to hold her to sleep. It is the only way I know to really relax. 


The beds in STF are slightly larger than other hospital beds . So, it is comfortable for both of us.” Besides that, she is so petite, her body always fitting on mine, like a puzzle that took me half of my life to complete and I’m not willing to waste any more minute without it. “Well, if you are not coming here, then I’ll spend the night sitting with you”. 


I try to sit, but before I fully do it, she gets up from the chair, coming close. And I’m really glad for it because the movement almost made me scream with pain.


“Fine, Gavin. I’ll lay down with you, just let me take off my shoes.” It is something so familiar, so domestic, to see her removing her shoes and coat then her bra - without taking off her dress. She hides it on her coat and then smiles, shy, to me. I know how she can’t sleep with her bra on. I know this and a lot of other small secrets of her and that makes me feel so blessed. She is mine and I’m hers.


I scoot over and she joins me on the bed, her back turned to me. Her smell fills every space around me, bring me closer to her and to home. I hug her, burying my nose in her hair, trying to burn this sensation on my brain, so I can bring it anywhere I go. I can sense how her hair is wet on the tips. She probably didn’t have time to just blow it all, too worried to run here. I hug her tightly, making her sigh. Does she miss me just like I miss her? I try to remember her plans for this night, listing all that I know she did in the other nights, but I can’t remember if she told me her plans.


What have you been doing at night? yesterday, you said work had come to an end. Tonight, you shouldn’t have had anything to be busy with, so I’m guessing… That you were thinking of me. But I know that even if you were busy with something urgent, you’d still think of me. ” I chuckle and she snorts, so I know I’m right. 


“You know, before we starting dating, you used to be shy. I think I miss that Gavin”.


“No, you don’t.” She snorts again. Is she mad? Or this is just worrying? “ Turn around. I want to see you .”


She turns slowly, her brows so close that I think she will have a mark tomorrow. 


“I’m really all right. Don’t keep furrowing your brows .” I rub my thumb smoothing the crease between her eyebrows, trying to make her relax. But her eyes are still filled with sorrow. “ If you don’t believe me, you can feel me. Aren’t I completely intact, and without a single sound?

I reach for her hand, dragging it slowly on my chest. I’m really glad they removed my shirt earlier because if I had to do it now, I’d probably not be able to, but she doesn’t need to know that. 

I know that I started to do this so she could be calmer, but I can’t stop my blood to start to race feeling her soft fingers caressing me. I can sense the heat starting to increase on my groin, so I take a deep breath and try to change the subject.

I know that I’ve scared you this time or you wouldn’t have rushed over while blowing your hair dry halfway .” I take her hand to my lips, slowly kissing it. “ I was careless this time. I’ll definitely be careful next time. Why don’t you beat me a few times to vent some anger?


What I didn’t expect was for her to really give me a punch on the arm. Even if she isn’t the stronger person to hit me in the past few days, the fever and the body ache to make it worse, so I can’t stop myself to hiss in pain.


You can actually bear to hit me? ” I look at her, surprised. She is smiling again.


“You deserve it. For being careless and for not calling me. And if you say something, I’ll do it again”. Her chuckles may seem light, but I know that she is serious. I really scared her. And that is why Eli will die for having called her.


It’s good that you’re here .” I need to distract her from the bad thoughts she still has, even if I’m here with her. So, I hug her again, grunting a little because some movements are hard, but I can sense her relaxing as soon as she breaths in my chest. She always says my smell makes her feel protected. “ I haven’t hugged you for seven days. Seven days is too long.


“But tell me that at least you got to rest sometime during it, Gavin… You promised you would be careful.”

This mission was a little troublesome, so I didn’t get much sleep during these seven days. I couldn’t sleep peacefully. ” I can sense she is tense again, probably getting ready to rant to me. “But you wanna know something?... When I was asleep, all I dreamt about was you. Just like right now, I was hugging you. Hugging you tightly.

“Gavin, it is too warm.” She is trying to get herself loose. But I missed her too much. I just want her here, in my arms, where I can feel her. She feels so good against my skin.

I don’t find it warm, I’m cold .” She snorts again, mad, so I release her. In the next moment, I’m shaking. How can I feel so hot and so cold at the time? I don’t usually get sick.  

“Stop lying, Gavin, or I’ll go back to the chair.”

I’m not lying to you, I’m having a slight fever. But don’t worry, the nurse was here in the evening to test my temperature and said it wasn’t serious. That is why I have the medicine on the IV. So, don’t worry.” I pull her close “ Can I hug you now? Hug me even more tightly then.

She buries her face in my chest again. I can sense how her heart is beating fast. Her body is colder than mine, so whenever she touches me, it is like the fever dissipates. An amazing feeling. I grab her hand, rubbing. I have an idea that will make me feel so much comfortable.

Mm. Your fingers are cooling, it’s comfortable to touch them. ” I put her hand on my back, where I can feel it burning. “ Touch over here, then move upwards slightly. My back is too warm, help me lower the temperature.

The sensation is so nice. She is rubbing my back in circles and, while it is helping me with the fever, it is bringing me memories of other moments with her, when she scratches my back with pleasure. The way she always screams my name, making me having to kiss her when we are in a place we can be caught. The way her legs shaken around my waist, her pussy clenches around my dick. All the thoughts and feelings are making me numb and I can’t stop myself from soft moaning. I let one hand go to her ass, the other getting her hand from my back.

“Did it help?” She asks me, her big eyes shining. I want to think it is arousing too because I’m crazy about her right now and I know she can sense it. So I grab her hand, traveling it into my torso again, until the elastic band of my pants. Her eyes go wider. “Gavin?!”

Don’t stop , this area is hot too. It also needs you to lower the temperature. ” I tug the elastic band and she slides her hand, grabbing my dick just the way she knows I like. “Tell me, MC. It’s because I’m having a fever? Is that why it’s hot? Or maybe it’s hot because I’m thinking about you. What do you think?”


“What give in you to be so secretly mischievous?” I laugh, my hand grabbing her breast over her dress. The moan she releases, while her thumb is caressing the head of my dick makes me light head.

”Secretly mischievous”? No. I’m being mischievous out in the open.

Her hand is doing the magic she always does: Not only making me feel like I’m about to explode, but also making me feel I’m the luckiest guy on Earth. She could be with anyone, but she is with me. It is my body that she is touching, licking, kissing. I’m the one she chooses. I throw my head behind, focused on the sensations, her tongue running on the scar on my neck, on my chest, on my nipples.

She suddenly stops, so I look confused at her - and a little hurt, to be honest. Now I can hear de sound of footsteps approaching. She tenses, removing her hand from my pants, which makes me sigh. After some time, the corridor outside is silent again.

There’s no need to worry. The nurse already checked the rooms just now. So no one will be here for now. ” I try to make her relax again. Her heart is racing. I can sense her sigh when I start to kiss her neck, until the spot behind her ear, where she is sensitive. I can sense my own voice filled with lust when I talk again. “ Even if someone comes, it doesn’t matter. If someone sees us, I’ll say… mm… That it’s too dark here. So I don’t dare to sleep here alone.

I laugh and she chuckles, again hitting me on the arm, this time with less force. I cup her cheek with my hand, caressing her cheek with my thumb.

“Stop messing around. You need to rest.” Her voice is soft, filled with love. 

All right. I won’t mess around. This hand still has a needle in it. ” I show her the IV connected to my arm. “ I just can’t fall asleep. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you.

Now I can sense my heart racing too and I know it is not because of the fever or because of how horny I am. It is because right now it is just us in the world. In this little bubble of happiness and care, that is all that matters. And I feel loved. Wow, I just realized... This is the first time someone stayed with me on a hospital bed. I spent so many nights recovering in beds like this one and this is the first time I don’t feel alone.

The feeling is too much to be only felt. While I’m still caressing her cheek, I lean and kiss her. She tastes like the toothpaste she likes and candy. I bet she came chewing gum since it is something she does when she is anxious. Her hand is on my hair, tugging it softly like she wanted to be sure I’m here and I’m not going anywhere. I pull her closer by her waist and she moans in the kiss. I rub my hard member in her hip, almost begging. I need her warmth. I need to feel I’m home inside her.

I really miss you .” Or kisses are getting heated. Her leg raising to my waist, which gives me access to her core. I rub her through her panties. “ I can’t sleep, nor do I want to sleep. What about you?


She bites me on the shoulder, trying to muffle the sounds of her pants and moans. She is already so wet, I can almost feel her taste in my mouth. My favorite dessert. My mind is just screaming how much I need her. 

“Let’s not sleep, okay? Stay with me. Stay with me for a little longer.” I kiss her again, my own breath fast. I nibble her bottom lip, licking it just after. “Wait for my temperature to go down before sleeping. All right?”

She nods and it is like something is unlocked inside her. She slowly pushes me until I’m laying down and then she straddles me. Smart girl. Her hips are rolling, provoking me, while her tongue in dancing with my own. My hands aren’t quiet: One in still cupping her breast, while the other is raising her dress. 

She breaks the kiss, removing her dress and throwing it on the chair. I can’t stop myself from smiling. She is gorgeous. I remember the first time I saw her naked, how I was flabbergasted at how perfect she is. I try to sit, so I can get her nipple in my mouth, but she pushes me back to the bed.

“Tonight you will be a good boy and just lay down. Or we will stop it here.” She leaves her hands on my chest until I agree. Honestly, right now, I’d agree with almost anything she asks me. My body is burning, the heat irradiating on the bed and it seems that just her body is cold enough to give me some relief. 

She then leans over me, her breasts touching my chest, while she is kissing my neck. I hold her waist, thrusting my hips, trying to get friction between us. Her kisses are now going down my chest, sloppy licking and nibbling away until my pants. Just the thought of her lips around my cock already make me a mess. Usually, I’m the one on the command in bed, so seeing her so assertive is amazing. Maybe we can try this another time, when I can really enjoy it, instead of just going crazy like now. 

She lowers my pants until it is at my knees. Then, while looking at my eyes, she slowly licks her lips. Damn. If she continues doing this I’m gonna cum without her doing anything else. She chuckles, seeing my reaction, grabbing my cock and pumping it slowly. I’m a little sore for not having finish early, so her movements ache a little, but almost in a good way. Or maybe this is because of the fever? I have no idea. I just know I need some release soon because the burning is getting worse.

While I’m thinking about it, she goes and takes the head of my cock on her mouth. Her lips and tongue are cold-ish, so I shiver. My hand goes to her hair, grabbing some of the strands. I don’t want to force her rhythm, but I need to feel some sort of control of I’m gonna lose my mind. The way her head bobs, up and down, every time taking more of it on her mouth makes my groans get louder and louder, so I have to bite my own lip, a metallic taste filling my tongue. 

I notice that I closed my eyes, so I open them, just to be blessed with the vision of her petite form with her ass up, the lips around my cock, the hand pumping what she can’t take and her amazingly shinny eyes locked on mine. When she sees I’m looking at her, she smiles, removes the hand of it, and start to deep-throat. The sensation of her throat massaging the head of my dick is mind-blowing. I can feel the heat building in my belly, ready to explode in her mouth, but before I can say anything, she removes my shaft from her mouth, smiling.

“I always wanted to do that.” Her cheeks are pink while she cleans her mouth and chin from her saliva and my fluids. “Now, let’s change it because I also missed you”.

She removes her panties and straddles me again. Just now, I notice an important detail missing.

“Tell me you have a condom in your purse”. I want to be inside her so badly, but we always do it with protection.

“No, and, for me, it is ok, Gavin”. She cups my cheek with her hand. “When I was on my way here, I thought I had missed you.” I look at her eyes, filled with water, but she blinks a few times to make them disappears. “And all I could think was that I wouldn’t have a part of you with me. And I really wanted that.”

Wait. Is she saying what I think she is saying?

“I know we are just dating. We aren’t married or something. But… If it happens now, I wouldn’t mind, you know”.

“Are you saying you want a baby?” She can’t be serious. We never talked about it, so I always assumed she didn’t want kids. “A baby… with me.”

“I mean, yeah. Kinda.” She rubs the back of her neck. “What I’m saying is that maybe I’m ready for more. If you are, of course.”

I pull her to me, kissing her with all the passion and love I can. How can she ask me that? I was ready for more at the moment I found her again. I can’t stop thinking of the ring I have at home. The one I look at every night, trying to gather the courage to give it to her. Maybe now, when I leave this bed, I can do it. She laughs, using her hands to steady herself again.

“So, I guess that is ok for you too.” My chuckle is enough to answer to her. She is beaming with happiness and I know I am too. Being careful, she reaches for my cock again, pumping it slowly and then positioning it on her entrance. I hold her waist, to give her some support and she smiles at me again. “Are you ready?”

While she lowers herself, my mind is filled with pleasure, but also with the thought that maybe this time will bring us a baby. She is so warm and wet, I’m noticing. This is the first time I’m really sensing how she is. It is… intense. When she starts to roll her hips, I’m a goner. Every cell on my body is screaming for her, trying to be one with her. The image of her on top of me, her parted lips so plump and red for all our kissing.

She throws her head behind, focusing on pleasuring us both. I help her, thrusting until our bodies meet. My hands on her waist trying to establish a rhythm, the heat on my belly growing up again. If I don’t do something, I’ll come first then her, so I lick my thumb and start to circle her clit, making her moans louder. If we continue this louder, someone will listen to it, so we need to be faster.

Increasing the speed of my hand and hips, I can sense her body starting to respond to it. A little more of stimuli and she needs to put her hands on my chest, half-lead eyes. And then is like she snaps something, her back arching and her vagina clenching around me. Stopping the friction on her clit, I hold her waist in place, accelerating my thrusts, until I’m, too, reach the climax, my seeds spilling inside her. 

She just let herself fall over my chest. Usually, I’d go get something to clean us, maybe some water, but I’m exhausted. My whole body going numb with the sensations of the orgasm. She raises her head, smiling at me. I try to move but it is too much.

“Sleep, my love.” She smooches me, softly. “I’ll be here when you wake up. I love you.”.

I murmur an "I love you too" and then I finally let myself drift away, on a sweet dream of us three.