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Put Your Hands on Me

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Honestly, he understood everyone’s reactions, no one would have expected him to just drop that he had a partner so casually.


It was late, later than they should be awake, but everyone was excited and wanted to celebrate. They had just finished some of their final exams, so close to graduating, and everyone was wanting to blow off some steam. So they had all gathered in the lounge in the dorms, food and drinks passed around as they laughed, shared stories, and played games. It was comfortable, everyone was so close now, they had been through so much together, so any reason to celebrate was enough for them.


However, there was always a way to put a damper on Izuku’s mood at parties. As much as he had always tried to avoid the topic, Izuku knew someone would bring up relationships. More specifically, someone would naturally hint at the feelings Ochako held for him, that everyone thought he was oblivious too. Ochako had had some small flings through high school, but it never stuck, and to everyone, it seemed her interest in Izuku had never waned, no matter how firmly he kept her at bay. She was never over the top or made him uncomfortable, and some days he thought she understood that he didn't feel the same way, but at parties like this, it wasn't her that was the issue. It was others that made it unbearable, those that tried to play matchmaker.


Momo, Jirou, Denki, Todoroki, Ochako, and him all sat in a circle chatting as Bakugo fiddled angrily with the speakers. Kirishima, Tsu, Shouji, and Iida chatted over on the couches, and Ojiro, Koda, Sero, Tokoyami, and Mina talked by the drinks. Izuku thought himself safe from the topic tonight, as it was usually Mina who started the conversation. However, this time it was Momo who mentioned dating, she and Jirou were happily together, so it was easy for her to slip into conversation. It still made the hair on the back of his neck rise.


“It’s been so nice having Jirou here to back me up through exams, I would have gone crazy if I was single I swear” she laughed, eyes flicking around the group. “Ochako, have you mustered up the courage to ask someone out yet?” She asked the brunette with a smile, making the other blush. “Oh, no, I mean there is someone I've been considering asking, but I don't think - “ She started, making Denki jump in, always the optimist, “You should ask them! You never know until you try” he encouraged, throwing a pretzel up in the air and catching it in his mouth.


“Denki you can't talk, It took you ages to finally ask Shinsou out” Izuku teased, hoping to move the conversation off of Ochako, especially when everyone’s eyes kept flicking to him. They had to know he wasn't interested, he had never given the indication he was interested in her. He was sure people knew he was bi, but that didn't mean he was interested in everyone. He was, in fact, only interested in one person. His partner. Not that anyone else knew they existed. He wasn't ashamed, but he was also a very private person about his love life. He didn't publicize it, he liked his life being a secret, and he didn't exactly want that to change. He knew it would all come out eventually, but he wanted to be in control of it, not having it forced on him if Ochako asked him out.


Denki looked offended at his comment, poking him in his shoulder, “I did fine! We are together now, so you can't judge” he said with a grin. “At Least I am dating someone, so y’all can’t judge” he laughed pointing around the group. Momo and Jirou laughed, grasping hands and leaning closer, Ochako flushed again, eyes flicking to him before looking away. He was irritated. These moments were always frustrating, and they had gone on for years. He was getting really tired of it, and he felt frustration bristling under his skin, and he hid his tight smile behind his drink as he took a sip.


“Denki, you realize most of us are in relationships?” Came Todoroki’s soft reply. “I'm with Sero, and I asked him out with no issues, so yes, I can judge you,” he said blankly, making the girls all laugh. Denki grumbled and glared at Todoroki, “Fine, then Uraraka and Midorya can’t judge me” he said, poking his tongue out.


Then it became strangely silent, and time stood still for Izuku. He was tired. He knew he was tired. He didn't want to deal with these conversations. This could be the end of it. However, it would also mean it would end his secret. Everything would be out. He hadn't even discussed it with his boyfriend, what if he wasn't ok with it? He didn't have to out who it was… He could just say that he wasn't single, there would be some fixation on the unknown, and eventually, it would calm down. It could be worth it. It might just be worth it.


“I'm taken, count me out”


He held his breath. All eyes turned on him in shock. There was no going back. He decided to enjoy this moment of quiet. The calm before the storm. He ignored the anxiety gnawing at his stomach and focused on his breathing before the loud,




Then there was a flurry of talk, pulling a crowd around their little circle on the floor. All eyes were on him, and he tried not to regret his decision to do this. Granted it was a snap decision, and regret might be developing very quickly, but now was not for that. “Oi! What are all of you yelling about? You're all giving me a headache” Bakugo yelled angrily, making everyone quieten down.

“Izuku is in a relationship?” Momo asked no one in particular, making more eyes turn on him. “What? I didn't know what” Tsu said scratching her head, “Congrats man! Who’s the lucky girl or guy?” Kirishima called excitedly, making a few confused eyes turn to him. He could always count on Kirishima to be inclusive, but he could tell from some of the looks the redhead was getting, some people didn't know why he was being so relaxed about it.


“Yeah, I’m seeing someone, can we not make it a big deal?” He asked, rubbing the back of his head. “When did this happen?” Mina called, ignoring his plea completely, “are they hot?”. He sighed, trying to find the words to explain himself without explaining everything. “We have been together for a while… We aren't super public so we haven't wanted to really make a big deal telling people” he tried to stress, “And yes, they are hot,” he said with a small laugh, hoping to move on.


“So that rules Mineta and Bakugo out” Mina laughed brightly, causing Bakugo to turn on her to start yelling, only to be restrained by Kirishima. The rest of the group started chatting lightly, eyes still flicking to him every now and then as they talked. He didn't want to be the center of attention anymore, but he knew this wouldn't be over so quickly. “No, but seriously dude, since when have you been dating someone? You have been single since forever” Denki said looking thoroughly confused. “Well, we have been together for about a year, almost 2?” he offered with a shrug. “How could you not tell me! I thought we were friends” Denki complained almost pouting. “I'm sorry Denki, it's just not something we wanted to share… you know now?”


He had to remind himself that this would be worth it. Just get through it, he told himself. He didn't miss the fact that Ochako was quiet, or that Momo was whispering to her quietly. His gut twisted, hopefully, all this would end ok, Ochako was his friend, he didn't want that to change. She honestly was a wonderful person, just not his person. “I can't believe you have been dating someone for so long and none of us knew” Jirou hummed, tilting her head, “How did no one figure it out? Is it someone in UA?”


“I'm not telling, I wasn’t even gonna mention it tonight, just kinda slipped out,” he said with a small laugh. He then quickly found himself at the end of a multitude of questions, who was he dating? Why hasn't he told them? was it a girl or a guy? who on earth would date Deku? That one had been from Bakugo, ever the pleasant one. He brushed off all the comments until he decided to get up and go get a drink. It was all too much for him, and he was quickly running out of patience. He heard Kirishima whisper something along the lines of “Maybe we should lay off him” before the others agreed and turned their attention to whatever movie Bakugo had put on the TV for the second movie of the night.

He sighed gratefully, enjoying the reprieve. He knew it wouldn't last, from here people would get more interested, and eventually he would need to tell someone. He fiddled with the plastic cup in his hands, staring blankly at the soft drink bottles as he worried his lip. “So you decided to tell them?” Came a deep familiar voice next to him. “Partially,” he said, still fiddling with the cup until much, much larger hands covered his own, pushing the cup to the table before Shouji started filling both Izuku’s cup and his own.


“I thought you didn't want anyone knowing?” Shouji asked softly, one of his limbs stretched into a mouth to the side as he concentrated on his task. “I didn't, but if Momo sent me one more supposed to be subtle look when she asks Ochako about dating I was going to scream” he sighed, taking his newly filled cup and finally turning to look at the taller boy. “Are you mad?” he asked nervously, leaning against the table as if it would ground him. “No, I don't mind if they know, you know that I just want you to be happy”.


He knew Mezou Shouji would be the last person people would put him with. Part of that was what drew him to him. Mezou was kind, deep, mysterious. He was hard working and loyal, and he didn't cause a scene, which was surprising given his quirk. They had ended up hanging out and studying a few times in amongst the chaos of the earlier years of UA, and then he had been surprised when Shouji had asked him to go have dinner with him. He had never expected a guy like Shouji to be interested in him, but he found the safety and quiet the other provided addicting, and now he couldn't imagine not being with him. He counted himself very lucky.


“Thanks” he offered with a small smile, “I know someone will find out more soon, it's unavoidable, but we have a little bit longer of secrets,” he said with a small hum. “Then I guess it's best we enjoy it,” Mezou said before walking off with his drink, going to sit on the couch as the movie played. Deku sighed and sipped his drink before wandering over to the group and sitting on the ground next to Iida. He was sure he was going to treasure these times one day.


Halfway through the movie, he saw Shouji get up out of the corner of his eye, the other heading towards the stairs. He was probably done for the night and heading to bed as some others had done. It had been a long day, and so far Iida, Momo, and Tsu had already gone to bed. Denki and Sero had fallen asleep on the floor, and the group had started to dwindle. He waited for a while, enjoying being with his friends before he decided to head to bed too.


He stretched and wriggled in his place before giving a small smile over to Ochako who had moved next to him. “I'm about to head to bed, it's been a long night” he whispered with a laugh. “Yeah, I think I'm going to watch the end of the movie, only an hour left I think,” She said with a smile, “and, I'm sorry about earlier? I'm sorry that conversation happened because of me” She whispered sheepishly. “It always happens at these parties doesn't it?” he laughed back, trying to make things comfortable. “Yeah, I wish it didn't,” she said with a sad smile, “the person you’re dating, do they make you happy?” she asked softly, “Yeah, they really do,” he said back, letting her take his hand. “Good. I'm glad you got a good person. Now I just need my person. Just need to figure out how to ask them out” she said resting her head on his shoulder.


His stomach flipped. What did that mean? Did that mean she wasn't interested in him? That everyone had been reading their situation wrong the whole time? “Oh? And who would that be?” he asked trying not to sound too eager to find out. “Mmmm I'll tell you who I'm interested in, if you tell me who you are dating” she laughed softly, and suddenly he was so glad no one else was close. “Pinky promise?” he asked with a laugh, feeling entirely too childish. “Pinky promise,” she said hooking their pinky fingers together.


“Ok, you first,” he said with a grin. “Ok…. you can't tell anyone” she warned seriously. “Its Tsu,” she said with a small timid smile, barely illuminated by the movie. “Really? I didn't call that…. But I can see it” he said with a grin. “Yeah… I just, I don't know… I really like her” she said squeezing his hand.


“Ok, your turn,” she said with a grin, tipping her head up to him. “You know the only reason I said anything was because Momo and the others kept trying to hint to me about you” he laughed, shaking his head, “You knew? Everyone thought you were just oblivious” she laughed, “I'm sorry about them, I've been refusing to talk about who I like so they all assumed it was you,” she said with a sigh. “No, wait, don't distract me!” she said quickly, making Bakugo shh aggressively from across the room.


“Ok, ok” he whispered with a laugh. “You can't tell anyone” he ordered, looking at her properly, watching her nod determinedly. “You are the only person who will know, if anyone else finds out, I'm coming for you,” he said with a laugh, moving to sit on his knees for a quick getaway. “OK…. Its Shouji” he whispered into her ear before pulling back and putting a finger over his lips as her mouth dropped. He grinned as she mouthed a quick what? “I'm going to bed now, night,” he said with a grin, leaving her shocked on the floor.

He felt proud of himself. He felt like his world was falling into place, his friendships safe and secure, his relationship was wonderful, and he was going to graduate. This was the best possible outcome. Maybe he could sneak into Shouji’s room tonight, it had been a while since they had had any fun, and he was in a good mood.


Turns out he didn't get the choice, as when he rounded the corner to the stairs, strong arms wrapped around him, two around his waist and one covering his mouth as he was pinned against a broad chest. “That took longer than expected, I thought you would follow me faster” came Shouji’s deep voice, a mouth hovering just next to his ear, hot breath brushing over his skin and making him shiver.


His eyes flick to the side, catching Shouji’s eyes and seeing them darken. He arched a brow questioningly, not able to speak with the hand over his mouth. “Confused? Did I not say we needed to enjoy our secret a little bit longer?” he whispered in his ear, a new hand starting to wander up to his chest. He felt his body shiver, goosebumps rising under Shouji’s touch. His eyes flicked over to the edge of the wall, seeing the light from the TV flickering just beyond it. They were so close to everyone, it wasn't safe here, someone could see them. The thought sent heat through his body. Wouldnt that be a way to announce your secret boyfriend, having them walk in on you fucking in the hallway.


His eyes fluttered, leaning slightly back into Shouji’s body as he let the idea take root. That was both a scary and thoroughly arousing idea, and the blood was rushing far too quickly away from his brain. Thank God Shouji was so strong, he didn't need to hold himself up at all if that's what happened, he knew the other would catch him. “Hmmm, looks like someone had a nice thought, want to share?” the mouth whispered to him, the hand sliding down from his mouth, tilting his head back and wrapping gently around his neck. His breathing was already labored, one and a half years and Shouji really knew what made him hot.


“Someone will see” he whispered, letting his head rest on Shouji’s pec. He had grown in his years at UA, but he would never catch up to Shouji. He barely reached his shoulder. He absolutely didn't mind it. It was one of the only times he felt safe and small and allowed himself to enjoy feeling that way.


“Let them, they will know soon enough anyway” the taller man quietly growled to him, “But if you stay quiet, no one will find out”. He bit his lip as he held back a moan. He knew Shouji liked the risk, he liked the chance like someone was going to figure them out. It was why he went along with Izuku wanting to keep quiet about them.


The much larger hands started feeling down his chest, one hand keeping him pinned to his chest by his neck. He swallowed hard, eyes fluttering as he started up to the deep eyes, roaming over the clean mask and silver hair falling gently over his face. “Mezou… Be quick” he whispered, seeing the mask twitch slightly, which he had learned was Shouji smiling.


He loved how much of his body Shouji could cover. His hands were huge, and two hands would cover almost his whole torso. Shouji held his hips with two hands and kept his neck firmly in his hand as he brought two hands to run down his chest, tracing well known invisible lines. He closed his eyes, focusing on the way the heat from his hands invaded his skin. One large hand pushed up under his shirt, finding a nipple fairly quickly and make him hold his breath to stop a moan. Nails raked across his stomach, making his stomach twitch as he teased his nipple lightly.


Heat pooled in his stomach, seeping lower as Shouji touched him more. He felt the hand around his throat tighten just lightly and he whimpered a moan, all muscles tensing and loosening as anticipation built up in his body. “Stay quiet now” Shouji whispered to him, making his eyes flutter. He was going to ruin him.


He trusted Shouji, he would take care of him. Now he just needed to decide if he was going to fight him, or submit and enjoy the ride. A hand appeared at his belt and he let out a shuddered breath. He felt himself quickly harden as the mouth started to nibble on his ear, letting hot air rush past his sensitive skin. Shouji made quick work of his belt, pulling the button away and the zipper down with one skilled hand before another slipped down the front. He held back a gasp as he was cupped by the large hand, his cock quickly swelling in his grasp. He had barely touched him, and he was already getting heated. He quickly felt his body giving into Shouji’s control, submitting to the burning hands covering his body.


Shouji’s legs gently nudged him, gently guiding him to walk forward until he was leaning against the wall. Two large hands ran down his arms and up to his hands, slowly linking their fingers and pushing them up on the wall to pin him. “Stay” came a soft whisper from Shouji’s lips, making him nod as much as he could in Shouji’s hold. The wall was cold against his skin, it felt sharp compared to the searing heat of Shouji pressed against him.


He gave a soft groan as Shouji rolled his hips against his ass, and he could already feel Shouji hot and hard against his ass. He felt a smile fall on his lips and he blinked his eyes open to look up at his boyfriend. His eyes were so dark, so full of promise, he loved it. Shouji’s thumb stroked his jaw fondly before the hand in his pants started to stroke him over his boxers. He rocked his hips between Shouji’s hand and his cock, grinding as best he could in his hold. The pressure was magical, and he let his mouth fall open as the hand in his pants moved to slip into his underwear.


He held off a groan, eyes fluttering as he rocked into the bare hand, focusing on the pleasure shooting down his spine. The hands left his on the wall, and he spread out his fingers, knowing better than to take them off the wall when he had been ordered to stay.


Shouji dragged his hands down Izuku’s body, slipping down to his waist and pushing his pants and underwear down his hips. He pushed the fabric down just under Izuku’s ass, grinding his clothed cock against his bare skin and making Izuku groan softly. Izuku was forever grateful for how many hands Shouji had, he never knew which hand was where it was all-encompassing. His hips, his throat, his chest, his cock. It was ever simple, and always overwhelming.


A hand appeared at his mouth, fingers pressing softly until they were pushing past his lips. He tried to keep his eyes open, staring up to Shouji’s as he slowly wrapped his lips around the fingers, silently starting to suck and work the fingers as his hips rocked. It was well practiced, teasing the skin with his tongue. He knew he was starting to get too into the moment, he felt like he was drowning in Shouji’s eyes and touch. He was forgetting where he was, what was happening around him. It was easy to focus on how the fingers felt sliding against his tongue and fucking his mouth with small thrusts.


The fingers were slowly pulled from his lips, and he chased them as they left, nipping the skin and making a deep growl come from behind him. “Careful now, don't be impatient” Shouji warned deeply, tightening the hand around his throat for a moment and making him keen. “Keep going like that and I'll have to gag you” Shouji warned, making Izuku shiver in need, “But then again, I don't think you would mind that, now would you” he purred to the greenette.


Izuku’s mouth dropped open, the words suddenly lost on him as the wet fingers started circling his hole. He rocked his hips back to the fingers as much as he could, still being kept in place by 2 strong hands. A chuckle sounded against his ear before a finger pushed into him. It wasn't like he was super tight, but Shouji’s fingers were so large. The finger started to work its way into him, fucking smoothly deeper and deeper in sync with the hand teasing Izuku’s cock.


He bit his lip hard, wanting desperately to pull his hands from the wall, to touch Shouji back or to simply cover his mouth, to help hide the sounds he was so close to making. The second finger pulled a whine from his lips, need clouding his brain as the glorious stretch seeped into his muscles. His nails scratched against the wall and his legs shook with tension, and finally, a hand fell over his mouth, stroking his jaw for a second before locking into place and silently stilling his lips.


“Guess you need some help there, huh?” came the deep gravelly voice at his ear. “Is being so close to your friends too much for you? You have your ass and cock out in the hallway, with your friends just around the corner, seems like you're getting overwhelmed pretty quickly” Shouji purred to him, making him shudder. He felt his cock twitch and throb in Shouji’s hand, and he knew the other felt it too, a soft chuckle filling their small space.


“What's wrong Izu? Cat got your tongue?” Shouji teased, knowing full well he couldn't reply. He tried to rock his hips, feeling a third finger pressing against his skin, and god he just wanted it in him. Three fingers finally fill him up and he knows he is close to getting what he wanted. His nerves are on end by the time Shouji determines he is ready. He has no clue how long he had been fucking him open on his fingers but when they pull out he whines and pushes back.


Shouji hushes him quickly, letting him just barely hear a zipper move over the sounds of the movie. Shouji shuffles them just a little bit closer to the wall, letting Izuku lean forward and rest more against the wall as he felt the thick head of Shouji’s cock nudge against him. He kept his hands glued to the wall, leaning into the hands holding his throat and covering his mouth, need and anticipation bubbling up in his stomach.


“Ready for me?” came the deep purr, making Izuku nod as much as he could and spread his legs just that bit more as if it would entice him more. He felt pressure against his hips as Shouji firmed up his hold. Then he felt him lift his hips, forcing him onto tiptoes as Shouji lined up behind him, and started to push into him. His eyes fluttered, and he felt the air rush from his lungs as he was filled.


Shouji wasn't small, in fact, he was quite big, inline with the rest of him. Shouji had told him a number of times how grateful he was that Izuku healed quickly because they knew not many would be able to handle him. He filled Izuku to his limits. He could feel him everywhere inside him, and he hit every good spot. He could physically feel his body stretch and shift, and he honestly loved it.


“So tight for me, fuck so good for me” Shouji praised, a mouth still hovering near his ear and whispering softly, just for him. He felt trapped, and he was ok with that. He was pinned between the wall and Shouji’s chest, filled to the brim, pinned at the throat, and muffled by a hand. If Shouji lifted him any higher he would be dangling, useless for him to fuck and use as he wanted, with all his friend's mere meters away.


He closed his eyes and focused on Shouji, giving up the fight to keep them open and keep so alert. “That's it, you love this don't you? Getting fucked so close to everyone, what would they think if they saw you?” Shouji whispered to him as he slowly started to pull out of him, rocking back into him with a deep smooth thrust. Shouji started to moan into his ear softly between whispers, each time giving him praises, promises, and reminders of just how vulnerable he was right now, how easily any one of their friends could come and find them.


“I don't think you would hate being caught, what do you think?” Shouji teased, speeding up his thrusting. “Who do you want to see us? Momo? Show her just how taken you are?” he whispered, Deku shaking his head as best he could. “What about Todoroki or Bakugo? You admire them so much, you want them to see you hanging off my cock? Rocking into my hand?” he asked, grinning behind his mask as Izuku clenched around him.


The embarrassment filled Izuku’s body, thinking blurrily about the others finding him. It burned through his body like fire, he wanted to scream. “Sounds like you like that idea, should I call for them? Let them all see you?” Shouji suggested, making Izuku whimper behind the hand, clenching tight around the cock inside him. “Fuck your so tight, if this is what I get for offering to include our friends, I should be more generous” he laughed as he started to fuck him faster.


Izuku leaned into the hands holding him, needing them for support as he tried to keep himself from cumming right there. He felt pleasure sweep through him, knocking him off his feet and forcing him to rely on Shouji’s strength alone. Shouji grunted as he took full control, holding him up higher and fucking into him hard and fast.


There was a loud bang from the lounge, and it vaguely occurred to him that it was likely closer to the final fight scene. He didn't know how much time they had before someone came to the stairs. He felt his whole body shudder, Shouji’s hand at his crotch stroking just enough to tease, but not enough to let him cum too soon.


He started whispering behind Shouji’s hand, small begs, pleas to cum, for more, and whispering Shouji’s name. He wanted more, needed more, he was close, but he needed something, he needed more, he needed to fall apart in Shouji’s hands.


“You’re clenching so hard, you gonna come for me?” Shouji whispered to him. “Should I let you cum against the wall? Leave it there for everyone to wonder what happened? Would they know?” he asked teasingly. Izuku whimpered, his body spasming at his words. Shouji’s hands tightened, on his hips, on his throat, his mouth, pinning him closer to his body, and fucking faster into him. Izuku could feel the pressure on all of his muscles, and he felt his body jerking with each thrust, bouncing on Shouji’s cock.

“Come for me Izu, I want you to cum right here,” he told him, his hand twisting around his cock and nailing deep into him. Shouji swiped his thumb over his slit and nailed hard against his prostate, and he felt his world shatter. He heard explosions from the lounge and he moaned hard as he came against the wall, his body tensing and spasming as Shouji kept drilling into him. Shouji panted hard against his ear, moving faster, losing his rhythm with each move until he was groaning and stilling inside him.

He felt his body go limp in his grasp as he panted against Shouji’s hand. He felt the heat still radiating from inside him until Shouji was pulling out of him. The mouth near his ear kissed softly at his neck as a strong arm wrapped around his middle. He felt his brain blur slightly, all the adrenaline left his body.

Shouji put them both away, taking care of his partner and letting Izuku be limp and tired. “You wanna crash in my room?” Shouji asked him softly, letting Izuku nod as he wrapped him in his arms and carried him up the stairs towards their dorms, leaving their evidence in the hall for anyone to find.

Izuku couldn't think of a better person to be in love with.