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Do Psychopath have a Heart?

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"Do serial killers... no, psychopaths have hearts?"

Detective Choi glanced up from the laptop before looking towards Jung Misook. "Pardon?"

The woman just waved her hand away at the detective.

"Sorry. It's just something that I started to recall..."

Detective Choi Jaeseop just frowned at her. "What did you mean?"

Ms Jung just shrugged at him. "It was something that just crossed my mind. When Mr. Yeom first found me, I couldn't remember anything from my past life before arriving at the psychiatric hospital. When he took me out from that place, I really thought that man would help me find my family."

She let out a long sigh. "But then it turned out that the man was a bad person and when he locked me in that cage inside Do Minseok's underground chamber, my memories of long ago came back to me."

The woman glance towards Detective Choi again. "It made me wary of people. I couldn't forget the looks of Do Minseok and that blond guy from my mind. So when Do Hyunsu arrived and told me that he's going to help me, I couldn't trust him. He looked so much like his father with that cold, expressionless face, it terrifies me at the thought of him being like his cold-blooded father."

Jung Misook let out another sigh again before continuing. "When he confronted that other guy and said that he would not become like his father, strangely though... I believed him."

Detective Choi stared at her for a moment, before nodding his head slowly. Somehow, he could understand where she's coming from.

At first glance, Do Hyunsu had appeared like any other normal person. And the guy's ability to mimic other people's behaviour was uncanny. But once you learned that Do Hyunsu was a psychopath, it can be quite hard to see that guy and viewed him without prejudice. Coupled with the fact that Do Hyunsu's father WAS Do Minseok, it was just too easy to assume that the guy was just like his father.

Jaeseop tried to recall the day he met with Do Hyunsu after finding out the truth. Back then, he was all too ready to get to business and cuff the criminal. But then he started asking Do Hyunsu regarding the Gaknyeongri case and his opinion of the guy completely overturned. He found himself unable to convince himself that Do Hyunsu was truly the culprit that killed the village foreman.

It wasn’t really hard to arrive to that conclusion though. It's because Do Hyunsu didn't hesitate to name himself as the culprit of the Gaknyeongri case. Psychopath or not, Do Hyunsu's response didn’t make sense. There was something about the way he said it that didn't feel right. That's what his gut feeling was telling him.

There's also Jiwon's reaction as well. No matter how much she would've loved her husband he couldn't see her as the type to protect a criminal. And her behaviour for the last few days were also odd.

And that leads him back towards Do Hyunsu again. If Do Hyunsu was not the killer, then why would he say that he was? The only logical answer would be that he was protecting someone. Immediately after that, he decided to leave THAT case alone.

Because he still remembered the details he read about the case and how the Do siblings had been ostracised by the whole village. If Do Hyunsu was indeed an innocent victim and someone ended up committing a murder for the guy, given the circumstances who was he to judge the two siblings?

Jaeseop turned his attention back towards Ms Jung. "So what was it you're trying to say?"

Jung Misook took in a long breath.

"I started to recall more about that night when I escaped from Do Minseok." She turned her eyes towards Jaeseop. "Do Minseok was scolding that guy called Baek Heeseong. Since that guy screwed up and got himself be seen while kidnapping me. Because of that, the police found out that I was missing and were looking for me. So Do Minseok told the guy to take me away and turn himself in."

"That guy, Baek Heeseong... asked Do Minseok on why shouldn't they just use Hyunsu as a scapegoat? That man... told Baek Heeseong to leave his son out of this."

Jung Misook glanced up towards him.

"Did you think... that even a serial killer like Do Minseok care for his son?"

That question took him by surprise. He wasn't really expecting that to come from this conversation. He thought that since they started talking about Do Hyunsu, the conversation would lead towards Baek Heeseong. But this...


"I... can see dead people. So it was hard for me now to believe that you're real!"

Detective Choi placed his notebook on his desk before throwing himself onto his chair.

His conversation with Jung Misook earlier still rattled him. Not just about the details on how Do Minseok had been guiding Baek Heeseong to commit murders, but also on how calm the man has been to try to turn the tides around before being killed himself. But most of all, Jung Misook's statement made him recall a few things that he tried to not think about.

The other day, all of them heard Do Hyunsu telling them that he could see dead people. That time he thought that it was just a delirious talk by that guy due to the situation with Baek Heeseong. But somehow now, he wondered if Do Hyunsu was telling the truth. How would the situation back then look like for that guy?

He tried to recall the conversation he had later on with Do Haesu. Since this thing had bugged him a lot after all. And then Do Haesu had told him how after so many exorcism rituals that Do Hyunsu had been forced to take part in, her brother had started saying that he could see their dead father. That her brother even started to believe the accusations that his father's ghost has been possessing him. It alarmed her so much that she approached the village foreman to stop it. And then the tragic incident had to happen.

Jaeseop sighed.

He had to admit. He was not really a religious person. And things like ghosts or spirits or demons were not something he believed existed. Same with shamans too. He never really believed that shamans have any legit abilities.

Yet, if he could consider the idea that maybe shamans had special ability after all, what were the odds of such rituals may affect someone to gain supernatural abilities when they haven't had it before?

Jaeseop shook his head before turning his attention towards his computer. Without thinking much, he pulled out the CCTV recording they took from Jiwon's house a few days ago. He was idly moving the clips forward and back before something caught his eye.

There was a moment after Jiwon cuffed her husband when Do Hyunsu suddenly turned his head around. It lasted for a few minutes before Do Hyunsu's behaviour turned erratic. Jaeseop rewound the recording again to see the part where the man was supposedly staring at.

There was no one there!

Jaeseop was suddenly hit with a strange line of thinking. If Do Hyunsu had been able to see dead people, did he saw his father's spirit at this time? What if during this particular moment, the spirit of Do Minseok had said something to have triggered a reaction from Do Hyunsu? Could it be possible that all these times the spirit of Do Minseok had always lingered near his son? Was that why Do Hyunsu said that he couldn't tell if Jiwon and all of them were really alive and standing in front of him?


"Hello again, Detective Choi. What brings you here?"

It always unnerved him whenever he confronted any of the Do siblings. As much as Do Haesu was as much the same as other normal people and was capable of feeling emotions unlike her younger brother, there was something that felt out of this world coming from her that made her and her brother felt different. But then he reasoned with himself, considering how Do Minseok had raised his two children in a place that was quite secluded compared to the rest of the Gaknyeongri village... his children probably wouldn't have had many interactions with other people much. That could've explained why the two could be very distant to other people.

"How is my brother?" asked Do Haesu again when he remained quiet. "Has he woken up yet?"

Jaeseop shook his head at her. "No. He's still unconscious. But I heard from Detective Cha that his vitals had been normal, yet the doctor couldn't understand why he still hadn't woken up."

Haesu let out a long sigh as she turned her head downwards. But then she glanced up again and forced a little smile for him. "So what brings you here, Detective Choi?"

Jaeseop heaved a long sigh.

"I wanted to ask you about your father, Do Minseok. How was he like... to the two of you? Was he ever... a good father?"


Jaeseop grabbed his can of cold coffee from the vending machine before returning to his desk. He really couldn't get this outta his mind.

"My father was never someone who talked a lot or play with his children. Before we found out that he's a murderer, Do Minseok has always been a kind father to the two of us. He may usually spend quite a long time working in his workshop, but once a while he would check on me and Hyunsu to make sure we're all right. Father tend to spend longer time with Hyunsu when I got slightly older, but that's usually because Hyunsu hadn't been quite himself after Mother's gone."

"When our Mother disappeared, father had us move to that house in the mountains. He rarely allowed us to go out of the house too far on our own, but I always assumed that it was because he was very protective of me and Hyunsu. And with Hyunsu's condition, I never questioned Father's decision. Father really cared about Hyunsu so much."

"It wasn't that bad anyway. Even when the two of us were mostly cooped up inside the house, we were never bored. Father had always encouraged the two of us to spend our free time after school to do artistic things and he taught Hyunsu to do metalcrafts like him. Father also got me new art supplies whenever I ran out of them."

"I can't say if our father was really a good father given the things he did without our awareness, but father had always taken care of me and Hyunsu while he still alive."

Jaeseop massaged the side of his head that started to ache. In all his time as a police officer, he never wanted to get involved too much in the lives of criminals that he captured and put to jail. Sure, he still ended up being consumed by his work anyway... but he never felt inclined to try empathizing with the many criminals that he used to deal with. To learn about them as to what circumstances that led them towards committing crimes. That was... until now with the Do siblings.

It really baffled him... this case about Do Minseok and his children.

Jaeseop suddenly jumped as he noticed Jiwon sitting on her desk next to him.

"Gosh, Jiwon! Don't sneak on me like that!"

Detective Cha Jiwon gave him a look of disbelief. "Seriously! Senior Choi, you've been preoccupied with yourself as well. Do you think I could've gotten your attention regardless with you like that?"

Jaeseop just shook his head at her. "Never mind about that. Any updates with your husband?"

Jiwon shrugged. "Nope. I'm driving myself crazy worrying about him."

He sighed. "Well, don't push yourself too hard. Things should get better now for your husband. The truths have started to get out bit by bit anyway so it can't get worser than this. Hyunsu-ssi should get better soon..."

Jiwon nodded slowly. "I know... but it's still so frustrating."

Jaeseop turned his attention back towards his desk before noticing the small voice recorder that used to belong to Reporter Kim. Suddenly he was reminded of something odd that he heard from the restored data.

"I need Cha Jiwon by my side. My dad... is scared of her. He won't be able to come near me... as long as she's with me."

That statement had sounded strange to him but he'd dismissed it before. But ever since the incident he saw at the cliff with Do Hyunsu, he wondered if what he heard back then had some connection with Do Hyunsu being able to see ghosts.

"Hey Jiwon! I'm just asking for no specific reasons but... did your husband ever told you that he could see ghosts?"

Detective Cha turned around immediately towards him. "Senior Choi, what're you trying to say?"

"Ah, it's nothing..." he said hastily before Jiwon suddenly spoke out.

"Come to think... there was one time when Hyunsu-ssi told me that he sees dead people at times." Jiwon must've seen the look he was giving her as she hastily added, "That shouldn't be so weird, right? I mean I did use to dream about my late grandmother when I was small. Because I missed her so much..."

So Jiwon still hadn't connected those two things together. It never occurred to her still that Do Hyunsu could really have the ability to see dead people.

"Is something wrong, senior?"

Jaeseop just waved her concerns aside.

It made him think though. That time, at the cliff... if Do Hyunsu really did see his father with them as well, what should that mean? If all these times, if Do Minseok's spirit had been by his son's side all these times... why did the spirit continued to stay with Do Hyunsu?

Jaeseop tried to recall how many times Do Hyunsu had barely evaded death. There was that car accident; when the real Baek Heeseong hit Do Hyunsu with his car. And then Hyunsu almost died when Baek Heeseong tried to bury him alive. Jiwon also mentioned that her husband once told her that he barely escaped death prior to the car accident when Nam Soongil tried to kill him for his money.

So that makes it three times Do Hyunsu barely escaped death. Six if he counted the incident with Park Kyungchoon, Yeom Sangcheol's attempts to kill Do Hyunsu and the cliff incident. Jaeseop shook his head in disbelief.

Even for a normal person, to be able to evade death just one time was already a miracle. But to escape death six times... old people would have said that the person must've been protected by spirits or even God. But what if... what if, all these times Do Minseok has been watching over his son... and PROTECTING him? Could that be something so hard to believe can happen?

Do psychopaths have a heart? Do Hyunsu had proven to him that even psychopaths could be kind and be a good person. With this new insight he got about Do Minseok, perhaps there could still be a lot of psychopaths out there that are like Do Hyunsu.

Perhaps that'll teach him to not judge people by appearances.