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things you remember when you're hurtling through deep space towards certain death

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He wonders if she’s sleeping enough. Ever since Christmas, they’d shared a bed at least once a week.

They had had their share of traumatic experiences, but a murder attempt by their crewmate was new. Eiffel doesn’t know how to make himself stop shaking, so he finds his way to Minkowski’s room. She is awake, staring at a wall. As he hesitates, she draws back and hits the wall so hard she leaves a bloodstain.

“Commander?” His voice sounds small, even to his own ears.

She whirls around, trying to hide her split knuckles in her bedding. “Eiffel! Are you okay?”

He stares at her. “Are you?”

She sighs. “I’m fine. What are you doing up this late?”

“Punching a wall doesn’t really scream ‘okay,’ Minkowski.”

“It’s okay, really.”

He walks over to her and holds her hand up to inspect it, frowning when she bites back a yelp. “Come on. Let’s get you patched up.”

She follows him willingly to the medbay, clutching his hand as they go.

He furrows his brows at her downcast eyes and the way she holds him like a lifeline. “Commander?”

“Yes, Eiffel?”

“When did you last sleep?”

“I don’t know. Have you been able to sleep?”

“No,” he admits. He ices her hand before wrapping it in bandages and pressing a tiny kiss to her palm. “All better, thanks to Doctor Eiffel.”

She offers a small smile and almost laughs in response, a success in his books. “Thank you. Why don’t you stick to being a communications officer, though?”

He laughs softly and holds a hand out to her. “I can deal with that. You need to get some sleep.”

She takes his hand and they walk back towards her quarters. “Can’t sleep, remember?”

“Neither can I. Can I stay up with you?”

“Only if it’s for your sake and not mine.”

“I came to your room for my sake. You just decided to punch a wall, and I had to go all Dr. Strange on you.”

“Before or after he got magic powers?”

He stops short. “Did you just… understand a reference I made?”

She smiles lazily. “I understand more of your references than you think, Eiffel, I just don’t want you to get a big head about it.”

He puts a hand on either side of his head and throws them outwards. “Too late, commander. Now that I know, my head is going to expand and expand until this station can’t hold it in anymore.”

“I regret it already.”

“You know you love it.”

“I’m not commenting on that while sleep deprived.”

“Afraid you’ll say something you don’t want me to know?”

“I sure am tired, Eiffel.”

“Oh, now you’re exhausted.”

She smirks. “What can I say? You’re exhausting.”

“Wow! Minkowski, you flatter me.”

She rolls her eyes, still smiling. “Come on. Let’s stay up together.”

He leads her over to her bed. “After you, Commander.”

She climbs into the bed and pats the spot next to her. He sits on the edge hesitantly. “Eiffel, you need to sleep too. It’s almost- January. Eiffel, I think it’s New Year’s Right now.”


“Yes, officer Eiffel, it’s New Year’s Day.”

He sinks into the mattress, laying back with a soft thump. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” Minkowski intones.

He turns to face her. “Are you sure it’s okay to be here?”

“You know I have a husband.”

“It’s not like that!” he fumbles. “It’s not like that. I just wanted to make sure it’s okay.”

“Yes, it’s okay. Happy New Year’s, Eiffel.”

He takes her hand, settling into the bed sleepily. “Happy New Year’s, Minkowski.”