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Pictures Of Me and You

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Skating was one of his perfections, along with creating his music. Killua Zoldyck, 18 Years Old, Majoring in Photography. Photography; He wasn't very good at it, but he could take photos if he tried hard enough. 


Currently, He was listening to Jealous by Eyedress while skating on a handrail. Little did he know that he was about to crash into someone who would change his life for the better.


Gon Freecs, 18 Years Old, Majoring in Photography. Photography was his strong-suit, he knew how to capture the moment in every photo he took.


 Everyone liked him, maybe it was because of his dog-like outgoing friendly nature. Currently, he was about to bump into someone who would save him from the unknown.


Killua had his eyes stuck on the boy in front of him, shock filling his senses as he came barreling towards him. 


Time seemed to slow down at this moment, and Killua acted on instinct. He directed his skateboard to the right, crashing into the ground on impact.


The spiky-haired boy came running towards Killua, sputtering thousands of 'i'm sorry' and 'I should've been looking!' While Killua was still in a daze, laying on the ground.


Killua could only faintly see Gons face because of the shadows, and it frustrated him a little bit, He didn’t want to be talking to the wrong person.


“Are you okay? You have a cut on your face.” Gon suddenly said.


Killua lifted his hand up to his face and wiped off the blood from it. “Yeah, Im fine its just a scratch.”


"But I should be asking you that, you're the one shaking." Killua poked at the boys' chest teasingly while sitting up straight.


"Oh, that's normal for me." Gon responded, Handing out his hand to Killua. Killua hesitated but took his hand anyway, sudden warmth coursing through his body.


When they both stood up the shadows on Gon's face disappeared and Killua was able to see the boys' features, he had faint freckles on his face, he had honey golden eyes and a smile that could melt people into goop in seconds.


While Killua was staring at Gon like he was light itself, Gon was looking up at Killuas blue ocean eyes that people could drown in, his silver hair looked fluffy and it looked like snow as well. 


Gon was the first one to say something, "Well, uhm If your okay I guess I should get out of your way!" Gon chuckled slightly, but to Killua it sounded heavenly.


"Y-Yeah right! I should get out of your way as well I guess." Killua said, scratching the back of his head.


Gon smiled, "Okay! See you again someday stranger!!" Gon yelled while running backward, waving his hands in the air while holding his camera, then turning a corner and getting completely out of the silver-haired boys' sight.


-And Killua stood there flabbergasted while his hair gently moved to the side due to the wind. 


Looking out for you by Joy Again had just played on Spotify.