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Genghis Khan

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“I know there's no form and no labels to put on to this thing we keep and dip into when we need”


The apartment was silent and dark, seemingly unoccupied for some time now. The dark figure by the window was very much alive though and spent every moment he could in this space. No one could know though. He shouldn’t be here at all.


But he couldn’t stay away...



And I don't have the right to ask where you go at night, But the waves hit my head to think someone's in your bed”


A dark sports car pulled up in front of the building and Lucien tensed once he recognized it. That meddling CEO! He watched as Victor parked and jumped out to open the passenger side door.


‘Always the gentleman,’ the thought was bitter and Lucien curled his lip in a sneer.


The sight of a bare leg slipping out from the car caused his breath to catch. Silky fabric flowed around as the dress was released but the generous slit to the thigh had Lucien clenching his fist. Briefly he wondered if Victor had discovered how soft those legs felt under his palm like Lucien had. The images of those legs wrapped around his own legs, his waist, his head... no, he shook his head trying to chase them away.


“I get a little bit Genghis Khan. I don't want you to get it on with nobody else but me.”


The girl stepped out of the car fully with the help of Victor’s hand. Robin blue fabric was almost tight enough to give away everything but instead tastefully draped where it needed to including around her chest where extra fabric fell in ripples. Her hair was pulled into an intricate updo with a small flower placed behind her ear that Victor reached out to stroke when she wasn’t paying attention.


And the lights, they glow like I just lost the World War and the scene slips away to the evenness I fake.”


Strappy heels hung from her hand and Victor seemed to make some comment that she found hilarious. Lucien could see the red blush spread on her face. Had they been dancing until... he checked his watch... 2am? Or...?


But you can't be free ‘cause I'm selfish, I'm obscene.”


Lucien leaned away from the window, not wanting to see anymore. It all should have been so easy. Gain the Queen’s trust and keep an eye on her. He hadn’t counted on her reaching him as a person. Now his heart felt like it was wrapped up with a leash that she held.


“I wanna make up my mind but I don't know myself. No I don't know myself. I wanna make up my mind but I don't know myself.”


Lucien was moving before he had time to think better of it. The key to the girl’s apartment felt like it was burning a hole through his clothes. As he stepped into her apartment he took a deep breath, instantly his racing thoughts calmed. Memories were locked in place in every inch of her home.


He ran a hand along the back of her couch, where they’d snuggled together to watch movies. The kitchen seemed too put together so he peeked into her refrigerator and found take out leftovers. A sigh passed his lips, she really liked to worry him it seemed. Before, he’d always make extras and bring them over for her since she worked hard and got so distracted. Moving along, Lucien placed his hands on her cluttered desk. Notebooks and sticky notes littered the surface with various topics.


“Black Swan? Goals?” “Gavin said they found-“ “Shopping list”


But his attention was drawn to one note that sat in the center: “Lucien lied”


A corner looked damp and the pen had obviously been used with angry force. A pain gripped his heart as he thought of the girl’s angry face full of tears. No amount of medication or persistence had erased that from his mind.


Standing back up straight, Lucien turned to stare at the door next to him. Her bedroom. The echoes of soft pants, hammering heartbeats, and lustful moans felt etched into the wood. Lucien’s heartbeat sped up again and heat washed over his body but he didn’t dare move. Too afraid that any movement would break the beautiful memories flooding him.


A click from the door sounded like a gunshot to Lucien. Slowly he moved just his head to see the girl stepping inside and dropping the heels off by the door. She reached for the light switch but as soon as she lifted her head they locked eyes. Lucien could have laughed as he recognized the emotions flickering on her face.


Shock. Fear. Recognition. Anger. Loss.


Neither could speak for a moment. They stood facing one another locked in a spell.


“Luc-“ the girl broke it first.


Lucien almost ran across the room and pulled her to him before she could get more than a syllable out. More shock took over her expression. He reached his hand up to hold her jaw as he let his eyes search her face. Dark circles were barely concealed by makeup and her cheeks seemed hollower but her eyes burned bright. His eyes fell to her lips, slightly parted in surprise and shining with lipstick.


“W-why are you here?... You... You left...” You left me.


No I don't know myself. I wanna make up my mind but I don't know myself. No I don't know myself. I get a little bit Genghis Khan I don't want you to get it on with nobody else but me.”


Lucien always thought his actions spoke more than his words. He moved to capture the girl’s lips but stopped a breath away so she could pull away if she wanted to. Maybe she should. Maybe she should turn and run. Maybe she’d be better off calling Victor back. Spending her days being spoiled. Being loved. Being by someone’s side who could be honest with her about everything.


But when she leaned in the rest of the way to pull him into a passionate kiss, all that stopped being a possibility. Lucien was a jealous man. A complicated man. A plotting, cunning, and scared man.


But he was mostly a greedy man and nothing could release her from his heart.


“I get a little bit Genghis Khan. Don't want you to get it on with nobody else but me, with nobody else but me.”