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Demons (6.2) - Sabina’s Perspective

"Stop it, Sabina! Stop! It's not the same.'' Sabina forced her mind to the present. She kept reminding herself that, while it had been one of the worst nights of her life, it had led to the best opportunity. The police luckily got to her before Liam did. Had the rival gang leader gotten to her first she was under no illusions she would be dead now, or irreparably maimed. But the cops got to her first, and that's when Charlie found her. Charlie showed her the true meaning of belonging and loyalty. The Townsend Agency gave her purpose, and helped her overcome her crippling addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Remembering that helped Sabina rip her mind back to the present. It's not the same. It's not the same. She told herself over and over. The Townsend Agency would never betray her like Daria and Devonte had.

Sabina pulled herself to her feet. No matter how annoying she was, Charlie, Boz, and the Angels would never leave her to die.

Sabina stumbled to the bathroom just down the hall. They wouldn't abandon me . Sabina told herself, splashing water on her face.

But Jane walked away. Just as Daria had walked away. Unbidden the two memories overlapped, clouding her vision.

"Stay. Here. Sabina." She punctuated each word by smashing her left fist into the mirror each time. Her vision cleared as she focused on the pain of her now sliced and battered knuckles.

"Shit." She muttered as blood started streaming over her hand to stain the counter. But she welcomed the immediacy of the pain and the mess. It kept her mind fixated on the here and now. Trying to think of nothing but the pain, she carefully picked the pieces of glass from her knuckles, rinsed off the gashes, then opened the cabinet under the sink to find something to stop the flow of blood and clear up the mess.

She glanced down. That was a mistake. Red on White. Blood on a Wedding dress. The first time she had killed.

 And she had killed again today.

• •• •

Haunting 2 - OC

Technically, she and Trevor were already married. They had gone to city hall two days before without telling anyone. Trevor had suggested that her parents would probably find some way to sabotage them somehow, and Sabina had no trouble seeing that reality. Her parents hated Trevor even more than they hated her. They were determined to see the worst in both of them. They were sure that she had picked someone below her social class just to anger them; a working class private investigator, of all things.. And they were absolutely determined that Trevor was after nothing but her inheritance. But they had always been incapable of seeing her happy, so she dismissed them and their fears. 

And she was happy. Happier than she could ever remember being. She never wanted to be apart from Trevor. 

The formal ceremony was soon. Traditionally they weren't supposed to see each other . But well, they were already married. And Sabina had never been able to follow the rules.

She smiled as she made her way to her parents' suite, which Trevor was using as his dressing room. It wasn't traditional. But Sabina had a feeling her father had offered it so he could keep Trevor close by. And because her parents knew every item of value in the room, and could easily tell if something went missing. Her parents had a horrible habit of assuming anyone poorer than themselves were thieves. 

The door was cracked and Sabine smiled to hear her love's voice. She paused for a moment just to listen.

"Come on, one more!" Trevor said. 

"Bro, shouldn't you slow down a bit? You still need to get through your big day.'' It was Trevor's best man and P.I. partner, Bryant.

Sabina smiled to herself, hearing their excitement.

"Big day?" Trevor laughed raucously. "Dude, this is all a smokeshow. I’ve already won. Today is the celebration."

"Yeah. Ok man isn't that a bit premature? You still have to get rid of the bitch."

The dismissive scorn was easy to hear in his voice. "Yeah, like that will be hard while we're wandering around South America on our stupid honeymoon. A quick accident, then her Trust fund is mine."

Sabina had gone cold and numb, all emotion seemingly gone. She stumbled through the door. “Trevor?" she managed to say.

"Shit" her husband yelled, jumping back and knocking several bottles off of the drink cart.

“What’s going on?”

"Nothing, baby!" Even in her shocked state she could see the guilt and truth written all over his face. "You're not supposed to be here!” Trevor said with a forced smile. “The wedding is starting, I was just about to go down!"

Sabina laughed with far more bravado than she actually felt. “Wedding? Are you fucking kidding me? God, the one time my parents were actually right.”

"What do you mean, baby?" Trevor asked uncomfortably. "Come on, it's time for the ceremony!"

"You’re a gold digger" Sabina shook her head. Her eyes filled with tears but didn't spill. "We're done. Get out!” She yelled.

Trevor's face darkened. "Oh no we are not. Did you forget we are already married?"

Sabine shook her head. "That’s going to change immediately. My father may be an obnoxious prig, but I can guarantee that he'll be more than willing to help me here. He has lawyers that will bury your ass." she spun towards the door, but Bryant had closed it and was blocking the way out. "Move jagoff." she snapped.

"Look Wilson, we can still figure this out. In fact, it's to your benefit to figure things out.” Bryant removed his tailcoat, revealing his underarm holsters. The threat was obvious.

There was a cold cloying fear settling on her chest, something she had never quite felt before. She turned back to look at Trevor. His gun was already in his hand.

"Come on Sabina. Let's handle this like adults. You've heard that word before, right? It means maturity. Good sense. I know neither of those come naturally to you. But maybe give it a shot, yeah?"

This newfound cold somehow helped Sabina think. "Right," she said softly. She started walking towards her parents’ large bed. "We can… figure this out.'' Her white wedding dress rustled as she sat near the headboard.

"Amazing." Trevor said. "Looks like you can behave. Here's what's going to happen. We are going to go down and play out this farce. You are going to make sure no one suspects a thing.”

Sabina couldn't help but laugh bitterly. "How?" she spat “I think the guests will notice a gun to my head. Behind her where Trevor couldn't see, Sabina's hand was moving between the mattress and headboard, searching.

"Act. God knows it’s your turn. I've managed to pull off this sickening 'in love' scene for seven brutally long months. 

"You're my hero, Trevor." Bryant said with a laugh. "I'd have killed her by month two."

Sabina's hand hit something hard and cold. “So we get through today. With the implication that you’ll kill me if I don’t behave. Then what?" Her fingers closed around the object.

"Then we get through the next day. And the next." Trevor said, brandishing his gun. "With your mouth shut." He chuckled. "Unless it's around my Cock.” he amended. “You are good at that, annoying as you are.''

She shouldn't have been able to hear it. Not with the blood pounding in her ears. Yet she was more aware than she ever had been. Bryant had cocked his revolver. The room exploded in sound and motion; Sabine stood and spun. There was a strange pressure in her leg, then her side, and wood chips exploded from the headboard by her head, cutting across her face. She ignored all of this, flipping the safety off her father's pistol and squeezed off two rounds at Bryant then two more at Trevor.

She didn't need to see to know she had hit both marks. She was an excellent markswoman. Range shooting was the one thing she could do with her father that didn't end in her screaming at him and him hitting her.

The room went quiet. Sabina took a step and stumbled. Her hand holding the gun began shaking so violently that she dropped it. She looked down to see her pristine white wedding dress blossoming with blood. Pain exploded in her leg, followed by her said. She finally looked up and saw both Trevor and Bryant laying on the floor unmoving.

Ice flooded her chest, drowning all emotions. She collapsed to the ground and stared down, watching as the red overtook the white on what should have been the happiest day in her life.

• •• •

Demons (6.3) - Sabina’s Perspective

Sabina wasn't sure how long she had been staring at the red and white towel on her knuckles. She couldn't feel it anymore, the pain. There was just empty logic. Completely unfeeling she found the first aid kit under the sink. She barely winced as she poured alcohol over her fist, wrapped it in cotton cloth then taped it for pressure.

A small part of her was screaming, trapped. She couldn't go back to this. She couldn't live like this, because this was not living. But she didn't know how to fix it. Not without either drugs or Jane.

And Jane wanted nothing to do with her.

• •• •