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The Live House felt alive on Saturday nights when young adults from Loveland university and city converged. Music was always loud and the drinks flowed freely which made it a popular spot.


Strobe lights flashed atop the dance floor, highlighting the mass of bodies all moving together. Shaw weaved through the crowd towards a small table near the stage. A couple already sat there making eyes at each other but once they caught Shaw’s intense air they cleared out. Good. Shaw wasn’t looking for anything to dampen his evening because this particular night held a very interesting change.


It was Cassandra “Red” Wolfe’s debut and he was getting a front row seat. It was hard to believe she’d only been in his life for a few months. In such a short time she’d managed to flip his entire world upside down it felt like.


Shaw shook his head and sipped at his drink. He was starting to sound like Gavin , that was something he couldn’t let happen. Gavin had been pining over this girl forever it felt like.


‘Now look at him...’


It was a bittersweet thought, reminding him that the world had actually changed when the girl showed up. Speaking of Red, Shaw sipped at his drink again in his corner and looked towards the stage.


The live band was setting up while the pre-recorded music kept the crowd pumped. No sign of her yet but Shaw grinned in anticipation. It had taken weeks of convincing to get her to agree and Shaw had tried to imagine what she would come up with. Probably those classic soft rock songs she liked so much, he’d heard them playing whenever he visited her apartment.


“Well heeeeeeelllllllooooo Live House!” A booming masculine voice called out.


The guitarist stood at the mic and pulled everyone’s attention as the spotlights focused on the stage again. Behind him the rest of the band stood in wait but a certain girl was no where to be seen. Shaw pulled his phone out to text and ask her where she’d chickened out to.


“We have a special treat for you all,” the guitarist continued and caused Shaw to pause. “Joining us tonight is a lovely little vision so let’s hear it for Wolfe! Awhroooooo


Shaw laughed as the crowd howled back in response but the sound caught in his throat once she walked out. Golden heels that looked impossibly tall with spikes down the spine led to smooth sleek black leather pants that could be a second skin. A matching golden bustier left little to the imagination but oh did Shaw imagine. The girl’s hair was teased up as if she’d just had a very good romp backstage, her eyes were smoky, and dark red lipstick outlined her pouty lips. Suddenly Shaw wondered how it would feel to kiss those lips.


“What a wonderful welcome, my little pack!” Red greeted the crowd with a low voice and a sultry smile.


“Let’s not waste time with the foreplay, cubs. We’re ready for a hard fast run,” with a wink she stomped one of her feet and the band started a building beat.


“It's time to strap our boots on

This is a perfect day to die”


Oh. In all of his dreams, Shaw had never imagined this sweet little Kitten would choose metal .


“We are the ones who will never be broken

With our final breath

We'll fight to the death

We are soldiers, we are soldiers

Whoa, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh”


The crowd knew the chorus and yelled along with Red’s low energetic voice.


We are soldiers

I stand here right beside you

Tonight, we're fighting for our lives

Let me hear your battle cry”


Shaw wanted to run up to the stage and hear what sort of cries that Kitten could make. He’d never expected she was hiding this from him and it set his mind in a million new exciting ways.


We stand shoulder to shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder

We stand shoulder to shoulder

You can't erase us, you'll just have to face us!”


The band matched her and the crowd was going crazy. Why wouldn’t they? Red held onto the mic stand like a dance partner as she threw her whole body into her performance. Hips moved in new delicious ways perfectly outlined in those pants.


With our final breath

We'll fight to the death

We are soldiers, we are soldiers

We are the ones who will not go unspoken

No, we will not sleep”


When her eyes met his in his secluded corner it was as if she’d called him directly. Shaw was moving through the crowd without a thought until he pressed up against the stage just next to her feet.


“Whoa, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh

We are soldiers”


Those bright eyes flashed down to lock with Shaw’s and she practically sauntered towards him. One heel left the stage and pressed onto his shoulder before she leaned in close and winked. Quickly she removed her foot and moved to the center stage for the final verse. Shaw could still feel the pressure of her shoe when she stepped on him and he didn’t think he’d ever forget it.


Whoa, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa-oh

We are soldiers”


Red threw her head back as she yelled out the final lines and the crowd exploded with cheering. Her red lips parted in a shining smile, probably the most genuine smile she’d had since awakening in this changed world. Shaw found himself unable to look away and stayed pressed against the stage to compose himself again. If she only knew what effect she had on him. Maybe he’d enlighten her after the show. The thought spun a whole new web of ideas in his head and Shaw grinned as she began her next song.