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There was something that woke Em up in the middle of the night. Maybe it was a change in the air, maybe it was the sound of footsteps in the hall, or the soft clicking of a door. Or, more romantically, maybe it was knowing that one’s other half, their soulmate, was near. Regardless, Em woke up and she knew. She knew. 


He’s here. 


She didn’t think twice, just leapt out of bed and out her door, slamming it shut behind her, desperately tugging on the door handle of the next apartment over, only to have the door swing open, and someone grab her and pull her inside, familiar hands roaming over her body, exploring her face, her lips, her hair, her breasts, her hips. She shuddered. 


“You’re back,” Em sighed, and his fingers caressed her face.


“I am,” he said, leaning down, so close that their eyelashes fluttered together, “I came back for you.” 


The words were almost too much. How many nights had she stayed awake, listening  for any sound? Any indication that he was coming back? But here he was. 


Without any time for any further thought, Lucien kissed her, a kiss to make up for all of the ones they had been missing during his mysterious absence. She wanted answers, but she wanted Lucien more. They stumbled backward; Em could feel the smile on Lucien’s face at her impatience. 


The veranda door was open; it figured that the first thing Lucien would do was check his precious plants that she had been taking care of on the desperate hope that he would return. 


Still kissing, lips interlocked, hands grasping, Lucien’s button-up shirt already partially undone by her eager fingers, they took the path of least resistance onto the balcony. Lucien took control and shifted her to his other side, sitting her down, bracketing her body with his own, his hands clasped above her head. 


Em threw her arms over his shoulders, adn wrapped her legs around his waist, trapping him, staring into his eyes. His gaze was so intense, intent on reading her, on figuring out everything that she had done and felt and said. She was sure the nights and nights of lonely neediness were weighing on her expression, because she saw them in his. 


“I missed you,” she whispered, breaking the spell of Lucien’s eyes in the moonlight. 


He didn’t respond, but buried his head in her neck, nuzzling, nibbling his way up to her face to brush her lips with his. His hands fell down and rose up under her shirt, fondling her breast as she arched her back.


“Lucien,” she whimpered. She felt him smile against her cheek. 


“How many times did you cum without me while I was gone?” he asked, one hand still administering glorious friction on her nipple. She squirmed. The truth was alarming. She didn’t want to admit how much she needed  him. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. 


“Answer me,” he commanded, then moving his mouth to suck on her other breast. 


“I can’t count how many times,” Em gasped, trapped against the iron bars of the balcony, suddenly glad that it was overrun with plants and invisible to the building’s other tenants. 


“Naughty girl,” Lucien purred, moving forward to straddle her. She could feel the weight of him on her and she could feel the moisture accumulating between her legs. 


“I only ever thought of you though,” she whined, trying to stave off whatever punishment she could see in his eyes. 


“But still, I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing you come undone, of hearing you moan my name and ask for more.” 


He made his way slowly down her neck, slowly sucking as he went, ignoring her grasping hands. 


“And for that,” he muttered into the sensitive skin on her collarbone, “You’ll need to be punished.” 


Slowly, languorously, he stroked her entire body, his path up and down leaving red-hot trails of want. Em tried to move forward and kiss him, to unbutton his shirt more, anything to distract herself from the need building in her core. He backed away, his hands leaving her for a moment, his lips forming a teasing smile. 


“It’s not a punishment if I give it too easily, is it?” 


He moved away from her, and Em almost cried.


“Well, that’s a pathetic look on our face isn’t it?” he said, stroking her cheek, “I don’t think I can bear to look at it anymore. Would you like me to make you happy then?”


Em nodded vigorously, only saved from knocking her head on the iron bars by the plants encircling them. Lucien chuckled and then undid the tie of her belt. Her breath hitched. 

He took the fabric belt out and stretched it a few times, testing it, before taking it and tying her arms to the bar above her head. 


“Let me know if it’s too uncomfortable,” he murmured into her ear.


“I will,” she managed to squeeze out, but the sound was almost inaudible under the cover of her beating heart. 


Then he moved down, undid her shorts and slid them down her legs, discarding them into the wilderness of potted plants behind them. His fingers traced softly up and down her thighs, teasing her, tracing around her clit before flitting away again. 


“Luciennnn,” she whined. 


“Patience,” he sang, before ducked his head, and making the same path with his mouth. This time he stayed and sucked through her underwear. Em’s hips bucked, straining against the belt. 


“Please, Lucien. Please.” 


“As you wish,” was the muffled reply. Her panties were gone before she could even think to shift and help him. One hand on her hip for support, spreading her legs to allow easier access, the other reached up. One finger quested into her, testing, probing. She shuddered. 


“More?” he asked, pausing for a moment. 


“Yes, yes!” 


 He chuckled and gently added in a second finger. 


This was the feeling she’d been chasing for months. Nothing could compare to him. Nothing at all. He pumped his fingers slowly, still teasing her clit with his mouth. The pressure was building. 


“Oh God, Lucien, you feel so good,” she moaned. His efforts became more aggressive. Em’s eyes fluttered shut and then, with one final curl of his fingers in just the right spot, she came. 


Em had thought that she was doing her best approximation on her own, alone in her room with no one beside her, but she’d been wrong. So, so wrong. 


“Lucien, Lucien. I love you,” she muttered as she came down, slumped against the railing, held up only by the belt. 


Lucien stood up, licking his fingers with a customarily sadistic grin. 


“I love you too, little kitten,” he said, untying her and catching her before she could completely pass out on the balcony. 


“Can you walk?” he asked. 


“Yes,” Em said, testing her legs as she put her clothes back on, “But I don’t mind if you want to carry me.” 


“My little fool,” he said, laughing again. She missed that. She had never seen him so happy. Not for a long time. He picked her up into a bridal carry and they stepped back into the apartment. Em traced the circles under his eyes. 


“You still look tired,” she said and he touched his forehead to hers. 


“I am, but less so now.” 


Em hummed in appreciation, secretly glad that it seemed that he had missed her as much as she missed him. He set her down on the couch before heading to the kitchen. He came back with two mugs of tea, and Em drank hers appreciatively, enjoying the warmth in the afterglow. 


“Now what did Miss Em have to tell me so late at night before we got distracted ?” Lucien asked, quirking an eyebrow. Em blushed. In all honesty, she hadn’t had any reason to come here. Just the fact of knowing that he was back was enough to bring her running. 


“I just missed you,” she said, looking away, “Is that going to be an issue?” 


“Oh, I think not,” Lucien said, “After all, I think we still have a lot of time to make up.” 


“Mmmm,” Em said, becoming a little sleepy with the domestic warmth of the scene, “I think I need to go get ready for bed. Wait for me? I want to talk more.” 


“Of course.” 


She went back to her apartment. She needed to brush her hair and she needed new clothes of course. Lucien hadn’t done her light colored sleep shorts any favors when he’d thrown them to the plants. The girl in the mirror as she brushed her teeth was ridiculously happy, her cheeks flushed, eyes bright.


In a few minutes, she padded back to his apartment, only to find that he had fallen asleep upright, mug of tea still somehow in his hand. He really was too tired. Em took the mug out of his grasp and grabbed a blanket off of the back of the couch, settling it over him, before sitting next to him. Within a few moments, he had slid over, his head on her shoulder. 


“I wish we could always stay like this,” Em whispered, “don’t leave me again.” 


“I won’t,” Lucien mumbled in his sleep, his unconscious response, “I won’t ever leave you.” 


Em smiled and brushed his hair back from his face, settling her head on top of his and closing her eyes.