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watch you sleep.

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When Kirari woke, the first thing she noticed was the sun casting its soft glow onto her and Sayaka’s bare skin. Though the curtains were drawn, the white fabric was paper-thin and their existence served more as decoration than blocking out light. The window was slightly open, and she could feel the early morning breeze tickle as it ruffled through bed-ridden hair.

Sayaka, whose forehead typically bore the smallest creases due to stress, had never looked so peaceful as her chest rose and fell with every sleeping breath she took. Kirari found herself blushing minimally as she remembered the blur of events of the night before; Hyakkaou Private Academy uniforms tossed to the ground in a frenzy of passion and lust.

Kirari slid her arms around Sayaka’s waist, brushing the scar on her spine. She couldn’t see it, as her back was turned away, but she knew it was there. Sayaka said she’d gotten it when she fell off a roof when she was nine. Kirari couldn’t remember the exact story, but she didn’t care. Pale hands stroked dark violet hair as she took in the same scent she did while falling from the tower. The simple shampoo mixed with a floral, mature perfume and a tiny bit of sweat… Nothing made Kirari’s heart race like that smell, and she was sure Sayaka knew this. After all, she had made it very clear that her feelings for her were more than just platonic.

Sayaka’s nearly silent breathing was beginning to accelerate, signaling that she was going to wake up soon. Kirari loved seeing her like this. So vulnerable, but the sheets covering their bodies sheltered them from the cruel world they inhabited. Kirari shifted a bit, so that their faces were inches apart, hands intertwined between them. Infatuated, she took in her girlfriend’s facial features. Dark eyelashes hid beautiful violet eyes, ever so slightly freckled cheeks that would flush crimson when she got flustered, pink lips that looked best when kissing blue.

I never get bored of looking at you, Kirari thought as she watched Sayaka sleep. No sooner had her brain strung that sentence together, Sayaka’s eyes twitched and opened slowly.

“Good morning,” Kirari grinned.

“What time is it?” Sayaka mumbled groggily. Kirari pulled her close and planted a small kiss on her nose. The gesture was so simple, yet it filled her stomach with hundreds of butterflies.

“Doesn’t matter,” she breathed. “I don’t ever want to leave.”