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“What’s with the box of junk, Dabi?”  Shigaraki eyed the cardboard box in his arms that was filled with random objects.  Dabi set it down at the far end of the bar before taking a seat on the nearby stool.

“Just some stuff I found during our last job.  It caught my eye and I figured the original owners didn’t have any more use for them.  You can’t take it with you, as they say.”  Dabi started pulling items out, turning them over in his hands before setting them down on the bar.

Losing interest, Shigaraki turned back to continue reading the latest information they’d gathered about this year’s graduating hero class at UA.  So far they were all immature brats, given their past interactions with them as the League slowly started to form.  The one with the unruly mop of green hair had been the most troublesome.  Midoriya Izuku, 18, had a list of villain take-downs nearly as long as his injuries.  Reckless and headstrong, the boy had thwarted many of his plans without even being aware he had done so.

The headshot provided with the file showed Izuku smiling, his bright green eyes lit with ambition and purpose.  Shigaraki wondered if this photo had been taken before or after he’d started fighting against villains.  He suspected before, since anyone that had seen the grim reality of hero work would find it difficult to keep that optimistic expression.  As much as he wanted to break that positive spirit down and decay it, a small part of Shigaraki admired the kid for his perseverance and character.  It’s what kept his attention on the brat.  Not a very villain-like thing to feel, but it never interfered with his decisions as the leader of the League, so he kept it to himself.

A shriek of static noise disrupted his reading as Shigaraki looked back to Dabi and saw he was playing with an old style AM/FM radio.  Frustrated with the interruption, Shigaraki stood up from his seat at the bar and stomped over to Dabi.

“Do you have any idea how rude it is to make noise while someone’s trying to concentrate?”  He pulled the silenced radio out of Dabi’s hands and walked back toward his room, scooping up Midoriya’s file as he went by.  “I’m going to my room, try to act like you have some sense.  Any more interruptions and I’ll decay the box and you along with it.”

Dabi nodded with little concern for the threat, turning his attention back to the items in the box as Shigaraki closed his door behind him.  He tossed the file on the desk to his right before sitting down on his bed, turning the old radio around in his hands.  He vaguely remembered equipment like this when he was younger, before CDs and music streaming became a normal aspect of modern life.  No one really listened to radio anymore, so this was indeed a rare find.

“I wonder if there’s even anyone still broadcasting on this thing,” Shigaraki said as he pressed the ON button.  Spinning the dial through the FM stations, he mostly heard varying tones of static with brief remnants of what must have passed for music these days.  

Not impressed by anything there, he changed to the AM frequency.  He found more stations there, talk shows meant for fielding opinions or discussions on the local political scene.  Finding none of them interesting, he tossed the small box of electronics to the side, though his pointer finger caught on the dial and spun it as it left his hand.

“I want you to ...ill me up, so dee.. inside me,” a broken voice came through from the radio, catching Shigaraki’s attention as he retrieved it and brought the small speaker up to his ear.  Even with the low quality and distortion, the sound of whoever was speaking had him wanting to hear more.  

“You stretch…  me enough, babe, just… it in.”  Shigaraki fiddled with the dial to get a clearer sound from this conversation he’d caught unintentionally.  He found just the right position so the words weren’t cut off.  The need in that anonymous person’s voice found its way through the speaker and embedded itself in Shigaraki’s mind.  “Fuck!  You’re splitting me in half already, baby.  I’m easing myself down onto your cock, you like when I take it slow, don’t you?  Feel me slowly squeeze around Every. Fucking. Inch.”

Shigaraki nodded unconsciously, as if he were responding to the sultry voice coming through the radio.  His cock started rising in his pants not long after the first few unfinished messages came through.  He briefly wondered what the person on the other end of the phone call was saying, but then realized that it got him turned on a lot faster when he could believe the guy was speaking directly to him.

“I want you to start moving, are you ready for me, baby?”  Shigaraki had brought the radio back to his bed, laying down after placing the device at the headboard.  He nodded a yes to the guy he now referred to as the Radio Guy.  Leaning on his side, he dropped one of his hands down into his pants, cupping his cock before wrapping his hand around it, cautiously keeping his pinky finger up.  The sudden jerk-off material didn’t mean he could be careless with his quirk or his cock.

He cinched his fingers around the base, doing his best to recreate the sensation Radio Guy had described.  He could hear his labored breathing through the open line, and it encouraged him to start stroking his cock in time to those breathy sounds.  “Fuck, you’re so tight around my cock,” Shigaraki said, going along with Radio Guy’s play.

“Nggh, yeah, bounce me on your lap, I can feel you deeper, now,” the voice said as it grew more strained, obvious background noises proved to Shigaraki that this guy was doing far more than just talking dirty, but truly acting on his words.  Rolling onto his back, Shigaraki slid his pants and underwear down, exposing his now leaking cock and firmly grasping it in his hand as he started to thrust into his fist.  He set his pace to the sounds he heard over the radio, quickening as the mystery guy’s moans grew louder.

“So fucking tight around me, gonna come soon,” Shigaraki muttered under strained breath.

“I want you to let it all out inside me, baby.  Fill me up with everything you’ve got!”  The noises were louder, making it more apparent that Radio Guy was taking something inside of him.  Be it a real cock or fake, he didn’t hold back and neither did Shigaraki in response to that dirty request.

Just as his cock began to spurt his load out and down his fingers, he heard Radio Guy hit his own orgasm, the long, steady moan intensified his own climax.

“So good for me,” was said in unison as a deep sigh went out over the airwaves while Shigaraki whispered the words to himself.  He wiped his spend off against the side of his mattress, caring little for the mess he left behind.  The sudden masturbation session had eased some of the tension he had building for their latest mission.  Shigaraki felt heat dance across his cheeks as he realized that he’d just jerked off to some random guy’s own fuck session.

“Damn baby, you got me so messy this time.  I’ll feel you dripping out of me for the rest of the day.  Yeah, I’m busy the rest of the day, but I can be…  Yeah, same time tomorrow is good for me.  You know I can’t go too long without imagining your hands on me, baby.”

Through the blissful haze, Shigaraki noted Radio Guy’s plans to continue with another call again tomorrow.  When the other voice died out, he twisted the dial off and laid back to consider how he’d been moved to get off in such a random way.  He’d gathered enough of his senses to tug his pants back up over his spent cock and gave himself a moment to dwell on the event, his forearm draped over his eyes.

“Hey, Shigaraki, Kurogiri wants to go over mission pla--  Did you cum in your pants?” Dabi asked suddenly as he stuck his head into the room.  Leaning up to look, Shigaraki saw a damp spot where his cum had soaked through the fabric to form a wet spot over his groin.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you to fucking knock, Ashtray!” Shigaraki yelled as he grabbed the nearest item he could reach to fling at the doorway.  Fully grasping it before letting go, it disintegrated long before it could reach Dabi.

Laughing as the dust fell away before him, Dabi responded, “Hah, I guess your dick works after all.  But yeah, Kurogiri wants to talk to you.  After you change your fucking pants, I guess.” Dabi walked away, his laughter echoed in the hallway and seared into Shigaraki’s head as he grew frustrated over being interrupted while he was trying to appreciate what had just happened.

Sliding off the damp clothes, he rummaged through his drawers before finding replacements and walked out to meet Kurogiri.  Blueprints and maps littered their main table, set up to go over their latest plans for the heroes.

“Shigaraki, we should go over these details again before we make our move.  With the heightened security that UA has added, we won’t have many opportunities to engage with those students and use them against All Might.  Knowing that they intend to run a training camp in the forest, we should keep an eye on where the students go when they aren’t on the UA campus.  If they’re going to be camping, it’s likely that at least some of them will need to buy the appropriate equipment to do so.”

“Sounds like it makes sense so far, so we just need to know where they’d find those supplies and use the element of surprise to our advantage.”

Kurogiri may not have a true face to express his current mood, but the reaction his smokey appendages had sometimes was the best way to gauge how he really felt.  The wavering billows cried hesitance for the League member, Shigaraki having grown used to Kurogiri’s tells after so many years together.

“I know you want to say something, Kurogiri, so just spit it out already.”

“Well, if you intend to approach any of the students that are part of All Might’s class, you should be a little less… conspicuous.  The hands, I mean…”

Shigaraki stared at Kurogiri, “Well of course I know that, I’m not an idiot.  I’ll wear the black hoodie, the pocket is big enough to keep Father hidden just in case anything happens we don’t expect.  Did you get any more information on that Midoriya brat?  He’s the one I think will cause us the most trouble during the training camp raid.”

“There isn’t much more to add to what we’ve already gathered on him.  He has a tendency to jump head-first into danger without thinking of consequences.  That could prove useful to us if we play it the right way.  We could set a trap for him by using his own heroic impulse against him.”

Toga wandered into the main room and approached the two men discussing the plans.  “Hey guys!  I got some really juicy gossip while I was out in town earlier.  Those UA kids are planning to go to the mall the day before their trip.  Didn’t you want to know when they’d be away from the campus, Kurogiri?”

“Why yes, Toga, that is some useful information indeed.  We should decide on how best to handl--”

“I’m going to have a little talk with the green-haired kid.  Something about him just gets under my skin,” Shigaraki said, his fingernails scratching against the side of his neck frantically in response.  “I want to see for myself just how much of a threat he could be.”

“I’m not sure if that’s wise, Shigaraki.  If we want the raid to catch them by surprise, we should only observe them while they’re briefly away from the school.  We should cause the real damage during the raid when they’ll least suspect it.”  Kurogiri was used to being the voice of reason for their group, though it was rarely heeded, especially by Shigaraki.

“I won’t say or do anything to make them raise their suspicions, Kurogiri.  I simply want to have a one-on-one talk with him.  I can bring Toga or Dabi along if you think I’ll need the extra supervision.”

Kurogiri’s smoke clouds started to swirl more wildly, his mood grew more anxious after hearing what was on Shigaraki’s mind.  “As long as they can avoid being seen and alerting the students to our movements.  If you insist on speaking with Midoriya, you’ll have to do it very briefly and in public view.  The hero will be less likely to try to engage you in battle if he thinks the citizens around him are in danger.”

“I’m fine with that, Kurogiri.  I doubt that the brat will make a move while we chat.”  Part of what drove him to speak to him was his curiosity over the young hero’s seemingly unbreakable spirit.  Aware of how dark life could turn, Shigaraki wanted to know how the brat was able to keep that smile on his face.  It reminded him of All Might, and if the boy was following in that guy’s footsteps…  Well, he was gonna have to put a stop to him before he could begin to cause problems for the League of Villains.

Of course he couldn’t tell any of the others his reasons for wanting to speak to Midoriya, but they knew better than to ask.  Most of them, like Dabi, wouldn’t care either way.

Kurogiri nodded, “We have a few days left before they leave for the training camp, so we’ll use it to make sure we all know what our roles will be.  Toga, you’ll be working as part of our Vanguard squad.  Keeping the raid party small but efficient will yield a higher chance of victory.  Dabi will be heading that group, since he’ll be using his flames to create the barrier around the camp and the students.”  

“I’m super excited for this, getting to meet so many of those cute heroes in person, seeing what makes them tick, getting my knives and needles all nice and comfy with them…”  The flitty teenager pulled one of the short blades that she kept on her and twirled it around her fingers as the edge danced dangerously between them.

“As long as you bring back blood samples from at least three of our targets, you can play around all you want,” Shigaraki said, hoping that his quick tone got the point across that she needed to lower her enthusiasm.

Kurogiri looked over the plans again, “I’ll get in touch with the other Vanguard members and make sure they’re all aware of their duties during the raid.  If anything changes, I’ll let you all know.”  With that, the well dressed smoke stack bowed out and left the room.  Knowing it best to duck out of the room before Toga could start talking again, Shigaraki retreated back to his room and shut the door, remembering to lock it this time.

Noticing the cum-soaked clothes he’d left in a pile on the floor, Shigaraki remembered the insatiable voice that had enticed him enough to risk decaying his dick off just to get off alongside the stranger.  Briefly angry over his implied loss of control, he kicked at the dirty clothes, immediately regretting his action once he felt some of the cold, sticky fluid catch the bottom of his foot.



Late the next day, Shigaraki went to his room early, leaving the other League members to occupy themselves.  Midoriya’s file was still on his desk, though he ignored reading it over again to focus on the old radio that had occupied his thoughts since yesterday.  Turning it on, he listened closely to the hazy static, wondering if he had been too late in catching Radio Guy’s latest call.

“Ahh, this is stupid!” Shigaraki exclaimed as he walked away from the radio situated on the headboard of his bed.  He turned his back on it, sitting at his desk to carelessly flip through the green-haired hero’s file once again.

A break in the low static caught his attention again as the familiar voice from yesterday took over the airwaves once more.  “Well yeah, I’m avail…  Okay, payment is confirme…  So, now that we have that settled, what do you want me to do first?”

Shigaraki turned around in his chair, surprised to hear Radio Guy so suddenly.  “Payment…  This guy is a phone sex operator?!”  His momentary jealousy over whoever had been on the receiving end of Radio Guy’s call yesterday was lost now that he realized they were paying customers just looking to get off to the sexy voice.  If he hadn’t been concentrating so much on the low, sultry tone coming through the old speakers, he would have had a good laugh about getting the best parts for free.

“Okay babygirl, just leave it to me, I’ll take care of you.  What are you wearing right now?”  The signal became stronger, and with it the pull of the mysterious voice became louder.  Shigaraki considered the question posed.  His wardrobe wasn’t very large, with mostly black or gray shirts, slacks, and sweatpants.  Toga had given him a ridiculous, pastel colored tank top for his birthday.  Though he found it to be an eyesore, it was comfortable in the current heat wave they were experiencing.

“Black shorts and the ugliest tank top you’ve ever seen,” Shigaraki replied, fully aware that the person asking the question wouldn’t hear it.  There was a long pause on the radio end of things, whoever was paying for Radio Guy’s services must be giving him every detail about what they were wearing.

The low hiss of empty air ended as Radio Guy responded, “That sounds very sexy, in a way, but I’d like to see you without all that clothing.  Why don’t you slip off that top for me?  It’s already so hot in here.  I’ll take mine off too.”

Toga’s gifted shirt was over his head and tossed to the ground in seconds following Radio Guy’s prompting.  Sitting at his desk, facing away from the radio and the voice, it almost gave the illusion that the mystery man was in the room, bringing his erection to a painful peak.

“Here, let me help you with those pants, they’re looking a little tight around your ass, sweetie.  I’m taking a lot of pleasure in revealing these parts of you, baby.”  

In response, Shigaraki turned to his side in his office chair, slowly pulling the shorts down and let the waistband run along his ass cheeks.  The feeling was no substitute for a firm hand, but it was enough to keep his imagination going.  He left them around his knees and waited for Radio Guy once more.

“Your skin is so soft, I want to run the tips of my fingers all over you until I know every inch by heart.  Can you feel them sliding down your back?  My fingernails lightly grazing you and raising chill bumps in my wake?  I’m gently scraping them against your skin, leaving little red trails from your shoulders down to that tight little ass of yours.  You want me to go further, don’t you?”

“Oh fuck yes,” replied Shigaraki, leaning forward over his desk, chest as bare as his ass.  He listened to the voice leading him on while staring at the picture of the goofy green-haired kid from the UA file.  He let his hands carefully ghost over the areas he suspected Radio Guy had traveled with his client.  Bringing his thin fingers to a rest against his ass check, he awaited the next prompting from the voice on the radio.

It took a moment, probably only a slight hesitation on the part of the lady paying for Radio Guy’s time and attention.  “Ooo, that’s good baby, I want to keep going, to feel more of you.  I’m sliding my hand towards the middle of your ass now, but I really want to sink my fingers inside of you, baby.  Circling my ring finger around your trembling entrance, slick and ready for me to penetrate.  Are you ready for me?”

Shigaraki took that as permission to move into a similar position, his fingers and ass thoroughly lubed and ready for anything this person on the airwaves could throw at him.  It wouldn’t be the first time he’d explored this part of himself, but it had been a while.  Teasing himself by flicking his pointer finger around the rim, Shigaraki gradually sunk his fingers inside just far enough to know that Radio Guy would lead him the rest of the way.

“Hah, so wet and warm inside, you're sucking my fingers in so much!  But you want more than this don’t you?  Rocking your body against my hand, trying to get more of me inside you…  I can give you a lot more of myself, sweetie.  Far more than my fingers can offer.”

“Fu-ck,” Shigaraki moaned, his pointer and middle fingers thrusting, focusing on wanting more of Radio Guy inside him.  The longing in that voice drove him to fuck himself even deeper with his own fingers, his cock dripping precum on the unsteady desk chair he was perched in.  His legs hitched up at odd angles to accommodate his need, Shigaraki whined softly as he longed to hear more from the man over the radio.  He was so close to finishing, rocking himself onto his fingers as his free hand braced for balance against the desk, spreading Midoriya’s file across the table.

“You can feel me, right?  So hard for you right now, my thick cockhead is begging to thrust inside of you.  You’re so wet, I could slide into you so easily now that you’re ready for me.  Just tell me you want it.  Let me hear you say how much you need my cock right now!”

Chills ran through Shigaraki’s spine as he trembled at Radio Guy’s sudden boost of confidence.  Where he had been slow and deliberate moments ago, he heard the desperation and need to get his dick inside something through the worn radio speakers.  Radio Guy was determined to fuck someone tonight, by phone or other means, and it was obvious in his voice.

That was enough to bring Shigaraki to the edge, sliding a third finger into the throbbing mess of a hole to push himself the rest of the way as he closed his eyes and imagined the added girth was the introduction of Radio Guy’s fat cock inside him.  The stretch of the additional finger burned without notice as Shigaraki now opened his eyes, imaginary static writhing along the edge of his vision while he chased his orgasm.  “Fuck, need you inside me now!”

“Fuck, gotta relax baby, or I won’t be able to get it all inside you.  So fuckin’ tight around me, feels like it could just melt away inside you.  Hah, ah, okay, I’m all the way inside now.  Gonna, gonna move for you, make it feel really goo--”

A thudding sound came over the radio, like someone beating against a door.  Radio Guy’s carefully spoken words came to a halt with a thick “fuck!”

Shigaraki whined at the sudden interruption, cursing this mystery broadcaster for stopping the experience.  Not to mention the fact that Shigaraki had suddenly lost his boner at the potential threat over the radio.  “Shit I was so close, who the hell brought this to an end?”

“This is my own private time, ...cchan!”

The loud thudding continued, with a harsh voice rising just over an audible whisper.  “...pen the door, you fucki... nerd!”

“Sorry baby, gonna refund half your paymen…  So sorry!”  And that was the last he heard from Radio Guy, the panicked response to whoever had dared to invade his personal space brought his broadcast to a sudden and abrupt end.  

Shigaraki felt an irresistible urge to find where Radio Guy lived and decay whoever caused the most inconvenient cock block of all time.  But asking Kurogiri to locate Radio Guy would require far more questions than he was willing to provide answers to, so for now, Shigaraki resigned to stewing in his own lack of fulfillment and blue balls.



The night before the League’s planned ‘observation’ of the students arrived, and Shigaraki was preparing for his role in the mission.  Having laid out his oversized black hoodie with the large pocket capable of stowing Father away, as well as a pair of slim black pants, he spent the late night hours going over what he’d want to say to Midoriya if they happened upon a chance meeting.

The guy’s attitude and personality were all-too similar to the hero he despised most, All Might.  Not to mention their quirks.  If Midoriya was possibly being groomed to be All Might’s successor, it would be in Shigaraki’s best interests to know about it and deal with it accordingly.

Leaving the radio on each night had become a habit, background noise while he worked on his latest plan.  It had nothing to do with him anticipating that stranger’s luring voice, of course.  The hissing static turned to the near-lowest volume had become as familiar as silence once was in Shigaraki’s room.  

At least until tonight when the hiss of the airwaves was interrupted.  “...was wondering when you’d call again.  I’ll be out of town this weekend, so now is good.  No, I want you to…  I need you.”

“Oh, now you show back up again?” Shigaraki said low enough to not raise the suspicions of the other League members staying in the hideout.  Most of them had gathered in preparation for their upcoming mission and were likely wandering about.  He’d grown more wary about locking his door, but that would matter little to those idiots.

Where Radio Guy had been confident in past calls, his tone was more subdued and vulnerable this time.  “I got myself ready, hoping you’d come to me tonight.  I want to take you all in, Tou-chan.  You always make me feel so good.”

“Tou-chan?  Way to kill the mood with an actual name,” Shigaraki grumbled, no less interested in getting off to his carnal caller.  Settling himself in bed, he turned the volume up slightly and laid on his stomach.  His tight black boxer briefs were the only barrier between his cock and the mattress.  Reaching up into the recess of the headboard, he pulled out a well-worn and incredibly soft velvet glove.  Sliding it on his right hand, he smirked at the thought of not having to hold back for fear of decaying himself mid-jerk.

“Yeah, I have it here.  I’m lubing it up now, my hand is really slippery coating it down to the base.  I can’t help but wonder if it’s as big as you.  Mmm, maybe one day we can find out.”  

Shigaraki slipped his gloved hand underneath him, rubbing his cock through his underwear at first, the feel of the two pieces of fabric together and the warmth beneath them brought his eyes to a close, just focusing on the lack of friction and the needy voice.  He wondered what kind of toy Radio Guy was using on himself this time.  Was it the same as the first call?  Did he have a variety to choose from?  The interruption from last time gave the impression that Radio Guy didn’t live alone, so unless he was as forward in real life as he is during his calls, he’d likely be discreet about his activities to any roommates.

A low moan came through the speaker, Radio Guy was starting to really feel it on his end.  “Mmm, yeah, it’s almost all, hah, in…  Nngh, there!  Ahh, it’s hitting right up against my spot, baby.  Wait, wait, don’t move yet!”

Ignoring the pleas, Shigaraki slipped his hand into his briefs and fisted himself down to the bottom of his shaft and slowly pulled back up.  The velvet against his cock brought a chill through his bones as he stroked himself slow, squeezing with every little whine that Radio Guy let out in protest.

“You said you’d go easy this time, Tou-chan, it’s going so deep!”

“Stop saying their name!  As if I’d take it easy with you,” Shigaraki said, biting through his labored breaths as his hips started to thrust forcefully, the head of his cock rubbing against the mattress while his hand tightened around his shaft.  Fucking into the bed, he held no restraint, fueled by every sound he heard coming over the radio.  

Calling out the other person’s name pissed him off, and even knowing it wasn’t affecting him, Shigaraki wanted to believe that whatever Tou-chan was doing to turn Radio Guy into a weepy, crying mess was nothing compared to what he could do if he was given the opportunity to sheath his cock inside him.

His bed creaked at the strain he put on it as he pumped himself around his cock faster, pressing his cock between himself and the bed gave him the frail illusion of actually being inside his Radio Guy, who must have been really hearing some dirty talk from this Tou-chan, because he’d gone nearly silent aside from his brief whimpers and pleas to keep going.  Shigaraki would have to assess how reasonable it would be to dispose of ‘Tou-chan’ in the near future, just to avoid hearing Radio Guy call out the name with such passion.

“I want it all inside, you know that’s where I like it, baby…  Your heat filling me up…  Fuck, I’m so close!”

“Shit, I can’t…” Shigaraki whispered as his inner mind pictured him filling Radio Guy with hot cum.  Him and his airwave slut shared a kink for creampies it seemed, the begging pushed him over the edge as he grinded his hips hard into his mattress before they stuttered to a halt.  He felt his load, wet and warm, touch his exposed stomach before it sunk into his sheets, the wet spot slowly turning cool as he rolled over to his back to avoid it.

“Ahh!  Feels so good, throbbing inside me, baby.  You came so much I’m leaking it all over the bed,” Radio Guy said breathlessly, his voice exhausted.  “Wh- Wait, I haven’t finished yet, we still haven’t…  our…  Tou-chan?  Touya?!”

The sadness in Radio Guy’s voice brought Shigaraki back from his post-orgasm daze.  The call broke off shortly after, leaving Shigaraki with the hiss of empty air and dirty sheets.



“Kurogiri will be letting us out two blocks away from the mall in one of the service alleys.  Remember we’re doing nothing but observing, or at least, that’s all we should be doing,” Dabi said as he stared down Shigaraki, who peeked one red eye out from between Father’s fingers while he flipped Dabi off with one of his own.

“I’ll stay close to the girls since they’ll stick together and talk about the boys!  I’m sure I can get some juicy gossip from them.”  Toga’s usual outfit blended in well with the other young people at the mall, she only added a hat fashioned with perky cat ears to help obscure her face.

Dabi outfitted himself with a dark gray hoodie, a ball cap, and a face mask to hide his burns.  “Pay attention, use any information you hear to decide who you’ll be getting your blood samples from.  I’ll be wandering around and keeping an eye on things.”

“Let’s just get this started,” Shigaraki said as he nodded to Kurogiri, who used his quirk to create their gate.  “One hour, we’ll meet back in the alley to return then.”  Removing the hand from his face, he carefully shoved it into the front of his black hoodie before stepping through the gate.  His two accomplices followed as they casually joined the pedestrians on the main sidewalk and entered the mall.

“They should already be here, we just have to watch for them,” Dabi mumbled as he lightly bumped Shigaraki’s shoulder, earning an angry hiss from him.  

Toga already started to wander away, distracted by a booth that featured lots of pink merchandise.  

“You think she’s gonna get anything useful from this trip?” asked Dabi as they kept walking down the main strip.  “I swear if she gives me another neko catboy shirt I’m going to light her hair on fire, again.”

“She knows when to be serious, or else she wouldn’t have lasted so long with our League.  I’m gonna go take a leak, you keep going further in and I’ll meet up with you.”  Stepping away from his subordinate, Shigaraki walked into the nearest bathroom to relieve himself.  As he finished, he washed and dried his hands carefully before crumbling up the towels in his fist, letting the dust sift through his fingers as he walked out into the mall once again.

Pulling the hood down further around his face, he kept going, hands in his hoodie pocket where Father was within easy reach.  He eyed the people around him, laughing and enjoying their day at the mall, carefree and full of joy.  Shigaraki saw them and felt that itching sensation start to grow within him again.  That desire to destroy everything good around him rose, tempting him as it often did.

“We came here to shop together, but it looks like I’m by myself again,” a nearby voice said as Shigaraki halted in the middle of the walkway.  It was a young, slightly sad tone, but one that he could have recognized anywhere.  Radio Guy.

Looking around for the source of those words, Shigaraki turned around, sure that he must have passed him going in the opposite direction.  Several feet ahead, he noticed a fluffy head of green hair among the sea of the neutral earthy hair colors of the crowd.  “Midoriya, ahh, it looks like I’ve managed to find you after all,” Shigaraki muttered to himself as he slowly closed the gap between them.  Radio Guy would have to wait now that he had found the reason for his visit.

“Oh wow, aren’t you one of the hero kids from UA I saw on the news recently?  Still an intern and managed to put a stop to one of the League of Villain’s plans, you must be something special!”  Shigaraki said as he stepped just to the left of Midoriya.

Sweat had started to bead up on Midoriya’s face.  “T-The news never said it was a League attack…” Midoriya shakily answered as he felt an arm drape over his shoulder.  Fingers carefully pressed against his neck, all save for one, held away but dangerously close.

“True, perhaps now you know who you’re dealing with, and the position you’re currently in.  I’m the leader of the League of Villains, Shigaraki Tomura, and even though this is our first meeting, you have made quite the impression as a very persistent thorn in my side.  But this isn’t about any of that.  Today I just wanted to have a little chat, one on one.  Let’s go find a seat and get comfortable.  Don’t try anything heroic, all it’ll take is one more finger to touch you for your throat to turn to dust.  And with the crowd around us, who knows if I’ll feel like adding to the body count once you’re gone.”

He could feel Midoriya’s shoulders sink as he resigned to being led to one of the empty benches away from the other mall shoppers.  Shigaraki sat down first before lowering Midoriya by his neck to sit close to him.

“What are you planning to do to me?”

Shigaraki’s expression dropped as he felt Midoriya’s throat vibrate as he spoke.  This was their first interaction, but it certainly wasn’t the first time Shigaraki had heard that voice.  Even with the nervous tone, there was no mistaking it.

“Midoriya, you’re the Radio Guy?!”

“Who- What do you mean, Radio Guy?” Midoriya said frantically.  But the more he spoke, the more Shigaraki could confirm it.  This was the voice that had been invading his room and filling his mind and his cock with lust.  Even now, as if by trained reflex to the sound, he had started to get hard.  Leaving his right hand around Midoriya’s throat, Shigaraki ran his left hand over the hero-in-training’s shirt, crumbling the lower half of it away with a quick touch of his fingers.  Midoriya’s first instinct was to try to cover himself, though Shigaraki stopped him promptly.

“Ah ah, you don’t get to hide from me, Midoriya.  I’ve finally got a face to put to the voice I’ve been hearing for weeks now.  Who would have thought that the slutty guy I’ve been listening in on as he fucks over the phone would be one of the purest up-and-coming heroes?!  It’s almost too good to be true, Midoriya.”  

“The phone…  How could you know about that, I don’t understand!” Midoriya said, writhing now as Shigaraki squeezed his neck tight and led him to sit between his legs.  Shigaraki slid forward and rested his chest against Midoriya’s back, pressing his hard-on between them.  He let his free hand wander across Midoriya’s bare stomach, two fingers skating along his skin.  As he reached the waistband of his pants, Midoriya let out a breathless sigh, his head falling back against Shigaraki’s shoulder.

“You want more, hero?  I know how needy you can be, oh, what’s this?”  Shigaraki ghosted his palm over the growing tent in his captive’s pants.  “Is this turning you on?  I wonder, is it because you’re one finger away from death up here,” he said as he choked Midoriya once again.  “Or is it just that you’re such a horny little shit you’ll get hard for anyone that’ll give you the attention or the money?”

Midoriya whimpered as Shigaraki continued to tease his growing erection, “N-Not here,” he whispered into the side of Shigaraki’s neck, his breath warming his skin.

“Aww, not a fan of having an audience?  Can’t say I am either, so stay close to me while we go to that bathroom over there.  Try anything and I’ll break down your legs first.  Those won’t be necessary for what I’m planning to do to you.”  Carefully standing, Shigaraki led them back to the bathroom that he’d just used and pulled Midoriya into the large stall at the end with an additional sink and mirror within.

Midoriya stood before the mirror, Shigaraki directly behind him as he looked over their reflection.  Midoriya’s shirt hardly covered past his nipples, showing off the thick abs that were flexing rapidly.  His pants now sported a damp stain, his cock weeping for attention beneath the fabric.  

Shigaraki was accustomed to the sight of fear in a person’s eyes, he took a certain degree of pleasure out of watching it develop there whenever he was out doing his villainous work.  What he saw in that mirror crossing Midoriya’s face wasn’t fear.  Well, not purely fear, anyway.  He saw desperation in the young man’s expression, frantic need, all blending in with the terror in realizing his situation.  Midoriya was aware of how he was only one finger away from death, and yet his eyes practically begged Shigaraki for more contact.

“Now where were we, hero?  Oh yeah, I was about to find out how badly you need to relieve this,” Shigaraki roughly grabbed at Midoriya’s bulge, keeping his pointer finger just above the peak of the rise, earning a cry of surprise in return.  “Were you even able to finish getting yourself off after your precious Touya dropped your call as soon as he dropped his load?  Doesn’t look like you did, you’re leaking right through your pants at the mere possibility that I might fuck you.”

He gripped the edge of Midoriya’s waistband, touching down one finger at a time, watching Midoriya’s reaction as he proceeded.  The young hero bit down on his lower lip, forcing his air through his nose as he anticipated Shigaraki’s next move.  Touching down his last finger, the waistband and upper part of Midoriya’s pants cracked and crumbled away, his underwear caught within the decay as well.  The groan that Midoriya let out was a symphony for Shigaraki’s ears.

“Look at you, fully exposed in front of the final boss.  Is that the weapon you’re choosing to use against me?”  Shigaraki’s mouth watered at the sight of the cock he’d revealed.  He was determined to be the one to do the fucking as soon as he made the connection to who Radio Guy was, but after seeing Midoriya’s thick and dripping cock, Shigaraki considered making the time to ride it himself.  If the hero could manage to keep it up after he was done, that is.

He decided to test Midoriya’s endurance, wrapping four fingers around his cock, he carefully started to stroke it.  Thrusting forward for more stimulation, Midoriya writhed against Shigaraki’s chest.  “Ah, don’t get carried away there, you wouldn’t want me to break down your dick and leave you with permanent blue balls.”  Twirling his pointer finger around the tip briefly, Shigaraki grinned, “It’d be a shame to lose such an impressive cock before I get the chance to use it.  And you want me to take it, right, Midoriya?  I can see it in your eyes, you want me to take it all from you.  Such a generous hero, aren’t we?”

Midoriya’s cock throbbed at the praise, bringing Shigaraki’s focus back to stroking his length.  Rocking his hips against Midoriya’s bare ass, he took the chance of releasing his neck in order to remove his own clothes in a less permanent way than he had done Midoriyas.  He wagered that Midoriya would favor the safety of his cock just as much as his throat and wouldn’t resist.  Not that he was likely going to stop what Shigaraki was doing, his eyes were far too blissed out to consider that possibility.  Shigaraki slid his pants and underwear to the floor, pressing himself against Midoriya.

“Is… Is that your cock, o-on my back?” Midoriya whined, attempting to reach behind to feel for himself.  Grabbing the front of Shigaraki’s hoodie, he squeezed around, his face briefly puzzled.

“Fuck no, that’s just Father.  If you want to touch my dick, move lower,” Shigaraki said as he roughly pulled the hoodie up over his head.  Most times, he felt more secure when he had Father nearby, but now wasn’t one of those times.  Fortunately, Midoriya was more occupied with getting himself off than what Shigaraki had just said.  His hand wandered down, blindly searching before he felt his fingers catch a soft patch of hair that led him to Shigaraki’s cock.

“Is that what you want, hero?  Gonna bounce on my dick the way you did your fucking hotline customers?  Only this time you don’t get to use a pathetic toy.  Go ahead, touch what’s going to be splitting you apart shortly.”  Midoriya clumsily tried to jerk him off with his hand behind his back, facing forward and watching himself in the mirror.  Shigaraki knew that the hero was conflicted, Midoriya had clearly intended to keep his sex life separate from his hero career, yet here he was, getting wrecked by a villain.

“It feels so much b-bigger than my toy.  Are y-you really going to, aghh!” Midoriya yelled out as Shigaraki slipped two of his fingers inside his ass, feeling the muscles accept him yet squeeze around his digits tightly.  He worked Midoriya open while keeping his other hand busy around his cock.  Satisfied that he could slide in with little difficulty, Shigaraki withdrew both of his hands, bringing one of them back to play around Midoriya’s neck.

“I know you were enjoying the view, so was I, but I want you sitting on my cock like the well-behaved little fuck-sleeve that you are.  Toilet.  Now.”  Shigaraki strummed his fingers down Midoriya’s chest before he stepped away to go seat himself on the toilet lid.  Like an obedient pet, Midoriya followed, stroking himself as he stood in front of Shigaraki and ran his eyes over the villain’s body.  Pale, thin, and lanky with little muscle definition, his cock certainly made up for what he lacked in strength.  

“I-I want you to keep touching me.  I never get to have that with my callers,” Midoriya asked, his words trembling along with the rest of him.  “Doesn’t matter what your hands can do to me.  I just need to feel someone else for once!”  And with that, Midoriya mounted Shigaraki, one hand holding his shoulder for balance while he directed Shigaraki’s cock to his ass with the other.  Dragging the tip to his waiting rim, Midoriya started to sink himself down, biting his lip once again as he slowly took every inch inside.

Shigaraki could only lean back, the chill of the porcelain only registering for a moment before the heat surrounding his cock overwhelmed it.  He watched the hero closely, taking in every expression as he reacted to being penetrated.  It was only after Midoriya had fully seated himself on his cock that Shigaraki touched him.  He preferred the feel of his hand wrapped around Midoriya’s neck, so his right hand traveled there, the web of skin between his thumb and pointer finger catching the hero’s throat while his pinkie was the only finger he held up.

“You’re so deep, I’m not sure I can move!”  Midoriya swallowed thickly, his Adam's apple moving against Shigaraki’s hand.  His other hand grasped Midoriya’s hip, cautiously leaving a finger raised.  A lifetime of training himself to avoid setting off his quirk unintentionally wouldn’t be forgotten with just one moment, no matter how distracted he was by the slutty hero that was warming his cock right now.

“Why don’t I give you a hand, then,” Shigaraki said as he thrust his hips upwards, his cock nearly slipping out before gravity took over and impaled Midoriya as he came back down.  Keeping a firm grip, Shigaraki moved Midoriya’s hip until he started to move on his own, grinding his ass into Shigaraki’s lap.

He placed his left arm on the small of Midoriya’s back, pushing him back with his right hand while pulling him further onto his dick with his left.  The hero gasped for air at the pressure of Shigaraki’s fingers against his throat, every breath accented with vocal iterations of his growing lust.  “Fuck, I can’t…  It’s filling me up so good, Shigar-ahh!”

“That’s it, keep telling me how bad you need to cum, hero.  Let me hear you say what you want, I know you’re not shy, begging for others to finish inside you.  Go ahead and say it!”  Shigaraki squeezed Midoriya’s throat, earning another earth-shattering moan that brought the villain even closer to his end.

“I… w-want you to cum inside me!” Midoriya blurted out as he threw himself down onto Shigaraki’s cock harder.  “Let me feel it, all that heat filling me up inside.”

With a crooked smile on his face, Shigaraki watched intently as the hero rode his cock until his hips came to a shuddering halt.  Midoriya whimpered as he shot his load onto Shigaraki’s stomach and his own.  “I thought nice guys were supposed to finish last, hero?”  

If it wasn’t for Shigaraki’s own creampie fetish, he wouldn’t consider giving Midoriya what he asked for.  But even so, how could he miss the opportunity to cum inside his arch-nemesis?  His inner walls clenched around Shigaraki as Midoriya came down from his orgasm.  Frantically bouncing him on his lap, Shigaraki let out a long growl as he finished, resting his forehead against Midoriya’s chest briefly as his cock pulsed with each rope of cum he released into the young hero.

“I didn’t expect it to be so warm, it’s nice,” Midoriya said exhaustively, his arms wrapping around Shigaraki for support.

“Did I just take your virginity, Midoriya?  As slutty as you talk over the phone, this was your first time taking a dick?”

Reluctant to move and ruin the quiet peace their shared ecstasy had created, Midoriya nodded.  “You know, you’re going to have to explain to me eventually how you were able to hear those calls.  Did you have someone bug the dorms?”

“Ah ah ah, a villain that gives away his entire plan is doomed for failure.  Just know that I’ve been listening in for a few weeks now.”  Midoriya’s weight was starting to numb his legs, but Shigaraki was loath to the idea of breaking up this moment.

Midoriya met that comment with silence, and when Shigaraki was about to address the very naked and cum-soaked elephant in the room, he finally spoke up.  “So what was it that you originally wanted to talk about?  Before you realized I was this ‘Radio Guy’, you intended to have a conversation.  What was it?”

“Shit, with all that’s happened, I don’t think any of it is relevant anymore.”  He ran three of his fingers on each hand down the middle of Midoriya’s back.  The hero hummed with delight at the sensation of another’s touch.  “You’re not even afraid of what I could do to you anymore, are you?”

Before Midoriya could even consider an answer, the main door to the bathroom swung open, angry footsteps echoing as they approached.

“I thought you said you were only going to take a leak?  I’m wandering around trying to find those brats and you’re in here taking a dump!”

Midoriya gasped as he twisted around to face the stall door.  “Touya?  That’s you, isn’t it?  I know that voice!”

“Touya?!” Shigaraki shrieked, in complete disbelief that the guy Midoriya had been frantically calling by name the night before was none other than Dabi.

All Night?!   The fuck are you doing in there with Shigaraki?”  A brief flash of blue flame melted the door latch enough for Dabi to easily kick it open.  “Holy shit, you’re balls deep and everything, you little slut!”

Shigaraki grabbed Midoriya by his chin and directed his attention back to him.  “ All Night?!   That’s the name you went with for your sex hotline?”  

“I’ve been calling that number for weeks, getting off on the little punk working himself up over how badly he wants to suck and fuck me.  Who knew he’d actually show up!  You picked the wrong villain if you wanted a good lay, though.  I’m sure Handy McFace here didn’t screw you half as well as I can.”

Shigaraki leaned Midoriya to the side to get a clearer view of Dabi, “He can’t even stand right now after the deep dicking I just gave him!  Don’t forget who you answer to here, ashtray.”

“Oh my god, could you two not argue over me while I’m right here?!  Geez, you haven’t even pulled your dick out of me yet!”  Midoriya made to get up, but Shigaraki clenched his wrist in a near fist.  He grabbed Midoriya’s neck and leaned him back onto him, eyeing Dabi from the corner of his eye.

“And I’m not going to, all of you is mine now.  If I pull out now, that moron will only try to ruin your ass with his burnt wiener.  No, I think I’ve got my second wind now.  You can feel it stirring inside of you, right, hero?”

“He’s obviously not interested, wrinkles.  It’s time for him to find out how a real villain fucks a hero,” answered Dabi as he roughly grabbed at the growing bulge in his torn and stitched pants.

“Touch him and I’ll disintegrate you and fuck him on top of your ashes.”

And this is how the League of Villain’s civil war began, over a hero.