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when the tales come true

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Surely many young people have told them the typical story of ugly and bad witches so that they behave, telling them "if you do that, a bad witch will come and take you to eat you" also the typical "there at night witches gather, do not go out or they will do something bad to you ", but growing up many forgot or laugh believing that they were only stories to scare them, little do they know that the characters can be real, but these are not how the stories tell them.

Magic has always existed in our world, but it was seen as an act that goes against humanity and its well-being, being persecuted those beings who possessed or practiced it and for more than eight centuries it began its hunt, destroying all evidence from its practice and seen today as a simple story, a story that was hidden from the eyes of the people to hide the sins and mistakes committed by the perpetrators.

But although such an event occurred, the people who possessed it still managed to survive and get ahead, yes, only in the occult, practicing hidden in the dark so as not to suffer the same end as their predecessors and transmitting their knowledge in closed circles, like relatives.

It is no exception what happened to me, a young novice witch, I always lived my whole life hiding my magic from everyone for fear of what they would think and for the safety of others.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

"Yeah, that was my last box, the move was longer than I thought ..."

I had finished placing the last box with my belongings when my cell phone rang with a message notification, when I looked at it I saw that it was from my old childhood friend that I loved so much and before answering I decided to sit on the old polished floor of my now new home.

-Have you finished the move?

I roll my eyes in a dry laugh, she always cares so much about me, even more than I care about myself.

-Yes, I finished the last one, I will check if I need something else and I will take a break.

-Well, I hope that's all, oh and if you need something just tell me.

-Yes my love ~

-Stop telling me like that, my mother thinks we're girlfriends hahaha.

-What, aren't we ~?

-You please, go to rest, you must be the shit.

-Yes my Queen.

Finishing answering him, I left my cell phone on the night table and stretched out while sighing tiredly, I got up again and took out of my sweatshirt a ridiculous little notebook with many colors and cats drawn on it, I use it a lot to write down a large number of recipes of foods and desserts, but today I needed her to make a list.

"Well, book boxes ready, clothes ready, jewelry ready, tools ready… I don't think I'm missing anything, I just need to arrange everything"

I put my notebook away again and started to open each of the boxes and arrange the folded clothes on the furniture carefully.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


I sighed more and more tiredly, when I left one of the boxes that I had emptied in a corner of the room I managed to see some old drawings painted with crayons of different colors captured several years ago by my smaller version, I felt a great nostalgia and I smiled unconsciously as I caressed the wall, my little me was very naughty but it's nice to know that Grandpa didn't erase my trail here.

"Grandpa did adore this house ... and now it is legally mine, I hope they treat him well in his asylum"

The grandfather, as I refer to him with affection, was an older man of about 70 years of age and that same age was making it difficult for him many things that he used to do, he could no longer work in handicrafts or repair furniture and make accessories or even go hunting as he did when he was 55 years old, it is a great pity that he could no longer do what made him happy because of a hernia in his back ... he even took the trouble to teach me how to do what he knows while we lived the three together here, we only separated when I had to study or live with my parents, he really was like a blood grandfather ...
It was sad and unfortunate that my "family" does not want to take care of him just because he is old and they see him as a burden, legally he is my grandmother because he married my grandmother and raised me, but I can't help him if I don't get a job stable I have entered a university, it will be better to prepare and then demand that they tell me which asylum they sent him to without notifying me.
I decided to finish accommodating some books in the guest room in which I have lived for all these years as if it were mine, now I could take my grandparents' room to sleep, but that place will always be his and my grandmother, who in rest her peace.
While searching inside one of the boxes I left in the guest room, I pulled out an old, thick, medium-sized book in a black color, held it in my hands before opening it and examining it determinedly.

'Grandpa's old books, I finished reading them a long time ago and I've learned from them, but it doesn't hurt to take another look at them ... hmm ... bubble enchantment, invocation of spider threads, protection against the magic, tutorial on how to deflect magic ... how to float? It's a bit complicated when everything is in Latin and with riddles ... I wish I could use them at some point, but I think that if someone saw me using magic, they would surely set me on fire '

It may sound strange that it is written with riddles and in another language, but in this way we can protect the information we have from vicious eyes and bad people, it is important for us to protect our legacy however it is.
I sat on the edge of the old metal bed, while closing the book in front of me, I sighed again, this is becoming a vice.

'Grandpa's things, before they sent him to the nursing home, he left it to me to take care of him ... he did care for me'

I admired with great affection the new possessions that my beloved grandfather gave me, he was not only a great craftsman, he was also a great magician who adopted me as his granddaughter and taught me everything he could.
While I was looking at the cover of the old book again like a little dreamer, my cell phone rang indicating a call from my old friend, without hesitation I answered the phone to talk to her.

"Hello my queen, I finished everything"

"I'm glad to hear that, are you going to rest?"

"Yes, yes, I will, I'm just looking at some old books"


"Yes, they are very old, some have letters in Latin"

"Then yes they are old"

"But, even if they are old, they have interesting things"

"Sounds something that you would like"

"Yes, I love this"

"Hey how do you take it?"

"Well, I feel like a complete nerd"

"I was referring to the move"

"Ah. Well, it wasn't that bad, I thought it would be more annoying."

"You are mentally and physically exhausted, aren't you?"

"Yes, you're right, I can't feel many emotions like that ... well I cut the call, I'll go eat something"

"Sure, rest"

End the call, she has reason to worry because for me this move was very hard, my father and mother did not want me to live alone in this place so far from our city, but I was not going to listen to them because I know very well what their true motives I have intentions, they cannot hide them with me close and less with what I am: a witch; I know that they wanted to get rid of grandfather years ago, my mother because she believed that he would inherit the house and my father believed that he would win my love, what naive beings ... my mother lost all possibility of inheritance when she divorced my father, married another type and left me at my grandparents' house when I was two years old, my grandmother got so angry with her that she threatened to curse her for abandoning me, with fear she accepted and for years I lived going on weekends and vacations from a house of my parents to the other, I'm not upset with her rebuild her life, has every right to continue to, but it was always a woman so immature for his age ... anyway, I do not care what you do now, anyway to me I They handed over the inheritance from their grandparents and she was left with nothing and it is as they say: each one receives what they deserve.

Oh right, I forgot about my father, he just never tried to create a father / daughter bond with me, he only cared about his job and his new wife, we never interacted while living in the same house since most of the time I went out out to get into the cheapest internet cafe I could find to watch anime on my laptop until late at night and get into anime conventions cosplaying my husbandos , besides the fact that my grandfather helped me a lot to make them with me, he was very excited when I dressed up as I was always a big fan of movies and actors and seeing me play someone made his day, thanks to all those years of practice I managed to get great acting skills, oh, we also did match cosplays together and he used to accompany me to events when I wasn't feeling safe, I think now I understand why I would be jealous of him.

Thinking about Grandpa made me feel warm, but it made me hungry, I left the things I had with me in bed and went to the kitchen to find something to fill my stomach, I remember him buying me some sandwiches and a grape juice to save myself Cook something for me, I decided to go back to the room to eat there, nor is it like someone told me that I can't do that.

I turned in bed and ate calmly while looking at my grandfather's old book again, when I used the sheets to remove the breadcrumbs that I had in my hand, I felt something strange below, I lifted the cloth to see what that was and I found my old little thick cloth bag that I had left behind on my last summer visit, I had gotten so depressed when I lost it that I cried all day, it sounds exaggerated but this bag had been my first job well done with help of my grandfather and I was so proud that I wore it as a necklace everywhere, it was only a six-year-old girl when we made it together and my first great achievement, I opened it again to see what I kept in it: a photo of me , of the grandfather and grandmother of about seven years ago, seven polished precious stones, the ring that grandfather made me for my 15th birthday and the commemorative coin of the Viceroyalty collection that I kept ten years ago, yes I keep strange things ... I shrugged and I put it back on the neck as a necklace, no matter what, I will always carry it with me.


I finished eating and left the leftovers on the night table, before laying down on the old metal bed I stretched a bit and let myself fall, as I did so I heard the familiar metallic sound of the springs grinding under my weight, strangely I began to feel dream, I know I worked all day on the move, but that does not mean I have to give sleep right now, no matter, I deserve a good nap, I was that I deserve.


"Have a good night, grandpa"


It was the last thing I said before I felt the weight of my eyelids getting stronger, I used a little of my magic to turn off the light in the room, although I could have done it manually, but I preferred not to. Before long I immersed myself in the arms of Morpheus as the night was becoming more profound.


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~



I reopen my tired eyes and I see how a large dark room materialized in front of me and that I was standing in front of a large mirror which only had darkness inside and cannot even reflect my appearance; the essence of the place makes me think that it is a lucid dream, but even if it feels like one, I cannot move my body in other directions like a sleep paralysis, I could only move in the direction of the mystical mirror. Out of curiosity I reached out my hand and tried to touch the dark surface, but I recoil when I hear him begin to speak to me, it felt strange in my ears and I couldn't process what he was saying, I touched my chest in an attempt to calm myself down and I feel my hidden bag between my breasts, at least I have this with me ... but my legs unconsciously began to move forward and a strange ghostly hand came out of the center of the mirror, reaching out in front of me to take it, as if it wanted me to go with it, this it's very scary, I can't yell or back up and can't process what 's happening in front of me . I take a deep breath and I get great courage to ask him, at least if he takes me I want to know where it is, I'm not going to stay with the question stuck in my throat and if I look stupid when talking to an object at least there is no one to see it.


"Where are you taking me .. ?"


No espe ra ba receive an answer quickly , did not even expect me to answer, but the mirror tells me very clearly and precisely to understand.


" Twisted Wonderland "


And then the spectral hand suddenly reaches out and grabs my arm roughly, I try to pull with all my might to prevent it from taking me but it achieves its mission without any effort and plunges me into the darkness inside of it, I can't fight, I feel my limbs weaken and my body loses strength, it feels like something familiar, this feeling is like being in a dream within another dream,… ah, it's like a sleeping spell.


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~


My mind and body are still under the influence of induced sleep, but I managed to hear the rattle of a carriage next to the strange neighing of a horse, I tried to move to see where they came from but I could not, my limbs still felt heavy, even if I tried fight against the dream it came back to me , this is a very strong and good quality spell, but I am stronger !

'No ... I wo n't lose ...'

I remember the incantation my grandfather taught me for cases like these and I murmur it as best I can, if it weren't for my grandfather teaching me how to defend myself from this kind of thing I would have been completely immobilized by now ! But I do not know or feel the presence of other magicians near me ... how strange, but now is not the time to think, I have to get this off my back.

I do not know how I managed to finish reciting the enchantment and I even managed to break it, I feel proud of myself, I could already feel how the force returned to my body and the haze of the dream that invaded my mind slowly cleared, now I could inspect where I was, but when I tried to get my forehead swatted a wooden surface solid and sound is heard as an echo.

"What ... what the fuck .. ?"

While I massaged the future bump that would come out later, I examined the surface that I hit, frantically touched both there and on the sides looking for an exit, but it seemed that I was locked in some kind of luxury box and I gave a strong blow with my fist in wood feeling powerless, feeling annoyed I sighed and dropped my hand on my chest to caress him, but I felt a lot of buttons on the , I do not remember having a shirt before going to sleep.

"Oh my, I didn't know there were shirts that closed with my huge bust, ha ha ..."

I laughed a dry laugh, I know this is no time to joke, but having a sense of humor is good for coping with some problems.

" Tks , whatever, I have to get out of here."

I spread my arms as far as I could in this small space and pushed the wooden surface with all my might, but only managed to hear a small creak from it, which was not much progress. I was getting more and more angry at this and started kicking the wood with all my might, this is frustrating.

"Oh come on ! " * Crack *

I heard the sound of the wood breaking , I felt invigorated by my achievement and used even more force to kick it, managing to rip it off the hinges and sending the wood flying, but I took a wrong step and I don't know how I fell to the cold ground .

"Great ... I'm unlucky ..."

I got up from the floor dusting my clothes, I couldn't pay much attention to what I was wearing because my gaze was fixed on a huge mirror in the black room, which looked suspiciously familiar and surrounding it were hundreds of elegant coffins floating, I felt a great anguish in my chest because of what I saw, I looked where I came from and saw that it was a coffin similar to the ones that floated, this place seemed as if it were some kind of sect taken from some nightmare.

"Oh shit… I hope this isn't what I'm thinking, Grandpa would be mad…"

I wasn't speaking to someone in particular, but still, I heard a shrill and energetic voice answering me.

" Gyaaaaa ! How did you get out of the coffin ?! Never mind, hey you, human ! "

When I looked at who it was that was speaking, I was petrified, I could not believe what my eyes saw ... A strange but adorable cat / dog / raccoon with flaming ears that walked upright was standing a few steps in front of me with an arrogant posture, giving afraid of his presence, but he looked so cute and cuddly ...

" Ehhh ! These oh deaf what ? The big grimm you 're talking about ! "

I was still petrified by the shock of seeing such a cute animal with human speech capacity, I had to force myself to compose myself by shaking my head, even so the shrill voice of the animal was very irritating and my head ached from the blow that I gave myself , that was not a good combination and it irritated me.

"Eh? What ? What do you want raccoon ? "

"That I am not a raccoon, Nyaaaaww ! I am in great grimm and will soon be the best wizard in the world ! You should be honored to be in my presence ! "

I take it back, everything adorable that I saw in this creature flew away like dust, I couldn't even help but roll my eyes, it was bugging me and I'm not someone to put up with sorts of things.

"Yes, yes, whatever, and I'm a fairy ..."

"Hey, are you making fun of me ?! Do you want me to burn you ?! If you want to stay alive, you'd better give me your clothes !! "

"… Are you some kind of a furry pervert .. ?"

I feel as impressed as I am ashamed of myself for maintaining my posture and at the same time lowering myself to his level, I know that I have in front of me a creature that I do not know and that has the guts to threaten me, I would have to be scared or upset, but I'm controlling myself too well not to send him to hell so fast , I have to reward myself after this.

"W-what ? ! I'm nothing like that ! Give me your robe , oh otherwise I'll burn you ! "

' So you want my robe… do I have one ? '

I examined my body watching what she was wearing and indeed, I have a coat of high quality material and was embroidered with bright patterns, this itself is a great job, my congratulations to the couturier. I looked at the giant feline again, which seemed impatient, it seems very funny so I will play with him a bit.

" Oooh ... You are fabrics, right ? "

"Yes ! Give them to me right now ! "

"If you ask me amicably I will give them to you right away"

"W-what ? ! Great grim m doesn't ask for things amicably ! "

I clicked my tongue, well it seems I can not play with the cat, better just give him what he wants to see in what place I am or if this is a dream in bad taste, I hope it's the latter.

"Well whatever, take them anyway , I don't care because I have things to do anyway ..."

It is a pity to deliver such a good work of a craftsman to this wild animal, but that is not my problem now, I took off the belt that joined the tunic and then the top, I threw them on top of him, but he does not seem to notice that that it was a sign of contempt.

" Waa ~ finally, I can finally be a great wizard- hey where are you going ? !"

"I already gave you the fabric that you wanted so much, now I have to go ..."

I got away from the cat before he tried to protest a little more, I wish I could better inspect this dark room but with that animal close I better not do it, I still need fresh air, God, I feel so bad and anguished that my head throbs with pain and I can't even think clearly. How could I not have noticed this discomfort in myself? I am sensitive to the alien, but not with me.

I could see in the dark a large old door in one part of the room and I approached it, it was heavy but my arms still had enough strength to move it and open it, when I did I felt the cold night air hitting my face when leaving Outside the great room, there was a long dark corridor unknown to me and, although I felt afraid, I kept walking while looking at the walls, they had an old Gothic style but they were in perfect condition, I tried to clear my mind by distracting myself with the landscape but I still felt uncomfortable and it was difficult for me to breathe well because of my anxiety accumulating in my body, it would be better to find a place with a calmer appearance to calm myself, this place makes me feel sick.

I managed to see far more trees of apple trees and a water well, seems a more peaceful and useful place to relax. I sat on the ground near some bushes that were next to an apple tree and let the air out of my lungs, my head still aches from the blow and I massage it to calm myself.

I closed my eyes to think what was happening around me, the atmosphere emanating from the place is causing my chest to close the longer I stay here; I am sure that I felt more people with magic inside the coffins, although I did not examine them at that time, I doubt that it could be true but what the cat said that he wanted to be a great wizard and needed my robe for that could confirm it, you can also talk and walk on two legs, adding that this place is huge and brings back memories of some animes about magic academies ... magicians, magic, schools, talking creatures ... please tell me this is a fucking dream, this has than being a bloody lucid dream, everything is impossible , cats don't speak and there aren't so many magicians where I come from!

" Aaaahhg … hell, my head hurts just thinking about it…"

I complained out loud and patted my throbbing head, I don't feel good about what I'm thinking and this doesn't make sense to me , it has to be a damn dream because it's impossible that something that happens in fiction is happening in reality … And mainly to me that I have terrible luck… And because I would hate to go back to school, I need to confirm my doubts that are only increasing.

'At least if I look at the sky I will be able to know my position on earth and feel calmer'

That was what I thought, believing that it would really calm me down, but it was a terrible mistake.

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'At least if I look at the sky I will be able to know my position on earth and feel calmer'

That was what I thought, believing that it would really calm me down, but it was a terrible mistake.

'... what ? Where ... what constellations are these ? I don't remember that they were like that ... and why can I see the starry sky ? Isn't that supposed to be a dream ? Wait… isn't this a lucid dream? '

My anxiety is reaching a dangerous level and my chest begins to close, I find it difficult to breathe but I try to control myself as I inhale deeply and exhale slowly, even if the sky i looked at every night is not the same or the atmosphere feels heavy doesn't mean i should let this take over just because i don't understand what's going on around me i know i'm stronger and i'll be able to find out what shit is happening, or at least I try to convince myself with that idea in my head to avoid panicking and screaming like a squirrel. I touched my chest noticing how the accelerated beat of my heart was beginning to calm down little by little, it seems that tricking my mind in such a way is very useful for circumstances like these, although my calm did not last long since I felt a possibly human presence approach and my body was paralyzed with fear, I really believed that I was alone. I looked over my shoulder to confirm my suspicions and there he was… a tall and handsome man, wearing the same robe I gave the cat a while ago, standing near the water well, his skin looked very white and pale and his eyes They had a golden color, but that is not the most striking thing but his hair seemed to glow in an electric blue tone, it felt as if it were a beauty from another world.

'wait… what if this really is another world ? '


I want to hit myself on the damn head and jump off a bridge ... I can't think that I am in another world if I don't have enough evidence to confirm my hypotheses, it would also sound very strange for me to say that a man from another world seems handsome to me . I couldn't think about that for long as I feel another powerful presence, which doesn't seem to be human, approaching the blue man and my blood freezes when I look at him: he was huge, with black horns like his hair and skin. clear as porcelain and well cared for, very handsome to close, but that's not my point, he seemed to be having a conversation with the other subject, I couldn't feel what intentions they had or know what they were talking about since they were somewhat beyond my sensory capacity and auditory, but my voice of reason told me that it would be safer for me if they did not notice my presence, I do not want to know what other witches that I do not know and that are from another world could be capable of does not reassure me ... I do My best effort to calm my pulse and breathing, my heartbeat feels very strong under my hand as I clench my chest in an attempt to hide the noise they make, I close my eyes tightly and do my best to avoid thinking about anything cos a, I have to erase my presence at all costs.


I don't know how much time passed but the man who shone ran out of the place and the only one left was the one with the horns, I'm sure he looked close to where I am hiding because I felt his gaze on me, but thank heaven I diverted it immediately .

"How weird… I thought there was someone else here"

And with that said he left as he appeared, out of nowhere ... when I no longer felt him in the area my breathing suddenly accelerated and my pulse was above the clouds, I felt how the bile rose up my throat and my body heated up, adrenaline hit my whole body and I got up from the ground suddenly, this has been one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and almost a being from another world discovers me, I need to get out of this place and take refuge to calm down or else I will to collapse.

I ran out of there as best I could, my legs move with some difficulty since I am wearing shoes with heels, but I still managed to pick up speed and move forward without looking back, I did not care to be running blindly through a place that I do not already know that the fear that I feel running throughout my body is stronger than my reasoning.

I don't know how far I ran but I managed to see a smaller structure if I compare the size with the place I came from, my breathing felt heavy and it made it difficult for me to keep my pace, at least if I hide there I think I could rest a little. I opened the door and closed it with a loud bang, my legs gave out and I fell back to the ground with a thud, the pain of the fall added to that of my head would almost make me pass out in that same place if it weren't for him. Bitter taste of my bile trying to come out of my mouth and unconsciously swallowed again, it was horrible, too unpleasant and gross, and having a panic attack right now is not helping. My breathing is very agitated, I cannot control myself and I am short of breath even if I do my best to breathe through my mouth, I ended up holding and pulling tightly the shirt I am wearing and I hear some buttons open, but thanks to that the pressure on my chest was released and I could breathe more calmly. I feel like it took me a long time, but I managed to sit on the floor and compose myself, I wiped off some physiological tears that came out and I noticed that they were stained black, apparently I have makeup on.

'thats weird…'

I usually remove my makeup before going to sleep to keep the pores on my skin clean, although I sometimes forget about that, but I know that these last few days I have not used it because I am busy moving. I got up from the ground and dusted my clothes, which I realized are black and made of a high quality fabric similar to the tunic I was wearing, but there was not so much gold embroidery, now that I think about it someone She must have put these clothes on without my consent and it bothered me, but thinking about it helped calm my mind when I distracted her.

'Okay, okay ... I'm calm, I'm a responsible young woman who knows how to take things slowly and responsibly ... now I just have to find out what's going on as a person'

I adjusted my hair and wiped the tears from my face, I have to keep calm and act like a responsible adult, anyway acting comes naturally to me so it would be a piece of cake; but when I took a step forward my head hit a book that was hanging near me .

'Fuck, who the hell would hang a book here ? '

It turns out that the book was not hanging there, rather it was floating and it was with magic.

'Oh, wow…'

I took the book in my hands and began to read it, I had several images of different plants that were used for alchemy and medicine, some of them I knew but others it was the first time I had seen them.

'I wonder if this book counts as one of medicinal herbs '

When I stopped reading the book and closed it, it floated again near where I was, I looked around and noticed that there were many others floating, there were also shelves so high and full of books that they reach the ceiling and at that very moment I realize what an idiot I am.

'ah ... a library with magic'

Well, I don't hate libraries, I liked being in them when I was a child and I read all the children's books and manga that were at my level, now I feel more grateful and calm that I stumble upon this place as my temporary refuge, now I'll be able to look for some information ... if only the place had the shelves arranged alphabetically and not with Roman numerals, who came up with such an idea ? Anyway, I'm sure I should be more scared to be in an unknown place with magic, but then I remember that I am a witch and I always forget the detail.

'Well, I'm going to take the opportunity to make some hypotheses while I can'

First: this place doesn't look like my country and less like my world, because I don't remember my grandfather telling me that magic schools existed and I don't know these constellations, but it may be that I'm in another country. Second: this is not a fucking dream, it looks like a fucking isekai and I look like the sacrifice they sent here, great, just great, in the end the theories about travel between worlds that I read and fantasize so much are real.

I rubbed my forehead to disappear the wrinkles that came out, this is a damn headache and I am not in optical condition to be able to find answers and solutions, maybe if I go back… no, what madness, to go back to where I came from ? Would it be a good idea to do something like that ? Although ... if he acted as if I was lost and disoriented, maybe he could pity someone's heart and get information about my whereabouts, although in the lost and disoriented part if it is real, but that is not the point, I just need to get information to calm my thoughts.

'Well, this won't be the first or the last time I've done crazy'

I filled myself with determination for this, I combed my hair again and wiped off the makeup residue so as not to look like a mess and shook my clothes before opening the door in an exaggerated way, I wish no one saw that because I would die of grief.

The place was very dark and it was difficult for me to remember where I had run from, but I am grateful that my escape was only in a straight direction and that helped me to be able to guide myself, I think I saw some statues that I could not see well that they were due to the darkness of the night; the wide front steps; the apple garden where I suffered my first scare of the day; the dark gothic corridor and finally… the great door from which I came out, I could feel that there was a great crowd of people in there and these, like me, felt magic, I could also hear their murmurs, they seem anxious and tired.

'This doesn't smell good to me'

I swallowed my saliva with difficulty in an attempt to calm my sore throat and knocked on the door three times, then the bustle of the murmurs stopped abruptly, maybe my next action was not the best idea but anyway I opened the door to lean out and see several people inside who were staring at me and wearing the same tunic that I gave the cat; the atmosphere surrounding the place felt heavy and it was hard for me to breathe, this scene felt very surreal.

'Maybe it wasn't a good idea to give that robe to the cat'

I shuddered internally when a couple of firm footsteps echoed throughout the room, a young man of a small stature but with a firm aura was approaching my direction, as he approached I could feel that he was mostly annoyed with me, but why ? Did I do something wrong ? Anyway, I couldn't stay behind the door forever and I showed myself to my full height; which wouldn't be much if I'm 1.65cm tall; But I couldn't let myself shrink from the pressure of the atmosphere right now and step back like a coward, but the boy abruptly stopped when he saw me and when he walked again he stopped having such an intimidating step, he looked nervous and his her face was as red as her hair that is hidden under her hood.

This was strange to me, was my appearance so disastrous that it was embarrassing to others ? Or was the boy sick ? But now the atmosphere feels strange, it doesn't feel as heavy as before and I even feel that there is a lot of confusion in the air and I swear to my God I heard someone gasp in surprise.

'what's going on ? '

The boy, who was not taller than me, stood in front of me keeping a respectful distance, he still looked very nervous and could not look me in the face, I wanted to ask him if he was okay, but he spoke to me in a low tone for only me to hear, how considerate of you.

"Excuse me, miss, but ... ahem , your shirt is unbuttoned"

"... ah"

So that's why he was so embarrassed, my shirt was open very revealingly, I honestly have no idea how I didn't realize it earlier.

'I am shame at its peak'

I'm really hating this day and now I sure look like a pervert ...

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'I am shame at its peak

I'm really hating this day and now I sure look like a pervert ...

I was so sure that I fixed my appearance twice, but it seems that I did not notice that my clothes were disgusting, great, for sure he will think that I am a perverted exhibitionist, what a horrible first impression I made, my face burns with shame and I'm not sure I can look at this kind boy who deigned to tell me that my clothes were a mess.

I mumbled a little apology before turning my back on him and fixing the mess I am.

' tks , just the buttons in the middle had to come off, fuck, I hate these types of shirts'

This garment had so many small buttons that it was difficult for me to fit, it may look beautiful, but the complexity is overwhelming. I took a deep breath to calm the shame burning on my face and I plucked up the courage to deign to look the boy in the face and oh my God ... I blushed again, but this time it was not from shame, this young man really had an excellent appearance and it reminded me of the shoujo anime guys that I secretly watched, although the strong aura on it made me think of that boy from the manga ( Kur ***** uji) also his large gray eyes as bright as cold looked at me with a calmer expression if I compare it with the one he gave me a while ago, his hair was a red color that I had never seen before in a person naturally and his skin She looked delicate, pale and well cared for, her appearance looks like a 13 year old although it feels like her age is not that far from mine because of the maturity of her pose, how strange.

I guess I stared at him like a fucking crazy for too long that I heard him clear his throat.

"I suppose this robe belongs to you"

I had not realized that he was holding my tunic in his delicate hands, I thought I would never see it again after throwing it at that cat, I am relieved to get it back.

"Yes, they are mine . . .¿ how back?"

It's time to get my performance going, even though the first impression was horrible, it could be interpreted as a clumsy girl, although I wish that impression did not last long.

I extended my hand and took the fabrics carefully, thanking the young man, I examined them and saw that they were in good condition, at least the cat did not hurt them because guilt would destroy me in the future.

"A strange and rude cat entered the ceremony wearing them and exclaiming his glory, it was obvious that he had stolen these robes from a student, we chased him and recovered the garment but he managed to escape. The director went out to look for the missing student, but you've already appeared"

The young redhead explained to me with a calm but elegant voice, he still remained at a healthy distance from me while he explained to me and that made me feel calmer, I nodded slowly out of courtesy.

This young man seems to be willing to talk to me, he even seems like those gentlemen from novels that I used to read on my nights of delusions, I'm going to ask a little more to take advantage of the moment.

"I appreciate your explanation, but I'm still a bit confused ..."

And very ashamed, but let's not say it for the moment.

" Hmm … it must be because of teleportation magic, it often happens that those affected are disoriented"

Teleportation magic ? Interesting, I never thought possible to use but it seems to be something very common around here from the way he explains it, I put my left hand under my chin to seem like he was thinking about what he was saying, even if that's a lie.

"Then that must be why I feel disoriented… Wouldn't you mind explaining my situation to guide me ? "

I am using my best tone of voice to speak to you, I feel somewhat anxious and desperate to get information, I hope I do not spoil it.

"Yes, I can do it… this is the prestigious night raven collegue school , a place where magicians who have the potential to have great talents are chosen from all over the world and brought here.

Only those accepted as true magicians by the "mirror of darkness" are able to enroll in this Academy "

Mirror ? Is the mirror in the middle of this green candlelit room in charge of this ? Just seeing it makes me feel an electric shock throughout my body, it looks a lot like the one that appeared in my dream, I can't mention that if I want to prevent more glances from resting on me.

"Those who are chosen will be called from the other world to this Academy through the 'door' and brought here"

Door ? What do you mean ... is it, perhaps, that coffin I came from ? Gods, what a bad theme to death this place has ... seriously, who came up with the great idea of using coffins as a means of transportation ? This new information sent chills all over my body, I was also confused by the idea that I was called to attend a wizarding school, what is this ? Ha ** and Po *** er ? It feels so surreal.

The red-haired boy was still looking at me with a strange expression, perhaps because he saw a very embarrassing part of me.

" Riddle -san , is it okay for a young woman to be enrolled in a men's school?"

A beautiful boy with silver hair, blue eyes and secretary glasses came over to speak to the youngest, who I discovered is called riddle .

"Although Night Raven Collegue is a school for men, it does not mean that there is a rule that prevents the enrollment and attendance of women"

'Damn… it's a men's school… this is a damn nightmare, please, I want to wake up now…'

Damn it ! Are you serious ? ! A private school for men ? What the hell is this ? A fucking reverse harem anime ? I want to curse myself in all the languages I know, 'oh how lucky you are, you will be surrounded by handsome boys, who envy ~' this is not a scenario of luck but of hell on earth ! but I can't show all the displeasure I'm feeling right now on my face, I'm still acting like a lost girl.

I still wanted to curse myself internally because life punishes twice, but the guy with glasses looked at me with a smile that reminded me of businessmen who would take every penny you had if you didn't watch your back and spoke to me in the sweetest tone you've never heard of before, or well- trained banker or mafia member.

"The entrance ceremony is not over yet, only you are missing to classify in a bedroom.

He pointed at me with a graceful wave of his hand and then to the mirror of darkness, hinting that I had to go there.

"Yes, I thank you with all my heart for your words, I will not take any more of your time"

I made a small bow to the two young men in front of me, they seemed somewhat pleased by my act so polite and controlled, but internally I find myself screaming desperately in panic and fear at having to go with the mirror. When I passed the young man with glasses I felt my skin on my neck stand up, this boy ... I swear to God he is not a human, I have no idea what it could be because it is the second time I feel a presence so closely not human in my life and it doesn't assuage the fact that he's staring at my back as he examines me like I'm an object.

'gods… no matter how cute it looks, it gives me the creeps'

I could not advance much on my way to the mirror as I heard the strong footsteps of someone rushing towards this place, before I could turn to see who it was I heard how the large doors of the room were fully opened, a tall and thin man who He wore a strange mask similar to a crow entered the place as the owner, how vintage .

"Ah, here you are, you shouldn't have left the door unsupervised, what an impatient student."


"At least you deigned to return to the hall, we can continue with the entrance ceremony"

'well at least he's not asking me about my whereabouts'

Then the man approaches me from behind and gives me a friendly push, motivating me to continue my march towards the mirror.

"Now you are the only one without a bedroom, so hurry up and approach the mirror of darkness"

* glup *

Now I really felt a lot of pressure on me, if it weren't for the friendly push that this strange masked man gave me, my body would not move an inch.

My mind was restless and frantic, although my face points to that strange mirror, I just couldn't help but sneakily look at the people of the place, each one had the same robe and I know they were looking at me strangely and muttering louder and louder, this to me made a cold sweat.

'Now what ? Now what ? Now what ? ! '

I can only think about what I will have to do in front of the mirror to give me a bedroom, I pray it is not something strange or I will run out of the place.

When I reached the steps in front of the mirror, I felt as if time was slowing down with each step I took to climb, when I reached the last step the mirror of darkness spoke to me.

"Say your name"

'… Was it just that ? '

I had already mentally prepared myself for the worst and just having to give it my name gives me a certain amount of peace of mind.

"I am - ..."

When I said my name, many of the hooded men were speaking at the same time and louder and louder, I imagine they could not hear my name clearly, but it seems that the mirror heard it well.

"You ... I feel a great magical power in you ... the shape of your soul is ..."

The mirror was suddenly silent, causing an abrupt silence throughout the room, is it not normal for it to do that ? It gives me anxiety.

"I do not know"

"What did you say ? "

The school principal asked him, stunned.

"The shape and color of her soul… is something I have never seen before… therefore it is not worthy of any bedroom!"

All the people in the room whispered about what they heard, it seemed that they could not believe something like this happened, I was very afraid of what was happening, was it something very bad ? What will happen to me ?

"It is impossible for the black carriage to pick up someone who cannot be graded from a dorm ! There has never been any mistake in selecting a student in the last 100 years ! "

The whole room was muttering louder and louder, you couldn't even tell that it was a murmur, I heard several times how some subjects silenced them, but it didn't seem to be solving something.

I came down from the steps that led to the mirror and saw how the man, who seems to be the principal of the school, addressed me with a firm step and a strange expression, I don't know what it was because of the mask he was wearing, but I know he slammed to a stop several feet away from me, I swear to heaven I heard him say "oh".

"So… what now ? "

I know I should have said something more elaborate, but I could not formulate something suitable at this moment, the shock from the mirror left me speechless, I know I have magic since I was little, but I did not know that it was a large amount, yet so I can't show on my face that all this is affecting me, I'm going to get out of my role ! I'll put on my best rookie poker face you've ever seen.

" Ahem ... excuse me miss, I didn't mean to be offending you"

The older man spoke, he seemed to feel dismayed, surely he did not expect something like this to happen here, nor do I think he expected the classified student to be a lost girl in a man's school, I wonder what he is thinking ? He's also not human from what I see in his golden eyes.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am known as Dire Crowley , the principal of this prestigious school"

He gave me a bow accompanied by the kindest smile that someone has given me since I came to this world, it reminded me of the ones I suppose I will have to return my greeting.

"It 's a pleasure to meet you , tell Crowley "

I leaned in slightly to give him a greeting similar to the ones used by royalty in that anime from ot ** eg ** e ** h ***** uf *** gb I even imitated the movement of the dress to complete it to perfection, it seems that the Lord is pleased with my formal greeting, although we could keep talking and qie one of the masked men approached us.

" Dire crowley , what are we going to do with a student?"

A dark-haired boy with red eyes spoke to the director, curiosity was evident in his voice and surprise, both he and other young people approached the two of us, also being attracted by the curiosity of what would happen.

* glup * 'why are they so close ? '

I don't like it when a lot of strangers surround me, but at least they are keeping a respectful distance , I could relax a bit more if it weren't because they are examining me not so discreetly ... putting that fact aside , they are like seven young people of different sizes and ... is that a floating blue tablet? It is what gives me the most curiosity of all the guys around me, but it seems that I couldn't look at it much because I heard a shriek of fear coming out of the device, what a peculiar object ... I looked at Crowley for help but he was still meditating on what to do, I was distracted listening to him murmur his thoughts when a tall and handsome man approaches me with much confidence as to hold my face between his delicate hand smelling a smell similar to a sweet eel.

" Hmm ... her face is somewhat round with soft cheeks and full of moles, as well as having dark circles, but it does not look unpleasant, with a little care it would look decent"

"But what the fuck… ?! "

It may be that his face looks clean and neat, plus it reminds me of those hot boys from that shojou anime that I saw a few years ago, I'm seeing you Ka ***** a K ** s, because of you I like men with hairy ears ! But that's not the point, the fact that he touched my face as if he knew me cannot be forgiven, no matter how handsome he looks, it does not give him any right to invade my personal space.

"I never said you could touch my face ! "

I brusquely removed his hand from my face, if there is something that would put me in a very bad mood it is that they invaded my personal space and that they touched me cheekily, I have been in many anime conventions to arouse a hatred of physical contact towards people , they used to ruin my cosplays and touch where they shouldn't most of the time, it was so unpleasant when they did that or when they took pictures of me without my permission, because of those things I started walking with a sign that said "do not touch or take photos without permission , you ruin my cosplay . "

"Oh please, I was just seeing if you had the material to join Pomefiore , but now it's obvious that you don't"

The handsome young man crossed his arms in outrage, he even had the gall to look upset and comment as if he were right.

"Well, good luck to me that I don't have it"

Acting mature, the handsome young man completely ignored my comment as if it was nothing to him, I also behaved like an adult and turned my gaze indicating that we finished our "cozy talk", but then a tall and dark guy with lumps on his hood sneered at our "warm" encounter.

" Hah , a little human woman with character, it seems like you won't get away with it huh vile ? "

How annoying ... what does it have ? 10 years ? He doesn't seem like a kid to laugh at something like this, he wouldn't have to, I don't remember any jokes.

"Okay, now tell the joke so we can all laugh together"

Although most of the day I behave like a calm and silent girl, I can also get upset with something, still I don't usually get angry about anything if I don't have a reason to do it, but when I do ask God to calm me down because I am I transform into a strong-willed and stubborn beast, but my courage does not last long, so as soon as my anger stops, I may be shocked to remember all the misplaced comments I gave and die of shame, oh yes , I have happened several times that.

But it seems that what is happening around us makes other young people laugh a lot, does it seem like a comedy or what ? How annoying ... at least the great director came to the rescue to avoid a confrontation.

"There were problems that were not part of the plan, but I hereby declare the opening ceremony completed.

Each dorm leader, please lead the new students with you and return to your dorm. "

The director spoke with a strong voice so that everyone present in the room could hear him, the young people that surrounded me withdrew towards different groups that were distributed around the place, from what I could hear from their speeches they seem to be the dormitory leaders and I sure gave them a terrible first impression, now the shame accumulates in my throat and face, what a great move I made… I want to bury myself alive in a well.

"Hm ? Come to think of it, I don't see the leader of Diasomnia , young Draconia. "

Several of the young people began to murmur among themselves again , they even heard each other a little terrified and nervous, it seemed that this Draconia was a very important subject in this world and that, in addition, he imposed fear and respect ... more fear than respect apparently .

' uhh … I hope I don't annoy such a highly regarded subject…'

I hope to fulfill my thoughts not to annoy him, I still do not know him and I feel that he would destroy me with his eyes, I wish my luck was not so bad ... I have to stop thinking about meeting an important subject and concentrate on the room, I saw at least Little by little the students were leaving the place towards the same direction: the great old-fashioned door, once the place was empty, a catacomb silence hung over the director and with me, I looked at him hopefully hoping that he would allow me to ask him some questions, I suppose so He is an important man here and who thinks properly I would be able to communicate properly with him.

"Sorry about the incident just now, miss, I didn't mean to disrespect you"

The headmaster lowered his eyes in shame, really thinking that he disrespected me, oh, how old is so ... tender ? … I think that made him look cute, if it weren't for the Victorian masquerade ball.

"You do n't have to apologize, okay sir, I won't hold a grudge or resentment"

Although looking into those strange eyes, if I can call those two lights that come out of his mask and that fill me with nerves every time I make eye contact with them eyes, I try to calm my nerves in some sneaky way and he smiled so friendly how I can. Strangely, he seems relieved that I don't resent him, what a peculiar world ...

"Thank you thank you very much"

Oh baby, no need to thank, we are not done with this yet and I hope you have a lot of free time because tonight is going to be a long one for both you and me .

"There is nothing to be thankful for… I actually have some questions and things to talk about with you, good man…"

Expression of gratitude that had Crowley changed dramatically, the poor bombing insurance information you receive will not wait.

Chapter Text

Crowley's expression of gratitude changed drastically, the poor man will surely not expect the bombardment of information he will receive.


"I'd like to continue this beautiful conversation in a less open and exposed place like this, if it's not too much of a bother for you."


If I remember anything well about the teachings of my late grandmother, it is that formality in conversations with adults is important for them to take you seriously, because you will make them believe that you are an informed and well-educated young man with whom they would be more careful when time to talk to you, it has worked for me before and now I pray that it works with this guy; meanwhile, the old man stared at me with those strange yellow pupils with a serious expression on his face, although he couldn't quite tell what he thinks from the mask… he uses it all the time? Doesn't it give you heat ?


"I know a place where we can speak in peace, please follow me young lady"


Well, he responded faster than I expected to my proposal, now that I think about it ... it doesn't sound good for a young girl my age to invite an older man to an isolated place, I hope you don't misunderstand because I'll jump out the window closer if something happens.

I gulped and nodded uncertainly, the subject was still staring at me with those yellow eyes ... is there something on my face ? Why does he just look at me like I have something ? ! At least Mr. Crowley started to walk out of the place and, like the lost puppy that I feel, I obediently followed him without saying a word until we reached our destination.


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ ·


After an energetic and strenuous night walk with a silence that would remind us of a wake, we arrived at our destination to continue the conversation ... which would be the library where I suffered a panic attack a few hours ago, although now that does not matter but the conversation we are in. having seated face to face.


"Look ... I will repeat my story to make everything clear ... I am a witch from another world where magic exists in few quantities, education about it is done at home, I don't know how I got here and the gray monster cat does not kidnapping"


I had to measure each of my words while talking to Crowley , I could not blurt out all the information at once and overwhelm him with all this talk because the poor old man already looked like those strange yellow eyes would pop out of his mask, I'm very sorry to see him so ... I think.


"Since I became the director, it's the first time something like this has happened. I do n't know what to do…"




With a simple but picturesque movement of the elder's cane, he manages to magically move several of the books and maps of the place to bring them next to him and examine them intently, I took this opportunity to apologize as I got up from my seat and approached the planetarium of the library, which I didn't pay much attention to before as an idiot; I crouched in front of the object and circled it several times while reading the countries when it stopped moving.


'wait… is there a country in the sea ? There doesn't seem to be an island there '


"I really can't find where you came from, not on the world map, not in historical records."


Well, it was to be expected that he would not find anything, I do not know why he keeps looking for information where he will not find it, not even I do it since this planetarium makes it clear to me that this is not my home or world ... it is chilling to think about that.


"You really came from another world ? You are not lying to me are you?"


I feel the older man's golden gaze dig into my back as he examines me with a critical eye as I continue to "play" with the planetarium, I gulped in an attempt to calm my growing nerves, picking myself up off the ground to see his face and respond to him. While I control my voice and tone so I don't stutter, vocalization courses come in handy at times like these.


"I am not in a position to lie to you, sir."


The director stared at me for a minute that felt eternal before agreeing to my words, for a moment I thought I broke the matrix .


"If that's what it is, you may have been summoned from a parallel world due to some kind of problem."


Crowley placed his gloved hand with those claw rings on his chin as he silently thought leaving me with an even bigger unknown than before… I already realized that I am from another world, but what will happen to me now? I have not thought well of that.


"Didn't you bring something with you to this place ? Any kind of identification: a magical driver's license, a slipper…"


"hm ... give me a minute"


I instantly remembered something very important: my little old bag hidden between my tits ! I turned around to keep what little dignity I had left to get it out of there and examine it, Crowley seeing me do this turned around to avoid looking at me out of respect.

After a few minutes and several button problems, I managed to get the bag out and looked for what would confirm my words.


"I'm not sure this counts as identification, but it's the closest thing to do to check my credibility."


Between my fingers was the famous collectible coin about my country that was created to commemorate an important date, which I jealously guarded and cared for for several years for the monetary value it has, I turned to Crowley and showed it to him in all his face masked, he took her between his strange clawed rings and examined her with a serious expression on his face; I wonder if it is uncomfortable to work with rings like that.


"This confirms your words, but does not count as an identification of your person if , you're still empty - handed"


He returns the coin to me with a delicacy that I would not expect from someone with rings like the ones they owned, and I put it back in my precious bag, which I hid again by performing the same procedure as before.


"Even though you are a lady, you were just chosen by the mirror of darkness to attend this school and there are no rules that prevent your attendance ..."


"So .. ?"


"There are no reasons to throw you out without money or contact with your tutor, it is something that would hurt me a lot as a teacher ... Since I am so kind ! "


Involuntarily I rolled my eyes at the older's last comment, at least he didn't see that I did that; From how he explains and speaks it seems as if he were a dancing bird, but he has a good point: I have no money, no contacts, I don't know what this world is about or its history and if the things I know will help me survive here, I will have to think about how I am going to cope with this.

It seems that Mr. Crowley was thinking deeply to "help" me as the "kind" teacher that he is.


" Hmm ... I know ! There is a building on campus that are currently not this using; it was a bedroom at the time, provided it is clean, you can sleep there"


'So… if I'm going to stay here ? '


Woah , for a moment I thought he would send me to a foster home or call the authorities because I am a teenager without documentation, but it seems that in the end he will make me attend this school.


"If you wish, I will offer it to you as a refuge and you can stay there for the moment, in the meantime, I will find a way for you to return to where you belong"


'I wonder if it's an old structure, I like those places'


"Oh ~, how nice of me ! A spectacular image of a perfect teacher"


"Well, I appreciate your kindness, please guide me to the accommodation"


Somebody give me a damn reward for my good behavior and tell me that I'm a good girl, I can't stand this feeling of being a lost puppy anymore.


"You better hurry. I'll take you to the bedroom, it's a bit old, but it's a tasteful building."


'I have a feeling that is sweetening the history of the e di ficio'


From one moment to the next Principal Crowley began to leave the library marching at a good pace in front of me, without many options I will have to follow his long steps as I could , I hope that such a bedroom is not so far from the school and that the journey is not a journey.

When I came out of the library I looked up at the sky out of curiosity and noticed that several stars were slowly being obscured by some dark clouds.


' Hmm … it looks like it will rain in a few hours, I'd better hurry'


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~


I don't know how long I've been walking all over the damn campus, but this already felt like an eternal walk ! I know that I am not in such horrible physical condition to be an otaku , since I usually travel a lot on foot and because I have to exercise to get into my cosplays , but hell ! This is horrible and that old man seems as if that does not affect him in the least, I swear by all my dry tears and sweat that I will commit to improve my cardio or else I will have a hard time here if I have to walk all this way just to go to study.

Mr. Crowley stopped walking and looked just as fresh as he was in the doorway, while I was out of breath in my body, I try to hide my seal gasps from fatigue, I really need to do more cardio .

When I was finally able to recover I managed to appreciate the old bedroom that that old man talked about so much, which if it looked very old and in conditions that did not seem the most suitable for living if it did not get proper maintenance, obviously sweetened the appearance and the state of the building.

We passed the old rusty iron fences that separated the school grounds from the building, which screeched in such a high-pitched and unpleasant tone that I felt like my eardrums were suffering so horribly that I had to cover them, we walked down the long stairs of the place and arriving at the door of the so named bedroom, the design was very old and worn for years by the time if it deteriorated but still possessed great beauty, could properly restore it if I had to hand the necessary materials, but think about that would be another day, now I need to make a sarcastic comment or else I'm going to explode.


"This is ... too" tasteful "..."


"It's true, it's true ~. Now let's go inside"


It seems that he did not understand my sarcastic comment and proceeded to remove an antique key from somewhere hidden among his clothes, using it to open with an audible * click * the lock of my future home.

Crowley pushes the door open as if showing no resistance to his strength, even if it seems like it was a task where you could use only one hand to move it, but still the old wood creaking with the old locks is heard and I can see like a large amount of dust on the ground is blown up by the wind, the director extends his hand to a part of the wall and presses a switch, lighting up the place.


* Click *


Looked a mess, had everything bad coloc ADOS and some broken, possibly criminals of the past who believed that destroy other people 's property would make them look "cool", some pictures were crooked and other fallen on the floor, dust and cobwebs hanging were so thick that you could make a coat out of them, it seems I will have a lot of work to do and what to entertain myself with.


"If you stay here, you can at least protect yourself from the rain and wind. I'll be back to investigate further, so feel free to be in this house, please."




"Just don't wander around campus ! Fine then"


And after the last sentence, Mr. Crowley walked out of the house with a graceful movement, kicking up the thick dust from the floor with every step he took.


"It's not like I'm going out with a storm on it either."


Man I feel horrible, I feel like my body is heavy and tired, the physical and mental fatigue is taking its toll and my limbs hurt a lot, I want to lie down somewhere to rest and maybe cry, but there is so much dust that I will finish making a mess if I throw myself anywhere, these robes seem too expensive to ruin and I don't know how I could wash them.


'Well at least if I clean that old sofa a bit it could rest there , it looks in better condition than you would expect in a ruined place'


Indeed, it looks too good to be so old, only a few stains of old grime and dust are what predominate in the furniture; when I got closer to the sofa, I stepped on a piece of cloth that was on the floor, lifting it up and shaking it hard to remove the dust from it and I use it again to whip it against the sofa, managing to remove much of the dust that covered it


'Done, now I can rest'


Before going to bed I took off the gold patterned robe and folded it carefully before hanging it over the back of the sofa, I may be lazy but I'm not careless.

I spread out on the couch and put my arms behind my head to use as pillows, I put my crossed legs up on the armrest to complete the idiot look, it's not like someone is telling me right now that that's wrong, I'm tired and too grumpy to argue about etiquette right now, now all I want to do is try to relax my aching body and think of something else to distract myself.

I really try with my little strength to relax as possible, but I couldn't, not even leaving my mind blank or thinking of some anime that I really liked, I guess I'll have to stop avoiding thinking about the matter that I'm in. Another world, in an old house off guard and possibly the only girl in a boys' school, this was so awkward… mainly because I'm feeling paranoia that I'm not alone in this fucking filthy place.

Thank heaven it started to rain, the noise of the raindrops falling hard against the windows of the building and its structure make enough noise to distract me.


'Wow ... I arrived in time to take refuge ...'


And just as I sensed it, I was not alone in this place, a small and annoying homeless creature accompanied me.


" eeeeeeugh ! It started to rain really heavy all of a sudden you know ! "


I didn't need to look to know that it was the same giant cat I saw the moment I kicked out of the coffin, I just sighed heavily as I stroked the bridge of my nose in growing irritation.


"Wow, I guess it's good to see you, little monster…"


" Gyahaha ! Big grimm , sneaking into this Academy one more time again is really a piece of cake !


'I'm going to assume that the security of this school is very poor, so much so that the same cat got inside twice'


Really, that someone goes to the same school twice on the same day and with few hours differences leaves much to be desired for the safety of a "prestigious school" of wizards, that means that I will have to take care of myself.


"If they think I would give up signing up because they kicked me out, they made a mistake, you know !! "


"oh really ? "


"Yes !! I am a genius at magic, not letting me be here is a serious mistake !! "


Small and not so small, creature squeaky appeared to be an egocentric being with delusions of grandeur, as well as having a personality that would cause irritation to anyone, although ez funny to see him move his little legs from side to side in such an exaggerated way.


"So you ... why do you want to enter this Academy so much ? "


Well, the night is young, the rain is whipping outside and now I am more "calm" to discover that it is only the mutant cat, maybe, just maybe, it is not as "bad" as it seems and I can distract myself with it a little .


"It's a simple story you know"


"You alone count, I'm all ears"


"It's because I'm a genius born to become a great wizard ! "


"oh really ? Tell me more"


"Yes !! Always always , I have been hoping that the black carriage would pick me up one day ! Still ... still ..."


"oh dear, that seems very tragic"


It seems that the creature is very ignorant of the tease that I am doing, but even so I am looking at it out of the corner of my eye, I cannot deny that the exaggerated movements that it makes with its little legs as if they were hands looked so very cute and cuddly, they even look cartoonish, how cute i think.


"H- hmph ! I guess the mirror of darkness has no eyes to see it, you know ! "


"hm yes , of course"


"That's why I came here instead. Not letting me enroll in this school is a loss to the world, humans don't understand that, you know."


"Yes, what a" great "loss"


" gyahaha you understand me-NYAGH ! Cold ! The rainwater is dripping from the roof ! "


I stopped paying attention to it for a few seconds to look at the ceiling and see that, indeed, there were several leaks in this part of the home, wasn't it supposed to keep me protected from the rain ? Looks like he's creeping around the place.


" Fugyah ! The water fell again ! My lovely spot, the flames from my ears, are going to disappear ~ ! "


"And if you better move from there ? Where exactly is there a leak ? "


" Nyaaaah ! You should fix this leak with magic like" baam "you know"


" Tks , I don't know of any spells for that"


"What ? You don't know one ? Pfff how useless"


Okay, that thing isn't cute at all, it's just annoying that is on the verge of kicking you out of this house.


"So if you know one, don't you ? Since you laugh so much ..."


"Huh ?! Of course I join ! I-I just don't use it because it's too fantastic for a mere human to see."


Even if I'm a witch, I know it's a very bad lie, I can't help but roll my eyes.


" tks , how annoying, could you at least help me find something to retain the water"


"Eh? Help you ? No way ! I'm just a passerby monster seeking shelter"


I got up from the sofa Ignoring again the words of the grown cat, which I forgot its name, although that is not something important.


"Anyway, I'll go find him alone"


The cat once again protested something about "he only goes to work if there is canned tuna", I continued on my way pretending to not hear him and ventured into the home, not because he was looking for a container for the leaks, I just want to avoid continuing to listen the cat and his protests, he is not my pet to spoil him and give him everything he asks for.

I began to feel how the atmosphere was getting colder and colder than I remembered the more I ventured into the hall, I even felt again as if I was not alone and something could jump at any moment, of course, I am an idiot and I speak out loud .


" hmm … weirdly… it feels like something's going to show up right now…"


And at that precise moment, as if someone up there hated me so much, three ghosts of different shapes and sizes came out from somewhere in the hallway near where I am.


" Hihihihi ... hihihihi , we haven't had a guest in a while ! "


"I'm getting excited ~ , hihihihihi !"


"... ah ... really ... if I'm hating this damn day"


The cold of the place would be enough to freeze my blood, I want to get out of this corridor but I can't, my body doesn't want to move because of the shock.

I want to cry, I want to cry a lot and snuggle between stuffed animals while my grandfather pats my head, I love that so much ...

Chapter Text

I want to cry, I want to cry a lot and snuggle between stuffed animals while my grandfather pats my head, I love that so much ...

But I am not going to please anyone with my tears of suffering, much less in front of ghosts, they could see this as a sign of weakness of my being and become stronger! Ghosts are so ¿ No? ... I think it was and how things worked in my home, but do not know if it is the same here , but as long as one more show their fear of them become stronger! Although ... if you are not yet a dangerous or not, but even so I have to think of a plan while backing up while I am paralyzed with fear and manage to communicate with someone to help me in this precarious situation, also I have to stop acting as if I were some brave protagonist of generic anime, that guy looks horrible character and I have to stop spinning in my head in situations like these.


"Hey, because it takes so much? ... "


Just you have to come here at this precise moment where I am devising a plan of escape or confrontation with the ghosts, I am not so desperate that you come to help me, but I doubt it, your pride shows.


" Gyaaaaahhh " gg-ghoooooosts "


That sounded like the cry of a pitiful maiden in distress, not even I could imitate something like that, firstly because I still have some of my dignity and I don't think I can degrade myself to that point to ask for help.


"Those who used to live here got scared of us and left this place"


"We've been looking for new ghost comrades all this time. How about you, friend?"


'got damn! They will kill me if I don't do something! '


I have to come up with something and fast, but I need enough time to do it and get it going, first I need to get out of there to buy a few minutes!

I turn around and run to preserve my life, but I seem to have forgotten that this house is a mess, the hallway I got into is dark and the floor of this place seems to need a lot of care and just when I take a step ... the wood of the happy floor broke under my heel and I fall with a sharp noise, hitting my chest and hurting my face. It hurts, I even think I hurt my ankle from the fall, I'm going to end up crying ...


"* Hick hick * iiiiiiihg , iiiiiiiiiigh uuumh * sobs sobs *"


Great, just great… three joking ghosts are about to kill me and in my regrettable escape attempt I end up jamming my foot in a hole in the ground, falling and hurting myself enough to make me cry, I am pitiful.

I can see out of the corner of my eye that one of them is getting too close to me to see me, he seems a little confused, did he ever see someone very clumsy fall and get stuck on the ground?


"Hey guys, is it a-"


" Hhhhhhhhhhhhhiii . The great magician Grimm not you afraid of ghosts, you know!
Funa ---------! "


Then the mutant cat made an attempt to appear that it was not afraid of spirits and proceeded to throw fires at it, almost hitting the one close to me, but it dodged it with great ease, even if it wasn't because I rolled on the ground and lost my boot in the process would have hit me with its flames, obviously if he shoots with his eyes closed I don't think it will even hit a huge rock in front of his face.


" Where are you aiming, huh? "


"Over here! Over here! Hiiihihi "


Now the three ghosts we were circling and turning in different directions while they laughed derisively of us, mainly because of the attacks terrible that hac í to the cat, meanwhile I'm mad at that stupid cat for almost incinerarme me more than his attempt to set the house on fire , what, are you so scared you can't see them? That Noob .


"Damn it! Stop appearing and disappearing at once!"


"Do not be because these closing his eyes as shove fire?"


"Shut up!
I do not give orders ! Know! "


'That wasn't even an order you know?'


Well, I will not get this little creature to collaborate with me voluntarily or even give me some help since I am not trained to be able to face ghosts, it seems that I hurt my ankle when I fell and I cannot move well from the pain of the blow.

I have to think of something ... this creature is self-centered, with an air of greatness and wants to enter that school ... I got it! I have to use the school and their desire to enter, maybe it will work or else… well, I will have to get used to a life as a ghost.


" Hey you! If you chase them it's… uh you'll likely get the headmaster's approval!


It seems like it worked, the little monster's ears turned at my voice and he stopped grumbling for a moment, it seems like he's thinking about what I said and his blue eyes lit up as if they were filled with new hope.


"What…? Ugghh … I'm a genius, you know. I can deal with these guys on my own."


I can see how your body is full of determination, even his little paw s close into fists, it seems that my words "motivators" have helped to do something useful, like making time as I try to lift all the pain of muscles that I, sometimes it is worrying that I do not give notice when I'm exhausted.


" Hihihiihihiii "


"There are many of you, is unfair, You know!"


The three ghosts laughed so loudly that it resounded throughout the dark corridor of the bedroom, that seemed to scare the cat and make him back down on all fours a few small steps backwards, that's not good, if he keeps backing up and losing ground the ghosts will not help us They will surround completely and we will not be able to escape! I know we're at a disadvantage , but that doesn't mean we can't win, since we're alive and they're not, lol.

Think of something girl ... agh ¿ What else said he would encourage work makes a while ..? Right tuna? I don't have tuna ... but he doesn't know that, well, I know what to do.


* fiu-fiu *


I whistled at the cat to get his attention and it seems like it worked as he turned his head all the way in my direction.


"Order now and you can get one more canned tuna as a gift!"


" Ugghh ------"


"This is a limited time offer! Call now or forever regret it ~!"


That last sentence seems to have been the decisive factor to completely convince the cat, his eyes widened in surprise and he glared at my direction.


"Hey you!

Tell me where the ghosts are! "


The little monster dropped his guard and one of the ghosts sneaked up to his left to give him a scare, but surprise buddy, I saw you!


"" To your left! "


He turned quickly and without hesitation, threw fire directly on the face of the prankster ghost, burning and causing cries of the pain, it succeeded! Now we can fight them!

I barely managed to get up from the ground with all the pain I felt in my joints, both from fatigue and from falling , my legs almost failed me , but I managed to maintain my posture and I stood behind the cat to be his shield in case of emergency.


"I-i gave! Let 's keep well and hunt down all You know !"


It seems that his motivation returned to him thanks to the blow he gave the ghost and it seems that that alerted the other two who were still unharmed, looking at us dumbfounded by our "great" teamwork, they even stopped laughing , now the thing got serious .


" Yosh ! Take charge of the attack, boy I 'll be your shield!"


I was never good at using my magic to attack, although I think it's because I never used it for those purposes, just to defend myself from other people, now I hope to put it to good use for this moment.


" Funnaa -----!"


One of the ghosts tried to throw an object on the ground, which was a broken photo frame , but it never touched us since, as I said, it would be the cat's shield and I used a ridiculous little magic "trick" to avoid it.


"To your right!"


The ghosts still kept trying to get close to us to scare us away and threw different objects in our direction, but they couldn't beat our great defense and attack, it even seemed like we were in sync with each other, is this how the trainers feel po k ** on when they are fighting in battles? Because I'm feeling a lot of adrenaline rushing through my body and a bubbling emotion is felt on my skin, it's like in the anime!


"Watch your back!"


" Funnaaaa -----!"


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~


I don't know how long we were fighting with the ghosts, but I think it was a long time ago, we are both tired of this and it shows in our fatigued bodies and heavy breathing, but we still can't back down until we have scared all three of them away.

Only one last shot of the cat's flames was all that was needed to accomplish our mission of casting out the ghosts.


"H- hi - hiiiiiiiiii !

Our existence will be erased! Run! "


'we ... we did it'


The three ghosts retreated terrified by our precarious combination, but effective against them, getting more deeply into the house and disappeared from our view.


"W- what? .. I won?"


It seemed as if not believing that you have won before three ghosts, two vs. three is a small disadvantage if you think about it , but even so we did, even relief that ran through my body felt so good I let my legs surrendered and I fell to the ground sitting, releasing the air accumulated in my lungs in a long sigh.


"Thank you"


" Hah ... hi ... it was very ssca ... No, it wasn't that scary at all you know!"


Like me, he seemed to suddenly compose himself from the fright that we were given by those ghosts, he even returned to his arrogant personality from one moment to the next.


"With what I can do, it's a piece of cake you know! Did ghosts see that? They lost!"


'fu fu ~… what a funny little creature ~'


It seems that the rain has stopped falling and the cold left by the ghosts is not as intense as before, it is a good sign that they are not around us.

I approached the cat, which I still can't remember his name, to thank him for his help, I know this was a team effort, but he looks so cute as he moves his entire furry body with emotion that I'm just going to let enjoy the moment.




" Hmm ?"


I was crouched in front of him supporting one of my knees on the ground so that our glances coincided, we stared at each other for a few seconds and then I extended my left hand to caress his head avoiding the flames from his ears, he shuddered from the physical contact that I am giving, but little by little she got used to the gentle caresses I'm giving her that I even close my eyes with pleasure. Indeed, he is a wild creature, who is also an idiot, but a cute idiot.


"Fu fu ~, you are cute ~"


" Nhgnyah ..."


It seems that he does not like cute tell you that furrowed the c ENO when I did, I do not care, insurance'll tell you more often, if we keep staying here together.

Some footsteps that I have heard before resounded throughout the place, when I looked where they came from I saw the director himself inside the ramshackle bedroom.


"Good evening. Your kind server brought you dinner ~"


It seems that just came here to bring me dinner, so subject "friendly" we have here, even if she looks like a good smoke r . Now that I think about it ... I have many things to discuss with him, I hope he has time to do so because tonight is not over yet.


"It's the monster that caused uproar in the ceremony! It was assumed that would remove, ¿ Why is here !?"


Both his voice and his cheerful personality had a 180 degree turn as soon as he saw that the monster that caused a ruckus was with me , that seems to have annoyed him a lot.


" Hmph ! I kicked out the ghosts, you know! Be grateful!"


I have a bad feeling that this arrogant attitude is going to get him a lot of trouble in the future, please don't involve me in that.


"Hm? What do you mean?"


Fuck me ... the school principal himself ... Didn't you know there were ghosts in the dorm that so "kindly" offered me to host me? This has to be a joke ... but his confused face tells me everything, apparently I'll have to explain what happened.


"Well, let me explain: three joking ghosts appeared to annoy us, so we defended ourselves against them to kick them out and leave us alone, oh and he was taking shelter from the rain"


I pointed to the cat to make my quick explanation more convincing, then I looked back at the director who seemed to be thinking of something.


"Now that I think about it, there used to be mischievous ghosts living here, causing the students to walk away.

Making this place an empty bedroom . "


'He would have told me from the beginning ...'


If I had mentioned it from the beginning, it would have given me time to put salt in the place and make a protective circle or move them away, but it seems that he completely forgot about that topic , is he serious ? Can not be…


"But then, hmm ... for the two of you to team up and chase away those ghosts ..."


I would like you to stop making so much suspense with what you want to say, the despair of knowing what you want to refer to is slowly killing me, come on man, I don't have all night!


"I don't think it was really a team, you know.

That human was just looking and I only did it for canned tuna ? "


"Eh ?! If it was because of me that those ghosts didn't hurt you! I was the one defending and you were the attacker!"


"… Wait ah! I haven't received my canned tuna yet !"


"It's because still not went to buy!"


We were both growling at each other like we were wild animals, well he is, I'm just an otaku girl, but it annoys me that he thinks I did nothing! I also faced ghosts with him! He can't come and say it was not a team effort! Anyway, I don't behave like a girl, so I retreated my defensive stance and placed my hands on my hips while sighing tiredly, young fights are not my thing anymore.


"Anyway, just meet é my word, but not now"


"You two can I see you defeat the ghosts one more time?"


We both looked at the director at the same time, that I remember we already scared off all the ghosts ...


"But we already chased away all the ghosts you know !

"Putting that aside, my canned tuna "


"Can you wait a bit? All the stores must be closed, and by the way, I have no money!"


"My caneeeen tuuuuna!"


"I. don't. have. canned. tuna"


"I'll play the ghost"


Thanks director do that we cut our child struggle cans tuna , I've saved words.


"If you were able to win me over, I'll give you canned tuna . Since I'm very nice."


I think that seems like a fair deal ... if it weren't for that fight with the previous ghosts was complicated and we would have to face a guy who doesn't seem to be weak. I wonder what his ghost performance will be like , I hope it's funny.


"Well then, transformation potion * Glup ! *


Fuck me… he literally turned into a ghost, a fucking ghost! ¿ Drinking a potion ... transformation? I thought only existed in the anime and video games, but it seems that if you can make in reality ... I wonder if my world were like that, I have to stop rambling, have another ghost "exorcise" against mine .


"Well ... you look good in that same way"


The director smiled pleased at my attempt at flattery and distasteful compliment, I hope that helps it not destroy us.


" Eeeeh … I don't want to, you know. It's so annoying, and being with this human again…"


"Hey you know ... this might be your chance to sign up ~"


" Ughh ……"


It seems that I manipulated a nerve of his again because his expression of disinterest disappeared and emotion invaded his small and furry body.


"This will be the last time you know!
And it is better than seriously give me my tuna canning! "


"Whatever you say sweetie, I 'll be the defense again so I'll leave the attack to you!"


We returned to the same position we used to defend ourselves from ghosts, with the cat in front and me in the back ready to repel the attacks that the director sends us , this will be infallible!


"It's time darling! Show your potential ~"


My words seem to be very motivating for the little kitten who was on all fours on the ground facing the director, he even seems excited and very motivated by the battle as he wags his tail in different directions.

This will get interesting.

Chapter Text

My words seem to be very motivating for the little kitten who was on all fours on the ground facing the principal, he even seemed excited and highly motivated by the battle as he wagged his tail in different directions.

This will get interesting.

The director, who took distance from us, also seemed motivated and ready for what was approaching us, he began to turn from one direction to another while still staying in our field of vision, but little by little his movement became more and more Quick, we estab to making things difficult on purpose and the cat and me and it cost us follow his movements.

Suddenly he threw a small piece of the table in our direction, I was lucky to see it just in time before it hit us and I used my "little trick" to avoid the damage, which was a little spell that my grandfather taught me enchantment of the bubbles, if it is a ridiculous name, but serves to confuse people for q HAT serves ... bubbles just do magic? it depends on your imagination to give any useful purpose.


" Gyaaahh ! Hey , be more careful, human!"


"Watch out for the right!"


Damn monster cat, he let his guard down with the headmaster and almost grabbed him from behind! Luckily, his reaction to my words was very quick and he counterattacked, unfortunately he did not hit the director because he dodged him very easily.

You can see with the naked eye the difference in level between him and the two of us, it is abysmal, you can see the years of practice and use of his magic, we could lose so easily if we make a single wrong move.


'this is worrying, but also very exciting'


It is a bit reassuring to see that he is not attacking us with the intention of hurting us, if that were the case, we would not get out of it well, even so, there is a small danger that we will end up with physical damage if we do not watch our backs.

It's exciting, I never thought I could fight with a monster really or against a magician so high, this even feel like my game from childhood and I are facing the high command! Just a little more!


"Come on boy, just a little more!"


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~


" Funnaaa -------!"


Only one blow of all those he gave reached the director right in the chest, it does not seem that it did him any harm, but his surprised face was epic, I wish I could take a photo because it is perfect for a viral meme.

Little by little he descended from the top and reached the ground, returning to his appearance from a long time ago, he was no longer a translucent creature without legs that floated freely, he was that thin man with a party mask.

It seems that we are done with the fight against him, both the cat and I are exhausted, our breaths were agitated but synchronized at the same time thanks to the teamwork we had done together.

This was very tiring, so t or physically and mentally and my eyes are killing me, dry feel all the heat of the flames and my skin is sweating under these fabrics, not good, I'll have to wash them and do not know if Is it dry or do I need some special soap, hell, I hope it's not expensive.


" Huff … puff … what did you think of that?"


The cat looked like he had run the marathon of his life, his breathing was just as difficult as mine and his fur shone in the light of the flames from his ears, he did a good job.


"incredible ... that a person is capable of making a monster obey him"


Isn't that normal? ´

"Since the ceremony, my teacher instinct has been telling me something… it may be that you may have a trainer or beast-tamer quality. But then ………… * murmurs *"


I stared at the cat, who was staring at the director muttering at unimaginable speed, does he even understand himself what he's saying?

But out of everything he said, one thing caught my attention "beast tamer quality" that would sound like an unlockable title for some rpg / mmo video game ... wait, this is not the time to think about video games, I need to create a survival strategy! If those ghosts come back or some idiot thinks it's a good idea to mess with me, I would need something to scare them away and keep them out of me ... but what would that be ?

I looked back at the cat, then at the director who was still muttering, and again at the cat who was confused ... maybe he is of some use? He would just have to try his luck with him.


"Excuse me sir, but could you let him stay in this house with me?"


If I keep a formal language, I could convince him to let this little monster live with me, it does not look so dangerous, if you remove the fact that it reaches my waist standing on two legs and has sharp teeth.


"What do you say? Let a monster live here?"




The little kitten looked at me with those big bright blue eyes, like he couldn't believe I'm doing this, does he think I'm heartless? Sometimes only, but I need to get protection, first of all, I find myself in unknown terrain and without anyone I can trust, being alone will make things difficult for me and I need something that is useful to protect me ... or an emergency meal.


"Please good sir ~"


I looked him straight into his sparkling eyes as he made the sweetest "begging puppy look" I ever did in my damn life, not even with my grandfather did I wear one that strong, I even put my hands on my chest for the effect to beg me more powerful, which has worked, Crowley looked like he was hit with a critical attack . Excellent!


"* sing * I guess I don't have a choice… okay."


'I did it! I'm a fucking manipulator and I don't feel any remorse '


" Fnagh ?! Really ?!"


"But nevertheless!"


It was obvious that there would be a measure so that the mutant cat could stay here, nothing is free, neither in this nor in my world, I hope it is not something too difficult to fulfill.


"Someone who was not chosen by the Mirror of Darkness I cannot let him enroll in school, even if he will stay with you. And also, until you return to your world, I cannot let you wander without doing much, young lady. . "


"W-what ……? Lacking happiness, you know."


"Now, you should listen to what I have to say until the end."


I nodded firmly in understanding, I waited patiently for him to continue speaking his statement while looking at him with a serious face, this guy is going to make things difficult for me.


"We, the academy, are responsible for invoking your soul, as owners of the mirror of darkness who has made the mistake. Therefore, for the moment The bedroom you are in right now will let you use it for free, for now But you will have to pay for your own needs and your education. "




This is going to be difficult, I am a girl and I have other needs for essential personal use, such as hygiene products and my period; in addition to that I will have to get several elements to be able to transform this place into a habitable zone, in addition to the fact that I will have to study and pay the costs of the materials ... I would have little time for other things and the money that I would need would have to be a lot ... Can't you make me a scholarship student to save costs? I guess not since that would not benefit the school.


"As for what an empty-handed young lady like you can give… fufu ~ let's do this."


"* glup * w -what are you going to do to me?"


My body shook with fear, I hugged my chest in a vain attempt to protect myself and took several steps back to maintain a safe distance , damn it, it's a demon who does good deeds! Why did I follow him so blindly to this place? What an idiot I am ...


"N-no need to get defensive! I just wanted to ask you to complete some campus assignments."


Director Crowley was the one who seemed more defensive than me right now, putting his clawed hands in front of him in a nervous way, as if he wanted to avoid the misunderstanding he just made, if you know what he said might have been interpret in many other ways, except a pretty and healthy one? Obviously I would not look kindly if a grown man tells me very suggestively "what I can give" to do ... I glared at him, I still had my doubts about him.


"What do you think of the two of you working as 'maintenance guys'?

If so, you can take the monster with you around campus with my approval. "


At least Hearing those words makes me feel much calmer, at least I won't have to do something so strange and degrading with an older man.


"You can use the library like any student in this school, to search for information and also to study. Since I, really, am kind ~. But don't forget to finish your work."


" Eeeeh ?! I don't want to do that you know. I want to wear that cool outfit and become a student too you know ~."


Roll your eyes involuntarily, be a little more grateful, little one, luckily they'll leave you here with me.


"If you're not satisfied with that, that's fine. I can kick you out again."


" Funagh ?! I get it! I just have to do it right!"


Internally I am grateful for the director's threat to the cat, he silenced him and turned him into an obedient little ball of hair from one second to the next.

I looked again at the man with the extravagant mask, who was looking at me waiting for an answer, I have been silent for a long time listening carefully.


"Understood sir"


"So, you will attend this school as a temporary student and then you two will take over as the custodians of Night Raven College ."


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~


After that conversation, Mr. Crowley and I had another short informative talk on the living room sofa, where he explained several things to me: first, how the mirror of darkness selected me, even if it was by mistake, I was allowed to attend this Academy since I had magic like all the other students and there were no reasons why they could not let me attend (although that does not benefit me so much since I have to pay for my studies, materials for classes and study hard to compensate for the fact that I do not have basic education of this world). Second, tomorrow morning the principal would come back to give me some orders and a guide to my future classes and studies ... whatever, what worries me most now are the type of people I am going to live with at school ... male ... men living with each other for months… God, what a damn nightmare.


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~


Do not know what time it was, but saw that it was very late at night when Mr. Crowley went, leaving a dinner modest sandwich and an apple juice, along with some other food for the next few days : a bag of bread ready-to-use box, a jar of strawberry jam, milk in a bottle, a very small stick of butter, several cans of tuna, a damn bag of flour, a pound of sugar , half a dozen eggs, and loose tea bags of chamomile, worst of all, he didn't leave me any can openers for the damn cans, and some of the food has to be kept cold! Well, while there wo n't be , I can keep it looking good for a day or two ...

He also left me a small 150ml container of unbranded shampoo , a cheap rose-scented bar soap , a toothbrush that seemed most useful to use on a child, and the smallest toothpaste I have ever seen in my life. ... don't want to spend a fortune, uh, bastard ...

I will have to ration everything if I want to survive until I receive some money, although you can also inspect this house for money and valuable possessions left by previous tenants to earn some coins ... I will have to do that tomorrow since now it's night and I have to sleep, I'm supposed to have my first class tomorrow.


" Fuaa ~~ tuna ~"


The little cat, whose name is Grimm, seems so happy with a can of tuna between his little furry paws, he would feel sorry if he took it from his claws and snatched his happiness ... not really, I need that can of tuna, although I don't I like to eat it on a whim.


"What do you think you 're doing? That can is for rationing you know ?"


" Funa ?!"


Grimm was startled by my sudden annoyed tone and hid the can in his white fur, hugging it as if it were his "precious" treasure, this will get difficult.


" I know you want tuna, but we will need to ration food from now on or else you will have a lot of hunger in the Future Have if ?"


" Ngnh ..."


He still seems reluctant to accept my words, but I'm tired and I don't want to fight over a can, I just want to try to get some rest.


"* Sing * Look, when I get more money, I can buy more tuna, but for now we have r acionarlo while we have little food here understood , little one ?"


" Gnh ..."


I crouched down at his height and extended my hand, expecting him to hand me the can of his own free will, reluctantly he gave it to me grumbling angrily and crossing his legs very annoyed.


"Good, but only because I want you to buy a lot of tuna, you know!"


I couldn't help but giggle when I saw him pouting and I started stroking his head like I did before, this time he didn't seem so uncomfortable from my physical contact.


"Easy sweetie ~ I'll make some tuna sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, okay?"


"Oh really?!"


His grumpy expression disappeared from one moment to the next and a childlike joy overflowed his blue eyes, so tender ... if only he knew that I only have him with me because I need a "security guard" as an excuse, or else, I would have a meal of Emergency.


"Sure honey, I'll do some tomorrow. But now we have to sleep."


He unconsciously nodded under my touch, it seems that now he likes the way I stroke his head, but I don't have time to comb it so I stopped stroking him and put the can of tuna along with the other things in the box, which was on the table. of coffee in the living room, it was somewhat heavy and I could not take it with me so I better leave it where the director put it, then I took the apple juice and the sandwiches for dinner, I will take them with me since they are the lightest and fastest To translate, when I turned around I saw Grimm close to my legs staring with those huge blue eyes and drooling when he saw what I was holding in my hands, he wasn't even making an effort to keep the drool in his mouth.


"Have honey, a sandwich for today's effort"


" Nyagh nomnom , delicious!"


" magically " the sandwich disappeared from my hand when I wanted to give it to Grimm, that was very fast, at least he didn't eat my hand.


"Well at least I still have my hand."


I picked up my tunic from the sofa and walked back down the corridor where we had fought ghosts several hours ago, the floor creaked with every step I took, the wood was old, but it had great resistance.

Looking at the walls, I could notice different damp stains marked by the years, the doors of some rooms were badly placed and the interior of the rooms looked worse than the other: one of them did not even have furniture; another only had a closet and another only a desk; There were several others that were missing things or there were too many to move inside freely, it seems that finding a room where I could sleep would be difficult and I was already giving up ... that was until I saw one of the last doors on the second floor of the bedroom, near the At the end of the corridor there was a room that seemed to be in good condition, when I touched the knob I felt a discharge of static I could not help but insult.


" Agh … shit"


That hurt, I know it was static electricity, but even so was upset at the least the second time I did not hurt and I could turn the doorknob without problem, when I walked in and turned on the light I saw a fourth larger than the others have even more affluent and in better shape than you might imagine.


"Well I guess this is where I'll sleep"


I shrugged my shoulders and went into the room, I had n't realized that Grimm had followed me , I thought he would stay in the living room with all the cans of tuna and take advantage of the moment to steal them , but it seems that these sandwiches are now the most tempting thing for him.

The bed in the room only had a small layer of dust, as the whole place was somewhat messy and with a few modest furniture, there was even a mirror which was so dirty that it did not reflect my face , but it was more livable than all the others. other rooms if we compare it , so I just shook out the sheets and knead the pillow and then lay down on the old mattress.


"Man this feels like a cloud"


It might be an old bed, but my body was tired and this was the most relaxing thing I had in all this day, I almost fell asleep if it weren't for the fact that I felt the cat climb into the bed near me .


" Fugya ~ finally."


Grimm looked like a damn cat kneading the covers to go to sleep, though still not had dined, nor could let me sleep in these clothes little comfortable.


"Hey, Wait a while ¿ Yes ?"


I went back to lift reluctantly from the " comfortable " bed to try to find something to move me , I went to the closet closed the room and opened it as my own, just found some formal wear possibly be the uniform of this school I have to use tomorrow, better not touch them so that they are clean for the long-awaited occasion; I rummaged around the bottom of the cabinet for something better to wear at bedtime ... and found what I was looking for so much: a damn old nightgown that was used as a men's pajamas, those ridiculously long clothes you could only see in the old cartoons ... it was just kept in the only drawer of the closet, I do n't know if it's luck or a coincidence, but it suits me wonderfully.

I took advantage of the fact that Grimm seemed to be enjoying the freshness of the bed to be able to change behind the sofa without him seeing me, I may be a monster from another dimension, but even so I feel ashamed that they see me without clothes.


~ · ~ · ~ · ~ · ~


It took me longer than I thought for the bloody buttons on the shirt, at least the rest of the clothes were not a problem to remove, fold and put them inside the closet to keep them "clean".

I turned to Grimm in the ridiculous nightgown and combed my hair with my hands, but saw him trying to eat another one of my sandwiches.


"Oh don't even think about doing that ... I have to distribute them"


He did not listen to me and I look for one like it to eat, I hurried to find the rest to see if he had not eaten others and luckily that had not happened, there were still four more there and the juice.


"Well, you can have one more, but this is the last one"


" Fugyanamnam ~"


With how hard he chews and makes noise at mealtime I doubt that he has heard anything I said, it doesn't matter anyway, I think I'll only eat two.

I checked if the sandwich did not have any suspicious food, just some slices of tomato, lettuce and what I think is chicken ...

Wait , tomato? I took out a piece of the fruit to examine it and it turns out that it has the seeds included ... I left them aside in a safe place so that the cat would not eat them, if they serve I could use them to plant them and get tomatoes and have some free food, I am a very stingy genius .




" Ngh ?"


I do n't know how he ended up eating a fourth sandwich while I wasn't looking, but there was the bastard, eating part of my dinner.




I hid the tomato slice inside the bedside table when he didn't see me, I have to protect my future food source from the clutches of this monster.

I slowly ate my two sandwiches while immersed in my mind, I remember some tricks to grow food, they could serve me in the future.


"Hey are you going to eat that?"


"… I'm eating it right now"


He seems annoyed with me, but I don't care, he already ate for about two people. I drank some of the apple juice while we made eye contact, he still seemed to want to argue with you over the food.


"Well, you can keep what's left over."


I gave him a half-eaten half of my second sandwich because he couldn't bear eye contact with him anymore, and he made those " nom nom " noises again while eating the leftovers.

I also left him what was left to drink the juice and shook the crumbs from the sheets, tomorrow I could clean them off the floor, but now I just went to turn off the lights in the room.


" Funa ~~~~ that was delicious you know"


He seemed satisfied after eating like four and a half sandwiches and drinking half apple juice, even the bastard was massaging his hairy belly in circles.


"Well honey, it's time to sleep"


" Gnyah ~…"


He stretched out like he was a real cat on the bed, I just lifted the sheets and lay on the bed covering myself up to my chest, it could have been a more pleasant experience if it weren't for the bottom of the bed falling to the floor and we were It surprises both of them, at least the incident did not happen to greater and I just let it pass.

I patted the side of the bed to call him, incredibly he listened without grumbling and lay down in that same place: next to me.


' Oh, my God, Oh my God!'


It was exciting that he listened to me so easily, but at least now I could settle into a comfortable sleep.








I can´t sleep…