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Yuu Minamoto

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“Do you have a two?”

“Funna!! How did you know?”

“Cause you’re a dumbass.” 

“Stop fighting, please,” Yuu begged. 

The ghosts surrounded her, all three of them, and Grim as they found a packet of cards laying around. The ghosts could touch physical things if they wanted to, apparently, so they ended up playing a round of card games. Goldfish, but Grim just didn’t understand how to play it, so it ended in a lot of arguments. 

“I don’t want to play anymore!” Grim tossed his cards onto the floor, frustrated. 

The ghosts jeered at him, also putting down their own cards. Yuu stared at the scattered cards on the floor before quietly cleaning them up, no need to make more mess in this place where there was already a huge pile of mess for her to clean up. She stacked the cards neatly and tied them up with a hairband that was laying around on the ground before, ignoring the bickering of the ghosts and Grim.

As it seems, Grim probably got over the ghosts once she punched them and actually got all the ghosts to sit down and talk. Which means less fighting and screaming, but unfortunately, it meant more disagreements and bickering. 

“I have returned!” Crowley declared, slamming the door opened. Yuu watched with a horrified expression as the door creaked and then sagged, tilted one side. Crowley cringed before slowly putting the door back in place as if he was fixing a puzzle piece. The ghosts froze, hovering above Yuu with uncertainty while Grim just stared at Crowley with a conflicted look. 

“My apologies about the door,” Crowley coughed. “But nevertheless, I have brought you—”

Crowley’s smile twitched, staring at the scene before him. Three large ghosts hovering behind Yuu and the very creature who had caused an uproar during the opening ceremony hiding behind Yuu’s legs. Yuu also looked a bit more haggard than before when Crowley had first left her.

“Oh dear,” Crowley put a thoughtful hum out, “It seems I had forgotten that this building had occupants before. But you—!” Crowley pointed at Grim with a flair of dramatics, “I had you thrown out, what do you think you’re doing here?”

“Yuu!” Grim cried for help, practically crawling up her leg. The ghosts snickered at him unhelpfully, still there in the living room. Yuu jerked her legs slightly and nearly kicked Grim out of reflex, barely able to restrain herself. She then stared at Crowley awkwardly and offered a customary greeting, “Good evening, Headmaster.”

“Yuu, can you tell me why the monster from before is in the house?” Crowley asked patiently.

Yuu looked at Grim then shrugged nonchalantly, “I don’t know, but probably to seek shelter.”

“I must insist you leave at once,” Crowley told Grim sternly.

“No! Don’t throw me out again, I can be a good magician! I promise, let me stay!” Grim pled, running closer towards Crowley. Yuu just stood there awkwardly, wondering if she should be more worried right now. Well, she didn’t need to bother but she felt a little bad for Grim. 

“Excuse me, Headmaster?” Yuu called out. “Wouldn’t it be alright if Grim stayed here for a… trial period as a student?”

“I beg your pardon?” Crowley asked. Yuu sweated, this world had the concept of exchange students right? Grim seemed to want to be a student here, and she didn’t think staying alone in this building with only ghosts to communicate with was the healthiest thing ever. Grim would be a nice company.

Then again, Grim was like a creature so maybe it wasn’t the healthiest thing even if Grim was there as a company. 

“Well, we could put him on probation?” Yuu suggested. “Grim seems to be extremely passionate about having a magical education in this college. And if you kick him out again, he might cause even larger trouble so…”

“I’ll do a probation!” Grim instantly jumped at the chance. “I promise I won’t cause any trouble anymore if you let me be a student!”

“Hm.” Crowley crossed his arms, “It seems, Miss Minamoto, that we have discovered one part of your magic.”

What? What does he mean by one part of her magic? Yuu was confused, beyond confused. What did she do, did she do anything? Yuu squinted at Crowley, had the Headmaster gone crazy? He suddenly declared a part of her magic was discovered when all she did was punch and heal a ghost? Not that he should be aware of that fact.

Can he feel her do magic from before, did whatever weird thing she does before show up on her body that only someone with complete magic can sense? 

She’s driving herself insane right now with all these piled up questions. 

“I will only let Grim in under a few conditions.” Crowley declared. 

Grim nodded frantically.

“Grim will be directly under your authority,” Crowley said, “As you will be appointed as his dorm head.” 

Yuu grimaced slightly but Crowley wasn’t finished.

“Secondly, you will be in charge of teaching Grim how to integrate properly with your peers.” Crowley looked at Yuu, “In other words, teach him how to humanise himself.”

Yuu exchanged looks with Grim before Yuu nodded, “Understood, sir.”

“I’m not finished yet,” Crowley pointed at Grim. “You, however, will be on special probation. I’ll test your patience tomorrow. You’ll clean the main entrance and try to get along with students, absolutely not allowed into classrooms for at least a whole week. But, you may eat in the cafeteria.”

Grim was about to make a fuss when Yuu clamped a hand over his mouth, shutting him up. She smiled at Crowley politely, “I understand, sir. Grim will promise to behave as much as possible and earn his place at Night Raven College.”

“Right?” Yuu pulled her hand off Grim who had been struggling. He looked furious but nodded, “Yeah! I promise I’ll show you I can be a good student, I’ll be the best magician!”

Crowley smiled, “Aren’t I gracious for allowing this?” 

Yuu cringed, “Thank you, sir.” Then, she nudged Grim harshly.

Grim grimaced, “Yeah, thanks.”

“Now,” Crowley laid out a few items, “These are the male uniforms, as we do not have proper attire for females yet. That will only be available by tomorrow morning at the earliest and the day after tomorrow at the latest. I’ve gathered a few cleaning supplies along with a futon for you, as well.” 

“Thank you,” Yuu responded almost instantly. She reached out to collect all the goods from the Headmaster, looking into the large and heavy bag that was filled to the brim along with a few smaller bags at the side. 

“What about textbooks and stationery?” Yuu asked hesitantly. Crowley gestured to the big bag again, “At the bottom part of that bag, you’ll find textbooks and stationary enough to last you for a year. I do hope you’ll take good care of these items, Miss Minamoto.”

“Thanks,” Yuu said again. “I’ll do my best.” 

Never mind the fact she was still overwhelmed by everything, she’ll sort everything out tonight. When she sleeps tonight, everything will be fine, her mind will be cleared. Maybe. Possible. Fuck, who was she kidding, everything was going to be ten times worse when she wakes up in the morning.