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Alone Time With Her

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One chilly night in the headquarters of the Demon Slayer Corps, three exhausted demon hunters, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, and Genya Shinazugawa were sitting outside of their dorms after an intense training session, waiting for their rewarding food that their comrade, Tanjiro Kamado promised to cooked. All three of them began to grow impatient after numerous times of hearing the growling noises from their stomachs, until the strange boy with the boar mask stands up and violently screams.


Zenitsu turns to face the boar-masked boy and frowns.

“Even after all of that training, you still don’t know how to shut up...”

Inosuke returns to glare at the cowardly boy and clenches his fists, giving a sign of trouble.


“Both of y’all shut up! Tanjiro probably
checking up on his sister.” The tall-figured with the mohawk said, as Zenitsu places his hands together with an awe look on his face.

“You’re right! He has to make sure that my beautiful fiancée is strong and healthy!”
Both Inosuke and Genya looks at Zenitsu with an annoyed look.

“What are you saying, you idiot-“

“HAHAHAHA!!! GONPACHIRO FINALLY ARRIVED WITH MY FOOD!!!” Inosuke interrupted as he pointed at the figure near them.

Both the mohawk boy and golded-haired turned to face the exhausted Tanjiro with an basket full of food.
As he finally caught up to the trio, he quickly sits down and mutters an apology.

“Sorry for making you guys wait. I wanted to check on Nezuko first.”

Inosuke ignored his apology as he snatches the basket and grabs all of the food he can get, till Genya punches him in the face and falls to the ground.


Inosuke gets up from the Genya’s punch and charges at his attacker.


Before Inosuke could a lay finger on Genya, Zenistu grabs him and Tanjiro grabs the other hot-head.

“Stop it you two! Let’s just relax and enjoy our food!” Tanjiro exclaimed as he tries to break up the fight, but Genya breaks free from Tanjiro’s hold and reaches to get some food from the basket.

“Who said I’ll be eating with you fucktards?”
The boy with the hanafuda earnings tilted his head in confusion, as he watches Genya walking away.

“B-But I thought we were all friends and-“

“All I said was that I accept your offer of eating
some of your food, that’s all...” Genya cut him off of his sentences, not turning his back to face the trio he’s leaving behind.

“Just let him be, Tanjiro. That guy’s a jerk just like his brother.” Zenistu places a hand on Tanjiro’s shoulder, but the menacing tall-figured heard what he said, and he didn’t like it.

“The FUCK you just say about aniki?! YOU’RE DEAD!” He marches back where he once was but was once stopped again by Tanjiro.

“Just take your food, Genya. If you change your mind, you’ll know where to find us.”

“Hmph...” Genya glares at Tanjiro with a furious look on his face.
He never gets why he’s so nice to him, even when he treated them like trash, which raises Genya’s curiosity of Tanjiro’s act of kindness.

“Why do you want me to spend time with you guys that bad..?” He asked, getting both Tanjiro and Zenitsu’s attention, not noticing that Inosuke has already snatched all of the food and went inside the dorms of the demon hunters.

Tanjiro’s eyes widened with delight, as if he asked just a remarkable question.

“Because you’ve changed from the first time we met! You were filled with so much anger and confusion, and ever since you started training with us, going on missions as well, you began to change your feelings toward us!”

Genya’s face reddened, he completely forgot he could smell people’s emotion.

“Also, you act different when girls are around...” Zenitsu added, which Tanjiro nodded.

“Oh that’s right! When we first met, you put your hands on Kagaya’s daughter! You should apologized for that, whenever you have time.”

“Hey, I completely forgot about that! Do you think he’ll need to commit seppuku for that? He did put his hands on the master’s daughter after all...” Zenitsu questioned which send shivers to Genya’s spine.

“Crap, Aniki is going to kill me if he finds out about this...” He said inside his head, as he turns his back and walks away.


“Look, Tanjiro... I’ll admit it. I am enjoying my time with you guys, but I want to walk around a bit and clear my head. I need some time alone, just for a moment.”

And he was right, Genya needed some time alone, the stress from the relationship with his brother, the war with demons, the hellish training.

Tanjiro nodded his head at Genya’s words.
“I understand, Genya. Come find us if you change your mind!” Tanjiro replied.

“Yeah, and if you do apologize to the master’s daughter, try not to get confused with the wrong one, they all might look alike, but I heard one of them is a boy and-....hey wait a minute...? THE FOOD?!” Zenitsu screamed in terror as Tanjiro notices what was missing.

“Hey, where did it go?! Also where’s Inosuke?”

“THAT DAMNED PIG!!” Zenitsu said as he marches back to the dorms which Tanjiro follows, leaving Genya alone.


The tall boy just stood there for a moment and takes a deep breath, as he started to walk away from the soldier’s dorms, and began his carelessly adventure around the demon slayer corp’s headquarters, not noticing where he wanders off to.


It’s been a couple of minutes since Genya started walking around, despite being alone, he stills feel a weight on his shoulders

“Life’s sure is tough... war with demons, hard training, angry older brother, and girls...” Genya purses his lips and looks up to the night sky, noticing the beautiful full moon.

“Especially girls...I wonder if aniki ever liked someone- “

His train of thoughts were interrupted from bumping into something, he looks down at what he encounters and his eyes widened.
He take a few steps back as he looks at someone with a short petite figure, pale, light skin along with a set of large, dark purple eyes and white bob haircut.
It was no other than one of the master’s daughters, staring deep into his eyes.

“Shit! Not her!” Genya panicked inside his head, remembering his last encounter with the master’s daughter.

“Anyone but her! Wait a minute, maybe it’s not her, just like Zenitsu said...!” He takes a good look, making sure it was her. As he was done, he quickly turns his head away.

“Shit! Fuck! It is her!”

There was nothing but awkward silence between the two, the tall boy along side with the mysterious short girl, with a smile that look so forced.
Genya didn’t know what to do, only make things worse he gets nervous around girls, but he tries to start the conversation first. With a deep breath, he makes the first move to break the silence.

“Umm...H-Hello...” he greeted with a small wave.
The pale girl remained silent for a few seconds, but finally responded with a straightforward hello.


Genya felt a huge weight hit his chest, he was completely clueless on what to do. Suddenly, to his surprise, she responded.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it Shinazugawa Genya-san?” She said.

The fact that she remembers his name made him felt astonished, only making him feel bad from not even to bother to know her name.

“Uh? Oh...! Yeah, I-It is...” Genya smile as he looks up to the moon.

“It’s real beautiful...” he commented, wondering why this is happening.

Perhaps it was fate telling him to apologize for his behavior back then, he punched her and pulled her hair for crying out loud. Genya gulps as he returns to face her, still staring at him with that forced smile.

“H-Hey...listen, I’m real sorry about last time, you know? At the final selection...”

Still staring at him, not changing expression.

“There’s no excuses for my actions, I was wrong in many ways, I’m sorry...”

Still, no expression.

“A boy should never put his hands on a girl. No matter what! That’s what anaki would say...” He gave out a small laugh, but still, no expression.

The awkward silence was so intense that he felt like walking away as quickly as possible, but she finally responded.

“You are correct, Genya-san. There’s no excuses.” She responded with a menacing tone.


“I should quickly tell my father about this at once, and he’ll shall have you executed early in the morning.”

Genya’s eyes widened with fear.


“Just kidding, Genya-san.”

“......” Genya stood silent for a moment, but then he took a sigh of relief and let out a small laugh. He had to admit, he was about to piss his pants at any moment, sure wouldn’t want that.

“G-Good one, you really got me there...hehe...”

However, despite joking, he was still wondering how she could let out a small joke and still remain with the same expression.
Smiling, with no worries, all the time.
Genya cringed remembering the time he treated her, and the fact she stood calm really made him wondered why. Why doesn’t she- Better yet, why doesn’t none of them show signs of emotions?

“B-But still... I feel bad. I don’t even know your name...”

“My name is Kanata Ubuyashiki.” She introduces herself with the same monotone voice of hers.

“Kanata, huh? I-It’s a great name!”


Intimated by her silence, he was planning to talk nonsenses and thinking about some good topics that would come in his mind. At least to try to get rid of the awkwardness between the two of them.

“H-Have you ever been in town? Is really beautiful out there as well... a little pack, but it’s still great!

It took a while for her to response, but at least she responded than before.

“......No, I haven’t.”

Genya’s head shoots up with an idea of a conversation.
“Well it’s fun! Whenever you have time you should go check it out, and maybe-“ He quickly stops in his thoughts as he notices something odd.

Why is she alone? Especially during this time? Sure there’s no danger of demons invading, but he couldn’t help but wondered why one of the daughters of Kagaya Ubuyashiki is wondering around all alone at nighttime.

“Hey, Kanata... What are you actually doing here? All alone?”

Genya asked, taking a few steps toward her, but not too close that it doesn’t invade her space.
The small figure just tilted her head, as if he just asked a stupid question, not taking her large, plum eyes off of Genya’s.
Luckily this time, she seem to able to respond at the right time without the awkward silence.

“I always come here to watch the wisteria tree that me and my mother planted, whenever father don’t need my assistance.” She replied, tilted her head back to her proper self and pointing at the wisteria tree in front of them. Genya hasn’t even noticed that there was wisteria tree standing there, but then he might have find out why she’s really alone. Genya couldn’t blame her, as a matter of fact, he’s there for the exact reason.

“Oh, I get it... You’re having a ‘alone time’ !”
Kanata’s forced smile faded away, looking a little bit confused.

“Alone time....?”

“Yeah, you know... whenever you’re fed up with everyone and everything around you, and you just want to be left alone in peace.” Genya explained to the real life doll in the most simple way, but all he can get from a response is nothing but silence.

Why are they’re so impersonal? He wondered.
“Kinda strange, I’m having a ‘alone time’ myself too, Kanata-“

He quickly stopped whenever he notices for the first time ever, probably a rare moment in the history of Demon Slayer Corps, that Kanata Ubuyashiki, let out a small giggle. It didn’t sounded like ordinary laugh from a girl, but it sounded like it came from an angel, that it left Genya awe.

“I’m probably am having this ‘alone time’. Would you like to join me, Genya-san?”

Genya paused at what she just said and he could feel his face turn red from the offer of the beautiful petite figure, almost wanted to run back to the others and tell them what he just experienced.

“Umm...Y-Yeah, that’ll be great, thanks!”

Kanata smile once again, but not that fake one that everyone sees her with, but one with delight and pure innocence.

“Come then, let’s enjoy the beauty of the wisteria tree.” Kanata said to the younger Shinazugawa, taking a seat to the nearest empty stone bench.

Genya proceeded to sit next to her, taking a shivering position from the cold wind air. He slowly glances at Ubuyashiki’s daughter, and notice that she too, is also shivering.

“Shit...Kanata, is cold out here! Here, take this.” He takes off his gakuran jacket, and puts it on Kanata.

“Oh... Thank you.” She quickly turns her head away in some kind of robotic way, swearing he just seen her blush, which causes the demon hunter to do the same.
This was something so unusual, Genya couldn’t believe that he was actually having a conversation with the leader’s daughter. If he would’ve told Zenistu about this, he wouldn’t believed him one bit.
Genya slowly smile as he takes a good look of the wisteria tree, so beautiful and blooming, but perhaps the real reason he feels so at peace and calmed was because of the person sitting right next to him.
If he could go back in time, he would do all he can to stop himself from attacking her when they first met. That thought causes Genya’s eyes to widen and his head to shoots up.
He doesn’t deserve this act of kindness by the person he attacked, as much of it terrified him, seppuku sounds like a good choice for now.

“Ka-Kanata...I’m really sorry about attacking you in the Final Selection. I’m really am, I feel so ashamed, and I don’t think I deserve to have this conversation with you...”

She returns to meet his eyes once again, with the same pure smile she had earlier, and get closer to him.

“Genya-san, it’s ok. I forgive you.”

“Uh?...You do?”

She nods her head, and takes a view of the young, blooming wisteria tree in front of them.

“I must confessed, It did hurt. I wasn’t expecting that reaction, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to get assaulted like that...”

Genya wanted to kill himself right there and then, how could he been so stupid to attack such a sweet thing?

“But anike comforted me after the four of you left, and he said to pardon your aggressive behavior, since you demon hunters are put through a lot of hardship...” She said, not making any eye contact.

Genya recalled what Zenistu said about one of the Ubuyashikis being a boy, looks like the rumors were true after all. Still, He couldn’t help but feel ashamed for his violent behavior, that he needed to do something to make Kanata feel better.
He then notices the piece of wisteria on the side of her head, almost looks like that it has been up in the years.

“Hey Kanata, I’m no botanist, but I think that piece of wisteria on your hair is already-“

“I’m aware.”

Genya flinches from her sharp response, it almost sounded like she was upset.
This only made the tall-demon slayer nervous, hoping he didn’t offend her.

“A-Are you ok..?”

No response, instead she just keep looking straight at the wisteria tree.

“Did I said something wrong..?” Genya asked.
Still no response.

Fuck... I hope I didn’t got her upset from reminding her on that day...
Finally, she responded with a loud sigh, and slowly turns to face him, placing her hands on the piece of wisteria.

“It was a gift from mother from the day I was born. She said that its around 100 years and it symbolizes a long, peaceful life. But tell me, Genya-san. Is it really peaceful..?”

“Huh..? What do you mean?”

Kanata stares deep into his eyes, with no facial expression, almost making Genya uncomfortable.

“This war with demons. From what my older sisters tells me, it’s not getting any better, the government won’t help us, demons are getting stronger, a lot of our soldiers are dying, and the worst of all, Muzan...”

Genya notices that her eyes were flinching, almost looking that she might burst into tears any seconds.

“Both my father and mother lied to us. They said that everything will be alright, that they have everything under control, but I can see in their eyes that they’re sick and tired of it, almost like there’s no way out.”

“Oui... Kanata. D-Don’t talk like that...”

“Maybe any second now, the demon king might make his way over here...”

“Kanata...” Genya was reaching out for her, noticing tears falling from her eyes.

“He’s going to kill father, then my mother, then my siblings, and then me...” A different voice was coming out from Kanata, sounding shaky and nervous.


“KANATA!” His loud voice finally reached out to her, and she was snap back to her normal expression, but tears still falling down her cheeks.

“F-Forgive me... I didn’t mean to react like this...” Kanata apologize, turning her head down like a scared puppy.

Genya just keep getting surprises, first a rare laugh, then a beautiful smile, now a break down. Still, he sympathizes her, all this fighting with demons really stressed her out, and is probably the reason she’s out here in the cold. She was only a kid, Giving out instructions from her father, who has the whole weight on his shoulders can really break someone down.
As Kanata finally calmed down, Genya slowly places a hand on her shoulders, trying to be soft as possible.

“Kanata, I know you’re scared, but please don’t ever say stuff like that again.”

Ubuyashiki’s daughter turns to face Genya slowly.

“No matter how hard and scary life’s get, never give up, get up and keep on fighting. As a matter of fact, you, along with your siblings and your father are one of the reasons we keep pushing forward, you guys never give up on us, so why will I give up on you? Especially during this fight?”



“I won’t let a single demon, nor Muzan himself, lay a finger on you...”

Kanata’s eyes widened at what the demon slayer said. She was one of the reasons why they keep on fighting, no matter how exhausting it can be? Kagaya’s daughter was so touched by it that she couldn’t help but blush.

“As expected from the wind pillar’s brother, you have strength and courage, I admire that. Thank you.” She complimented him, wiping the tears with her purple kimono and then facing away with the same robotic motion from earlier.

Genya’s face reddened as well since he caught Kanata’s reaction, but her compliment really means a lot to the young Shinazugawa. Genya always admire his older brother, Sanemi. So strong, and courageous, that one day he wishes to be just like him, but for now, he’s ok with being himself.
Genya mourns for the dying wisteria piece on her, when suddenly, he comes up with an idea.

The tall-demon slayer with the scar across his face gets up from the cold, stone bench, and make his way towards the young wisteria tree. Kanata’s eyes follows him, wondering what he’ll do, only seeing Genya take a tiny piece of wisteria from the tree, and making his way back to his seat.

“I-I think this will look good on you, Kanata.” He said blushing horribly.

He carefully replaces the dying wisteria from her white hair, to a new, healthy one. Kanata’s eye widened and her face has turn completely red. She was real grateful for Genya’s comfort and sympathy, that she didn’t say a single word, but a pure smile was enough to show her appreciation to him.

The pair just smiled at each other for what it seems like eternity, until both of them felt a presence of someone, staring straight at them. They both turn to face someone who looks exactly like Kanata, but with black hair and a more boyish look on its face. It was Kagaya’s one and only son, Kiriya Ubuyashiki.

“Sister, is everything alright?” He asked with a emotionless look on his face, just like the rest of the Ubuyashiki’s siblings

Genya didn’t even notice that he was the boy, the first time they met, he looked really feminine. He was really hoping Kanata’s brother didn’t get the idea that he might have assaulted his sister again, since he was there when it happened.

“I was just having a conversation with Genya-san, that’s all. Is there something you need, anike?” She asked her brother.

Kiriya just looks straight at Genya, but slowly make his way over to look at Kanata. “Father needs your assistance.” He said.

It took a while for Kanata to react, but when she did, she stood up and takes Genya’s gakuran jacket off to hand it back to him.

“Keep it for the night, it’s cold right now...” Genya wanted to make one last gesture, but was rejected.

“Father wouldn’t approve.” She replied bluntly.

Despite being disappointed by her rejection, he slowly nods his head, and takes his jacket back. Kanata just bows her head and say her goodbyes.

“I’m glad we had this conversation, Genya-san . Have a good night.”

As she said her final words, she makes her way toward her brother, as they began to depart from the demon slayer. It’s been a while since Genya felt this way, and he really did enjoy the conversation with the master’s daughter, that he couldn’t just let her leave without him saying thanks.

He quickly gets up from the bench and calls out for them to stop.

They both did stopped and turn to look back at Genya, who appeared to look nervous.

“I-I’m looking forward to speaking with you again, Kanata...” He said with a sheepishly smile and with his face all red. All he could get as a reply, was her soft, pure smile.

“And same goes for me, Good night.” With that, they’ve began walking away.

Genya just stood there, recalling on what just happened. He couldn’t believed that not only did he talked to a girl, but to Kagaya Ubuyashiki’s daughter. With that being said, he put his jacket back on, and make his way back over to the soldier’s dorms. While walking back, he payed no attention to the cold wind air due to his focus on the girl he just talked to. Genya just couldn’t get his mind off of Kanata, and he’s was thinking about telling his experience with the Tanjiro and the others, but knowing their personality, it was best to keep it to himself.