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The Deviant Among Us

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February 2nd 2038 - Day 248 since the launch of RK100-51-07 (Starship: Amanda)

Crew status: 6 crew members alive onboard, no major injuries reported, no major illnesses reported.

All Crew are reported to have experienced a traumatic incident and are under peer-observation to ensure the welfare of the group. In particular, Gavin Reed, Hank Anderson and Nines Stern have been identified as having a high level of stress and have been authorised to take some time away from their duties so that they can recover. Responsibilities will be covered by the remainder of the crew in the absence of their crewmates.

Work Allocation Report (Colour coded processes available at workstations:)

Hank Anderson - Rest
Connor Stern - Administration and Canteen - Grey
Dr Niles Stern - Rest (On call for medical emergencies)
Gavin Reed - Rest
Fletcher Allen - Repairs, Maintenance and Engine Rooms - Pink
Tina Chen - Atmosphere and Reactor Management - Red


Staff Log: Entry Submitted by Connor Stern

* We're still on course to reach Space Station Jericho on October 3rd, as per schedule. No delays anticipated, navigational course still optimal

* Food stores have been mildly depleted by the airlock evacuation of the ship. However, we are now also two crew members down and so the remaining stores should be sufficient for the team. As such, there are no anticipated shortages or issues with distribution.

*Tasks are being covered to a reasonable standard and the ship is running smoothly.

* Suspected xenoform intruder breached the ship a few days ago, and it's suspected that it gained access through the hole caused by the asteroid storm - this has now been plugged and no further invasion should be possible. This alien creature took the lives of Rupert Travis and Daniel Phillips before it was detected, isolated and ejected from the ship via the airlock.

* Hank Anderson was seen to care for one of the creatures, believing it to be his son. As the CCTV footage will show, he was manipulated into assisting the creature and did so with no ill intentions to the crew or the ship. The crew of the RK100-51-07 kindly pleads that you consider Hank Anderson's behaviour with empathy and understanding. The perceived loss of his son for a second time has been punishment enough and we don't believe that he remains a danger to the crew.

* The crew have been advised to continue wearing their space suits in all areas of the ship, as we are unsure whether the xenoforms carried any transmittable diseases or toxins. A ship-wide sterilisation has been scheduled and will commence this afternoon on a room-by-room rota, starting with the medbay. This will also allow us to ensure that there are no remaining lifeforms, eggs or contaminants aboard the ship.

Time 9:37am - Admin: Connor Stern.