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The KnY NSFW alphabet

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A-After Care

He would always compliment your performance and embarrass you about the lewd faces you would make during sex,

then he would take you to the bathroom and take a relaxing shower to help you sleep, he would tuck you in and fall asleep while fondling your breasts.


B-Body part

Your breasts, remember that he fondles them to fall asleep. Your favorite part about him is is ass,



He would pull out and cum on your stomach, but when he would get lazy he just cums inside you.


D-Dirty Secret 

He doesn't have any, he always feels secure with you and tells you all his secrets.



He has hooked up with some girls while he has in high school, but since he started dating you he's always been serious during your relationship.

So you could pretty much say he's a GOD at pleasing you.


F-Favorite Position

He mostly likes the doggy position because he likes hearing the smacking sounds when your thighs and ass hit him.

And he also likes it when you ride him because he likes guiding you.



No. He is 100% serious.



He surprisingly keeps it pretty groomed down there, which you like.

You don't like feeling like you're being suffocated when giving him a blowjob.



He's pretty reserved about his sex life,

but he would say a few one or two things about how good you are.


J-Jack off 

He often jacks off to your "rewards" to him (Photos).

But it could also just be a regular selfie or photo of you on social media.



At first, he thought of the Daddy kink as pure cringe, but when you said it he started liking it, which explains why that's his favorite kink.

He also likes it when you beg for his milk while he pulls your hair from behind.






Since you always look like have an innocent expression,

coming home seeing you in sexy lingerie turns him on. He also loves being pushed to the edge.



He hates extreme BDSM,

a medium amount of pain is fine since you could handle it; but other than that he hates seeing you in pain.



He loves giving,

but he mostly likes recieving.



Rough and fast,

he doesn't give you much time to adjust to the situation.



Anytime, anywhere.



If you're ok, he's okay. Though the answers will vary.



He would last at least 10-12 minutes before he cums,

but he could last 6 rounds as his minimum.



He usually doesn't use them for himself, he uses them on you during sex,

he doesn't want to be jealous of a toy anyways.






He is very loud as he screams your name, though he gets louder during the end. As for you, you're loud too.


W-Wild Card

While you were in the teachers lounge, you pulled an all nighter grading the tests for your history class;

while he prepared the lesson for the next day. The awkwardness was a little vexing, but you guys one did a quicki on his desk.



He's packing a huge blow!

Confidence doesn't always come with nothing, as he has a 8 1/2 inch dick.

Be careful, as he never goes easy on you.



You guys mostly has sex during weekdays, as you guys always spend time together at work,

so you could say it's pretty high.



He always helps clean up and falls asleep when you do.