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Who's Scared Of The Big Bad Wolves

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It sucks being a bunny monster.
Even just calling them bunny monsters or bunny hybrids… people lump them all together as bunnies, not even bothering to distinguish between rabbits and hares because that’s too much work and who cares about them anyway.

Well, the males, at least.

Being a female rabbit hybrid or hare hybrid means many other monsters will care about you… just not necessarily in flattering ways. Females tend to be perceived as quiet, obedient, welcoming of protection… and of course, their incredible fertility is something that drives many knot-headed males of other monster types to pursue them, and when that happens, the male rabbits and hares inevitably lose fights against most other hybrid type males, leaving them without mates and often having to run away so as to not be killed if they remain on the territory another male claimed as their own.

Male rabbits and hares thus often live nomadic or hermit lives, which can be particularly difficult because their sex drive is just as high as their female counterparts’.
These monsters were not built for solitude, which is why it always pays to make a friend.

Lucien and Kiro met when they were little, competing at Ultimate Hopscotch. They became fast friends and when they grew from boys to men able to find mates, they realized they would rather be each other’s mates, something that definitely made the difficulty of winning over a female a non-issue but which also meant that nobody really respected their territory and would usually drive them out, causing them to live as nomads and constantly have to find compromises between burrowing and not burrowing.

They had just recently had to leave from the place they both loved the most so far, a secluded little area near a mountain stream that had them able to grow a garden and that was quiet until the fox monsters came along.

The fox monsters were so annoying. Prominently sadistic, cunning, and untrustworthy, no amount of “not all foxes” could convince Kiro to give them a chance and he insisted they ran as soon as he caught wind of them, which had them pack only the essentials and leave the life they spent the past couple of years building behind.

They were currently sitting in a small cave somewhere further up into the mountains, Lucien having lit a small fire for them to warm some water on to wash up.
They ate a modest meal consisting of some vegetables and a couple of slices of bread that were already almost hard as a rock. They brought a few loaves along, but having to ration them over the past few days meant the bread was no longer fresh and Kiro tried to not whine at how his gums ached trying to chew it.

“We should have made a soup with these vegetables and had the bread soften in it a little.”

He complained. Lucien looks at him, sniffling minutely, his long droopy ears pushing backward:

“We will do that tomorrow. This area has some berries and mushrooms that we can gather, replenish our packs a little, and find a way to soon obtain some heavier food. We are also still near the stream, so it would be nice if we washed our clothes, too.”

Kiro huffed, his smaller rabbit ears already down by his shoulders:

“You’re right. I’m just really tired, Luci.”

Lucien knew why Kiro was tired, he was tired, too. He scoots closer and wraps an arm around Kiro’s shoulders:

“Weaving around this mountain will take time since we want to avoid all the other monsters’ territories as much as possible, but I intend for us to go east.”

Kiro looks up at him, the orange glow from the fire giving his large blue eyes a fiery flicker:


Lucien nods with his signature small smile:

“We’re going to Loveland.”

Kiro embraces his own legs, eyes growing even wider as he shrinks into himself:

“But you hate Loveland.”

Lucien obtained his education in Loveland and Kiro has visited him a couple of times. It was noisy and crowded, something that even he was not a fan of, but something that Lucien, as a hare and thus much less social, particularly despised. But the resolute look in his eyes now has Kiro pause:

“Loveland is full of non-hybrids. Hybrids there have to live by human rules, which means no territorial wars and pissing contests. You buy or rent a place to live and that is your territory. You don’t endanger others and you can’t just take what’s theirs. It is a great place for hybrids like us.”

Kiro nods silently, looking at the fire. He would very much love to finally live a peaceful life, one where he could have a home he wouldn’t have to run away from, one he could thus get attached to and not always evaluate his meager possessions by how easily they could be carried in case of a sudden relocation.

“But you hated your time there…”

It’s dangerous to grasp at this idea because Kiro is used to having what he gets attached to yanked out of his arms. But Lucien nuzzles his cheek with his nose and smiles, kissing him softly:

“I hated it because you were not there with me. But now you will be, we will get jobs and we will have a cute house where you can build your little burrow and where nobody we don’t want can enter.”

Kiro sighs, unable to suppress a smile. It is everything he ever wanted:

“But what will I do? I haven’t attended a fancy school like you have.”

Lucien shakes his head, still smiling:

“That doesn’t matter. You have a green thumb, you can do something with that. Loveland is full of botanical gardens. Or you can employ your singing talent. Or your talent for computers.”

“I haven’t even had a computer in years, with how we’ve been living.”

“You’ll have one soon.”

Kiro chuckles, wiping off some sweat from his forehead:

“You’re so optimistic.”

He used to be the optimistic one all the way until this last relocation, and now he is grateful to Lucien for taking over that role while he bounces back. He will bounce back, he knows, it’s just that he really liked their previous house and garden.
He goes in to kiss Lucien only to be met with a carrot in his face. His eyes widen:

“Is that the last carrot?”

Lucien refuses to answer, teasing Kiro with the vegetable. Kiro knows he’s right however and it is just like Lucien to give him the last of something they’re running out of.
They do end up sharing it, at Kiro’s insistence and Lucien then makes them a bed as best he can with the limited items they have:

“We are getting up early tomorrow and stockpiling on food and especially water.”

Kiro is trying to get comfortable, feeling hot under the flimsy blanket they have when it finally hits him why Lucien insisted they make camp there:


Lucien chuckles, fluffing up the backpack he is using as a pillow:

“You didn’t even notice you’re in pre-rut, did you?”

Kiro’s cheeks are pink, due to embarrassment, or feeling hot, it’s hard to say.

“I was just constantly thinking about our home and what we should do next.”

Kiro’s ruts are slightly more frequent than Lucien’s but Lucien is a great sport and always does whatever he can to help him out. They do sometimes sync and those are Kiro’s favorite ruts; when they make the phrase “fucking like bunnies” entirely true.

He flips onto his back, looking up at Lucien who is leaning on his elbow:

“And you?”

Lucien wiggles his eyebrows and smirks and Kiro just wants to jump him right then and there:

“Perhaps. I am not even chalking them up to the calendar anymore. I think you’re to blame.”

He leans in, brushing his nose against Kiro’s, and Kiro pulls him closer, kissing him until he can feel them both hardening and he feels his underwear getting wet with slick.
Rabbit and hare hybrids are odd in several aspects. It is as if nature knew that, aside from running and hiding, all they could do to gain the upper hand is fuck and so females are not the only ones who have natural lubrication. Kiro spent most of his youth angry that even nature views his kind as bottom bitches, especially when even his own mother would tell him that if he’s ever in danger and he cannot run, he can at least offer his body and hope that the other male would thus spare him.

He knew several male rabbit hybrids who worked as prostitutes and they have always been very popular, even able to make a great living out of it, provided they did have some sort of protection from a stronger hybrid. Their home village had a bear hybrid named Savin to make sure everything remains peaceful. Savin did offer Kiro to get into that line of work while Lucien was studying in Loveland and it was when Kiro refused that he realized they were not welcome back home anymore. The village thought that they were not contributing anything, even though Kiro grew fruits and vegetables and Lucien was a skilled medic.
Because, even among their own kind, rabbits and hares thought that sex was what gives them value.

He now pushes those thoughts down and it’s easier than usual because Lucien’s earthy scent and what he’s doing with his mouth on his neck are a great distraction in his current condition.
They’re frotting against each other and when Lucien pulls off of his clavicle, his pupils are blown and he is whispering through pants:

“We cannot get carried away now. We should sleep while we still have time. You know how bad it is to not have enough food and water when the rut starts. I don’t want to risk going out in that state.”

He was right, of course. Lucien was always right. Their pheromones could attract other hybrids and Kiro would rather chew his own arm off than have those gross foxes come after them.
But his cock has other plans as he keeps grinding against Lucien:

“Then maybe just a quickie to help me sleep better?”

He bats his lashes at Lucien and enjoys it when he sees his ears twitch along with the twitch of his cock that he can feel against his own.
Lucien groans softly and Kiro decides to play dirty, seeing how he is still indecisive so he sneaks his hand around Lucien’s back and palms his tail. Lucien’s tail is not as soft and fluffy as Kiro’s but it is just as sensitive and when his fingers play against the root of it, Lucien’s resolve always ends up crumbling.

“Just a quickie. And then you’ll be a good boy and sleep.”

Kiro loves it when Lucien’s voice drops to that purr and he nods with his signature big grin:

“I promise.”

Lucien pulls out one of his scarves from the backpack:

“You’ll also have to be quiet. You can bite on this.”

Kiro is already shimmying out of his pants and underwear, not even bothering with his shirt past pulling it up to his armpits. The rut hasn’t properly started yet and he still doesn’t mind clothing that much. Lucien promptly attacks his nipples, giving them small licks and suckles as he settles between Kiro’s legs, pushing his pants down just enough to free his cock.

Their mouths nearly crash together in a kiss when Lucien slowly slides in, ignoring Kiro’s arching of the spine and small moans that urge him to go faster. Lucien’s cock always feels so good in him. They do often switch, especially when only Kiro is rutting and Lucien gets too exhausted fucking him through it, but Kiro prefers this. He likes being filled and manhandled, something he feels Lucien doesn’t do enough of. Lucien is sweet, gentle and a big tease most of the time. It really takes a lot to provoke him into going hard and fast.

But this time, fortunately, he doesn’t make Kiro beg and whine. He establishes a quick pace soon enough and it doesn’t take long until Kiro is biting on the scarf and cumming all over his stomach, the fire in his eyes urging Lucien to resume his stuttering thrusts. He gets flipped onto his stomach and pinned down, Lucien’s entire body covering him, a hand holding his chin up as he lays pecks and nibbles on his jaw:

“So sweet… look how nicely you’re taking me. Such a good boy…”

Kiro nearly melts, his tail wiggling between their bodies, ears twitching as he is unable to hold in a whine, the squelching sound of Lucien thrusting into his slick ass echoing through the cave. He’s close once again because Lucien is rubbing just against that spot and he feels so warm and firm against him and in him and his eyes start rolling back…

Lucien freezes.

Being a wolf hybrid isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, Gavin would often say.
For one, even bear hybrids are considered more trustworthy than them.

It would probably suck just as bad to be a fox hybrid but Gavin finds little comfort in that.

Wolf hybrids are considered mentally unstable, violent, loathsome… other hybrids even say they smell.
Gavin hates the prejudices, especially when everyone likes dog hybrids, even huge ones with mastiff ears.
Because dogs are loyal and useful. Wolves are pests and beasts, the True Monsters of the hybrid world, as they often call them, even other hybrids, not to mention humans.

Certainly, there are some hopeful females, usually foxes, dogs, and raccoons, that dream about a wolf mate, having heard how endowed they are.
Other than the whole wolf-cock obsession, Gavin thinks that this is just self-preservation. After all, with all the tales of wolves being violent, he knows that some females must think that a dangerous creature is better off being on your side than against you.
And, if anything, wolves are also known to be fiercely protective of their mates. And overwhelmingly in it for the long haul and monogamous.

Speaking of, his lips curve into a smile when he catches wind of the deer that his mate steered in his direction. One well-aimed arrow and they have their dinner. Gavin emerges from his hiding spot and sees Victor approaching, the messenger bag over his shoulder bulging. He undoubtedly found a gold mine of roots and mushrooms. Why Victor liked mushrooms so much, Gavin would never understand. He thinks they’re fine if he can’t choose, but would never go out of his way to gather them.
For now, he dismantles his bow and flings the deer over his shoulder. Victor is already eyeing the carcass, undoubtedly considering what gourmet delicacies he can create out of it.

Gavin and Victor didn’t belong to the same pack. Not initially, at least. Gavin got cast out of his pack when he matured after a fire accident where his mother lost her life and he was accused of killing her. So he was forced to run lest he wanted the pack to tear him alive. He spent weeks thinking that it’s only a matter of time before his father, the alpha, finds him. And then he realized that if he was looking for him, he would have found him already.

Which was salt on the wound of his mother’s passing. Because his father obviously used it to just get rid of him.
In all honesty, he wasn’t surprised. It became obvious that he went from favorite pup to barely even considered after it became known that he was gay.

So he spent the following years hunting and living alone until he wandered into someone else’s territory and met the majestic young wolf he now calls his mate. Instead of fighting him off, Victor just warned him where not to go.

Then they met again and again, soon going on hunts together and developing a mostly quiet friendship that later became love and now they were going on 5 years together, Victor having had just decided to go wherever Gavin went with him. So, now the two of them were sort of their own pack. Their dwelling was nearby, Victor having secured them a proper house, which, in the forest, was not really common, but Victor proved to be extremely business-savvy, developing a trading business while Gavin worked as sort of a mercenary, usually dealing with this disruptor of relative forest peace or that.

They had a good life. Gavin loved Victor and he knew Victor loves him, too, even though neither of them spoke those words a lot.

They’re walking home slowly when Victor stops and sniffs the air and Gavin follows suit, immediately noticing what alerted his mate. Victor looks at him with slight surprise in his arched brows and Gavin nods:

“A rutting rabbit hybrid. Or two. Or possibly hares.”

Victor huffs and nods in understanding. Gavin is the one with more knowledge of those nuances, Victor only able to sense the pheromones but not knowing who they belong to.

They both stand there for a few moments before they realize they’re sniffing the air.
Rabbit hybrids smell delicious, even females, and neither of them is into females. But this one… the smell is still relatively faint, which makes Gavin think that the hybrid is either far or his rut hasn’t fully kicked in yet; but it’s nevertheless intoxicating and despite himself, Gavin feels himself start to harden. The way the hair on the back of Victor’s neck raises ever so slightly and his jaw tightens clues him in to the fact that he’s not the only one affected.

“We should go.” Victor finally grumbles but doesn’t move.

“Yeah.” Neither does Gavin. A beat.

“I’ve never smelled a rutting rabbit before,” Victor remarks, eyes discreetly searching the perimeter like the rabbit will hop out of a bush any minute now. Gavin’s ears twitch and he sniffs the air more intently, finally nodding toward a well-hidden little cave just ahead:

“There’s definitely two of them.”

“Two rabbits?”

“I’m still not sure. One might be a hare, his scent is different and not as strong. But definitely two males.”

Gavin remembers the stories he heard multiple times. About how violent rabbit fights for dominance can be. Some might be surprised, but there is a lot of kicking and biting, and while wolves usually go for the neck and head, rabbits go for genitals.
Victor knows the stories too:

“It doesn’t seem like they’re fighting, that would probably smell different.”

Gavin nods because Victor is correct, but then immediately realizes what Victor is getting at, his now definitely aroused scent in Gavin’s nostrils.

The rabbits are fucking.

Victor makes a small step forward.

“There is no way they won’t hear us approaching, Victor.”

“That cave only has one exit. That we’re going toward.”

“What are you even planning on doing?!”


As much as that idea makes Gavin’s cock twitch in interest, his eyes widen at his mate:

“But they’re probably hiding in there for a reason! They’re rabbits and at least one of them is rutting.”

Victor licks his lips, still quietly moving forward and forcing Gavin to follow if he wants to keep their conversation quiet:

“I’m not planning on harming them in any way, Gavin. But they are on our territory.”

Technically correct.

“The least they can do is let us watch.”

Gavin knows that Victor will not harm the rabbits and that he would even offer to personally escort them wherever they wanted to go afterward, and he can’t deny that getting to watch two male rabbits mate is a very appealing prospect but…

He can’t think of a but.
He wants to watch.

Well, the rabbits probably would have some choice words about that, but seeing how neither of them wants to harm them, Gavin is certain that he and Victor would just leave if that was to happen.

Lucien curses under his breath as he silently jumps to his feet, ears twitching as he tries to pick up more of those footsteps he hears. Two hybrids. He sniffs and sniffs and grows cold in terror as he pulls his pants back up. Kiro still has enough of his wits about him to stay quiet and Lucien motions for him to pick up his stuff:

“I’ll keep them busy and you run upstream, understood?” He whispers and Kiro’s big blue eyes widen even further as he shivers, despite still sweating in pre-rut:


“Wolves. Two of them. Probably males.”

Lucien hears Kiro choke back a terrified sob. That’s the worst nightmare of most hybrids in heat or rut. Wolf males, with their violent reputation. And the worst part is, there’s now two, meaning one could track Kiro down and the other could stay with Lucien. But… if Lucien could only somehow keep both of them here… Kiro could run against the wind and get himself wet and muddy in the stream to block his scent and hide… it might just work.

“I’m not leaving you, Lucien.”


“We’re not arguing over this. I’m not leaving you to die fighting off two wolves so I could run. You’re my mate! I refuse to live without you, even if I could.”

They’ve lost too much time arguing and the footsteps draw nearer.
Lucien grabs the long branch they’ve used to hang their little water cauldron over the fire and Kiro has pulled out his army knife from one of his pants pockets before hastily putting them on so as to at least not die naked from the waist down. There is still cum and slick smeared all over him but he ignores it, picking the perfect spot to ambush at least one of the wolves from. They’re basically cooped up here but that might also be an advantage since they could have an upper hand in landing the first blow.

One pair of footsteps doesn’t sound very quiet but the other one, following behind, is more cautious. Lucien’s and Kiro’s hearts are both in their throats, muscles tense as they get ready to pounce but the footsteps stop a few meters away from the cave.

That’s when they hear a deep male voice, sounding part-amused and part-annoyed:

“No need for aggression. We won’t hurt you. That’s why we were not sneaking in the first place.”

Another male voice, this one serious, but not sounding aggressive, addressing the other wolf:

“They would have heard us even if we tried to sneak. Especially you.”

“Me?” The deep voice is now shocked.

“Yes. I told you to wear different shoes tonight, didn’t I?”

Lucien glances at Kiro in confusion for a moment, still not lowering his improvised staff.

“My shoes were just fine for us to catch that deer earlier.”

Lucien and Kiro can now smell it. A freshly killed deer. The wolves were out hunting. Their noses scrunch. They don’t really eat or like meat.

“Yes, because the deer was supposed to hear you and run away from you and toward me.”

“Then why should I have worn different shoes?”

Two deep sighs. Kiro’s ears twitch and he lowers his knife ever so slightly:

“Why are you here?” He does his best to keep his voice steady and the wolf with the less deep voice replies:

“Not to fight. We smelled you.”

Kiro reinforces his fighting stance:

“So what?”

The deep voice chuckles:

“You’re on our territory.”

Oh, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Have they run away from foxes only to run into the territory of the wolves? But still, why would two males be… Maybe they’re the alpha father and son?
Where’s the rest of the pack? If they’re not here to fight…
Lucien, as usual, reads Kiro’s mind:

“We were unaware of that fact, I apologize. But if you’re not here to fight…”

The deep voice replies:

“One of you…” He sniffs the air audibly: “The one on my right is rutting.”

Lucien’s teeth grit and he nearly snarls:

“Yes. My mate is in pre-rut. What about it?”

The deep voice now laughs, ignoring the pleasant voice who tries to reply:

“Well, I and my mate would like to watch.”

Kiro’s eyes nearly bulge out of his head as he looks at Lucien:

“W-watch? You and your mate?”

The deep voice sighs:

“Yes, that’s what I just said. You’re on our territory and you’re rutting, meaning you’ll have to stay here for a while and we’re willing to let you, we’ll even escort you to wherever you want to go afterward. In return, we’d like to watch.”

The pleasant voice finally gets a word in edgewise:

“We won’t touch you. Just watching. You can lower your weapons.”

Lucien is not nearly pacified:

“And what if we refuse?”

The pleasant voice doesn’t hesitate:

“Then we’ll leave. This area is safe, so nobody else will disturb you.”

Lucien’s eyes narrow because he is still very much suspicious of the deep voice:

“Just like that? Two wolf males letting us stay and fuck and forage on their territory?”

The deep voice now sounds offended:

“Why is that so hard to believe?”

Lucien and Kiro both know that it’s unwise to answer that question truthfully. Luckily, the pleasant voice comes to their aid:

“It took me and my mate a long time to find this place and make it our own. I was cast out of my pack and he left his to be with me. Despite what you have probably heard about our kind, we’re not all violent bullies.”

Kiro sniffs the air. The smell emanating from both wolves, while certainly pungent with how earthy and musky it is, is not aggressive, or even off-putting, really. He actually finds it… appealing.

Lucien’s droopy ears twitch as he looks at Kiro and Kiro shifts his weight a little, lowering the weapon a few inches:

“Can you escort us to Loveland?”

Lucien is casting him one of his “why did you say that?!” glares but he says nothing and the deep voice hums:

“Certainly. I’ll be heading there next week anyway.”

“Why are you going to Loveland?” Kiro is curious despite himself and the deep voice chuckles, the sound pleasant:

“For business. I could ask you the same question.”

Lucien glares at Kiro again and answers:

“We’re passing by. Traveling.”

Kiro only now realizes that Lucien doesn’t want to reveal their future whereabouts to the wolves and he inwardly curses his big mouth. But… it will be a breeze getting to Loveland with two wolves for protection.

The pleasant voice speaks up again:

“Yes, we’ll escort you to Loveland. Does that mean you will let us watch?”

Lucien doesn’t even let Kiro reply:

“You stay in one corner of the cave. Both of you. And you leave after we’re done for tonight.”

The pleasant voice is about to agree when the deep voice rumbles again:

“You smell like you’re not far from your own rut, either. How will you get any supplies?”

Kiro knows that Lucien is about to retort something rude so he speaks up:

“You said nobody else will disturb us here. That means we can forage tomorrow morning.”

“Is this your first rut?” The deep voice sounds annoyed and the pleasant voice takes over:

“We can bring you some stuff tomorrow. I doubt either of you will be in any shape to forage.”

Kiro can’t deny that this might be true. He looks at Lucien, whose eyes narrow again:

“Excuse me for being skeptical of strangers’ kindness. It doesn’t happen often.”

“Especially if the strangers are wolves?” The deep voice bristles.

“I never said that. Is your listening comprehension always this poor, Growly?”

Despite himself, the deep voice snarls:


The pleasant voice hums in warning:


Kiro finds himself amused by this when he realizes that Growly, whose name apparently is Victor, and Lucien, seem to be the more aggressive halves of each pair, while he and the pleasant voice seem to be the diffusers.
The deep voice snorts but gives up so the pleasant voice speaks up again:

“My name is Gavin. This is Victor.”

Lucien finally places one end of the stick on the cave floor and leans against the other end, which makes Kiro lower his knife fully, too:

“Nice to meet you.”

“And you are…?” The pleasant voice tries. Lucien shakes his head as he moves toward their improvised bed:

“Doesn’t matter, really.” He throws a couple of small pieces of wood onto the fire, motioning for Kiro to approach him and speaking to the wolf hybrids:

“You can come in now.”