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Body Lessons

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Xie Lian is sitting in the library of Puji High School. He spends another Tuesday late afternoon with his nose stuck in a thick textbook and notes scattered all around the table in front of him. He pushes the light-framed circular glasses higher on his dainty nose and turns the page. The chair next to him is suddenly scraping back against the wooden floor and a body deposits itself into it.

Xie Lian glances up to the sound, meeting the eyes of Puji High’s number one delinquent, Hua Cheng. The infamous delinquent keeps his black silky hair braided messily over one shoulder. His uniform is never worn properly: the necktie hanging loosely around his neck, the first three buttons undone revealing pale, sharp collarbones. He has way too many piercings adorning his ears, and even multiple rings on his fingers.

Xie Lian is polite though. One should never judge a book by its cover. So he turns to the boy and smiles softly in greeting. He doesn't own the library, or this table, he can sit wherever he wants to, really!

Hua Cheng leans forward, propping both elbows on the table, cradling his face in his hands. He turns to look towards Xie Lian, a wide smile gracing his features, pushing his cheeks so high his eye is almost closed.

“Dianxia,” he says in greeting.

Xie Lian cocks his head in response. Yes, he is the student body president, but to be called Dianxia is a bit much.

“Hua Cheng,” he responds.

Hua Cheng visibly pouts.

“Dianxia, call me San Lang.”

“Okay, San Lang,” he nods again in greeting before turning back to the textbook.

He’s able to read a paragraph before he turns back to Hua Cheng. The boy hasn’t stopped staring at him from the second he sat down.

“Does San Lang need something?” he asks, polite as ever.

“No, this San Lang needs nothing,” he responds, his eyes twinkling as he keeps his gaze trained on Xie Lian’s face.

“Hm, then why are you in the library, San Lang?” Xie Lian asks, another tilt to his head in question. Hua Cheng sits back in his chair, but he doesn’t respond. He just stares straight at Xie Lian with that smile plastered to his face.

Ah but of course! San Lang must be having trouble in school, and he’s come to the library to study! Silly me, silly me, Xie Lian thinks to himself.

“If it is help you need, San Lang, allow me to help you study,” he offers.

Hua Cheng sits up ramrod straight. “Oh no, I couldn’t trouble Dianxia with such a thing.”

Xie Lian’s smile turns lopsided, pulling down on one corner. He nods at the boy again before turning back to his own work. This time Hua Cheng actually quits staring and pulls out one of his books from his bag.

He sets the books on the table messily in front of him and begins what Xie Lian can only guess is some form of studying. He’s twirling the pencil in his hand wildly in one hand and playing with the red bead braided into his hair with the other, but he doesn’t turn the page for a good five minutes. Instead, his posture wilts further and further into the chair and Xie Lian can swear he can see a little rain cloud form above the boy’s figure.

He turns back towards him once more with determination, placing his hand on the table next to the textbook to get his attention. “It’s no trouble. We can study together, San Lang.”

Hua Cheng peeks at Xie Lian from under his bangs. “Only if you allow this San Lang to help you out in return.”

“Hm? What would San Lang like to help me with?” Xie Lian inquires.

“Anything Dianxia needs,” Hua Cheng responds, smile returning to his face.

“San Lang, don’t you think calling me ‘Dianxia’ is a bit too formal?” he asks.

Hua Cheng’s face falls into a frown. “No, I think it suits you. What would you prefer I call you then?”

“My name is fine,” he responds.

Hua Cheng’s eyebrows knit together for a second. “Ah, I couldn’t,” he shakes his head. “Then how about...gege?”

“We’re the same age,” Xie Lian responds, raising one eyebrow.

“Gege is two months older than me,” Hua Cheng responds with ease.

Xie Lian sighs, clearly this is one battle he isn’t going to win. “Alright, you can call me gege.” The grin spreads back across Hua Cheng’s face.

Xie Lian turns his attention from the blinding smile in front of him to look at the textbook he has opened up on the table.

“Biology?” he asks.

Hua Cheng nods. “Yes gege.”

Xie Lian stares at the anatomical diagrams scattered on the pages. From what he can tell while glancing at the book, Hua Cheng is studying the muscles of the human body.

“Well, what are you stuck on?” he asks, leaning forward to get a better angle. Their shoulders brush. Hua Cheng stares down at the point of contact in lieu of a response.

“San Lang?” Xie Lian calls, following Hua Cheng’s gaze but not understanding what his focus is on. Hua Cheng snaps his head up to meet Xie Lian’s gaze at the sound of his name.

“Ah, um, this bit gege,” he says, pointing blindly to the textbook. They follow Hua Cheng’s finger at the same time to where it’s pointing at a zoomed-in diagram of the muscles from the hips downwards.

“Oh, you’re doing anatomy. Which part would you like me to explain?” Xie Lian asks, bringing his attention to Hua Cheng’s face once more.

Hua Cheng keeps his eyes trained on the diagram. “I’m not really sure where they are on a real person… Perhaps gege could show me?” he begins in a teasing manner.

Xie Lian doesn’t hesitate. “Of course I can,” he says standing up.

Hua Cheng’s eye widens in response, his mouth falling open in shock. “Where are you going?” he asks.

“Ah well, I can’t exactly show you in the library,” he says, like there’s absolutely nothing wrong about that statement.

“S-show me what?” Hua Cheng stammers, brain not quite keeping up with Xie Lian’s thought process.

“The muscles of course San Lang, isn’t that what you asked? I’m quite fit, I can show you easily enough on my own legs,” he tells him, gathering his books into his messenger bag before flinging it over his shoulder.

Hua Cheng can only stand up stiffly in response and nod. He shoves his messy pile back into his bag and follows behind Xie Lian. It’s quiet as they walk.

“Gege, where are we going?” Hua Cheng asks. He’s practically vibrating out of his skin at this point in anticipation.

“My dorm room,” he responds, shooting Hua Cheng a quick look.

“Right, okay,” Hua Cheng responds, nodding to himself at this point as Xie Lian has turned his focus back in front of him.

They arrive at Xie Lian’s dorm room a few minutes later and he unlocks the door. He enters and holds it open for Hua Cheng to follow. He flips the light switch on the wall and the room comes into view.

It’s a very simple room. The only items inside of it are the furniture that the dorm rooms come equipped with for students, not a single extra item to be seen. It’s clean however, looks barely lived in. Hua Cheng takes a hesitant look around.

“Ah gege has a single room,” he notes as he toes off his shoes at the door.

Xie Lian nods in response, setting his bag on a hook by the door and taking off his shoes as well, lining them up next to Hua Cheng’s. Hua Cheng looks down at the picture of their shoes next to each other and smiles softly.

“This is the room they give to the student body president. I insisted I didn’t need that much space, but they wouldn’t let me switch,” he tells him with a shrug of his shoulders.

Hua Cheng walks further into the room. “Where are all of your things? At your family home?” he asks, not facing Xie Lian.

There’s only silence from Xie Lian and Hua Cheng hastily turns around. Xie is gripping one arm with the other absentmindedly looking at his feet. He notices Hua Cheng’s gaze on him and jumps a bit, pulling a reassuring smile back onto his face.

“Ah, these are my things,” he says, motioning around the room. Hua Cheng swallows nervously, realizing his mistake a second too late.

“Ah gege, I didn’t mean…” he trails off, bringing a hand to rub awkwardly at his neck.

Xie Lian waves his hand in front of him, “It’s nothing San Lang. Don’t worry yourself about it. I don’t find much need for worldly possessions, really. I have everything I need.”

Hua Cheng nods, eager to change the subject. He rifles through his bag again to grab the textbook they were looking at in the library. He places it on the desk. Opening back up to the same page and then pauses, resolutely not turning to look at Xie Lian when he speaks.

“Gege, if this is too much of me to ask you, please say no,” he tells him.

There’s light laughter from behind him and he turns to the sound.

“San Lang, it’s really no problem. I’m happy to be able to help you,” he tells him. He reaches for his pants button and Hua Cheng’s jaw drops.

“Gege…?” he asks, eyes trained on Xie Lian’s hands. He fiddles nervously with the red string attached to his ring finger.

Xie Lian looks up, noticing Hua Cheng’s tone. “How else can I show you?” he asks, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

Hua Cheng blinks back to his face, expression particularly blank. “Right.”

Xie Lian nods in response, undoing the button on his pants before pulling the zipper down. The pants follow without hesitation and Xie Lian is left in just a pair of tight fitting briefs.

Hua Cheng stares at the pale expanse of his long legs and swallows. Xie Lian looks down as well. He knows the muscles of his legs are well defined, and nice to look at. He allows himself the compliment. He walks over to the desk and Hua Cheng’s eyes are glued to the movement.

Xie Lian leans forward to look at the diagram again, shoulder length hair falling forward in a curtain around his face. He pushes it back on one side behind his ear so he can turn to look at Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng drags his eyes up to meet Xie Lian’s gaze.

“Okay, let’s start from the top with the most important muscles, those are always on the exam,” Xie Lian tells him, rucking his shirt up a bit to reveal sharp hip bones. He runs a hand down the top of his thigh, towards the outer side of it.

“This is the largest thigh muscle, the biceps femoris,” Xie Lian says, rubbing up and down in demonstration. He puts pressure on the ball of his foot to flex the muscle.

“Can you see it well enough?” he asks, trying to catch Hua Cheng’s gaze, which is pinned precisely to Xie Lian’s shoulder. “Here,” he says, reaching forward to grab Hua Cheng’s wrist and place his open hand on his thigh.

Hua Cheng sucks in a breath, hand trembling slightly on his skin. Xie Lian tilts his head. “San Lang? Is something wrong?” he asks.

Hua Cheng shakes his head in jerky motions. “No gege, I was just surprised by how strong your legs are,” he says, offering a sly smile.

Xie Lian raises his eyebrows in response, but smiles anyway. “Ok, good. It should be easier to identify the muscle groups then,” he says. He guides Hua Cheng’s hand along his flexed thigh. “Can you feel it?” he asks.

Hua Cheng nods his head, eyes transfixed on where his hand rests on Xie Lian’s thigh.

“Good, okay. The one right next to it is the semitendinosus muscle,” he says, sliding Hua Cheng’s hand more towards the inner part of his thigh. “It’s not as large, hopefully you can feel it properly,” he says.

Hua Cheng’s hand is soft on the sensitive skin of Xie Lian’s thigh, tickles a bit too. He gets another nod in response. Xie Lian glances back at the textbook. The next muscle is on the inside of his thigh, and although he’s comfortable in his body, no one has touched him there before. It’s embarrassing, but Xie Lian wants to help out a fellow student, so he grins and bears it.

“Ah, San Lang, I might be a little ticklish here, so bear with me,” Xie Lian tells him. Hua Cheng’s head jerks up to make eye contact with him. Before he can say anything however, Xie Lian guides his hand to his inner thigh, bringing his bottom lip into his mouth to stifle any sound that tries to escape.

Hua Cheng’s lips part softly. “Gege… if it’s too much, you don’t have to continue…” he trails off, eye falling back to stare at his hand on Xie Lian’s inner thigh; it’s warm.

“Nonsense. Nothing is ‘too much’ for the sake of education,” Xie Lian declares, although he’s starting to feel a tingling sensation in his groin. He takes a deep breath before continuing. “This muscle here on the inner thigh is the semimembranosus muscle.”

Hua Cheng nods slowly this time, rubs a small pattern into Xie Lian’s thigh with his thumb, unconsciously trying to comfort him. Xie Lian presses his lips together not to make a sound at the feeling of his calloused thumb against his skin.

“And that... uh—connects to the gracilis muscle,” Xie Lian says as he takes another deep breath, “...which connects right here.” He drags Hua Cheng’s hand up his inner thigh, resting just a breath away from his crotch.

Xie Lian can’t help the soft exhale of breath he lets out at the feeling. He didn’t know it would feel like this. Hua Cheng’s grip tightens like a vice on his thigh, and he yelps in response. Hua Cheng’s eye goes wide before hastily pulling his hand off of Xie Lian’s body.

“Ah gege, I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did that…” Hua Cheng starts. He can’t bring his gaze up to meet Xie Lian’s face, instead he looks at Xie Lian’s torso. Something catches his eye. The shape of Xie Lian’s half hard cock, filling out in his briefs.

Xie Lian watches Hua Cheng’s eye go wide again and glances down to follow his gaze. He stares down at his own half hard cock with shock on his face, hastily bringing an arm in front of him to hide it.

“Ah, San Lang, sorry. I didn’t mean—it’s a natural reaction you see...uh. The skin there is quite sensitive, not that that will be on the exam, but uh, you know, just a fun fact…” he trails off, cheeks heating up with a blush. “Don’t mind it. I hope I haven’t made you uncomfortable. We can stop if you’d like…”

Hua Cheng brings his head back up to look at Xie Lian’s face. “I’m comfortable with whatever gege is comfortable with,” he says.

Xie Lian mulls it over for a moment before nodding. “Okay. Just know…” he trails off again, shy.

Hua Cheng shoots him his most reassuring smile. “Of course gege. I’m not bothered in the slightest.”

Xie Lian nods to himself before dropping his arms back to his sides. He takes a deep breath, then makes the same demonstration of the main muscles on the back of his thigh as well. He feels the ghosts of Hua Cheng’s fingers pressing into his skin even after he draws his hands away.

“Okay, how was that? Did that make more sense than your diagrams?” Xie Lian asks.

Hua Cheng nods in response, folding his hands into his lap. “Yes, gege was very helpful.”

Xie Lian brings his hand up to his mouth in thought. “You know, my legs are probably above-average, so I’m worried that most practical exams won’t be anywhere near the same muscle definition…” he trails off. Hua Cheng waits with a furrowed brow.

Xie Lian drops his fist into his open palm with an ‘ah’. “Of course, how did I not think of this sooner? San Lang, let’s use your legs as well. Being able to compare different body shapes is very useful. Come, take these off,” he says bringing his hands to the button on Hua Cheng’s pants.

Hua Cheng jumps straight out of the chair, startled. “Ah...gege, you don’t- you don’t have to…”

Xie Lian pulls his hands back, blushing scarlet across his cheeks. “Oh...I’m sorry San Lang, I didn’t think. If you’re uncomfortable, we don’t have to.”

Hua Cheng shakes his head wildly, hair flying around him. “No no… I’m okay. It’s just—I can take these off myself, gege needn’t trouble himself with it.”

Xie Lian nods, waiting, watching. Hua Cheng doesn’t make eye contact as he peels off his slacks, draping them over the back of the chair.

“Here, sit back down,” Xie Lian says, putting his hands lightly on Hua Cheng’s chest and pushing him backwards. He follows: gracefully, sinking back into the chair, legs slightly spread.

“Okay, so, I have to quiz you, otherwise we can’t really consider it studying,” Xie Lian tells him with a smile.

Hua Cheng drags a hand down his face dramatically. “Nooo, not a quiz,” he groans.

Xie Lian smiles at him. “I’ll touch a muscle, and you name it for me this time. And no cheating, don’t look at your textbook, I’m watching you,” he says.

Hua Cheng nods his head with a small smile on his face, “Okay gege.”

Xie Lian looks down at Hua Cheng’s thighs. He’s taller, so there’s more leg, but it’s all lean muscle while his own thighs are wide. He stares for a second, before a small red beauty mark nestled in Hua Cheng’s inner thigh catches his attention. His hand moves before he can think better of it, and he drags his thumb over the mark there.

He hears Hua Cheng gasp out his name before he can realize what he’s doing. He stills his hands, and brings his gaze up to meet a wild eyed Hua Cheng staring down at him. He notices Hua Cheng has pulled his bottom lip into his mouth.

“Gege?” he asks, voice not as steady as it was.

Xie Lian’s brain clears and he quickly pulls his hand away. “Ah, San Lang, sorry. I just noticed this beauty mark here, I’ve never seen one like it,” he says.

Hua Cheng blinks slowly at him before responding. “Ah, yeah. My beauty marks are red, don’t know why, they just always have been.”

Xie Lian tilts his head as he listens. “Interesting,” he says, before bringing his hand back to touch again. The mark sits directly at the hem of Hua Cheng’s short briefs, a bit obscured by the fabric there. Xie Lian pushes his thumb underneath, moving the fabric so he can see the mark fully. Hua Cheng sucks in a shaky breath.

Xie Lian marvels at the spot. It’s shaped like a tiny butterfly. The skin on Hua Cheng’s thighs is impossibly soft. He brings his head closer to look—and Hua Cheng finally puts a hand on top of his.

“Gege please, you’re gonna be the death of me.”

Xie Lian looks up to see an entirely flustered Hua Cheng, hand covering half of his face. “Ah! I’m sorry San Lang, are you sensitive here too?” he asks with another swipe of his thumb. Hua Cheng can’t stop himself, he lets out a low moan. Xie Lian freezes, stomach flipping at the sound.

“Oh…oh. I’m sorry San Lang. I—I—I didn't realize,” he says, abashed. He pulls his hands away to tuck into his lap but he can’t help but notice the growing bulge in Hua Cheng’s briefs.

Hua Cheng clears his throat once. “You know uh, there are other muscles to learn about that aren’t on that diagram.” His voice is barely a whisper when he speaks, unable to meet Xie Lian’s eyes.

“What do you…” Xie Lian begins before Hua Cheng is shooting up to his feet. He takes a step towards Xie Lian and dips his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs. A fine dusting of pink coats his cheeks.

“Under here, gege. Will you teach me?” he asks, pulling the fabric a bit lower on Xie Lian’s hips.
Xie Lian pales, not finding it within himself to respond, just parts his lips softly. His brain might be short circuiting at this point.

Hua Cheng watches him then. Xie Lian stares at his thumbs dipping into the fabric.

“Ah, right, sorry gege. That was far too forward of me, please forget I mentioned it—” he begins rambling an apology, moving to pull his hands away.

Xie places his hands over Hua Cheng’s on his hips before he can pull them away. “Sorry San Lang, I was just shocked, truly. I can show you.”

“Gege, no. You have nothing to apologize for,” he says, swallowing audibly. “I’ gege to show me though...if he’s willing.”

Their gazes when they meet again are sparked with heat. Xie Lian makes a tiny nod before pulling his briefs, down and off in one quick movement. His cock bounces freely between them and Hua Cheng sucks in another breath at the sight. They stand there for a moment, air heavy between them before Xie Lian clears his throat. Hua Cheng is staring, and there’s a swooping feeling in his stomach again.

“Ah, maybe San Lang too…?” he asks in a small voice, unsure.

Hua Cheng blinks at him a few times before nodding his head fervently.

“To know,” Xie Lian mumbles out. He watches as Hua Cheng dips his own thumbs into the waistband of his briefs and pulls them down. Xie Lian’s mouth goes dry at the sight. Hua Cheng is big.

They both stand there, cocks out, staring at each other.

Xie Lian laughs, breaking the silence. “Did you know San Lang, that the penis isn’t actually a muscle? It’s all a big common misconception because people like to refer to it as the ‘love muscle.’ Isn’t that silly?” he says.

Hua Cheng blinks at him, “I didn’t know that gege,” he says.

Xie Lian smiles in response, tension leaving his body in waves. “Yeah, however there’s plenty of muscles in the butt,” he says.

Hua Cheng barks out a laugh. Xie Lian pouts in response, smacking his chest lightly. “San Lang! Don’t laugh, what else am I supposed to call it?” he bemoans.

Hua Cheng continues laughing. “Ah gege, call it… I don’t know? Even ass sounds better.”

Xie Lian frowns. “Ass isn’t the correct medical terminology,” he argues, although he can’t keep the pout for long, joining Hua Cheng with his own laughter.

“Consider this extracurricular then. Only the diagram will be on the exam gege, you can use the informal names,” he says, taking a step forward.

Xie Lian’s cheeks heat again, “Ah San Lang, I’m not sure...that’s my area of expertise…” he trails off.

Hua Cheng smiles in response. “Ah, well then, let this San Lang teach gege some things instead. Mutually beneficial,” he hums.

Xie Lian looks up at him, slightly troubled expression on his face. “What do you mean?” he asks.

“Can I touch you, gege?” Hua Cheng asks.

Xie Lian nods slowly. “Yes.”

Hua Cheng smiles even wider before closing the distance between them and placing two large hands firmly on Xie Lian’s ass. Xie Lian gasps in response, stumbling forward into Hua Cheng’s chest.

“San Lang!” Xie Lian exclaims.

Hua Cheng chuckles, vibrations travelling directly into Xie Lian through their connected chests.

“Gege, pay attention, I’m teaching,” he reproaches playfully. He squeezes Xie Lian’s ass lightly and he yelps in response.

“ the ass,” he declares with a mischievous grin.

“San Lang!” Xie Lian shouts with another playful smack to Hua Cheng’s chest. Hua Cheng’s hands are hot on his skin. “Of course I know at least that…”

“Oh? Then does gege know about one of the strongest muscles in the human body?” Hua Cheng asks, tilting his head at the question.

Xie Lian furrows his brow in thought. Hua Cheng doesn’t give him proper time to answer before he slides one long finger down the crease of Xie Lian’s ass, rubbing lightly over his rim.

Xie Lian gasps, hands clenching into the fabric of Hua Cheng’s shirt. “San Lang!”

Hua Cheng laughs again. “Gege, it’s educational. This—” he rubs his finger against Xie Lian’s rim again, “is a very, very important muscle.”

Xie Lian shudders against him, burying his face into Hua Cheng’s chest.

“Gege? Are you okay?” Hua Cheng asks, momentarily stilling his fingers.

Xie Lian’s voice is muffled against his chest.

“Gege, I can’t hear you,” he says, bringing a hand to cup Xie Lian’s face and bring it out of his chest so he can make eye contact.

Xie Lian’s face is bright red, and warm to the touch. “It feels… weird San Lang,” he says, voice small.

Hua Cheng rubs a small circle into his jawline. “It feels weird at first, yes, but it can also feel very good gege. I can show you… if you want,” he says.

Xie Lian blinks up at him. “Good? How?” he asks; he’s never studied this part of the body in detail before.

Hua Cheng smiles. “Would you like this San Lang to teach gege?” he asks. Xie Lian nods his head shyly in response. “Okay,” Hua Cheng says, pulling away from him.

Xie Lian makes a sound of protest of the loss of warmth.

“Ah gege, just wait, I need to grab something from my bag,” Hua Cheng calls as he searches. He grabs the travel sized bottle of lube he keeps in his bag for ‘emergencies’, and places it on the desk.

Xie Lian stares at it. Some kind of...oil? Lotion? He’s never seen it before. Hua Cheng turns then, plopping back down into the chair and motioning with his hands for Xie Lian.

“Gege, come here,” he says, patting his thighs.

Xie Lian stares at him, stepping closer hesitantly. “San Lang...where…?” he asks.

Hua Cheng reaches out a hand to grab Xie Lian’s wrist, pulling him forward till he’s standing in between Hua Cheng’s open legs. “Here, gege,” he says, patting his lap again.

Xie Lian blushes furiously, “You mean…?” he trails off.

Hua Cheng chuckles. “Gege, why are you shy? It’s just me. Come, sit on my lap, it’ll be easier for you,” he tells him.

“Easier,” Xie Lian repeats, nodding to himself before daintily straddling Hua Cheng on the very tops of his knees. Their thighs press together.

“Gege, come closer, you’re too far away,” Hua Cheng says, putting his hands supportively on Xie Lian’s waist and pulling. Xie Lian follows, squirming his way up Hua Cheng’s lap. Hua Cheng doesn’t stop tugging until they’re pressed together, chest to chest.

Xie Lian’s breath is coming to him in short gasps already. Hua Cheng watches him, rubbing circles into his waist.

“Ah, sorry San Lang, I’ve just… never been this close to someone before. I’m a bit nervous,” he says, gaze dropping to his flushed cock resting between them.

“Gege never has to apologize to me. It’s normal to be nervous. I’m nervous too, you know?” he tells him. He brings a hand up to cup Xie Lian’s face again, reverently. “Trust me. Let me make you feel good, gege.”

Xie Lian takes a deep breath, a smile gracing his face. “Okay San Lang. I trust you,” he tells him.

Hua Cheng glances down at both of their cocks, already leaking onto their shirts. “Ah, gege, just one more thing. We should probably take these off, so they don’t get dirty,” He says, tugging at the collar of his shirt.

“Ah… right. Of course,” he replies. They both unbutton their tops in silence, letting them slip to the floor with the other discarded clothing. Xie Lian brings his arms hesitantly to drape over Hua Cheng’s shoulders, burying his face in his neck. He feels the hot press Hua Cheng’s gaze all over his body, he shivers slightly.

“Ready, gege?” Hua Cheng asks, reaching for the lube bottle.

Xie Lian nods into his neck, “Yes.”

He pops open the lube bottle with a swift flick of his fingers and pours some onto his other hand, rubbing it between fingers there to warm it up. He uses one hand to pull Xie Lian’s cheeks slightly apart, then brings his other hand with slick fingers to rub lightly at his entrance.

Xie Lian gasps into his neck, trembling slightly against Hua Cheng. He pauses, bringing one hand to Xie Lian’s back to rub soothingly.

“Is this okay, gege?” he asks.

Xie Lian breathes heavily against his neck. “En,” he replies, hugging Hua Cheng tighter.

Hua Cheng licks his lips before bringing his hands back down. He makes small circles against Xie Lian’s rim with his fingers, catching lightly at the ring of muscles before passing over it, again and again.

Xie Lian shifts in his lap, brings his face out of Hua Cheng’s neck to speak into his ear. “San Lang...what are you going to do?” he asks, ever curious.

Hua Cheng turns his head slightly to catch the expression on Xie Lian’s face. His lips are parted, and glistening, and a fine dusting of pink covers his cheeks. He reaches up to tuck an escaped lock of hair behind Xie Lian’s ear.

“I’m going to put my fingers inside—” he rubs a small circle right at his entrance—“here.”

Xie Lian gasps, pulling his lip into his mouth to bite it.

Hua Cheng runs a finger over the pulled lip, “Gege, don’t hurt yourself. It’s okay to make sounds. If you need to bite something, bite me,” he says, motioning to his neck.

Xie Lian licks his lips, staring at Hua Cheng. “Are you sure?” he asks. Eyes flitting down to the broad line of Hua Cheng’s neck. Hua Cheng nods.

“Okay, take a deep breath,” Hua Cheng tells him. Xie Lian listens, sucking in a long breath as Hua Cheng dips the tip of his pointer finger into him. The breath comes out of him in a soft moan. “Does it feel good gege?” he asks, dipping just the tip of his finger in slow thrusts.

Xie Lian’s breath quickens against his neck. “I’m… not sure,” he responds honestly.

Hua Cheng dips his finger further inside. Pushing in small increments until his finger is buried to his second knuckle. Xie Lian's hole flutters around Hua Cheng’s fingers, which only heightens the sensation. He waits a moment for Xie Lian’s body to adjust before pulling his finger out to the tip, then pushing it all the way back inside, searching for that special bundle of nerves that will make Xie Lian see stars.

He catches it on a push back in and Xie Lian bites into his shoulder hard, pleasure spiking up his spine. Hua Cheng lets out a low moan. Xie Lian brings his face up, panting softly, eyes wide. They stare at each other for a second.

“What...what was that,” Xie Lian asks.

Hua Cheng bites his bottom lip softly. “Gege, that was your prostate…” he says. “Did it feel good?”

Xie Lian stares at him for a moment before nodding his head in a small motion. Hua Cheng begins moving his finger again, brushing against that same spot. This time Xie Lian’s head isn’t buried in his neck and he can see the expression on his face when he closes his eyes and lets out another small moan.

Hua Cheng licks his lips. “Gege, I’m gonna put in a second finger,” he tells him.

Xie Lian blinks down at him, eyes a bit glassy, then nods.

Hua Cheng slowly inserts his second finger, Xie Lian clenching around them instinctively. One finger was one thing, but two feels like a stretch. He brings his lip into his mouth again to bite.

Hua Cheng brings his hand up instantly, pushing his thumb against the same lip till Xie Lian opens his mouth.

“Gege, don’t bite your lip,” he admonishes.

Xie Lian licks his lip, pleading in his eyes. “I can’t help it San Lang.”

He brings his hand to slide to the back of Xie Lian’s neck, pulling his face closer. “If you need to bite something, then bite my lip instead of gege’s,” he says, eyes locked onto Xie Lian’s mouth.

Xie Lian sucks in a quiet gasp, and stares at his plump lips. He leans forward, pulled by some kind of magnetism, and presses his lips lightly against Hua Cheng’s. Hua Cheng hums into the kiss, and he feels the vibration down to his toes.

Xie Lian pulls away hesitantly and Hua Cheng chases his lips. He waits there, moving his fingers inside Xie Lian in small, scissoring motions. Xie Lian takes a shaky breath, then leans back in. Hua Cheng’s lips are soft against his. Combined with the feeling of his fingers moving inside of him, he feels dizzy. Hua Cheng licks a lazy stripe against Xie Lian’s bottom lip, and he feels the hard press of metal against it. He lets out a small squeak. He pulls back a bit to look at him, bewildered.

“What was that?” Xie Lian asks.

“Ah, this?” Hua Cheng asks, sticking out his tongue. There’s a silver barbell pierced through it, it glints in the light.

Xie Lian stares at it, lips parted in surprise. “Oh.”

“Gege, open your mouth for me,” Hua Cheng tells him, thumb rubbing reassuring lines into his jaw.

Xie Lian slowly parts his lips and Hua Cheng leans back in to press their mouths together. The kiss is hot, open, and wet. Xie Lian isn’t exactly sure what to do here, but he does his best to match Hua Cheng’s movements. Bringing his tongue to hesitantly rub against Hua Cheng’s. The piercing is a hard presence in a soft place. It’s a bit messy, but he likes it. He tightens his hold around Hua Cheng’s neck and seals their lips tighter together, getting lost in the heady feeling of it all.

“Gege, do you can come from this?” Hua Cheng asks against his lips, with another pointed thrust against Xie Lian’s prostate. Xie Lian gasps into his mouth in response, eyes unfocused when he pulls away.

“I… don’t know. I’ve never…” Xie Lian trails off, eyes dropping to their flushed cocks nestled between them. He rocks his hips experimentally against Hua Cheng’s and feels the full body shudder Hua Cheng makes.

Hua Cheng brings a hand to Xie Lian’s waist to still the movement.

“Gege… I want you to come, just from my fingers,” he says.

The look he’s meeting Xie Lian’s eyes with is full of heat, Xie Lian can feel it thrumming under his skin. He nods hesitantly.

“I’m not sure if I can, San Lang, but we can try,” he says.

Hua Cheng nods his head enthusiastically. He begins speeding up the movement of his fingers. Harsh, short thrusts right into that bundle of his nerves and Xie Lie lets out soft gasps every time. Hua Cheng moves one hand to brush against Xie Lian’s pebbled nipples and receives a high pitched whimper in response.

“Ah, is gege sensitive here too?” he asks, rubbing his thumb over the bud.

“Hnnnn, ah, I-I… I don’t know, no one’s ever touched me there before.”

Hua Cheng hums in response, dipping his head forward to take the other bud into his mouth, dragging his teeth against it lightly. Xie Lian all but shouts.

“San Lang!”

Hua Cheng peeks up through his messy bangs, lips curling into a smile. He nips the bud softly before pulling back. Xie Lian’s entire body is shaking and his cock leaks steadily against Hua Cheng’s stomach.

“Is gege close?” he asks into Xie Lian’s ear.

The heat pooling in Xie Lian’s stomach is white hot; it curls through his body, tingles all the way down to his toes. He shakes his head frantically.

“I think—ah, I think I’m gonna—Ah! San Lang!” Xie Lian pants against Hua Cheng’s mouth. Hua Cheng doesn’t slow his fingers as Xie Lian comes hot across his stomach, he speeds them up, pressing in, against that spot until Xie Lian is shouting his name and shaking against his chest.

“San Lang please,” Xie Lian whines against his mouth, body shaking uncontrollably. Hua Cheng stills his fingers finally, but doesn’t pull them out. Xie Lian takes short breaths against his mouth. Hua Cheng leans in to press their lips together once more. Xie Lian kisses him back, languidly.

Once Xie Lian stops shaking, Hua Cheng pulls back to look at his face.

“Gege?” he asks.

Xie Lian blinks at him, head still in the clouds.

“San Lang… your fingers…” he trails off.

“Do you like them?” Hua Cheng asks with a quick grin.

“They’re… still inside…” Xie Lian huffs out weakly.

Hua Cheng’s mouth parts into an ‘o’ shape. He pulls them out slowly and Xie Lian moans softly, hole fluttering around the loss. Hua Cheng rubs both his hands along Xie Lian’s sides.

“Gege, how did that feel?” he asks.

Xie Lian meets his gaze, blinking slowly before glancing down at the mess between them. That’s definitely too much cum for one person. He looks back at Hua Cheng with a tilt to his head.

“San Lang… did you…” he motions to the mess between them.

Hua Cheng lets out a nervous chuckle. “Ah… gege was just too hot, you see.”

Xie Lian blinks at him. “You came? From that?”

Hua Cheng nods his head shyly, blush spreading to the tips of his ears.

“Gege, answer the question,” Hua Cheng says, bringing the attention back to him.

Xie Lian smiles softly at him. “San Lang, look at this mess. What do you think?”

Hua Cheng pouts. “I want to hear it from gege.”

Xie Lian lets out a soft puff of laughter. “It felt incredible, San Lang. I’ve never felt anything like that before.” He knocks their foreheads together softly.

“Mm, you mean it? Would you like to do it again?” Hua Cheng asks, brushing their lips together softly.

Xie Lian sighs against his lips. “Ah, twice in a row is really—”

Hua Cheng barks out a laugh. “No, not right now gege. I meant, any other time. Whenever gege wants. I would like to pleasure you.”

Xie Lian’s cheeks heat, that unfamiliar swooping sensation back in his stomach. “Ah… San Lang… how can you be so bold sometimes.”

Hua Cheng leans forward to press another quick kiss to Xie Lian’s lips. “I have no problem being bold for gege. Only gege.”

“Okay. Maybe next time I can pleasure you as well,” Xie Lian tells him, cheeks burning, but it’s worth it to see a matching blush against Hua Cheng’s.

He nods slowly. “If gege wishes.”

“I do.” Xie Lian pecks his nose.