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Bids and Bachata

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“Aw,” Ochako whined. Her laptop microphone rustled as she flopped on her bed, her hair splayed out on Mina’s laptop screen. “I’m so bummed I’m missing the date auction this year!”

“Girl, aren’t you in Italy?” you joked as you swiped a dash of blush across your cheeks. “Instead of a date auction, you could just go on a date over there!”

Ochako and Mina’s laughs echoed your bathroom, mingling with the music Mina was playing as the two of you got ready for the events this evening. It had taken a couple years of Mina and Hanta being in these “Greek” clubs, but they had finally convinced you to go out to an event for Hanta’s fraternity (and you finally had a free weekend where you didn’t have to live at the library studying, to be honest). Sure, this whole “date auction” thing sounded just shy of something inappropriate, but Ochako had spent the bulk of this weekly video call with her reassuring you it was much more fun than you were imagining.

Hanging out with Hanta, Mina, and some of their new friends dispelled a lot of the myths you had heard about fraternities and sororities. Yeah, Mina mentioned that a few of her “sisters” were hard to get along with, but it wasn’t too different than any other girls you were friends with – the occasional bickering, drama over who dates who, blah blah blah. Plus, Ochako became a regular guest in your tiny dorm room once she joined the semester after Mina did, and even though Mina and Hanta were the ones you grew up with, the only thing that separated you both from Ochako was her living her best life studying abroad this semester.


“Helloooo?”  a familiar voice called out after a familiar rhythm of four knocks on your worn front door echoed in the living room. You smiled as you recognized Hanta’s voice and knock.

“Can you go get him?” Mina asked she flapped her hands up and down, the light acetone smell from her fresh nail polish mixing with the hairspray in the air. “I don’t wanna smudge these.”

“Ooh, is that Serooo?” Ochako teased as she rolled over onto her stomach and grinned at the camera. Mina giggled again, this time at you while you choked on the cocktail you sipped.

“Don’t start,” you groaned between coughs.

“Chako, you know I’m trying to set them up!” Mina affirmed as she dipped the brush in her nail polish bottle and swirled it slightly. “Since she’s crushed on him for years, and they’re both finally single-“

“Did that girl dump him?” Ochako cut in. “She was so mean to him all the time.”

He dumped her, actually,” you responded was you remembered how you and Mina celebrated Hanta finally blocking his toxic ex’s phone number with a midnight ice cream run. You could still hear the two of them drunk and half screaming, half singing, “Te boteeeeeI threw you out in the backseat while you, always the DD, pulled into the drive-thru.


You came back to the present to find Mina smirking at you and Ochako giggling over the videocall. You blushed and shook your head. “Since he just got out of a break up-“

It was your roommate’s turn to interrupt. “It happened before the semester started! He’s been over it for moooonths.”

You rolled your eyes again, but you knew she was right about Hanta – even if he still got bummed out when certain songs came on the radio while you carpooled to campus, he bounced back to his typical chill and smiling self by the end of the summer, even getting the occasional number when you all went out to bars or clubs together.

You sipped your cocktail in preparation to fruitlessly defend yourself against your friends and the warm pit of embarrassment pooling in your stomach, only to hear Hanta knock on the door again. This would have to wait. You covered your mouth and swallowed the sip before setting the cup down on the counter next to Mina.

“I’ll get him.”

“Oooh, I bet you will!”


You bounded down the stairs and barely had time to fully open the door before Hanta greeted you with a joyful, “Ayyye, Mamita!” as he swung an arm around your shoulders to pull you into a hug. You tilted your head up to avoid smudging your makeup into the white v neck t-shirt he was wearing, your nose burying into his neck.

“Not the makeup!” You joked, your cheek and mouth squishing against his collar bone. Still, you wrapped your arms around him in a hug, trying not to think about how you didn’t want to let go.

Hanta pulled away and grinned at you, letting you get a full glance of him. His white v-neck was only slightly baggy on his chest, just the way he liked it, and his dark jeans fit him perfectly. When he greeted you and asked how your day was, you could see the faint metallic glimmer of the piercing in his tongue that he got a few summers ago. You cursed in your head – there was no reason he had to look that good. Once he took off his yellow sneakers at the door, he followed you eagerly to the kitchen.


The plastic bag Hanta brought with him crinkled as he set it on your kitchen counter and took out a gray container with a faded butter logo. As he made himself at home and opened up the stove to pulled out a gray and silver pot with worn handles, you popped open the lid of the container and let the smell of rice, pigeon peas, and spices settle cozily in the space between you.

“Your mom gave you a lot this time,” you remarked as you reached from behind Hanta to open a cabinet next to him and pull out a stack of thick paper plates.
“I told her how fast you and Kiri inhaled it last time, and she insisted on making extra,” he joked, smirking when you jerked your shoulder against his in protest. “Hand me the spoon?”
“Yep.” You turned around and opened up the dishwasher, steam and a faint hint of citrus escaping before you grabbed a wooden spoon of the top rack and reached behind you to hand it to Hanta at the same time as the stovetop clicked on.

For a moment, the sound of wood scraping the sides of the plastic container to scoop the stubborn bits of rice into the pot and the faintest hints of Mina’s playlist upstairs were the only soundtrack to this moment between the two of you. Comfort filled the air and mingled with the savory fragrance of the warmed food as Hanta stirred the pot’s contents and clicked the stove dial to simmer.

“She said to tell you to come over for dinner soon, by the way,” Hanta mused as he took the spoon out and put it in the butter container for the time being. Turning around to face you, he locked his fingers behind his skull and rested his head on his palms. “Bummer you couldn’t come back with me and Mina this weekend.”

You grimaced. “Yeah, I really wanted to!” you promised as you moved the empty container on the counter next to him aside. “I just had a huge exam to study for.”

Pressing your palms to the counter, you scooted up to sit on it and looked over at Hanta’s profile. His jawline seemed a bit more defined from this angle, as did his neck muscles. You glanced at his hair to avoid gawking at his face and noticed the new linear design shaved into his undercut peeking out from his palms. “Did you get your hair touched up while you were home?” you asked.

Hanta rubbed the back of his head with his thumbs as his cheeks dimpled into a smile. “Yeah! My barber got me in at the last minute, pero I wanted to try something new.” His eyes met yours for a moment before he turned his head to the left and unclasped his hands to fully show you the back of his head. “Does it look too weird?”

From this angle, you could see that the line traced a V shape with a point down the base of his skull, and a smaller V under that point. Your gaze followed the apex of the V down his neck and to look as his broad shoulders under his slightly baggy shirt, and you briefly wondered what was the point of even covering them if he was that strong. Without warning, your imagination turned to wondering what it would be like to run your hands across his shoulders, stroking the top of his back and down his spine-


Ay…Is that a ‘yes’?” Hanta’s worried tone snapped you out of your thoughts, and a surge of embarrassment and heat flowed to your cheeks.
“N-No! No, it looks good,” you reassured, trying to clear your breath and your mind. “Does it, like, feel too short, or something?”

Hanta brushed his hand over the design again. “A little, but maybe it’s because I haven’t had him do a design before,” he responded before he glanced up at you. He paused for a moment as his eyes met yours. “What do you think?”

You smiled. “I think it looks good!” you repeated earnestly, reaching out and pointing at the top of his hair. “Though, I think it would look really good if you pulled the top part into a ponytail since you kept that long.”

Hanta raised a brow and pursed his lips as he pondered this. “I might have to try that,” he thought out loud as he pulled out his phone and opened the camera app. “Can you show me?”

“If you don’t mind me touching it,” you cautioned as you slid the hair elastic that you had on your wrist off and into your hand. Hanta nodded, and you motioned for him to stand in front of you and, when he did, you subconsciously spread your knees so he could stand closer to the counter. “So, you’ll just take the hair tie and loop it around like this…” You tried to go slowly as Hanta watched your hands move through his front camera. His thick hair slid easily against your fingertips as you pulled it up into a small ponytail that exposed the full design underneath.

As you gently adjusted the tightness of the ponytail, parts of his hair stuck out like small bumps. “Maybe smooth it down with a comb or something first,” you mumbled before hearing the undeniable click of the phone's camera.

Startled, you yanked a bit harder on Hanta’s hair then you meant to, earning a gasp from him. “I didn’t know you were taking a picture!”

Hanta’s laugh filled your ears and almost immediately soothed the worry and slight irritation as he tilted his head back to look at you with a grin. “Sorry, you just have the best concentrated face, aaand Mamá wanted a selfie.”

You snuck a glance at the Snapchat on his screen, seeing your furrowed brow and scrunched lips in the picture. Hanta, of course, had the same huge grin on his face.

You rolled your eyes. “Don’t send her that. My hair’s a mess,” you groaned as you readjusted his ponytail. “Sorry for yanking it, but that’s what you get!”

“I’m not tender-headed, princesa,” he reassured you with another laugh, his breath tickling your neck and making you realize just how close he was to you at this angle. “And you look great.”

“Oh stop. Let me fix this and we’ll take a better selfie.”

You finished the ponytail as best as you could without any product before you fixed your own hair and readjusted the top you were wearing. Placing your hands on his shoulders felt awkward, so you wrapped your arms loosely around his neck, rested your chin on top of his head, and smiled.

“Oooh, she’ll love this,” Hanta mused as he held the camera up to capture you both. Before you could register, he clasped his hand over both of yours and clicked the volume button on his phone to snap the photo. “What do you think?” the man asked as he turned the screen to face you but still absentmindedly held onto your hands. Admittedly, it was a cute photo, even if now you were trying to hide your burning face.

“Looks great!” you squeaked out, your voice cracking. You both hung out there for a brief minute as Hanta sent the photo to his mother. Given how hard your heart echoed in your chest, you were sure he could hear it too. It wasn’t uncommon for you two to get close – Mina and Hanta were both huggers, which wasn’t the worst thing in the world – but the mix of smelling Hanta’s shampoo, his back almost flushed against your chest and stomach, and the feeling of his rough hands on yours was…well, a lot.

You silently thanked whatever power was out there that Hanta couldn’t see your face right now as the reminder that you were very attracted to your best friend was, once again, washing over you and threatening to open up the box in your heart that you thought you had taped and sealed shut…

But at least right now, it felt nice to hold him. To feel comfortable and safe around him, to let that pit of warmth expand in your chest, to let the smell of him fill your mind. The smell of his cologne, the fresh product in his hair, the burning rice-


“¡Ay carajo, the rice!” Hanta gasped as he let go of you to furiously return to stirring the pot.

You couldn’t help but giggle at his sudden change in attitude. You opened your mouth to say something when the doorbell rang. “Must be Kirishima,” Hanta mumbled as he returned to scooping the rice onto itself to get it to reheat evenly.

“I got it!” You hopped off the counter and bounded again to the front door, your heartrate finally calming down even though you missed the contact. When you opened the door, you met Kirishima’s wide eyes and grin as tufts of red hair stuck out the front of his snapback. As usual, Bakugou scowled behind him. The couple radiated a contrasting, yet compatible vibe as you welcomed them in and caught up with how they’ve been, even laughing along when Bakugo roasted Hanta for almost burning rice, of all things (“This is why we never let you cook, dumbass!”).


Once Mina -her nails finally dry- came down to greet the rest of the group with Ochako on her laptop screen, the final pieces fell into place. As you had many times before, you set the table with thick paper plates and various napkins you and Mina had kept from different takeout meals and arranged the different chairs from around the house to circle the small table. Ochako, joining the fun virtually, showed off the takeway slices of pizza she got that looked better than anything you’ve had before. The rice Hanta’s mom made got passed around the table along with the croquettes that Bakugo had brought. You apologized for not having a lot of time to cook this week between studying, but the chicken you had picked up from the place Kirishima recommended last time didn’t seem to bother anyone.

Repeating this ritual every two weeks of coming together over food to talk about life beyond classes kept you, Mina, and Hanta sane the past four years, and welcoming new friends into it had only made it better. You took comfort when a wave of warmth washed over you and your friends, even if you were still having trouble focusing given how close Hanta had gotten to you in the kitchen. That, and the fact that he sat next to you tonight, just like, every time, your skin warm against his as he brushed against you occasionally to grab a piece of food…


The meal wrapped up relatively quickly. “Let me help you clean up before we head out,” Hanta offered to you as everyone else hung out in the living room and poured each other drinks from the liquor Kirishima had brought.

Never one to turn down help cleaning up after these dinners, you handed him a trash bag and got to work. “So, this date auction,” you mused as you cleaned, “do you usually get a lot of people bidding on you?”

Hanta laughed. “Me individually? I get a couple!” He swept a few crumbs from the table onto his hand before throwing them into the bag. “Not like Bakugou or Todoroki though, but we all raise a good amount of money together.”

You stacked the few actual plates that you used and started taking them to the kitchen, Hanta in tow tying up his bag. “So…Where do you usually take the winner out?”

“Well, I’ve only ever gotten bid on romantically once, Mina and the bros got me the first two times since nobody really knew me, so…” He laughed at the memory. “I took Mina to get ice cream, but I would’ve done that anyway.” Grabbing the other full trash bag out of the trash can, Hanta motioned for you to open the back door for him. When you did, you followed him out to throw the bags away in your trash can outdoors.

“Are you thinking about bidding on me, princesa?” he asked almost suggestively, giving you a grin as he closed the lid of the large plastic trash can.

You let out a laugh that was just barely too loud, but you managed to keep your cool. “Not when you clean up my kitchen and take out the trash for free,” you joked, earning a laugh from your friend. “Though, I wouldn’t oppose some ice cream on top of that.”

The man chuckled and shook his head before opening the door to let you back in, closing it behind him as he followed you. “I’d treat you to more than free ice cream, you know.”

You felt your heart flutter at the suggestion, though a small twinge of worry echoed in your stomach. Was he just joking around? And even if he wasn’t, should he?

“Oh really?” you asked, your cracking voice betraying your cool demeanor. “Like what?”

Hanta opened his mouth to respond before a ding from his pocket indicated a text message. He pulled his phone out and checked it. “Ay, I’m gonna be late if I don’t get ready. I gotta go,” he mumbled before pocketing the device and reaching out to give you a hug goodbye. As you stepped into the hug, Hanta mumbled into your hair, “Guess you’ll have to beat out all the other suitors tonight and see, princesa.”

You chuckled, not caring that your makeup was being smudged at this point. And with that, he and the other men left you to get ready for tonight.




Entering the auditorium, you adjusted the hem of your already short black dress as Mina hugged the fraternity brother checking your IDs and taking your tickets at the door. He had to have been new, since you didn’t recognize him amongst the guys Hanta usually hung out with.

“Ooh, Hanta’s mentioned you a couple times!” the man said over Mina’s shoulder to you as he hugged her in greeting. He handed you a placard with the number 84 painted onto it. “You gonna bid on him tonight?”

You blushed a bit as you took the placard, earning a laugh from both the man and Mina. “I mean-“
“You know we are!” your roommate cheered, tapping the bedazzled clutch in her hands with her newly painted nails. “But not without a drink! Where’s the bar, Sato?” Sato pointed out the bar in relation to the table Mina had reserved before sending you both on your way to buy a couple cocktails for just her, actually -one of you had to drive home, after all- from the bartender and take your seats.

The stage had been converted into a long runway, with your table being one of the few that sat at the end. The opening act, a few of Hanta’s brothers doing a dance that was more of a rhythmic stepping and clapping routine similar to what you had seen Hanta do a few times, had wrapped up as you walked in. You didn’t have enough time to think about how you two were definitely too close to the stage to come in this late before the stage lights began to dim, earning a raucous cheer from the crowd as the recognizable beat of reggaeton music played. While you could mostly recognize the song as one that Mina had played earlier while you had been getting ready, the crowd seemed to erupt and sing along word-for-word, your friend even pulling you up from your seat to dance with her. The energy and the butterflies in your stomach made your head swim and your hips sway, laughter flowing from your lips as Mina half screamed, half sang along with the music.

After letting the audience vibe for a few seconds, Kirishima emerged from the left side of the stage, the spotlight shining off his pearly white teeth and the silver chain dangling from his neck. His navy suit contrasted heavily from the casual activewear he had worn at your house a few hours ago, his spiky hair freshly gelled and sticking up now that there wasn’t a snapback squishing it down. The crowd ate him up, cheering even louder when he two-stepped to the music for a moment on his walk down the runway. Mina cupped her mouth and let out a cheer as Kirishima came to the end of the runway and winked at her before waving to the back of the room to signal to the DJ to turn down the music.

“Goooood evening!” Kirishima greeted the crowd, charisma radiating from his voice. “Welcome to the Annual Alpha Alpha Alpha Date Auction! I’ll be your manly host for the evening!”

You sniffed at Mina’s cocktail as she offered it to you to taste, the cup smelling like too much ice for too much money. Shaking your head, you sipped at your soda. “He’s kind of a natural,” you said over the cheers for your friend.
Mina grinned and nodded in response as she took the cup back. “He’s been doing it the past two years ‘cause Bakugo scared anyone who tries to bid on him,” she added, leaning towards you and giggling as she spoke.

Kirishima gestured to the stage behind him. “My brothers are very excited to help raise some money for the Toshinori Foundation, aaand-“ he wiggled his eyebrows for effect “-they’re excited to take some of you lovely people out on a date! So, make sure you bid, bid, bid!”

You couldn’t stifle your small eye roll at the presentation, but you still smiled supportively as Kiri moved to the side of the stage and introduced the first brother. You hadn’t met this one yet, but it was surprising to see him back on stage with so much energy after that routine. His blonde hair had a black streak through it and the spotlights reflected off the leather pants he wore under his crisp white shirt and black suit jacket. Fist-bumping Kirishima before he strutted down the runway to the techno track that played in the background, he radiated a slightly goofy, yet confident energy.

“First up, we have Kaminari!” Kirishima announced before reading from a notecard in his hand. “He says here his ideal date is laughing his as- uh, his butt off at a movie, and then taking you to dinner after. Let’s start the bidding at twenty dollars!”

Kirishima spent the next couple of minutes moderating a bidding war between a purple-haired guy and a punk rock looking girl sitting at adjacent tables, neither of them so much as cracking a smirk or looking at each other as they kept raising their placards and calling out numbers in nearly rapidfire succession, each upping the other by ten dollars. The crowd egged them on all the way to sixty dollars, with Kaminari blushing and rubbing the back of his neck in a mix of embarrassment and love for the attention at one point. Finally, the punk girl stood up and declared, “One hundred!”

The whole crowd erupted in a cheer at the high number early on, and all eyes seemed to fall on the purple-haired guy. You could barely make out his eyes move to look over at the girl and the smallest of smiles flash both their faces before the called out, “Two hundred!”

“That’s two hundred going once…Twice!”Kirishima called out and turned to the rest of the crowd to search for any more bidders, but the girl had already sat back down and smirked over at her supposed competitor before fishing a stack of bills out of her pocket and sliding them across the table to him. 

“Aaaand sold! To the lucky man over here!” Kirishima wiped dramatic tears from his eyes. “Such bold competition! So manly!” As he moved on to announce the next brother, you found it interesting that Kaminari stepped off the side stairs on the runway and hugged both of the bidders, pressing kisses to their cheeks before he disappeared into the crowd.

“A lot easier to bid on your boyfriend when there’s two of you, huh?” Mina joked, confirming your suspicions about the trio. You just laughed and shook your head as the next act went on.


The next few acts were a mix of people bidding on their boyfriends or random attendants bidding on the few bachelors in the fraternities. A few of the brothers waved at you and Mina when they got to the end of the runway, recognizing you from the occasional party that you’d drop into here and there with Hanta. Bakugo even came out, earning a heavy competition for bids despite his scowling and loud assertions that he “didn’t want to date any of you extras,” before Kirishima stepped in and sealed the final bid at two hundred dollars himself. Since Bakugo threatened anyone who dared to one-up his actual boyfriend, it was a pretty obvious win after that.

As Bakugo angrily exited the stage, Mina came back to your table with another cocktail for herself and a water for you. “So!” she asked just a little too loudly, the smell of alcohol just a little detectable on her breath. “Where are you gonna have Hanta take you when you win?”

You choked on the sip of water you were taking as she talked before you were able to laugh and figured that you should probably just stop drinking around Mina in general. “Why do you think-“

“Oh come oooon,” Mina mused, resting her chin on her fists and her elbows on the table. "You’ve been in love with him for years, and I see you staring at him whenever he’s around!” She reached over and “booped” your nose, giggling when you swatted her hand away. “What’re you afraid of?”

“Even if he felt any kind of way about me,” you said over the music, the ice cubes in your drink clinking as you talked with your hands for effect, “you guys have been my best friends for years. I’m not just going to throw that away…”

Mina groaned before sipping at her cocktail. “I swear, I don’t know what I’ll do with you! Of course we’ll all still be friends if you date.” she whined once she swallowed. Still holding the glass, she stuck her index finger out at you. “You both have to go for it someday, or you’ll miss each other! It’s already happened once with that last girlfriend of his…”


You didn’t even have anything to respond, but anything you would’ve said got drowned out by the cheering of the crowd once Kirishima came back onto stage adjusting his tie.

“And we’re back, everyone!” he announced to the room’s joy. “And we have a special treat for you! Next up is one of my best bros, Serooooo!” He made a sweeping motion to the back of the stage as the music changed to a bachata song that you recognized from the music Mina played once when she and Hanta had tried to teach a very drunk you the very sensual dance once a few months ago, despite how your head swam between the alcohol and how electrifying Hanta’s touch felt against your skin. You felt your spine tingle at the memory of the song as he stepped out.

The shine of the spotlight only hit Hanta, but you felt it knock the air out of your lungs as he strutted forward. He had taken your advice on the ponytail above his undercut, but the bits of gel he had fingered through it made it look much cleaner and more attractive than you had even thought it could. Like most of the other men that night, Hanta opted for a suit, but the golden threads stitched through his jacket and pants reflected off the lights and contrasted the black fabric and the matte black leather on his loafers.

The top three buttons of his shirt were loose, leaving hardly any bit of his chest to the imagination, and you could see the edges of a floral tattoo (when did he get a chest tattoo?!) peeking under the fourth button. He walked with a confidence and swagger that you weren’t typically used to seeing, but it somehow didn’t seem that much different than his usual attitude; he smiled that huge smile at the crowd, waved at a couple people who called out his name, and even laughed when the audience cheered after he spun around once to show off the full outfit.

“Fuck,” you whispered as you set your drink down on the table next to the placard. When Hanta made it to the end of the runway, he searched the tables at the end until his eyes landed on yours. At first, he seemed surprised, his eyes scanning your outfit up and down before his expression broke into that trademark grin again.


The rest of the crowd cheering and Kirishima reading whatever introduction Hanta had written melted away as you locked eyes with your best friend, hearing only the bachata in the speakers. The skin on your thighs burned as you remembered the way Hanta’s legs had moved against yours when you had tried to dance with him, the way his breath tickled your neck, the way his hand fit perfectly against yours…

Everything rushed you at once, and the cherry on top was the sudden desire boiling in your chest. You couldn’t believe you’d let yourself feel it, but you actually craved your best friend. And the glint in his eyes anchored the tension between the two of you and pulled your fear out to sea: Hanta wanted you, too.


Damn, you should’ve brought some cash.


You sat in that trance for what felt like a minute, a moment, a month all at once before Mina’s hand around wrapping yours and your placard yanked you out of it faster than she yanked your hand in the air and your form to your feet.

“Eighty!” she called out, and a spotlight found its way to lighting up your frame.

“Mina! What the hell?!” you yelped more from shock than anything, your voice lost in the crowd.

Mina kept a grip on your hand, waving it in the air and laughing tipsily. She craned her neck to look at you and smile mischievously before gesturing across the room. “Other people are bidding on him! You’re gonna lose if you don’t get it together!”

“That’s eighty dollars!” Kirishima announced into the microphone, looking across the crowd while Hanta kept his eyes on you. “Can I get ninety?” Just as soon as he said it, someone else called out the number across the room. Kirishima pointed in the vague direction of that person and added, “I have ninety! What about one hundred?”

Mina’s hand still keeping yours in the air, you snapped a glance at Kirishima. “What?! One hundred?!” you called out in disbelief that you had zoned out for this much bidding more than any disbelief that your friend could actually raise that much. Just look at him.

Looking at your placard and only hearing your amount, Kirishima pointed at you. “And a whopping one hundred from my girls down here!” he called out, earning a chorus of cheers from the crowd.

Realizing what was happening and not hearing anyone try one-up you, you stared at Mina, your arm still stretched in the air. “Mina, no!” you hissed, a blush heavy on your face. “I don’t even have that much money on me!”

“Relaaax,” Mina mused as she waved your arm back and forth to the music. She sipped her drink and pointed to her clutch. “I brought plenty of cash just for this moment!”

“That’s way too much – we have to pay rent!”

“You know I took on extra shifts at work in the name of amooor!”

“Wait, he doesn’t even-“

”Well, cariña. Looks like you won me.”

Hanta’s voice made you snap out of your conversation with Mina and look up at the suited man in front of you as he squatted at the end of the runway and hovered just above you. The spotlight had now moved onto you two, the sign in your raised hand casting a shadow across the golden accents on his suit. The rowdy crowd and the cheers from his brothers melted away as he reached down to tuck a piece of your hair behind your ear. His hand trailed up your arm as the bachata music kicked up in the background, heat rising in your skin along the path of his fingertips. He lightly gripped your wrist and pulled your hand down, using the leverage to pull his face closer to yours. The oak notes in his cologne filled your senses, making you dizzy enough to not even notice the man taking the sign out of your hands as he leaned in to whisper into your ear.

“You won’t need to bid on anyone else tonight, princesa. I’m gonna make our date one you’ll never forget.”

Your heart pounded in your chest. Who the hell was this man, and what had he done to your best friend? But when you met his eyes as he pulled away, this air of confidence, slight humor, and joy seemed all too familiar.

It was as if this side of Hanta was there all along just waiting for you to take him up on it.




You sighed as you closed Mina’s bedroom door behind you, having finally made sure she got showered and made it to bed safely. She wasn’t even that drunk, but given how she had just dropped a full hundred dollars on Hanta (and another eighty on Sato once he had gone up), you wanted to make sure. Plus, it just gave you peace of mind to make sure your friends were safe after an evening of drinking.

Besides, you figured she should have as much rest as she could get before you gave her an earful in the morning.


You pulled out your phone and checked your text messages, not having gotten anything from Hanta since before the date auction. You didn’t even bother to push away the pit of disappointment at not hearing from him. Mina had really just pushed you to put your feelings out there, even if it was in such a weird way, but you still couldn’t get a read on what Hanta was thinking.

The doubt simmered in your mind. Did Hanta just put on an act for everyone so that he wouldn’t make it awkward at the event? Did he even look at you the way you looked at him? And even if he did, what did it mean for your friendship?

You let out a sigh and made your way down the faded stairs, your heels at the foot of the steps but the rest of your outfit and makeup intact from the evening. Before you even started the journey down this anxious spiral of thoughts, you needed to eat.

As you turned to head into the kitchen, that familiar four-beat knock on your door pulled you back and pulled your heart down to your stomach.

“No way…” you whispered as you shuffled to the door and peered through the peephole. Of course, there was Hanta with his suit jacket draped over one hand. You took a deep breath, realizing that you two would have to talk about this at some point, and flung the door open.


And with one glance at him, any words you might have been able to prepare left with the light spring air. Even with the suit jacket off and another button unbuttoned on the dress shirt, he still looked so good. If anything, he looked even better. He smiled as he leaned his hand on the door frame. “Hey.”

You swallowed and looked up at him, meeting those intense brown eyes of his. “Hey, yourself,” you could barely whisper as you stepped closer, the electricity undeniable between the two of you at this point. “What’s up?”

“You left before I could say goodnight,” Hanta remarked, his smile fading slightly. “I…Are you upset with me?”

You gasped and stepped forward, your hand gripping his sleeve. “What? No way!” you promised, your heart racing at the thought.

The silence perched between the two of you. You couldn’t bring yourself to pull away from Hanta’s gaze; even if an intensity sat behind his eyes, nothing overshadowed the kindness and confidence you had known for years. You stepped closer, still keeping your eyes on his.

“Why would I be upset? It was just…”

“Just what?”

“…Why are you here, Hanta?” Your tone wasn’t accusatory or angry, just full of longing and a need for him to confirm the feelings and slight hopes that had been in your mind. Like a lost ship at sea searching for a lighthouse to guide you back home.

He opened his mouth as if to say something, but you could hear his voice hitch as if he was just barely cut off from saying what he meant. Hanta sighed and stepped aside so you could see a red truck parked out in the street in front of your house. It was definitely Kirishima’s, but you couldn’t see him in the driver’s seat.

“Would you humor me?” He asked with a small, sincere smile. “And cash in that date with me now?”

You paused, as the thought of saying “no” and going back to bed so you could potentially snuff this tiny flame growing between the two of briefly crossed your mind.

A smile, though, crossed your lips.


“Let me get my shoes.”




The bed of the truck creaked as you readjusted to try and sit on it comfortably, the sound muffled by the layers of blankets and pillows you and Hanta had laid across the surface. The water on the river lapped against the coast, the smell of the wafting all the way to your spot high on the bluffs above. As you gazed up, the stars shone brightly above you. The radio’s Spanish lyrics made for a gorgeous background to the view around you and, undeniably, the view sitting next to you.

“Cake?” Hanta offered from his spot in the truck bed next to you. You turned your head to see him hold out a plate with a slice of tres leches cake. “I did promise you I’d get you more than ice cream.”

“Depends,” you joked, “Did you make this one?”

Hanta laughed. “I can cook fine when I’m not distracted, but my baking?” He shook his head as you gripped the plate and fork from him. “I wouldn’t subject you to that.”

You both ate the cake in silence, despite having just listened to Hanta tell a whole story on the drive over about how Kirishima had to calm down Bakugou after he raged over him and Kaminari making the same amount of money. It was comfortable, though, to sit with him and just sit in the moment. With your previous partners, you always felt the need to do something or say something to fill the silence; with Hanta, you could just be.

You leaned against the back of the truck bed, your arm resting against Hanta’s, but neither of you making a move to pull away. For a moment, your worries about what this all meant or how it could change your friendship sank to the bottom while a comfortable peace floated to the top. You leaned your head on his shoulder, and, like clockwork, he rested his head atop yours. Peace danced through the night air and breezed around you two, and you rested and ate like that for a few minutes until the track changed and that song from Hanta’s appearance at the auction played on the radio. Both of you cleared your throats and tilted your heads away, but Hanta was the first to speak.

“How does this work for a date, mamita?” Hanta asked, grinning at you. “It wasn’t free ice cream or a fancy dinner, but I figured it’d do.”

You giggled as frogs croaked in the background of the natural scene around you. “It’s great, though it’s definitely the most expensive date I’ve been on. A hundred dollars.”

“Yeah, I definitely didn’t even spend nearly that much on the cake.” He paused. “Or on gas money to borrow Kirishima’s truck.” You both laughed as you looked over at each other, smiling at the moment and the energy flowing between you.

“Do you remember when Mina and I tried to teach you how to bachata to this?” Hanta asked as he took your empty plate and scooted off the truck bed.
“Yeah, we were drunk, but I can’t forget stepping all over your feet,” you responded. You also couldn’t forget his body moving against yours, but you decided to leave that part out.
Hopping out of the truck, Hanta turned to you and offered his hand. “Well, we aren’t drunk now. Want to try it with me again?”

How could you refuse an offer like that? You stood up and grasped his hand, letting him help you off the truck and onto the ground. The man wrapped his left arm around your waist and positioned your arm across the back of his shoulders before he gripped your right hand in his.

“Bachata is sometimes done really close,” Hanta explained as he led you through the steps but kept his chest and the rest of his body at a bit of a distance from yours. “But we don’t have to do that unless you’re comfortable.”

You stepped, stepped, stepped, and popped your hip in time with Hanta doing the same. The steps were definitely easier to follow when you weren’t full of alcohol, but you noticed the lack of contact in comparison to last time. You weren’t sure where it came from, but a surge of confidence pulled you closer to him. “Don’t you want to teach me for real?” you tempted, a smirk on your face.

Hanta quirked a brow, slightly amused before sliding a knee between yours. Warmth shot between your thighs as the sensation brought back that familiar memory. “Bueno,” Hanta whispered as he swayed against you. “I wouldn’t want to deprive you.”

You danced like that for a moment, only separating when Hanta lead you to spin around and move with your back to him. The contact between you two actually made it easier to follow, even without looking directly at him, but you blushed as you realized his pelvis was practically grinding against your lower back. Almost as quickly as you realized it, he spun you back around to face him and finish the last set of steps as the song ended, a slower one taking its place.

The two of you caught your breath, still looking at each other. For a brief moment, your eyes glanced to his lips and you wondered just how sweet, how sexy, how safe it would feel to kiss him after dreaming about it and feeling envy grow in your chest when you saw him kiss other girls. As you glanced back up to look into Hanta’s eyes, you caught him looking from your lips to your eyes as well. The realization that you were both fantasizing about the same thing clicked something in your minds, and you both surged forward…


And knocked each other in the head.


Ay!” Hanta groaned, clutching his forehead before looking down at you doing the same. He brushed your hand aside to look at your forehead, breathing a sigh of relief when he didn’t see a bruise.

“I’m sorry!” you both yelped in unison before looking at each other again and, surprisingly, busting out into a fit of laughter.

“That was my bad, I should’ve-“

“No no, princesa. That was all me, I should’ve-“

“No, are you okay? I-“

“Wait,” Hanta whispered, stopping you both in your apologetic tug-of-war. You looked up into his eyes, seeing sincerity wash over his features. He swallowed, and your eyes followed the movement of his neck muscles without any subtlety. “Before anything else, I have to tell you. I’ve…” He breathed out a sigh before he pulled you into an embrace against him. You melted against Hanta as he pressed his face to the top of your head, kissing it once before pulling away slightly to look at you. “It’s you.”


He brought his hand to your face, cupping your cheek. “It’s always been you. I’ve had feelings for you for years now.” He brushed his thumb over your cheekbone. “And no matter who I date, who I try to think about before I fall asleep, who I try to dream about…It’s you, mi amor.”

The words washed a giddy feeling over your whole body as everything seemed to click into place. Slowly, then all at once, it opened up the box you had been trying so desperately to seal away. Hanta always found a way to make you open up, always took everything in the box and handled it delicately. Whether it was your grief, your anxiety, the moments that brought you joy, the memories you cherished… It was as if he tried to wrap each item gently and promise not to shatter it.

Of course, it was you. Because for you, it was him.

Even after these years of burying your nose in textbooks to avoid thinking about the way Hanta laughed when you finally beat him at videogames, or the way your goodbye hugs always lingered too long, or the way your crushes, hook-ups, even the occasional serious relationship you had here and there never worked out (but you always defaulted to your studies as the excuse to push relationships that weren’t really working anyway onto the backburner…)

Even though you’ve avoided thinking about it, somewhere along the line, your warm feelings for one of your childhood friends turned into an entire crush. An entire “like.” An entire physical and emotional attraction that you didn’t want to keep denying.


“Say something, please,” Hanta begged, nervousness nearly choking his voice but still managing you to pull you to the present, always managing to pull you back to shore.

“I like you, too!” You blurted out, unable to stop tears from pricking your eyes as the confession tumbled out of you like the waves crashing against the bluffs. “I’ve liked you for years, too.” Your breath hitched for a moment as you cupped his face, too. “But I don’t want to lose you. Or anything we have.”

The man let out a sigh of relief, like your confessions pulled a weight off him and let him float. “I know. I feel the same way. You’re one of my best friends” he reassured you as he thumbed away the small tears at the corners of your eyes. “But…” He trailed off, though you nodded in understanding all the same.

“I know,” you assured. “But I still want it. I still want you.”

“Me too.”

Hanta bent down and captured your lips against his, the sensation even more soft and sweet than you had imagined it. You couldn’t tell which one of you did it, but a groan that spoke no words but screamed finally escaped one of you. You ran your hands down his chest, his torso, his sides, before wrapping up under his arms to grip at his upper back, fully aware and without any care that you were going to wrinkle his shirt as your hands ran along his shoulder. You kissed him like that for a moment, not at all concerned for the music playing around you or the water below you, just of tasting more of Hanta. He gently slid his tongue against your lips until you opened your mouth and kissed him deeper while he pulled your body closer against his. When the hard metal of his tongue piercing grazed your teeth, you couldn’t help but shiver and press against his touch.

Carajo,” Hanta groaned as he pulled away from you, panting slightly as he tried to catch his breath. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“Me too,” you whispered, leaning forward to kiss his neck gently. “Years, honestly.” You saw a brightness in his eyes that was probably always there, but even more prominent now. You wanted to get lost in them. You wanted to get lost in him.

Even through the haze of arousal and giddiness, you still glanced over at the truck bed. He followed your gaze and raised an eyebrow.

“Are you-“

“Shhh,” you murmured, silencing him with another kiss. “Help me up there.”

The man happily obliged, helping you step up onto the truck bed and practically tumbling onto you to hold you in an embrace and lay you both on your sides. He kissed you even more deeply than before. You kissed him back with equal fervor, letting out a small gasp when he bit your bottom lip ever so slightly.

Hanta groaned, sliding a hand up your bare thigh until he met the fabric of your dress. He hesitated for a moment before sliding his hand over the fabric and resting it on your hip. In return, you ran a hand over his exposed chest through his shirt, your fingers catching on the buttons. You opened that button as you kissed him, opening your eyes only to look down and see the floral accents of his chest tattoo.

“When did you get this done?” you asked before leaning in to press a small kiss against the inked skin. “I’ve been thinking about it all night.”

“Over the summer while you and Mina were in summer classes,” Hanta whispered as he brought his other hand to stroke your cheek. He grinned. “I just haven’t had a good time to be shirtless around you since then.”

You smiled back before pulling yourself closer to him, his hand sliding to your backside. “I think now is the perfect time.” With that, you unbuttoned down the length of Hanta’s shirt, your hands grazing the rest of the tattoo and his defined chest and abdominal muscles. He moaned as your fingertips grazed his skin, grabbing the curve of your backside and earning a moan from you, too. The sound quickly got stifled by you kissing and sucking deeper on the skin at the base of his neck.

“Fuck,” you murmured into Hanta’s skin as you trailed your hands even further down to his waistband, hooking a thumb under the fabric. You smirked when he gasped, and you hooked a leg over his to roll him onto his back and straddle his hips.
Dios mio, my God,” he groaned as he ran his hands up your thighs, this time not at all hesitating to slide under the hem of your dress and under your underwear to grip the actual skin of your hips.

All you could do was moan as you rolled your hips to grind against the growing bulge in Hanta’s pants, feeling his hands dig deeper into your skin as you rolled deeper against him. Your moans intertwined in a duet, the sound melding into the creaking of the truck bed.

Unfortunately, while it took a few minutes, the ache of the metal against your knees became undeniable even through the layers of blankets on the truck bed. Looking down at how Hanta tried to himself up on his elbows without letting go of you, you had a feeling that he was just as physically uncomfortable as you.

“Wait,” you mumbled as you rolled off Hanta to sit normally on the truck bed and rub your knees. “As hot as this is, my knees are killing me.”
Hanta laughed, rubbing his lower back. “Yeah, I didn’t exactly plan for this, though I’m glad it’s going this way.” He sat up straight and stroked your cheek again. “In more ways than one, I mean.”

You leaned into Hanta’s touch and smiled, the fire in your heart only temporarily subsiding for this tenderness. “You didn’t think you’d get this far?”
“I didn’t know cake and bachata would do it for you,” Hanta joked. “I would’ve whipped them out sooner.”

You laughed and leaned over to kiss Hanta again, this time more tenderly. Still, you could feel that craving bubbling up in you again. As you pulled away, you whispered, “Do you want to…” You were surprised to hear yourself make the suggestion. “Do you want to come back to my place?”

Hanta’s eyes widened before he smiled. “Do you want me to?” he whispered back, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I don’t want to pressure you, mi amor. I’ll feel this way about you even if I drove home and went to bed.”

You cocked an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Well, after I took a cold shower…”

You both giggled at that before you shimmied your way off the truck bed, Hanta in tow. “I don’t feel any pressure as long as you don’t,” you offered as you and him threw the blankets and pillows into the backseat of the truck.

“I don’t, either,” Hanta reassured you as you both buckled into your seats. He didn’t even bother to button his shirt back up. “Your place it is.”

 You’d never seen him drive so fast.




Hanta could hardly keep his hands off you on the drive over and as you both stumbled through your front door, your lips entangled with his and only pulling away so you can close and lock it. Your shoes flew off and bounced against the wall before you all but ran up the stairs with Hanta’s hand in yours. As you both went into your bedroom, you locked your door and silently thanked your previous self for thinking to clean up a bit today. From behind, Hanta wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed a row of small kisses down your neck, each one sending goosebumps down your body and making your legs quiver.

You knew you were doomed if this is how your body reacted just from him kissing you. You spun around, but Hanta merely resumed his attack on the front of your neck, his teeth grazing your collarbone. He pressed his hands by either side of you, pinning you as you gripped him closer by his open shirt.

He leaned against you, leaving hardly any space between your figure and his as he pressed his knee between your legs again, this time pressing his thigh deeper against the spot between yours than he had when you danced. You moaned and bucked your hips against him, the friction causing heat to pool in your underwear. You felt almost juvenile getting so excited just to grind on his thigh like this, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to feel every inch of Hanta against you.

“Damn, mami,” Hanta whispered against your skin before he pulled away and kissed your lips again, not at all ashamed of the groan that escaped his throat. When he came up for air, you pulled him back down again, moaning into his mouth. The sensation made you shiver and tilt your head back, and Hanta used the brief moment of weakness to pull you off the door and towards your bed.

Your bodies fell onto your bed, both of you sighing in gratitude for the more comfortable setting for this moment. As cute as the truck idea had been, nothing beat your actual blankets and mattress right now.

Ay mi amor,” Hanta groaned as he pulled away, his lips stained with your lipstick at this point. He gripped the curve of your ass and gave it a light spank. You keened, the sensation making the heat and wetness between your legs even more prominent.

“Oh, you like that?” he asked as he moved to hover over you. “You like it when I spank you there, princesa?” He pulled your knees up to bend them, sliding his hands down your thighs and grabbing at your ass with both hands. “Dimelo.”

Your Spanish was rusty beyond the little nicknames he’d pepper into conversations, but the command to tell him translated perfectly. Your eyes fluttered shut as he squeezed, your hips raising of their own accord. “Yes!”

“Yes what?” Another squeeze.

You bit your lip to stifle a groan. “Y-yes! I like it when you spank me!”

“Mmm,” Hanta moaned as he spanked your ass with both hands this time. You swore and jerked your thighs together to press your knees against Hanta’s waist as he sat between your legs. “I’ve known you for years, and here you are surprising me, mi amor.” He slid his lower body back and leaned down, brushing his lips to your thighs and pushing up the hem of your dress. “I’ve been wondering how you taste.”

His hands slid to your hips, his fingers tracing the band of your underwear for a moment before he paused and looked up at you. “Do you want me to do this?” His tone was breathy and dripping with lust, yet held the same sincerity as when you offered to come back here with him. Tenderness wrapped around you, grounding you and affirming you that, yes, you wanted Hanta. You needed him, and you’ve been needing him for who knows how long.


“Yeah,” you responded confidently, nodding to add to it.

“Yeah what, mi amor?” Hanta ran his fingers around the stitches that held your underwear together.

You inhaled deeply through your nose, biting your lip. Somehow, years of teasing didn’t prep you for him to talk to you like this, but you weren’t complaining in the slightest. “I want you, Hanta.”

“Say please.” He snapped the band of your underwear against your skin.

“Ah-…Please Hanta. I need it.”

In a smooth movement, Hanta slid his fingers through the leg openings of your underwear and pulled the garment down to your ankles. He gave you a moment to shake them off and let them fall feebly on the bed. He wasted no time moving in their place, spreading your thighs and shifting forward to lick a stripe up your pussy and grin at the way you shivered. Peering up at you as he went, he traced the outer folds with the tip of his tongue before flattening it against them, his piercing barely grazing your entrance. You impulsively jerked your hips, not going that far since Hanta had his arms locked around your calves.

“It’s rude to try and leave in the middle of a meal,” you heard him tease, and you looked down to meet his eyes crinkled as he gave that big smile of his.

“Isn’t it rude to play with your food?” you managed to taunt, but instantly regretted it when Hanta’s chuckles reverberated through your pussy.

“Good point. Buen provecho.”

And Hanta feasted.


You pressed your knuckles to your mouth and tried to contain a gasp while he worked your sex with his tongue. Staying quiet proved to be difficult as he repeated that same move on your clit, teasing it with the tip of his tongue before flattening against it and lapping the spot intensely. You could feel him chuckle again as you threw your head back, the vibration going straight to your clit when he did. Hanta brought his hand up to your forearm to pull it down, moving your fist away from your mouth and locking your wrist in his grip.

“Let me hear you moan, princesa,” the man commanded before he spit on your clit. He rubbed the spot with his free fingers until your low, shy groans turned into a full moan. You couldn’t bring yourself to care about how loud you were, especially if it made Hanta groan in awe of you and keep up what he was doing. In reward, he released his hold on your wrist. You pressed that hand to the bed to give yourself leverage and sit up, the sight of his tongue exploring you nearly sending you over the edge.

“Fuck, please don’t stop,” you begged as you rested your hand on the back of his head and shamelessly slid your hips forward. You could feel the pressure of your orgasm growing with every lick. “I’m so close.”

Tiralo…” you heard Hanta mumble against your pussy.


He looked up at you with only his eyes before reaching back to guide your hand to his ponytail. He tugged on it from the base once to emphasize his point: Pull it.

You moaned again as he picked up the pace with his tongue and wrapped his lips around your clit to suck on it. Running your hand down Hanta’s ponytail to grab it from the base, you watched his eyes roll back and felt an even louder moan escape him. “Is that okay?” you managed to moan out.

Hanta pulled his mouth away from your pussy and immediately replaced them with his fingers.

“Harder,” was all he could get out before returning his hand to your thigh and his mouth to your pussy.

You gladly obliged by slowly pulling harder and harder while watching Hanta’s expression as he continued to lick and suck between your legs. A blush grew on his face, and even if his movements became less precise, he never let up on the intensity of how he ate you. The harder you pulled, the more he moaned, and the stronger it all pulled you to the edge. The pressure built up in your lower body as your head rushed and your heart pounded in your ears.

“Fuck Hanta, I’m…” you hunched over, your chest nearly touching the top of his head. You felt his mouth focus more on your clit as he moved a hand from your leg to slide two fingers into your pussy and pump with hardly any resistance.


He took his mouth off you only for a moment. “Cum for me, mi amor.”

Your orgasm came in waves, and the only thing that kept you afloat on each of them was moaning Hanta’s name over and over again as your thighs shook and clenched. He never stopped, clinging to you and drinking like you were his oasis. Letting go of his hair, you fell onto your back as you rode out another wave and tried to catch your breath. As you started to come back to, you tugged at his hands to pull him on top of you.

He gripped the back of your head to kiss you, your tongue hardly putting up a fight against his and the taste of your juices in his mouth. “So good, amor,” the man moaned into your mouth as he pulled your body and rolled so you were on top of him. “Grind on top of me again, baby. I know you can do it.” His hands trailed up your waist. “Let me look at you.”

As you pushed through your post-orgasm exhaustion to grind against Hanta’s prominent bulge, you guided his hands behind your back to unzip your dress and help you pull it off your body. He leaned up to kiss you, peppering smaller kisses down your jaw and neck before nibbling at the top curve of one of your breasts. Both of your moans tumbled out as you paused your grinding only to pull on his waistband.

“Is this okay?” you whispered.

“Depends, mamita. You got any condoms?”

“Depends. Do you want to fuck me?”

You were surprised by your directness, but the post-orgasm clarity gave you a boost of confidence you didn’t know you had. Hanta quirked a brow and grinned up at you.

“So bold, mi amor,” he whispered as he sat up straighter to kiss you again. Still riding this energy, you nibbled at his bottom laugh and got a heavy groan in return. His eyes clouded with lust as he pulled away and gripped your hips. “Tu sabes, you know I want to fuck you.” He squeezed on your skin. “I’ve been dreaming of it for months.”


It was all the affirmation you needed. You kissed him quickly before sliding off him to crawl over to your nightstand and pull a condom out of the drawer. Hanta’s belt jingled as he pulled his bottoms off. You turned back around to hand him the condom and couldn’t help immediately looking down at his body. He had opted to keep the dress shirt on, and you saw that the floral tattoo snaked around his torso to the cut V of his hips. His cock was undeniably hard, and your brows raised at the size as Hanta stroked it a few times.

“You’re staring,” he teased as he took the condom from your fingers and rolled it on. “Do I live up to your expectations, mi amor?”

You bit your lip. “Even more.”

“I aim to please – You did spend a lot of money.”

“Ugh, don’t say it like that.” You groaned jokingly. “You make it sound like I bought you.”

 Hanta laughed a bit. “Fair,” he conceded before he crooked a finger towards you. “Now get over here. Te necesito.” I need you.

You crawled back to him hastily, and he pulled you by your hips to position yourself over him.

You gripped his shaft to guide yourself as you slowly slid down, feeling the stretching sensation as he filled you. He groaned and dug his nails into your skin as you slowly made your way down his length.

Carajo, you feel so…So good, mi amor,” Hanta choked out as you reached his full length. He held you against him for just a moment, his chest heaving as you put your hands on them for leverage and readjusted your feet to squat slightly.

“Are you ok?” you whispered as you leaned forward to kiss Hanta for the millionth time that night. Your brought one hand to his hair to grip at the base of his ponytail again, but you paused as he writhed under you and caught his breath.

“I’m great, princesa,” he promised as he bent his knees slightly and gripped your hips. “Lista? Are you ready?”

You nodded and started to bounce slowly up and down Hanta’s cock as he timed his thrusts to push deeper into you. The angle and his size made him hit that perfect spot inside of you, earning moans from both of you. You tugged at the base of his ponytail just a bit harder than you had before, and he jerked his hips even faster into you.


“You feel even better than I could ever- Ah! Fuck, mi amor,” the man grunted as he thrust into you, the lewd noises of your thighs and hips slapping against his filling the room in a rapid staccato as you bounced even faster.

You groaned and leaned forward, earning a spank from Hanta as he gripped your ass. “You feel so good,” you grunted out, earning another slap.

“You like that, mami? You like it when I fill you up? You been dreaming solo sobre de mi? Only of me?” He thrust faster into you, nearly too fast for you to keep up with your grinding. Your head felt light and airy as Hanta pounded into you.

“Only you,” was all you could moan as your eyes fluttered shut and your mind got lost in the pleasure.

“Only of papi?” The nickname pulled you back to earth and filled you with lust. You’d called partners “Daddy” before, but something about this pulled you close to that edge again.

You tugged on Hanta’s hair again as a surge of energy rushed through you. “Only you, papi.” Hanta leaned his head back, but you didn’t move your hand as you gripped his hair. He moaned as the weight tugged his hair even harder.

“You like when I pull your hair, papi?” you teased as you dropped to your knees and rolled your hips, his thrusts slow and deep within you. The man opened his eyes and smirked at you as he thrust into you hard enough to make your body tremble.


“Didn’t plan on you being a little tease, mamita.” Hanta’s hands gripped to the back of your knees, and he used the leverage to thrust rapidly in and out of you. “Si sigues perreandome así, te garantizo que no podras caminar por una semana”. If you keep grinding on me like that, I guarantee you won’t walk for a week.

Your eyes rolled back as Hanta continued to talk filthily to you. Even when you could pick out a handful of the words he said, your head swam with so much pleasure that the only thing you really knew was his cock pumping in and out of your twitching pussy and the impending orgasm that kept threatening to pull you under again.

Papi, I’m…I’m gonna…” Your speech became unintelligible, falling from your lips in fractures.

“Me too,” Hanta groaned. “Cum for me, cariña.” He smacked your ass once again, sending you just barely over the edge.

“Hanta, I…” All sense left you as you looked down at him, his desire burning in his eyes and pulling a hurricane of emotions from you. “I…I love…” You tried to gulp down the words as you said them.

His eyes widened as he thrust faster into you. “Say it. Dimelo, mi amor,” he pleaded. Sitting up as he thrusted, Hanta kissed you one more time. Pulling away, he stared into your eyes.

Your breath hitched. “But we just-“

No me importa. I don’t care,” he interrupted as he moved a hand to cup your cheek and thumb your lip. “I love you.” He pounded deeper. “I love you so much.”

Your heart pounded as another orgasm washed over you. You came shrieking Hanta’s name again, your hands fisting his shirt as you leaned forward and rested your forehead against his. “Hanta,” you moaned his name like a prayer.

His eyes rolled back as he kept thrusting in and out of you. “Ay, I’m so close,” he begged, his hands twitching as they held onto you. You kissed the bridge of his nose and smiled as his thrusts jerked your body. The confession screamed in your heart. It felt so right to be right there, just with him. Like it was always supposed to be this way.

“I love you, Papi. Cum for me, please,” you begged, pulling him under a wave of pleasure as he came muttering a string of curses in multiple languages before both of you finally slowed to a stop and the only sound in the room was your ragged breathing.


You rolled off him, feeling the emptiness when Hanta’s cock left you as your head hit the pillow next to him. He turned his head to look at you, his breathing still heavy.

You both laid there for just a moment. The room finally stopped spinning and the world stilled around you two as if fate was finally falling into place.

Hanta broke first, reaching out to wrap you in an embrace. You buried your face into his collarbone, inhaling his scent mixed with sex and your perfume. He felt like home, like life making sense, like the freedom of not depriving yourself anymore.

You felt his hand rub your back, and you returned the gesture. “Hey…”
You could feel Hanta's chuckle vibrate against his throat. “Hey, yourself.”


A beat. Then, you looked up and found Hanta looking down to smile at you.


“Did you mean it?” you whispered, a knot forming in your chest.

“When I said I loved you?” He kissed your forehead. “Yeah. I do. I think I have for a while.”

“Same here,” you whispered, craning your neck up to peck him on the lips. “I’ve tried to hold it back so I wouldn’t ruin everything, but…” Your voice trailed off, but Hanta tilted your chin to look up at him.

“Trust me, I get it. I tried everything.” He kissed your lips gently. “But you just can’t stop thinking about it…”

“Literally everything reminds you of it,” you added, and Hanta nodded in deep understanding as he ran his thumb over your lips again.

“I didn’t want to throw you off, too…You have so many dreams beyond here, mi amor, and I want to watch you achieve them all,” he confessed as he held you even tighter.

Your heart swelled with care and affection. “Hanta, I…” you sighed gently and kissed his neck. “I want to get there with you. And with all of our friends.” A moment of silence hung between you, and you looked into Hanta’s intense brown eyes again. “Do you know what I mean?”

The man nodded and smiled at you. “I said it before, cariña. It’s always been you. And I want it to be just you.”

“Is that you asking me to be your girlfriend?” Your chest fluttered.

He flashed that damn grin. “Depends. Are you accepting?”

You kissed him in response, the two of you breaking into a content giggle fit in each other’s arms.


Of course, of course, of course.




You had assumed Mina would sleep in, so you didn’t bother to try and be sneaky when you made your way downstairs with Hanta to snag some breakfast. That proved to be a mistake as a loud cheer from the living room startled you both.

“Hell yeah!” Kirishima roared, jolting everyone in the room awake if they weren’t already. You jumped a bit, but Hanta held onto you and laughed. The redhead, along with a hungover, yet chipper Mina sat at the table.

“Fuckin’ finally,” Bakugou snapped from the kitchen. He glanced at you two for a moment before looking at the skillet he had on the stove. “Been waiting forever on you two.”

“For us to wake up?” Hanta asked, and you felt slightly bad as the smell of breakfast filled the air.

“Naaah!” your roommate cheered as she ran over to hug you. “For you two to finally hook up!” You laughed and hugged her back warmly, making multiple mental notes to pay her back giving you the push you needed with that bid.

“Oi! Don’t lie, we’ve been waiting forever to eat!” snapped the angry blonde in the kitchen.

You, Hanta, and Mina made your way to the table and took your usual spots. The warmth you felt when sitting next to Hanta still arose, but something so comfortable, yet so new at the same time surged in your heart. Under the table, his hand found yours. You grasped it, locking your fingers together.

Eventually, Bakugo’s food came out. The array of meats, eggs, and even a few slices of French toast contrasted the pastries Mina pointed out from the same bakery that Hanta had gotten you the cake from and the brunch cocktails that Kirishima started to pour.

“You guys!” you whined, tears pricking at your eyes. “You didn’t have to do this for all of us.”

“We didn’t, dumbass!”

“Bakugo! You know you cooked for them because you were dying to see them together, too!”

“Shut up, Shitty Hair!”

The group laughed as they settled into conversations. Though it was clear that neither of you would kiss and tell, Mina revealed that she had blown up a group text when she had woken up to the sounds of yours and Hanta’s more…intimate moments last night. You blushed nearly as red as the strawberries on your plate, earning a laugh from the table. Eventually, the conversation moved on to general gossip and good vibes, another wave of warmth falling over you and the ones you cared for so deeply. Hanta, always your anchor, squeezed your hand and smiled at you. You looked up at him and smiled back, stealing a quick kiss while your friends were distracted…


The least you and your boyfriend could do was clean up after the feast. Thankfully, nobody questioned why you two took an extra few minutes outside after you had already thrown away the trash.

You kissed Hanta’s lips gently as he leaned against the back wall of your house. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of kissing you, princesa,” he whispered as he pulled you back into another kiss just as quickly as the last one ended. “I’ve waited too long for it.”

You chuckled as you pulled away, the warmth of his lips still lingering on yours. “Looks like we have to make up for lost time.”

“Looks like it.”


You held each other in silence, his hands wrapped around your waist as you played with his hair.

“Think you’ll keep the ponytail?”

He chuckled. “Do you like it?”

You nodded as you pressed deeper against him. “It looks good. Plus, if it’s easier to pull…”

Hanta breathed deeply and pulled you tighter, pressing a kiss against your neck, his hand traveling down the small of your back. “Careful, cariña,” he murmured before his sensual caress turned into tickling. “You might leave yourself open!”

You laughed as you jerked in his arms until he stopped, his own laughter mixing with yours in a beautiful symphony against the spring air. Sighing, you rested your head against his chest and smiled.


And as the rest of the world melted away, you floated together.