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It was supposed to be a routine night hunt, a few monsters, nothing that Wei Wuxian and the juniors from Lotus Pier along with Jiang Cheng couldn’t handle (technically Jiang Cheng wasn’t supposed to come but he conveniently had sect business in a town nearby so he decided to tag along). But it was not a routine night hunt. Apparently, their info was somewhat wrong and there was practically an army of fierce corpses that had been stimulated by so many cultivators in the area. However, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng weren’t the Twin Prides of Yunmeng for no reason, they dispatched the corpses, moving in and around each other like they were born to, which in all honesty - they were. This was how they trained, back to back, side by side, each one’s openings defended by the other with practiced ease. The juniors were awed by the display of ruthless efficiency they demonstrated and were once again reminded that they had fought through war. That they were 3rd and 4th on the list of young masters in this generation. They realized how they had single-handedly taken back Lotus Pier from the Wens.

The corpses were almost finished and the juniors were tired, they had never been so tired after a battle. Sect Leader Jiang and Wei Wuxian turned to each other, panting and relaxed with each other in a way they hadn’t been since Wei Wuxian had returned. Then, Jiang Cheng watched as a horrifyingly familiar look spread over Wei Wuxian’s face as he was pushed away, only to watch as Wei Ying was mauled by a corpse, even as his sword cut its head clean off. He watched as Wei Ying fell to the ground, his torso a bloody mess. The juniors stood in shock as their cold, angry sect leader rushed towards Senior Wei, and clutched him in his arms. They watched their sect leader take off his outer robes and wrap Senior Wei, putting pressure on the wounds.

“Why? Wei Wuxian?! Why do you always have to be the hero? That wound wouldn’t have killed me!” Jiang Cheng was yelling at Wei Wuxian, thought the gentleness of his hand contradicted the anger in his words.

Trying to laugh, Wei Wuxian reached a hand up to his little brothers face, “ChengCheng, you’re my didi, there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do,”  his fingers trembled as he wiped away the tears silently making their way down his cheeks “for you,” he breathed out as he lost consciousness.

Clearing his head, Jiang Cheng looked over at his disciples, seeing that they were taking care of the cleanup and cleansing, told half to stay back and complete the cleanup, then immediately make their way to Lotus Pier.

Gathering his brother in his arms, Jiang Cheng flew back to Lotus Pier as quickly as he dared, landing in the main estate, “Doctor, I need you now!” He shouted as he landing near his brother’s old room, untouched since the incident. He gently laid his brother down on the bed, watching as the doctor hurried in.

Wei Wuxian groaned as he tried to sit up, squinting at the light filtering into the room. He noticed a weight on his stomach and saw Jiang Cheng lying there, no doubt tired out of his mind after giving energy to him. He woke up as Wei Wuxian was shifting around trying to move. “Stop moving you idiot, you almost died,” Jiang Cheng spat out, sitting up from his sleep and pushing his brother onto the bed.

“What the hell were you thinking?! Jumping in front of me like that? Why do you always try to be the hero? How many lives do I owe you now, huh?” He got up pacing, as Zidian was sparking around his finger, “You could have died, Wei Wuxian, what-” He stopped as Wei Wuxian grabbed his wrist, gently tugging him down to the bed.

“I don’t regret it- no stop I’m talking now,” he added when he saw Jiang Cheng open his mouth, “I don’t regret saving you, A-Cheng, you are my little brother, what else is this da-shixiong supposed to do?” Wei Wuxian looked at his didi, searching for something in his face. And the atmosphere turned somber, Jiang Cheng’s face morphing into something unbearably vulnerable as he stared at Wei Wuxian.

“What if you died?” Jiang Cheng eventually breathed out, “What am I supposed to do if you die?” and then somehow even quieter, “I don’t know if I can do this without you,”

“Oh, Jiang Cheng, all you have to do is live, don't worry about little old me” Wei Wuxian pulled him down onto him and hid his face in my shoulder, and if there was a growing dampness there, no one would know, “Jiang Cheng, let me worry about these heavy topics, all you have to do is make your parents proud, lead the Jiang sect as wonderfully as you’re doing it now and don’t worry about me.”

Jiang Cheng pulled away, “What do you mean don't worry about you? You’re my brother, ” he said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which judging by Wei Wuxian’s face, it was not. Jiang Cheng sat there and bit out, “You do know that I still consider you my brother right? Hell, everyone does, I never stuck you from the Jiang sect registry, and when you,” he faltered, “were gone, I made a plaque for you in the ancestral hall,” Watching his brother come to terms with this he finally added, “Wei Wuxian, you dense idiot.”

Snapping out of his thoughts with the insult Wei Wuxian shouted “Hey, respect your elders, and I’m injured! That’s doubly worse, you insolent little brother!” though the grateful look in his eyes betrayed his feelings. The two brothers looked at each other, knowing that they would be okay.