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The Melanie King Conspiracy

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June 13, 2017

whathappenedtomelanieking: guys guys guys. you know how i was talking about that show Ghost Hunt U.K?


ijustworkhear: again with this? what about it


whathappenedtomelanieking: well, it went all weird like a year ago right? after that episode at the Cambridge Military Hospital. They all left one by one except for Melanie and then she went… crazy i guess. Freaked out, tryd to say she saw a ghost


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: its a ghost show…


whathappenedtomelanieking: yeh but she got really into it.more than ever before and everyone kind of knew it was fake


ijustworkhear: like those unsolved guys


whathappenedtomelanieking: yeah


whathappenedtomelanieking: anyway it sucked when Andy left but we had Melanie and that was fine


whathappenedtomelanieking: then she kept saying one of their camera people left then their sound until it was like melanie was the only one left


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: k… this matters why?


whathappenedtomelanieking: she got arrested


ijustworkhear: woah


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: jkjhjkhkghsjhk what


whathappenedtomelanieking: ikr? She broke into a junk yard up in Sheffield, says she got stabbed by a ghost or smth


 imnotjusthomointhesapienway: 🙄


whathappenedtomelanieking: lol yeah. shes really gone off the deep end. idk i just feel bad


ijustworkhear: yeah


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: so… that it? She’s in jail?


whathappenedtomelanieking: nah, they dropped the charges. she was actuallY in the hospital for a bit, hurt herself


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: breaking into a scrap yard at night… couldn’t be me


ijustworkhear: lol



January 24, 2018

helloitme: so…


imbeggingforausername: so…


imbeggingforausername: what’s up


whathappenedtomelanieking: 🙃


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: no we are not doing this shit again


imbeggingforausername: what is happening? Why’d you change your name?


whathappenedtomelanieking: Melanie’s back!!! (sort of)


imbeggingforausername: what


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: don’t ask


whathappenedtomelanieking: you ever heard of Ghost Hunk U.K.


whathappenedtomelanieking: @imnotjusthomointhesapienway rude


imbeggingforausername: not really… i know it went downhill in like 2016 tho


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: 😝


whathappenedtomelanieking: long story, ghosthunting show, melanie went off the rails and the grid for like a year (she was a host btw), and got arrested for breaking into a dump


imbeggingforausername: yikes


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: so what new incredible details have you uncovered now? ( @imbeggingforausername this happens like every couple months when Jay thinks they have some new revelation).


whathappenedtomelanieking: HOW DARe!


whathappenedtomelanieking: anyway i was stalking her twitter and she was like posting stuff about being in India and shit and get this. She got shot!


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: let me guess. By a ghost


whathappenedtomelanieking: YES!!!


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: fucking...


whathappenedtomelanieking: Not even the best part… she’s back in London and you’ll never guess where she’s working now.


ijustworkhear: where


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: ayyyy!!! Sam’s here! help me


ijustworkhear: <3 


whathappenedtomelanieking: The Magnus Institute


ijustworkhear: k… cool

whathappenedtomelanieking: omg guys you don’t know what the Magnus INstitute is?


whathappenedtomelanieking: how are you my FRIENDS?


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: *sigh* tell us


whathappenedtomelanieking: they collect supernatural statements and “look into them” i don't generally believe them, but you gotta pay the bills somehow i guess


imbeggingforausername: thought you believed in the supernatural


whathappenedtomelanieking: yeah, ghosts. The Magnus Institute pretends that there’s like evil books and stuff


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: and Melanie’s working there now? She has cracked


whathappenedtomelanieking: no kidding


ijustworkhear: maybe its for the best


imbeggingforausername: might be good for her


ijustworkhear: jinx!


imbeggingforausername: <3 i don’t know how to tell you this, but no


February 3, 2018

imbeggingforausername: @whathappenedtomelanieking


whathappenedtomelanieking: i’ve been summoned


imbeggingforausername: You see what’s been up with Melanie King lately?


whathappenedtomelanieking: no… what’s going on?


imbeggingforausername: all these vagueposts about how much she wants to kill her boss, which like, mood but im worried shes serious


whathappenedtomelanieking: do tell


imbeggingforausername: she’s like “my boss is trapping me and all these people into working at the archives”


whathappenedtomelanieking: dude… really?


imbeggingforausername: really


imbeggingforausername: i thought it was funny at first, but… you know… you can only read so many posts about what eldritch horrors someone thinks is attacking them before you start to worry.


whathappenedtomelanieking: i’ve been looking into the institute since Melanie joined, i was curios


whathappenedtomelanieking: their last head archivist was found in the tunnels beneath the institute shot three times and their latest archivist is on the run from the police for beating an old man to death with a pipe and probablt killing one of his assistants


imbeggingforausername: wtf


whathappenedtomelanieking: and they got this real bad worm infestation a while back, apparently it freaked one of them out so bad they lived in the archives for like 6 months


imbeggingforausername: How do you know this?


whathappenedtomelanieking: talked to the receptionist, her name’s Rosie, she’s very nice


whathappenedtomelanieking: she’s seen some weird shit. I think i might have seen Melanie but i didn’t talk to her


imbeggingforausername: I forget you live in London, any other weird things?


whathappenedtomelanie: don’t know how much is real, but yeah. 


whathappenedtomelanieking: she thinks some lady can control worms, there was this weird tall guy in Jon (that’s the archivist guy)’s office at one point and she never saw him leave (same with the lady giving Jon a statement), 


whathappenedtomelanieking: oh and Rosie didn’t tell me this one, but the head of the institute, can’t remember his name, came out of his office at one point and just stared at me


imbeggingforausername: creepy


whathappenedtomelanieking: ikr?


whathappenedtomelanieking: i left like right after that. I did ask if i could look in the archives, but no, you need some kind of degree or something


imbeggingforausername: a degree???? Are they serious???


whathappenedtomelanieking: they looked it, 🤷 i wasn’t going to push my luck, the old guy really freaked me out. It was like he looking into me


imbeggingforausername: what kind of degree would you even need??


imbeggingforausername: ooh weird


whathappenedtomelanieking: just saying, don’t think I’ll be going back for a while


imbeggingforausername: probably smart


October 25, 2018

imnotjusthomointhesapienway: @whathappenedtomelanieking i’m blaming you for getting me interested in this… but all your talking and theorizing about the Magnus Institute has gotten me interested


whathappenedtomelanieking: ooh, in listening


whathappenedtomelanieking: *I’m


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: I went up and talked to Rosie too (you were right she is v. nice) the head of the institute got arrested and the archivist is in a coma 


whathappenedtomelanieking: jesus, i feel like we’re uncovering a conspiracy just by being worried about an entertainer we enjoy… Maybe we should leave this alone?


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: i’m kind of getting that too


whathappenedtomelanieking: what about melanie tho?


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: idk, I asked Rosie about her and she just glanced around and then shook her head


whathappenedtomelanieking: i’ve been asking around on some forums and stuff, even emailed one of her old cameramen seems no one’s heard from her in upwards of a year and she’s barely been seen outside the institute


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: um…


whathappenedtomelanieking: genuinely getting worried, but… it’s her life i guess? idk...


October 20, 2019


whathappenedtomelanieking: WE WERE NOT WORRIED ENOUGH ABOUT MELANIE!!!!!!


ijustworkhear: what happened???

imbeggingforausername: wtf


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: did she kill someone or smth




imnotjusthomointhesapienway: jesus wtf


ijustworkhear: omg, she’s okay though


imbeggingforausername: damn…


whathappenedtomelanieking: i mean… she’s blind… probably not having a great time, but she looks happy


imbeggingforausername: 🤷 it’s not like she died


whathappenedtomelanieking: i’m not saying its bad she’s blind Erin, just that i’m worried about how it happened. 


whathappenedtomelanieking: she was working at that fucking weird institute (you know, ever since i went there i have this feeling like i’m being watched constantly)


imnotjusthomointhesapienway: yikes


October 31, 2019

1:35 p.m.


whathappenedtomelanieking: guys i think something happened…


1:40 p.m.


whathappenedtomelanieking: guys?


whathappenedtomelanieking: @imnotjusthomointhesapienway @ijustworkhear @imbeggingforausername


2:01 p.m.


whathappenedtomelanieking: please answer me i’m freaking out


whathappenedtomelanieking: i can’t find anyone 


whathappenedtomelanieking: please


whathappenedtomelanieking: mt hasds arw shaking so bd i can;t type


whathappenedtomelanieking: there;s noone herre


whathappenedtomelanieking: please


2:23 p.m.


whathappenedtomelanieking: @ijustworkhear @imnotjusthomointhesapienway @imbeggingforausername


3:56 p.m.


whathappenedtomelanieking: @ijustworkhear @imnotjusthomointhesapienway @imbeggingforausername


4:47 p.m.


whathappenedtomelanieking: @ijustworkhear @imnotjusthomointhesapienway @imbeggingforausername