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“Someone’s going to hear us,” you whined as Gavin sucked roughly on the tender skin of your neck, gripping handfuls of your hair as he pinned you against the wall, his knee pressed between your thighs. You worked on his belt buckle, threading the leather back through the loop. He stopped you when you fumbled with the button of his pants, pressing his body flush against yours.

His reply was raspy, breathless, and he continued his trek down your neck and to your collarbone, his lips hot and insistent, tongue lashing out against your most sensitive spots. The ones he knew would have you wet in minutes…and minutes were all you had before he had to report to work. “I don’t care. Let them hear, then they’ll know you’re mine.”

You reached an arm out to your side to steady yourself as he kneeled down between your thighs and pushed them apart. Impatient fingers hooked around your panties, yanking them to the side before he delved headfirst into your throbbing heat. Your hands twisted in his hair and you threw your head back, fist stuffed into your mouth to stifle a low moan. He knew exactly where to press his tongue, just how to curve his fingers to bring you to the brink. “Gavin,” you hissed, your hips bucking against his face. “Please. I need you.”

Lust took over, and he pushed your panties down roughly before he stood to free his cock. He thrust into you hard and fast, gripping the underside of your thighs to support you as he drove into you with reckless abandon, his face buried in your shoulder.

Gavin was jealous. And jealous Gavin equaled horny Gavin– Gavin who felt a primal need to claim his territory– especially in the face of one of his coworkers. He wasn’t ignorant of the way Eli winked at you and flirted shamelessly in his presence, and that morning had been the last straw. He was on his way into work and had just given you a chaste kiss on the forehead on the steps of the precinct when Eli sauntered by and said, “Man, if she was my girl, she’d get a lot more than a forehead kiss before work.”

You’d never seen Gavin’s face turn red so fast in all the time you’d know him, and before you could stop him, he turned and swung his fist at Eli, making contact with his left eye and knocking him on his ass. The impact had his face swelling immediately as Eli sat, dazed, his hand over his eye. “Jesus, Gavin! I was just giving you a hard time!”

“Yeah, well she’s not your girl. She’s mine. And don’t ever let me hear you talk about her like that again.” he warned, his voice low and threatening.

“Gavin, I swear, I didn’t mean– “

“Just shut up! Shut up, and get out of here.” Golden eyes blazed with a fiery intensity you’d never seen before, and even you were taken aback at his passionate anger.

Eli scrambled to his feet and entered the building, still rubbing his swollen eye and trying to figure out what he would tell the chief when confronted about his injury. Gavin turned his attention back to you and grabbed your hand. “Come in with me for a minute. There’s something I want to show you.”

You looked a little apprehensive, glancing back at the sidewalk with a crook of your thumb. “Actually, Gavin, I really need to get to work. I– “

“Please. It will just take a minute.” He gave you the eyes he knew you couldn’t resist, his cheeks still flushed from the confrontation, chest heaving with nervous breath.

You nodded, resigned. “Yeah, okay. But I really need to go soon. We have a 10:00 meeting that I can’t be late for.”

And that’s how you found yourself pressed against the wall of the janitor’s closet, being jealousy fucked to within an inch of your life, dangerously close to a yellow, industrial mop bucket that looked like it would make a lot of noise if tipped over. It sure as hell didn’t stop you from being incredibly turned on by this new side of your boyfriend, however. Your sex life with Gavin had been pretty vanilla since you started dating. He was a thorough, thoughtful lover, and the only complaint you had was that maybe he was a little too gentle. So when he pulled you into the small, darkened room and crushed his lips against yours before the door was even closed, you knew you were going to be party to something new and exciting.

You came hard, your pussy clenching around his cock as he pumped into you, his mouth finding yours in a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss, tongue sliding over yours to muffle your moans. He withdrew and set you down onto your feet with gentle ease, cupping your face in his hands, eyes imploring.

“Are you okay?” He was worried that he’d been too rough, too much.

You nodded, still breathless, hands circling his wrists as he held you. You stood on tiptoe to kiss his chin, a bead of sweat running down your temple. “I’m more than okay. Gavin…that was incredible,” you confessed, satisfied to watch his expression light up.

“Really? I didn’t hurt you? I was really mad,” he admitted, worry flashing in his eyes for a brief second. “But you really liked it?”

You nodded, tucking your lip under your teeth. “Hot. You should get jealous more often,” you teased with a wink.