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The Flowers Between Us

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Prompto knew the day he met Noctis he was in trouble. He couldn't contain the feeling that swelled in his heart, Of course he knew Noctis would never return his feelings, so he just kept it to himself, even if it caused him to get the Hanahaki Disease. He would live with it as long as he could, for his love for Noctis was stronger.

Little did he know Noctis felt the exact same way.

It all started that day in high school when he ran up to meet Noctis. He had been preparing for this moment for the past few years, and now here he was. He was finally brave enough to meet Noctis and befriend him. What he didn't prepare for though was his heart to skip a beat when he finally face Noctis head on.

"Holy shit. He's so hot now," Prompto thought to himself as he stared at Noctis for a moment before finally introducing him. He tried his very best to contain himself so he wouldn't look like a blundering idiot. The last thing he wanted was to make an embarrassing first impression on Noctis, but he couldn't help himself as he stared into those beautifully gentle eyes.

Deep down he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew what he was getting himself into. But those warnings were too far gone, clouded by the thoughts of just how wonderful Noctis was. He let the thoughts embrace him, drown him in it. Every day he spent with Noctis was just another step further in the feelings growing in his chest.

But he knew there was no way he could ever tell Noctis this, and that in the end was what started all of this. The day he got home from school and felt a tickle in his throat… the moment later where he coughed and hacked up a beautiful crimson red rose petal… he knew he had gone too far and there was no going back.

Once more he was sure he knew deep down about this. Every child learned about the Hanahaki Disease by the time they were at least thirteen. He wished he could have listened to his conscience, but the thoughts for love had overpowered it, and now he knew this was the price to pay.

He loved Noctis.

He was so deeply in love with him, and there wasn't a thing he didn't admire about the guy. Every aspect from his cool and aloof demeanor at school to his dorky and joyful personality when they were at the arcade together were all the things that Prompto cherished. Plus Prompto knew that Noctis needed a friend. He had always seemed so lonely at school with everyone pestering him about princely things. Prompto didn't care about any of that though, he loved Noctis for who he was.

But even if he didn't care that Noctis was a prince, that didn't mean he could disregard all of it. Noctis was in fact a prince, one of royal blood, and here Prompto was; a pleb, a commoner, a nobody. He could love Noctis all he wanted but he knew full well Noctis would never love him back, not in the way that he felt.

"He'll marry some princess or a noble someday. He has a kingdom to take over after all…" Prompto sighed to himself as he sat down on his bed, trying to ignore the tickle in his throat again. He knew there were ways to deal with the disease, but he didn't like any of then.

Option one was to just give up and stop acting on the romantic feelings that he had. If he could cut off those unrequited feelings then he could just live his life normally. But he didn't want that. He felt better this way, this love he had for Noctis. Even if he tried just going on being his best friend as he already was, he knew he wouldn't be able to stop thinking how hot Noctis was.

Two was to confess in hopes that his thoughts of unrequited love were just his overactive imagination. He could confess and just hope maybe Noctis could love him. But confessing was always so risky cause if he was rejected, the heartbreak would only hurt more and the disease would flourish. Plus he didn't know why he would bother confessing, he knew for a sure fact Noctis could never love him. Noctis never would think of him that way.

The third was to get surgery, especially if the flowers got worse and it made it hard to breathe. But removing them brought one of the scarier thoughts to Prompto. Getting the flowers removed meant that he would lose all romantic feelings towards Noctis and even forget that it was Noctis who he was in love with in the first place. Plus there was a very small chance he could lose all memory of the one he was in love with, though that was a rarer case that seldom happened. Still that was a no go. He would never want to lose these memories.

Even if he had only known Noctis now for half a year he was already so close to him. Noctis was the best thing in his life and he couldn't just forget that. Noctis made him feel happy again, he saw Noctis as his shining light in the darkness. After years of being alone with no friends and neglectful parents, Noctis was the first he felt close to. These were memories and feelings he would hold forever, even if he knew he was being stubborn about it.

The final option was to just deal with the Hanahaki Disease. He would suffer and live through it until the flowers grew too much and suffocated him. That was an equally scary thought just like the surgery, but at least this way he could love Noctis until his dying breath.

He broke out into another coughing fit and more petals fell into his hands. He looked at them again and could tell they were red roses; a flower that meant romantic love. It was almost a sweet thought, he loved Noctis so much and now he had the flowers to prove it. But it was going to end up killing him in the end… all because he loved someone he knew wouldn't love him back.

Or at least that was what he believed.