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— Seungsik, say it already, we have to go.

    The phrase only made the tension of the room worse, the omega trembled softly on the sofa, his sweaty hands tightened the pale sleeves of the hoodie that he was wearing, but this wasn’t enough to calm himself down, the melancholy grew deeper inside him.

    However, he found himself being forced to wake up and face the reality, the hurried tone of his dad looked more scary to him. His face was burning and the sweat dripping over, maybe his father would think it was just a passing fever.

    — D-dad, mom… — He took a deep breath, feeling his voice stuck in his throat and his head throbbing in pain, as if his whole organism didn’t like the idea of telling his parents the shit he had done, your intuition, however, said the same, that he shouldn’t open his mouth. But Seungsik didn’t have any option, he’s a reckless nineteen year old young man that was carrying a child in his womb without even being able to afford it. — I-I… Am pregnant! 

    He knew at that moment that the consequences of the burst of courage in one night alone with Seungwoo would be hard, because he felt his wolf shrinking in pain inside him, just like his ears aching like hell. Your father, even though he knew his son was an omega, didn’t hesitate to use his alpha voice.

    The tears were wetting his cheeks and the predominant taste on his palate was of the blood coming out of his lips after strong bites in an attempt to catalyze the pain he was feeling, but as Murphy Law says, everything can get worse.

    — Pack your bags, you disgust me. — The fingertips were printed in Seungsik milky skin, that didn’t even need to take of the hoodie to know that.  — Jo Doyoon will come and pick you up tomorrow, at nine in the morning. You will marry him and nobody will know that this fetus isn’t his, you understood?

    Seungsik wanted to scream, wanted Seungwoo, wanted his alpha. But he couldn’t, he had no strength, he knew that at the moment his father let go of his arm he would probably fall down. His voice was stuck in the throat like before, but this time it left little grunts of pain coming out weakly, the alpha, however, didn’t even care. He didn’t want to know about the fetus, much less the damn son who was born just to give him trouble.

    — Did you understand, Kang Seungsik? — The sentence was spit again in his face. He wanted to say ‘no’, but he felt so small, so weak that didn’t even feel that could raise his head before that man.

    — Yes sir.